Listener Questions – Episode 95: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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This week on the podcast, I mixed it up with asking a question through instagram stories and I’m answering them all here in the podcast. The main question was if I even had a husband. Totally fair. I do, though. I’m actually in Mexico with him at the moment. Can’t prove it but I would never lie to you!


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Episode 95 Transcription!

This episode of PaleOMG Uncensored is brought to you by Aaptiv. Adaptive produces audio-based workouts created by certified personal trainers available through a mobile app. New members get 30% off an annual membership. Visit

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Hello, hello. Come here Jackson. Come here with all your slobber. Welcome to another episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. I adore you for listening. Today it’s just me. Just me, rocking solo, with my dog and a massive sunburn on my arms. I spent the last two days; day one, from 8 to 5 making cooking videos. I shot 8 cooking videos for you guys. And then, what day? On Tuesday I shot workout videos.

So I’ve been working on this new project of doing workout videos with the same team that I shoot my cooking videos with, and kind of doing like a; it’s going to be called the sweat and snack series. And so I’m going to show you easy protein pack snacks that you can pack with you, or keep with you in the fridge so you have something after your workout.

So I’m going to walk you through a workout you can do anywhere; either body weight or with just an exercise band or loop band. And then I walk you through the workout. So this was the first time I’ve ever filmed workout videos with this team, and we did it out in a park. And the thing about being in a park and not having a sound team, is there’s planes flying overhead, and children screaming, and lawnmowers coming by, and leaf blowers. And there’s just a million different things. So you have to stop, wait for the noise to subside. And then start back up.

And then, you have to do those movements a million times. So I had to do jumping lunges a million times. I had to do pushups a million times. And so I’m just kind of baking in the sun as I’m just doing that one movement. And I literally did not even think about sunscreen. I always put sunscreen on my face, but I just spend pretty much all my time indoors, because I’m just on my computer. I’m working on recipes. And yeah. So I just don’t spend much time outside. And I don’t think about sunscreen.

So my arms are fried. And I had pants on, because I only ever wear leggings. So my legs are pale as f*ck, and my arms are burnt to sh*t. So it was a very big learning experience. We thought the videos would go super fast, and then they took from 8 to 5. And it was hot as sh*t. So it was a great learning experience.

So I hope everybody likes these videos. It’s totally new for me. I’m excited; l felt like I couldn’t be my normal self on video, because I was thinking about all the moving parts of these videos. And doing this for the first time. Because I have the camera crew, but it’s me putting together how these videos are supposed to look and everything like that. So it was a very big learning experience. So hopefully people still like them, even though I’m still working on my camera; I don’t know. Personality? Good on camera-ness? I don’t know.

Any who. Even though this week was totally crazy, it is worth it because my husband and I; when you listen to this, will already be in Cabo. So we’re heading to Cabo. We’re getting away for a weekend together. We never get to do trips that aren’t work related to just the two of us. So this is going to be the first trip we’ve been on since over a year and a half ago, just the two of us, that’s not for work. So I’m trying to get all my work done ahead of time, and then I don’t have to do anything other than maybe post on Instagram a couple of times.

It’s going to be so nice to get away. We love Cabo. It’s so easy for us to get to from Colorado. It takes like 2 hours and 45 minutes. It’s such a simple flight. And we love Cabo. So we’re staying by the marina, and we haven’t done that before. So we can be in walking distance. And we’re excited to experience that side of Cabo. Yeah! We’re excited! I love hanging out with him. We never get to hang out with each other.

A lot of people on this listener questions episode asked if I even have a husband, because he’s never on my Instagram. Surprisingly; I do. I do have one. But let’s get to listener questions this episode. I asked people on Instagram; on my Instagram stories. Which, on Instagram stories, they added this new feature where you can ask people a question. So that’s what I did. I asked people to ask me a question. And could use it for my listener questions episode. Instead of having it all in an Instagram post. Because not many people see my Instagram posts anymore. So it kind of feels less than necessary to even put anything on Instagram anymore, unless it’s in stories. It’s very frustrating.

But, I asked people there. So these aren’t going to be in any sort of order. Sometimes I change them into all fitness, all food; I categorize them. But today it’s just going to be in the order the questions that were asked on my Instagram stories. So let’s get it going, because there were lots of questions. It’s so fun.

Ok, so first question. TK Allen. “Do you count macros?” The answer is no. I’ve actually never counted macros. I don’t know how you count macros. But I cannot imagine counting anything. Just because I’ve done that in the past, and I have a very obsessive personality. If I get obsessed about something, it controls my life. Especially when it comes to my diet and my food.

To me, macros are too restrictive for the life that I live, which is creating recipes all the time and traveling all the time, and being happy all the time. So I do not count macros and I don’t plan to. But I think they can be really helpful to people, and really eye opening how much food a person needs to be eating. Or if they need to be eating less; how much carbs are in something. Especially if you’re eating packaged food.

I just eat clean. I try to stay away from sugar and alcohol. And that’s about it.

This one; oh my gosh. A Spoonful of Wholesome. I love that name, by the way. “How do you manage to always look so incredibly fit? I never see you look bloated or thick.”

Oh, girl! My weight changes from week to week. So you’re probably just seeing photos, because who shares the photo of them feeling bloated? I personally don’t. I have photos on my Instagram from my weight changes throughout the years. So when I was about 30 pounds heavier a few years ago. I have some before and after photos. But, my weight changes every week. I can go up 10 pounds easily, and then drop 10 pounds in about 2 weeks as I eat clean and stay away from sh*t.

But my weight for sure goes up and down 5 pounds from week to week. What my schedule looks like. What my sleep schedule; what my stress is like. Yeah. So I think we see stuff on social media, but it’s not always accurate. You’re just seeing something. But it totally just depends on the week. My body changes. I don’t know how many other people are out there like that, but my weight fluctuates tremendously all the time.

Scomptown. “What do you do with all your leftovers?”

I eat them. My husband and I eat them. Today I had a ton of leftovers. Whenever I do cooking videos, I have a sh*t ton of leftovers, because I usually have to cook those things three times in a row. I cook them to test out the recipe. If I have to do more tests, I cook them again. And then this past weekend, I’ll make a finish product, and then during the cooking videos, I’m making the product. So afterwards I bake whatever. So at the end of the day; this past weekend, I had three batches of cheesecake brownies. I had three batches of energy balls. I had three batches of banana bread.

So I had, while I was cooking, I had a bunch of girlfriends come over. I just had a group chat and said; hey, come over and get treats! And they did. And my husband will eat some. And I took a bunch of treats to the gym today to give to the owner there. I have lots of friends who will eat them.

If it’s not sugary food, like I’ve had three batches of a casserole, I just eat that. We just eat it. My husband is really starting to get sick of it. He’s like; I’ve eaten this casserole for 5 meals in a row. And I’m like; and you’re sick of it? What? I just don’t’ really get sick of leftovers. So I’m happy to eat them. But desserts, I get out of the f*cking house.

Ok, so this question. “How come you never show your husband?” There was another question, “Do you even have a husband?”

And the answer is, I just decided to keep that piece of my life private once my husband and I started dating. And now it’s just become kind of a joke that we just never show his face. But I just feel like all of my life is out there, and that’s just a piece that’s not really out there as much. And I like to keep that private. And he likes having his life private. And I just decided not to share that.

If I ever have children, I’ll probably do the same. Because there are f*cking creepy ass people out there, and I don’t want them having photos of my child. And I kind of feel the same way about my husband. Why do you care? {laughs} Not you, specifically. And this was Missy Wacko. But yeah, I just like to keep that piece private. Because I love him, and I feel protective over him for some reason. {laughs}

“How did you meet your husband?”

I actually met him at the gym. But we were on the same kickball team. At the kickball game one day, one of our mutual friends was like; do you know Brian reads your blog every day? And this was 7 years ago, then. I was like; what? Because he never talked to me at the gym. Like ever. And he was super quiet, and kept to himself. Then I started talking to him, and I ended up asking him out. And that’s how we met. But it goes back to the gym.

“If you could only have one Siete product for the rest of your days, what is it? Why?”

I would do their cassava tortillas because you can make tacos out of it, you can make quesadillas, you could cut them and bake them and make chips. So, it would be their cassava tortillas.

But by the way, guys. If you haven’t seen, Siete just came out with queso. And it’s dairy free queso. It’s so f*cking good; I can’t even explain to you how good it is. They’re the most creative people. I love them so much.

Ok. Oh, that’s funny. My Fit Food Diary, “Does your husband ever read your blog, Instagram stories, or listen to your podcast?”

He doesn’t really read my blog anymore. Going back to what I just said, he used to read it every single day. And I think once we started dating, it was like; well I know every single thing going on in your life, your blog has no interest for me anymore. So I don’t think he reads my blog anymore. I hear him; he always watches my Instagram stories. I actually hear him sometimes on the couch watching them. But I think he skips through some things that bore him.

And then, I think he’s listened to a couple of podcasts. But yeah, it’s also things that he hears every day. So he doesn’t give a f*ck.

Ok. This is from Jessica. “What are your must-haves when ordering from Thrive Market?”

So I actually have a blog post on that. If you just search Thrive Market on my blog, I have some of my favorites. My go-to’s are always coconut wraps. The Thrive Market brand coconut wraps. They’re my favorite for wraps. I put prosciutto, turkey, cream cheese, mayo, whatever. I make these little wraps and they’re so delicious.

My girlfriend just tried to have them, and she’s like; I just can’t get behind the flavor. Because it has coconut flavor to it, and it’s slightly sweet. But I f*cking love them. I think they’re just the best. And they’re big, so they fit a lot.

And I love the Thrive Market peanut butter. It’s like the best peanut butter ever. But go to my blog. I have a full list of all my favorites there.

Oh, there are so many fun husband questions! This one is from K-nookie. “Does your husband eat paleo too? How did you convince him? Mine is very stubborn.”

So my husband kind of eats whatever he wants. If he’s ever home, he’s eating paleo, or gluten free, because that’s all I make in our household. So he eats whatever I give him. When he is out, like at restaurants, he always eats gluten free. It’s very rare that he doesn’t. He’s a pretty clean eater, and he was before I even met him. Just when we started dating, he kind of cut out bread, because he was like; what’s this paleo thing about? And I told him about it, and he cut out bread.

I didn’t have to do anything to convince him. Because he just wanted to eat healthier. And I get questions about that a lot. For me, it’s like; it’s pretty easy to convince him to eat whatever I make him. Because he doesn’t want to f*cking make food for himself, so he’s definitely not going to complain about anything I give him, no matter what. Even if it’s leftovers for the fifth day in a row.

{laughs} “Is your hubby anti-Instagram? Or does he prefer to remain anonymous?”

He prefers to remain anonymous, for sure. That’s his style.

This one. My Vibrant Photos. “What is the most amazing thing that’s happened as a result of starting your blog?”

I mean, I’ve been able to create my own business and work for myself. Which is pretty crazy. And create a life for me and my husband, and dog. I’ve been able to travel. But the biggest thing is working for myself. It is the greatest gift. I can’t imagine working for someone else now. It’s the best. It’s the best.

Let’s see. “Do you want kids?” This is from Christina.

I actually have a full podcast about that. I don’t know if I want to have kids. When I met my husband, I told him that first and foremost. I said; if this is going to go farther, just know that I don’t know if I want to have kids. That’s not in really my life plan at this point. And I don’t know if that will ever change, and that feeling will ever change. But I have no want to have children. I really, really like my life how it is. And no one ever has sold me on children. {laughs} I’ve seen many of my friends go through children, and no one has made it look super enjoyable yet. So I really, really enjoy my life where it is, and how it is now. And I don’t know if that will change in the future. But no plans to have children at this point.

Kendall. “How do you get your teeth white?”

Girl, I whiten them, duh! I just use Crest White strips. Usually once or twice a year, I use a couple of them. And it whitens my teeth right up. It’s the best. And I use their sensitive one, because you can just; if you use them too much your teeth can get a little sensitive. I use the sensitive ones, and I only use them for like 5 to 10 minutes, and they’re good to go.

S-Walcott. “If you didn’t live in Denver, where would you want to live?”

Austin. That’s the only other place I’ve thought about living. Or Aruba. I’m down to live in Aruba. F*ck yeah.

“Is your brother-in-law single? Asking for a friend.” {laughs}

My little 23-year-old brother-in-law? Yes, he is single. From what I know. He doesn’t really share his love life that much. But from what I know, he is single. But he’s a baby!

Ok. Meg. “What was your number one motivation to eat paleo and get in great shape?”

I wanted to compete in CrossFit. That was the biggest thing that made me change my diet in the first place. I wanted to do well, and I wanted to compete at the competitive level of CrossFit. So that’s what really got me going and got me more motivated. And to get in shape as well. And then I noticed; when you are eating healthy and you’re working out, you feel your best.

And anybody can say that, if they’ve been to that point or gone back between eating healthy and not eating healthy. But I feel my best when I work out regularly and I eat healthy. So that’s kept me motivated through the years. But it really was CrossFit and competing in CrossFit, at the beginning.

Maria. “Anyone who loves to travel but has anxiety over it?”

The anxiety is real; I get anxiety about traveling just because I have to be around so many people. But at the same time; I think it just depends on what you have anxiety about. I always hear people get anxiety about flying. And to me, it is so much more dangerous to drive a car, and we do that so much more often than we fly. So I think that helps me not worry, when we’re flying. Getting in a plane crash; it’s so much more common to get in a car accident. And it happens every single day to so many people.

If it’s other things, like just not having your schedule. Not having your routine. I think planning out your days is super helpful. Like; ok, I’m not going to have my normal day. But I’m going to be able to keep my routine. Because when I’m here, I’m going to work out. And that’s going to set me up for the day. And then I have things planned.

So planning out your schedule, even when you’re traveling, I think that’s really helpful. But I think a lot of people get anxiety with travel. And the more you do it, the less you have that anxiety. So remember that; the more you do it, the less anxiety you have. Because that’s how I feel now. I used to worry so much, and now since I’ve traveled a good amount in the past few years, I don’t really get much anxiety about it anymore.

“Fave outdoor workout venue in the Denver area?”

Ok, that’s not the Denver area, but Red Rocks all the way. Red Rocks is the best for workouts. And if not; outside, Wash Park is probably my other favorite place to workout. That’s where I filmed my videos the other day.

Ok. This is from Sarah. “Which true crime podcasts do you love?”

I love right now True Crime Obsessed. I’m obsessed with that. I love True Crime Garage. I love My Favorite Murder. In the Dark, I’m listening to at the moment. Because they just came out with a second season. Their first season is really good. It’s so sad. But now I’m onto the second season, and it’s been good so far. What else? That’s all I can think of right now. I have a ton of others. If you go to my blog, if you search podcasts, I have a bunch of favorites there that I’ve listened to in the past.

“How do you curl your hair?”

Well, Em, I actually have a blog post about it. So if you just go under the beauty tab, I have it there, and I talk about the curl. I am starting to get into wands a little bit more, but how I usually curl my hair is I put the curling iron at the root of my hair, and then I twist the curl into it, instead of starting at the bottom. Like the ends and curling in. So that’s how I do it. But you can actually see a full video on my blog.

“Will you share pictures of you with blonde hair?”

{laughs} KM. I actually have a blog post. If you look at my microblading blog post under the beauty tabs, I have a couple of pictures of me with blonde hair. Because back when I had blonde hair, I also had eyebrows. And then it shows you throughout the years as they disappear.

Teach Leech. “Do you think you’ll have your best friend, Laura, on the podcast?”

Oh my gosh, I would love to have Laura on the podcast! The problem is Laura, this f*cking b*tch, is moving to Durango. She’s just up and moving. So Laura has been my best friend since college, and she is literally the best human ever. We lived together in college and after college, until I moved in with my husband. And now she just got a job in Durango. Which is 5-6 hours from Denver. And she is living the little smaller town life with her boyfriend! So maybe someday, when she’s here. I’ll be like; hey, you’re visiting? Do you want to work? Cool.

Let’s see. That Katie Girl Runs. “Tips for finding motivation to start blogging? I’ve been saying I’ll do it this year.”

I mean, if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. If you want to do it, just sit down, spend one day putting your blog together. And that’s it. But if you’re not feeling excited about it, don’t do it. Do something else, and put that work into something that you feel motivated about. But at the end of the day, yeah, you’ve got to love what you’re doing. And if you don’t love blogging, then don’t do it.

Also, she also had another question. “How to get professional looking photos when you can definitely not afford one?”

There are so many good cameras out there nowadays for decent prices. There are all kinds of different cameras that you can make look very professional, and even using your camera. iPhones have such good cameras at this point. And I’m sure other phones do, as well. So you can get just great photos with good lighting with just your camera phone. Just don’t think too hard about it. They don’t have to be perfect. Look at most of the photos on my Instagram. They’re a hot mess because I don’t take that much time with them. But don’t obsess too much about the photos.

This one is from Linda. “How do you decide where you want to visit? Leavenworth is so close to where I live.”

So I often work with different tourism boards who will set up those trips. So they’ll say; I worked with this PR company who works with Leavenworth. They work with Walla Walla. They work with Santa Ynez Valley. So after I worked with them on Santa Ynez Valley, they asked about Walla Walla, and they asked about Leavenworth. So that’s kind of how some of those trips come up.

And then I just also have a list of places I want to visit. Hawaii is on there, Belize is on there, Europe is on there. So hopefully I can make it to those places. But some of those, when I work with tourism boards, they just reach out to me.

Let’s see. “How do you handle your anxiety?” This is from Average Healthy Mom.

Planning. I plan everything. I write down everything I need to get done in a day. Hour by hour. Almost minute by minute. I keep lists of everything that needs to get done. I delegate those tasks daily. And I think that helps a lot with my anxiety.

And doing things; I have to do things that are outside my comfort zone. I don’t like going to big events with a lot of people, and not having a game plan of how to get home afterwards. Just being around drunk people really gives me anxiety. So I put myself in those situations sometimes to know that I’m fine going to those things. But I also don’t do them all the time, because it just gives me too much anxiety with that.

I don’t have crazy massive anxiety. I just know I have a bit of social anxiety in those kinds of situations. But I try to let loose a little bit, because I know going to a Rockies game is not going to kill me. It’s not going to be awful. I just build it up in my head because I hate sports, and I hate people. So yeah. But I’m working on it.

“Who is your favorite celebrity you follow on social media?”

I don’t know if I follow many celebrities on social media. I like; obviously I like Ellen DeGeneres because she posts a lot of animal videos. That’s the only person I think I follow on social media. I also like; I don’t follow him, but I like looking at Ryan Reynold’s Instagram sometimes, because he’s funny as f*ck. But I don’t think really follow; not that I can remember. I followed Taylor Swift for a little bit, but then I just got bored because it’s just pictures of her on tour. And duh; she’s the best. But who wants to see the same type of photo all the time? But I love her.

“How many DMs do you get on average?”

It totally depends. If I ask a question, like, “Hey, what’s your favorite fridge?” I asked that question recently, and I got hundreds of messages. And on a regular day, I’ll probably get 10 to 20 messages. But if it’s the fridge question, then all those other messages, those 10 to 20, get pushed down and aren’t seen every again because I can’t through the hundreds of fridge answers. But I get probably 10 to 20 a day.

“Favorite cleaning product for Jackson’s hair for the couch?”

Oh, lord. That’s hilarious you ask that, Caleb, because I’m looking at a pile of hair, and I just cleaned the couch this morning. So I don’t feel like I have a specific cleaning product. I always use a large lint roller to get off all of Jackson’s fur. But I don’t have a specific cleaning product. So if you have any recommendations, I would love that.

Oh my gosh; Iva. This question was already answered, but I love how she asked this. “When are you planning on getting pregnant?”

I’m not. {laughs}

This one is Mallory. “How are you finding balance with enjoying things, but still having the body and mind you want?”

So I’ve gotten to this really cool point in my life. And I go through these ups and downs all the time, so it’s not like; oh, I’m miraculously better. But I’m just at this point where I know I’m going to be traveling more, and I want to enjoy my travel. Which means I’m going to have more cocktails than I have in the past. And then when I get back home, I’m super clean and get back to my regular diet, without alcohol, without sugar in my diet. And I just don’t worry about it. I know I’m going to gain weight, and I’m not going to feel my most confident in my skin. But I’ll get back on track when I get home.

But also, whenever I travel or I’m on vacation, I work out as well because I know that’s really good for my mind. But I’m just to this point where I know my body is going to change. And it’s going to always change because that’s the genetics I was given. And if I’m not strict 24/7, then my body will change. And I’m ok with that. Because I know I’ll get back to a rhythm within the next week. So that’s kind of how I do it now. But it’s definitely nice getting to a point that I feel confident with the choices that I make, even if they’re not the healthiest choices. But I also stay away from stuff that I just shouldn’t eat, like gluten and that’s kind of the main thing. That’s the thing I stay away from the most.

“Have you always been fit and a healthy eater? If not, when did you start the lifestyle?”

No. And this is Maria. No, I was one of the most unhealthy people ever. My diet was f*cking sh*t. I remember I used to eat frosted animal crackers that I dipped in canned frosting. That was one of my snacks. I made chocolate chip pancakes every day that I came home from school. I would buy, at the grocery store, those cookie pies. Those giant cookies, and eat the entire thing in one sitting. WE used to, in college, make cookie dough and have cookie dough study sessions. I ate f*cking sh*t. And I never cooked.

It wasn’t until I was probably a junior in college that I decided I wanted to get on track. And I started cooking and trying different foods, and started eating paleo, and getting gluten out of my diet. That’s how I kind of cleaned it up. I felt so good that I never really wanted to go back. So that was probably in 2009, 2010. So it’s been since then.

Liz. “What is your full skincare regimen, including facials and treatments?”

Liza. I’m going to send you; first I’m going to let Jackson out. But I’m going to send you to my blog. And I know that’s an annoying answer. But I have my full skincare regimen and makeup and all my product links there. I have all the products I use in them morning and at night, and then I talk about my different skincare treatments.

So I love BBL laser treatments. I do those every four weeks. And I once or twice a year I get Profractional lasers done. I’ve also done a nano peel and a couple of chemical peels, but my favorite are BBL laser and Profractional laser. Those are my two favorite, and they’re the f*cking best. Go to my blog, go to the beauty section, and it has a list of everything there.

“Thoughts on Keto.” This is, I think, Bree.

Bree; I think keto can be amazing. I think high fat diets are really good, and I think you’ve just got to do what works for you. I just think staying keto is very challenging. Especially if you’re testing your blood and the ketones in your blood, or whatever, to make sure you’re in ketosis. I think that’s how you say it.

So I think it is incredibly good for the body. It’s been like amazing for people I know who have epilepsy; a high-fat diet can be incredibly helpful for that. I just think it’s very challenging to stay in ketosis and be keto full time. I just don’t think it’s realistic for most people’s lifestyles. But to each their own.

Fit for Hygiene. “How do you stay so lean? Most CrossFit girls are bulky and big.”

{laughs} So I think that’s a broad statement. That’s kind of usually more towards competitive athletes. I’ve been bigger. I’ve been bulkier. And that’s because I was lifting multiple times a day because I was trying to compete at a competitive level in CrossFit.

So if you walk into a CrossFit gym, you are going to see a million other different body types there. You are going to see overweight. You’re going to see incredibly thin. You’re going to see wide hips. You’re going to see narrow hips. You’re going to see super lean. You’re going to see average. You’ll see every body type. I’m thinking about just this morning I went to the gym, and we have a really tall skinny woman. We have a girl who kind of has a body like mine. A really kind of average body. There are so many different body types in CrossFit. And athletic abilities there.

So that’s a really broad statement, to say most CrossFit girls are bulky. It’s just what you probably see on TV are the competitive; or maybe even on Instagram, are the competitive girls. Because the average crossfitter isn’t just posting videos of them working out, because they’re just going in to workout and to leave. So what you see online are usually the competitive athletes. And those athletes are lifting heavy. And when you lift heavy, your muscles get bigger. And when you’re lifting all the time, your muscles get bigger. So that’s why you get the “bulkier” affect. Because those women are lifting so much so often.

But the average human; the average crossfitter, is going usually three days a week and not lifting crazy weights. So you won’t see that. So just keep that in mind. I’m not a competitive CrossFit athlete anymore. I workout five times a week; only five times. I rest two days, and I don’t lift that heavy anymore. So that’s probably why my body type isn’t totally the same as it was in the past. But I’m also not crazy lean or crazy small like some other people out there. I don’t know where I was going with that.

But yes. That’s kind of my answer for that.

Juli Bauer: I’m going to take a quick break to tell you a little bit more about this weeks’ sponsor, Aaptiv. Aaptiv produces audio-based workouts created by certified personal trainers available through a mobile app. One of the best parts about the Aaptiv app is that you can workout anywhere. Whether you’re traveling, or you just put the baby down for a nap, or you’re just feeling like working out in your living room, Aaptiv is ready for you anytime. Aaptiv has expert trainers to help you stay motivated and get you the best results from your workout. Plus, they have a variety of classes and levels, so anyone can workout no matter what point you’re at in your own life.

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Aaptiv has classes for all fitness levels, from beginner, to intermediate, to advance. And with more than 2500 workouts available on the platform, and 30 new classes added every week; how insane is that. That’s so many workouts. There’s always a new workout for you to try. Or, simply pick a type of workout that you were feeling up for that. Whether it’s technical training, high energy coaching, or bootcamp style intensity. They have everything. No matter what you need from your workout, Aaptiv has your back. They even have a maternity program that breaks down by trimester. It’s such a cool feature. I feel like everyone I know is pregnant right now. I guess that’s how the world is.

I’ve used Aaptiv myself when traveling, but I mostly love it for the stretching workouts. Because I never stretch after my CrossFit classes. With Aaptiv, I can turn on the app as soon as I get home from my workout, and go through stretches in under 10 minutes. It just makes it so easy.

Aaptiv subscriptions start at $14.99 billed monthly, or $99.99 for an annual membership. But for a limited time, new members can get 30% off an annual membership, which means it’s just $69.99 for an entire year of unlimited workouts. So all you have to do is visit and you can get 30% off your entire year membership.

“How did you get started blogging?” Barbells and Blessings asked.

I was working out at a CrossFit gym; coaching at this CrossFit gym. And I was eating paleo and sharing those paleo treats and different things that I made with the people at my gym. And the owner at the time asked if I wanted to do the nutrition piece for his website. So I started writing the nutrition portion; loved it. And then when I left that gym, I wanted to keep writing and so my friend was like; you should just start a blog. And I didn’t even know what a blog was. And so he helped get a free template and put it up, and I started And the rest is history.

“Will you come to Sydney, Australia, when you get to go to New Zealand, please?!”

Oh my god, I wish. But we are going to be in New Zealand for 10 days, and my husband is not allowing any more time! But if we had more time I would totally do that. One of my friends who is going on the same trip for the wedding we’re going to in New Zealand, he is going to Australia as well. I wish, but sadly we’re just spending our time; not sadly, because New Zealand is the best. I don’t know it’s the best, but I can imagine.

“So you show us lots of new clothes; where do you store them all?”

Oh my god, if I had my girlfriends, who came over here to get desserts the other day. If I had them here, they would be shaming me publicly. I have our regular walk-in closet; it’s not a huge walk-in closet. It’s like, two people can kind of fit in there comfortably, but not a huge walking area. So I have all my clothes in there. And then in our second bedroom upstairs, it’s become my office where I take all my food photos because there’s a big window. And I store all my clothes. And it is a sh*t storm. It’s a f*cking sh*t storm! It’s so embarrassing.

My girlfriend came in and was like; oh my god, I have so much anxiety. She was just so ashamed. All of them, actually, were really ashamed. So, I was actually thinking about talking to a closets company. There’s California closets out here. I was thinking about talking to them and seeing what I can do in my office to store extra clothes and shoes. But if set anything up that looks semi decent, then I’ll show it. But it’s a sh*t storm, and that’s how I store my clothes. In a sh*t storm of anxiety.

Flavor and Fervor. “Did you include recipes in your cookbook that could be found on your blog, or just new ones?”

For my first cookbook, 70% of the recipes were from my block, and then 30% were brand new. And then my other ones, I only shared a couple of recipes from my book on the website, just as promotion value.

Summer O’Brien. “Do you chew gum, or no, because the sweeteners?”

I don’t really chew gum. I just don’t think it’s great for you. I mean, when you start chewing food, it tells the body that you’re going to digest food. Food is supposed to be coming in. And so it can often make you hungry because your body is like; ok. I’m going to start creating stomach acid and we’re going to go through this because food is coming. And when it doesn’t, it can actually create hunger cues. So I stay away from gum; I just don’t think it’s very good for you. I like having mints once in a while; but if my breath tastes bad, it’s because I’m dehydrated and I need to drink more water.

Zoe. “What breed is your dog?”

He’s a French Bulldog! He’s the best. Sitting out in the sunshine right now.

Egg Sarah. “Did you ever discuss birth control, and what;” oh my god our door is so squeaky. “Did you ever discuss birth control, and what you take that affects your working out and your health?”

Well, no birth control I’ve taken has affected my working out and health. I mean, physical health, I guess. So I’m on the NuvaRing now. I’ve loved it. I think I’m one of the few paleo people out there who is fine with being on birth control. But yeah, I’m not sure about the working out piece. “What you take that affects your working out and health.” I haven’t had anything that affects my working out. But I’m on the NuvaRing, and I’ve loved it.

Olivia. “What did you do before you were blogging?”

I worked in corporate wellness for Coors; the beer company. And then I was just coaching full time and personal training.

Ella. “I absolutely love your nails! Are you still doing shellac?”

Yes. I do acrylic, and then I do shellac on top. And I love it. I love it so much.

This is Jen. “Planning a destination wedding; besides too many shots.” (Because I drank too much on my wedding night.) “What would you change?”

I honestly wouldn’t change anything. I can’t think of anything I would change. I would eat more, drink less. But destination weddings are the best. There’s nothing I would do different. I loved it. I was a very chill bride. I just really didn’t care. I didn’t care about photos. I didn’t care about video. I just wanted to get married on the beach, and that was it. So if you have specific wants; like if you really want good photos, then spend the money on photos. If you want a good video, spend the money on video. But yeah, I really wouldn’t change anything. I loved everything about our wedding. It was f*cking awesome.

“How many days a week do you work out?” This is from Melissa.

I work out 5 days a week, 5 workouts, two rest days.

Kate. “When are your cooking videos going to be out?”

So, a lot of my cooking videos are already out. You can find them on my blog, under food. If you just drop-down food, there’s cooking videos there. They come out every Tuesday, unless they’re in the production phase of thing. But they come out every Tuesday. So I’ve probably released maybe 20 cooking videos or so. So you can find those all on my blog.

“What is exciting energizing you the most right now in your business?” Living with Les.

Let’s see; my apparel that I came out with Four Athletics. I love doing that. The only apparel I really wear now is my Four Athletics leggings and sports bras. They’re my favorite, and I’m so excited to come out with new apparel for the wintertime.

And then these videos. And working with new companies. And hopefully I get to work with more amazing companies moving forward this year. But yeah, this Four Athletics apparel and then the new workout series. I really want people to like that, and I hope they do. So those are the two things I’m loving the most.

“Do you have a budget for your groceries?” Sarah asked.

Sarah, I do not budget my groceries. I will spend whatever on groceries. And I’ve never created an exact budget. When I was making $17,000 a year, I didn’t even put an exact budget. I just shopped at multiple grocery stores to find the best sales, and to find the cheapest cuts of meats and the cheapest vegetables and whatever was on sale. But now I don’t set a budget with groceries because that is one thing; I will change many other things before I change how much I spend on groceries. I am happy to not go out; not eat out; not buy coffees; not travel as much. But my food, I will not sacrifice.

KP. “If you could go on any game show, past or present, which one would you pick?”

Oh man, I don’t give a sh*t about game shows. So; maybe Wheel of Fortune. Because you’ve got to turn that wheel. I think Wheel of Fortune looks cool.

This question is one of my least favorite questions. But I love this human being, because she has a really cute photo. Kai-ho24. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

I hate that question. Because I didn’t see myself here in 5 years 5 years ago. So I have no f*cking clue. I hope I can continue doing my blog, and doing what I love. And I hope it turns into more videos and sharing different content with people. I hope to travel more. But I don’t see myself anywhere in five years. Because for all I know, I could be dead in 5 years! I know that’s such a pessimistic way of thinking about things. But whenever you plan how things will look, it never pans out that way. So, I just don’t plan that much. I just continue to work hard, day after da.

“What do you eat before you lift?”

I actually don’t really eat much before I lift. Say I haven’t had a meal. Say it’s in the morning. Like this morning before I worked out at 9, I didn’t want to eat breakfast. So I had a small piece of banana bread that I made this week. Or I’ll have half a Larabar just to settle my stomach. Or, I’ve been loving some almond milk Greek yogurt with some maple syrup, peanut butter powder, some peanuts and coconut chips and cacao nibs. I put all those in together in just half the yogurt. And I’ll just eat that. But I usually have a meal planned afterwards. So I don’t eat a ton beforehand.

This is from Fittish Foodie Mama. “How much money do you think you’ve spent on face treatments and fixing scarring?”

So, that is hard to say, because I have a great deal going with my esthetician. I’ve sent so many people her way, that she often doesn’t charge me for different treatments because I’ve sent her so many new clients. But it’s thousands, for sure. Because I’ve worked really hard on fixing these scars. And I buy good quality products. But at this point, I don’t have to spend much money on it, because I’ve sent so many people her way. So we have a great business relationship. But it’s easy to spend thousands, especially working with those Profractional treatments that are expensive.

“No paleo options when you’re at a friend’s house, or out to dinner. What do you do?”

I plan ahead. That’s it at the end of the day. I always plan ahead to make sure I’ve eaten something beforehand or I have something on hand. I usually can find; say you’re at a barbecue at a friend’s house and they made burgers and hot dogs; boom, you have some meat there. It’s pretty easy to just; I just went to a barbecue this past weekend and they had burgers and hot dogs. There you go. You’ve got something right away.

And out to dinner; unless you’re eating at fast food, I think it’s pretty easy nowadays to eat gluten free. And a lot of restaurants have gluten free menus. But at the end of the day, you can always ask for a burger and no bun. And if you’re not doing fries, you can get a side salad. And you’re good to go. It’s pretty simple now.

Monique. “Do you ever sell your clothes that you no longer wear or want?”

All the time. I have a girlfriend who actually comes over and I sell my clothes to her. My sister-in-law will go through it, and she can grab anything she wants. And then I’ll often sell to Buffalo Exchange for anything that my girlfriend might have not purchased. That’s kind of how I go through that stuff.

“How do you do your cooking video shoots? Yourself, or with a pro?”

I work with a company called Inspo Network who finds a film crew, and they send the film crew out. So they’ll send two camera people. And I set up everything. So I get everything cooked ahead of time, so I have the after product ready to go. Because you only have so much time, you don’t have time to bake things or cook things. So yeah, I work by myself, and then I have those two film crews who film everything. And then they outsource everything to edit down the videos and get the videos ready to go for my website. But yeah, everything the day of I just do myself.

“How do you protect your hands from working out?”

I don’t. I mean, I’ve had calluses for 8 years now. That’s just kind of how I roll. I just don’t really care. But if you’re tearing your hands, maybe from pullups, you just learn, honestly, to grip the bar better or you learn that you don’t need to hold on until you completely tear. But now, I rarely ever tear because I don’t hold onto the bar, or I don’t let it get to that point, and I grip the bar differently.

“Did your dentist ever send you pics of your before and after from Invisalign?”

No, that motherf*cking b*tch. Well, it’s a guy. Dick. He didn’t. Sorry Allison.

Bgerin. How do you say that? “How much water do you drink in a day?”

I try to drink over a gallon of water a day.

“Show us your husband more! It’s like he doesn’t even exist!” Lexalo.

Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he doesn’t. But no, he will not be shown more. {laughs}

“What’s your favorite way to use chicken thighs in a recipe?”

I like skin on chicken thighs, and I like getting the chicken extra crispy; the skin extra crispy, and just cooking in a pan. That’s as easy as it gets. Or I like chicken thighs in curry. Because it’s so good.

“Who cares for Jackson during the day when you travel?”

My sister-in-law. She does. She takes care of him. And I have neighbors who come and let him out if I’m not home at one point. I have someone who is lovely, and she also has Frenchies, and she lets him out.

“What pre-workout snacks do you recommend?”

I honestly don’t have any because I don’t do any preworkout snacks. I’m just a much more half a Larabar, settle my stomach, and then I’ll eat afterwards kind of person.

“Do you wear a silicone wedding band?”

Yes. It’s called Qualo. I wear that usually when I travel.

“What is your go-to quick fix favorite recipe?”

I don’t have a favorite blog recipe. Well, I love any of my casseroles. I like making those. Those aren’t quick fixes, but they are in the fact that you have them for days. But if you go to my blog, I have a new post up that’s easy meals that I make in under 30 minutes, and those are my go-to favorite recipes. They’re not recipes; they’re just meals that I made in no time flat. That’s kind of my go-to.

Sarah. “Do you think you’ll ever go back to Orange Theory? Or stay strictly CrossFit?”

You know what? I found out Blake, from the Bachelorette, he works out at Orange Theory. So I’ve thought about going back, you know? I’d like to meet him in person, personally. I’d like to know everything. But at this point, I’m going to stick with CrossFit. I have no want to go back to Orange Theory at the moment, but never say never. I really liked some of my workouts, I just got sick of the coach I kept getting every day. And I was kind of bored. And I don’t ever want to feel bored when I’m working out. So yeah, I will probably go back at some point, I just don’t know when.

AK Story. “What’s your number one thing you’ve learned to no longer give zero F’s about?”

Like, what other people think. So, what I’ve figured out over the years is people are going to like and dislike you no matter what. You can act like this perfect little person with your perfect little life, and people still aren’t going to like you. So you might as well be exactly who you want to be. And that’s what I do. I’m just exactly who I want to be, and I don’t care if people don’t like it. And it makes no difference in my life. I’m going to live the life exactly how I want to. And, yeah. That’s kind of how I’ve come to this give no effs life. People are going to like you and dislike you no matter what. So you might as well like yourself.

“How often do you cook from your own recipes?”

Well, I don’t. I honestly don’t often cook my own recipes. Cook from my own recipes, from my blog or my cookbook. Because I’m always making new stuff. So I don’t really have time to go back to old recipes very often. Once in a while, I’ll get a craving, but it’s very few and far between because I’m always cooking new stuff. Or I’m cooking super easy meals that I just don’t; I don’t have time to follow a recipe. Even my own. {laughs}

“When is Siete going to get their hot sauces online?”

Lisa; I have no f*cking clue. That’s a better thing to ask Siete. And they’re very responsive. So just message them on Instagram, and they’ll let you know.

“Have you watched; the Proposal on ABC? It comes on right after the Bachelorette.”

No, I haven’t. But I heard it is the best kind of trash TV. And I love me f*cking trash TV. So no, I haven’t watched it yet.

Tallulah. “Do you ever have grains? I try to be as paleo, but I feel like I need some grains.”

Sometimes I eat rice. But that’s; I stay away from gluten grains. If I’m eating any grains, they are gluten free grains. So yeah, like rice or rice flour.

“Do you take any sort of supplements?” From Heidi.

I don’t. I put collagen in my coffee every day. I guess that’s the supplement I take. And I probably should have more supplements, but I just don’t care. I don’t have time to figure that out.

“What do you think really launched your brand? The recipes; the amount of posts?”

I think probably the amount of posts that I share. And; well, Jackson stop. I think recipes year after year. Who is at my door? FedEx guy. I think sharing recipes in a time that there weren’t really many paleo recipes helped launch my blog more. And then staying consistent. Because I think at this point, people know that they’re going to have new content available on my website five days a week. And they know they’ll have something new every time they come back. I hope people know that because that’s why I stay consistent.

So yeah. I think that’s what has really launched it. Staying consistent, and sharing things that weren’t really available back in the day, which were paleo recipes. There weren’t a ton when I first started.

“How do you create your non-CrossFit workouts? Various moves, number of reps, time, etc.”

I have just created so many workouts over the years because of CrossFit, and coaching, and working out on my own. And I’ll see stuff. I’ll workout at my CrossFit gym, and I see a rep structure that I hadn’t seen before and how I liked that. And I’ll create a workout through that. Sorry, I’m getting Jackson’s hair off the couch. I’m multitasking here because my couch was so clean this morning. F*cking dog.

And then I create them based on things I have on hand, which is an exercise band, or dumbbells. A move I know is going to be challenging; like thrusters, are going to be super challenging movement and it’s such a simple; like dumbbell thrusters. It’s such a simple movement, and one of my go-tos because you can do it with dumbbells.

I don’t know how I totally come up with them. I just think I’ve done them so much in the past, and I know what has worked and what hasn’t worked, and what I find challenging, and that’s how I create them.

“Do you recommend CrossFit for weight loss?”

I recommend eating healthy for weight loss, personally. But yes, CrossFit is definitely amazing for weight loss. Because your weight lifting, which speeds up your metabolism, which helps you lose weight. But at the end of the day, you have to have a clean diet on top of it. And that’s what weight loss is all about, is having a clean diet. Period. So yes, I recommend CrossFit for weight loss. But I also recommend eating clean for weight loss.

Erin. I keep forgetting to say people’s names sometimes. “What is your go-to drink from Starbucks?”

My go-to drink; if it’s summer I get an iced americano. And I ask for a side of heavy cream, and I put my own heavy cream in it. Which is reminding me that I want another coffee today. And then in the wintertime, what do I usually get? I don’t go to Starbucks a ton. But in the wintertime, I think sometimes I get an almond milk latte or a coconut milk latte. I don’t like the brand they use there, but sometimes I’ll get that. Or I’ll just get hot coffee and ask for a side of heavy cream, and put the heavy cream in myself.

Abby. “Are you going to have another living proof promo code soon? Needing to order some sh*t.”

I am hoping so. I just recently asked them if we could do another one. So just waiting to hear back and see if it can happen. Hoping one in August.

Dee. “What does your morning look like? What do you eat for breakfast?

So, my morning routine. I feel like I have; every morning is a little bit different. Bu I always wake up. I make my coffee. I put collagen in it, heavy cream, and stevia. And then I sit on the couch. Jackson sits between my legs. I put a blanket over and he sits between my legs; he’s like a little hot dog. And then I finish my blog post for the day. I edit any comments. I look through some of my emails. I f*cking suck at emails. And then I usually have something that I need to get done beforehand.

And then my breakfast; I make breakfast and then I take Jackson for a walk. My breakfast is usually breakfast sausage, arugula, and plantains have been my kind of go-to. And that’s my favorite breakfast recently. Then I take Jackson for a walk, and I do whatever else I need to do that day. And I usually get makeup on. Today; no makeup. I look like a f*cking hot mess.

Boom. Boom-Boom. Boom-Boom Beats. {laughs} “What is your simple and easy go-to fill up snack?”

Ok, this is my favorite snack. I kind of already talked about it before. But I use half of a Kite Hill Greek yogurt. I add maple syrup, peanut butter powder, cacao nips, coconut chips, and roasted peanuts. Mix that all together, and that’s my favorite snack right now. I’m obsessed with it.

Her other question is, “What’s your go-to item to order at a restaurant?”

That is a very bold; I don’t know what I’m trying to say. That’s a very broad question. Because it just depends on the restaurant. If it’s a sh*tty restaurant, it’s just a burger and fries. But if I’m in a sushi restaurant, I’m not going to order a burger and fries. If I’m at a; I don’t know. I don’t know what else. But that’s my usually go-to item. But every restaurant is totally different, obviously.

“What are one to three main things that really helped you heal from adrenal fatigue?”

Number one; working out less. I’ve talked about it before that I was working out two to three times a day. Usually 7 days a week. So actually taking rest days and working out less. I went from, say, 18 to 21 workouts a week to 5 workouts a week. So that’s a huge difference. Working out less, taking two full rest days. And it’s not this f*cking active rest day bullsh*t. I hate when people say that, because that’s what I always said. It’s like; no. Let your body fully f*cking heal. Like an active rest day can be a 15-minute walk with your dog. Not like; I’m going to go hike a 14 as my active rest day. Go f*ck yourself. Whatever.

And then also pulling out stress out of my life. I used to hate myself. Look at myself and hate myself, everything about myself. And then once I removed that hatred and that stress, that was huge for my adrenals. I wasn’t just wasting them all the time.

LC. “How do you organize all your skincare, makeup, and brushes?”

This is another one of those very anxiety ridden things. I have a table in our room. Like a little makeup station, and it is just filled with f*cking sh*t. So, I really just want to honestly hire someone to come in and organize my life. I need an assistant just to organize and be really good at that. Because I just don’t have time to do it.

Kiwi. “What’s the biggest perk of your job and biggest downfall? What did you want to be as a kid, when you grew up?”

Number one I wanted to be a singer and famous. Number two, the best perk is working for myself. I have no boss telling me what to do. I have complete creative control of what I want to do any day of the week. And then the biggest downfall is I don’t know what I’m going to get paid, and I don’t know if I’m going to always get paid. You’re going to have a really good month, and then a pretty low month the next month. So nothing is concrete, like you get the comfort of a salary job. But at the same time, you can go way above the salary. So there are pros and cons to everything. But that’s probably the hardest thing, is just knowing you don’t have a safety net all the time.

“What are the lashes you use?”

I love Kiss lashes. I’m obsessed with them. I have a blog post about them. They’ve been amazing.

Only a couple more. “How do you stay so motivated about fitness?”

I guess because fitness is just the best. I love it so much! I mean, fitness is what has given me confidence in my own life, and it makes me happier. It makes me a better person. It makes me a harder working person. So I think that’s just what keeps me motivated. Because I like feeling like my best day after day.

This is from Taylor. “Do you ever indulge in bad pizza or Oreos? Very specific I know.”

No. I don’t, honestly. I know I’m going to feel like sh*t from eating normal sh*tty pizza. And I know I’m going to feel like sh*t from eating Oreos. So I don’t eat those things. I just don’t. I can’t remember the last time I had an Oreo, and I can’t remember the last time I had like real pizza. Because there are so many gluten free pizzas out there that don’t make me feel like sh*t that I can enjoy and indulge in. And then there are so many other cookie brands that I can indulge in, but I still feel like sh*t.

AA Descanso. “What diet exercise advice do you have for developing abs? I can’t get them for the life of me.”

Number one; abs start in the kitchen. It’s the worst, but it’s so true. If your diet isn’t super clean, it’s harder to get that ab definition. As women, we often store weight there, as well. And genetics play a part in that, as well. I’ve always had a flatter stomach and way bigger hips and thighs. And that’s how my body has always been. So I know friends who work on abs all the time and don’t have really defined abs that they’re looking for, just because their genetics and how their body is built doesn’t look like that. But the diet plays a huge key part in that, and staying strict with your diet all the time. But that’s a harder thing to do.

I don’t have any ab specific; I’m coming out with a core workout soon that I think is awesome. But any core workouts I do stem from weight lifting. When I’m doing squat cleans and snatches and overhead squats, everything starts at the core. And you’re building a stronger core from that. So I don’t have any specific that I love.

“I’m drooling. When will these cooking videos and recipes be available?”

The first one, they’re going to start coming out every Tuesday two weeks from now. So not this next week, but the week after they will start releasing.

“How do you keep coming up with new recipes?”

I write down anything and everything that pops into my mind. So if I’m out at a restaurant and see something on the menu that I like, I’ll snag a photo of it. I just write down different ideas as I go. I think it’s pretty easy to come up with new things, because there are endless flavor combinations. You make one pizza; now you have a pizza crust that you can make into a buffalo chicken pizza. Or a barbecue chicken pizza. Or a Hawaiian pizza. It’s really easy to come up with endless new ideas because there are just endless flavors.

You have a banana bread; you can put that into a chocolate banana bread. You can do that peanut butter banana bread. You can do a tahini banana bread. You see what I mean. There are million different ways to turn one recipe into other recipes and continue with that regularly. So that’s kind of how I come up with it. It’s been pretty easy, and you get better at it, and you get more creative as you cook more.

A few more. “How is Jackson feeling lately?”

I know someone else asked what kind of food we’re feeding him. So we changed Jackson’s food, and his food completely changed him. We put him on Royal Canine. This was vet recommended; they sell it there. We put him on Royal Canine. Please don’t email me and tell me that he shouldn’t be on that dog food. People always do this no matter what. We put him on that and he’s a completely different dog. His food was definitely making him sick. And he now is on this food, and he’s so happy and doing great. He’s feeling amazing. Hasn’t thrown up on any of our new rugs, which is quite helpful.

Mindful Dish asks, “Would you ever consider getting a second dog?”

So, we have gone back and forth for this for years. But Jackson is an only child at heart. He’s been raised an only child, and he’s quite comfortable as an only child. And very mom obsessed. So whenever we go to my friend’s house, who has a Frenchie; they have two Frenchies. He is super cool around the girl, but when the boy dog gets around, they attack each other. They are not cool if the other dog gets near me, Jackson attacks him. And Jackson’s not like an angry dog, or a mean dog. He’s very submissive a lot of times. So he is just not cool with other dogs around me. And I know it would be just such a process of getting a new dog and getting him to not fight, and having to pull them apart. I just don’t want to deal with that. I don’t want to deal with someone watching two dogs when we’re gone. Just dealing with that. So I think we’re going to stick with one dog for now. If something falls into place, then maybe in the future. But we’re quite happy with one dog, and I think he’s quite happy being the only dog here. {laughs}

“Do you do your own makeup for shoots and occasions? If so can you do a story and video on it?”

Yes. I always do my own makeup. I have had my hair and makeup done other times, and I do not like how someone else does my makeup. I’ve never had someone where I was like; damn. That looks f*cking good. So I just do it myself. And sure, I will totally do an Instagram story about it.

Let’s see. “Do you do intermittent fasting?” Tonya asks.

No, I do not. I stay away from intermittent fasting, because I think it leads to poor behaviors with food for me. So I stay away from that. I sometimes fast, because I’m just not eating. Like yesterday, I did not eat until 5 p.m. because I was shooting workout videos all day in the park. Didn’t bring snacks. Had to be in a sports bra and leggings. And I didn’t eat the entire day. And that wasn’t me like; oh, I’m going to intermittent fast today. I was just like; I don’t have f*cking time to eat. I just don’t. Sometimes I intermittent fast without thinking about it.

Sarah. “When is Food Network giving you your own show?”

Well that’s the nicest thing ever, but never. Hopefully I can just continue doing my own videos. But I think you’ve got to have an in to be on the Food Network. Or just be really f*cking good, and I’m just not that good!

Oh my gosh. There are so many husband and baby questions in here. “Are you having PaleOMG kiddos?” No.

“Best breakup advice?”

Oh, Ander! Man. Breakups are the worst. You just get through it, girl. Because some day, you’ll find that person who is so perfect for you, and it won’t even matter. That breakup won’t even matter. So hang out with your girlfriends. Workout. Have some delicious food. And just take it day by day. Because you’re going to find a different person, and it’s not going to mean anything. But breakups suck. Heartbreak just sucks in general. But have some good friends around. Go out, grab a drink, grab some good food. Workout, hang out with your dog, go on walks. Just keep moving.

“How do you dress amazing every day?”

Oh my gosh, Run the Journey, I don’t. I shoot my outfit photos usually on Sundays. I shoot six different outfit photos, and I share them throughout the week. I’m in workout clothes 95% of the time, with greasy hair and barely any makeup. So I definitely don’t.

“How much does Jackson weigh?”

He is 36 pounds now. He was at 40 pounds, and he was a little too chunky. And then we put him on a diet, and then he got sick. So now he’s down to about 36. And he’s actually probably the perfect weight. He has this cute little waist. He’s adorable. But he’s not too skinny.

“What did you major in in college?”

Health and exercise science. So I was always kind of into this.

“How much do you eat daily?” Heather asks.

I have no idea, Heather. I’ve never tracked how much food I eat. But, if you go to my fitness section of my blog, I share my weekly workouts plus what I ate in a day.

I only have time for a couple more! “Do you eat something sweet every day?”

Not always. That’s from Eat More Paleo.

These are all such fun questions. I’m sorry I can’t get to all of them. “Can you make more Instant Pot recipes?”

Yes. I will be making more for winter. I’m not big into the Instant Pot in summer. But I’ll definitely have more in the winter. And I just got an air fryer, and I’m going to use that as well soon. So you’ll have air fryer recipes, which I’m super pumped about.

Yeah, I’m going to do a makeup tutorial. I got a couple of questions about that.

“Are you nervous being out in public with having a platform and being recognizable?”

No, not at all. I’m not that cool.

“Any chance you want to come to Madison for the CrossFit games or a meetup?”

No. CrossFit games are my nightmare at this point. Watching people workout, and being in a huge crowd of people who are half naked and bros on top of bros. I’ve been to the games twice, and it’s like my nightmare. I can’t. Don’t want it. Don’t want to pay prime price for a sh*tty hotel. No thanks.

“Has Beautycounter improved how your skin looks?”

I think a lot of things have improved how my skin looks. My esthetician first and foremost. And then I use a lot of different serums, like Vivant skincare, and Beyond Complexion. I love those. And then the only produce that I use consistently on my skin as Beautycounter is their overnight peel. And I love that. I can’t say it’s changed my skin drastically, but my skin definitely looks great with it combined with the other products that I use. And I’ve loved it. It’s the only main product that I’ve promoted, along with their makeup wipes.

Colleen. “Do you have a Poshmark account?”

I don’t. I think I would need to hire someone to sell my clothes on Poshmark, for sure. But I would love to. I think it would be awesome to sell it there. I just don’t have time to do it all.

Last but not least; “When are y’all coming to Charleston? Will do any sort of meetup?”

So a bunch of my girlfriends and I are planning a trip to Charleston in the beginning of October. I don’t think we’ll plan any meetup, because we’re not going for a very long amount of time. And we are just really wanting to catch up, brain storm, talk about business. So I don’t think we’ll have time for a meet up, but I’ll let you know if any of that changes. If we decide to do that. But so excited to go to Charleston. I’ve never been. Adding to my list of places I’ve never been to. Pumped to go. And see my girlfriends! Yeah. But for how, I’ve got to go to Cabo first.

So, I’ve got to go get my hair done because I got some major f*cking roots that I’m not feeling. And then I’ve got to pack and get this house cleaned up, because it’s a sh*t storm from all my videos. So thank you guys for tuning in this week to my random listener questions episode. You’re the best. I know my podcast is so not like any other podcast out there that has a true purpose and meaning. But I just like talking with you guys, answering any questions, and then talking about random stuff like the Bachelorette.

Which I loved this weeks’ episode. I don’t know who wins yet, but I know it’s Garrett. There’s no way she’s going to pick Blake. And it’s so sad, because Blake loves her so much. I mean; and Garrett has loved all these racist and f*cked up tweets. So, not into Garrett. Go away, Garrett. But I loved this weeks’ episode. It was good. Poor Jason. I think he was really trying to set himself up to be in the next Bachelor. And I’m here for it.

I thought Jason was really annoying, and now I’m like; you know what? You are the most articulate guy on this show. Especially compared to f*cking Garrett, who says like every other word. He drives me f*cking insane. And I’m all about like. Like, I’m cool with it. Obviously. I just said it. But that’s all he can say. And Becca is eating it up. And then Jason is so articulate. He f*cking did a scrap book. Not into that. But yes, Jason. I’m down for you to be the Bachelor. I support it.

Ok, I’ve got to go. You go do the damn thing. Because Becca’s doing it. And I will talk to you guys next week. Bye-bye!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Listener Questions – Episode 95: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. Hi Juli!

    Loved the epsiode!!!! Thanks for answering our questions. I cannot wait to see what you are going to make in the air fryer!! It’s the best thing ever. Just one question what brand of powdered peanut butter do you use?

    Thank you!!

  2. Hey! Just finished listening to this week’s episode. I don’t know if you’ve booked a place to stay in Charleston or if you’re doing airbnb or something like that, but I highly recommend you try a stay at the Wentworth Mansion. (promise I’m not some weird bot posting this.) My husband and I stayed there for our honeymoon (we also stayed a bit in an airbnb while going to a nearby beach), and it’s a totally immersive southern experience that feels so personal and luxurious. Even if it’s only for a night, I could not more highly recommend it. Also, there are obviously a ton of awesome restaurants in Charleston, but you should try to get seats at R Kitchen. In addition to being delicious, it is one of the coolest restaurants I’ve ever been to. The place seats maybe like 15 people total, you call someone’s cellphone to get a table, and eating there is like being on an episode of Top Chef in the coolest way possible. The menu changes every night and features southern fare.

    Loved the episode! Enjoyed it on my morning walk. I love the conversational feel of your podcast.

    1. we already booked a place, but thank you for the recommendation! and i’ll definitely add R Kitchen to our restaurants to try while we are there!! thanks for sharing your favorites! and thank you for listening!

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