My Lovely Time in California

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Have you missed me? I’ve sure missed you.

My website still seems to be a bit dumb. But we’re working on it. And now I’m back from vacation and ready to feed your faces! Yayyyyyyyyy.  Yay.

Anywho, I booked this trip to California a while back when I knew I would be done with my cookbook. Kind of as a celebration. Especially since Colorado is cold right now. Ew. Who wants to celebrate in the cold? And since my cookbook is ALMOST ready for pre-orders, it was definitely time to celebrate.

So I packed my bags and headed off to Orange County to stay with my friend Stacy. Remember Stacy? I met her a while back when I gave a talk about paleo at the gym, CrossFit Anaerobic. Well, she was so cool that I actually wanted to come back to California to eat, drink, and be merry with her. And that’s exactly what I did. A little too much. So I’ll give you the run down of the weekend. And if you don’t recognize me in pictures, it’s because I’ve probably gained a good 10lbs from eating so much. This love relationship with food is sure a curse at times.

I’ll give you the quick and easy version of my weekend if you hate reading and are pissed I don’t have a recipe up today. I ate multiple burgers, took pictures of them all, walked the beach, drank naughty beverages, including a peanut butter cup flavored one, and did so many lunges at CrossFit Anaerobic 1 that I may never walk right again. Good short version huh?

But here’s the better version. Disclaimer: some of these stories may be skewed, because I tend to have no memory.

Back to the point, I started my California experience off with a lettuce wrapped burger and animal fries at In-n-Out Burger. You people are obsessed with that place. I dig it. That burger tasted bomb, especially since I had just been eating jerky all day. Then Stacy and I caught up on the latest New Girl and Mindy Project. Then chatted with Daryl, Stacy’s wonderful mother, who may be my new favorite person because she digs food as much as I do. She made us meatballs (honestly the best meatballs I’ve ever had) with spaghetti squash. Then we watched Glee and I fell asleep probably by 8:30pm. I love vacations.

The next day was spent on the beach with Stacy and Andrew, where I consumed swordfish tacos and French fries. I also began to instagram every moment that passed by. And this is also when people started to flip their sh*t. I had no idea people could get so riled up about what other people are shoving in their faces. And it turns out, people weren’t too pumped about me shoving fish tacos down mine. People don’t seem to like it when I don’t eat strict paleo. Which is strange since I talk about my late night vodka sodas and early morning recovery sessions with corn tortillas and cheese. Either way, people took my run in with a corn tortilla as a shot to their own will power. Silly. I just wanted to eat something that sounded good, and welp, that did. It wasn’t a slip up. I didn’t forget what paleo was. My face didn’t fall onto the French fries. I ate what I wanted to. Then I ran all over the beach like a child, picking up snails or what I thought were snails, and sticking my finger into sea urchins. Those are funny.

i wish my xmas looked more like this

Then I threesomed a peanut butter milkshake. Yep, that happened.

Friday night was spent at Javier’s where I got down on a glass of wine and some carnitas. Hooooooly balls are those carnitas fantastic. And they came with a side of refried beans, which I haven’t had in forever, so I ate those up before I could even question eating them. Refried beans made with lard are fantastic. I pity all other beans. We finished the night off at Dave and Buster’s. Did you know they have a four person air hockey table?! Now that’s cool, I don’t care who you are. And if I would have had 48,950 tickets, I could have got a Xbox 360! So close!!

Now Saturday came along and I was more in my element. I went to CrossFit Anaerobic and did a workout that I will probably feel for the next week. It included tire flips, weighted lunges, and some other stuff. I don’t know why lunges hurt so bad every.single.time. It makes absolutely no sense. What makes even less sense is why my ass is still soft after doing lunges so many time. Do you job ass, get it together.

Stacy and I then headed over to a CrossFit competition where Andrew was competing. He did awesome, finishing 4th in his division. Badass. Found out that I think CrossFit competitions are waaaaay boring when I’m not competing in them. And the guys are just as toolish as they are back in CO. But I did get to eat some bacon wrapped dates and meet people who read my blog. Now that sh*t was cool. People actually recognized me and my awkward self!

Then Stacy and I got down at a burger place called Habit Burger. Holy.Moly.Guacamole. I want to eat their every day. I don’t know why you people are talking about In-N-Out so much, that place was way better. And they had sweet potato fries.

When Saturday night came, it was time to play. So we went to some ghetto fabulous bar where I decided that sticking to vodka shots, chasing it with water was the best option. That decision was mostly made by my stomach that had been filled with waaaaay too many meatballs an hour before. Not a ton of room left for liquids. So I drank, I danced, I drank some more. Then I fell asleep on the couch. And to my surprise, I didn’t eat a double stack Cholupa when our group asked our cab driver to stop at Taco Bell on the way home. What a patient sole that cab driver was. I think I made that double stack thing up, but you know what I’m getting at. Those things that taste like heaven but smell like the dumpster outside an apartment building, in the middle of downtown. Fast food smells weird.

Sunday morning was rough. I don’t like being hung over. But I do like it when I’m staying at Stacy’s house. Because her mom fed me eggs, bacon, and a sweet potato hash. And then I got to shower in a shower that had four shower heads shooting at me. What the? I didn’t know that was possible. It was like a bidet, but in non toilet form. Did I spell that right? Whatever. They even have super comfy toilets at their house. I love that place. I hate my stupid toilet and shower. I’m going to frown everytime I walk in that 3 square foot bathroom of mine from now on.

Stacy and I finished my day off with more food. Duh. We went to a restaurant called Slater’s 50/50 that makes their burgers 50% beef, 50% bacon. Yeah, you heard me. It was awesome. I piled mine on lettuce with all kinds of fixings. And ate until I was uncomfortable. Why? No clue, but it was damn good.

that looks like mush

Oh, and I ate some beer battered chili cheese fries. Oops.

I think it’s time for me to detox. Not because I had “a slip up” or “a bump in my paleo road.” No, I need a detox because I had a damn good vacation with damn good food. Not once did I have a stomach ache (other than the alcohol induced one), not once did I feel like I used to when I ate wheat. I just felt happy, because I was having stuff I normally don’t and smiling throughout all of it. I didn’t feel guilty, I didn’t feel like I was falling into food remorse, I just felt stoked to be eating food I don’t normally eat.

In conclusion, I ate, drank, ate, slept, and hung out with Daryl lots. It was magical. Even Stacy’s dog seemed to really like me which is strange because I only like a few select dogs on this planet. I guess he wanted to be one of them.

It seems to be that everytime I fly back from California, I am given the opportunity to watch New Girl as I fly. This will be why I continue my dedication to United. Honestly the sole reason why.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


51 thoughts on “My Lovely Time in California”

  1. Love this! My husband and I allow ourselves 1 day every week or so to eat whatever we want. I love that day :)…….we also started our crossfit journey last week and are absolutely loving that, too!

    1. We give ourselves a cheat day once or twice a month too, but after a while our cheat food became increasingly healthy. Switching to gluten-free everything and making my own desserts really made cheat days less hard on my body. Every once in a while though, a girl has to have her cheesecake

      1. My husband and I were laughing the other night because our cheat meal was Chinese food–that used to be something ‘healthy’ we would order and now it’s a cheat! Funny how your perspective changes 🙂

  2. Looks like you had a blast! I’m local to that area. Just had Slaters 50/50 burger for the first time about 3 weeks ago, and that’s probably the best burger I’ve had! The original with the avocado, and egg on top called my name.

  3. Holy crap, all that food looks so good. I was in NYC this past weekend and led a similar life. I like knowing that you let your hair down and go for the cheese fries every once in a while because I totally do, too! Haters gonna hate.

  4. I don’t read your stuff every day, but when I do follow, I am always entertained and sometimes enlightened as well. What I truly love about you/ your site is your honesty and really the ‘in-your-face’ and ‘too bad if you don’t like it’ attitude, because it’s attitude without the tude, darlin’! Approachable. I like that you are not an extremist. I detest the extremists, they are too type a for me and too obsessive which leads to judgementality and clique-yness and by being that way, causes us to quit following them, and crazy as it seems, this leads to us just plain giving up and just staying the way we already are. So I click my cup in toast to you being you and cramming honesty down our throats. Many need that and others like me, well, we love it and will continue to follow you and support you.

  5. whenever people judge me on what i’m eatting them say things like thats bad for you blah blah blah. theres a bubble in my head thinking i may be the only one in here with a sixpack. and tell them “you know what i’m gonna die” or just “i’m dieing” usually shuts em up

  6. I found a recipe in there, Bacon Wrapped Dates. Bacon and dates, bake at whatever degrees I need to make them delicious, and then eat them by myself, because dates are yum.
    Anyone that thinks you need to eat Paleo all the time needs to relax, sometimes those animal fries just beg to be eaten!

  7. Slater’s 50/50 looks amazing! I now have some new burger ideas to try (copy) because we love burgers AND bacon. What could be better than a burger made with bacon?

  8. Congrats on the cookbook-can’t wait! So glad you had a GREAT vacation! Thanks for sharing with us-boy am I hungry now! LOL

  9. Glad to see that someone else also talks to random body parts. Yesterday in yoga class, I had to tell my toes to stop flipping the fuck out. I don’t know what their problem was or why they insisted on making my foot a clenched-up, talon-like monstrosity instead of a calm, relaxed yoga foot.

  10. LOVE the boxer!!!! one of my fav dogs i own two! they are the best, loving and loyal dogs! oh and your food looked amazing haha

  11. love that you enjoyed your vacay, love that you ate, drank, slept, and gave yourself some room to do a few things you would usually do IT WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN A VACAY OTHERWISE. now…. I seriously need that sweet potato hash recipe. STAT!!! :))

  12. Juli YOU Rock! Talking with you just before Callie & getting a 101 quick lesson in Paleo foods was inspiring~Cant wait for the Cookbook:)

    The foods on this blog are beautiful and make me feel good about eating more healthy, but not feel bad about eating what I like in good food.

  13. I love LA! I will have to try Slaters! I love that you’re honest about your eating. Why not enjoy a few “cheat” meals? You’re on vacation and it’s not your full time diet anyhow. The judgmental people are most likely ashamed about themselves and their daily choices.

  14. Great job on just having a blast with WHATEVER you wanted to ingest! Just don’t be like me and make it last for months. 🙁 CA is cool with the right people for sure!

  15. You’re back!!! I’m so happy!!
    My French in-laws are coming in one week, and since you’ve been gone I’ve been panicked, wondering what the heck I’m going to cook them – your recipes are so good that no unsuspecting Frenchman would ever know they’ve gone paleo:)
    I’m a vegan gone paleo since August and your website has been such a great resource. I love your recipes, and your rants!!! Merci!!

  16. Oh man, that Christmas tree/beach picture just made me so freaking homesick for San Diego. Some days I cannot figure out why we left…

    Someday we’ll get back there…

    Glad you had a fantastic time!! And don’t worry about what people think about what you eat. In n Out and 50/50 are ALWAYS worth it. 🙂

  17. Good for you for enjoying yourself! Hey, that’s what vacation is all about!
    I was thinking about your acne (really, I don’t know why) “problem”… I was wondering what kind of products you use? Maybe you need to invest in some quality toner and moisturizer and skip the makeup for a few weeks to level out your ph. You may be slabbing shit on your face that your body doesn’t react well with (kind of like how our intestines and bellies don’t react well with chili cheese fries!). And, who the F cares what those a-holes think and judge you for. I would love a swordfish taco! RIGHT NOW! New England also sucks in Winter-time. I would like to suggest you type your products in this search EWG SKIN DEEP website and see what it tells you You can just do brands like “Neutrogena” if you want.. Or, you can be as specific as “St. Ives Apricot Scrub” And then research for better alternatives. I love Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, Salon Naturals, and Alchemilla. My face used to look a lot like yours. And I had boob-acne. And back-acne. I’m pretty clear now, minus hormone-pimples I get when “Aunt Scarlet” visits.

    Thanks for letting me post this novel on your blog.

  18. There is nothing wrong with having an occasional free day of eating especially when your on vacation. You still managed to workout as well. I say eat those tacos and beans especially if it has been awhile. I’m going go eat some homemade tamales this weekend when I go home and Im excited about it. It has been a year since I ate them.

  19. Well I’ve missed you and your website is not “dumb”. It is AWESOME. Glad you had a great time. Near Denver at all? I have friends there and might be running Colfax in May.

  20. Where can I get those sweet socks? They’re perfect for festive holiday lounging!

    Regarding the food topic, here’s what we all need to realize. For people to make the comment that one food is bad and another is good, just isn’t accurate. I know from my own battle with autoimmune disease, cystic acne and gluten intolerance, that paleo is great for me as a baseline, but experimenting with other foods was the only way for me to get my health back in control. Its ridiculous for people to judge what is good for your body becuase they’re not you and thus have no way of knowing what affects you and what doesn’t. We all also have different levels of baseline health… like grandpa who lived to be 100 and drank and smoked everyday. I know thats an extreme example, but it happens. And PS: I love your cheese fry episodes 🙂

  21. Love this post, and as someone who is just coming off of a week long vacation and definitely indulged in food, I know what you mean. Yay for detox! And double yay for the cookbook, I cannot wait for it!

  22. So glad you had so much fun…in my hood! haha. I will grant you that the Habit is pretty great, but In N Out is just better. It’s a fact. And also super glad that you can have fun and eat (sort of) whatever and be really mentally healthy about it. Only one life, right? Love it.

  23. I live in orange county, and just told my boyfriend “Oh! My friend was just in Orange County and I didn’t know!! Oh wait…well, she isn’t really my friend, I don’t know her, but I love her, I read her blog…” It was really creepy, and I thought you should know. And BEACHCOMBER is the best, glad you got to go!! Did you try the Crystal Cove Hike in the hills right behind it?

  24. Hang on. A burger thats 50% beef and 50% bacon….??

    I had buffalo burgers the other day…..(pause for inevitable “Buffalo burgers” question). Thats right, buffalo burgers. It was 50% meat from buffalo A, and 50% meat from buffalo B. I grated some goats cheese on top and ate it wrapped up in a lettuce leef….with, some mashed sweet potato on the side. That was a good day.

  25. My husband is drooling over your food porn… I love food porn, it makes me happy. But we’re in Canada for the holiday so now we must wait 3 weeks until we’re home to go and try these new eateries… Totally dreaming of that 50/50 burger…. 🙂

  26. Today was my first visit to your blog and I am in love with you…ok, so my hubby won’t appreciate that one, but geeeze it’s so nice to finally read about someone who loves Paleo AND is still human. Thank you, I’ve already written my first PaleOMG shopping list and can’t wait to try out all this great food! I will be ordering your cookbook!!

  27. Please tell me you had a bacon maple milkshake from Slaters! And the bacon vodka in a bacontini. I freaking love Slaters. And you are awesome and can eat whatever you want.

  28. I found your blog when I was searching for info on doing my first sugar cleanse. I’m looking into switching to Paleo eating when all is said and done too. By the way, I love your writing, I’m totally in love with you!! Haha, I’m straight by the way 🙂 Take care and thanks for all the good reads and eats!

  29. We’re new to Paleo, the hubster and I. Just since October. I stumbled across your blog the other day. I think I’m going to have to try all of your recipes (except seafood) and purchase that cookbook of yours.
    Glad you had fun in Cali. Disneyland is wrong, CALIFORNIA is the happiest place on earth.

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