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Are you super sick of my selfies? Don’t worry, I hate it as much as you do. But I’m not going to walk out int the middle of my hotel lobby and say, “Hey, liiiike I have this Fashion Fridays thing so liiiiiike, can you take a picture of me? No wait, just take liiiiiiike 10 and make sure to tap the screen to get it to focus. Nobody likes fuzzy pictures. Naaah mean?” No, I just can’t do that to someone. It’s rude. But wait, are selfies ruder? Is ruder even a word? I don’t know. I finally cut my face off in one of my selfies because I couldn’t stand looking at my annoying grin any longer. I know #demhaters out there are thanking me.

The first leg of my book tour for my third cookbook Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook is finally coming to an end tonight. I’ve been on the road for too long by myself. My fiancé got me a dog last year because I spent my days talking to myself while working from home alone and would bombard him with unneeded conversation when he got home like, “I took the trash out today and it smelled.” or “I drank a coconut water today. It had pieces of coconut in it. I love coconut.” or “I watched 18 Food Network shows today, want me to tell you about every episode.Okkkkkkk!” I feel like I’m back to that same point before Jackson entered my life, looking for anyone who will listen to me jabbering on about stubbing my toe while waiting in line for a rental car for 2 hours. Ok, it was an hour and a half, but that half really increases the intensity of the statement. I need human interaction again, outside of just signings.

It’s been seriously amazing getting to travel around the east coast and wherever the hell else I’ve been because I’ve met some seriously fantastic people. But it’s time to sleep in my own bed and cuddle my dog until he can’t take it anymore. I’ll honestly probably end up sleeping on the couch the first night just so I can cuddle with that little guy.

This dress I wore for my Boston book tour signing is my absolute favorite dress, maybe ever. Right after the little pink dress I wore during the summer for a wedding. I may be wearing that pink dress another time for my second book tour leg because it’s just so fun and flirty! I can’t wait to find another reason to wear this light purple dress again, it seriously makes me feel so feminine AND it’s less than $35!


DressPlatform Heels }

I spent less than 17 hours in New York, but it was one of my favorite outfits on the whole tour! I’ve had this skirt for a while, I actually bought it last year for book tour but then never used it since that tour was cut short. And as you’ve seen on my blog, I LOVE crop tops. So this combination went perfectly together. I even walked through the subway and took the train with no blisters or broken limbs or even being really uncomfortable…maybe I’m actually getting better at walking in heels.

No…no I’m not.

Top | Similar Skirt One and Two | Heels }

It was fun stopping in Pittsburgh since last year Pittsburgh was like my second home while I was creating my third cookbook Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook and living with Bill & Hayley of Primal Palate. Since they did the photography in my cookbook, I have a ton of great memories with them. This time in Pittsburgh, I explored the downtown area that I hadn’t been in before. I wandered the streets then before my signing, I headed into the town of Sewickley because I heard it had cute boutiques to shop in. What I heard was totally right, the town was absolutely adorable. I want to live there in one of the absolutely adorable houses down the street. So cute.

I stopped in a boutique called Rosewood that was so girly and I ended up finding a pair of earrings and a pair of leather shorts (that you’ll see below for my Chicago signing). And then I used her mirror as a selfie mirror. Barf. Sorry again. No other options, ok!?! This matching top and bottom has a really fun lace to it and doesn’t cling to your body like you’re trying too hard. I had only brought this green jacket with me and I was pleasantly surprised how it came together with the outfit! Seriously so glad I bought this jacket, it was well worth the $27!

Top | Skirt | Heels | Similar Jacket | Purse | Earrings }

This was my last outfit of the entire tour when I stopped in Chicago to round the trip out! I packed with me this dress because I found it last minute, but it wasn’t calling my name today so I went out shopping. Luckily, there is a mall across the street from my hotel so I didn’t even have to drive to find a store. Have you guys ever shopped at Zara? I had never heard of it and I’m so bummed we don’t have it in Colorado because I absolutely LOVE it. I picked up this top and necklace that you see below and can’t wait to wear them with more outfits! Guess I’ll just have to wear that other dress on the next leg of my book tour!


Top | Shorts | Necklace | Similar Jacket | Purse }

If you want to see any of the other outfits I wore on tour, click here to see last weeks post! Now…what to wear for the second leg of book tour?! I’ll be on the road for 20 days straight so I’m thinking I may just buy outfits along the way in cities that I’ve shopped in before!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


13 thoughts on “More Book Tour PaleOMG Fashion”

  1. As soon as I saw the mirror selfie I thought “that looks a lot like Rosewood”…kept reading, “it is Rosewood!”. Haha.
    So glad you went there. It’s an awesome store. I live out of state currently, but every time I come home I go there. They have some super cute stuff!

  2. I love that red skirt/crop top outfit! I’m going to order it but I’m not sure about the size. Does it fit true to size? I’m usually a 4 but maybe I should go a size up according to the size chart. Looks great on you btw!

  3. I love the first cutout dress. If you don’t mind me asking, what size are you wearing? I’m between two sizes I think and normally a 6. Also, LOVE the book. I have made 4 recipes so far and def plan to keep making more. Thanks and awesome work!

  4. I always look forward to your outfits!!! Quick question, your legs look FANTASTIC, did you notice you lost size to them when you changed to lifting lighter? I was always told to lift heavy for the legs I want and all I’ve noticed is that my thighs (which were already the area I carried the most body fat) became bigger! Help, lol! Thanks for always being inspirational and such a fashionista 🙂

    1. yeah they’ve gotten a lot smaller since i don’t lift as heavy. i’m glad i did those heavy lifts previously because i think it really helped me gain muscle and shape the muscle more, but i can see the muscle more now that i don’t lift. i hope that makes sense!

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