Now that this quarantine has calmed down a bit and things are starting to look just a tad more normal, we can finally get our hands on some Amazon items again! I do A LOT of my shopping on Amazon and I’m constantly finding household staples that I purchase on a regular basis. You can check out my Amazon Storefront to see all my recent favorites that I update on a regular basis! But today I thought I would share my top 5 finds on Amazon lately for each category I shop for the most – fashion, beauty, home, my little panda, and food!

First up, FASHION!! Amazon can be extremely overwhelming when it comes to searching for different wardrobe staples. You’ll find one item you love, then you have to search through hundreds of items that you hate before finding another gem. It’s kind of like shopping at a bargain store. So instead of constant searching online, I’m sharing my top 5 right here! I just ordered this short sleeve romper, I can’t get enough of this straw hat, and I’ve been wearing these strappy sandals nonstop.


Now when it comes to beauty, my absolute favorite item is this makeup remover cloth! Instead of using the makeup wipes that burn your eyes while also adding waste to the environment, these makeup remover cloths only need water to wash off your makeup and you can reuse them over and over by simply washing them! And if you’re not shaving your face by now, get on it! These razors let you dermaplane at home so your skin is silky smooth and your makeup looks its best every day!


I just found some really cool items for the home when I was doing a Amazon deep dive – I’m obviously on a marble kick. I just bought these marble and rose gold cooking utensils and I might add these marble wine tumblers to my cart next time since I love the small straws they come with and they are perfect for backyard cocktails this summer!


Since Jackson has come home from his crazy 16-day vet stay, he is spending A LOT of time indoors, just simply relaxing. So I linked both this outdoor fluffy bed (which he sunbathes in) and his indoor memory foam bed (which he sunbathes in, as well). This dog has so many bed. I also linked the two bones he loves the most and that take him forever to chew up.


Last but definitely not least – my favorite fooooood! On the list this time around, Cybele’s Lentil & Vegetable Pasta. I’ve started a bean/fiber protocol (I’ll be sharing more about that on the podcast this week) and I LOVE that this pasta has both beans AND veggies in it. It’s the only pasta I eat at this point. And I freaking love flake salt so much, so I was pretty pumped to find Maldon’s now has a Smoked Flake Salt! It has definitely made the beans I’ve been eating much tastier. Can’t wait to tell you about this experience on the podcast!


I hope these Amazon finds make online shopping just a tad easier and introduce you to some new brands you might love! If you have any Amazon favorites you’ve been loving lately, please share them in the comments! I love finding new brands to try!


This post contains some affiliate links and I may be compensated, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for all your support!

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  1. Mackenzie says:

    I’ve been hearing all about Isle of Paradise tanning products but am seeing mixed reviews on the end color, some say it’s orange some say it’s not at all ugh! Do you find this has an orange tint to it after you apply it and the color develops? I’m trying to find a good self tanner so I don’t keep laying in the sun all the time when it’s nice out!

    1. juli says:

      it didn’t look orange on my skin color!