My Experience w/ Orange Theory Fitness – Episode 41: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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Today on the podcast, I’m talking about my experience with adding Orange Theory workouts to my own workout routine and the changes I’ve seen! Plus I’m answering some of your questions about OTF!


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Episode 41 Transcription!

Today’s podcast is brought to you by Aaptiv. Aaptiv is the fitness that brings together the voice of an elite trainer, walking you step-by-step through the workout of your choice. So whether you want to do marathon training, or you want to just train for a 5K, or you want to do yoga, or spinning, or elliptical, or strength training. Whatever you want to do, Aaptiv has it on their app. And they’re constantly adding new workouts, so you can find the perfect workout for you. And you can pick for whatever time you have left in your day. So say you only have 7 minutes. They have a 7-minute workout that you can do. If you only have a couple of minutes, they even have that. Or you can push it longer, from 30 minutes to even longer than that. So you can always have a workout, no matter what your time constraint is. And since it’s on your phone you can do these workouts anywhere. Whether you’re traveling, or you’re just doing a workout in your basement, or you’re garage, or you’re living room. Or even if you’re just at the gym with your headphones in. You can do these workouts anywhere.

And right now, you can try Aaptiv out for 30 days for free. All you have to do is go to and use the promo code PaleOMG. And, when you’re on there once you sign up, you can try out my 7-day challenge. So you just go down to the bottom, to the curated playlist, open that up, and you’ll see PaleOMG. And I have an amazing challenge on there. It’s the Get Strong Challenge, where you have 7 workouts, 7 days, and 7 recipes on there. So you can cook my recipes, do my favorite workouts from the app, and get fit, and get stronger. It’s pretty awesome. So go try Aaptiv out today. It’s Aaptiv, promo code PaleOMG.

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

1. What’s going on with Juli [4:56]
2. Bachelorette recap [17:26]
3. All about Orange Theory [35:16]
4. Starting with weights or treadmill [52:27]
5. Splat points [53:25]
6. Results from Orange Theory [56:52]
7. Choosing between CrossFit and Orange Theory [59:58]
8. Getting better at running [1:02:33]
9. Orange Theory and injury [1:04:40]
10. Strength loss and weight gain [1:09:03]
11. Update on barre [1:10:15]
12. Orange Theory for beginners [1:13:32]
13. Difference in CrossFit and Orange Theory [1:15:22]
14. Heart rate monitors [1:16:25]

Juli Bauer: Hello guys. Welcome to the 41st episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. My name is Juli Bauer, if you haven’t been here before. Actually, my name is Juli Bauer Roth. I think my husband finds it kind of annoying that I still can’t get my name right. Like, the other day I’m having to sign paperwork for his 401K sh*t, and I had to print my name. Because my signature doesn’t look like anything. It looks like a ball of goo. That doesn’t make sense. So I have to print my name. But I’m on the phone with his mother, just so you know. Or maybe it was our accountant. I don’t know. I was on the phone with someone important, and yes, his mother. Ok, yes.

And so what does he have me do? He has me sign. I’m like, cool, whatever. And then he has me print my full name. So what do I do? I do my real name that I’ve had for 28 years of my life. And he; well, he’s in a mood already because he’s overworked. But he’s in a mood. So when I misspell my name, the name that I wrote out for 28 years of my life, he is so annoyed. He’s so annoyed. And I’m like; I’ll go get whiteout. Like, it’s really not a big deal. And you can tell he’s just so annoyed. Like he has to do all his paperwork over. I’m like, what the f*ck? He’s like, you’ve had that name for a year. Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve had a different name for f*cking 28 years, ok? Have you had a different name ever? Oh, no? Ok, no. Then you can go shut your mouth. Did you have to go stand at social security? No, ok you can shut your mouth. Did you have to go to the DMV? Oh, no. You can shut your mouth.

No, I didn’t say any of that stuff. Because that’s not how you have a good marriage. But I did get pissed. I was like, ok. It’s been 28 f*cking years. You know, give my spiel. And I’m like, ok. I’m sorry. I’ll get some whiteout. And he’s like, no, it’s fine. Once he stopped shatting his pants about it. I don’t really know how I got onto that; ok. Yes, I know how I got on this topic. So welcome to the podcast. I’m so grate… god I suck. I’m so happy you came. If you don’t know why you’re on this podcast, you may never know. But my name is Juli Bauer Roth, and I am the creator of Which, I feel like I should do this intro every time. But it’s a lifestyle blog, if you will. I like to concentrate on fashion, fitness, and food. Man. I need to get my sh*t together.

1. What’s going on with Juli [4:56]

OK. Let’s talk about what’s going on. Why I can’t seem to get my sh*t together. So first of all, last week if you listened to the 40th episode, I went off. I was in a big of a mood. Because I don’t think; acupuncture is supposed to release energy, and it’s releasing some sh*tty energy. And man do my traps feel better when I do acupuncture, but I’m a ball of negativity for days. And then it’s gone. So, I was in a mood from my acupuncture. And then we recently painted our house. It was a really ugly brick; all the houses in our neighborhood are 1950s. It was a really ugly brick, and we hated it. So we painted it this dark greyish-blue color. And every single one of our neighbors has complimented us. The neighbor next door. The neighbor a couple of houses down, across the street. The other way, they asked for the painter’s name. And our neighbors that our age; everybody has.

But, there is a woman who has been here since these houses were built, probably in the 1950s. Every time she sees me, she likes to tell me how she bought her house for $50,000. And she’s like, “What did you buy your house for?” I’m like, ok b*tch. Gloria. I know that you know how much I bought my house for. Because you tell me it every time. And you look up what everybody paid. You’re just a real creep. So I go on about this last episode, so I don’t need to go into full detail. But she comes up to me, and she b*tches about how we painted our house. She says it sticks out like a sore thumb. And this woman, she likes to roam the neighborhood. And she likes to wander into people’s yards. I see her do this all the time. Just yesterday, I was outside because we’re getting landscaping done. And what’s she doing? I look over, she’s just standing on the sidewalk. Just looking over at our house. Creeping so hard.

So, I watch her, and I tell our landscaping guy. I’m like, “Do not get in a conversation with her, because you will die on our property. She will literally talk to you until you die.” So, as I’m talking to the landscaper, I watch her, and she’s wandering into the neighbor’s yard. And the thing about this neighbor is he owns this house, doesn’t take care of it. It’s like falling apart. It’s like the eyesore of the neighborhood. And I don’t give a sh*t, probably because I don’t live next door to him. But he lives in another house a couple of houses down. {laughs} It’s so strange. But he owns this house, and it’s just a sh*t storm.

But she’s wandering into his yard, and into the backyard. Like, that is illegal. That’s trespassing! You can get shot for that stuff. I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts, and that is a lot of people’s alibis. Or I don’t know if it’s alibi, but it’s like, they were trespassing. They were on my property. Yeah, I could shoot them. Gloria, you’re going to get shot, man.

So anyways. I talk about this. I complain about her. I called her an old hag. I know that was out of line. I’m a young hag. I’m not quite old yet. But I’m a young hag, ok. So that just doesn’t have the best ring to it. But I called her this, and this girl on Instagram went off at me. How I was so mean, I forget what she said. But she was just saying how mean I was. So I apologized. I’m like, I’m sorry it upset you. Have a great day. And then she blocked me on Instagram. I went back later to see if she responded, and she had blocked me. {laughs} I was like, what? It’s just so strange.

So, I apologize if my truth upset anyone. She is very rude, and she’s old, and she’s haggish. I don’t really know what hag means. But I’m young and haggish. I’m calling me a young hag. I’ll be an old hag at some point. I won’t be a b*tch to my neighbors. Oh my god I shouldn’t say b*tch. That just sounds really mean. But I won’t be rude to my neighbors. Because here’s the thing. It’s their property. You know? They can do what they want. And sometimes you’ve just got to go with the flow. I know it’s hard to when you get older, but I have this friend who their parents are in their 70s. 70s. And I think it’s early 70s, maybe it’s late 60s. I don’t want to say it wrong and then if they ever hear this, I’m calling them older than they are. But that’s beside the point.

They CrossFit. They eat paleo. One of my friends, he just started to become a DJ, and his parents go to all of his shows at these sketchy ass night clubs. Just different shows that have sketchy ass people at them. And his parents go. And the mom dances like a badass chick. You know why? Because she went with the flow. And she’s cute as can be. And she’s f*cking crossfitting, and she’s being a bad ass. I’m going to be like that when I’m older. I don’t want to be the person who stands out in the middle of the road judging other people’s lawns. OK? So I’m sorry if I upset anybody. But I’m not sorry. I know that’s rude, but I’m just not sorry.

Ok, moving on. So this is the other drama going on in our neighborhood. I’ve told you guys; I don’t know where I talked about it before. Probably on Snapchat when I used to do Snapchat. I just don’t get on Snapchat anymore. I don’t even check Kaitlyn Bristow’s Snapchat, because there are just too many social media outlets, and I feel overwhelmed by it. By the way, you should totally listen to Kaitlyn Bristow’s Off the Vine, if you like Bachelor stuff. Or just a funny b*tch. She’s freaking hilarious.

So, I am outside. No, I was driving up, about to turn in my driveway, and I see the neighbor kid that I’ve talked about on Snapchat do a little drug deal. So here’s the thing about the neighbor. I mean, literally, our neighborhood reeks like weed all the time. Because they smoke so much weed. I think there are three kids who lives in this house, the youngest being probably 14 or 15. But I think they all live at home still, even if they’re over 18. And the youngest one is just going through a phase. I mean, I’ve been there. I’ve been there. I’ve been up to no good. And he’s a little dick.

So, a package went missing once, of course I blame it on him. I have no idea if he stole the package. But I just guessed, because I trust no one. And he’s home all the time. Especially now that the summer is going, he’s home all the time. And one day I was taking out the trash at 6:30 in the morning. Think about when you were aged 15. It’s 6:30 in the morning. I’m in my pajamas, wheeling out the trash. And something catches the side of my eye, and it’s this neighbor kid; 13-15, whatever age he is. And we have this planter in front of our house that’s kind of attached to our house. It’s hard to explain. But it’s like a big, long planter. And he’s sitting on it, in our yard, smoking a bowl. And as soon as he sees me; I wave to him, and then he shoots over into his yard. Like, ok.

So he’s obviously trying to hide that he’s smoking weed from his parents. Which I see his dad smoking weed all the time. While he’s driving. Unless you smoke your tobacco out of a pipe. Whatever. So he runs into the yard. And then Jackson; we have this bush that fits between both of our yards. And the landscapers just cut it super far back, because it kind of overtakes our yard. So we have to just cut it down, because it’s not our bush. I always see the kid run into that bush, and grab something. And Jackson will always go to that bush and try to go deep inside of it to get something. So I feel like he hides his stash in there. Whatever.

So I’m driving up the other day, turning up into my driveway, and I see him pass money to a guy driving. The other guy hands him a bag. They switch, and the car drives off. It’s just like, super fast. The car is not even really stopping. Super fast transaction. So I just don’t think much of it. I am not like a person who fears drugs, by any means. And I don’t give a sh*t. Colorado is legal weed at this point. I don’t give a sh*t what kind of drugs you’re doing. But if you’re bringing sketchiness into the neighborhood; when I bought this f*cking house. Ugh. I’m not into it.

So then I’m talking to our other neighbor just today as I was taking Jackson out for a walk, and she was like, “I just want to let you know that I think I saw a drug deal go down.” And I was like, what the! I did too! So this is obviously happening on a regular basis. And I literally trust no one. No one. I trust my husband at this point, but still. Arm’s length. No, I trust Jackson. I’m kidding you guys, stop jumping to conclusions. So, now I feel like; I feel like I need to get some cameras outside. I don’t want to be like Gloria, down the street. But people can paint their house whatever color they want to do. If they’re dealing drugs and bringing sketchy ass people in the neighborhood, you’ve got to keep your eye out a little bit more. Right? Sketchy.

I mean, drug deals; literally, the last place we lived in downtown Denver, my husband and I before we moved into our house, we were pretty much in the heart of downtown Denver in a neighborhood called Uptown. And I would drive to our apartment, and I’d be stopped at a stoplight, and I would see people sharing needles. So I’ve seen a lot of sh*t. And I don’t give a sh*t about weed. But. Weed is legal. Why would need to do a drug deal? I guess because he’s like 15. But don’t you have people who would buy that for you? I don’t know. It just seems super sketchy. So that’s what’s going down.

Don’t you think Gloria should be paying attention to that? She’s like paying attention to what color I’m painting my house, but she’s not paying attention to the drug deals that are going down pretty close to her house. I don’t know. I don’t know, guys. That’s what I say. So that’s what’s going down here.

We have lived in our house for 2 years, and we’re finally getting landscaping done. Because I don’t know if you know this, but landscaping is super f*cking expensive. Dammit. I’m recording on my phone, and the phone started ringing and cut me off. So, ok. Apologize for that. I don’t know who calls me on a Friday. But the landscaping is very expensive. So then you have to save all your money to be able to do anything. You don’t want to be the ugly house on the block. So anyways, we finally saved enough. We have our landscaping starting. I’m so pumped about it, so we can be a cool house in the neighborhood. Just a guy stopped me on our walk today. He lives two houses down, and I really want his garage door. And he said, “I love what you did to your house.” And I said, “I really want your garage door.” And he said, “Don’t copy me.” But I might. And then our dogs tried to attack each other. It was quite lovely.

2. Bachelorette recap [17:26]

Anywho. Let’s talk about what’s been going on in the world. AKA, on the Bachelorette. Let’s do a little recap. I honestly don’t know if I can remember everything. Because it was two nights. Two. And I literally have already blacked out the second episode. Because I did a recap on my blog of the first episode; but you’re going to give me 4 hours of the Bachelorette where nothing happens. It’s like, I wonder how they pick what stuff they air. Because so much happens on this show, and then they spend 45 minutes out of 2 hours concentrating on Lee and Kenny staring at each other. Think about all the stuff they missed in between that would have been funny. Put some flair in there. Put some humor. They do one blooper at the end; people love the bloopers, obviously. That’s why they give you bloopers at the end of the entire season. So why not throw a little bit of humor in there, you know?

Anyways. Let’s talk about; I literally blacked out the second episode. But we’ll talk about the first episode. Hopefully this sparks some memory. Ok. So they’re in Hilton Head. Which I really want to go to Hilton Head. I’ve talked about this 20 times now. And I love; I’ve always wanted to go to Hilton Head, so I’m really jealous. So they start up, this is where Kenny and Lee really start their feud. So Kenny is the wrestler. He’s bad panda, smushy head. I don’t know what his name is called. I forget. But he is fighting with Lee. Lee is the tiny guy with the huge hair, and he’s the racist. So yeah, of course it’s going to happen.

Whatever. They have some sort of fight, and Kenny keeps calling Lee a snake. And he’s like, “He’s just a snake, a snake. And he’s a snake. And he’s a snake. And he’s a snake. And all snaking around, and he snakes. And then he snakes. And you know how those snaky snakes.” I’m like, stop saying f*cking snake. I can’t do it. But of course, Lee makes it through. Because the producers are like, keep Lee once more. We need to do the two on one, and we don’t have anybody else for the two on one.

So then; ok, this is the best. Jack Stone. Sorry, I have to move if this sounds weird. I’ve got give Jackson his little blanket to lay on in the front door, because he likes to lie in the sun. Ok, so Jack Stone. Mr. Jack Stone. This guy. This poor guy is such a cutie, and he’s so awkward on camera. And the editors did not do him any favors. So Jack Stone and Rachel go on their one on one date, and they go shuck oysters. And they’re dunking it; balls deep in it. Deep throating it, if you will. Sorry if that was too visual. But they’re deep-throating oysters. I don’t know. If it were me, I’d be like, “Hey, this is our first date. Let’s not go eat oysters.” But, to each their own. The producers were trying to sabotage this from the beginning.

So they’re sucking down goo. And Jack Stone is trying to go in for the first kiss, but he’s kind of saying that he might be sick. And she’s like, “Ok, I don’t want you to be sick.” And it’s like, this poor guy. He has such blinders on. He keeps trying to kiss her, and her body language is just like, “Get away from me.” And he’s just so cute. But this poor guy. He tilts his head down, like chin tucked like this. You can hear it. You know what I’m doing. And then he looks out of the top of his eyes. Ok, can you picture me right now? Ok. So that’s what he does. And he looks like a serial killer, for sure. But like a serial killer with really, really nice veneers. So you’re like, ok maybe I can trust him. Maybe he won’t kill me. It’s his MO, but maybe he won’t kill me. I’m different.

So he tries to keep kissing her. She’s not into it. And then they go in for dinner. They had a really good looking burger. I was like, damn they went all out on this fake food today. They had a burger with gigantic fries. I was really f*cking jealous. So anyway, Rachel does her significant move. Which she needs to be slapped in the face, because this is a dick move. And she’s a cool, she seems like a cool level-headed person. And what does she do? She takes the rose. Just like she did with the guy that she went to summer camp with. She takes the rose, and Jack gets his hopes up, and he lifts his chin, and he’s just proud. And she’s like, I’m just not into you. And poor Jack Stone, who could not stop smiling the whole date. Because he’s like, “I could see myself marrying her.” And he just sucked down oysters, so he has the aphrodisiacs just burning through him. And she’s like, yeah, no.

So this guy, who could not stop talking the entire date, finally falls silent. And Rachel’s waiting for something, and he just doesn’t say anything. So Rachel’s like, yeah I don’t know what else to say. Can I walk you out? Walks him out. He leaves. And then honestly, does he say anything? I have to yawn. Oh my god. I’m even standing right now. So he doesn’t say anything in the car. Not that I remember. You know, I blacked out most of this. But, this guy who was the creepiest creep, serial killer creep looking, he finally looks really cute. It’s very strange.

So I just want to let you know a reader wrote onto blog, and was like, I went to high school with Jack Stone. She’s like, I always had a crush on him. But he looked so creepy on the show. I just had to add that in there, because I thought that was a fun fact.

Ok, let’s see what else happens. So Rachel skips happy hour. Or {laughs} happy hour. Cocktail hour. And she moves on to kicking off Iggy. Which, Iggy. Hold on, I have to drink water. My face broke out this week because I haven’t been drinking any water, and I’m so dehydrated. No more zits! Ok, so she kicks off Iggy. That’s the guy who looks like a sumo wrestler. If you listen to the podcast the Rose Pricks, they call him Moana, {laughs} and I die laughing every time they call him Moana. He looks like Moana. Oh my gosh, you can’t listen to this huh, because you’re yawning. You have to leave. I have so many people leave because of it. It’s a very big problem.

Ok, so Moana gets kicked off. I stole that from the Rose Pricks. And Tickle Monster. And it’s too bad. Did you know Tickle Monster is a doctor? What the f*ck? So he gets kicked off, and he tickles her. I just love him. I just love that he got the name Tickle Monster, when he’s a doctor. Whatever.

Ok, they’re like, “We’re going to Norway!” I’ve personally never wanted to go to Norway because it’s cold. So when they’re like, “We’re going to Norway!” I’m like, what a sh*t thing. So, ok. Let’s see what else happens. Ok, so she goes on a date with Bryan with a “Y”, which I hate that spelling. {laughs} I just hate everything. Because my husband’s name is Brian with an “I” and I think that’s just the way you should spell it. Bryan. Ok, so they go on some date where they go up a ski jump. And I’m pretty sure it was called Helen Colon. Like, Hello Colon. It had something with a Colon at the end. And it would look like an ice luge. I’m like; that’s a weird way to put it, but whatever.

So they go up on the top of this ski jump, and then they; I forget what it’s called. But when you take a rope all the way down. You’re just like, f*cking hanging. And they’re hanging off the ground, pulling themselves down the rope. I forget what it’s called. I know you’re telling me, but I’m not listening. So, they’re going down, and Bryan’s like, “Let’s kiss!” You’re like, dude. I’m literally pissing my pants right now, and you want to make out? Oh, do you want to see that I just took a dump because I’m so scared? Yeah, let’s make out. That’s totally hot. So they make out.

And that’s literally all they do on all their dates. Is just make out. They like to make out all the time. More power to them. And what does Bryan do? He says, “I’m falling in love with you.” Surprise, surprise, he gets a rose. He knows how to play this game.

Ok, so next they go on this group date in Norway and they play the Norway sport of handball. It’s like a mix of 47 sports. They’re like, it’s a mix of basketball, football, soccer, volleyball. It’s a mix of all sports. And they’re wearing wrestling spandex. Like, little onesies. Jumpsuits. I don’t know what they’re called. It’s just really obnoxious. But, Dean comes out in his jockstrap on the outside, and I love him for that. What a little gem.

So they play these sports, and it’s just super boring, and I hate all of it. And then, let’s see. Josiah starts to get super cocky, and he talks like this. “I. Am. Super. Into you. And I. Know. That you. Are super into me.” He talks with these long pauses that are so unneeded. And he’s very intelligent, and very articulate, and he just does these stupid pauses. And he’s like, “She’s going to marry me. She’s so in love with me.” And then he flexes his boobs. Because he thinks he has the best man breasts of all time.

Ok, so they have this group date now. They’re all hanging out in a house, like their normal cocktail hour hangout, go hangout with Rachel alone. And so her and Peter go off, and Peter is my favorite. I have a feeling that Peter doesn’t win, and he becomes the next Bachelor. I have 100% no idea if that’s true, because I don’t read that stuff. But yeah. That’s what I think happens. So anyways, she’s super into Peter. She’s like, “Why aren’t you kissing me?” And he’s like, “Ok, I’ll kiss you.” And then she’s like, “Do you want to go in the hot tub?” It’s like, ok. And this is a group date going on. They’re not on a one on one date. They’re on a group date, and she’s like, “Let’s go in the hot tub.” And they are banging it out in this hot tub. She is grinding up on it. No holding back. Her poor judge of a father. He’s like a federal judge or something is just rolling in his grave. He’s not dead, but he’s rolling in his grave. Because he died watching it. Oh man. She was humping the sh*t out of Peter.

So they go back. They dry off. They’re like, oh, let’s redo our hair. And they go back to the group, and the guys like, you’ve been gone for 3 hours. 3 hours? How pissed would you be? You’re just sitting in a roomful of dudes. And he’s banging one out. Yeah. That’s so awkward, right? Go you, Rachel.

Ok, so the end, they have the two on one date with Lee and Kenny, surprise, surprise. And Lee lies. They’re just tattle telling on each other; just being little b*tches. And Lee lies and says that Kenny pushed him out of a car or some bullsh*t. And Lee says, “I’ll pray for you.” I hate when people do that sh*t. Do not use religion in a f*cked up way. So you’re being an asshole, and you’re like, “I’ll pray for you.” And you call yourself a good Christian boy? You’re a dick. You know that. I just hope Lee gets pooped on by a hawk. Those poops have to be really big, right?

So whatever. They have this feud. And then Kenny’s like {laughs} so he finds out Lee lied, and he walks back over to Lee, I’ll call Lee her. And he’s like, “Oh god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh. My. God.” And then he just starts laughing. And he’s like {laughs}. Like, ok. Kenny; you’ve f*cking lost it. You need to go back home to your daughter, because you have f*cking lost it. The show ends where it looks like Kenny is going to punch his face in. And then there’s a preview, and Lee; god I can’t get these names right. Kenny has his face bashed in. Whatever, whatever. Nothing happens.

So the next episode starts. She kicks off Lee; surprise, surprise. And goes back in the helicopter to leave Lee on a deserted Norway island, wherever the f*ck they are. The normal head out that they do. And Kenny’s like, wait, I’ve got to go talk to him. {laughs} It’s like, you’re literally in a helicopter about to leave with a chick, and you’re like, nope. I’ve got to go talk to this Lee kid. Ok. You’re the worst. So he goes over, and says oh my god more. And yells at him. And it’s really dumb.

So, then, I don’t know what else they do. God, I can’t remember any of the dates. They had this one date where they had to be Vikings, and that’s where Kenny gets his eye cut. And then Adam, maybe, gets his eye cute. And then this guy Matt is still there. You know what I’m talking about? Like, who is this guy Matt? He hasn’t got any sort of dates. But he’s just still there. And he still gets featured. I’m like, who are you? It’s so strange. I literally can’t remember anything else that happened. Viking date.

Oh, yeah. She goes on a one on one date with Eric, and Eric becomes a child, and just can’t stop talking. Like, freaking Rachel pulls up in a boat, and Eric’s like, “Am I going with you? Am I coming in? Am I getting out? Am I going in? Am I coming out? Am I getting in? Am I getting out? Am I getting in? Do you want me to get in? You want me to get in?” And she’s trying to say no, but he’s just like, “Eh, you want me to get in, you want, yeah, yeah, yeah, eh?” I hate. I don’t. I shouldn’t say I hate Eric, but not into him. But they’re super into each other.

I don’t really know what else happens. But I still think it’s going to be between Bryan and Peter. That’s all I know. And I think it’s going to be Bryan, and I think Peter is going to be the next Bachelor. Because I personally don’t want to date a guy with cheek injections. I don’t know if a lot of women do. I don’t know. I’m saying Bryan has cheek injections. I want cheek injections, for sure. But I don’t want to date a guy with them.

3. All about Orange Theory [35:16]

Ok, that’s that. That’s all I have to say about that. Ok, is that cool? Is that cool with you? Ok. Let’s have a water break. I feel like this is really loud; my water bottle is really loud. So, today I was at my Orange Theory class. I’m running at a push pace. It’s 3 minutes a push, so you have a lot of f*cking time to think about things. And I’m like, what am I going to talk about on my podcast today? I have no idea. And there, I’m doing it. That’s exactly what I’ll talk about. Is Orange Theory. Because I get a lot of questions now that I’ve been doing Orange Theory more often. So I thought I would share my experience, and what it’s been like. And what I think about it. And I asked on Instagram for people to ask some questions if they had any. So I thought I’d answer a couple of those questions. And that would be that.

So, let’s chat. Let’s talk about Orange Theory. Ok. So Orange Theory is heart rate monitored fitness, if you will. It is; well, ok. I’m going to start from the beginning. How I kind of got into it. I was on book tour with my friend Vanessa from She also has a cookbook. We were going on book tour together. And she was super into Orange Theory, and she was not into CrossFit. So she was like, “When we go on our book tour, can we go to Orange Theory classes. I don’t like CrossFit right now.” And I was like, sure whatever. I don’t give a sh*t.

So we go to Orange Theory, and they hook me up with a heart rate monitor. They kind of walk me through what’s going to happen. When you’re in a class, every class is a little bit different. You might have a 1 group, you might have a 2 group, and you might have a 3 group. So 1 group would just be you’re all moving together. 2 group is half are on the floor, half are on the treadmills or the rowers and then you switch. And 3 group kind of switches station to station. So treadmills, rowers, and floor.

So they hook me up to a heart rate monitor, explain how it kind of goes down, and then they explain the screen. So when you have your heart rate monitor on, up on the screen it has a breakdown of what your heart rate is at that time, and it has calories, it has these things called splat points, and beats per minute, maybe. I forget what else. So you can look up at the screen at any point, or the coaches can as well, and see what your breakdown is. What zone you’re in. And they’ll kind of tell you; ok, you need to get out of that red zone. Or you need to get into the green zone. And it’s like blue zone is just kind of walking pace; I’m just generally speaking right now. So blue is kind of walking, green is going to be that you’ve picked it up a little bit more, kind of a base pace. Yellow is pushing it, or maybe it’s orange. Sorry, orange. And then red is your all-out sprint.

So, on the screen of your treadmill, it has what a base pace should look like, what a push pace should look like, and what all-out should look like. So you kind of have to gauge it the first time you go in. They’ll explain stuff to you, but you have to kind of figure out what a good base pace is for you. And it takes a little bit, you know? So I started my base pace off at 6 miles per hour, I think that’s what it is; 6. And then over time, sometimes I’ll be at a 6, sometimes I’ll be anywhere from 6 to 6.5 for my base pace. Let’s take a breath, ok.

So I’ll be there at 6 to 6.5 for my base pace. And this is a pace that I could have a conversation with someone. I feel comfortable in it, and I can recover during this pace. And then push pace for me is from 7 to 7.5. that’s a good push pace for me. And then all out sprint is 10 to 10.5. I feel like it took me some time to work up the courage to get to that 10 to 10.5. that was a scary number for me. But now I feel comfortable going to that, even at a 1-minute all-out pace, I’ll get to 10 and I know many people who are way over that. But that’s my comfortable, 10 to 10.5 for all-out pace.

So how the class is set up. You have your heart rate monitor on, you have the screen on, so you can check where you’re at. And a coach is walking you through everything. So we’ll just say we have a 2 group. So half of the people are on a treadmill, and half of the people are on the floor. So they’ll say, ok treadmills get into base pace. Get your heart rate up. And then they’ll go explain on the floor, on the weight section, what they’re going to do. And they have a screen up, as well, that goes through the movements. So say you’re doing biceps curls, push press, and burpees. It’s going to have that on the screen. But the coach goes through that, and goes over however many repetitions you should be doing, and how long it’s going to be.

After she explains that, and you get started, she goes back to the treadmills, and she’s like, ok we’re going to go into 3-minute push pace. You turn up your treadmills, 3 minutes here. And she walks you through everything. She or he. So today, we had a 3-minute push pace, 1-minute base, 90-sec push pace, 1-minute all out. Something like that. And they’re usually kind of broken down into different sets. So say you have that; after your sprint you’re going to walk it out for a minute or so. And then you’re going to get into that second set, and that’s when the floor changes over to their next movements, and she gets them started in their next movements. She comes back to you and tells you exactly what you’re going to do.

Sometimes the treadmills are paired with the rowers, so you might be doing treadmill to rower. The weights might be moving onto the rowers. Every day is totally different. All Orange Theory’s around the country do the same workout, as far as I know. I know sometimes the set ups are different, because they have different set ups for 1 group, 2 group, or 3 group. But the workouts are exactly the same. On my blog, on, I have a weekly workouts post every Monday. And I actually like the workouts. So there’s an Orange Theory forum, and someone puts the workouts up that go live every day. So if you ever wanted to look what they look like, I link those workouts. The ones I did. So you can kind of see it.

So yeah. It’s an hour-long class. And you’re pretty much constantly moving the entire time, unless she’s explaining something to you. But you’re constantly moving. And it sends you a breakdown every class, as soon as you finish the class. It breaks down your calories, your splat points, your average beats per minute. And what the splat points are are the time that you’re in the orange and red zone. So that’s you’re push pace and your all-out sprint. And they say that the goal is to get 12 minutes in that orange zone. And if you get 12 minutes, they say you’re going to have this afterburn effect for the next 12 hours that you’re going to be burning more calories than you would if you didn’t get there. Something along those lines.

For me, I get way more splat points than that. I feel like my heart rate is in that orange and red zone a lot of the time. So I’ll kind of talk about that in a second. But I did these Orange Theory workouts while I was on book tour. And I probably did like 6 of them, 6 or more. And then I didn’t do them again for maybe a year, year and a half. Probably a good year. Jackson, do not bark. What a dick.

So I did these workouts for 7 or so classes. Didn’t do it again for a year, or a year and a half, or whatever. And then I was just doing CrossFit 5 days a week. Because that’s what I had been doing Orange Theory, too. Just that CrossFit. So I went back to that. And I just got a little bored. I wasn’t into the programming at our gym. And I wasn’t into some of the drama going down. Drama for your mama. So I was like, you know, there’s an Orange Theory really close to me. I love those workouts. And they have a little bit more convenient time. At our CrossFit gym, we have 6, 7, and 9 a.m. classes. And this Orange Theory has 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30. All back to back. So I can go at 8 a.m. instead of 7 or 9. 7 is too early, 9 is too late. And my CrossFit gym is farther away. The Orange Theory is literally 5 minutes away, so it’s so easy to get to.

So I just wanted something different. I was getting bored at the gym. I wanted longer workouts, because I like some of those longer workouts. And we were doing a lift and then an 8-minute sprint. And I don’t think that’s bad, by any means. But I just like having something different. I want to spice it up. I don’t want to just do 8-minute sprints all day, every day, and that’s what it was feeling like with the programming at my CrossFit gym.

So I joined Orange Theory. And I have the pack that’s 2 classes a week. So I do 3 CrossFit workouts and 2 Orange Theory workouts. And I just love the longer workouts. And I love the breakdown that you get. It tells you all your breakdown. And it gives you a breakdown of how many calories you’ve burned in the year that you’ve been doing Orange Theory. All the year classes you’ve done. I think that’s really cool. I’m not a calorie counter. I don’t give a sh*t about calories. But I like having that number, because calories or splat points or some kind of number on there that you’re like, ok how did it compare to another day? Because for the longest time with CrossFit I had this goal of, ok I want to get a new one-rep max. Or I want to beat this time from last time. But I don’t give a sh*t about that stuff anymore. So it’s kind of fun to have some sort of goal nowadays. Or just number to work towards in a class. And that’s what I kind of do.

On average I burn 650 to 700 calories per hour in Orange Theory, so that’s kind of the number that I go for. That’s what I’m trying to aim for every time. I have no idea if it’s accurate. 100% no idea. I have never really trusted heart rates or any of those watches. They can tell you all the want, but how do you know they’re right? You don’t. You just guess. And people always ask me, “Do you know if those numbers are accurate?” I’m like, I have no f*cking idea. But I don’t know if I wore a watch if it was accurate, either.

And someone told me that the Orange Theory heart rate monitors are one of the best heart rate monitors out there. They have the best system. I don’t know if that’s true either. So I don’t know. But I don’t really care. It just gives me some sort of number to work towards every class. And that’s what kind of keeps pushing me through a class. And I like looking up at the board and seeing how many splat points I’ve burned compared to other people. That’s just the competitor in me, I guess. Because when I was a competitive crossfitter, I always was keeping an eye on the person next to me. And I still do that in classes, in certain workouts. Some workouts I’m like, “I can’t stay with this person.” But other times I’m like, “Ok, stay with them. You can stay with them.” And I keep an eye on them. And I do that same thing with splat points. I’m like, ok, you can get there. But I don’t know if they’re accurate at all.

So I’ve really loved going to those classes. What’s kind of nice is when I go to my CrossFit gym; I’ve been at this CrossFit gym for 6 years. I coach there. I know everyone there. And I want them to feel welcome every time they’re in there, so I talk to people. And I’m having conversations. I usually get there early. I’m staying there after class. Because these are my friends. And most people who were at my wedding were gym members. These are my close friends. And it’s so nice when I just need a workout and I need to go, to go into Orange Theory, not talk to anyone, get my workout in, and leave. And not have any conversations. I’ll say hi to the coaches. I’m super friendly. But I just don’t have these relationships that I have with CrossFit. And that’s really nice for me sometimes when I literally need to get out the door and need to get back to work and get my sh*t done. So I like that.

But, that is I think a negative. And I don’t know what all Orange Theory’s are like. But CrossFit has the community. It has the comradery. It has the friendship. And that’s how every CrossFit I’ve ever been to has always been. Especially my gym. Everyone is friends. Everyone goes out. It’s amazing. And you don’t get that with Orange Theory, that I have seen. Because they’re just short classes. You don’t really hang out. There’s not much space to hang out afterwards. So yeah. But I know my gym does a lot, my Orange Theory gym does a lot of, I think they climbed the incline recently. They have running clubs. They have brunch and workouts together. They do fitness on the rocks at Red Rocks together. So I know they do stuff, and try to create a community. And I probably just don’t involve myself in it. So I could be talking out my ass at this point. And I’ve been in my CrossFit community for so long, so I just really am close to all those people. But that’s the downside, I think, is you don’t have quite the community as you get with CrossFit.

For results-wise, physically, I think my body has done well with Orange Theory. I need to make sure that sometimes I’m not in the red zone too long, because I can get there sometimes too long, depending on the workout. And that red zone, that heart rate where your heart is about to explode, you just don’t need to be there for a long time, and sometimes I can push it for too long. And I did that same thing with CrossFit too often, and I think that can really hurt the body more than it can help the body sometimes. And that’s when I was falling into having a ton of health issues, because I was keeping the body almost in this fight or flight mode for so long. And the body just goes into adrenal fatigue from there.

So yeah. That’s the experience I’ve had. My body takes well to it when I’m not crazy over-doing it. But I think my body has physically changed a little bit more. I think my legs have changed a little bit more since I’ve been doing Orange Theory. But it’s hard to know sometimes. Because I’ve also been a little bit better with not overdoing it on sugar lately. And sugar is huge. As soon as you cut out sugar, you can see the difference in your body, I think, for most people. So it’s hard to know what key factors are playing a key into body changes.

But I’ve loved the 3 days of CrossFit, 2 days of Orange Theory. That’s worked really well for me. And I have 2 days off in between. I take Thursdays off, and I take Sundays off. And that schedule has really, really worked for my body. And I love it. So that’s kind of the breakdown of Orange Theory versus CrossFit.

4. Starting with weights or treadmill [52:27]

So I wanted to answer some questions. I asked people to ask questions on my Instagram, and it was kind of short notice. So I apologize if you ask a question and I don’t answer it. It’s probably because I already recorded this podcast. So feel free to leave a question on this blog post talking about this podcast.

Ok, so it’s Jenna. That’s her name. Says, “Do you prefer to start on the treadmill or weights and why?” So I prefer, I always start on the treadmill. And when they’re like, “Can someone move to the rower?” I don’t f*cking budge. {laughs} But I think I need to get my heart rate up right away to be able to keep that heart rate high, and steady, the entire time. If I start on the weights, I have a harder time getting my heart rate up depending on what the weight section is. If it’s not these full body movements, it’s just a little bit harder to get that heart rate up. So I always start on the treadmill because I want to be able to keep my heart rate higher the entire time. That’s why.

5. Splat points [53:25]

Ander Beth. I think that’s what it was. “What do you think about splat points claim where you burn a certain extra amount of calories over the next 12 hours? How does this differ from CrossFit?” You know, I have no idea if these facts that they’re giving out are true. No matter what, if you are working out and you are lifting weights, you are going to continuously burn calories throughout the day versus a person who is completely sedentary and not doing anything. If you’re lifting weights, you’re boosting that metabolism and you’re going to burn more calories long-term. So, it’s definitely true. I don’t know about this certain number of splat points. I don’t know what their magic number is. And how they’ve chosen that, because I don’t care enough to look into it. But if you’re lifting weights, and you’re working cardio as well, you’re going to burn more calories long-term.

It’s the same thing with CrossFit. And depending on your gym; every CrossFit gym programs differently. But at our gym we’re always lifting weights. We’re always doing some sort of lifting or gymnastics. And then we’re always doing some sort of cardio. And people are always like, “Don’t you not do cardio in CrossFit?” And I think people think of cardio as running on the treadmill. On the elliptical. On the bike. But when you are, say you’re doing a workout that has power cleans, and then running, and then handstand pushups. All of that is cardiovascular. It’s not like you’re not using your lungs and are pushing yourselves. You’re still getting cardio in there. You’re just not thinking of that as cardio because you’re not just running on a treadmill. Or not doing just cardiovascular things, if that makes sense.

So, CrossFit and Orange Theory are different, but they have many similar things. What I like about doing both is when you go into CrossFit, you have a barbell. And most gyms that I’ve been to, at least, most gyms are very barbell involved. So you’re doing Olympic lifts. You’re doing front squats, back squats, overhead squats. Deadlift. You’re doing a lot of movements with the barbell. And since the barbell is either 35 or 45 pounds most of the time, you’re going to put, if you’re deadlifting. Just 125. Maybe not even that much. Just average 125, and you’re doing that in a workout. If you’re in Orange Theory, and you have deadlifts. It’s not as possible to do 125-pound deadlift with dumbbells. They don’t have barbells in there. They have dumbbells.

So you’re getting much more strength, and pushing yourself in a different way in CrossFit than you would with Orange Theory. So I really take Orange Theory, the opportunity to pull back on my weights, go lighter, go a little bit faster. And yeah. They’re just two different things, but very similar concepts at the same time. I hope that makes sense. But no matter what, if you are lifting and if you are pushing your body in the gym, you’re going to burn calories long-term. Because you’re increasing that metabolism with this muscle that you’re building.

6. Results from Orange Theory [56:52]

Kaylin. “What results should I expect from this type of workout? Fat loss? Strength? Endurance? Any tips for loosening up my calves?” It sounds like she has some issues with running on the treadmill. And actually right now I’m stretching out my calves, because that made me think of mine, as well. Mine were tightening up, for sure.

So I think you can expect all kinds of different things from Orange Theory. It depends what you put into it. So a lot of times, in Orange Theory. And I see this because I see two different gyms. I see CrossFit, where we are often pushing the women. I only push the women how far they want to go, but I’m pushing a woman to do 85-pound push jerks in a workout, because I know she physically can. And Orange Theory you don’t really see that with many coaches. They’re not pushing women or men to do more weight. I have seen one coach, she’s the manager of that gym. I have seen her do that. But not many people are pushing people to do heavier weights. So it’s a little bit harder to get more into the strength portion. You can totally get stronger, but not to the same degree that you can in other sports, such as CrossFit or Olympic lifting. That sort of thing.

I think you can definitely expect to lose some weight depending what size you are and how hard you’re working in the gym and what your diet is, most importantly. Most importantly. Fat loss comes from 80% diet, I think, personally. But endurance as well. A couple of people have mentioned at my CrossFit gym that my endurance has increased. Probably because of the Orange Theory classes that I’m doing. Because there was a workout that had running, bike on the airdyne, and burpees.

And, anyway. I beat everybody in the class by a good amount, because probably that endurance that I’ve built up from Orange Theory that those crossfitters aren’t getting on a regular basis. Because with Orange Theory, usually when I’m on the treadmill, depending on what day it is, I’ll run 3 to 4 miles. And in CrossFit, I would never run 3 to 4 miles. The most we ever run is 2 miles when we do the workout Murph on Memorial Day. So you can get all kinds of different outcomes, it just depends what you put into it.

Oh, and loosening up your calves. Definitely rolling them out on a roller. Make sure your rolling side to side, not just with the length of the muscle. Move side to side on a roller. Get a lacrosse ball, and you can really dig it into parts of your calf to loosen it up. So towards the back of the knee, so towards the crease of your leg, if that makes sense. And then towards the ankle, as well, making sure you’re rolling out the ankle and Achilles. And that should help for sure. Yeah.

7. Choosing between CrossFit and Orange Theory [59:58]

Ok, let’s see other questions. This is from Theogauzy. I don’t know what it’s called. “How many times a week is too many times? I guess the big question is, if I can only afford one; CrossFit or Orange Theory, and my fitness goals are to be lean, long, and to look good naked, what’s the better choice long-term? I often have felt like I bulk up when I do CrossFit, but I love the constant surprises in the gym. Orange Theory only might bore the poo out of me.”

That’s a hard one. Deciding on a gym is very hard. I’m very lucky that I still coach, so I have a free gym membership for CrossFit, and then just pay for my Orange Theory membership. Because that would be hard to choose, for sure. And the thing is, you have to do what works for your body type. So, I have been 30 pounds heavier when I’ve done CrossFit, and I’ve been 30 pounds lighter. So it really depends on first of all, my diet. And how heavy I’m pushing it in certain workouts.

So I think you have to do what’s best for your body. I can’t tell you that answer, honestly. And with how many times is too many times; I personally think everybody should get 2 days off a week. You’re not doing your active rest days, but you’re literally just letting your body repair. Maybe you walk the dogs. But let your body repair. All of us, especially in the fitness community, are like, if you’re not doing more of it it’s not worth doing. Bodies need to repair, and I’ve seen the best results when I have taken more rest days. So adding in; I used to not rest at all. I used to do, my active rest days were running 5 miles. And now I don’t do anything. And when I did that, my muscles started to change. They started to become more shapely. So I think 5 days is a good number, but everybody is different, as well. But that’s kind of what has worked for me.

But I can’t pick what gym is best for you. You have to choose. And you can always switch. If you go into Orange Theory, and you’re like; “Ok, I can’t just do this.” You can go back to CrossFit. And vice versa. So, that’s what I kind of think.

8. Getting better at running [1:02:33]

Ok. This one is from Carrie. “Do you have an advice on getting better mentally at running? I love Orange Theory because it forces me to face my fears about running, but I find myself getting nervous before workouts. Which I guess is a good thing in some ways.”

So, just so you know, I get nervous before every CrossFit workout. And I’ve done CrossFit for 7 years, and I still get nervous. And I think that’s a good thing. If you’re not getting nervous about how hard you’re going to work, you’re probably not working hard enough. So I think that fear is normal. And if you’re not letting that fear freeze you up, and you’re still going after it. Then f*ck yeah. Who cares about fears?

So, with running. For me, and I actually saw this. Somebody left a comment, and I was just listening to this podcast today. Joy and Claire on Girls Gone WOD, they talk about it in their podcast. Joy talks about how she heard somebody say that it’s a mental game. It’s a breathing game more than anything. And that’s what I think is most important. As soon as you let your breathing get all over the place, that’s when you can’t breathe and you think about how tired you are, and you’re just stumbling over everything. So if you can just concentrate on just your breathing. Instead of how your legs hurt, or anything else. If you can just concentrate;

I like to concentrate on breathing in through my nose, breathing out through my mouth. I do this rhythm with my run, how I breathe. And I breathe really loud, and I get comments about it all the time. I’m like, f*ck you, as I’m running by and they’re making fun of me. Peace. Deuces, b*tches! So, I think if you can concentrate on your breathing, that is so important and that will really help you kind of take it to the next edge. That’s not a saying. That’s not a saying at all. But, breathing is huge, for sure.

9. Orange Theory and injury [1:04:40]

Ok, let’s see. “An Orange Theory just opened near me.” Who is this? This is Mandy. Ok. “An Orange Theory just opened near me, but I worry about injury. I heard the classes are so packed and the trainers are not really able to monitor if you’re doing the exercises correctly. Also, that the trainers are not very experienced. What are your thoughts?”

Ok. So. Here’s the thing. That’s with any gym. You’re going to get that at all kinds of gyms, so you have to find the gym that works for you. I have been to; I went to this one gym that I’ve talked about I think on a podcast before. I didn’t say where it was, because I didn’t want to throw them under the bus. But they literally took us through the shittiest warmup I’ve ever f*cking done. Not even warm at all. We ran around the class, and did the worst stretches I’ve ever seen. And then she’s like, ok we’re going into 90% snatch. And this b*tch didn’t even know how to snatch herself. She did one movement; I was like, what the f*ck is that? That’s not a snatch. She did no progressions. And it’s in a place of mostly older people. And these people are f*cking snatching, not knowing what they’re doing, and the coach went into the other room and drank coffee with another coach. I wanted to slap her across the f*cking face.

But that happens at CrossFit gyms. That happens at all gyms. This Orange Theory gym I go to, I like all the coaches. I have seen some people get away with sh*tty movements. Where like a woman is not; most women, a lot of women, don’t do pushups correctly, and I think that should be addressed. Especially when you’re doing a certain amount that you could do on your knees and do properly, instead of staying on your toes and going down half an inch. That sh*t annoys me. So I see that stuff get ignored sometimes, depending on the coach. But you’re going to get that anywhere. And the coach may be doing other things, and just not see that for one second, the second you see it. And that person doesn’t get corrected, and you think that coach is a bad coach. So it’s easy to jump to conclusions for sure.

I know all the coaches that I’ve seen in Orange Theory, they all give recommendations for people who have injuries. They give them modifications. So they’re keeping an eye on those people, and helping them out, and giving them recommendations. But every gym is different. So you might go to one Orange Theory gym, or one CrossFit gym, and the coaching and the staff is amazing and it’s awesome. And you’ll go to another and it’s complete dog sh*t.

So I wouldn’t say they don’t have much experience. Because everywhere is different. And you know, they say that Orange Theory coaches don’t have to have much experience. And CrossFit is the same way. I’ve seen people who should not be coaching, coaching. So it’s the same way at every gym. No matter where you go. No matter if it’s CrossFit, Orange Theory, anything, you’re going to get that sort of thing. So just keep that in mind, that you have to find the right gym. And maybe that Orange Theory gym isn’t right next to you, because they don’t help.

The one thing that I don’t love that I’ve seen with Orange Theory is people have really poor rowing skills, and they don’t help out with that that much. And it’s ok to stop a person and be like; ok let’s go through this rowing a little bit more. And people have asked me before; they’re like, “How do you get so many splat points? How do you stay in the orange and red zone?” Or whatever.

And it’s honestly a lot because of the rowing. You’re using so much of your body. You’re using so much legs; and a lot of people just use their upper body, and rowing like a little rag doll. If you’re using your legs, you’re pumping a sh*t ton of blood through your body, and that’s what’s going to pump that heart rate faster. So I’m in that orange and red zone as soon as I hop on the rower, because I’m rowing correctly. I’m not, by any means, the best rower at all. But I can use the rower correctly, because I’ve learned how to row efficiently. So I wish they gave a little bit more tips with rowers. Because I think that would be helpful for people. And that’s kind of what I haven’t seen. But same thing; you’ll get that at CrossFit, as well.

10. Strength loss and weight gain [1:09:03]

Ok, this next one. This is an email I got from Kristen, and she asks, “Have you gained weight with Orange Theory or noticed that your strength has decreased?” I have not gained weight with Orange Theory. If my weight ever changes, it’s usually because my diet has changed and I’m probably eating too much sugar or maybe having more cocktails than I usually do. It’s usually food related. And no, I haven’t really seen my strength decrease. If any strength has decreased, it’s usually my back squat or front squat. I don’t have the strongest of those two squats. And especially if I’m not doing them very often in classes, then that strength has decreased. So that’s the only thing that’s really happened. But I haven’t gained any weight from Orange Theory from doing 2 classes a week. I don’t weigh myself, but I can see how clothes fit differently. And I think I’ve probably lost a little weight recently. But literally I could gain that all back next week. My body weight goes up and down every single week. I never know what’s going to happen with it. It just has a mind of its own.

11. Update on barre [1:10:15]

Ok. Here is another one. Let’s see. So, this is from Kristen. I wonder if this is different? No this is different. I don’t know. This one says, “A CrossFit gym just opened near me in Boston, and I’m curious so I might sign up for a free class. It looks similar to Barry’s bootcamp, and I actually disliked Barry’s bootcamp. Yet the Orange Theory website says it’s one of a kind. How is it different? Also, no more barre classes? You looked to be super into them a while back, and I was happy to see because I love barre, but then it seemed to stop. Did you get bored?”

Ok. So let’s start with CrossFit. I have never done Barry’s bootcamp, so I have no idea what Barry’s bootcamp looks like, so I could not tell you. I think it’s different probably because of the heart rate monitored fitness part of it. You can borrow a heart rate monitor; I just bought my own there, just so I could keep it every time and not have to put on someone’s slimy after workout strap. That’s f*cking gross. So I bought my own. But I don’t know. I think they do a good job with programming there. And you’re getting treadmill, and you’re getting rowing, and you’re getting body weight and workout weights. I think that’s why they claim they’re different. But you could get that same thing at a bootcamp style class, as well. I’ve just never done Barry’s bootcamp so I can’t really speak to that. But it’s definitely different for sure, from other things I’ve done.

And about the barre classes. My friend opened her studio, and it’s awesome, I love it. They’re amazing. It’s just across town, and parking, especially, they have a ton of construction going on over there. So parking is a little bit difficult. And for me, I literally need to go to the gym, I need to workout, and I need to get back home and get back to work since I run my own business. And money is time, time is money. So as soon as I’m wasting time, I’m wasting money. You know what I’m saying? Did I make that up by myself? Whatever.

So that barre class is just tough to get to. And for me, I get bored within that hour. I like to really hurt. I need to physically hurt in a workout. And that hurt is just different in barre. You know, you’re holding a position, and I can physically not hold certain positions. But I need that heart rate up, and I like keeping that heart rate up. So they added a class that is like a barre HIIT class, and I really like going to that one. But it’s only a certain couple of days a week, and I just can’t always make it. So that’s the only reason I don’t go to it. It’s across town, parking is pretty sh*tty right now with the construction going on. And they only have a certain amount of HIIT style classes. But I like the HIIT style. I need to breathe heavy, and I need to feel like I’m left with, not just “Oh my gosh my legs are jello.” But I need to feel like my lungs just went through something. That’s just what I like really. So, yeah. That’s for me. That’s what I like.

12. Orange Theory for beginners [1:13:32]

Ok, let’s see if there’s any other questions that I missed in the Instagram. In the Instagram stuff. Thanks so much for writing in questions. Ok this one is from Meg. She says, “What about Orange Theory for beginners or somebody just getting back into fitness. Is it too challenging? Supportive enough staff in a large class to assist newbies?” Oh, I think I accidentally missed that in another question.

I go to morning classes, so my classes are not overrun with a ton of people. But I’ve been in a class that every single spot is taken. And it is a little bit overwhelming sometimes. But you just have to be comfortable with yourself, and talk to the coach. If you’re a beginning, or you’re just getting back into fitness, and say, I might need a little bit more help today. Say it’s your first few classes. I might need a little more help and guidance. I’m just getting back into it and I’ll need some modifications. But they have bikes, they have ellipticals instead of the treadmill. And a lot of people do powerwalking, as well. So you could powerwalk. You could get on the bike. You could get on the elliptical. Whatever is best for you.

Just talk to the coach, and tell them, “Hey. I need a little bit more guidance. I’m just getting back into this.” But a lot of stuff you can do at your own pace, you know. Like, this is your workout. So say you’re supposed to be at a 3-minute push pace, and you can’t hold that push pace, well that’s ok. Then you just take it back down. Or you go to walking. You get to create your own workout with that, and that’s cool with Orange Theory. But I definitely don’t think it’s too hard for beginners or people just getting back into fitness. I think it’s great for all people.

13. Difference in CrossFit and Orange Theory [1:15:22]

Let’s see. I think there are a few more. This question; “What’s the major difference between CrossFit and Orange Theory?” So I kind of talked on those. CrossFit, you’re going to get much heavier weights. And to me, personally, I think CrossFit is more challenging depending on the workouts you’re getting. It is both mentally and physically draining. And you don’t always get that in Orange Theory. Super draining, Orange Theory is still super draining. But CrossFit is such a mental game. And that’s what sets CrossFit athletes apart from each other, is that mental game, is can you push through a little bit longer while keeping still beautiful form. That’s a hard one.

So yeah. I think that’s the biggest difference. I think CrossFit is a little bit more challenging because of that mental aspect depending on the workout, for sure. But they’re both still super hard and awesome.

14. Heart rate monitors [1:16:25]

Oh, yeah. “Do they have heart rate monitors there, or do you have to bring your own?” They have ones there that you can borrow. Some places make you pay to borrow, some places don’t. I just bought my own, because you can buy some there. And then you can bring your own as well, and they just adapt it to their system. They just put it on this little thing that adapts it to their system. So yeah. I think you can do that.

Ok. Let’s see if there are any other questions. I have to pee extremely bad. So, I just want to make sure I didn’t miss anything else. Julia. “I’ve been doing CrossFit for years, and have thought about trying Orange Theory. But actually really don’t know what it is? Can you explain it?” I guess I did explain it. Ok. I answered that question. Sorry, I’m really distracted because I’m about to pee my pants.

So {laughs} I hope… You guys hate me for saying that, huh? You’re like, gross Juli. I’m going to get those comments on iTunes that are like, “I did not need to know that she needed to use the restroom.” Ok, cool. When somebody’s like, “I didn’t need to know that you burped. Gross.” Oh, cool? Because I’ve heard many podcasters burp. So go suck a D. That was mean. It’s this acupuncture, guys. It’s really getting to me.

Ok, so that’s what I think about Orange Theory. I hope that answered some of your questions. I just got a lot of questions about it, so I wanted to have a podcast that could relay people to it. I think it’s awesome. Highly recommend it to people. Highly recommend CrossFit too. So I think you just have to find what you like more. Or you can do both, if you’re just rolling in dough. Do both. F*cking do it up.

So yeah. I hope that answered questions. I hope that helps. Sorry if I gave you any sort of negative energy, ok. I apologize. It’s Gloria’s fault. So go have an awesome weekend. Go have a fabulous 4th of July. Goddammit that it’s on a Tuesday. The worst. What are we going to do on a Tuesday? My husband works Saturday and Monday. I don’t know what we’re going to do on Tuesday. But we’ll figure it out. Hopefully be on the lake somewhere. If not, hopefully bake something. I don’t know why, but I just feel like baking.

So I hope you have a great day. I’ll talk to you soon. See you next week. Don’t forget to rate, review, subscribe. And be awesome the rest of your day. See you soon! Bye-bye!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


12 thoughts on “My Experience w/ Orange Theory Fitness – Episode 41: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. Hey Juli! On your next listerner questions podcast, will you please discuss what kinds of foods you pack while at the lake? I know for me when I’m out on the boat all day I tend to get extra hungry and it can be difficult to eat on the boat they way I would on land. I know you have mentioned in prior podcasts and blog posts the snacks you like to pack while flying, but what about more full meals that are boat friendly? Thank you! I absolutely love listening to your podcast! It definitely makes a long work day at the office more enjoyable.

    1. i pack probably anything you’ve already thought of – i do larabars, rx bars, jerky, fuel for fire packs, plantain chips, coconut chips, and sometimes trail mix! and really any meal is boat friendly as long as it’s in a cooler! i don’t normally pack full meals with me, just meat and cheese to snack on. but you could pack anything and just keep it on ice, as long as you don’t mind cold leftovers. i don’t care about that kind of stuff so any food is cool with me

      1. I’ve been struggling with some gradual and not so gradual weight gain .. like 20+ lbs in 1.5 year which seems excessive to me. I’m a regular with HIIT classes and have stopped running due to injury. Not sure if I’m just not losing the fat and am gaining muscle so I now look bigger? Whatever it is, my pants freakin don’t fit anymore and 75% of my closet is beautiful barely worn clothes that no longer fit.

        I love HIIT but is it possible it just doesn’t work for my body and lifestyle? All articles say it increases fat loss but I’ve only found running long distance to change my body

        Oh my diet isn’t always awesome. Help!

        1. that could be it but i really can’t say since i don’t know you and i don’t know what you’re eating or drinking! i find that when my diet isn’t in check, then i see my body change and gain weight. so keep that in mind. you can put in all the work in the world at the gym but if the diet on point, that can really change your progress.

  2. Wish I had seen the request for OTF questions earlier! Since according OTF for myself and my husband is out of the question, is there a way to replicate the workouts at home?

  3. Do you know how they calculate max heart rate? I had been having a hard time getting in the orange but I FEEL alike I should be in the orange. They have my max heart rate set at 200 and I’m 30. Based on what I know about max heart rate calculations from my training, max HR is calculated 220-age. The girl at the front desk at my OTF said they use weight and height too? I was curious if you had any background on this as well. They refused to change my max HR from 200 to 190 for “liability” reasons but I think that it would be less of a liability over raising my max heart rate.

    1. i have no clue actually!! i would recommend talking to the manager instead of someone at the front desk to see if they would change your max HR. if i ever have questions, i go to the manager first.

    2. The MHR is calculated utilizing data taken from population norms– so your age AND your weight play a role in the calculation. The manager can only change your MHR in OT Beat if you have a stress test done by a doctor and bring in the transcript…corporate rules 🙁 As an OTF coach, I coach more on effort than color– I say to get “uncomfortable” for pushes, “empty the tank” during an all out. I know the Splat Points are a cool method of quantifying what you’re doing, but like Juli said, you’re still going to get the “Afterburn” as long as you push yourself. So keep killing your workouts and remember to go by how you feel. Definitely try contacting the manager with questions though, and if you think the problem could be your actual HR monitor, you can ask them to troubleshoot and/or replace it.

  4. Hi Juli! Which kind of heart rate monitor did you buy? I went for the first time today and loved the workout but the chest heart rate monitor they loaned me stopped working halfway through the class. I can’t figure out if it’s because I don’t have a good body type for the chest monitor or if it was just bad luck. Thank you!!

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