My First Beauty Vlog: How to Create Effortless Looking Curls

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It’s here!! I officially recorded my first video blog (aka – my first vlog)! I feel so hip and young saying vlog. You know what didn’t make me feel young? Figuring out how to record this and then edit it. Because I had to youtube everything to figure it all out and every time, it was a teenager teaching me how to do sh*t. But I figured out the basics for my first one. So I’m warning you now: It’s not perfect. But I wanted to get something going and get comfortable with editing video and messing around with it. And that’s exactly what I did!

It’s so funny looking back at my youtube channel because it’s mostly filled with some random cooking videos from the past and workout videos. My last videos were posted 4 YEARS AGO!! So crazy how time flies. I asked my husband if I should erase them since I’m slightly embarrassed by most of them, but he said no way. Past is the past and you should be proud of it. So I’m keeping those videos there, frozen in time for all to see! Hopefully we can keep getting better with the quality, ha!

I’ve had many people ask me how I curl my hair and rather than writing it down and showing you individual photos, I decided a video would be the best route! Some things I recommend but didn’t mention in the video:

  1. The smaller amount of hair – the better. If you take too big of chunks, you’ll tend to get a dent in the hair since it can’t all fit comfortably in the curling iron. So take smaller chunks. Sure, it takes longer but it’s worth it.
  2. If you have straight hair, you don’t really even need to use the straightener. I know it’s an extra step, but for me (a person with slightly frizzy hair) this makes all my hair look smooth instead of just the curl.
  3. Remember: curl away from the face and curl from the root down. If your hair tends to not hold a curl very well, be sure to press the curl up while still hot and let it cool slightly before letting it go.
  4. I rarely use hairspray because I don’t like the feel of it and don’t love how it looks always, but you are welcome to! I just try to tease my hair a lot to give it volume since it’s kind of thin.
  5. This may say effortless looking curls, but it’s not effortless. It takes a little work for sure, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier and easier each time!

Links to products:

If you have any questions – please leave them below and I’ll get back to you faster than via email! And if you would like to see any sort of tutorial, let me know! I have a couple planned but I love hearing from you! That’s what got me to create this first one for you!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


83 thoughts on “My First Beauty Vlog: How to Create Effortless Looking Curls”

  1. This was really great. I was laughing my ass off the entire time. But really, the video was informative and i’ve been trying to conquer this look for a while now! Thanks!

  2. Your the best! I follow you on snapchat and Instagram and seriously I love u and ur dog! So funny…my sister and I literally laugh out loud at your random rants on snap haha! Anyways I have super Spanish hair so this video was deff entertaining to watch but my crazy thick curls take a lot of heat to get straight lol, regardless still love it! Especially your doggy ???????????????????? much love keep doing your thang

  3. I’m glad I am not the only one who makes all those same faces, dances in front of the mirror, and sweats like a mo fo when I get ready! Awesome video!

  4. I’m awful at doing hair. Maybe I’ll be able to actually make it look decent now haha. I really want you to do the bun tutorial that I believe was on snapchat. I need to watch again haha

  5. Awesome vlog! One question – did you start with clean or dirty hair? You may have mentioned in the commentary (but I may be watching at work without sound).

  6. That was hilarious but awesome!
    Do you put your make up on before or after you curl? And where did you get that awesome towel/robe lol? I wish I had that much energy after one cup of coffee ????

    1. i usually do my makeup first just because then my hair air dries a bit so i don’t have to blow dry it as long! and i got my towel at either target or tjmaxx, i can’t remember! but it’s awesome, i love it!

  7. This video was so awesome. I love how your hair looks when you do the half-up bun thingy, I have tried and tried and cannot seem to get it to look right, it’d be so amazing if you did a video on that! 🙂

  8. Love, love, love! You’re so animated, it’s wonderful. I’ll have to try holding the curl for a few seconds to let it cool. I don’t use hairspray, but my curls definitely relax considerably over the course of the day. Thanks!

  9. Hahaha the comments about the velvet chair had my laughing!! I love the tutorial! Your hair looks great! I’ll definitely try it!

  10. Definitely going to try this!

    I feel like at one point you wrote about post about things you wish you had known before you started blogging or started your business. I can’t seem to find it though. If it exists, which section is it in. If not, that would be a great topic to hear about on a podcast or post. Thanks!

  11. Awesome on so many levels. I have never been able to get my hair to keep a curl with a curling iron. I am going to have to give it another try. Have you ever tried to curl your hair with a flat iron? My hair will keep a curl for two days with that shiz! It’s magic.

  12. As a long time follower, I totally miss the cooking videos! They were hilarious and this one did not disappoint! I’m not sure the Best format (vlog, podcast, etc) but can you please do a clothing tutorial on the best brands/clothing material for girls with Crossfit bodies? I’ve been totally inspired by your Fashion Fridays but as someone who has done Crossfit for 3+ years, I struggle with finding stores and brands that can cater to my body shape. You’re the best!

  13. Question: do your curls last more than 1 day? I hate washing and styling, especially to see no one but my kids and hubs.
    Thanks! This was great!!!

  14. You’re amesome! You keep me stylish and in the know! Keep up all the good work! It’s appreciated, butttttt….. I need to know what color nail polish you are currently wearing? ???????????? keep seeing in the snaps and I love it! The best form of flattery is imatation!!!

    1. no clue what it’s called anymore, but i shared it on my snapchat so make sure to check that because i’m trying to always share the color when i get them done, but i never save the photo or remember. i’m sorry!

  15. Loved this video! The part where you knocked the product off the counter…that is me…every day of my life. We connect on a whole different level subconsciously. I’m convinced. haha

  16. JULI
    I’m SO glad you did a VLOG!! I miss your cooking/dancing videos in the kitchen, they were #epic
    You ROCK, never change 🙂

  17. I have been reading your blog for many many years – from the beginning ! I have made multiple recipes (too many to count) and have all your amazing cookbooks! I have always been drawn to your honest spunky personality ! Following you on snap and now seeing your recent addition videos – I love it! I even have my teen daughters involved – and they love you! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your recipes – we look forward to your newsletter each week!
    Thanks for always being you ! Keep being real Julie! Cause that’s who we love!
    And if you ever make it to Canada – get to Calgary will ya! Come during stampede you would love it!

  18. you are so stinking adorable i can’t stand it!!! next up… how to get your “i haven’t washed my hair in three days” perfectly messy bun!!!! hair envy!!

  19. Your so funny! I love how you are who you are and don’t hold back. Loved the video and your pup and precious.

  20. Juli your the best!!! I’ve been following your blog for about 3 years now and I just LOVE your personality! To actually see you and hear you on the Vlog and podcasts is awesome. You are such and inspiration and I just love how real you are! Don’t change a thing Juli!!!!

  21. I love this video!. It’s funny and informative at the same time! Just wondering if you’ve ever used your hair straightener to curl your hair (sounds ridiculous, I know)? It works pretty well and it saves us lazy people a step.

    P.S. Love your podcasts. I had never listened to one before yours and now I’m hooked!

  22. You are freaking hilarious. This just made my day. I love your blog.. I get so excited to visit your site every day! I can tell that you just live life to the fullest. Rock on, girl.

    Kerri from Boulder

  23. oh my gosh, this was hilarious! but completely informative for a girl who usually can’t style her hair! now I know. thanks

  24. COMPLETELY AWESOME!!! LUV LUV LUV IT!!! I always wanted to conquer this look but failed 🙁 Now I am inspired to try again.
    Ladies, as for Juli’s nail polish, I too have been inspired by her snaps, I found OPI Barefoot in Barcelona – This is a new fall shade. Diggin’ it

  25. Excellent video. How did I not see this until now?? Thanks Juli. You’re inspired me to start using the curling iron I bought about 18 months ago that has been languishing in my cupboard!!
    Quick question – are you using the moroccan oil treatment as a heat protector as well as styling aid?

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