My Green Smoothie

So I just got my Blendtec and she’s reaaaal beautiful. By far the best blender I’ve ever owned. It has a touch screen for gosh sakes. I’m surprised my phone is even a touch screen with my personal technology issues. I’m not exactly “with it” when it comes to technology. I’m thankful I have friends that know what’s going on or this blog would never function. Fact.

I plan on making ice cream in my Blendtec this weekend. It’s suppose to snow but I don’t care. I need what I need. And my needs include chili and ice cream right now.

I’m starting to feel more grown up as each month goes by. I’m still only 24 but our fridge is beginning to stack up with save-the-dates and wedding invitations. And well, that’s a grown up thing to do. And the weird thing is, most of those people are around my age. Weird, it’s just weird. I can’t even fathom planning a trip (I’m needing a tropical vaca soon) let alone planning a wedding at this young age. Cheers to those brave souls. Like my cousin. She’s one who is tying the knot soon. I’m in her wedding. I need to find teal wedges asap.

So guess what I’m going to start doing soon? Writing my second cookbook. Yes sir, I am. My first one hasn’t even come out yet, but I absolutely loved making the first one and I want the second one to be even better. Wait, you didn’t know I came out with my first cookbook? Well, that’s probably because you either don’t care, which is understandable, OR you haven’t seen it yet because it’s just on preorder. Yep, you can preorder my book right now and it will arrive at your doorstep come April. And who doesn’t love an unexpected present on your doorstep?! Am I right or am I right?! That’s why I HAVE to shop online so much. Presents at my doorstep make my world go round. Damn you modcloth. Damn you.

So if you’d like to purchase my first cookbook, you can do so here. You won’t regret it. Hopefully. It’s similar to my blog, with old recipes as well as never before seen new recipes. And it also has my obnoxious rants that have nothing to do with the food, just me wanting to be heard. #onlychildsyndrome. I’m going to start using that hashtag in every Twitter post I write. Which is one every 3 months. My twitter is exciting.

PS- this recipe is once again brought to you by my good friend Stacy. While I was out in California, she made me this green smoothie/drink. I thought I would hate it because it was only vegetables, but she proved me wrong. It was a smoothie that was super refreshing and paired perfectly with my sausage patties. Some people don’t like the idea of drinking their vegetables and I get it, but some people would rather do that. So I’m giving you the option. You’re welcome. Loveyousofreakingmuchyouvegetablelovers.



  • 1 cup water
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • slice of fresh peeled ginger
  • 1/2 cucumber, peeled
  • handful of fresh parsley
  • 2 handfuls of spinach
  • 2 sticks of kale, stems remove
  • 1/2 green banana (I used green so it was less sugary)
  • handful of ice


  1. Place all ingredients in your Blendtec (or other blender).
  2. Blend until completely pureed and smooth (there should be no clumps or pieces of vegetables to get in your teeth).
  3. Drink. I drink mine while consuming eggs, sausage, and avocado.
  4. Be merry because you got a good amount of veggies in your morning drink!

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PaleOMG My Green Smoothie



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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


73 thoughts on “My Green Smoothie”

  1. Sounds good. I only have a regular blender, so I’m thinking my food processor might handle this better.
    Just one Q – why is it better that the banana was green & therefore less sugary? Wouldn’t it taste better ripe? (I don’t like the flavor of green bananas, so just curious.)

  2. Just started converting to a more Paleo diet and I really enjoy your blog! This green smoothie is very similar to the one I drink on occasion. I haven’t tried adding ginger but it might help “warm” it up a bit since I have a difficult time drinking my green smoothie during the winter.

  3. mmmmmmmmmmm yum I know which groceries I’m buying tonight. And Meg, obviously Juli (being awesome) will probably respond, but for the present: even though more sugar tastes delicious, less sugar helps bodies feel grooooovy.

  4. If you are going to consume this on its own, you need to throw some sort of fat in there like an avocado or some coconut oil. No fat = no vitamin transport. No bueno. I actually throw raw eggs in with my green monsters but only when I can get my eggs from the farmer I trust. I know, that totally creeped some people out. Whatevs.

    1. +1! Definitely want some fat with that. And I love raw eggs in my smoothies (: If you do a couple raw eggs, some coconut milk, a banana, some vanilla, and some nutmeg, it tastes like egg nog!

      1. I agree with adding fat IF you are drinking it alone. However, this seems to be an accompaniment to a meal, especially breakfast. As Juli stated in her recipe, she eats this ALONG with eggs, sausage, and avocado. =)

  5. Damnit why don’t I have ginger in my house?! I think I need a little more green in my life. I wish drinking them kept me more full. although I do think drinking them is way more fun. Only if you have a dishwasher. Cleaning a blender sucks.

  6. I love my Blendtec! I use that thing everyday. When recipes are like, “Mix this, then mix that. Now mix them together.” I’m like, Nah, throw all that in the Blendtec. Hit button. Done!

  7. How much ginger are you talking about? Not sure how much a slice is. Like one shave of a knife on the whole root? I never cooked with ginger before.

  8. Great post! I like how you include very little fruit. I like to freeze the banana for a little chill action. Lemon, although a fruit, is very low in sugar. I include the rind, pith and seeds (usually 3 slices of lemon). I also include the stalks from the greens. I leave the cucumber peel on since I only buy organic. Lots of nutrients in the skins! So great that you drink this with your meal. The body needs the fat in order to absorb the goodness in the smoothie.

  9. Re: cleaning the blender, with a VitaMix, the instructions tell you to clean it right after you use it by filling it half full with hot water and a drop or two of dish washing liquid and then blend on high for 30 seconds. Then rinse and you’re done. Seems like that would work for other blenders too?

    1. Yeah, you aren’t supposed to put blendtecs in the dishwasher. Ours really isn’t that difficult to clean though, because the blade is only two-pronged and it’s easy to get the sponge down there.

  10. Hey I just found your site and I love it. Printed a few recipes already! I tried to add it to my google rss feed and it said not available. So I subscribed by email but… I do love my rss- any idea why it won’t work?

  11. I also go ahead and throw some fat in there (avocado, olive oil, whatever) and if I just want a smoothie either whole pastured eggs (Vit Cottage on I25 + Co Blvd has some from Vital Farms) or the NOW brand egg-white only protein powder.

    With the egg-white powder put it in at the last second, otherwise it’ll foam up and you’ll have a topper of eggy foam on your smoothie which is kinda yucky.

    Oh, and I find the ginger, parsley and lemon juice to be KEY in making this taste fresh and delicious.

  12. i’m drinking a green smoothie as i’m reading about your green smoothie. mine has seed butter in it, but i know you won’t hold that against me. green smoothie lovers, unite!

    have to say, i became a green smoothie drinker on a dare too. now i add baby spinach to every smoothie i have each morning. haven’t gone the sweet-free route yet, but perhaps one day…with the sausage patties, i might.

    wow, two paragraphs about green smoothies! i don’t get out much either, juli. have a great day!

  13. Juli, is there anything you can suggest as a substitute for the green banana? I’ve tried on multiple occasions to force myself to love the taste of banana, but unfortunately the taste makes me want to gag.

    1. If you use green apple, I would also add some avocado (maybe 1/4 – 1/2?) to bind it. Bananas really help make smoothies creamier, and I’ve found that making smoothies without either banana or avocado aren’t as yummy and the texture is weird. They tend to separate and get super foamy.

    2. You could bananas that are green-tipped. They are riper…more ripe?…than the green but won’t have as much sugar as fully ripened bananas.

    3. I put a small amount of mango-like an 1/8 to a 1/4 of a cup and homemade coconut milk yogurt and instead of parsley, mint and fresh turmeric. Mango has a lot of sugar, but it has a lot of other good stuff in it to, and just that small amount evens out the taste.

  14. I usually don’t like the idea of green smoothies because of the fact that they are only vegetables. But I am so excited about the idea of drinking it WITH breakfast versus drinking it FOR breakfast. I never though to eat it with eggs and meat, maybe I will be converted into a green smoothie person now.

  15. I just got my Blendtec blender last weekend and it is amazing. I make smoothies every day and cannot believe how much better it is that a regular blender. I’m looking forward to trying this recipe and seeing many more Blendtec friendly posts in the future.


  16. Juli – just bought your cookbook, can’t wait for it to come in! So excited you already want to write a 2nd – keep ’em coming!! Regarding growing up and friends getting married, I feel like I have temporarely dodged a bullet hahahaha 🙂

  17. I don’t have a cool blender, do you think it will be too chunky in a regular blender?? My food processor isn’t a shining star either…

    1. Kale is super tough, so I think you’ll definitely have kale chunks in there. We tried it in our regular blender and our food processor before we got our blendtec, and neither turned out great haha. Spinach and chard tend to blend up much better, though, and if you play around with it maybe you can find a combination of ingredients that will blend!

      1. Regarding blending kale in a regular blender- If you freeze the kale (or spinach) overnight before blending, and then put it in at the very last step, then it becomes brittle and mixes up just fine in a regular blender. I do it every morning and have never had problems.

    2. It really depends on the muscle or power of the blender. Blendtec and Vita Mix are wonderful machines, and should last a very long time, but are pricey. The Ninja blender is also very powerful, with a proprietary blade system, and much less” starting in the $99.99 range. All are available at Bed Bath and Beyond, and don’t forget your coupon! Happy juicing!

      1. Hey RT, just a word on the Ninja blenders. I got mine for the 99.99 price just especially to do the green smoothies. I was hoping it would be comparable to a Blendtec or something that can make a really S-M-OOOTH smoothie even with all the greens I put in. I gotta say, I still have to chew most of my smoothie and that really sucks. I probably should have put the 100 bucks as a downpayment to get something that would really do the job appropriately. Nothing more embarrassing than having to floss all that green stuff out of your teeth at work after you drink one on the way in.

      2. Get the new Ninja Ultima. Has six blades and blends at two speeds. Blades rotate at two different PRM’s simultaneously, and it doesn’t miss ANY of the pulp. You can liquefy ANYTHING! We got ours at Costco, on sale right now for $139. Can’t beat that price anywhere.

  18. A friend recently told me you can keep a ginger root in the freezer and grate it with a micro plane or the fine grate side of a cheese grater to make the taste addition to your dishes more controlled. Just FYI.
    Question…can I add a couple sprinkles of ginger from my spice cabinet instead?

  19. I’m ordering my Blendtec today, but I’m sad bc I have to WAIT for it to arrive! Booooo. This sounds delish & I’m sooooooo excited about your cookbook!!!

  20. I love my Blendtec, I saved up for it for six months! I use it all the time, I can tell you from first hand experience they stand behind their warranty!!!
    I think I am the only person in the world that could kill a Blendtec 😉

  21. Goodness gracious. My first thought was “what the hell is a stick of kale” But I read your comments. You should write your own food terminology dictionary – it would help. I’m not sure how I feel about drinking my vegetables, but I will try it – but my blender leaves chunks of veggie in it no matter how I blend. El Sigh.

    Sidenote: ModCloth is EVIL. But wonderful. I am glad you found it. It is dangerous.

  22. I put the whole damn (organic) in my Vitamix the peel is supposed to be good for removing bad estrogens! Tastes a bit rough though

  23. I want a blendertec so badly it’s on my dream kitchen appliance list!! Thanks for the great stuff!! Can’t wait for the cookbook(s)!!

  24. Did you get a hook-up on the Blendtec? I tried to orchestrate one; not sure if it panned out. They’re a local-Salt Lake City-brand; I almost took a job for them when I first moved out here. Glad you’re enjoying! Hope you got a steal!

  25. Juli, this was absolutely delicious! I added half an avocado and an ounce of frozen blueberries and it was perfect. For those wondering, I used my food processor and I didn’t have any kale chunks, it all blended together nicely.

    1. honestly my nutri ninja with Auto IQ makes the best smoothies ever but the key is using the smoothie cups in my experience the smoothies are as smooth as my vitamix. They’re not as smooth in the blender container with the chopping blades as they are in the cups. Mine is 1200 watt, but my daughter’s nutri ninja with Auto IQ is 1000 watt and hers does pretty smooth smoothies too. Those are between $119 – $160 and we used the bed bath and beyond coupon on both and really love them! We’re drinking alot more green smoothies now! I do put kale and frozen fruit and ginger too and it does just fine and i love that I can drink out of the cup w/the sipper lids.

  26. So sad I went to the store to buy all of the ingredients and they ran out of fresh GINGER!

    I am a brat and dont want to make it without it so I will go back today or tomorrow to get it! I dont want my stuff to go bad before I get the ginger!

  27. I suggested (on fb) that a pre-order of your cookbook would make a fab April birthday gift.. and mom apparently took the hint. I can’t wait.

  28. Gotta tell you, LOVE this recipe!!! We bought a juicer and a nutribullet (WISH I could afford the Blendtec or Vitamix!) And I definitely prefer the smoothies! This is my post workout drink – along with eggs & more veggies! It really keeps me going – and I’m not a good veggie eater! So this way I get it all in… I do however have my banana a bit riper than green – but it all balances out! Thanks for another great recipe!

  29. Hey Juli! I have been using your recipes for some time now and want to pre-order your book…but…wondering if you know if there will be an e-version of it, before I do? I know you and technology aren’t the best of friends, but I love that your recipes are online and then I cook with my iPad and no printing and no sticky pages. If thee is an e-book version I will wait, but I can’t wait for April to have your book in my hands! Congrats on the first of what I hope to be many books!

  30. Love green smoothie/juices… try:
    kale, spinach, parsley, green apple, little bit of ginger, and cucumber–this is one of my favorites with the juicer.

  31. I just made this, I had to omit the parsley as I had none and used a gala apple en lieu of the banana. I like banana’s but I am new to paleo and it seems like EVERYTHING has bananas in it. So, mine turned out really good, its more like a drink than a smoothie which is fine since its not my “meal”. I actually think if I put a little more lemon and some honey in it I could convince 2 of my 3 boys that its green lemonade! The ginger was definitely my favorite touch and I used a ton of it.

  32. This is so so good! You’ve converted me to green smoothies! Also loved this with 1/3 (or 1/2) of an avocado added.

  33. Hi! I’m wondering if you could freeze the greens and banana together ahead of time in a smoothie pack? I’ve been looking for a mostly fruitless version of green smoothie to do this with! Thank you!

  34. Do you still love your blendtec? would you still get the same one if you had to buy again or do you have your eye on another one?! i’m trying to make the best decision in investing in one. thanks so much for the feedback!

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