Ok, I know how you’re going to feel about this post. “Holiday GIFTS?! It’s not even November, you dumb bitch!!!” And those feelings are completely valid. But I’m a person who doesn’t holiday shop until the day before Christmas Eve and I have crippling anxiety because of that. It’s not my favorite feature about myself. And even though there are features about myself that I cannot change, such as having blonde hair and hoping it someday understands my wants for brunette locks and not seeing my stylist every 3 weeks, my extreme procrastinating feature CAN change. I would blame that procrastinating feature on my mother since that’s the easy way out, but let’s face it, I’m 32 and simply lazy. So creating a post like this not only helps you with your future gifting, but it helps me set the stage for a more productive holiday season in my own home. It’s a super selfish act that hopefully helps others. If it doesn’t, at least my anxiety is off to a better start in 2021.

Below I have a lovely little collage of my top 20 favorite gifts for the home this year. I thought I would create this post first (of many gift guides to come) since almost all of us are at home 24/7 these days and finding our needs are not always met. I won’t list out why I chose every single one of these products because that can get a little boring (I don’t have to tell you that a fancy Anthropologie candle makes your house smell like a wonderland of fairy dust and dreams), but I will talk through my favorites and why. Not that you care, but hey, I’ll continue to try.

Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum – Brian got me this vacuum as a gift this year and it may be the greatest gift he’s ever given me…next to when he surprised me with Jackson. Obviously nothing will ever beat that. Too bad he already used that card and we have quite a few years ahead of us. But this vacuum is pretty close. It makes vacuuming so much more enjoyable, easy, and honestly, breezy. If you want to get into someone’s pants, buy them this vacuum then use it without them asking.

Bedsure Heated Blanket – If your significant other or friend is constantly cold in the unforgiving winter, get them a heated blanket. There is nothing better than putting your freezing cold toes underneath an already warm blanket. It’s like covering yourself in clothes that just came out of the dryer. What a genius invention.

Revlon Volumizer Hair Dryer – I recently got the Dyson air wrap and even though I LOVE pretty much anything Dyson creates, that one fell short for me because the curls never held. But I did love the volume it gave me and ranted about that on instagram stories. Well, a lovely human on IG told me that if I just wanted volume, all I needed was this handy tool. Have I purchased it yet? No. Does it have great reviews so I feel comfortable saying it would be a good purchase? Yes. If someone wants to send this to me as a gift, I would be cool with that, too!

Curtis Stone 13-Piece Cooking/Baking Set – I recently shared some stories about this set and I’m in LOVE with it! Not only are they amazing non-stick pans, but you get so many different sizes to choose from. If you have someone who just moved into a house or is too lazy to purchase any pans themselves (aka my SIL), this would be such a great gift to get them almost everything they need to cook and bake!

Daily Harvest Gift Box – This is one of the best ideas for a gift box that someone will actually use and love! We gifted a box of Daily Harvest smoothies to my MIL last year and she LOVED them then got a subscription herself! That way your loved one can start 2021 off on a healthy note and get to know clean ingredients a little more! If someone gifted me an entire box of smoothies, I would finally add them to my ‘trust’ list. My love language is food so this one fits right in.

Ok, I’ll shut up. I honestly could talk about every product because I either LOVE it or I want it. I told you, I’m selfish. But I do think any of these products would be great fits this year! Whether you have someone who is working from home and constantly leaving their full cup of coffee on the counter to get cold, or someone who needs slippers so they don’t sound so damn loud when they walk around upstairs, OR if you have someone who is always taking their Zoom calls on the speaker of their computer; well I have a gift for all those idiots. If you didn’t get my drift, the idiot is me. Hope this helps the start of your holiday shopping!

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  1. Lauren Crawford says:

    Hi Juli! I miss the old crossfit days so I looked you up online. I haven’t been to your site in a while but I’m back on and excited to try some new recipes. I got distracted by the pic of you vaccuming with no pants and ended up reading the whole post. Informative and funny, as usual, but um… NO. Brian cannot buy you a vaccum for Christmas!! I don’t care how bad you want it!