Pumpkin Waffles

I’m sitting in blood testing center right now, next to a man who is drawing cartoons of penguins. He’s quite good. Like REALLY good. I wish I appreciated it more, but fasting for the past 12 hours has made me a bit moody. I wish I had art skills. I lack creativity.

Speaking of the lack of creativity, let’s talk about Halloween. I was rainbow bright. Original, I know. I didn’t even know who that was until I googled it. It was a friends costume. Every year I try to think outside the box for my costume. Then I remember that I have a life and don’t have hours of free time to use the hot glue gun and glitter paint on a costume I will wear once. At least other people were super creative. I think I only saw 23 angry bird costumes and 17 black swan outfits. Way to think outside the box people. Way.to.go.

Sarah is ridiculously adorable. I’m just a skank version of a cute cartoon. Damnit.

So let’s recap. I drank alcohol on Saturday. Alcohol is stupid. It makes me fall on the dancefloor, leave Laura at a party I invited her to, and wake up in her bed. Not fully clothed. Side ponytail still rockin. I’m sure she was thrilled about that. Waking up the next morning with a fuzzy sweater on my teeth is not exactly a good start to my Sunday morning. Alcohol is stupid.

My drunken picture taking skills in the cab are superb. We took about 8 pics at this quality while we sang at the top of our lungs in the back of the cab. Classy.
Yep, we were ghosts for Halloween. Exactly what we were going for.

At least Sunday was productive. And when I say productive, I mean I watched 3 movies with Laura while ingesting food I haven’t eaten in a LONG time. These items included chex mix, peanut m&ms, halloween cookies, and tortilla chips. Maybe it was because I was still drunk or maybe my body just wanted it. Either way, it felt right. I didn’t get sick nor do I have a problem using the bathroom today. Ya my love handles are probably a bit cuter today, but I don’t mind. But to make sure my love handles were looking extra adorable this week, I made some pumpkin waffles to top off the day. Pumpkin waffles when hungover with a fuzzy blanket on your teeth are always a good idea. These waffles made me miss Dom. Remember how he got me the best waffle iron ever post Regionals so I could stuff my face with food that holds the syrup in small crevices? Gosh, he’s the best. This recipe made about 5 waffles….I ate them all. In one sitting.


Paleo Pumpkin Waffles


  • 1/2 cup pureed pumpkin
  • 3/4 cup almond flour
  • 1/4 cup canned coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
  • 2 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 2 eggs, whisked
  • 1/8 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/8 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon ginger
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt


  1. Heat up your waffle iron!! If you don’t have a waffle iron, you need to go buy one, or just make pancakes instead.
  2. In a medium sized bowl, mix together coconut milk, eggs, maple syrup, and vanilla.
  3. Then add the rest of the dry ingredients and pumpkin and mix together. Add a bit more coconut milk, if needed. The batter should be runny but still have a bit of girth to it. Ew, I just said girth.
  4. Ladle into your waffle maker. Be careful, they expand a bit so they will be pour over if you get ladle happy.
  5. Cook until done. Mine took about 3-4 minutes, I’d say.
  6. Add a crap ton of maple syrup on top and/or coconut butter or regular butter.

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PaleOMG Pumpkin Waffles


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106 thoughts on “Pumpkin Waffles”

  1. good for you babe. i was stone sober and ate no less than 7 mini snickers, 2 reeses cups, and 2 plates of "bean dip", whatever is in that stuff.. sometimes you gotta let go.
    these waffles look christ-like. i can't wait to try them!

  2. Damon–so true. I'll start sporting those socks daily.

    Brooks–A crap ton is often more than a cup. Ok, thats a lot, but I like my pancakes and waffles drenched.

    Eatthecookie–Lol good for you. It totally felt right. Let me know if you try the waffles!!

  3. O.M.G. is right. A-mazing. Seriously. This is the best paleo breakfast I’ve had so far. (did I just say that last week about something else?)

  4. I made these yesterday but had a very difficult time getting them to release from the waffle iron, as they were too delicate. Made the same recipe this morning as pancakes, and could barely turn them. I’m not sure what I need to do to make them heartier, but they are DELICIOUS.

    1. I had the same results. Finally gave up and microwaved the remaining batter in a greased mug for 2.5 minutes. It came out pretty edible– kind of like a custard.

      Glad I tried it but def won’t make again.

      1. I had the same problem with the waffles. The top part didn’t stick at all to the waffle iron, but when I went to pull them out, they separated into two waffles, but with the bottom one stuck in the iron. I don’t have that problem with other recipes and wondering what might make them hold together better? I used coconut oil to grease the iron. Any other thoughts? The crumbled pile of waffles that I DID get out was divine! Absolutely delicious and refreshing. It just wouldn’t make a pretty display on a plate! 🙂 Please help if you all have any other thoughts!

  5. Hey Juli,

    Love your site and your food is so legit! My non Paleo man loves your food. Thanks for not having it taste like crap.

    On another note, what do you think would work with these pumpkin waffles to make them into muffins? My mom and I tried tonight and the taste is great, we just think there is a better way to make them muffin esque? We used a regular muffin tin; we are thinking maybe a smaller one?

    Would love your thoughts!

  6. Not sure what happened, mine waffles didn’t rise? They stuck to the waffle maker. The stuff I scraped off was really yummy but not enough to eat so I had to trash it.

  7. These are AMAZING! Trying to convert my husband and 10yr old daughter to paleo and she practically licked the plate! He waited at the table for me to start making another batch:) thank you!

  8. I saw a can of pumpkin in my pantry this morning and knew you would have a good idea for what to do with it. I just searched pumpkin and found your delicious waffles! They turned out amazing! Just what I needed on this rainy morning!

    P.S. Love your blog and all of your recipes! I plan my weekly meals from your site, almost exclusively!

  9. Yummy. I made these as pancakes, I don’t have a waffle iron. They had trouble staying together, but were delicious. My favourite part was the maple syrup.

  10. Jennifer Siegfried

    Another awesome recipe, Julie! For the folks who are having trouble getting it out of the iron, my first one sort of stuck too, then crumbled, but the rest were fine. You just have to cook them longer than conventional waffles owing to the lack of gluten to stick it together, and to the liquid content. Get them evenly brown, not just slightly golden, and it’s fine. When there is just a little steam rising out of the iron, then it’s done. Think I’m going to make these again for my boyfriend’s birthday!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I made these for the first time today and they did not stick together at all. Next time I’ll try the waffle iron on medium heat instead of low, and leave them in for a bit longer.

  11. Lindsey Pelissier

    Seriously the best Paleo recipe Ive made yet! And yes, i creep this page every day. so inspiring!

  12. Seriously, these are freaking orgasmic! I love me some pumpkin pancakes but this waffle recipe is the best I’ve ever had for this type of breakfast. It’s like eating a little bit of heaven. LOVE IT!

  13. This was delicious and moist. Finally a moist waffle recipe! It fell apart though. I had to fight with my waffle iron to give me my waffle! and for some reason other paleo waffle recipes all make enough batter to fit into one waffle for me. Your recipes make 1.5 for me. How do you measure how much to put into the waffle iron? I tried to put it all and then was madly scraping off pumpkin batter back into my bowl so that I wouldn’t waste it!

  14. Is there something else you can use to make these other than almond flour? I’m just going to start Paleo with my family, but we have tree nut allergies in our house and I see soo many recipes call for almond flour.. which we can’t do. 🙁

    1. You could try using an extra banana then a bit of coconut flour, just be very careful with the coconut flour, adding tablespoon by tablespoon of the batter while you mix it because coconut flour can make things very dry.

  15. This recipe worked great for me! I sub’d honey for syrup… I’m out… and did use sweetened coconut (*shock*) since I still have some in the cubbord to finish. I doubled it, and made it in my food processor with the dough hook. I also put coconut oil on my waffle iron ( a black and Decker Belgian waffle maker). I got 3.5 full waffles out of my double batch 😀

  16. Amazing! Chris requested these for his post comp meal and they were fabulous! Thanks again Juli and congrats on yesterday. You rock 🙂

  17. OMG is right, I just made these pancake style and now I want to buy a waffle maker today. Just found your website through pinterest, and based on this recipe alone I have major girl crush!

  18. Can you use almond butter or coconut flour (or both) in place of almond flour? Almond flour seems impossible to find sometimes. Thanks.

  19. Really YUM!! …but my favorite waffles are crispy as opposed to super soft… any idea how to tweak the recipe to get them with a crispier crust??

  20. I just went full on Paleo two weeks ago..heading into week three and these make me believe I am in it for the long haul! Thanks Juli, keep the good stuff coming!

  21. They were delicious, but I had to pick them out of my waffle iron. I added coconut oil to the recipe and oiled the waffle iron again, but the second one was like the first. Even cooking the rest of the batter as pancakes wasn’t easy.

  22. OH SO GOOD! Especially with your carmalized apples, which I put on everything I eat now. I had to pick them out of my waffle iron too, which was a bummer. I was wondering if putting coconut oil in it would help, but it sounds like Virginia tried it and it didn’t work.

  23. WHOA, Im new to this whole Paleo stuff, but these were A FRIGGIN MAZING, Even the kid was like “Mom these are the best waffles in the whole wide world”. You have a new fan! I must see what other yummy recipes you have lurking around here!

  24. I think the recipe needs a bit of work. I followed it exactly and it was way too dense and wouldn’t cook. Crumbled and was impossible to get out of the waffle iron. I think maybe more eggs and less pumpkin? Love the idea though.

  25. These were one of the best things that has ever been in my mouth, and I’m food obsessed! Well done. I’m going to go make more….

  26. These are DEFINITELY tasty! I had half a can of pumpkin left over from the pumpkin cashew curry (highly recommend!). Yes they fall apart in the waffle iron, so I switched to the stove top, which improved some. I used 1/8 cup, waited til they got a little brown, flipped and then flattened them and was able to get 8 very normal looking mini pancakes. I also tried putting 1/4 cup in a ramekin which I just microwaved for 1.5 minutes. That may be the way to go. It’s like a dessert. Regardless, I will still make them even if they fall apart!

  27. I made these this morning, absolutely delicious!! The only thing I did was added a bit more coconut milk because I thought the batter was a bit thick. But my $10 Rival waffle iron, that I bought yesterday so that I could make these today, worked great! I didn’t have to grease it at all!

  28. I consider myself quite stealth in the kitchen, most days. Other days I shouldn’t be allowed to operate heavy machinery. Today I tried these waffles, and they stuck to the waffle iron, even though I sprayed it liberally with oil. So I re-read the recipe, which I’d doubled. I for some reason put in an entire tsp each of bp and bs. Could that be why they’re sticking? I added extra coconut milk, but maybe too much? I didn’t think the batter was too runny…

  29. These turned out AMAZING! Didn’t have the grittyness that you get when using almond flour. Loved them, thank you!

  30. First, I must say that I LOVE your webstie!!! Thanks for making me laugh and sharing incredible recipes!!!
    Do you ever use stevia for sweetner and is there any reason you like to bake with almond flour more than coconut flour? Doing Paleo, but need to lean our and cut down on a littel calories and fat so just wondering….

  31. Made these last night for dinner…yum! We did have a little trouble with the waffles falling apart (our iron is super old and cheap, maybe that was the problem) but they were still heavenly! I also topped them with maple-cinnamon-coconut whipped cream because it just felt right. Guess what I wanted to make again tonight? Uh oh…..

  32. Has anyone figured out a good solution for the tearing apart, made these for the first time, and they are good, but they tore apart and are so soft they are almost just a slightly more solid version of the batter, couldn’t flip without tearing. They taste like pumpkin bread pudding though, which is a plus!

  33. These were far to wet of a batter for me. The 2nd time I made them I even tried whipping the egg whites to stiff peaks to see if that would help. Then tried them as pancakes and they blew donkey balls. Definitely not good for my first 15 days eating Paleo. I just want a recipe that works. I am tired of wasting ingredients. 🙁

  34. Will omitting the honey cause these any harm as far as them cooking? I would love to try these but need them Whole30 friendly.

  35. I just made these for breakfast. Best waffles ever! Most paleo pumpkin pancake/waffle recipes are flat. These were sooo soft and fluffy! I topped with chopped pecans and maple syrup. Can’t wait until breakfast time tomorrow…

  36. Just made for breakfast!!! They were perfect!!!! this is my 3rd week into paleo and crossfit and my first meal that didnt consist of just meat and veggies….cant wait to make for my grandchildren. Love ur blog ; )

  37. Love these!! I added half cup ground flax instead of the coconut flakes. They were totally perfect! Made 6 big waffles and my two boys ages 4 and 6 ate ALL of them for dinner! I will definitely be tripling the recipe next time so I can throw a few in the freezer so we can actually have them for breakfasts! Thank you so much. Your website is fab and you are an amazing person!

  38. As Garrison Keillor would say, “heavens, they’re tasty.” I left out the syrup and put it on top instead, and it was still terrific. I admit that I still use spray “oil” on things like waffle irons and muffin pans, since it’s so easy. A quick spray on my waffle iron was plenty to keep them from sticking. My only problem is now I have almost a whole can of coconut milk and half a can of pumpkin leftover. I’m afraid there may be pumpkin ice cream tonight.

  39. I really want to try these with my roommates, who are going to start paleo. One of them has a coconut allergy — any suggestions?

    I have an unhealthy pumpkin obsession. 🙂 Can’t wait to try them.

  40. These completely fell apart and crumbled 🙁

    The second batch I added 2 more tbsp of coconut milk and puree’d it to see if that would help, nope.

    I was able to get some out somewhat decently but then realized I just didn’t like the taste of shredded coconut in my waffles. In my granola and on shrimp YES! But not in my waffles 🙁 Man I hate wasting almond flour…

  41. These stuck for me too! I think you need some oil in the mix. In another batch, I put some coconut oil – like 1 tbsp. Probably needs more – but they TOTALLY STICK!

  42. OMG!!! It’s not just for fun that your name is PaleOMG!
    Seriously! These are THE best tasting paleo waffles I have made in my two (short time I know;-) years of eating paleo!
    I read the comments below – thank you! and fiddled a bit with the cooking time! 3 minutes (well oiled) wasn’t quite enough and the waffle stuck to the top part of my waffle iron. After 4 minutes however it was just perfect and didn’t stick!
    My batter was a bit on the “thick” side but they turned out amazing and looks exactly like yours n the photo!
    THANK YOU!!!

  43. very tasty but stuck for me too ;-(.. crumbled up the two 1/2s.. i think i’ll turn it into a lill crmbly topping for muffins or ice cream.

  44. These were phenomenal waffles. They’re easily the best I’ve ever had, wheat or no. My first test waffle was crumbly. I cooked it too long. I cooked the rest for 3 minutes on the 4.5 heat setting on my Waring Pro and they were perfect.

    Those having sticking issues…it’s not the waffles, it’s the waffle iron or pan you’re using. You need to season (oil and heat) your pan. Yes, even the non-stick ones. We always had issues until we started doing this.

  45. Oh, my first attempt was crumbly too! But got it second time around.

    YUM! Thank you! Perfect recipe that I was looking for to satisfy my pumpkin craving!

  46. Recipe worked out perfectly for me. I used unsweetened almond/coconut milk (by Almond Breeze) as the liquid. Super yummy with bananas and maple syrup on top!

  47. Definitely O.M.G……. These are the absolutely BEST paleo waffles I have ever made and tasted. I added one extra egg and it made 4 seriously huge waffles. I cooked them for 3 minutes exactly. Just perfect. No breakage and so soft and scrumptious. Thankyou so much for sharing this recipe 🙂

  48. I made these to celebrate successfully completing the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge – 56 days without one cheat. They didn’t look beautiful – I’m still figuring out my waffle iron – but they were positively delicious with bacon and eggs.

  49. When we go camping, I usually make pancakes one morning. This has been a challenge since switching to Paleo. Trying to bring along all the ingredients and mix them up in the trailer is a bit of a pain. I was considering making up the batter before we left, putting it in the fridge, and then cooking them up the next day. Do you think this would work with this recipe? Thank you!

  50. I had the same problem as other posters in that these also stuck to my waffle iron (separated into 2 halves top and bottom). I added about 2T of coconut flour to the remaining batter and the rest of them came out great. They were really good. Will def make again. Thanks for the great recipes, Juli!

  51. I don’t know what I did wrong but mine didn’t hold together at all! When I opened up the waffle iron they just ripped in half – half was stuck to the top and half to the bottom… And yes – the iron was greased…

  52. Taste was great but I demolished them trying to get them to release from waffle iron. Maybe 2 Tbs of coconut oil?

  53. My new waffle iron came in, and I can’t wait to make these tomorrow morning. Reading the comments, though, it seems that there’s a lot of inconsistencies with people using the recipe. Let’s hope for success over yonder!

    1. i know, it’s very strange because i’ve made these many times with no issue so i never know what to tell people!! my new cookbook, the paleo kitchen, also has a pumpkin waffle recipe from it that works perfectly!

  54. Great flavor! A bit too crumbly and delicate but I suspect the shredded coconut caused part of the problem. I added an extra egg part way through and that seemed to help. So next time I’ll double the egg and leave out the coconut and see where that gets me:) many thanks!

    1. Doubling the egg and taking out the shredded coconut made all the difference. It held together properly so I could freeze it and then toast it the next day like a “real” waffle. I’ll definitely make these again!

  55. You’ve got to be kidding me. I followed this recipe to the letter. The batter was FAR from runny, added more coconut milk and couldn’t make it runny to save my life. The “waffles” are now a crumbly mess all over my kitchen. They wouldn’t stick together at all. This not the first time one of recipes has been an epic fail for me. Thanks for ruining our Sunday morning and several expensive ingredients. So disappointed!

    1. sounds like you need to take a breath. if food is what ruins your Sunday, sounds like you have a pretty great life. i’m sorry the recipe did not work out for you. i would not post a recipe that did not work for me. if you look at the comments, many people have had the waffles come out perfectly, while some people have ran into some issues with the recipe as well. again, i’m sorry the recipe did not work for you, but I will also not take responsibility for ruining your Sunday. you chose that.

  56. Hi, i am gearing up to start the Whole,30. Meaning im reading and contemplating, buying ingredients. Etc.
    I thought honey and maple syrup were not allowed.
    Please educate me as now i am confused since the waffle comments imply that you can.

  57. Don’t let internet trolls get you down Juli! We love you and your recipes! Planning on making these in the next couple of weeks. Ready for fall!

  58. Everyone in the family loved these! My two sons and baby girl loved it too! I’d suggest not using a Belgian waffle maker and just a simple waffle iron, most released perfectly so long as I greased the iron each time. I forgot once and it came out but in pieces. Greasing the iron with coconut oil mister was key! Great recipe! Thank you

  59. We also did not add shredded coconut, and on one batch I used whole milk for the kids (they hate coconut milk) and the recipe worked great both ways. Our waffle iron is well loved and well seasoned, I wouldn’t start this recipe on a brand new iron, my guess would be that it would stick.

  60. I was in the mood for waffles and had seen this recipe recently. Wanted to try them out first before I made them for the rest of the family…..I ate them all…….which was three decent sized waffles. Oh my! Will definitely make again, but with other around so I can share immediately upon removing from the waffle maker.

  61. Is there anything that could be substituted for the coconut milk and it turn out just as good?that kind of goes for a lot of your dessert recipies-alot seem to contain coconut milk-any suggestions?!

  62. These are wonderful. It is day 1 paleo-ish in our house. I greased my waffle iron with coconut oil owing to the comments I read, I didn’t have coconut milk and we aren’t strict paleo so I used half and halfand sweetened ccoconut from the pantry. These are even toddler (READ: picky eater) approved. He told me these were Deeee-wishis!

  63. These were great! I broke down the other day and made old fashioned pancakes…. I was so sick I couldn’t believe it…. I’ve tried many of your recipes, some I liked, some I didn’t…. but this one is a keeper for sure! I appreciate all your hard work so I don’t have to. Keep it up!!!

  64. I made these according to the recipe and used as pancake mix, but like others, they came out too delicate and fell apart.
    I added two Tbsp of Tapioca flour to remaining batter and that seemed to do the trick. Tastes delicious either way.
    Checking on vanilla- 1 tsp or 1 Tbsp?

  65. LOVE these waffles. I have to double the receipt to make 3 square waffles in my waffle maker. They usually stick to the maker so I oil It well. I exchanged coconut milk for coconut cream. I also added an Extra egg to the doubled Batch and they are a little lighter. My favorite receipe for waffles, just the right amount of spice. I add a crap ton of butter…. so good 😊

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