Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

I’m really into eating today. How does that time of the month change a woman’s eating habits? It really makes no sense. I think it’s the placebo effect. We just think that we want more food during that time of the month because that’s what we have been told all of our lives. Period = chocolate. Chocolate = bloating. Bloating = Omg, periods are the worst. When really, it’s just the 18 pounds of M&M’s we consumed that are actually the worst. Maybe I’m making all of this up. I don’t think that can really be considered a placebo effect. Damnit. Are you as lost as I am? Moving on.

I just put brownies in the oven. What a beautiful day.

So this weekend was pretty damn uneventful. I did get a bit too drunk one night and found myself awake at 6:15am with a stomach ache that could kill a small child. Thankfully, I had some leftover pumpkin cream donuts in the fridge along with leftover sweet potatoes. So this is what I did. I put 2 strips of bacon in a pan, then added the sweet potatoes, then eggs on top and fried the eggs. All while eating the stuffed donuts. Alcohol makes you crave carbs. I don’t know if that’s a fact, but I’m going to say it is since it’s sugar. Sugar makes you crave more sugar. Which I craved all weekend. Alcohol AND that time of the month, oh hells no. Kill me now. It’s like the atomic bomb of sweet cravings in one weekend. That was a poor analogy. Back to the point. After stuffing my face with food and watching Spongebob Squarepants while shivering in our 60 degree house, I went back to bed until 9am. Then you know what I did? I went to the gym. And had a pretty great workout. All it did was offset all the food I ate, but whatevs. Have you ever done the ‘Bring Sally Up‘ workout thingy? I can’t squat nowadays, so I did it with a press. It was delightfully miserable.

I’m not really sure how many movies I watched this weekend, but too many. I have no idea how people spend their weekends inside, on the couch. My back actually hurts from sitting too much. But there are movies out there to be seen, and sometimes you just have waste your money and body to be hip with the times. I finally watched the entire movie The Great Gatsby. I don’t know if I ever actually read that book in high school. Guessing no because I used to only read the clif notes to everything when I was in high school. I was a rebel. And hated following the rules. And listening. And doing what I was told. Anywho, I wasn’t impressed with the movie. It was a bit of a downer. I understand movies not having super happy endings, but I’d like to be warned ahead of time. I like paying for movies that are going to give me an ending worth watching. That make me think all relationships turn out perfect. And give me a skewed perception of happiness. Now that’s my kind of movie.

Does it make anyone else uncomfortable when people talk about their divorce via Facebook status? Hand raised over here.


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

  • Yield: 5 1x




  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix together wet ingredients in a bowl: pumpkin puree, maple syrup, coconut oil, eggs, and vanilla extract.
  3. In another bowl, whisk together coconut flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, powdered ginger, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.
  4. Pour dry ingredients into wet ingredients and mix well.
  5. Fold in chocolate chips.
  6. Use an ice cream scoop to scoop batter into silicone muffin liners.
  7. Bake for 35-40 minutes

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PaleOMG Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


318 thoughts on “Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins”

      1. Im allergic to coconut. As well as all tree nuts!! BLAH!! I usually use gluten free oat flour in place of almond flour, 1:1 ratio. Works like a charm.

        I love your recipes! Can you make some more with almond flour that I can use? T

        Thanks for all the laughs. Your blog is awesome. I swear I dont read it at work, and laugh out loud. Im not on the internet, noooo…….

        1. I too have a coconut allergy. Just found out 2 weeks ago with lab tests. It’s been hell trying to take it out of my life. It’s even in soaps and toothpaste!! major sad face.

      2. Helen D - Australia

        FANTASTIC, I made these muffins this afternoon for my 2 hungry girls after school 13yr & 10yr . Im trying to cut down on sugar & eat more healthy. Most recipes I have tried have ended up tasting dry & tasteless . Yours was a WINNER.

        I added a few more things & they turned out really moist & yummy.
        Added – dates ( dont ask me how many , but just popped them in at the end of cooking pumpkin for a few seconds to soften up then mashed with pumpkin. maybe a handful )
        Deleted the coconut flour ( didn’t have any ) & added 1 cup almond meal & 1/3 cup of desiccated coconut. It was a bit sloppy, so added a dash of wholemeal flour to get write consistency.
        Girls gave them a 8/10 & 9/10 , I think thats pretty good , as 1 is a real chocolate lover. They tasted a bit lite a big chocolate truffle – but healthy.

        Only problem they are all gone now & will have to make some more.

        Helen D – Australia.

    1. Usually it goes that for every 1 cup of almond flour you replace it with 1/3 cup of coconut flour + 1 egg + an increase in liquid. For this recipe, you would probably want to reduce it to 2 eggs and use 1 cup of almond flour. But like Juli said, coconut flour and almond flour don’t even have the same consistencies so it’s tough.

      Pinning this recipe though because I prefer recipes without nut flours and only coconut 🙂

    1. What was your recipe for pumpkin coconut flour cookies. I have so much coconut flour and want to make use of it because it’s gluten free for my little one who doesn’t eat gluten.

  1. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!! I have one question – I have everything BUT maple syrup! Can I substitute honey? Would that mess anything up but possibly flavor? I ran out last week and I’m not grocery shopping until tomorrow – but I want to make these TODAY, lol!

  2. I definitely crave carbs more during that time of the month! Scientific fact! I agree with everything else that you wrote. Except for this recipe only making six muffins. I have a family of 7 to feed here! I think I shall put them in mini muffin tins and then everyone gets a tiny taste.

  3. Oh yes. Hand raised so high here too! It’s actually really irritating me lately. WHY do people feel the need to share all their personal business with the world??!! It is just not attractive.
    On a positive note, this recipe looks to be the perfect medicine for my own TOM sugar/all-food-in-general/how-am-i-so-hungry cravings which are going on right this minute…. So thanks for reading my mind!

    1. Just to clarify: what irritates me is when people are giving details about what their ex is doing to them, how much of a jerk he/she is, how they’re ruining their life etc. I’m not trying to watch a soap opera play out on Facebook! Deal w/ that stuff in private! On the other hand, I like people being open enough to say what is on their mind IN GENERAL TERMS, so I can know they’re struggling and need a friend, etc.

  4. Doing the Whole30 during that time of month is excruciating! Without chocolate I seriously thought I was going to punch someone in the face!

  5. Oh my gosh I am trying this tonight! I’m brand new to the Paleo world (as in, yesterday was my first day of transition) so this will be wonderful to start out with! Question, do you think flaxseed meal would be a good substitute for eggs? My son is allergic and if I’m making these I want him to have some too 🙂

  6. Looks so scrummy i need to try this, but how do you make Pumpkin Purée? I don’t think we can buy it over in England or I’m yet to find somewhere!!!

    1. You won’t find canned pumpkin on this side of the Atlantic. To make purée, buy a smallish pumpkin, chop off the top, cut it in 1/4’s. Scoop out seeds. Place on a baking tray. Bake it at 375F until you can easily pierce it with a fork (45mins to an hour). Remove from oven, let cool, peel off skin, run meat through a food processor until puréed. Some pumpkins will need a bit of water added during the purée, some won’t. Extra can be canned and stored for later use or ziploc’d and stored in the freezer.

      1. I’m sorry you have to go to so much work!! Wow, we are spoiled…open a can and dump…lol I’m sure the taste is very fresh tho!

      2. Yeah, it’s a pain. I use butternut and hokkaido, and roast them when I have beets or sweet potatoes or whole heads of garlic – something that needs a good long unsupervised roast anyway. Fortunately squash keeps well in a cool pantry, otherwise you’ve got to sacrifice large portions of the freezer (European freezers can hold one block of American ice cream) which would otherwise go to venison, duck and goose before the holiday price jump, for the puree. I find that I have to squeeze the bejeebers out of the pureed flesh or it’s too wet and tastes of nothing and messes up the recipe.

    2. I live in Scotland, so I’m not sure how huge of a difference that makes, but I can find canned pumpkin easily. I get mine from realfoods, but I’ve seen it in little niche shops (think hole-in-the-wall stores) and even at Waitrose during this time of year. If you still have no luck, Realfoods delivers everywhere in the UK. 🙂

  7. I don’t have all of the spices such as cloves & powdered ginger. However I do have pumpkin pie spice which has several of those spices in them. Would I be able to sub that for the nutmeg, cloves, & ginger? If so about how much? I love all your recipes!!!! You’re my favorite blog by far!

  8. Oh NOW you post these, I just made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins last week and they turned out disastrous. Could I use raw honey instead of the syrup?

  9. Bleh. You and me both, I ate so much carby, sugary junk this weekend. And I still want more. I’m thinking that time of month is going to make me its biatch in a few days.

  10. The flip side is when people who don’t post all of their divorce drama via social media and then get awkward encounters from social acquaintances asking deeply personal questions about said divorce. Happened to my honey the other day. He’s been divorced for two years and some people are still just figuring it out.

  11. Did we have the same weekend?? Seriously, down to the divorce posts on Facebook.

    Except I learned the lesson long ago on not watching movies that don’t have happily ever after endings that give me a skewed opinion on how relationships (or life in general) are suppose to happen – I just watch Halmark channel so there is no chance of an unhappy ending sneaking in……

  12. Easy and yummy.
    I did the Bring Sally Up WOD today- WTF. I was annoyed my coach was having us do it because I thought it sounded easy. HA- jokes on me and in my face. Jello legs today… I bet the press was cray.

  13. Watched Great Gatsby with my husband over the weekend. And didn’t like it at all. I never read the book though cause in my HS you could count advanced theater as english your senior year.
    And I always use the extra bloating as an excuse to eat extra junk food. Like, my stomach is going to be bulging anyway, it might as well be bulging with chocolate.

  14. Wheeeee! I already happen to have all of this stuff on hand! Making as SOON as I have time!

    I just made your regular chocolate chip muffin recipe last week and my BF loved it, so this will undoubtedly be even better.

    Possibly making tonigh if I can get home early enought! YUMYUMYUM YAYYYY!

  15. So excited to try these! Pumpkin is the best and so is Fall!

    Question….Although this recipe doesn’t call for it (YaY!) I am allergic to nuts. What does anyone suggest I use to replace almond flour in these recipes? Thanks for yuor help!

    1. You can use ground up pumpkin seeds (the inners of the seeds not the shell) you can find them at Trader Joe’s in bags. They do have kind of a unique taste, but not a bad one, I use them for muffins because my son can’t have nut foods in his class, he has a classmate with an allergy.

  16. What coconut flour do you use? I can’t find one that doesn’t taste like coconut—-Does such a thing exist? I don’t want my pumpkin choco-muffin delights to have tropical undertones. HELP!

  17. You do know we have to give you some grief for complaining about not being prepared for the ending of a book considered a classic, that came out 88 years ago and has spawned multiple movie versions, right? 😉
    Also I REALLY want to try Bring Sally Up! Have you seen the Roxanne/Burpee warm-up that looks fun, too.

  18. I love your blog! We did “bring Sally up” yesterday for the first time. Anywho..My batter was very runny. Is that normal?

    1. You have to let any batter using coconut flour sit for 5 minutes before baking, so the flour can suck up some moisture.

      And – separate thought, saving comments – you can get canned pumpkin on Amazon, but it’s not cheap over here! It’s like canned salmon; never know how good I had it before moving here.

  19. Just made these muffins. Thinkin I’m a genius they’re so good. Since it’s your recipe Juli, you’re obviously the genius. Thanks for letting it rub off. 🙂

  20. Fatty McButterpants

    This is BS. If they really are Aunty Flow’s muffins I believe they are required to contain craisins…

  21. holy crap balls i just made these and they are AMAZING!
    i am tempted to have another but those potatoes are roasting in the oven and this red wine needs to be consumed.
    oh life, you challenge me so.

  22. I read that Japenese women have never heard of the concept of PMSing eat a totally normal diet during their period and have a lot fewer symptoms than western cultures, perhaps supporting your idea that the bloat is more a diet change problem. But who knows, chicken or the egg?

  23. Just made these and they turned out amazing! I doubled the recipe and made 6 jumbo muffins 🙂 I also used 1/2 agave nectar since I didn’t have enough maple syrup. They are nice and sweet like a dessert, but I think I’ll cut some of the maple syrup or chocolate chips next time to make them more breakfast-y. Thanks for the recipe!!

    1. Renee, Thank you! for saying doubling it made 6 jumbo muffins cause thats exactly what i was needing it for! and hey are for breakfast! awesome

  24. I’m stoked that all the pumpkin madness is coming out now, I live in New Zealand but even though it’s spring I’m getting pumpkins in my veggie boxes. Great timing for all the US recipes! Definitely gonna try this, plus I saw one for a pumpkin chia pudding (YUM). Still kinda wish we could get pumpkin in cans here…roasting and peeling is a bit labor-intensive

  25. I made these last night and they are so good! I didn’t have cloves, so I subbed allspice instead and it worked well.

  26. These are so incredible and so EASY! (Which is great for me because I’m a dork in the kitchen.) Even my non-paleo friends raved about them. I used pumpkin pie spice and a dash of cloves. Perfection!

  27. These were AMAZING! So easy and quick and stuff I had on hand. I made some for a work meeting this morning, no one would try them because they know I eat paleo..then one brave soul tried them and raved! And then the rest followed. All 12 were gone within 5 minutes. Yum!

  28. I make pumpkin protein muffins…always! they are my go to breakfast. I use almond meal, pumpkin, and protein powder…egg and cinnamon with some coconut oil. they are the best. Yours do sound yummy but I need my protein and I know it might not be paleo to use protein powder.
    Had to google Bring up Sally….hate it already.

  29. Made these last night and they were perfect! Thanks, Juli, for another great recipe. Love that it is nut-free.

  30. I just tried these, but I had no pumpkin so I used a large mashed banana instead. Holy hell they’re good. I thought the recipe was only supposed to make 5, but it made 10. So…I ate 5 to offset that expectation. (I know that makes no sense)

  31. Okay, so I waited one more day because I had to and bought the maple syrup – made these last night – and all I can say is, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! SO yummy! I am in LOVE! I even accidentally overbaked them just a WEE which is hilarious because I bake and cook a lot and it doesn’t happen very often – but they still turned out AMAZINGGG!

  32. These are perhaps the most delicious muffins I’ve ever eaten. I keep them in the fridge and microwave them 10 seconds each time. The chips are all melty and delicious. They are fantastic, thank you so much!

  33. The coconut oil solidified after i melted it and put it into the mix! Maybe my house is just reeally cold… is that supposed to happen? but anyway they’re in the oven right now!

  34. Just made these. Wanted a full batch and wanted to use the almond flour I had just made in my FP. For those that have been asking about almond flour subs — Double everything except the eggs, just add one more. I also think you could do less than double the coconut oil as I think I still just used about 1/4 cup. 2 T of coconut flour + 3/4 almond + 2T flax meal. I think you could ditch the coconut flour altogether (for the allergic folks like Angela) and bump up almond meal to 1 and 1/2 cups. For the record — I like adding flaxseed meal for health only, adding a T or 2 to the recipe doesn’t really change much. Also, I love cardamom so I add it as well to the spice mix. Delish, taking these on my road trip tonight to LA for my capoeira batizado. 😀

  35. I just made these. They are great. Even my non-paleo hubby likes them! I didn’t have any paper liners on hand, so I greased the muffin tins with coconut oil and they came out just fine.

  36. I’ve got a double batch of these in the oven now, and my apartment smells AMAZING! Any idea on the calorie and/or nutrition content?

  37. I did a quick calculation of the nutrition: 335 calories, 5g fat, 35 carbs per muffin. Most of the carbs are from the maple syrup and chocolate chips, so if you are concerned about it, you could probably use less of both. You could also probably cut back just slightly on the coconut oil to reduce calories and fat. Not that I think you should! These are amazing as is!

  38. i made these for the first time this morning..totally loving them…super yummy…. my tops were alittle to dark for my liking though…they weren’t burnt nor crispy…I baked them on 350 for just 35 minutes….just wonder if you have any hints to make them lighter

  39. I just made these this morning. These are the best paleo muffins I have tried, hands down. I usually don’t like the texture of using coconut flour because they always come out so dense, not these! They are light and airy and SOOO delish! Gotta make a double batch next time! My daughter LOVES them! Thank you, thank you!!

  40. Made these a couple days ago and LOVED THEM!!!! Probably one of the best muffins I have ever made. Planning on making them again real soon!

  41. Made these bad boys, minus the chocolate, this past weekend for house guests and they were devoured! Used agave instead of maple syrup, and still very yummy! I know the yield was 5, but I actually got 8 good size muffins. Making again soon!

  42. I went ahead and made a double batch this morning even though it’s the first time trying these because you have one of the most trustworthy recipe blogs ever. I KNOW whenever I make one of your recipes that it’s gonna be super fantastic and I can’t tell you how nice that is. I mean I probably could, but I’d get all mushy and ridiculously poetic and then I’d have to watch Steel Magnolias or something.
    So I’ll just say THANK YOU.

  43. I made these and they are amazing!!! My husband, who thinks the term paleo stands for “no way that will taste good” really liked them. I can’t wait to make them again. Any idea on calories per muffin? I made about 8 of them.

  44. These just came out of the oven — 10 minutes early because they are REALLY dark. I subbed half the syrup with honey — does honey tend to make paleo baked goods darker?

  45. Made these yesterday and brought into work – non-paleo people asking for the recipe! LOVE them :o) Way to go!!!

  46. Another great recipe Juli. I’ve made these twice now. First time I made the recipe as is (was slightly short on maple syrup so topped it off with honey) and my husband loved them. I think they taste better after being in the fridge. The second time I doubled the recipe, left out the chocolate chips, added 4 grated carrots and frosted them with cream cheese whipped with maple syrup. So good.

  47. You Glorious, Beautiful, Wonderful, Muffin-Baking Woman. I could kiss you on the mouth if that wouldn’t be super weird and stalkerish and probably terrifying for you. I went paleo a few months back due to some nasty autoimmune issues. However, I lived (LIVED) on bread, and oh how I miss it. I keep trying various muffins recipes on the interwebs and yuck so many of them are grossness. BUT THESE. I made them this morning. I nearly danced, cinderella-style, around the living room with these muffins. And then I ate two. I followed the recipe exactly and they were perfection.

  48. Man, I can always count on you to have just what I’m looking for. Mine are in the oven now…I used walnuts instead of chocolate chips.

  49. I made these and brought them into work with me today. My coworkers said, and I quote, “these are the best muffins I have ever had!”. They are so delicious, I cannot believe they even made it from my house to my office.

    1. I’ve made this recipe a bunch of times now and have been freezing them for an on-the-run breakfast. Best if you can pop them in the microwave for a few seconds so the chocolate chips melt 🙂 But they are good simply thawed at room temp as well!

  50. Juli! These were absolutely amazing! I had just made some raspberry orange muffins the day before from another site… they didn’t puff up at all, and they were really wet. I decided I was going to try your recipe for the pumpkin muffins, because your picture of them was convincing… and they were unbelieveable! They taste absolutely incredible and the texture is fluffy and moist. You are seriously the most amazing paleo blogger ever! From here on out, I’m sticking to your baking recipes!

  51. Thank you so much for this recipe ! I made it using cacao nibs ,about an 8th of a cup ,instead of chocolate chips , and they came out wonderfully! And were a huge hit at the baby shower I brought them to. I’ve also made your pumpkinola and its yummy too!

  52. Just made these for our family hayride this afternoon. They taste amazing!! I’m almost 3 weeks in on eating Paleo and this is the first baked good I’ve had. I hope I can exercise enough self-control to not eat the entire double batch in the next couple of hours!! I just can’t get over how perfect the texture is. Thanks to you, I’m finding the culinary satisfaction in Paleo that I swore did NOT exist!!

  53. Just made a double batch with chocolate chunks instead of chips (I generally live by the rule that more chocolate is always better…) and they were amazing! Thanks for the recipe!

  54. we love these. i have been making them a couple of times a week for breakfast for my whole family! thanks!

  55. These. Are. Amazing. Perfection!!! Spices are just right, texture is perfect, everything works. Made a double batch for some friends, now I’m repeating that effort so I can bring them in for a belated Boss’s Day (that’s a real thing?!) celebration tomorrow.

  56. Yep, these are da bomb! I’m just starting my venture into the Paleo world after going gluten-free & needing to go further. I made a double batch but threw in some subs/mixes like coconut & almond flour, maple syrup & molasses & raw honey, and upped the spices cause I love them. Even my picky daughter ate two & hubby ate one. I’m thinking these would go perfect with my breakfast smoothie!

    This eating good for me thing might just work out after all.

  57. these were yummy! i made a double-batch as well, but didn’t double the choc. chips and all was still well in the world.

    finally got down to the 50’s in austin, so was able to enjoy them with some friends. then posted it on instagram and had everyone begging for the recipe. and with good reason too! thanks so much!

  58. So I made these today and they were very good, except mine did not rise as much as yours seem to have in your picture. They were also super oily for my taste. I figured maybe adding more flour? Any advise? Otherwise definitely will make them again!

  59. I noticed a lot of people asked for the calorie info on these. I always work out the calories in all of my paleo baking so I don’t go overboard eating them (I tend to go overboard anyway…). I don’t do all the nutrition info, figuring out the calories takes long enough! Anyway, if you make 6 it works out to a little under 288 calories per muffin. The entire recipe is 1727 calories, so if you make more or less than I did you can do your own math based on that. Hope that helps!

  60. I tripled the recipe for these and was able to make a 12 regular size muffins and 12 mini muffins. These are the bomb, and I fooled my gluten eating friends with them. Hehe.

  61. These are so much more coconutty than pumpkiny. I’m nine months pregnant and I wanted pumpkin. Wah. Don’t get me wrong; they taste good. But they’re so much like the chocolate chip banana bread recipe. And I think the cooking time could be reduced by a good ten minutes.

  62. These are yummo! Thought the mix needed a bit more dry ingredients..might put in some coconut or something next time
    4 stars

  63. I have only been eating Paleo for the past 6 weeks and this is definitely one of my favourite recipes so far!
    I live in Britain and was sent orange chocolate buttons in my shop in error (Asda for anyone struggling to find wheat, gluten & dairy free choc) but they actually added a lovely flavour! WIll add slightly more flour next time as my mixture was slightly runny but thank you for an amazing treat!

  64. These muffins were phenominal! Even my fiance who is skeptical on grain-free baked goods couldn’t get enough of them! Thank you for the wonderful recipe. Can’t wait to bring these to our Halloween potluck at work. 🙂

  65. I made these muffins last night and they were NOT a success for me! The recipe sounds amazing, but my batter was really liquid-y and they did not cook well at all!
    I didn’t have any coconut flour, so I ended up using regular flour (I know, I know, bad non-Paleo flour!) but I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference.
    I’m determined to make them though, I will try again! WITH coconut flour!

    1. Coconut flour cannot be substituted with other flours equally… Coconut four absorbs A LOT of liquid. You would probably needs 3x the flour and half the eggs in order to use all-purpose flour.

  66. So, I made these and I’m new to paleo baking. I saw other people saying their batter was runny, mine was nothing of the sort, it was actually super thick. Did I do something wrong or is that how its supposed to be? They taste pretty awesome, just a diff texture than I’m used to.

  67. Hello. I’m new to paleo baking, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I saw other people saying their batter was runny, but mine was totally opposite. Very thick. Did I do something wrong? And they stuck to the muffin paper. They tasted amazing, just a different texture than I’m used to.

  68. Great recipe. I made these without chocolate chips, so I went heavy-handed on the spices, and they turned out wonderfully. Also, I made mini-muffins and ended up with batter for 25 minis (without the chocolate chips). Cooked until firm, 15-20 minutes.

  69. I’ve made these 3 times now. The first time I made them with 1/2 the chocolate chips, the second just as directed, and today I made them without the chocolate at all. Every time they’ve come out delicious, though the 1/2 chocolate is my favorite. Thank you for another fabulous recipe. I’m 3 weeks into being paleo (again) and you make it easy! My non-paleo boyfriend thanks you as well.

  70. These are so great!
    Doubled the recipe, but only used 1/3 cup maple syrup, and added liquid stevia instead (maybe 5 or so dropper-fulls) and made 12 delicious muffins!
    Even shared them with my non-paleo co-workers, who gave them a thumbs up!
    I <3 Pumpkin!
    Hadn't been able to find a good nut free pumpkin muffin recipe!
    Thank you! You rock!

  71. Didn’t have coconut flour. Used regular. Hope it’s ok! Also have your pork chops with butternut and apples in the oven. Yummy!

  72. I made these last night. SUPER YUMMY. I did however sub the 1/3 cup maple syrup with 2tbsp sugar free (sweetened with sugar alcohol instead) syrup and then 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce. To ensure these would still be sweet I added about 1/4 cup erythritol and maybe 8 drops vanilla stevia. These made 6 HUGE muffins and I did have to bake about 15 minutes longer (probably because of my edits to the recipe) but when they were done… they were AMAZING. So moist and flavorful!! I ate 3 muffins within the first hour they were done, I had to call my mom over to take the remaining 3 (which I already picked at) away from me so I didn’t go overboard… whew… these were great! Thank you!

  73. I just found your website and so glad that I did. I tried these amazing muffins tonight and they are already gone! My whole family loved them, and they do not eat a paleo diet. I followed the recipe given except decreased the maple syrup and added a little stevia and they turned out great.

    Keep the recipes coming!

  74. I’ve made these twice now. So yummy! This last time I smeared some almond butter on top of the cooled muffins as a sort of icing. Weird? Maybe…but definitely tasty!

  75. Juli, your recipes are seriously amazing. I just made these muffins and they are the BEST grain-free baked good I’ve ever had. I can’t get over how fluffy and perfect they are. I have a little blog just for posting my favorite recipes to share with my family and friends (mostly my mom!) and I link to your recipes constantly. Thank you for your work!

  76. I tried making these without eggs as I’m somewhat intolerant. I used half flax seed and half applesauce. They didn’t rise as much and they fall apart, so you pretty much have to eat them out of the pan. But the taste is delicious, great recipe!

  77. Subbed the pumpkin for kobucha squash (hey – they LOOK like pumpkins!). And I made way more than 5. I had to reduce the bake time by about half as my first batch was way too dark. The 2nd batch was by far the best muffin with coconut flour I’ve ever had. I usually only use coconut flour as a small part of the flour because I’m normally not a fan. Yum!

  78. I made them without the chocolate and they were amazing!! Also made mini muffins since I didn’t have big muffin cups…the recipe made 15 mini muffins.

    Soooo good! Thank you for an amazing recipe!

  79. So happy I found his recipe! I am from Ireland and seen the comments above about not being able to get canned pumpkin! I happen to have some in my press, for any one from Ireland I seen it in tk maxx and oddly enough aldi and a friend from the states always orders it online for Thanksgiving so you can get it. I think its worth it rather than than going through the process of doing it all yourself! 🙂 going to make them next week cant wait 🙂

  80. Yum! Just made these and have already eaten 2. I did not melt the coconut oil, as it hardens up if all wet ingredients are not room temp anyway. I did notice the oil seeped through the paper…think I will just bake directly in muffin pan next time. Doubled recipe and got 12. Think I might also exchange choc. chips for pecans or walnuts, just to lessen the sugar….and my guilt! Delicious!

  81. These worked without the oil! I microwaved the oil then as I put the muffins into the oven I realized the batch didn’t have oil and I was afraid they were ruined. Also I am out of maple syrup and only got 2 tablespoons out of it. They’re perfect if recipe is followed exact. I’m not into overly sweet treats so this subtle, spicy oil free muffin is still awesome!

  82. these are really good – great recipe – brava!

    the second time i made them i added some ground raisins macerated in bourbon–wow!

  83. I love these muffins!! I have been making them 3 ways- 1. per the recipe, 2. Adding banana instead of pumpkin, and 3. Adding apple sauce instead of pumpkin and only adding cinnamon and nutmeg instead of all the other spices and removing the chocolate chips.

  84. This recipe is awesome!! I just made it for the 2nd time, and this time I didn’t quite have 1/3 cup of maple syrup, so I mixed it with a little raw honey. I also didn’t quite have 1/4 cup of coconut oil (I have got to remember to check these things before starting a recipe) so used a little ghee. I also added some walnuts since I had so many left over from making your pumpkin granola recipe, and after adding them to my giant vanilla bean cookies earlier this week (big frickin’ bag of chopped walnuts). They are still amazing. I only have a jumbo muffin tin, so I only get 4 muffins out of this recipe, but I’m super excited to have big @$$ pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!!

  85. Holy ‘tastiness!!! Made these at 3am the other morning with mini donut maker. Only had four left for my kiddos breakfast. Doubling it from now on! Super moist and yummy, not overly coconutty-I swear my son has coconut radar any time I put any amount in anything and he gladly ate these right up. Also tried experimenting with sweet potato instead of pumpkin and sub raisins for chocolate. So so versatile. Good thing canned pumpkin isn’t seasonal. This is my go to indulgence. Thank you!!

  86. A-mazing! This is the first paleo/primal baked good that blows a conventional recipe out of the water. Crazy moist and tender, not too sweet, so pumpkiny. I’m pregnant and have been hard core craving pumpkin muffins… I wish I could give you a hug.

  87. Mine turned out tasting like straight up eggs:( I’m not sure what I did wrong, but they middle of them was VERY gooey and like I said tasted like straight up eggs….any thoughts on what might have gone awry?

  88. I’ve made these three times now… awesome recipe, thanks! I like them best cold out of the fridge.

    First time – didn’t have baking powder, still good. Just a little more wet/dense.

    Second time – didn’t have eggs – used chia ‘eggs.’ This was a horrible idea.

    Third time – followed recipe, turned out great

  89. O M G ! Just made these with my 6 year old.! We LOVE them. I actually doubled the recipe and used only half of the maple syrup and 1/3 cup choc chunks! Made 11 good sized muffins!

    Thank you!!

  90. Just made these (in my tiny little German oven) and they’re delicious! I also doubled the recipe, thanks so much and hello from Stuttgart, Germany : )

  91. I made this recipe exactly as stated- except I used honey instead of maple syrup- one of the greatest things I have ever baked. My boyfriend, brother and mom loved them- they couldn’t believe it WASNT loaded with flour & sugar.
    Definitely the recipe I will keep around for when I want to impress. Thanks for this =]

  92. I made these yesterday and they were absolutely delicious… we are trying a gluten elimination diet for my 5 1/2 year old with allergies and asthma.. and he thought they were awesome!!!

  93. I LOVE these muffins! My boys (5 & 3) and husband love these muffins. I can’t say enough good things about them. They help us when we’re in need of a sugar and carb fix. Thank you so much!!!

  94. Love this recipe. It’s wildly popular in my house with my young children. I’ve made it probably 4-5 times so far and the muffins never last 24 hours in the house.

  95. Just made these this morning and they turned out fantastic! Thank you for another amazing recipe! I did actually make a few small changes- (risky on first try…I know). I used 1/2 cup of pumpkin instead (i had exactly that much couldn’t leave that little bit behind), I cut the coconut oil in half and added shredded dried coconut in addition to the flour (prob. 2 tblspns)…also, i was oddly out of baking soda so I doubled the baking powder. I used 2 mini-loaf pans and baked for 30 min- PERFECTION!! Can’t wait to make a bunch of these for Christmas gifts!

  96. I am totally obsessed with these muffins. I make a double batch at the beginning of the week and then freeze them. I just take one out of the freezer the night before to have for breakfast. Sometimes I have one fora snack….and sometimes I have one for dinner. I have probably made these six or seven times now and they are always good. The only change I make is I only put in 1/2 the chips, because that’s how I prefer them. Juli thank you for this recipe…I don’t feel so deprived anymore.

  97. these are AMAZING!! Sooo tasty and they remind me of “real” muffins (you know, the kind with flour?!) My boyfriend even liked these and he is super picky and makes fun of many of the paleo creations I make (BONUS!) Thanks Juli!

  98. your muffins are SO awesome. so easy and just turn out fantastic. thanks so much for posting this receipe! we love it, and even non-paleo friends ate a whole batch (where are my muffins!) and did not even notice that they are not “normal” muffins. i cut maple syrup in half or less (and sub honey), still sweet and awesome. thank you so much!

  99. OMG is right. These are amazing. So light and fluffy and just so yum. I steamed butternut squash and mashed in the absence if canned in Oz but otherwise followed recipe exactly. I am not a huge fan of pumpkin and cinnamon but I think these may be the best muffins I have ever made. Ever. Do yourself a favor and bake a batch! Thanks so much for sharing these.

  100. I just took these out of the oven and my house smells divine! Can’t wait to taste them, they look so delicious!! I’m new to the whole paleo thing… And I’m so excited for your recipes!! They look so delicious!! Thank you!!

  101. I’m soo happy I want to cry. I soooo tired of eggs and I’ve tried a few paleo muffin recipes, but some were cheats and some were just office…this was amazing..I finally have something to eat for breakfast besides eggs.

  102. I was wondering how many cupcakes does this make? I would like to make it into a cake, do you have a recipe for that? It sounds amazing!

  103. I have made these many times and they always turn out fantastic! I usually double or triple the recipe and make it in a large loaf pan. It takes longer to cook but then I can cut a huge slice and slather it with butter-yum!

  104. Just baked these and they look great! Super excited for my first venture into paleo treat making. Woot!!!! 3 weeks on @ 90% paleo and I feel awesome.

  105. These are my favorite go-to paleo muffins! I just tried them with a banana instead of the maple syrup. It’s definitely not as sweet, but still really good!!

  106. These are SO freaking good! I made them twice this week and doubled the recipe the second time. My kids love them! I love how moist they stay and that they’re grain free and naturally sweetened. Perfect! Thank you!

  107. I’m only a Paleo dabbler. But, I just found this recipe and I’m on my third batch already. I have yet to make them with chocolate chips (but I will soon); they are moist and delicious.

  108. These are so delicious! Tripled the recipe, and used raw cacao nibs. Topped them with a sprinkle of maple sugar to give them a sheen. They are really moist and light, & great warm with some good butter and raw honey — although munching on them without any adornment is just fine, too! Thanks for a perfect pumpkin muffin recipe, and a fun food blog. 😀

  109. Wow!! These are awesome! It’s my birthday and I made these with my 2 year old this morning as a special treat and they did not disappoint! GREAT RECIPE! Thank you!!!

  110. This are awesome! I find that many coconut flour products have an odd texture because there needs to be so much more egg but these were great!!

  111. Made these tonight and my kids and husband scarfed them! I followed the recipe but added dates for extra sweetness, it made 10 in my muffin pan. I will make another batch or two tomorrow with the remaining pumpkin. Thanks!!!

  112. In the oven now! I tripled the recipe, used apple sauce instead of coconut oil and omitted the chocolate chips and cloves (didn’t have cloves on hand). I need something healthy to send with my 2 year old to daycare since he is newly dairy free…hoping they turn out! Based on all of the above reviews they will be great!

  113. My very first foray into paleo baking. I’m trying to get over my emotional attachment to baking as a symbol that I am a good family matriarch. I am astonished how amazingly good these are! Had to triple the recipe for my family. Storage: should they be stored in the fridge or are they okay out for up to 24 hours?

  114. These are great, and my kids love them! We have made them straight from the recipe, made it as a bread, and our latest was use the recipe as inspiration for a banana bread for my little guy. We just mashed 2 ripe bananas in place of the pumpkin, added a dollop of applesauce, and added a bit more coconut flour(maybe 1/8 cup). We also trimmed back on the maple syrup because the bananas are naturally so sweet and went a little heavier on the cinnamon. It came out great! Thank you for your great recipes and sense of humor!

  115. I made these tonight and they were delicious! I am still trying to get into a groove with the paleo diet and haven’t eaten anything sweet. These muffins fulfilled my craving. Thank you!! I have posted this link on Facebook so my friends can try this this recipe too! 🙂

  116. So good! I am in the process of transitioning to cleaner/healthier paleo eating and frequently use your recipes and post them on facebook. How do I tag you on facebook?

  117. Love this recipe! I have been making pumpkin bread and muffins for my family for years and I am so happy to find a healthier version! Thank you! I also make them in a mini muffin pan! Cuts the cook time down to 15 minutes tops! Sweet!
    Great blog, btw!

  118. Great recipe! Made 1/2 with chocolate chips and 1/2 without. Both were yummy! Pumpkin muffins were a family favorite before I started eating Paleo, and its great to know I can have them again. Can’t wait to make these many more times this Fall.