Southwest Meatloaf

Holy balls. I can barely walk today. I did pistols the other day. No I didn’t shoot things, I did one legged squats. Guns kinda scare me. But seriously, if you want your ass to feel like someone literally took a slab of muscle out of your donk, used a tenderizer on it, then put it back in your body…do pistols. That doesn’t sound fun? Well, if my ass hurts this bad (especially considering it’s size), there has to be some kind of muscle gains from this movement, right? My hopes are that my butt is going to look like gold starting tomorrow. I’m going to look in the mirror and it’s just going to bounce back at me. That didn’t make sense. But you know what I mean. Probably not.

As I’ve become more and more into CrossFit over this year and a half, I’ve noticed I look at guys butts more often. I used to never notice that sh*t. Nor did I notice the size of their calves. Now I always look at both. I feel like a guy. But butt size and calf size often say a lot about a man’s workout routine. In turn, it says a lot of their personality. You see, I hang around some pretty good looking guys, with great calves AND butts, so I’m often judgmental with other guys I meet. Do I sound like a b*tch? Totally do. But that’s besides the point. I just like a great butt, ok?

Speaking of beef cakes, I love meatloaf. So it was about time to make a new meatloaf recipe. Meat in loaf form just makes more sense. And seems to be more fun to eat. It really makes no sense but it does in my mind. But you all have seen what my mind is capable of. I just love ground meat. I plan on making a new chili recipe every day next week. I’m gonna have a balls ton of food at my house. You excited? Me too. Wanna come over and have a dinner date?? See you soon.

By the way, I’m sitting on a lacrosse ball at a coffee shop right now. Inappropriate? Maybe to some. To me it means some newly flexibly hamstrings so I can walk again. K bye.


Paleo Southwest Meatloaf


  • 1.5 lbs ground beef
  • 1 egg, whisked
  • 3/4 cup almond flour
  • 1 green pepper, chopped
  • 1 red pepper, chopped
  • 1 red onion, chopped
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 2 tablespoons hot sauce (I used Cholula)
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 tablespoon fat (I used olive oil)


  1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Heat a large skillet under medium-high heat, add fat and minced garlic to the oil. Once the garlic has become fragrant, add your green pepper, red pepper, and onions.
  3. Cook until onions are translucent then remove from heat.
  4. Add your meat, egg, almond flour, spices, hot sauce, and cooked veggies to a large bowl. Mix together.
  5. Place meat mixture in two bread loaf pans (at least they’re useful for something) and pat down.
  6. Cook for 30-35 minutes.
  7. Top with guac!! Consume

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


81 thoughts on “Southwest Meatloaf”

  1. YUM! I will be making this tonight. Going to add some shredded carrots in place of green bell….should be yummy.

  2. I made this last night with venison and chili garlic sauce in place of the hot sauce. It rocked. Thanks! I shared it on my blog too.

  3. Just made this. I win again for being smart enough to do as Juli says. Thanks for another funny blog and outstanding recipe!

  4. Juli, I love you. Plain and simple. And my wife doesn't know but my daughter is cooking your food and benefiting from your recipes. I'm benefiting from your humor and kindness. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you so much Jim!! I'm not sure if you read my posts though…I'm not exactly kind 😉 hope your wife likes the food as well!!

  6. Hey, just wanted to say that I stumbled upon this website via chowstalker… made this recipe… thought it was awesome… and now find myself ever critical of peoples' calf-al region.

  7. Hey Juli, this one turned out awesome!. Anyway, love your recipe's and your crazy ass rants. You remind me of what I imagine a pirate must be like in real life. The question is, would you have a hooked hand or wooden leg. As far as a your feathered friend goes… we both know you would eat it because it would not stop squawking. FYI, you spell your name wrong, you should look into getting that shit fixed.

  8. Lol a pirate? Never got that, but I'm cool with it. I'd be a wicked good pirate. And I probably smell like one already anyways. And what's up with my name? My mom wanted me to be different. She succeeded with or without the name.

  9. It's alright about your name… I wonder if it pronounced like Julie or July ( if it's July, I am sorry you have a horrible name ). Anyway, glad I found you online, you're pretty awesome.

  10. My name is not July. Is it really that confusing? If it is, you can call me Ju. That's what my roommate calls me. Simple, to the point, and offensive to some. How did u find my blog peter?

  11. I am glad your name is not July, that would just be stupid, I think we can both agree on that 😉 I just have a messed up last name and it pisses me off when people say it wrong. Figured people probably call you July sometimes and it makes you punch them.

    Anyway, I just started getting into Paleo and wanted to find some good recipe sites. The other ones are boring as hell, your's is pretty much perfect ( but you could use a little more attitude in your posts, I can barely get a feel of what kind of person you are here ).

    I think I will call you Ju, but only if you are of the Jewish faith ( then it's ok to point at you and say, look at that smelly Ju – and watch as people go OMG!!! ). Otherwise, Juli is fine.

    I will also have to pass on your offer to be your roommate, we barely know one another, it would be weird. But thanks anyway 🙂

  12. More attitude? If that's not sarcasm I must be doing something wrong. My mom sometimes begs me to not curse as much. My blog posts are exactly who I am. Minus my nightly face washing habits. No one cares about that.

  13. OMG! I just made this tonight (after being introduced to your site by Eileen Schreiber)….the only changes I made were I used Spanish paprika and I made a tomato sauce with Southwest Chipotle seasoning to pour on top and bake with during the last 20 min. or so….I put it in a traditional pan so I baked for 60 min. LOVE IT!!!
    Thanks for posting this recipe! I look forward to trying more!!

  14. Making this for the fourth time tonight. It’s actually for Sunday family dinner this time!

    This is quick, easy and tasty! All the right components for a good meal.

  15. Made this last night with a couple of extra cloves of garlic at my non-paleo husband’s request. Sooo delish!! Thank you!!

  16. Wow–another winner! Loved the kick to this meatloaf, and glad I noticed to add guacamole at the last minute.

    Down 40lbs since mid-Nov thanks to your recipes and those from Caveman George

  17. Good lord! This is awesome! Thank you!! I’m finishing off one of the “loafs” on my own right now.

  18. Yet another phenomenal recipe! I was lacking the chili powder and used a few dashes of cayenne instead- still turned out fantastic!

  19. So even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipes and have made so many of them, I feel more compelled to comment on your ramblings about life cuz they crack me up!!

    I think checking out a guy’s forearms has been what I’ve been doing since crossfitting…I can tell if they can do a heavy snatch. I like heavy-snatching men….

    Anyways, keep it coming! You crack me up!

  20. This turned out SO good! my new favorite go to meal.. who knew meatloaf could be so damn good??! Thanks for the recipe.

  21. OMG – talk about a go to meal! I use 2 lbs of grass fed ground beef and eat it for lunch every day at work. I know i need to switch it up or I’m going to get sick of it! We added 1 orange pepper and more garlic as well. Great vehicle for more veggies! We also water sauteed and it still turned out AWESOME!

  22. I LOVE this recipe (so does my husband). We’ve made it twice now and the second time I substituted yellow and green zucchini for the bell peppers. It turned out great, though I had took cook it about twice as long.

  23. Love! I have made a million meatloaves before. NO biggie. Gave this recipe to my husband since I didn’t feel like cooking. He of course followed the recipe exactly..I never do. Didn’t even eat it the first day since it was just another meatloaf. WRONG!! It was awesome! Almost ate the whole pan once I did try it. Thanks Julie! This will be entering my weekly rotation for sure.

  24. Admittedly, I have not tried the recipe yet. However, I once again find myself stumbling across your recipes from thefoodee. I know it will be good, and I know I will continue to use your recipes. On another note, would you marry me? Consider it?

  25. Just got done eating this and I love it! The kid gobbled it down too. I hate to admit it, but it beats my old recipe hands down. I’ll be making two more soon so I can freeze slices for quick meals later. I will be dreaming of meatloaf tonight!

  26. We thoroughly enjoyed this last night – just the right amount of spices and we added a yellow bell pepper as well which gave the dish a great color. We look forward to trying other recipes.

  27. I’m making this for dinner tomorrow! I ran out of almond flour, is it ok that I leave it out?
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I’m just getting into the paleo & crossfit lifestyle, I start my fundamentals this week!

  28. Holy deliciousness!! Sundays are my cooking WOD day. I made this first, thinking that it would be one of my go-to quick meals or snacks over the next few days. It came out looking so yummy that I had to take a “taste”…I’ve now eaten 1/3 of one loaf and it’s 10am. 🙂

  29. Hi Juli!! I am SUCH a big fan of this blog.. I have recently started the Paleo lifestyle and your funny posts and delicious recipes have made it an easier transition. Thank you for being so awesome!!

    Regarding this recipe – I do not have Almond Flour at home but I have Coconut Flour, would that work in place of it? or should I just leave it out?

    Thank you!!

    1. 3-5 tablespoons of coconut flour would probably work! i’ve used coconut flour before in a meatloaf recipe and while it’ not exactly the same, it binds pretty well

      1. I’m cheap and used coconut flower too. It made for an interesting but good flavor. Especially with chili garlic sauce! (And this coming from a recently reformed vegan…and soon to be CF’er!)

  30. I make a lot of really good meatloafs, and this was everyone’s favorite so far! Swapped guacamole for a spicy tomato sauce. It was delicious, thanks so much for sharing!

  31. This recipe was fantastic! Made it last night for dinner with leftovers for this totally lame May snow day. 🙁 Come on, Denver. Really?

    A friend recommended your blog to me after my husband and I started the Atkins diet over a month ago- (yep, those weird people on the other side of the tracks who don’t even eat honey). We’ve both super stoked to find such tasty ideas here! Keep up the awesome!

    1. Follow-up: This tasted even better reheated for lunch the next day than it did out of the oven! Om nom nom.

  32. Made this tonight and it was very good. It ended up a little spicy for my 6 year old, but she still ate it. 😉 Thank you for a great addition to our menu!

  33. Matthew Landahl

    Holy shit this is SO DELICIOUS!! Thanks you very much for this recipe. Me and my dad both loved and and we plan on trying all of the different meatloaf recipes.

  34. It was delish! The Dutch equivalent for hot sauce was a bit of a problem. I still had some pepper sauce, which probably made it extra spicy 😉 Didn’t use two tbs though, just to be sure. Thanks for the great recipe!

  35. So good! My favorite Whole30 meal I’ve made so far. I ended up making just one loaf from this recipe. I tried to divide it between two loaf pans but it was too thin. Maybe the pans were bigger than the ones you used?

    Either way – amazing. Great with a sweet potato casserole!

  36. I made this tonight and love it! I put it in one bread pan ( 9 x 5) so it took about 47 minutes to cook. Delicious!

  37. Juli, I just wanted to say I made this your meatloaf for supper tonight and it was fabulous! Which I have done several of your recipes but being in a house with a hubby and a 17 year old son that’s not paleo, not one gripe and even got a high five from the teenager! Will be making this on a regular bases now! You freakin’ Rock!

  38. Loved this! Cooked it in muffin tins and froze leftover portions for easy lunch box meals (I’m a teacher). I even made my own almond flour which was a bit coarse, but worked! Thanks for sharing. I usually hate meatloaf, but I am SO glad I tried this recipe. I even shared it with my foodie sister, who has banging culinary skills (I cook salad), and she loved it too!

  39. I am no cook but find it necessary if I want to eat delicious healthier food. Anyway, made this. Ate it with guac. Was delicious.

  40. This is probably one of the best meatloaf recipes I’ve ever found! Oh, by the way, my wife & son will not let me make any other meatloaf than this one. It’s always requested. The only thing I change up from time to time is the meat mixtures with 50/50 Beef/Pork, Beef/Chicken, or Beef/Chorizo. Thanks for the great recipe!

  41. I thought it was ok. My husband disliked it very much and he pretty much eats anything. It does not taste like reg. meatloaf and I think that’s what he was expecting. with the spices and peppers more of a mexican dish.

  42. Just but “the paleo kitchen” and so far i am in love…the cauliflower soup? Freaking omg? Me and my “meatetarian” husband have been eating it everyday for the last 6 days. Just pre-ordered your latest book. Anyways, to my question: i am about to make this recipe with three pounds of turkey ground beef and plan on doubling evry ingredient but idk about the coconut flour since i am new to baking with it….should i double it as well??

  43. Omg meant almond flour!! What is wrong with me…did i just have a stroke?
    PS- i am OBSESSED with the creamy couloflower soup. Oh! Will be making the delicata squash soup tonight…

  44. I’ve made this three times now! I’ve used ground turkey, beef, and bison — all are delicious. I usually only use 1# meat, cut the almond flour to 1/2 cup, leave the rest the same and bake it for 40-50 minutes in 1 loaf. It’s SUCH a keeper.

  45. Holy crap this was amazing. I did 1 lb turkey and the last half ground beef and just put everything together in one pan and cooked for about 45 mins and it was BOMB

  46. Can you use wheat flour in place of the almond flour? Also, is this very spicy? My 6 year old doesn’t like too spicy so I’m thinking I could leave out the hot sauce?

  47. Loved this recipe!! I had a pregnancy craving for meatloaf but I needed it to be Paleo. Swapped out the almond flour for cassava flour and it held up great. Topped with extra hot sauce and guacamole. I imagine it would be really good with some coconut milk “sour cream” to round out the Southwest flavors. Also, for anyone wondering, Walmart sells disposable medium-size loaf pans that are the PERFECT size for under $1. Made for easy cleanup!

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