This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion

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Fashion Friday time!! I didn’t do many things this week, mostly was glued to a computer screen in my pajamas. And when I say pajamas, I mean real ugly pajamas. I don’t really believe in owning good looking pajamas. I don’t understand the point. You don’t look attractive when sleeping or when waking up, so why try to cover it up and act like you do? You’re not a freak of nature, you’re ugly waking up. Just face it. I do. I own it. I hate this paragraph. Anyways, I only sported 3 outfits this week other than my multiple workout outfits. So let’s get on with this sh*t.

I sported this outfit to a dog park. I found out that dog parks are often dirt. I imagined astroturf. I obviously imagined wrong. My feet were a bit dark afterwards. But Jackson was a happy pup.


Next outfit was a day date with Sergio. We went to find some gluten free donuts from Beet Box and some sushi. These jeans are by FAR my favorite jeans I’ve found. They are super stretchy but don’t feel like jeggings and they don’t give you a muffin top. They are the best


This was just a day out and about earlier in the week. I did some grocery shopping and errands. I looked totally over the top, but sometimes you just gotta place dress up to feel good. These shorts are super comfortable and don’t look too much like pajamas like some of the shorts out there. PS taking selfies of the back is highly difficult.


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


31 thoughts on “This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion”

  1. Okay, so your entire blog is all inspiring for an active + paleo + balanced lifestyle, but honestly these Fashion Fridays are what inspires me most. You look GREAT, and I know you’ve worked hard for it… and these gorgeous photos and gorgeous you make me confident that I can work just as hard and maybe look like 75% as good (which I’d be very happy about!!).

  2. Love the outfits! What style of jeans are the ones you’re wearing? I was looking for some new jeans! Thanks for the fashion show!

  3. Cute outfits!!!
    I love PJ’s.. I have soooooooooo many pairs.. pant and shirts.. tanks n bottoms.. luv em..
    try it.. you might like it!!! teeeheeee

  4. You look amazing! I love your blog…. Thank you!
    What’s your daily eating/workout routine?
    Cheerio Kirsten (Australia)

  5. I love the black shorts! They look so comfy yet somehow dressy at the same time. I have such a hard time finding shorts that are small enough in the waist yet large enough to fit the butt/hips/thighs.

  6. Juli Bauer bought rompers and wedges, so I bought rompers and wedges.

    But seriously your clothes are adorable! I love these fashion Friday posts.

  7. Those jeans are deadly! Its soooo hard to find a well-fitting pair of jeans. I doubt I’ll be able to find them on my lonely island in Canada, but I will forever be on the lookout for that brand.
    Love the Fashion Friday posts!

  8. Girl, you are smokin’!! Those legs! You’re inspiring, although in a I’ll-probably-never-ever-look-anything-close-to-that-good kinda way. 🙂

  9. Courtny Paxton

    I love that you share with us CrossFit ladies where you find pants that fit on muscular legs. I have the worst time trying to find anything that fits. Out here in the Midwest the one store that I have the best luck at is Ann Taylor Loft and White House Black Market. The pants/jeans/shorts fit well and good on muscular butts and thighs! Your outfits are amazing and I love that aztec print top and the black tank! Keep all your assorted posts coming, they are fun and that is what we need! 😀

    1. Glad to hear! Just had to respond to someone who didn’t understand the point of the posts. I love hearing where people fine clothes, it’s so tough with different shaped bodies!

  10. Just curious if you’re getting something for the free advertisement of these companies. This blog used to be all humor and food and now it feels like advertising. Just curious. Cute outfits though but what’s your real motive?

    1. Actually none of these companies are giving me anything, whatsoever. Some have emailed to thank me, but no, I’m sharing outfits because it has been popular on my Instagram and many cf girls have a hard time finding clothes that fit a more muscular body. Sorry it bothers you, but nope, I’ve bought all of these clothes and shared the outfits just for fun.

  11. Juli, these fashion posts are so great! I love that it’s all stuff that I can afford and would wear (if I ever changed out of my hoodies and lulus, that is…)

    Keep ’em coming, you look fantastic!

  12. Hi Juli – long time since I’ve been across your webpage! Saw the pictures of you and my jaw dropped – you look great!!! You lost quite a lot of weight since last time I saw pictures of you, well done! And then I stumbled across the post about the haters and how you changed your training and eating habits….. Just wanted to let you know that I thought you looked great before and you still do! And if you feel better now then halleluja (I can relate because I’m in a likewise situation). Take care and keep doing what you do – I like people like you who don’t give a shit 😉

  13. I love these posts!! Finding shorts/pants/jeans is basically impossible (thanks, CF), so I love seeing what you’re found that works. Plus, your fashion sense is amazing. If you’re ever bored with the whole food thing you could always switch to personal shopper/stylist. I’d hire you.

  14. ” Why is that little bitch Demi Moore on here?” I mutterer to myself when this appeared on my newsfeed…OMG it’s Juli! What a transformation! Yes, you have always been young and beautiful..even more so now! Love seeing the fashions! Some are too young for we women in our late, late, late 50’s, I do love helping my 15 yr old daughter pull together the perfect look..and I can still rock a few! Now this site has everything I love!

  15. 1) Love the Fashion Friday posts! Why are some people such jerks?
    2) It’s your blog. Keep putting whatever the hell you want on it – we love it and you. End of story.

  16. I, for one, would like to see your tax records, just to make sure you’re not making a profit on these fashion posts. Because, it’s my call.

    I’m playing hard ball. You can’t just expect me to keep coming by and printing off all these insanely awesome free recipes without giving me some say in how things are run.

  17. Love the fashion posts, Juli, keep them coming! I especially like the lacy textures in this week’s set. I am currently on a shopping fast, but when I’m ready to cheat on my diet I’m totally getting some of that fun stuff.

    About PJ’s: I don’t consider PJ’s something you wear to bed – I’m on board with the other commenter who snoozes au naturel. However, PJ’s are something I put on after my shower to hang out on the couch before bed. It’s nice to have a few different kinds (sexy kinds?) depending on my mood, and also the temperature in the house. And it’s also nice to have a cozy robe to put on in the morning and go hit up the coffee pot.

    Try getting some nice PJ’s and just consider them your pre-bed outfit – because you can totally look cute before going to bed!

  18. Hi, I’ve flowed you for a while now and I LOVE your posts, you’re pretty much my girl crush. I also love that you’re taking a lifestyle approach! I would love to see some content about your workouts and just your lifestyle I guess. Thanks!

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