PaleOMG Fashion + Kelly Moore Bag Giveaway!!

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This week was full of mostly traveling outfits. I headed out on a trip through Texas for The Paleo Kitchen to do a couple book signings and try lots of restaurants. You can see all the food I shoved in my face here. The signings meant I wore A LOT more make up then I usually do and dressed in skirts I can barely walk in. It was lovely. Especially in 103 degree weather. Thankfully everywhere in Texas is air conditioned like a motha effa.

Anywho, not only am I sharing outfits with you today but I’m also sharing with you a giveaway for my new favorite bag line. It’s called Kelly Moore and I’ve teamed up with them to give away one free bag of choice, a $249 value! Not only are their bags incredibly stylist but they also are super versatile and can store your laptop, your camera, and really anything else you want! Sign up below!


This outfit was put together for a sushi date night at Ifish before I headed out to Texas. It’s our second favorite sushi place in town, after Izakaya Den, but it’s a lot closer to our house.


Once I landed in Dallas, I headed out to lunch with Jenni and Ben from The Urban Poser. It was stupid hot in Texas BUT everywhere you walk in is just like walking into a cooler, so I packed a little sweater with me everywhere I went.


This outfit was for my signing in Dallas at Half Price Books. Even though pencil skirts are hard to walk in, I still LOVE them. They hug in all the right places.


This was probably my favorite outfit of the entire trip. Even though I was dripping sweat everywhere because the AC broke during our event at CrossFit Central, literally dripping sweat down the back of my legs and having the catch my boob sweat in the bottom of my crop top, I STILL loved it. Once I found this top at NastyGal, I knew I wanted to pair it with a pop of turquoise color because I absolutely love color and turquoise together.


This was my last outfit of the trip, that I wore at Blue Willow Bookshop. I wanted to wear a dress since I wore two black skirts in a row, but the only dresses I was finding that I really liked were around $300. And ain’t nobody got time for that. Meaning me. And time meaning money. So I found this orange straight dress from H&M for super cheap. It’s not my favorite and I probably won’t wear it again, but it did the trick for that day.


Now for the best part of all…THE GIVEAWAY! This giveaway will be running from today until Thursday July 24th 2014 at 11:59am central time. One person will walk away with a Kelly Moore bag of their choice! I recently received the Esther Bag in Kelly Green and I LOOOOOOVE it. Seriously love love love it. I took it on my trip to Texas and packed my computer, my snacks, and anything else I needed. It was wonderful. Here are some pictures of just a few of the bags you can choose from! Be sure to check out Kelly Moore for all of the other bags they have! AND know that this giveaway is open worldwide, not just USA & Canada like usual! So cool I get to share this giveaway with everyone!

And PS – if you can’t wait to hear who the winner is of this giveaway, Kelly Moore is having a sale on their site right now for $36 off any bag purchase to celebrate Kelly’s 36th birthday! Just be sure to use the code: Birthday

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And remember, all comments must be moderated before they post so do not post your comment multiple times. It will appear later on, don’t you stress out!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


2,390 thoughts on “PaleOMG Fashion + Kelly Moore Bag Giveaway!!”

    1. Te Libby bag in Sapphire -so awesome & would hold sooo much – I have 4 yr old twin boys & this would come in handy in stashing snacks, wipes, toys, etc.

    2. Love Posey pocket, great job thrift shopping ,you are my kind of girl. Even got one of my grand daughters loving the second hand stores. Joan

      1. All these bags are gorgeous! I think my favourite is the Songbird though! It would come in super handy toting my stuff + my little one’s!

  1. I’m not much of a purse/bag person, but man the 2 Sues looks so neat – so many pockets for me to lose things in!

  2. I love the Libby bag! It’s the perfect size to take to my classes and seems durable enough for everyday use. I’m a big bag type girl, so the Libby is a great match 🙂

    PS: I love your blog! You’ve really helped me with the transition to Paleo. Now if only I could get into Crossfit… 🙂

  3. I’m not sure you can go wrong with a Kelly Moore bag! I would love any bag from her! I also love the fact that she is from Louisiana and the small town I went to college!

  4. The camel-colored bag is gorgeous! I never knew these bags existed, but the neat freak in me is in heaven!

  5. These posts are fun and make me think more about taking the time to look as good as I feel.
    Super cuts bags think the boy bag is my favorite style.

  6. Yeah, so… these bags. Like, I checked out their website when you first mentioned them last week, and they are AMAZING. Adorable and practical. Nothing gets me hot and bothered like lots of pockets. 😉

  7. Hard to pick just one, they are all beautiful! I think I’d go for the Libby in brown leather, just gorgeous!

  8. I’d love the Esther in caramel or black. Or heck, any color. I’m currently using a laptop bag that work provided, and it’s very utilitarian, to put it kindly.

  9. And, I actually really like those orange dress on you! It looks awesome. I love fashion but for some reason I can’t justify buying so many clothes – I work with butchers 🙂

  10. OMG please let me win a bag! I am a traveling consultant and a competitive crossfitter, and this bag would be everything for when i travel. I would love any of them. PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  11. OMG her stuff is just beautiful and so practical. I could be stylish and carry all my baby’s stuff in them too 🙂 Love love love.

  12. I love the Esther bag both in kelly and camel. I’m an occupational therapist and am always looking for cute and functional totes to carry all my tools around!

  13. Love all your outfits! Where do you find all these amazing stores?! I live in the middle of nowhere so I love all the cute online stores you post, especially the unique ones.

  14. Teaching PE to kids makes me a sweaty mess. Carrying around my computer and bagged lunch in that Kelly Green Libby bag would make me a stylish sweaty mess!

  15. You look stunning in that white shirt/black skirt combo… STUNNING!

    And these bags make me want to resume my photography hobby!! 🙂

  16. What gorgeous bags! I love the Libby in orange. Loving these fashion posts as well… keep ’em coming! 🙂

  17. I love my TENBA camera bag, but the Kelly Moore bag would be so much PRETTIER and versatile for things other than school!! What a great giveaway!

  18. I’ve loved the Kelly green bag that you got and haven’t stopped thinking about it since! Would love to win!

  19. I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and love it!! Thanks for sharing! These bags are so awesome; I love being able to shove everything in a bag!

  20. Wow that bag looks amazing! A libby bag would be great for work/commuting. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  21. I am always on the go, so the kelly bag in kelly green would make my life so much easier, everything would fit right in!

  22. You’re so fashionable! It almost makes me motivated to start wearing real clothes instead of workout pants everywhere… almost…. I really like the orange H&M dress! It looks super comfortable. These bags look awesome! The Esther Bag in Kelly Green is definitely my favorite 🙂

  23. So loving your fashion Friday posts! Been checking in each week to see what your stylish self has been up to. The bag looks amazing. Mine is falling apart with tears in the straps. Need a new one… so here I am 🙂 Ty for all you do! Much love, Nichele

  24. All the bags are awesome and so well thought out when it comes to style and practical usage. Love them all but the Chapel and the Songbird bags definitely caught my eye.

  25. Brooke McClelland

    These outfits are all fantastic! I need the skills to put all the options together like you. I’m inspired! The bags are beautiful and I would consider myself lucky to have any of them!!:)

  26. I feel like I just want to be you know.. Fashionable foodie, what is better?! And you look fabby, totally with you on the pencil skirt thing. Denim aint got no time for big asses. Glad it’s worldwide comp! Love the Libby bag (I like brown).

  27. I’m torn between the Libby in blue or the Esther in caramel. Or either of them in any color because they are both gorgeous!

  28. As long as the bag is a bright color? I’d totally take it!

    And that orange dress is amazing! If only I had the frame to carry it. :-/

  29. Great post! It appears I have to start shopping at H&M more! Love all of your outfits. I’m in love with the Kelly green bag as well. I feel a wardrobe revamp coming on now.

  30. Love the Esther bag in the Kelly green! You have such good taste! Thanks for all of your outfit and foodie posts too! Congrats on all of your success!

  31. The Green/Teal Esther Bag is beautiful! I love your site and your attitude. Thank you for helping out this working mom with great, family friendly food. 🙂

  32. You know, I saw the green bag at the top of the post and thought, ooh cute! Wouldn’t it be great if that was a giveaway? And it IS! This just made my Friday.

  33. I would totally pick the Chapel in pink or maybe orange. Oooor maybe I’d pick the Esther in blue or green.

  34. Those bags would be a great carry-on! And they appear to help you keep everything organized! Perfect for those of us that are a tad OCD! 😉

  35. The Libby! I was recently looking for a laptop/camera/travel bag and ended up with an awful looking canvas bag. If I had only known! And I even know where Ruston, LA is! Might just have to take a road trip. 🙂 Might get this for my sister, she would love it!

  36. This would be my favorite in green! I carry a huge bag for work/momming and this would make it so much easier!

  37. Love all the bags featured! They all look beautiful and functional. Your outfits for the week are all winners!!!! Gorgeous!! And I’m in love with the new Paleo Kitchen cook book. I use mine all the time. Yum!!!

  38. Tough to decide between the Esther and the Libby!

    Also, I do love the fashion posts. I’m not ‘into fashion’, so I don’t follow fashion blogs as a rule, but it’s nice to get insight into other people’s outfits. 🙂

  39. I’m TOTALLY inlove with the Esther bag in Kelly Green or even in Sapphire!! such a gorgeous bag and a genius idea for so much storage! you should see what my Michael Kors inside looks like right now! #minidiaperbag 🙂

  40. Your outfits were absolutely AMAZEballs!!! Next time you come to Texas, you have to come to San Antonio!

    I absolutely LOVE the Kelly Green bag!

  41. OMG they’re awesome – how do you choose… I narrowed it down to Esther in Caramel, and Songbird in Orchid or Mushroom…

  42. You seriously have the cutest style. I love your fashion Friday posts, please keep ’em coming! I would choose the Esther bag in Kelly Green 🙂

  43. I would get the same bag that you have, I am about to start grad school and will need something stylish to carry around my laptop and other necessities! Love your blog btw!!!

  44. Can’t wait to find out if I win a bag! I have been dying to order one! It would be absolutely perfect for me to use for work!!!!!!

  45. I think all of the Kelly Moore bags are fantastic, but the B Hobo and Mimi are probably the best size for me. All of the color choices are gorgeous, but I’ve really been looking for a a lighter brown that I can carry in all seasons.

  46. Ever since I saw your green handbag on Instagram I have been obsessing over this bag. I am a mommy though and can’t really justify spending a lot on a handbag especially while I am currently a culinary student trying to pay bills! Love Kelly’s bags and love you!

  47. I love the one you have! The Esther bag in Kelly Green is gorgeous!
    By the way, your outfits (especially shoes!) are super cute! I am in love with all your rings!!

  48. I love getting a peek at the adorable outfits you wear! I honestly would have a hard time picking out just one KM bag. Totally adore the Beautiful Mess but love the story with Thirst Relief. And then there’s the Kate… Decisions, decisions, they would all work great for everyday life with 4 kids!

  49. I am so glad I found you, Juli! You are such an inspiration to me and a great motivator!! This giveaway is amazing! Thank you so much for giving everyone an opportunity to win a great bag!

  50. 2 Sues and Libby are my Fabulous Favorites!!!! Beautiful bags!!! And I love your Fashion Fridays, now if I could look as cute as you do in the fashions I’d be thrilled 😉

  51. I so hope I win. I’ve been carrying a $10 WALMART bag to work and can’t seem to find the perfect bag for my crap…uhhh…stuff!

  52. Emily Pospisil

    Adorable outfits! Thanks for telling us about each piece (: you have style, girl! And I love the bag! It would be perfect for me!

  53. The green Esther bag is DARLING. I currently am carrying a green purse and it goes with (read, doesn’t ya clash with) everything!!

  54. Love the caramel Esther bag! Love your blog…I’m not a huge blog reader, but I actually look forward to yours!!! You’re awesome!!

  55. Oh, I have been wanting one of these bags! It would be perfect for my mom of 5 life. All the bags are amazing! You looked great on the tour!

  56. I HATE shopping for bags. I turn into an old lady for some reason and always so for the homeliest ones. This would be awesome!

  57. You look great in that crop top! Love the new fashion Fridays series, you have a great knack for finding cute, affordable stuff.
    Those bags are awesome too! The cognac one is my fave

  58. Green Esther Bag for sure! I LOVE your outfits. So sad I missed you when you came to Houston, but that was my first day at a new job.

  59. OMG these bags are drool-worthy…I’d LOVE the kelly green esther! Not just for camera equipment but it would be a great carry on as I fly back and forth from VA to MO to visit my Marine who just got stationed there!

  60. My favorite is the caramel Esther bag.
    Enjoyed meeting you in Dallas! You and George are so down to earth 🙂

  61. I would definitely get the Esther bag! That green is to die for and would look perfect with everything in my closet. Plus who wouldn’t want to match with Juli 🙂

  62. Any bag would be great. But the green one could also work as a hip diaper bag for a busy mom which would be wonderful!!!!

  63. Taylor Francis

    Hope you’re surviving in this Texas heat! It’s brutal! I die for the Esther bag in light brown!! If it fits all of your goodies including your lap town I know mine would all fit! ☺️

  64. Love the outfits this week! Wish I could pull them off like you. PS – we went to the same alma mater! 🙂

  65. You have the CUTEST outfits! I’m inspired to thrift a little more and put more thought into my outfits. That bag is KILLER!

  66. Love the green bag! And, love love love your outfits… thanks for sharing where to buy and prices for everything!

  67. I love your fashion Fridays!!!! Just adorable outfits and rockin bod! Not to be creepy or anything.. HAHA

  68. Ah I can’t decide which of the first two I like better!! Either would be a perfect fit for the new camera I’m about to drop a bundle on lol. All the pockets!!

  69. Marci Campbell

    Oh Lord…too many choices! The camera bag in cognac leather is probably my favorite and looks gorgeous!

  70. I would absolutely love the green Kelly Moore bags. Her purses are among my most coveted!!! I also love your outfits they are totally unique and fun.

  71. You look gorgeous in the photos and my sister in law, who was at your Dallas book signing, said you are even prettier in person! I love Kelly Moore bags…I have had 2 Sues on my wish list for AGES!

  72. I absolutely LOVE your blog. I look forward to reading it everyday. Not only do I love your recipes, but I wish I could hire you as my personal shopper. You have great style. Thanks for sharing!!

  73. I LOVE all of the outfits you wore!!!!! I think the H&M dress has potential if you pair it with a super cute belt!! Gotta show off your tiny waist 🙂 Also, I LOVE the fashion Friday’s! I have already bought a few items that you have posted about!!

  74. I absolutely love that green bag! I’ve been needing a new computer bag for work and this one is so stylish!

  75. Oh wow, these bags are amazing! I’m in love with the 2 Sues model, that one just looks like it’s perfect for pretty much everything I do in life.

  76. Juli-first of all I love your blog! Your humor, your new outfit posts and of course your recipes! Oh, and of course Jackson (duh!). I’m starting to dig the Kelly Moore bags now that I know about them. Perfect for work and travel!

  77. I LOVE the Kelly Green Esther bag! Seriously so pretty! It would bring some much needed color into my black and white life.

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity and the awesome recipes. Keep it up!

  78. I’ve been dying to find a new summer bag that I LOVE! If I don’t win I’m definitely treating myself to one anyway!!!

  79. The mimi in lavender or mustard is my favorite! Such a versatile and stylish handbag. Thanks for supporting a local Louisiana girl!

  80. I just recently found you through the BalancedBites podcast. I love your sense of humor and amazing recipes. I’ve wanted a Frenchie for several years, and you have assured me that it wont be a mistake!! Thank you for sharing yourself so openly, it helps motivate me to strive harder with my diet and workouts each day!

  81. I would die for the Songbird or Esther bags. I love the clean lines of the Esther but character of Songbird. The colors choices in both bags are fab! I’d go with green for Esther and Blue in Songbird, but I love the camel for both.

  82. I love the orange H and M dress, you looked great. So many great choices this week. I love the deep brown messenger bag, that would be perfect for work!

  83. The kelly green bag is beautiful! Would love to win that one especially if it’s big enough to carry as a diaper bag since I’ll be needing one in a few months once my boy is here!

  84. Love all the Kelly Moore bags! The Esther in Caramel is really doing it for me though! Love it! Would be awesome for my trip to Aruba 🙂

  85. They are all incredibly beautiful! I had never heard of them before following you, so thanks for introducing them 🙂

  86. After much deliberation, I would choose the Esther bag in Sapphire. It looks like it would be great for travel and wouldn’t be too big (because Lauren does not carry big heavy things on travel).

  87. Um, I would have to decide? I can’t have ALL the bags? I guess it would be between the Esther and the Libby. The Pioneer Woman talks about these bags all the time, and they look dreamy!

  88. OMG! These bags look amazing! I’m always looking for a bag that can carry all of my stuff. I’ll hopefully be winning one of these!

  89. The brown leather songbird bag is too cute! I love that the inside of all the bags are purple..such a gorgeous pop of color!

  90. I love the B-Hobo in brown! And always…I love your outfits, but more so I love the new cookbook! I’m going to try the cinnamon rolls this weekend 🙂

  91. I would absolutley love to win the turquoise bag! I love your taste in fashion!
    I am very inspired by you!

  92. Love love love the Esther in brown or black. I would love to win this – so cute and it would hold everything in its place!!!

  93. I LOVE the Libby bag. Tons of space to carry everything I would need to bring along with me……especially with kids in tow and needing snacks on hand at all times!!!

  94. Stephanie Linton

    Love, love, love all the outfits for this book signing. And those turquoise shoes, swoon!

    Thanks to you & Kelly Moore for putting this giveaway together. Gracious knows my camera is dying for a new home. These are awesome bags!

    Love the Kate bag. Grey and leather make an amazing combo and with fall right around the corner, I could carry that sucker everywhere!!

  95. They’re all gorgeous, but I’d go with the Libby bag in green or brown. That thing holds a 15in laptop!

  96. I love these outfits! I could wear a few to work and no one would think anything of it. 🙂 You looked great!

  97. I would want A Beautiful Mess. I’m in desperate need of a new laptop bag and that one is waaaaaaay cute! I’m using one that my work gave me and it’s falling apart.

  98. Love the green bag! So excited that this giveaway is worldwide! Living in Dubai, there aren’t many contests that I can enter. Thank you!

  99. Omg I want one of these bags SO bad!!! And I am living fashion Friday–I could use all of the help I can get with figuring out how to dress 🙂

  100. The “A Beautiful Mess” bag makes me wish I was still in school so I would have an excuse to carry everything I own with me…guess I’ll just have to find a new reason!

  101. You are an inspiration, Juli. I have to agree with one of your other groupies (grins) above who commented on how much she appreciates having found you. I have lost 65 pounds since last September – and your recipes have kept me from going stark raving bonkers on what, on surface, appeared to be a limited diet (but which actually is not). Although I am anything but a fashionista (although I like lagenlook – which usually means I’m picking up clothing by designers that I could NEVER afford if places like Goodwill didn’t exist), I am enjoying your breakdowns of how to assemble a classy looking outfit on less than a king’s ransom. You’re doing a great job. Thank you!

  102. Oooooo!!! Amazing! It’s lovely seeing summer outfits when we’re freezing here in Melbourne!! I love lots of the bags but the Kelly bag in green is my favourite! I’d really love and appreciate a new work bag!! Thanks!

  103. These bags are seriously amazing! I would LOVE an upgrade to my daily office swag via one of these fab totes!

  104. Love this new addition to your blog along with you posting your workouts! Would love to win this bag.

  105. I need a bag like I need a hole in the head. But man is that green one super special. I would pick that one.

  106. Great outfits! I think the orange dress looks amazing on you and you should definitely wear it again!

    I’d also love a new bag so that I don’t need to keep trying to stuff everything for work into my too-small purse.

  107. I would love the bag “songbird”
    And so awesome it’s international!! I can finally compete 🙂

  108. The dark brown crossbody/satchel would work great for this gal who uses a cane and/or crutches every day!

  109. I like the songbird, mimi and hobo! Im so bad at picking just one!! Id really appreciate it if i won though. I take care of everything i have.

  110. A lot of thought went into the creation of these bags. They are not only practical but pleasing to the eye. For me, the B-hobo in Walnut would work beautifully.

  111. Awesome giveaway Juli! Thanks so much! And you have the cutest clothes! I’m in the Denver area and one day I will have to check out all of these shops you go to.

  112. The light brown bag with the pockets on front is amazing! I would be lucky to have it.

    Also you are a major fashion inspiration, and you prove you don’t have to spend a ton to look amazing!

  113. Love that you’re posting your workouts- that will be great for my open gym on Sundays when I don’t know what to do!

  114. I would love to win this bag! It would be perfect for running around with my special needs son and all his medical supplies. I love your site and it’s helping me loss the much needed weight and get healthy for me and my family!!

    Please please choose me…

  115. That bag is awesome. You should post the picture of Ollie with your book 🙂 All of your outfits are super cute, too.

  116. Would totally love a new bag, considering I don’t have many in my lineup. The 2 Sues is perfect and has lots of nifty pockets and room for ‘stuff’. The walnut color makes for a perfect ‘go with anyhting’. That is all.

  117. Love the esther bag!
    More so, I love your Fashion Fridays.
    I just do not have the eye to put together anything more than jeans and a tee shirt.

  118. Wow! I would love to own the Esther bag in that orange color!!!!! Making my heart skip a beat!!!!!

    Thanks you so much for the give away :))))

  119. I would love the Esther bag in Kelly Green. Not only is it beautiful, but it will go great with my red hair 😉

  120. I would LOVE a new bag! Your outfits are adorable. Thanks for sharing! Oh and come to the Midwest so we can meet you here! 🙂

  121. Awesome awesome awesome! Those bags are perfection! Thanks for hosting! And that coral dress looked super cute with that necklace. You should def wear it again!

  122. I would LOVE a KM bag! I have a two year old and 8 month old, so God knows an amazing purse like this would be helpful!

  123. I’ve been eyeing these bags for a while! So many options…

    Love the outfits Juli! I wish I could stand shopping for more than 5 minutes so my wardrobe didn’t consist of jeans and tee-shirts 90% of the time.

  124. Tiffany Letourneau

    I LOVE Libby! The only problem is I can’t decide which color I like best! Love your outfits, you look GREAT! Great inspiration!

  125. The esther bag in brown is awesome. What a functional bag! Great Outfits for your tour, I can’t imagine how awful all that heat and humidity is combined in Texas… I’ll stick with Good Ol seasonally warm Oregon 🙂

  126. I love all your recipes and am enjoying all the new fashion posts! I have always wanted a Kelly Moore bag!!

  127. I neeeeeed one of those bags!! I’ve really been enjoying your Fashion Fridays! Love your style and I find you very inspiring.

  128. I love the Libby bag! I also love the Kate bag (mostly because it’s my name) but also because it’s pretty cute and I love the color!

  129. I Love all the bags however, I think I’d go with the chocolate brown one…and by the way, you look fantastic in ALL your outfits! I love the orange dress!!!

  130. Love your outfits, Juli. The orange & white crop-top is definitely the best.

    I would choose… the Libby bag in grey! So gorgeous.

  131. I am totally in love with your fashion friday posts!! So many cute things! And I just love this blog Juli! Awesome recipes, fun stories and adorable pictures of Jackson; keep up the great work!! And yeah I am totally going to look into these bags!!

  132. I love the Esther bag. I am a special education teacher at several charter schools. I am always carrying files, a laptop, phone, iPad everywhere I go. Somehow my Trader Joe bag just doesn’t make the same fashion statement!

  133. All these bages are super cute, it’s hard to pick just one. I think I have to go with the Green Esther though. Green is my fav!!

  134. Omg, I so need this! I can carry my life, I have a 4yr old, so just imagine what I have to drag everywhere with me.

  135. Funny thing about how hot it is in Texas.. its way cooler this summer compared to last. Winning this bad would be an awesome birthday gift to myself!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  136. Absolutely love the Esther bag in turquoise! Thanks for always sharing your amazing recipes and stylish outfits!!!

  137. The Esther bag in that kelly green is just my style and caught my eye as I was pursuing my Facebook feed – so beautiful!