Alcohol – Episode 2: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

Alcohol is such a touchy subject with people. People ask how to improve their fitness or lose weight or see better results, but when you tell them they should cut out the alcohol, they want nothing to do with you. Alcohol is a crutch, alcohol is a good time, alcohol is memories…or lack there of. Alcohol is part of most people’s lives, but it can also hold a lot of people back in many ways.

I’m not getting into alcohol addiction here, I’m just saying that if your goal is to lose weight or hit a certain PR in the gym or fit into a dress or whatever, than alcohol shouldn’t be something you’re consuming on a daily or weekly basis. Good, wholesome food is what you actually need. Protein, carbs, fat. Alcohol is not part of those needs.

But we don’t live in a world of just black and white. We live in a world where there are weddings and celebrations or get-togethers. So you have to pick your battles. You have to decide what your goals are and stick with them. And that may mean not having a glass of wine every single night after you get home or going out with your friends Friday-Saturday-Sunday. I speak only from experience here and cutting out alcohol for a good amount of time in order to compete at the CrossFit level. Nowadays, since I don’t compete and I’m not trying to set PRs or lose weight, I’ll have a drink once in a while if I’m out with friends or at a special event. I’ve learned that I can still have fun while out with drunk friends, not always, but a lot of the time. And I’ve learned that peer pressure is just insecurity from that person.

If you have questions about certain kinds of alcohol, leave them below! I’ll try my best to answer them! Just remember, alcohol is not NEEDED. It’s meant for certain occasions, just like dessert. There ya go! Think about alcohol as dessert!

To listen to last weeks episode, click here!

Episode 2 Transcription:

Juli Bauer: Hey guys! It’s Juli from PaleOMG here. I am talking to you from San Francisco today. Ye olde San Francisco. I had a very interesting flight in, so I’ll start from the beginning.

I had just a normal boring Uber ride to the airport. I get to the airport, I got get breakfast at Root Down like I do every time when I’m at DIA, and then hop on the plane. Just normal, right? Cool. I decided to download the podcast Serial, because now I’m totes into podcasts now that I’ve released my first one. I get my headphones in, start listening to Serial, start listening about this murder, and all the ties, and then I start smelling a vinegar smell. I don’t think much of it; you know when you get on a plane and there’s f*cking nasty ass smells in there; like somebody opens McDonald’s, and it smells like someone is chewing on a shoe? Like a really f*cking nasty sneaker shoe? Well that’s what it was kind of like.

I smelled this vinegar smell, didn’t think much of it. I was like, somebody’s having a Subway sandwich, or whatever. Go back to listening to my podcast, working on my blog, and I feel something hit my left elbow, and my elbows are on the arm rest. I don’t think anything of it, but I feel it again, so I look down and my left elbow, just imagine your arms on the arm rest; and someone’s foot is right there. And it’s not in a f*cking shoe. This person’s bare feet, with their calluses and their broken toenail, are just sitting there. They’re that; you guys, that’s where the vinegar smell came from. It was not a Subway sandwich; it was someone’s feet. I almost threw up in my seat. And I’m not a person who gags easily. There was gagging. There was gagging occurring after this.

So whatever. I’m just leaning to the right side; luckily nobody was sitting to the right of me, so I just lean kind of over into that area. You know, it went away. He would pull his foot back, and then he would put it back up, and I could smell it. You guys, it was just the worst.

So I just kept listening to my podcast, Serial; {laughs}. Like, my podcast. Like we’re totes cool now. Anyways. I get off that plane, while I’m waiting that guy walks by, and I’m actually just waiting in my seat because it was a layover and we got to stay in our seats. So that guy walks buy, I judge him. And then another guy walks by. This guy has a hat on, tattoos; he has sunglasses on, ok. You’re in an airplane. It’s not bright out, but whatever. He has sunglasses on. And he’s like turning his head to look back at me, and he looks back at me as he gets off the airplane, like his whole head is completely turned. And I can feel him giving me a dirty look. I’m like, ok, wait. You’re giving me a dirty look when someone’s dirty feet were just touching my arm? Is this for real? So whatever. I’m having bad vibes.

So I’m like, I’m going to get off this flight, because we had an hour to wait around. I get off this flight; I’m just going to go get a coffee, wash my hands, maybe 400 times, and then I walk into the bathroom, gotta use the restroom, walk in, first stall I walk into, there is poop all over the toilet. What is going on? Not like, just on the top. Like smushed between the seat and the toilet. I know I’m going into too much detail for you. But I really need you to envision my day.

So, I get a latte. I listen to more serial. Luckily I got to sit at the front of the next flight, because I was able to get on first. I have a ton of leg room. There’s a guy sitting next to me who is handsome; he has Sperrys on. I buy my husband Sperrys, so I’m like; this guy is cool. So we’re ok. I have a good flight; it’s like 50 minutes from Orange County to San Francisco, so it was a fast flight.

So yeah. This was my day. Something I notice a lot while flying is alcohol consumption. And if you’ve read my blog for any number of years, you know that I’m not a huge fan of alcohol. I don’t tolerate it well. My feet swell up really bad when I drink, and I just black out really easily. So I can have a bunch of drinks, but then the night is gone. I have no idea what happened to it. So I obviously don’t metabolize alcohol well. And because of that, I tend not to drink that much. So we’re going to go back to the beginning.

So college days. I didn’t drink much in high school. I remember taking a sip of beer; Coors Light. I grew up in Golden, Colorado, so Coors was The Thing. So I took a sip of Coors Light, and I thought it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever, ever tasted. I remember having to spit it back out into the beer can, and I was hanging out with a bunch of cool dudes, so I had to turn and spit it out. {ding} Oh my gosh, that was so loud. I may have to leave that on there because I don’t know how to edit that.

But, back to the story. So that was my first encounter with alcohol. I remember getting drunk for the first time at a party, and I felt terrible afterwards. I was like, I don’t want to feel like this! So don’t drink much at the beginning of college, and then the end of college comes on, and that’s when it was on. I was; I wish I could put photos into this podcast, but if you’ve seen my blog, I’ve posted some photos. I mean, I was dancing on bar tops in a short dress, blacking out. I remember riding my bike home; I remember walking home many occasions. My friend had to put me in the bathtub at one point because I had drunk so much, and I was walking in the snow bare foot.

I was just a mess. I mean, I feel like I was a normal college mess. I never was arrested for any alcohol abuse. I never got into deep sh*t with alcohol, but I had those moments where I was like; I should not be drinking, because I just can’t. So at one point in college, I used to count the number of drinks on my arm; I’d mark with a pen how many drinks I’d had so I wouldn’t drink too much. So, normal college years, just being inappropriate as f*ck.

And then, after college it was right at the end of college I decided to compete in Crossfit. So I started doing Crossfit, and when you’re trying to be at the competitive level of Crossfit, you have to train all the time. So a hangover is just not the best route. It’s not what you need to be doing, so I didn’t drink much. I didn’t go out, and that was right after college, I had no money. I didn’t have money to go out and buy drinks; I don’t know how so many people did. But I was barely making rent, so I didn’t go out that often, and I trained all the time in Crossfit; I worked out constantly. When I drank, I felt really bloated, and I felt chubby, and I didn’t like it. So I just stopped drinking; I barely drank, but when I did drink, it was all or none. So I would go all out, drink heavily, whatever whatever.

So years have gone by, I don’t compete in Crossfit anymore, and I don’t drink very often. And, what kind of sparked my interest in writing this blog post; or, {laughs} not writing this blog post. Recording this podcast in the first place is because someone; I talked about being hung over in one of my Instagram posts, and somebody on Facebook commented back. She was like, it’s weird that you have a blog promoting health, but you seem to be drunk all the time and always hung over. And that really, I don’t know, pissed me off in a way, because I have a husband who likes alcohol, who likes to party, and for him to see that; he’s like, {laughs} “What?“

It’s so stupid, because people think they know everything about me. They see two posts, and they’re like, “Oh yeah, I know everything about this chick, and she drinks all the time,” or whatever. And that’s not the case. Just because, number one I feel fat when I drink and I don’t like feeling like that; number two I feel hung over and worthless, and I don’t want to do anything, including go to the gym; and number three, it makes my feet swell and it hurts to wear high heels. And when I’m going out and drinking, I’m usually wearing high heels, and my life sucks. Ok, so, when somebody said that, I wanted to talk about alcohol. Because I get this question on my blog all the time; what alcohol is paleo, and how much to drink, whatever. So I thought I’d talk about it a little bit.

Some of the basics; I think it’s common knowledge, but maybe it’s not. If you’re buying fruity drinks, or you’re drinking beer on a regular basis, you’re just drinking sugar. It’s carbohydrates, so you’re just getting a ton of sugar in. I’m not doing sciency sh*t here, but you’re just drinking excess of carbohydrates and excess of sugar, so you’re body is going to hold onto that. It’s just like the freshman 15; all these people are drinking beer constantly, no wonder we’re all gaining weight when we’re college, because we’re all inflamed and our faces are all chubby. I just imagine me and my friends, we were all just drinking constantly and that’s how we looked, just kind of sick and inflamed. But if you’re drinking fruity drinks, if you’re drinking beer on a regular basis, if you’re drinking those dark liquors; those are high caloric drinks, and you’re going to hold onto that.

So when people ask what the best thing to drink is, from my personal standpoint, I try to stick with, if I’m drinking hard liquors, vodka sodas with lime in it. I don’t like wine, so I don’t drink wine on a regular basis, and you can do all that research out there and they’re like, oh red wine has antioxidants! But whatever, you can get f*cking antioxidants in good food, in good healthy food that you’re not drinking sugar as well, so think about it that way. So you’re trying to stay away from any of the pop; nobody needs to be drinking crown and coke, it’s just not needed.

But, that being said, we all want to have fun, right? We want to be social, we want to go out; so it’s kind of picking your battles. If your goal is to lose weight; when I have had goals to lose weight, drinking is not what I need to be doing. It’s not what you need to be doing. And if you’re seeing yourself going back to having a glass of wine every single night, think about how many calories that adds up to in a week. And I’m not a calorie counter; I don’t care about calories at all. But when you look at how many that adds up to, versus if you took that completely out of your diet, that’s a lot. So if you’re not seeing the results you want to see, and you’re having a glass of wine every single night, or maybe two to three days a week you’re having multiple glasses of wine; well if your goal is something, you have to understand what’s kind of hindering you in those goals, and alcohol is that sometimes.

I’ve hosted some nutrition challenges at my gym, and I’ve been at my gym for over 5 years at this point, and I remember hosting my first one, and I told people, and our gym is a very young, probably 25-35 age range, most of the people there. So, when they asked about alcohol, and I asked them to cut out alcohol for 30 days, 70% dropped out. I’m not joking. Because people really have a crutch on alcohol. And they’re like; well what am I supposed to do when I go out with clients? Or what am I supposed to do when I go out to happy hour? And at the end of the day, those are your decisions.

Sure, clients want to drink with you, but you can easily make up lies. Like, if somebody is saying, why aren’t you drinking with me; just say, you know, I’m coming down with a cold, or I’m on this medication that I can’t drink. Come up with an excuse. Your body is the most important to you, so you should be able to take care of it. It doesn’t matter what f*cking peer pressure; you’re an adult, you can handle it. So figure it out. I did it many, many years of barely drinking anything, and I just told people I was training, and sure I got sh*t about it all the f*cking time, but that didn’t change me and my goals. I had a goal of competing in Crossfit, and getting to a certain level, and that’s what I did, and that’s what I accomplished because of some of those restraints that I had in my own life.

So, I think a lot of people look at alcohol as this black or white thing. You either drink, or you don’t drink. And I don’t think it’s that at all. I was at a wedding two weeks ago; some of my best friends got married, and I was going to f*cking party. We were celebrating these awesome people, I was going to dance until 1 in the morning, because they had a DJ until 1 in the morning, and I was going to drink, and drink to excess, and have fun, and know I’m going to have a hangover the next day. But at the same time, I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m not training for any certain competition or anything coming up, so having those set backs of being hung over for a day isn’t going to hold me back with my goals. So I keep that in mind.

If you’re trying to lose weight, if you have a certain competition or any sort of goal in mind, you have to remember that alcohol isn’t always your friend. But it’s not black and white. Now, I still go out once in a while. There’s this restaurant in Denver called Izakaya Den, and they have this blood orange cocktail that has I think jalapenos in it, and it’s so good, it’s super sweet, like I’ve tried to get two and the second one I’m just over the sugar. But it’s so good, and I always want to get it when I go get sushi. But we’re not going there every single week, this isn’t a regular occurrence, and I just want to enjoy a cocktail once in a while.

So I think you have to remember with alcohol that it’s all about your goals. I had one person; I talked about alcohol on my blog once, because I have these people at the gym all the time, multiple people who will mention their weight, or how they’re working out like crazy. I’m like, how about you just cut out alcohol; how about you cut out the three days of weekend parties and the multiple days of going out with clients and going to happy hour; how about you cut out the alcohol at those scenarios, and they don’t want to. I get these excuses all the time that they’re not losing weight, but they don’t want to face the reality that alcohol is the problem. So that’s why I talk about this because I see it with my clients all the time, with people at my gym; with friends even. I see it, and it’s true. Especially as we get older, we get into those mid-30s and up, and your metabolism changes, and you don’t metabolize alcohol as well.

It’s just things to consider. When I talked about alcohol on my blog, I had a bunch of people, they’re like, oh I didn’t think about the wine that I was drinking. But then one woman said, “Well, when I tried to cut wine out, I just started eating a ton of sugar, and I was eating dessert at night. So once I added the glass of wine back in, I actually lost weight because I wasn’t eating as much sugar.” And to me, I see that and I’m like; that’s sugar addiction. You’re addicted to the sugar from wine, and you’re addicted to the sugar in sugar; whatever sweets; chocolate. So why are you not seeing it as an addiction in itself that you need to actually cut out both that wine and that sugar altogether and maybe you won’t be craving either one?

So I don’t think people always see their cravings and what they need at the end of the night. So maybe if you’re coming home and you’re craving that glass of wine every single night, maybe it’s something worth cutting out of your life because you are slightly addicted to it. I see that with coffee; when I need more and more coffee, I actually start cutting it out more and more, because I’m feeling that dependency on coffee. Same with sugar; if I’m having that sugar dependency, I have to start cutting back more and more so I don’t feel that way.

So it’s just something to keep in mind with alcohol, and our dependency on it because it’s so part of our life and part of our community and lifestyle in general, that you have to really figure out what’s best for you and; I don’t know. I don’t know; I wish there was black and white cookie cutter reasons to not drink or to drink. But at the end of the day, alcohol is not something you should be having on a regular basis. You should be having good protein, good carbohydrates, good fats. Those are the things you really need. Those staple macros. A macronutrient is an alcohol; what is it, oh I forget. All my science background I learned in college has completely gone out the door; but it’s like 9 calories; I should cut this part out. But I still don’t know.

Anyways. I wish I had somebody to kind of talk with. If you want to go out with and have drinks with your friends, do that. Have fun. Enjoy your life. Try to drink the best drinks out there; so try to stick with simple, I like to do Tito’s vodka because it’s gluten free, I just stick with vodka sodas and lime. But have you ever looked up calories? I know we go back to calories, and I swear I don’t count calories. But if you go look at calories in a shot of vodka, it’s around 90-100 calories for a shot of vodka, which goes in one drink. So say you’re having, on a party night, 5 of those; so you had about 500 calories just in drinks, plus you’re eating. Say you’re going out to dinner with friends, and you’re eating some tasty food; that really adds up so fast. So you just have to consider those things when you’re just considering your goals.

I hope that’s helpful. I’m not sure if it is. But remember, if you ever have questions, feel free to leave them in this blog post, and then I can get back to them. Or if you have any topics you want to talk to me individually about, feel free to email me. But remember, that I comment back to comments faster than email; email could sometimes take me up to a month because I just don’t get back to it, there are so many other things to do!

Anywho. I hope this has been helpful. At the end of the day, alcohol is just not what you need in your life. It’s still part of it, just like sugar is, just like having sweets. But if your goal is to get super fit, and feel your best, and look your best, honestly cutting out alcohol is so important. It’s amazing when I have friends who drink on a regular basis, and they’ll go through stages of cutting out alcohol, and I can completely see it in their complexion. And I just notice sh*t because I think I notice complexion really quickly because I had such bad acne and I’m constantly trying to work on any of the scars that I had, and just my complexion overall, so I notice that in people and I really notice when my friends cut out alcohol. I can see how much their skin glows when they’re not drinking. Isn’t that crazy?

F*cking putting poison into our body. And sure, poison is really fun sometimes. So don’t cut out all those moments, but consider your long-term goals, and consider if alcohol really needs to be in your weekly basis. Maybe it should be a little bit more of a celebration time, instead of celebrating an awful day at work. You know what I mean? You know what I’m saying?

Ok. I think this all started; this whole thought process started because I see people drink all the time on flights, and it is crazy. I’m like, we’re just flying to Nebraska and people are getting, back to crown and coke. And you’re like; you’re just going to Nebraska. We ain’t f*cking going to Cabo and celebrating. We’re going to Nebraska. And peace and love to my Nebraska folks; that’s where my husband’s from, so we go there all the time. But do you need that? Do you need that on a 45 minute flight to Nebraska? I don’t’ know. I sound so judgmental now. And that’s because I am.

Ok, I think I’m going to wrap it up. I voiced my opinion in 45 different routes. It’s really hard to follow, but if you have any questions feel free to leave them in my blog post on We’ll talk about alcohol there. We can fight about it if you’re pissed at what I had to say; the truth. And I hope to see you next time. If you guys have any topic suggestions, feel free to leave them on any of my social media. I will see them all over the place. So, I hope this has been wonderful; come visit me at And this has been a great second episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. I guess I should say that at the beginning of my blog post. This isn’t a blog post. My podcast; I’m such a mess. I’ll talk to you guys soon. Love you, bye.

Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


65 thoughts on “Alcohol – Episode 2: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. OMG I nearly vomited hearing about the vinegar feet. Where are all these people from and who taught them that it’s OK to fly like this?

  2. So my husband and I are constantly stressed, hes about to relocate due to the military so being apart for a year will not be easy. Sometimes we just want to come home together and have a cocktail to relax, but you’re so right! Drinking and the extra calories make us feel EVEN worse. We’re both so tired the next morning, and just drag. It might even make us grumpy! I def know that the best results I’ve seen between doing CF and eating paleo were when I wasn’t drinking. Awesome tips Juli! As always!

  3. Loved the podcast! I’m nearing the end of a Whole30, not my first but definitely my best, and I’m trying to figure out my relationship with food-and alcohol is definitely apart of that. Great point about the woman substituting dessert with wine- sugar is sugar. Keep recording! And dont edit them, it’s like a long snap story- honest and interesting 🙂

  4. Christina Krueger

    This was SO great! Coming from someone who has been using sugar and alcohol as a crutch lately but has been trying to lose weight, this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear! So THANK YOU for saying it (cuz LAWD knows I wasn’t listening to myself!) =-D

  5. Let me just start by saying I drank when I was younger, did stupid stuff….omg! I gradually just slowed down, and when I did drink I realized that I HATED not being in control of my body, my mouth, my thoughts…..awful. I just rarely drank.
    One day I got really sick….really sick. I thought I had a nasty flu, what i did have was a serious case of acute pancreatitis. I can remember them asking me how much I drank as they wheeled me into the ambulance as pancreatitis is often associated with alcohol abuse. None I said….
    16 days in hospital, 60 days of tube feeding, an operation to deal with a pseudocyst with another week in hospital. I was told to never, ever drink alcohol again. It would likely kill me. My organs are all damaged from the acid that leaked into my body cavity. My life was in limbo. I kinda like living, so not a drop has passed my lips for ten years.
    The only thing I miss…well, not really miss but just feel “out”, is hanging with friends. Everyone wants to hit the bar, sit around drinking and chatting….you know. Yes, you can do that without drinking, but honestly being the sober one while everyone else is ” loosening up” is kinda awkward. Really, you are not as funny as you think you are:)
    I know my case is not the norm, just putting my story out there. That was the only attack for me, I feel truly blessed. I have always been a fit and healthy person, this really threw me for a loop. What I do know is that had I not been healthy at the time of the attack I would have died alone on my bathroom floor.
    Kinda get annoyed when people say, come on…just one…it won’t kill you….
    It just might

    1. holy crap shit, that’s insane. how effing scary! i would never ever drink again either. i totally get the social part that sucks though, it’s just not always as fun, especially when you have to be the DD, which is my normal role. but luckily, there are a million other fun things that don’t include alcohol! keep on with your bad, sober self!

  6. Oh Juli,

    Over the summer I realized that I may be allergic to wine. It just sort of came over me. I stopped drinking and I feel great. I’m a lot of crazy and I love to have fun, so I’m drinking sparkling water in wine glasses and having a blast!!!

    Love you lots girly!!!

    Auntie Robin

  7. Thank you SO MUCH! I used to be a huge wine drinker and even though I knew it interfered with my goals of growing muscle and losing fat, I still did it and instead of just quitting drinking, I came up with stupid solutions (supplements, crazy low carb etc.) to my chronic tiredness, bad sleep, and skin issues. One thing that was huge for me was denial. I didn’t consider myself an alcoholic but the pattern of reliance on wine was very similar to the previous patterns of reliance on food and sugar in particular. I quit drinking over three months ago and I still marvel at the difference it has made to my health, energy levels, and overall mood. I have lost the ‘wine pouch’ and I’m getting so much more out of my workouts and food. And the money I used to spend on alcohol is now going on even more high quality food. you can never have too much coconut oil:-). Thank you, Juli, for talking about this:-).

  8. Adorable!

    My only feedback would be that I think if you are going to continue to fly solo you want to think about it as a recipe… make bullet points about where you are starting and where you might want to end up… points or phrases or examples you want to use… and a possible order for how you want to add these things. Right now you seem extremely jumpy and lost and it is hard to follow. YOU are a delight, I just think a tad more organization might help you be more clear which will allow you to be even more witty and let your awesome personality shine!


    How to find a perfect outfit for your shape… shopping in general…

    How you met your hubs… dating advice… relationship advice from your own experiences… opinion on dating within your gym, etc…

    This will be your first holidays as a married couple… handling in-laws and sharing time among family…

    You rock, girl!

  9. I agree Juli ! As a LOVER of fine wine it broke my heart to cut back my nightly 3/4 glass with my partner. It’s torture watching him effortless enjoy a glass each night. Hormone issues and a challenging career meant that my cortisol was often elevated and body inflamed from my love of exercise. Once I cut it out, inflammation went way down and sleep improved. Sometimes I still have an ounce with diner, for the taste compliment to my meal. I also admit to sometimes taking a little swig from an open bottle when cooking…it doesn’t count if it’s not in a glass… but most of the time, like 98% of time time, I limit it to a few times a month and only a glass. It all depends on your goals, as you say.

  10. I’m loving this podcast! Also Juli – you said you wish you had someone to talk to – well, my podcast cohost went ghost on me (Discovering You Podcast) and I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my old podcast now/I want to keep podcasting but I’m looking for a new cohost… I’d love to work with you, so if you wanna collaborate just lemmie knowww! I think it would be a ton of fun!

    I’m sure you have no clue who I am so if you want an idea you can find me at The Paleo Ballerina just about everywhere! Except snapchat – on snapchat I’m harrmooney, because I’m dumb and never made a new account. Kthxbye!!!

    1. thanks for idea, but i’m pretty happy on my own right now, especially with my ever changing schedule. but i’ll let you know if i change my mine!

  11. Hi juli! Just finished listening to your podcast. Loved listening and your blog. I heard you say you wish you had someone to talk to on the podcast. Thought maybe you should have a guest on. Talk about paleo with a newbie? Or how you eat dairy and its not paleo and everyone goes bat shit crazy haha. Or there is the paleo for women’s podcast that have similar views. Anywho, just suggestions. 🙂

  12. Hey Julie!
    Long time reader, never posted. BUT just had to tell you, I think your blog is great! Even though you have added more content with fashion Fridays, skin and beauty posts, and hair tutorials (which I LOVE btw), your writing has remained the same. You’re funny as $hit and you just tell it like it is. BRAVO! I’m super excited to see where you take the POD Cast.

  13. Love the podcast ! I wish you would speak about body weight exercising. I am 56 did crossfit 2 years then I found out my arthritis was inflamed so I had to stop. I like you lost 50 lbs doing crossfit and eating paleo . It’s great! Being a woman going through menopause the no sugar helped me sleep great and have no night sweats that could be another post cast the effects of sugar on the body . Anyway keep the podcast coming.

  14. Loving the pod-cast, good job! You are #77 on Itunes top charts. Do you know how crazy that it is!? After only 2 episodes, that is unheard of!!! You should be very proud, keep it up!!!

  15. Hey, Juli, I would love it if you talked about gluten foods on your podcast. Also, maybe talking about how to get your family and loved ones to start eating healthier with you. Just a few ideas! Can’t wait for the next one!! ❤️

    1. what do you mean by gluten foods exactly? and i definitely have a “getting your family on board” podcast idea written down, so thank you!

  16. I listened to both your podcasts tonight on my run and I loved them! Another benefit to not drinking when you go out: saving $$$$. I live in Chicago and a couple rounds of drinks at a restaurant can set you back close to $30. I typically limit my drinking to weekends only but your podcast has really made me think hard about my choices. Even though I abstain Monday-Thursday, sometimes even just drinking on Friday and Saturday makes me feel like I’ve set myself back. I’m going to try and cut out drinking completely on the weekends for a little bit and see how it makes me feel. Thank you for keeping it real and sharing your own experiences!

  17. That was a great podcast! Loved it (again!) For social or work occasions, I usually just order a drink that looks like a cocktail but isn’t (sparkling water with lime) and people don’t ask!

  18. I did dry January this year and then followed that up with 6 weeks of no sugar (and no alcohol) in May. I felt amazing with no alcohol but it can be very hard to go to events and not drink. I go to networking events often for work. What did help is that my boyfriend did both challenges with me and was my date to networking events and it was so much easier to have someone doing it with you who is supportive. We would just get soda water with lime and it looks just like a vodka soda so a lot of times people did not even know we weren’t drinking. I am drinking again now but definitely plan to do dry January again, maybe for longer this time. Also I disagree with your advice to make up a lie about why you aren’t drinking. Just own it and say you aren’t drinking because you don’t want to. Most people that give you shit about not drinking are usually just feeling defensive about their own relationship with alcohol.

    I agree with previous commenter’s advice about outlining your thoughts for the podcasts. I think it’s difficult to do a well done pod cast completely by yourself. Most that I listen to are either a 2-3 people having a conversation or the podcaster will take calls or read e-mails from listeners. That might be one way you could format the pod cast is to solicit questions on your blog about a topic first and then put them in a sequence that makes sense to address in the pod cast. Good luck!

  19. Great podcast! So glad you are doing a podcast now!!

    My question is…you said that your husband enjoys drinking, and you do too, but you don’t drink very often. What do you do in situations where maybe your husband and others are drinking but you are not? I also find that drinking doesn’t agree with my body and I’ve decided that I don’t really care to drink very often. Lately I’ve been feeling self-conscious when everyone is drinking and I’m not. And sometimes people put a lot of pressure on me to drink–“are you sure you don’t want a drink? you sure? you sure?” I know this is something I need to work out within myself because it’s just ME feeling weird about it, but I’m wondering if you have any tips or advice on what to do or say when you are not drinking but everyone else is.

  20. Based on your posts, I always thought you were a heavy drinker, too. I don’t think the comment you got (that you mentioned in the podcast) is too random since you talk about being drunk quite frequently. And I’m not bashing your choices either. I just wanted to point it out that is how you come across.

    I don’t drink because I don’t see the point in it but I don’t care if other people, too.

    1. you comment on my blog every day, did you ever see my post about being worried about vegas since i didn’t want to drink. wouldn’t vegas be the one place you definitely did want to drink? i just talk about my experiences and drinking ones seem to be the more interesting ones. not the daily life ones like i took out the trash today and did the dishes then walked my dog and wrote my blog – those don’t seem to interest people as much

  21. I loved this podcast so much. I use to work as a weight loss counselor and people were always shocked when I’d suggest cutting out alcohol just for a couple weeks to see if they saw different results (they did). It’s not easy but like you said if your goal is important enough you can give it up- I gave up booze for 3 months before my marathon and believe me if I can do it anyone can haha!

    I’d love a podcast on all your random thoughts and feelings about vitamins, supplements, protein powders…etc.

    1. people totally don’t get it! alcohol seems to be this foreign subject that we know enough about but we want to pretend that we don’t so we can have all the fun we want haha, but it’s the truth. and thanks for the recommendations!

  22. Thank you so much for reinforcing everything I already knew! Needed to hear it again! And I LOVE your snapchat! So hilarious. I love you most when you are complaining! You speak my language!

  23. Amber Schoenenberger


    I cannot express how much this podcast means to me. I am an avid Crossfitter and have gone through similar stages as you. Last year at this time I was down 15lbs. I’ve been able to keep weight off because prior I wouldn’t indulge in sweets or alcohol. If I was out I would order my famous ‘mock-tail’ club soda/lime, none of my friends noticed because I always drank vodka/club soda prior. Well, this past summer I decided I wanted to let myself go a little more and loosen the reigns on myself! Well boy, oh boy, am I paying for it now. Now I can’t stop the drinking on the weekends. It seems we have social events all the time ( I know that is no excuse). And to be clear I will go out 1 night per week and drink 1 night per week. I am strictly a vodka girl so I tell myself it could be worse. What I would like is advice to get back on track! I’ve completed 5 Whole30’s and recently started twice and failed both times because of alcohol. Plus, I am getting married 5/27/17 and want to feel like myself. I hate the way I feel and I know it is the alcohol, which leads to poor food choices for me! I have the sweets handled, but it is the booze/socialization that I am failing. I know I have all the knowledge but, I am struggling this time. Please help! Also, would you cut out all booze until my wedding date?

    1. to me, hearing that you’ve done 5 whole30’s probably means whole30 isn’t the best option. especially if you say you FAILED. because eating and food choices aren’t ever failing, they are simply just choices we make. if you’re putting titles on them, then you’re probably developing a poor habit when it comes to food. i say this because i’ve done this. i did whole30s and then hated myself when i “failed” and i had this very stressful relationship with food for quite a while. so maybe consider that. but when it comes to alcohol, there’s no easy way to say it: just stop. either don’t go to those social functions or drink your mocktails again. you are completely in control of what you put in your face even when it feels like that’s not true at times. if you want to feel like yourself and alcohol is restricting that, then cut it out. i didn’t drink for a good amount of time leading up to my wedding because to me, it was pointless to put unneeded shit in my body. then came my wedding week (since we were in jamaica) and i drank whenever i wanted to because i wanted to let loose. decide what your goals are and conquer them. it’s as easy as that. you can do this so stop telling yourself you can’t! (and if you feel like this doesn’t apply to you, i’m just speaking from experience and what i went through)

      1. Juli- Thank you for your response! I should have been more clear, I was attempting my 5th Whole30 and it was the only time I failed. I think it is hard for me to be in this position because before I didn’t have an issue with my willpower. Does that make sense? Before I was like you, either do it or don’t. It was that simple. Numerous women at my box would come to me all the time wanting cooking/nutrition advice. I feel like I fell off the wagon! I was hoping you may have had a similar experience in your life. Also, how long prior to your wedding did you cut out alcohol. And you have been my only saving grace lately. It is tremendously comforting hearing from a strong woman like you. You get me! My fiancé overheard the podcast of yours I was listening to this morning and he was like she sounds like you! I was my best version prior- I just need to find her again- Would love to hear back from you! Thanks Juli!

        1. honestly, i don’t see myself as falling off the wagon. sure, i eat more when i go on trips to austin or portland, but i don’t beat myself up about it. those decisions i made when it came to what i ate were just that, decisions, not mistakes. i always continue to work hard in the gym and get back to eating healthy as quickly as possible. if i feel myself getting too addicted to sugar or craving something too often, i cut back with it. but i also don’t eat or drink things that make me feel like shit, which are usually things that make a person feel like they “fell off the wagon”. speaking from my experience, if my eating habits are off, it’s usually because of a personal issue that needs to be addressed, so i try to connect those dots and deal with the issue at hand through things other than food. i don’t know if that helps at all, just telling you what i’ve gone through. and as for alcohol, i probably didn’t drink for a couple months leading up to it but i can’t remember exactly!

    2. Hey, Amber!

      I recently stopped drinking and love how it makes me feel. Lots of my friends still go out quite a bit on the weekends, and it has definitely made me feel a bit isolated, as I’m not a big fan of being the only sober person. While I have been making some lifestyle changes so that I have things to do at night that don’t revolve around going out to the bars, I have found one thing that has helped me. I’m not sure if you live in Colorado like me, but I occasionally eat an edible before going out, and no one knows the difference! And this is coming from a girl who never even smoked or did any drugs my whole life. While substituting one mind-altering substance for another may not be the best option for everyone, it has helped me stay on track with my health and budget while avoiding hangovers and not missing out on important events because I don’t want to drink! Like I said, this is probably not a feasible or realistic option for everyone, but it has helped me since I am not good at cutting myself off after one or two drinks when I am out. Also, it definitely does not solve your problem behind alcohol being a stumbling block in your Whole30s – and an edible wouldn’t even be allowed under a Whole30. Just an option!

      1. Katie! You are so sweet! Thank you for your response! We were just in Breckenridge and fell in love with Colorado! I think it is time I just get my will power back on track. It’s hard when I know I’ve done it for the past 4 years and now I can’t seem to give it up for more than 20 days! Crazy how life works sometimes! I really appreciate your support

  24. Hey there! I’m loving the podcasts and hope you continue to do them! I was wondering what crime podcast it is you listen too? I found one but the guys voice is pretty dry and bleh!

  25. I just listened to this podcast for the second or third time and I just wanted to say thank you for it! I’m a 26 year old single gal who as of about 6 months ago left my full time job to pursue other things. I’ve started up a freelance consulting business, I’m studying to get my CPT certification, and I’m an avid fitness/crossfit/training enthusiast. Basically, I wanted to comment here because my life has been so unpredictable and all over the place these last 6 months and I feel like I have all these plans and ideas to get me where I want to be but alcohol was just cutting into that. I should also mention to keep me going financially, I was bartending, which has a time and place for me and quite frankly I just can’t do that lifestyle anymore. Long story short, my last day at the bar was over a month ago and I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in 38 days. It’s crazy. I was the partier for sure and ya girl likes to have fun sometimes. But lately, I’ve had such a change of heart and I’ve never felt better than I do now not having drank in so long. However, it makes going out near impossible. Everyone says how awesome it is but I’m not the person they want to go out on the weekends with. I feel like the debby downer and they are hard core judging me. And by hard core I mean passive aggressive glances at my water glass. Ugh. It’s just hard right now. I’m keeping my eye on my goals and vision for my life but in the meantime I’ve had to forego a social life. I know it shouldn’t be all or nothing but right now I’m just not sure what else to do or how to let my friends know that of course if they want to drink go for it, don’t feel weird around me. But it’s weird. Becuase I’m 26 and this is what people do… Which in and of itself is a big issue. Anywho. I just needed to ramble because no one really understands it. So thank you if you’ve read that and made it through it:) And thank you for your podcast. I’ve read your blog for a long time now and am so hooked to all of it. Your brand and personality via your blog and social media is awesome so keep on keepin’ on 🙂

  26. I was a daily drinker for years. Often, while in the gym at 8 am, I was already thinking about what I’d drink that night: martini? manhattan? wine? Then I tried the Sinclair Method using naltrexone. Wow. Just a few doses and my cravings for alcohol disappeared. It’s too bad doctors in the US won’t embrace this protocol.

  27. Just heard your podcast on alcohol. I’m not as cosmo as you (maybe when I was younger and in the Navy, jetsetting all over the planet) but, about some people needing/wanting that crown and coke, if one thinks too much how we’re on a little tube shooting through the air at 35,000 ft. then they get all psyched out and that drink takes “the edge” off a little bit.

    That’s one excuse. Another might be that their party might be being continued from wherever they were before getting on the flight? Or starting the party early for where they’re headed. Then finally, being alcoholics, some of us just find any excuse to have that drink. It doesn’t stop at one either, and when the plane lands we always find the nearest bar to keep the party going. Just my opinion. Sometimes I realize just how much of an expert I am on this subject.

    Thanks for your blog, I just happened to land on it, it was the one photo you’re before and after maybe. You look really good in that selfie. But I’m really glad for finding your site. I got hurt really bad ten years ago and was in such good shape before, I really haven’t recovered from that and I’ve really been searching for a way to get motivated and my health really is going down hill. We’ll see if I can use your energy and recipes to kickstart my old self back to life.

    As for your cussing, I’d swear you’ve been in the Navy! When I came home after my ten years everyone pointed out my language wasn’t quite what they wanted to hear and I pretty much just blew them off and tried to make a conscious effort NOT to talk like that when around my grandkids, nieces and nephews. Otherwise that’s what anyone around me gets. Funny story: when I first got out and was invited to a family picnic my dad and uncles asked me to leave after about half an hour after I arrived because they didn’t really “appreciate my cussing. Haha, I said, where the f&$k do you guys think I learned it? Right, from you guys when I was growing up! Being in the Navy was where I just honed my skills in cussing! So, when someone criticizes I try and avoid talking around them. I,really enjoyed your alcohol podcast, the other one was playing while I maws writing this comment so I’ll just go back and listen again. Thanks for reading.


  28. I just listened to your first two episodes and they are amazing. the vinegar feet story had me laughing out loud.
    I loved hearing your view on alcohol. I quit drinking a year and a half ago, immediately dropped 15 pounds and people just DO NOT want to hear that all I did was stop drinking. What’s everyone’s boner for booze!? i was shocked to drop that much weight (um how much wine and late night snacks is that? Gasp) but almost immediately it made my fitness goals so much easier to achieve. I was so excited to hear affirmation from someone else and I am just a person that doesn’t drink now because it’s just not worth giving those goals up!
    You’ve inspired me to continue to work on my own recipes and blog for my own growth, but mostly I’m commenting because I just want you to know that your blunt-yet-casual commentary on life, fitness, food, fashion is a really refreshing and awesome part of my day! Thank you!

    1. hahahaha boner for booze. seriously though. i feel the exact same way about alcohol, i would rather accomplish my goals then hinder them by drinking regularly. thanks so much for the support, sarah!

  29. I have been debating giving up alcohol for a while now. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted, I usually only have a glass of wine at night a few days a week. But if I have any more than 2 drinks I’m up sick (literally very sick) the whole night. I’m just getting back into CrossFit after a year hiatus and want to get back to where I was before as quickly as possible.
    I’ve had stomach/digestion issues my whole life. Tested for celiac which was negative. I’ve debated trying a paleo approach, but just haven’t done it.
    Pretty much what I’m saying is I have some lifestyle changes I’d like to make but am nervous and scared to do it. I need to stop worrying about what anyone else things about it–that’s the issue for sure. And, I enjoy my glass of wine at night once in a while. But I also know my body just does not agree with it.
    Also, I have been listening to podcasts for a while. I really enjoy yours because I know you’re just rolling with it. Saying what’s on your mind. It’s like we’re just chatting, I’m just doing more of the listening. Don’t change how you’re doing them unless you want to. You’re already getting a ton of listeners either way!
    I’m going to go dump out my wine. And just do it. Like you said, it’s a decision and today I’m deciding not to drink alcohol. Once I get that shit under control, a paleo eating lifestyle is next!
    Thanks again! Love you on instsgram too!

    1. good, that’s exactly how i want it to feel. i try to create an outline but i just get off topic anyways lol. my feet swell when i drink which shows me that i shouldn’t be drinking very often, so i still have a drink sometimes but try to listen to my body the rest of the time. good for you for listening to your body and doing what’s right for you!!

  30. This. Was. Hilarious. And totally relatable. Please keep making these.

    Also did you intentionally make it so we can listen while doing other stuff on the phone at the same time?! If so, thank you. It’s awesome, and makes me feel very tech saavy.

  31. Also, topic request: would love to hear how you battled the emotional part of eating (like you touched upon in Podcast Ep 1).

  32. What do you think about doing both Crossfit and Orange Theory? I’ve been doing Orange for almost a year, but want more muscle. Was thinking to do 2 Orange and 3 CF classes a week. Do you still do both? I saw an older article when doing a Google search. Thanks!

    1. i don’t do orange theory anymore, i just did it while i was on the road during book tour because my friend loved it. and i thought it was awesome! i think doing both would be amazing and doing cf would definitely help you build more muscle!

  33. bahaha this is awesome and so true. I’m in such denial about the need to cut alcohol. I recently turned 29 and I swear that every day since then I’ve woken up at 4am every single time I drink. Doesn’t matter if it’s a glass of wine or multiple cocktails after a night of partying. It’s just ridiculous. I have the paleo eating and crossfit routine down but alcohol is the last and most painful step toward achieving my goals. Dammit.

  34. Hi Juli,
    So happy you added the podcasts! Love them! I wanted to reiterate what someone else mentioned: I drink on the plane because I am terrified of flying. I feel like I have to defend all of us scared travelers;) I try to keep my alcohol consumption to once a week when I am out with friends for dinner, and I try to keep the drinks to 2-3. So, I am not a big drinker. But, put me on a plane, and I drink until the plane feels like a fun rollercoaster ride. I know this isn’t the healthiest option, but I have tried therapy, xanax and the only thing that works is….gin. I don’t fly too often and I am usually solo. I def. feel like a weirdo sitting alone sipping gin for hours at a time, but I see it as a public service. The alternative is constant hyperventilating and clutching my neighbor’s arm in terror. With some gin I just quietly read with a smile on my face enjoying the ride.
    Thanks for always reminding us we are accountable for our own decisions! I always appreciate it!

  35. Ugh! Needed some tough love on my alcohol habits! Diet in check, exercise in check, water in check, everything in check… still not reaching my goals… I give myself way too much leeway in the boos department damn it. Gotta kick the bad habit. You’re the best Juli! Always inspiring and encouraging in the most entertaining way possible. Happy New Year!!!!

  36. You. Are. Hilarious. And I’ve noticed that as the years go on (I’m about to turn 36) and the more focused I am becoming on my health, I care so much less about getting a buzz. Which is so very opposite of “college me.” I also do that with coffee, btw – notice that I’m guzzling it like all the time so I step off for a bit. All about finding what works for us, right? Loving the podcasts!

  37. Thank you for this podcast episode! When I was younger I was embarrassed of my consciousness of alcohol consumption. Now I’m proud of it. Whenever I am at a social event that I will be at for a long while, I wait as long as possible to have my first drink. It helps me keep the number of drinks I’m going to have in check.

    Insta fitness @carrymebabyshar recipes @itrickedmyselfsilly

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