Macros, Supplements & Protein Powder – Episode 6: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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Happy Saturday! Today I am chatting all about macros, supplements and protein powder. All things I know nothing about. But I’m telling you my experience with some different products and what I’ve found to work for me! I haven’t tried macros myself because of my tendencies with obsessive behaviors, especially towards food. But I’ve still been able to lose weight just listening to my body, eating real food, and staying away from alcohol and sugars most of the time (while still enjoying life)! Feel free to ask any questions below and I’m happy to answer them here! I had a hard time sorting through social media questions the other day while dealing with a loss of a friend so I’m sorry for not answering questions very well. Working on it!

Here are some links to the talking points I chatted about!

Again, feel free to ask any questions below or leave a comment with your own experience when it comes to macros, supplements and protein powder! Excited to hear your own stories!!

Episode 6 Transcription:

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Hey guys! It’s Juli from PaleOMG. How’s it going? I hope you’re having just a fabulous week, and things are just getting brighter and brighter. I have had a really weird couple of weeks and extremely stressful. I lost a friend this week, very unexpectedly, and I’m still trying to process that, and I’m having a hard time with it.

But I told you guys I would get this podcast done and I’m trying to get it done. So I hope I do my best on this podcast. I’m just a total mess. It’s just been a really f*cking weird week, and I’m just crying a lot and I just had a dog who rolled himself in goose sh*t, and I about f*cking lost it. And all he did was rub himself in goose sh*t! He’s done that many times. But since there are so many things going on and so many stressors, I was so mad at my poor dog. It’s just been a weird f*cking week.

But, I want to get on with this. I asked on Instagram if anybody had questions about macros, or supplements, or protein powder, and there were like 120 questions. And what’s so sh*tty about that, is I know nothing about macros. Yeah. So we’ll just get that out there in the open; I know nothing about macros. They know nothing about me, I guess. I don’t really take any supplements, and I barely drink protein powder. So you know what; I’m going to be really f*cking helpful on this subject. Sorry about that.

So if you want some real knowledge bombs and that kind of sh*t, for any amount of time, but I like to talk from experience. Going back in the past, what has worked for me. Because macros is this huge thing right now; you’re seeing a lot of people get super lean doing macros, and I have had really obsessive behaviors in the past, and I’ve been able to have my weight go up and down not counting food at all and have lost weight without counting whatsoever. So I just want to talk about that today, but if you want science facts, get the f*ck out of here. You don’t want anything to do with me.

But; let’s go back in the past. So I counted calories in the past. I remember in high school I had my little planner, and I would count however many calories, and this was not when I was eating healthy. I mean, I was eating those 100-calorie snack packs, and just starving myself. I was starving myself as much as I could. Oh my god, if I burp a lot in this podcast, it’s because I’m drinking kombucha. Are you cool with that? You feel me? You cool? Ok.

So, in this planner I had when I was a teenager, and I was like 14-15, whatever, I was counting calories, and I remember starting at 1500, and then I was like; ok, I could eat less. And then I would try to go down lower and lower; 1000, 750. And by the end I was trying to eat under 500 calories, which is like, probably less than what I eat for breakfast now a days. So I was f*cking crazy, you know. Just normal, depressed, awful teenager who was trying to starve themselves. Because I saw other girls, other peers that I looked up to, I saw them do it as well, and a lot of them were really skinny, and I wanted to be skinnier. So I was like, ok well I can starve myself.

I could never eat nothing because I loved food so much. I was like; what do you mean? I remember I there was a girl in high school who would eat just a couple of grapes per day. It was f*cked up. F*cked up. So that was kind of the start of my obsessive behaviors and counting. Then I got away from that, and I kind of did on and off diets growing up. And then I found, when I first started Crossfit, just kind of my own Crossfit at the gym, I started reading into paleo because they had this PDF; I’m sorry, swing back. I meant to say I started getting into Zone; the Zone diet. And they had this PDF on the Crossfit website that I used; it was like this printout of multiple pages, and it showed you how many grams, how many ounces, how many cups. It was kind of like Weight Watchers where Weight Watchers had points; Zone had blocks. So I would count out a certain amount of blocks.

And I saw really great results with it, but I was still eating sh*tty food, so I was still eating bread, I was still eating oats, I was still eating just sh*t I shouldn’t be eating. But I was seeing results, because instead of having a whole sandwich I was having like an open-faced sandwich. I was just regulating my food intake more than ever.

So I saw results with that, and then I decided to go paleo, and then I did Zone paleo, and it was just obsessing, obsessing, obsessing. And now I do paleo, but I also still have some gluten free stuff. So I have gluten-free granola, I have some gluten-free bread that I eat sometimes. I just try not to overdo it with gluten-free stuff, because I feel that addiction coming on where I feel like I need it all the time, and it doesn’t satisfy me like real food does. So I feel hungrier earlier; so I just kind of try to stay from that.

And just for me, now, it’s just eating a balanced diet. So I always have protein at a meal, I always have carbs, whether that’s a starchy carbohydrate or that’s a green vegetable. And I have some kind of fat, because I cook either the meat or the veggies or carbs in; oh Jackson. What a rude. So whatever I cook that fat in, I have that fat as my meal.

People ask me all the time; how do you know what your body is craving? And that is eating clean for the past 6 years, 6-plus years, I’ve been able to find what my body is wanting, what it’s craving, what it doesn’t need, what it does better with. So it’s a lot of trial and error, and being in tune with your body. And I know; for some people, that’s hard to understand, but the more you become in tune with your body and what it wants and what it needs and what didn’t work and why maybe you’ve gained weight or you’ve lost weight, it becomes easier and easier to really figure out what your body needs.

But, again, that’s always changing. Because our lives are changing, our stressors are changing; everything changes and we have to keep that in mind. (Phone is going off.) We have to just keep that in mind as we age.

But let’s kind of talk about macros; if you’ve never heard about macros, let’s just talk about it. Because I hadn’t either, so I had to actually do some research for this post! And believe me, it is minimal f*cking research. So again, go out, do your own research. Whenever people ask questions, I’m like, hey, you could figure out just as much as I could because I’m figuring out from the professionals out there.

So macros concentrates on getting enough protein, carbs, and fat depending on what your goals are, whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain, or whatever else. And you can put your information into this calculator. So I went to this website called IIFYM, if it fits your macros. I f*cking hate that hashtag because I think it’s annoying, but I’m a bitch so whatever.

But, this calculator, you can put in your weight, and you put in your height, your activity level, your goals, if you want to lose weight or gain weight or whatever, and it kind of gives you a breakdown of how many calories per gram of protein, fat, carbs, and it kind of broke it down. So I just put mine in there, and what I think is a little bit sketchy, what can happen with macros just based on my experience with obsessive behaviors, I would be like; well, I weigh myself maybe once a year, and I would put that weight in there and be like; well, I guess I need to lose weight, I don’t know. I don’t care about a number on a scale so maybe I need to lose weight a little bit, get more lean, and it asks your activity level. And I mean, I do Crossfit, but that’s 30 minutes of work, so how much activity level, how active do I say I am? So I think it can get a little bit hazy depending on your obsessive behaviors. Because I feel like I wouldn’t give myself enough credit and I would beat myself up and cause myself to have some issues with that.

So you can kind of adjust your calories from fat, and it just gives you a breakdown. So here it gave me grams per day; I need 93 grams of protein, 48 grams of fat, 265 grams of carbs; it says fiber. Suggested calories are 1860, and then two things I don’t understand. I don’t know what those words mean. So it gives you all that information and you can start calculating that sh*t, and I’m sure there’s all kinds of apps and calculators out there to help you gauge all this stuff.

But what I think can get so sketchy is; I mean, I want to go out with friends, so am I going to calculate that all the time? Am I going to calculate that every day at dinner? I mean, plenty of people do that; for me, that just leads to very obsessive behaviors which are going to make me f*cking crazy, which are going to lead to a release of cortisol, stress hormone, which I’ll probably gain weight, maybe while I’m losing weight. So this isn’t for everything, this is what I’m just saying would probably happen to me based on my experience in the past. And cortisol is a real f*cking thing and can’t be forgotten about.

And the other problem I see with macros, is I believe in eating real food. I think real food should come first and foremost to get all your needs for the day; get your vitamins and minerals. You need to eat real f*cking food; not these little things that are packaged as fat free waffles or fat free whipped cream or all this bullsh*t. why is a food; how did a food become fat free? Think about that. Like milk. I don’t know what they add to milk to make it fat free, do they add just water? So you’re just drinking down watered-down milk? Why couldn’t you just f*cking do that yourself? That’s gross anyways.

But, think about all these things they’re making fat free. So if it fits in your macros, and you find yourself eating fat free waffles with fat free whipped cream and fat free syrup or fat free caramel on top because it fits your macros, are you actually getting the food that your body needs? The answer is f*ck no. your body needs greens. It needs good meat; it needs good protein. It needs fish. It needs good fats in your diets. Those are the foods you need; not these f*cking fake foods that are on the shelves. Stay away from those.

So I think people can really get wrapped up in it; they’re like, oh well I have this left in my macros, so I’m going to have an entire, whatever those Halo-top ice creams are. I’m not hating on that brand; but I’m going to have this entire ice cream with a huge dollop of peanut butter on top and this fat free whipped cream on the side. It’s like; what the f*ck? What happened to just eating healthy food and taking care of your body? Because I can promise you, if you’re eating healthy food; so you’re eating your greens, your starchy carbs if you need those, your protein, your healthy fats; if you’re eating those, your body is going to have a much better reaction than eating sh*t food.

It’s just like f*cking Diet Coke. I hate when people are like; oh, well it’s diet. Ok, have you done any sort of research about how these fake sugars affect the body? Do your research; figure sh*t out! Don’t listen to just what it says; fat free, or sugar free, or all this bullsh*t. eat real food; eat food that you can read the ingredients, because it’s an only ingredient. The only ingredient is chicken! The only ingredient is kale! Figure it out! Ok, I’m going off on a tangent. I’m trying to keep this under 45 minutes today. So, that’s what I think about macros.

If you’re eating; I think if you’re doing macros and you’re eating real food, I think it can be incredibly helpful because sometimes we just don’t know how much our body needs and we can overeat and over indulge. But I think if you eat real food, the food that your body needs, your body tells you when it doesn’t want to eat anymore. So last night, I’m eating salmon and kale, and I have a big plate and I end up not finishing my plate because my body is telling me, “I don’t need it.” It’s not saying, “Gimme, gimme! More, more, more, more, more!” Like sugar tells our brain to do. It’s saying, “Ok, that feels good, I’m feeling satisfied.” It can comprehend real food better than it can comprehend fake, sugar-filled, sh*t food. Does that make sense?

Oh my god; you guys, I create a, I don’t know, description of what I’m going to talk about and different talking points, and I never stay on them.

But, at the end of the day, I do not do macros because I know I would abuse it. I think I would be really abusive with it, and I would have another abusive relationship with food, which I’ve finally gotten away from, so I stay away from macros. Ok? It doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I’m just telling you that.

Let’s move on to supplements! There are like a million supplements out there and I know nothing about supplements. A lot of people {laughs} were asking me about BCAAs. Is that called something else? I have no idea what that is. Here, I’m going to Google it. Because I just don’t care. I am a person who believes in real food, and believes that I am getting the right nutrients if I’m eating a vast array of different foods every day. And I’m a person who gets my blood work checked, and I figure out if I’m missing anything in my diet, and I haven’t come across that yet. So I’m not a person who cares about that.

So, ok, branch chain amino acids. It feels like I’m back in college; I don’t remember any sh*t from f*cking college. Ok, so let’s talk about supplements real quick. I’ve only dabbled in fish oil; I’ve taken cod liver oil. I only took cod liver oil because I was trying to clear up my acne, and that sh*t is f*cking gross. Like, I was taking; I don’t know if you’ve ever taken cod liver oil in gel; they have like a cinnamon gel form that my friend Liz told me would probably help with my acne. It didn’t, but my acne was f*cked up. But that was the grossest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth, probably. That was so gross, I don’t know how people do that.

So I took cod liver oil and fish oil; fish oil is awesome for inflammation. I highly recommend it for people who train intensively and have any sort of inflammation in their body. If you’re beating your body up every day, you have inflammation. So fish oil is awesome for that. I don’t take it on a regular basis because I just don’t care. I have other sh*t to do and food to eat. Like, this week has been so stressful and my eating has been terrible because I haven’t had much of an appetite or when I do have an appetite I’m eating sugar to get endorphins because I’m depressed, so my eating has been all off. This is when fish oil would probably be really smart. But I’ve never seen enough of an impact when I’ve taken fish oil, feel enough of an impact to want to stick with it.

Ok, vitamins that I do like; these are gummy vitamins, I think they taste good. I’m not all about eating gummy vitamins every day, every second, but I think they’re tasty. These Smarty Pants vitamins; I posted once about them, and I think they’re prenatal vitamins or something. Prenatal are good for your hair and nails, so why wouldn’t you take it, you know? I just take them sometimes. Sometimes when I’m like; hey, I want dessert but I don’t want to eat a dessert, I’ll eat a gummy vitamin. But again, I don’t take those on a regular basis because I just don’t care. But when I get my blood work done, everything looks good to go and I don’t feel like I’m lacking anything. So that being said; cool.

Now let’s talk about protein powder. Oh my gosh, protein powder, you guys. Here’s the thing; if you, and I’ve said this on Snapchat. If you want to become a millionaire or billionaire, you should start a protein line. Because people eat that sh*t up. No pun intended. Or drink that sh*t up; whatever. People love meal replacements. And I’m here to tell you that you should not be replacing your meal with a sugary drink, ok. I don’t know why you think that’s good, but it’s not. I don’t drink protein powder on a regular basis. I like to make shakes as a snack once in a while; or if I’ve had an incredibly, incredibly hard workout, and I can’t fathom eating yet, I’ll make a shake. But this is not something I have every day or after every workout. I don’t see a need for it. I see a need for real food. But if my body is craving something; if it really feels like sh*t after a workout, then I’ll have it.

I’m not a person who is doing endurance; I’m doing Crossfit. I’m sure; there are plenty of crossfitters out there who drink a protein drink after every workout, like my coaches at my gym, and I’m a person who I don’t think I need that. I don’t think I really earned that always. And it’s not like a crazy; that sounds kind of crazy, but it’s not that. It’s just, sometimes I just haven’t worked hard enough to really need a protein shake. I’m going to eat a meal not soon thereafter, so that’s where I’m going to get the food and energy to replenish what I just put out on the Crossfit floor. That sounded stupid.

But I just don’t think I need to drink protein shakes. And I find that when I do drink a protein shake, I find myself very hungry pretty soon thereafter. Like it just spiked my insulin and made me hungrier earlier, and I don’t always want to feel like that. So I don’t drink shakes very often; I just drink them when I feel like I really needed one, or I worked super hard, or I just want a treat. Like if I want ice cream, sometimes I make one of my shakes. Because it’s just like having a little milk shake, but added protein in it.

So I don’t believe in meal replacements. I had a couple of comments, “If you’re in a rush is a protein shake a good replacement?” And I don’t think so whatsoever. I think you should be eating real food. If you have the ability to buy expensive protein, you have the ability to buy actual food and eat that food. You’re lucky enough that you can afford protein in the first place; oh, I’m getting deep in there. But, I’m saying, eat real food first and foremost guys. Eat real food.

I do love; I have a protein powder, Primal Kitchen/Primal Fuel, and a lot of people are asking me the difference between plant and whey. I don’t believe in plant-based protein powder. I’ve seen people have so many issues from that, and I’ve had issues from that, so I stay away from that. I think this is a whey protein, and it just tastes good. I told you, I don’t do protein shakes on a regular basis, but this one tastes good and is from a great company. So I like that.

If you are trying to stay away from lactose, or whey or whatever; f*ck, I’m trying to stay away from science. Sometimes when I’m trying to stay away from it, or I just want flavorless protein, I’ll use collagen. So Vital Proteins and Great Lakes collagen; please don’t ask me the difference because I think they’re both awesome. I have both in my kitchen, and I use both. I find that Great Lakes doesn’t have as much of a flavor to it. But it’s not as beefy; Vital Proteins has a little bit more of a beef flavor, and that’s just me. But that’s just my taste. So I like both of those, I use both of those on a regular basis. You can use those in protein shakes. I use those all kinds of times, so that’s a great option as well.

So those are the main things I use in my own diet. And that’s what I like the best. So I don’t think that’s helpful whatsoever, but I’m going to go through just a couple of questions with macros, and in this post I’ll link kind of where you can do the macro calculator and where you can find a little bit more information on it since I’m full of absolutely no information!

Let’s see; “favorite post workout meal?” So, favorite post workout meal, I usually don’t want to eat right after I workout, so I just have a meal because I tend to workout at like 4:30 most of the time, or say I’ll work out at noon and I’ll have lunch; 4:30 I’ll have dinner afterward. So that’s my favorite post workout meal, is food.

“Favorite meal when you really want to blow out your macros?” This is from Tai. You know, I just don’t want to blow out anything. So I stay away from totally sh*tting on my diet when I’m “sh*tting” on my diet, I’m having Mexican food where I’m having corn tortillas, but I stay away from gluten, I stay away from flour still. And I’m still feeling comfortable when I finish eating. I’m never overdoing it. That’s what I’m trying to not do, and not overdo it on sugar. So I try not to blow out anything.

“Do you use any fat burners?” No. I don’t know what a fat burner is, and it’s probably not natural. You can burn fat by working out and eating healthy.

Let’s see; there are so many questions. I feel like an asshole; I’m like, “Hey, do you have any questions, I’m going to answer three.”

So this question is, “How much cardio do you do? What do you estimate your caloric intake to be?” So, I have no idea with cardio. Crossfit is like lifting and cardio at the same time. When I think of cardio, cardiovascular, I think of breathing extremely hard and I do that every single day that I do a Crossfit workout, which is 5 days a week. Whether that’s a 30 minute workout or it’s a 6-minute workout like I did yesterday, and thought I was going to die on the floor afterwards. So I’m always doing a cardiovascular workout, but sometimes that will be a 6-minute workout and sometimes that will be a 3, but I workout 5 days a week.

And we were; I was talking to a couple of girls at the gym yesterday who, we have this women’s transformation challenge going on at the gym, and they were talking about what their caloric intake had to be, and this girl was like; “I still have to eat 800 calories tonight. I feel like I’m eating all the time.” And I was like, I honestly could not even guess what I eat in a day, and I think it’s very different. Some days; I literally have no f*cking clue. So I couldn’t even guess that; every day I think is a little bit different, especially when I’ve had some stress going on, it’s different. So I have absolutely no clue, but I’ve been able to change my body and lean out with not knowing that information whatsoever. I have no idea of how many grams of protein, fat, carbs, whatever I eat. I just listen to my body.

“How does a person even start counting macros?” Like I told you, this website.

“Honest opinion on collagen?” So, somebody asked. “I’m starting to see wrinkles; is collagen really a big deal?” One of my friends; she’s 10 years older than me, and she’s like, “Take your collagen every day!” And she really recommends it for skin and it’s awesome for hair and nails. I have no idea, because I’ve only been taking collagen for about a year and I don’t even take it consistently. But from what I’ve heard from someone who is 10 years older; she says, “Do it!” So, I would recommend it. I mean, it’s not going to hurt by any means, that’s for sure.

“Do you try to eat carbs post workout or do you eat carbs throughout the day?” I eat carbs throughout the day. A lot of people will do post workout, they’ll have a higher carb intake. And a lot of times I’m just eating fat after a workout, because say I have to coach afterwards, and I just have, like, some kind of bar with me. I’m having nuts and some have dried fruit, so I’m having fat and carbs. But, I don’t do extra on my workout days. I just eat carbs whenever I want throughout the day.

Ok, I’m doing pretty good on time; I’m impressed with myself right now. Let’s see; ok. Sorry, these are just a lot of the same questions over and over; sorry if I’m missing anybody’s question. Again, BCAAs, whatever those are called, I have no idea. I don’t take those.

Thanks for the love on my profanity, guys. I had a couple of mean emails last week, and this is very helpful. And, I found out my dad was listening to my podcast! Dad, why are you doing this to yourself? Hopefully my mom doesn’t, because my poor mother will be so disappointed in me. But dad, stop listening! You’re daughter is better than that. Just picture her better than the cussing words that you tried to get her not to say. Love you dad.

Ok, “Is this success only for the young with macros? I’m 57 and eat paleo most of the time and need to lose weight.” Absolutely not. I mean, a healthy diet is for everybody no matter what age. My friend Clark has the coolest parents on earth and I think they’re in their late 60s or 70s, and just a few years ago they decided to start Crossfit and they started eating paleo. I don’t think they do macros, but they just started completely changing around their diet, and their bodies completely changed, and they Crossfit 6 to 7 days a week, and they’re so f*cking badass. And they have all these friends who will never listen to what paleo is, and will never open their mind. But it’s so cool if you’re able; especially when you’re older, to start looking at diet and how you eat in a different way. That is so f*cking awesome. So if you’re 57 and you’re eating healthier and doing better, and you need to lose weight; definitely look at macros. But know that you are a step above by eating paleo in the first place and taking responsibility for your own health. So go you, you badass woman! Who are you; Shelby! You little doll face!

Ok, I’m trying to keep it a little short so I don’t make this file too big. I don’t know how to shrink file sizes. It’s f*cking hard. “Pre and post workout meals and timing.” So, Crossfit, I always try to eat something about an hour before I Crossfit, and it’s always different because depending on what I’m doing or maybe I’m just snacking because I’m making something for the blog. But I’ll have; and it always ranges. It could be plantain chips to a sheep’s milk yogurt to half a Larabar. Just getting something in my stomach that’s not overbearing. And half a Larabar is a very small amount. And that just settles my stomach so I don’t have too much in there. And then post workout, like I said, I eat a meal with post workout. So I just have a regular meal.

“Natural pre workout food or drink instead of powders.” I had another question about energy drinks, and I was talking to my coach at the gym about this. He’s like, “What do you think about energy drinks?” To me, I used to drink energy drinks all the time in college, before I started eating paleo, because I was f*cking tired all the time. And you’re sitting in accounting class; so tear my eyes out. So I drank Monsters and all that sh*t. and once I started eating clean on a regular basis, I had more energy than ever. So what I recommend is eating clean, making sure you’re working out, and getting enough sleep and you’re going to have more energy. If maybe you’re not, having something like coffee, but I do not believe in energy drinks. They’re filled with weird sh*t; I can’t pronounce that stuff; I don’t know what any of that stuff is, and I don’t know, it’s just kind of sketchy to me so I kind of stay away from it. That’s just my personal opinion, not blasting companies, I’m just saying what works for me and what doesn’t work for me.

Oh, “What do you think about intermittent fasting?” I feel like I might have talked about this somewhere. Intermittent fasting; I tried to do when I first started paleo, and all I was doing was starving myself. I was like, “What am I doing? I’m trying to tell people to eat a healthy lifestyle and then I’m starving myself because it’s “intermittent fasting”? And I get where the process of fasting, where people think it’s important. Again, I was really inappropriate with my fasting, I would just starve myself, and that was f*cking stupid. So I stay away from that; but it works for some people. I mean, some people are like, “I intermittent fast until 10 a.m.” I’m like, isn’t that just not eating breakfast until 10 a.m.? Why do you have call it something? It’s just, hey I had a f*cking busy morning, I’m not eating until 10 a.m. I don’t know, people have to call something everything.

Ok, let’s do two more questions. I think I answered a lot of these. “How to eat to stay strong in a workout?” Eat paleo. Boom!

Oh my gosh, I have a whiney dog. I let him outside, and now he’s sad that he’s outside! And that he doesn’t smell like poop anymore!

I think I answered most of these questions. I think I did it guys. I think we got it today. So let’s just recap; I don’t count macros, I’m not blasting macros, I think they can be really helpful. I just don’t think they’re safe for people who have obsessive behaviors. So if you are one of those people, keep that in mind. And don’t be naughty about those macros. So if you find yourself eating total sh*t food because it fits within your macros, maybe you shouldn’t be doing macros. Just keep that in mind; I think healthy food is the way to go.

Supplements; I don’t do. I love Smarty Pants supplements. I love Vital Proteins and Great Lakes collagen; both are awesome. I add those to protein shakes whenever I make protein, and I use Primal Kitchen Primal Fuel protein powder. Do you guys; do you wish I had a 45-minute list of things? I don’t. I just don’t, guys. So that’s it today for the subject. Sorry for the little depressive news at the beginning. I’m still just having a really hard time, and I’m so glad I can just talk to you guys and get my mind off of it for a little bit. You have no idea how helpful that is. So thank you so much for listening.

If you are enjoying this podcast, please leave a review. I’ve been loving reading your reviews. I don’t know if I can write back at all, I haven’t seen that. I don’t really know how iTunes works, but I’m seeing all your reviews and you’re f*cking awesome; thank you so much for leaving them. And please visit me at I’m still working on getting this podcast up on Stitcher. I just, with the craziness that’s been happening this week, I haven’t been able to. But if you have other sites that you like to listen to your podcast on, please tell me about them because I don’t know all about them. And then leave a comment on my blog on this podcast, let me know if you have any other questions, or you found a product you really like and you want to share with people. Let’s talk about it guys; let’s talk about it.

Next week, I’m going to talk about how I became a blogger full time, because I get that question a lot and I want to just kind of share it, and then maybe other people can share their experience. And that’s all I got. So thanks for listening today guys; thanks for being my therapeutic session. Thanks for talking to me, and being awesome, and supporting me while I learn all these new things like a podcast and why I still don’t have a microphone. I have no f*cking clue, but I’m going to get one! So this will actually sound better someday. We’re going to be professional, ok? We’re going to be pros. Ok I love you! If Jackson were here, he’d give you a big old kiss! A big old goose-poop smeared kiss! Ok bye!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


49 thoughts on “Macros, Supplements & Protein Powder – Episode 6: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. I’m listening now and had that awful experience with macros you said you would have. It stressed me out so much and I was miserable about it. I was so stressed and angry and it drove me insane. It helped me realize how much I was eating and did help with better portions but otherwise I was going insane. If people have had negative relationships with food they should stay away.!! Thank you for being so open and honest with your past struggles with food and how you have changed your diet habits and what you’ve done to improve you’re relationship with food. It helps so many of us and it’s a great source of inspiration for those of us going through a shit relationship with food.

    Also I’m so sorry you lost a friend 🙁 we are all here for you and hope that over time you get back to a positive space.

    1. i think it’s definitely great for figuring out portion size because so many of us don’t have a very good gage on what a meal should look like

  2. Thank you for the real talk, you’re awesome!
    I started tracking macros in April when I discovered Paleo because I had a decent amount of weight I wanted to lose, but I agree with you where is could feel myself getting crazy with counting them. I would have to plug my food in immediately after putting something in my mouth, or I would find myself eating something just because I had points left or because one macro had more than the other and I needed to even them out “properly”.

    I’m very sorry for the loss of your friend, th 23rd was the 5year anniversary of when I lost my sister, her two sons and my cousin so my week has been pretty shitty as well.
    ???? Cassie

  3. Do you have advice for those who have become obsessive and trying to stop? I find it hard to cut cold turkey. When I intake any sugar, I end up going overboard and becoming immediately sugar addicted.
    From a macro background, I worry with workouts and eating with that.
    Loved this podcast, thanks Juli.

    1. hmmmmm that’s a tough one. for ME, i had to find happiness and joy in other areas of my life so i wouldn’t obsess about the small things. and i had to remind myself how ugly those obsessive behaviors looked and even felt for others. i also reminded myself that all those obsessive and restrictive behaviors hadn’t gotten me to where i wanted to be physically or mentally which was a good reminder that i needed to do something different. i don’t know if that helps, but i hope it does. and let me know if you have any other questions so i can hopefully help more!

      1. This helps- and makes sense. I’ve been getting to classes and regularly working out. I suppose it’s been difficult to balance the stress of school and work, and gym- and making sure I’m eating enough based off of the background of macronutrients. I guess the best thing to do would be to meal prep and just have options to choose from, I just bought your book and the Fed and Fit book, so that’s a good place to start.

        I get worried with pre and post workout meals, timing, etc. It’s just a matter of getting back into the “normalcy” of not allowing food to dictate my life, I suppose.

        I appreciate you answering this, and I hope everything is ok with you.. Time, and positivity helps everything. Thanks for allowing you light to shine and still taking the time to help others even while you are going through a difficult time yourself.

  4. Listened to your fantastic podcast today and I must say…exceeded my expectations! I listen to so many podcasts about all the latest diets and supplements because I find it interesting to hear what people are doing. Your message was loud and clear and right up my alley “eat real food”. Amen sista!

    I’m pregnant right now so definitely not trying to lose weight but prior to pregnancy I was a religious macro counter. It taught me a lot about portions and made me realize I needed more protein, helped me stop looking at certain foods as off limits and actually made me realize I was under eating. That said, I don’t plan to return to it. It got to the point where I was scared to stop tracking because “what if I went off the rails and gained everything back?” But that is not a way to live. Hoping post baby I can focus on REAL food to get back into shape and lean out. Pregnancy has taught me how to listen to my hunger signals so much better and for that I am thankful!

  5. Hey Juli,
    This might be a uber dumb question but I’m gonna ask it anyway- what kinds of things do you like to eat when you’re sick? I’ve been feeling drained and under the weather, and the last thing I want to do is prepare something complicated or cook for that matter, but I also want to stick to Paleo ask much as possible. Any suggestions are awesome as always- thanks!

    1. making soup in the crockpot is always easy and great for when you are sick! but if i’m not up for that, i just stick with my usual easy meals like broiled salmon with an easy green vegetable. and if i can’t make anything, i just buy myself a rotisserie chicken!

  6. Thank you for doing this subject … we had a macro explosion at our gym about a year ago and of course everyone joined the band wagon and I finally tried it out. After coaching paleo challenges at the gym trying to do paleo macros was challenging for me and I found myself adding juice to hit carb numbers and eating foods I hadn’t been eating since I went paleo. I felt like crap even though I was losing weight, but the mental aspect of it was hard on me. I get obsessive about numbers, counting calories … it had been so long that I didn’t really consider that going into my first (and only) month of macros. I had to buy a scale since I only weigh myself at the gym when we do body weight deadlifts lol. The daily routine of weighing myself and my food literally was driving me insane. I was a miserable person to be around and was turning into a raging bitch … not what I wanted! I would dream about hitting my numbers, if I was off even by one gram, I got down on myself. Ummm what?! I quit macros after one month and it took me some time to unwrap my brain form it. I gave away my food scale and gave my mom my other scale (so she could weigh her luggage for a trip LMAO). There are still peeps at my gym on the macro train and some eat the crap food and some eat good food. Just find what works for you, but I would rather eat good, non processed foods, wod and live my life that way without worrying about numbers. It’ snot for everyone, so I think you just have to try it to find out.

  7. Quick question about the protein powder. It is a whey powder.

    Does that aggravate a dairy sensitive stomach?

    I love dairy but it returns the love with a bloated miserable belly. No fun!! (If you explained this and I misssed it, I’m sorry! ????)

    1. if you have a dairy sensitivity, you will most likely have an issue with that protein. but it’s hard to say exactly just because i don’t have a huge sensitivity nor do i drink it often enough to have an issue.

  8. Sorry for your loss. Appreciate that you’re still here for us.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on deli meat? So versatile, tasty, and easy but has a bad rep. Is there a deli meat brand you heard is legit? Do you eat deli meat? Deli meat vs slightly less heathy option i e. protein bar? Deli meat? Deli meat? Meat from a deli?

    Looking forward to your next podcast! I save them for my LISS cardio days, love them!!

    1. applegate farms has great products when it comes to deli meats. just read your packaging. if you don’t know most of the words – don’t buy it. i more often buy thinly sliced smoked salmon instead of deli meats because it’s cleaner. and then i buy sausage usually from this company ( because it’s clean and incredibly delicious. but there are a handful of other brands out there, you just have to do your research when reading the packaging.

  9. I’m sorry to hear about your loss, Juli. I’m glad you could find solace in still doing your podcast this week. ???? Here’s to keeping on… ????

  10. Hey, Juli!

    Love the podcast! You’re a real source of inspiration. I definitely agree that eating real food is the answer, as opposed to fancy, expensive supplements or counting macros. One exception though: I do love me some Halotop! Not really sure that’s an exception though. I break down the nutritional content of three “healthy” ice creams on my new blog.

    BTW, I’m the guy still trying to figure out how to get videos of myself working out into the blog!

  11. Thanks for this. Was interesting to hear your take on protein powders and what your experience has been.
    Love your attitude on tracking calories and macros. I’ve also found eating real food, cutting sugar and listening to your body is the best way to achieve health. It would be very easy to become obsessed with tracking and it’s great you are able to recognize that and keep it real. It really is that simple but I think people get confused with all the BS in magazines and products out there.

  12. I love your podcast! It’s made my shitty commute, less shitty. 🙂

    Also, save your money on a mic and buy some new shoes because this one sounded super clear. So glad you started doing this! Also, really sorry to hear about your friend. I hope this week gets better for you!

  13. Your next cook book should be called “eat real food”! I love having these podcasts to listen to on the way to work in the mornings. Thank you!

  14. thank you for your take on calorie counting and macros – I’m definitely one of those people who would obsess over the numbers if I tried to track everything. plus I feel like calorie counting/macro counting just leaves too much room for eating “unclean” – my general rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t grow naturally or didn’t used to have a heart beat, I typically don’t eat it.

    I’m really loving your podcast – it helps get through the work day!


  15. First of all… GREAT PODCAST!!! You truly crack me up.
    Random question- do you have any primary care doctors you recommend in denver that are healthy and supportive of paleo? My husband and I live in Stapleton and we have struggled with finding a more natural doctor that suppprts blood draws for balance and not a lot of medicine. Totally random but looking for your thoughts. Thanks!

    1. no, my health insurance in kaiser so i’m pretty limited who i can see. and i just don’t go to the doctor because i hate our medical care system lol

  16. I sip on an awesome Branch Chain Amino Acids while I workout- check out Gnarly (awesome products, no shit in them!) – also drinking BCAA’s throughout the day helps to keep me full between meals:)

  17. I do sometimes. If they taste fishy then you have a poor quality oil, or it may be expired. It’s normal to burp but it shouldn’t taste fishy.

  18. So you’re an intuitive eater basically. I am super super envious of that, I started counting macros back in January 2014 and I haven’t been able to “break free” from tracking ever since. And I’d be interested in trying the blood work thing to see if I might be missing something. Very cool.

    In addition to tracking relentlessly, I also follow do the Renaissance Periodization diet which has a huge focus on nutrient timing and macro balance.

    I eat protein powder every day. Twice a day. And I’m sensitive to dairy–It makes me skin do awful things. FML. (I follow the “RP” templates and they call for intra-workout protein powder shake and casein shake at night before bed). I really, really hate at meals when I am only allowed “3 ounces” of protein. Which cooked comes out to about 2.3 ounces. Which means I’m starving most of the time and trying to get full on vegetables.

    I need to get my shish together, but i truly don’t know how to beak up with tracking.

    1. i wasn’t an intuitive eater before. i just got to the point where all the counting and obsessing obviously wasn’t working so I said f*ck it and knocked it off. that was when I was finally able to get control of my eating and what my body was actually craving instead of what i was forcing it to eat (like protein shakes or a certain amount of food)

  19. Thank you SO MUCH for posting about a multivitamin! I have been searching for several weeks now and there are so many different varieties & half the time I didn’t even know what was in them. I just ordered/subscribed to the brand you mentioned so thanks for also providing the link!

    Love your blog & your recipes. My favorite part is that when it’s my turn to cook, my husband loves them too!! 🙂

  20. Sorry, I also meant to ask what your thoughts were on probiotics. Do you take one? If you already blogged about it I apologize 🙂

  21. Awesome podcas! basically you said eat real food to get the nutrients you need. Seems like everyone is looking for the quick fix or the one product that does everything, but you are a testament to just following a complete diet.
    I have a few questions – do you find you eat differently on non workout days or do you think about it at all?
    How do you stop from eating the entire bag of those Lara bites? Lol

    Also I love love love the travel work outs and when you post a video of your workout moves. I am interested in learning how to do some Olympic lifts soI can try to do cross fit or at least full body workouts. Would you ever consider filming workouts or at least the moves one time through? I would be awesome to learn cross fit from you and not have to search / listen to a bunch of random YouTube people.

    1. i think i usually eat MORE on rest days, probably because i have extra time. but i don’t think much about it or try to eat differently. and those larabar bites are amazing! i just have to grab a few then close that bag right up! i may do some videos in the future, but if i do, you will be the first to know here on the blog!

  22. Hey Juli!
    Funny story for ya. I’ve been enjoying your podcasts as I walk the dogs and the other day I listened to the one on Macros. I love your honesty on topics you have no clue about and was laughing at the content from the introduction. As I’m walking the pups , you start to dig into the macro portion. By this point I am well aware that you could give two shits about the topic but since people asked, you were going to give your best shot at answering. As you started talking about them, I noticed that the speed of your voice was picking up and you were talking faster. At first I was like ” man, she just really wants to get through this topic fast” and then your voice started to sound chipmunkish ( is that even a word?) and I thought to myself, “oh, maybe she went back and edited this portion and sped up the recording for emphasis” and that made me laugh, a lot , out loud. So much so that neighbors and passerbys were staring at me. I went to pause the podcast while I collected some composure and realized that I had inadvertently sped up the podcast x2 and i must have done it at the exact moment you started talking about Macros. Now reading this back, it’s probably not going to be as funny to you as it was to me but i just had to share.
    On a side note, just wanted to let you know I’ve been a fan for a while, I’ve got all 3 of your cookbooks and have made countless recipes. Please keep doing what you’re doing exactly the way you do it!

  23. You’ve mentioned in your blog you did the Zone Diet and tracked “blocks” which is sort of similar to tracking/counting macros. How did you move away from tracking and really listen to your body? We’re you afraid you wouldn’t be getting enough protein/carbs/fat throughout the day to properly nourish your body? We’re you also concerned about how discontinuing to track food would affect your progress/appearance. I ask because I’ve counted macros for years and I’m honestly just fed up with always trying to meet certain numbers instead of just eating what I want. Making any recipe with multiple ingredients is a task trying to plug in ingredients and figuring out numbers…

    I’m also curious if you follow any sort of meal timing protocol (like eating carbs around your workout, always eating a carb/protein/fat at meals, eating every 3-4 hours, etc.)

    1. well when I started cooking strictly paleo and made recipes regularly, i didn’t want to calculate my zone blocks anymore, and i knew i wouldn’t need to as much since i was eating super clean. so that was how i got away from it. i knew that i was eating what my body needed and it didn’t need an exact calculation like before. i hope that makes sense. it was definitely a little hard to get away from but it didn’t eat me up inside too much.

      as for any sort of timing protocol, i don’t follow anything like that. i eat when i’m hungry, stop when i’m full, drink lots of water and try to figure out what i’m craving. i usually eat just a little something about an hour before i work out just so i’m not working out on an empty stomach. hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions!!

  24. Sorry for your loss ???? Incredibly grateful you still put out your podcasts! I’m so happy you have a podcast, just found them today! I have a question about cold lunches. I am driving all day for work (home health nurse) and the areas that I cover are food desserts so I bring my own lunch. Other than salads and boiled eggs what would you suggest? I don’t have access to a microwave etc. I am having problems with having enough food during the day to last me before I get to CrossFit in the afternoon. I keep ending up at Starbucks to get a sandwich! ????

  25. I’m finally catching up on your podcasts and am loving them so far! For your fans looking for more information on macros, I’ve been following Krissy Mae Cagney for a couple of years and she has great nutrition advice and books. She’s also super motivational and funny like you. People offended by cursing, tattoos, and dat ass may not like her as much 😉 but I think she’s awesome!

  26. I swear we are soul sisters ???? I have to be honest and share I am a bit nervous commenting here. I am telling myself a story in my head that you will think I am just a crazy salesperson. I care so deeply about what it is that I do that I would love to send you a care package not for you to sell, but for you to do what you do-investigate. Be the skeptic. I welcome it. I would love for you to see what I do to help inspire health in others too. Let me know if you are open to that ❤

  27. I bought the Great Lakes Collagen powder after this podcast. I noticed an improvement in my skin texture first, then my nails started growing like weeds, then two months later my hair started looking AHMazing! It started to be finer once I hit about 35, so I always kept it in a pretty short bob. Now it is below my chin and I LOVE it. Thanks for the recommendation!
    PS If anyone starts using it, the can recommends taking it twice a day, but I’m getting excellent results with just once.

    1. i definitely need to add more into my own diet! i always forget unless i’m making a shake, which isn’t often. i might try putting it in my coffee! thanks for telling me your experience!

  28. Thank you!! I know I am late in the game, but this has been bothering me for awhile! Seeing fitness ladies posting a whole tub of Halo top with a whole tub of fat free whip cream saying “it fits my macros and I am loosing weight” and it just bothers me. But at the same time it makes me feel like I am being too picky or strict with my healthy eating since I am staying away from them for my own personal health reasons. And other people sort of judge me for not being “balanced” since I am trying to stay away because it doesn’t work for me on numerous levels. Thank you for your words! Thank you!

  29. Just going back through some of your posts and I have a question. What are your thoughts on a ketogenic diet? My husband has been doing some research and seems to think it’s going to be the answer to all my problems. I’m 44 and my hormones are all over the place, tired, headaches, etc. I’m a little skeptical but willing to try it. We eat very clean diet already but do have the occasional cheat day. I’d be interested in your viewpoint. Thanks!

    1. i don’t do it and i think it’s a bit of a fad/easy fix. it will definitely help you lose weight but keeping it off longterm will be more difficult. i don’t do it myself

  30. Juli, if we do a crossfit workout in the morning right after we wake up, what do you suggest eating before that? I don’t think half a larabar would suffice…. 😐 what else would you suggest?

    1. i’m not great for that sort of info because i do well on a small amount of food like 1/2 a larabar before an early workout. i don’t like having a full stomach on any workout, i just like my stomach settled. so i can’t really suggest anything other than you finding out what works for you and your needs!

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