Our Little Love Story – Episode 8: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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I don’t know why the hell I decided to do this podcast episode, but it just felt right, OK?!?. It’s fun to share love sometimes. ESPECIALLY right now during a time when there is so much anger and hatred in America. Let’s spread the love!

I rarely talk about my husband. I just kind of like it that way. I like that part of my life to be slightly private and to be away from the public eye of social media. Because as we all have figured out at this point, social media is the worst.

But I thought it would be fun to share a little bit more about our relationship and our ups and downs since we had a lot at the beginning! What I wish I would have talked about in this podcast more is how damn cool he is. He’s a good person with a good soul who wants to continue to get better and be better, and that’s what I love about him so much. I fell in love with him because he’s good to his core. He challenges and makes me want to be better. If I could recommend anything to people in the dating world, it would be to find someone who is a good person and driven to become even better. That’s my little PSA of the day.

Next week I’ll be talking about eating healthy while traveling and staying motivated during the holidays! And if you have any recommendations or topics you’d like me to cover and talk about, let me know!! Happy Saturday!!

Episode 8 Transcription:

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Hey guys! It’s Juli here from www.PaleOMG.com. I had someone the other day tell me that they visited my blog after listening to my podcast; they didn’t even know about my blog! How the hell you came across my podcast, I don’t know, but that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in the history of time. So thank you to that human being.

You know, I’m just over here cooking some Thanksgiving recipes, so I may have to pause in between, get the potatoes out of the oven. No, don’t ask if potatoes are paleo; do your f*cking Google research yourself! Figure out what works for you! But that’s not what we’re getting into today. You know what we’re getting into? We’re going to talk about; and feel free to leave if you need to; but we’re going to talk about my love story with my husband. Because I’ve been with him for 4 years now, and I’ve only talked about him very little on the blog. And so I thought it would be fun to do a podcast, because I never talk about him, I just talk about him like; “Aww, he cooked dinner for me, what a sweetheart!” type of thing. I try to just keep out of my blog and off of social media. Because social media, as we’ve seen from the election, is f*cking awful. Social media is true hell come to life. So I like to keep my husband off that hell; that hell life that sometimes I have to live pretty much every day.

So I just wanted to talk about our story, so you guys can just know it a little bit more, one person requested it. I’m not acting like everyone’s like; “Oh my god, tell me all about your love story!” No. One person requested it, so it’s like; f*ck yeah! F*ck yeah I’ll do it! So I’m just going to talk a little bit about my husband, our past life, our present life. And go from there, you know. I didn’t even write down a description of what this podcast will look like; I didn’t do any bullet points, I’m just completely winging it. The research I did on me and my husband’s relationship was, I went to look back at Facebook to see what our first conversations were, because that was how we kind of first started talking was Facebook. But ok, I’m getting ahead of myself, ok guys.

So let’s talk about this little husband of mine. So I just got married back in April, and we got married in Jamaica, and it was f*cking awesome. If I could make everybody do a destination wedding, I absolutely would. Because, I mean, I don’t know why anyone in the world wants to plan a wedding, when you do destination wedding you don’t have to plan sh*t. it is the best! No stressful times, it’s awesome. Ok, I’m still getting ahead of myself. Backtrack. Let’s go back to the beginning.

So, how I met my husband. You know what, I get this question a lot on social media, and it’s if I believe in gym-cest; which is gym incest if you didn’t get that, and that means dating within the gym. Which can be really f*cking sketchy, I’ll tell you that much. And I’ve done it many times. So I met my husband 5 years ago, now. Just a short 5 years ago, and he became a member at our gym. I met this guy, Grant, at our gym, and then he brought his roommate at the time, which was my husband, now husband, Brian. And he brought him to the gym, and my husband walked in. {laughs} I keep saying my husband. Brian walked in to the gym, and I was like; this guy is really hot, but he looks like a total asshole. He just has a grumpy looking face, he walks with a strut, because he walks really f*cking slow, and I’m fast, fast, fast all the time. So I just kind of; I automatically thought this guy was a tool-bag. {laughs}

So I coached him for a while, and yep, just coached him, didn’t think anything of it, because I was coaching him. But I did think that he didn’t like me because he didn’t make much eye contact with me, and he just didn’t talk to me much. It was really hard to pull anything out of him. So I just didn’t ever think of him as anything. So, at one point, my friend Tommy, who is friends with Brian (and later on in the story, you’ll find out he married us.) Well Tommy asked me to be on a kickball team; because he’s like, well, you’re athletic in the Crossfit gym, you must be athletic so you have to b e on our kickball team. And at this point, I was like; hmm, cool. This guy Tommy’s hot, he must have hot friends, so I’ll definitely join this kickball team, because then I’ll meet his hot friends, and then I’ll fall in love with someone. You know, in the joking manner; I was like, I’ll do anything to meet some dudes outside of the gym, because I didn’t want to date anybody in the gym because that can lead to sketchy things sometimes.

So, I joined this kickball team; quickly Tommy found out I am not coordinated whatsoever, and I’m absolutely terrible at all sports outside of Crossfit. Hi doggie! So I was on the kickball team, and I can’t remember if my friend Grant might have said something along the lines of; “Brian reads your blog religiously, like he reads it every single day.” And I just thought that was so weird, because this guy never made eye contact with me, never made a conversation with me, he seemed like he hated me, so I thought it was super weird. So after our kickball games, he kind of was like; here, I’ll help you practice kicking the ball. Maybe I forced him; who knows. Who knows, really, but we started kind of playing after the game, and we’d be like throwing the ball around, kicking the ball. I was trying to do this handstand move where I would go into a handstand and catch the ball between my legs; something really stupid, and I was like, “Oh my god, maybe he thinks I’m cute!” and he probably did not.

So, I was like, ok, when I heard that he reads my blog, I was like; maybe this guy actually does like me in some way, I don’t know. But I asked him; so I went back on Facebook, I did this research, and I asked him, we were like awkwardly; I don’t know if only I was awkwardly flirting, but I asked him out because I invited him to one birthday I was having in the park one year, like 5 years ago, and I invited him to my birthday, and at one point I left to just go workout. Like, I left my own birthday party to go work out, and he was like; he must have come, and I wasn’t there at my own birthday party. And he’s like, who leaves their own birthday party. So, I was like, “Well I can make it up to you and take you out to dinner.” Like, so sly. You’re cool, Juli.

But he did not respond to that; thank you Brian, for not responding to me asking you out to dinner. And then that kind of went radio silent. And then one night, of course, he. Oh my gosh, now Jackson has to go to the bathroom; this f*cking guy. Just hold on one second, ok.

It turns out my dog just wanted a treat. He did not get one; I’m not giving in. I put him outside. Go to the bathroom, dog. You won’t get a treat out of me, you have to lose 1 pound, the vet said so. He has me wrapped around his little paw!

Ok, so at one point Brian Facebooked me. This f*cking world of Facebook is the worst. I’m so glad my younger years of dating didn’t include it. But, he reached out to me and asked if I wanted to meet up for something that him and his friends were going to. And this was when I had really bad cystic acne, and I had just had all these extractions, and it was the worst day ever, and then I had a chemical peel on top of it, so I was pretty much pouring this old person that I used to get my face done with, I was pretty much pouring chemicals into open wounds. It was so f*cked up. It was so f*cked up. But my face was a sh*t storm, and there was no f*cking way I was going out into public with that face. So he invited me on some Art Walk on Santa Fe if you know anything about Denver, and I said, “No thank you, but I’d love to make it up to you going out to dinner!” I don’t f*cking know. I think some of the conversations end from there.

But we somehow awkwardly started dating. Started going out, started hanging out. I remember some of our first dates were going to the grocery store. Like, every Monday night, we’d both go to the grocery store together and get stuff. And I’d talk to him about what I was going to make that week, and it was just like friendly banter; it was just kind of weird. {laughs} Something about my husband is, I’m very outgoing, I say exactly what is on my mind. And he’s the completely opposite. Like, he’s outgoing, but he keeps to himself, he doesn’t do confrontation. He’s just a quieter guy, so I never knew what he was thinking and it drove me f*cking crazy!

So we just did this not calling it a relationship thing, and it annoyed the sh*t out of me. If you’re a dude out there listening to this, and you’re like; “Oh, I don’t want to call it a relationship,” you’re the worst. Those guys are the worst, and my husband was that guy. But I loved him.

This dog. This dog. He’s just such a little guy. This podcast is literally not going to get done because I’m going to be interrupted 27 times from this damn dog. Ok, honestly, whenever I record a podcast, I‘m like; “Who the f*ck is listening to this?” So, thank you for whoever is. I really appreciate you, and I wish I could kiss you right on the face.

So anyways. Brian and I did this on and off kind of dating thing; and I finally was like, “What are we doing here?” And he was like, “Why do we have to put a label on it?” You know, that normal bullsh*t. And I just wasn’t into that anymore. I was like, I can’t do this. We kind of ended things, and then got back together, and then ended things; but he wouldn’t call it a relationship, and that really bugged me, and it made me really pissed off. I was like, ok, if you won’t call it a relationship, it’s probably not right, we’re not right for each other and I think I should just move on. You’re amazing.

And I even did this blog post quite a while ago about breaking up whenever we broke up, and I was like, “We broke up and it’s not working.” And I was so sad because I loved this guy, and I really did, and he couldn’t say that back and it was just so heartbreaking because I loved him so much and I felt like I was the only one in it and it was just really hard. It was such an upsetting time. And I think when you’re going through love and dating and you see other people’s love stories, and you feel like everyone’s is perfect. They got together, they fell in love; and this is the kind of role that social media plays in our life; that every relationship is just so easy and they just fall in love, and it’s love at first sight, and all that bullsh*t. and it totally probably is for some people, but it wasn’t that way for me. And I’m like; ok maybe I’m just trying to force this relationship.

So we ended things, and then I ended up going on some dates with other people, and I just did my own thing. And I think he saw that; {laughs} and there’s two sides to every story, but I think he saw that and that didn’t feel good. That sucked. And he didn’t want that. Jackson; don’t you whine! So what; no I’ll get to that in just a second. So, what happened; oh and I’m going to talk about marriage hacks! I really should have written down a story line to this plot that I’m brewing right now.

So after we broke up, I was like; we can just be friends. And he started doing these really nice things. Like he would just leave stuff; he left some stuff on my car, he brought some stuff to my roommate. And I was like, you know, we can just be friends. You can come hang out with me and my friends, but I’m not hanging out with you and yours. You can just be my friend, whatever. We kind of did that for a while, and I just; I was like, I don’t think this relationship is right. I finally called him out on some of his sh*t. I was like, “Honestly, I don’t expect you to read this at all, but this book”; which I know so many people out there have read it; this book called the Five Love Languages really helped me understand myself a little bit better, because I had read it not long after we broke up, and I was like “This just helps me figure out myself a little bit. If anything you should just take the test in the back of the book, and figure out your love languages.”

He was going out of town that weekend, so he took the book with him, and he ended up reading the entire book, and taking the test, and whatever. So when he got back, we talked completely about that, and he was like, I want to be a better boyfriend. I really want to do this. And I told him; I was like, I think we should write the pros and cons to a relationship; to this relationship. And I think that sounds really weird to some people, like, why you would write the pros and cons, but I am just a completely honest person. So I wrote the things I loved about him, and I wrote the things that I did not like about him at all, and that made me feel bad; in that he wasn’t a person who showed affection in public, and I’m not a person to make out in public or hug long term {laughs} but I am a person who likes if you hold my hand or put your hand on my knee when we’re at dinner. Like, those small things that you do; I needed those and he didn’t do any of those things, and he just didn’t understand that because that wasn’t part of his love language, if you will.

If you didn’t notice, this is is actually a therapeutic podcast. You’re welcome. This is free therapy advice. That was stupid.

Ok, so we talked about the pros and cons. We wrote down; I remember I had the notes section of my phone. I wish I still had that; but I had the pros of our relationship, and it had the cons, and we went over both. And we talked about if we could get through those cons about our relationship. And we just went through all that, and it was extremely helpful, actually, and then we finally said; ok, let’s do this. And what was really hard was my best friend, Laura, that I’ve talked about here before and many times on my blog; she had seen me go through these ups and downs; and me saying, “I really like him, I don’t like him, I’m not going to text him” just playing all the bullsh*t games of dating. And she was like, “I don’t…”

{beeping} Oh, hold on. The potatoes are done guys! We’ve got to get the potatoes out!

Nope. They’re not done. 15 more minutes. You’ll hear that beep again in a second. So anyways, Laura had seen me go through the ups and downs in this relationship; and she was like, “Maybe it’s just not right, and you’re really forcing it.” AKA, you’re annoying the f*ck out of me, stop talking about your breakups! Gah, you dumb bitch! That’s how she felt. She would never say that because she’s kindest human ever, but I would.

So, what happens is when we decided to get back together, I told Brian, I was like, “You’re going to have to talk to Laura because what my friends think is really important to me, and you’ve kind of shattered the trust in her.” So he ended up taking her out to dinner, and I didn’t even know, and he had taken her out to dinner, and just told her his goal, and wanted this relationship to work. And it was really awesome; it just showed that he really did care. So we kind of started dating on the down low, didn’t really tell people about it when we started dating again, and just took it super slow. And because I had been dating other people, and then I was going back to Brian; so I felt like the dummy, that I was like; Ok, I’m going back to the guy that him and I had broken up multiple times. I’m going back to this guy; I look like such a dick, and you get wrapped up on what people thing. That sh*t sucks.

So we started dating really slow, and then a few months of really committing in that relationship; we’re like, sh*t we should move in together. Our leases are up, let’s do this. Let’s take the next step. So we moved into our apartment together, and it was actually super easy. So many people were like; “Oh my god, the moving in the first time is such a sh*t storm, it’s so annoying!” and it really wasn’t. I think because we had talked through all these relationship things and pros and cons, that when something came up that made me upset or made him upset, we were able to talk about it right away and not build up this tension in a relationship. It was f*cking awesome!

So we moved into this apartment together, and then the next step of our family. We had lived together probably for, I don’t know, just for a few months in that apartment, and I had been talking about getting a dog for a long time, and I had been sending him; forcing him Frenchie pictures every day. I would send him a couple of Frenchie pictures, and he started kind of getting into the idea of getting a Frenchie. This guy is such a doll; he was like, ok we’ll get him after your book tour. And I was like; ok, that’s good. I’ll put it in the back of my mind, we can get him later. And then one day he comes home from work, goes into the bedroom to put pajama pants on, or sweats on, and there’s a knock at the door. We had been having a handy man come a lot, there had been issues at our apartment. So I’m like; “Will you get the door?” He’s like, “No I don’t have pants on.” I was like, “Ugh, I have to do everything!” That bitch move.

And then, I open the door, and what’s sitting at my little doorstep? Jackson himself, in puppy form, weighing 8 pounds (he’s 40 now); 8 pounds, just being a gem. And I was like, what the hell is going on? What’s going on? Somebody left a dog at my doorstep! And it had been our friend Tommy, who married us, who introduced us kind of, and he had put the puppy down and then hid on the other side. So Jackson was just sitting there, and he crawled up into my arms, into my lap and into my shoulder, and I melted, and that was the best day of my life. Is that weird? It kind of is weird, but I f*cking love my dog so much, it’s unbelievable. Especially because I didn’t like dogs until I got my own. It’s the same thing they say about kids; but kids, that’s for another podcast.

So, while we were living together, we’re just boyfriend and girlfriend when we moved into our apartment. And I hadn’t; I kind of felt like, we’ve been together for a while now. I feel like; and we’re talking about buying a house, I feel like engagement is probably kind of soon. And I sent my dad; so my dad designed my ring, he’s a jeweler, he did my ring. So I sent him some ideas. I was like, “I don’t know if this is going to ever happen or when, but I’m going to send you these ideas.” So, my friends kept asking me, they’re like, “When do you think you’re going to get engaged?” And it put the thought in my head; and I was like, well sh*t, he hasn’t proposed. And then one of my friends was like, “Is it because you don’t know if you want to have kids and he does.” And I was like, oh f*ck, I don’t’ know! She’s like, “You should probably have that conversation.”

So all these people just kept getting in my head instead of me just thinking about our own relationship. I’m like; sh*t, we’re not engaged yet, is he not going to propose to me? Sh*t, I don’t know if I want to have kids, is that hindering him proposing? What are we still doing? Just all this sh*t in my head. F*cking people; go f*ck yourselves. Keep your own business! But they were just meaning well, but they suck.

So we; I don’t know how long we were engaged. I don’t know; oh, I’m sorry, we were just together before we got engaged. But I didn’t expect anything; turns out, he proposed in January and he had the ring since August, but my dad wanted to change out the diamond that was in it; something like that. So he was planning to propose in August and it got pushed back to January. Something along those lines. I could have the story completely wrong because I have the memory of a 2-year-old. But, anyways.

So the engagement night was awesome. I guess I should say that was the best night of my life other than Jackson, ok, because that’s f*cked up. But my husband is awesome at surprises. He’s the best gift giver. So my friend told me that it was her birthday, she wanted to go out downtown and her husband had something planned for her, so to meet at this address and then we were going to meet up with the husbands, and Brian afterwards, after we did this girl stuff downtown. So I get dressed up, and I get my nails done and whatever. I didn’t like my nail color, and I texted Brian; I was like, I don’t even want to go out tonight. It was the middle of the week, or it was like Monday or something. I’m like, I don’t want to go out, this sucks. He was like, I’m going to meet up with you afterwards, it’s going to be fun, don’t worry. So I just take an Uber downtown, and I turn up, and it’s the clock tower. That’s the address. And if you’ve ever been to Denver and you see a clock tower, that’s what I’m talking about. So, I walk in, and the lady looks at me, and she’s like, Juli? I’m like, yeah. She’s like, “Are you here for Rhonda’s birthday.” I was like, “Yep!” She’s like, “Ok, I’ll send you up.” And puts in her little code for the elevator and sends me upstairs.

I walk in, and there’s more stairs, and I’m in these 6-inch heels, and there’s that grate type stairway where your heels are falling in. and I turn a corner and I see rose petals, and I’m like, sh*t! Rhonda’s husband went all out for her birthday. Because they just had a kid, so I was like, ok he’s really trying to make sure she doesn’t hate her life. {laughs} So I see rose petals, and I turn the corner, and it’s just Brian there. And I know right away, and I started crying, and it’s romantic, there are candles and it’s in this big clock tower so you see the inside of the clock tower. So he proposes, and we have champagne, and we go on the top of the clock tower, and then slowly, my family and my friends and Brian’s family and his friends all start coming, and it’s an engagement party right there and then. It was so f*cking awesome. And then he had my favorite food truck cater; Quiero Arepas; because I love arepas! And he had gluten free cupcakes. Of course, he put food into the engagement, he’s no dummy.

So it was such an awesome night, it was so fucking cool. And then we got married about a year and a half later; a year and four months or something like that, because we were waiting for my book tour to be over. And we got married in Jamaica, and Jamaica was so f*cking easy. I don’t know why anybody gets married at home. Sure, {laughs} none of my family was there; my parents were there, but it was so awesome. It was the least amount of stress I’ve ever been through. I just showed up with my dress, put my dress on, did my own makeup, walked down, said our vows, and then partied, drank too much, and passed out by 9 p.m. But hey, it was well worth it. And cheap. Cheap compared to weddings here in the U. S. of A. It was so much fun. It was really, really awesome.

And at that point, we had already bought our first home together. We actually bought it before we got married, which was the most stressful day of my life! Being self employed and getting paid by multiple people; banks don’t really like, surprisingly. So I was like running around with my head cut off, and Briand’s like, “here’s my W2. Ok bye!” Ugh. That was the most stressful time in our relationship, fo sure.

But yeah, I get this question all the time because I never show Brian’s face on any of my social media. I think he’s maybe been in there in the past a couple of times before we were really official, but I decided that first and foremost because I watched people on social media; someone I was close to at the time. And I would watch their relationship in private, and then see their relationship unfold on social media, and it was a huge lie. {laughs} and I didn’t want to put this façade on that our relationship was perfect, like so many people do. I didn’t want it to feel like; I was like, “Oh, our relationship is so good all the time, and life is great!” Because it’s not like that, it takes a lot of work, and relationships are hard work, and building a life with someone is hard work, and really getting to know someone throughout it all as they change, and understand their changes, and support their changes, and love them throughout is challenging. So I decided ahead of time I wasn’t going to do that.

I also, the way; and I’ve talked about this in the past, but the sh*t that people say to me online is so ungodly mean sometimes, and I can’t believe that people think it’s ok to say those things. And I can’t imagine if someone ever said something in a negative light about my husband, because I had shared something about him on social media. So I chose this life of putting my life on social media, but he did not. He just married into it, so I don’t share his face. That wasn’t his choice, it just became an inside joke between us; we’re like, let’s just not show your face, and it just became kind of something funny, and how we’d do photos in a certain way so his face wasn’t shown.

So yeah, I just decided to keep him off, and I talked about this too in the past, but if I had kids I would do the same, because it’s their choice to be on social media and to put what they want out there. I don’t have to put something out there, and I don’t want it to come off like things are just perfect all the time, either. I don’t want to put on some kind of show for people to get followers or to get attention or for people to see me in a certain light. I just don’t want that. So that’s why I kind of kept him out of the limelight. My small limelight.

So that’s our love story, man! And I’ve had this question a lot, since we got married because people love this question; is when you’re going to have kids? And I’ve talked about this on my blog, but I’m going to do a podcast about it. Because having kids scares the f*cking sh*t out of me. There’s nothing scarier than a child. Nothing. Nothing. A child that is going to impact your life for the rest of your life. That’s pretty f*cking scary. Really f*cking scary. So, I think I’m going to do a podcast about that in a couple of weeks, because I think that subject is scary.

I mean, even today I was at the gym, and I made a bet. Because there are a couple of guys at the gym who always are like; “So when are you going to be pregnant? Are you pregnant?” because they know that kids are f*cking scary to me, so they like to make that joke all the time. And the owner of the gym just bet me that I will be pregnant by Thanksgiving next year. We bet $100 on it. And I’m going to f*cking hold that bet. I’m getting my $100; that is fo sure. This is a guy from New Zealand, I don’t know if I can trust him, but I’m going to get that f*cking money, because there is no way I’m going to have a child in this womb in a year. Or five years. But we’ll talk about that later.

So I wanted to talk about some marriage hacks. Because actually, I was on Girls Gone WOD podcast not long ago; just maybe a month ago, or something, and a couple of people asked some marriage hacks. Do you hear this jet flying over? I hear that jet.

Ok, so marriage hacks. I was like, I don’t even know what the hell a marriage hack means. And then I found a marriage hacks. So, with relationships, every relationship is so different. And I think one of the pitfalls of being a human being, is we compare ourselves to others. So we see a certain relationship, and how this relationship interacts, and we think that’s what our relationship should look like. And that’s not the case. Every single relationship is so different. I think you should want what is best for you, and we all have certain needs. But comparison, in any facet of life, is the enemy. Stay away from comparing yourself to people, and whatever.

Anyways, with our relationship, we’re not; maybe because I’m an only child, but I think I’m pretty independent. I like being by myself. My husband was just gone for 5 days, and I f*cking loved those 5 days by myself, watching whatever TV I wanted, going wherever I wanted, having no schedule. Didn’t have to make dinner for him; just doing what I wanted. Sure, I missed him for sure, but it’s always nice to have that independent time by yourself. But I know there are relationships out there that they do everything together, and they love that. And no, there’s no perfect relationship for anybody, you have to find kind of what works for you and what works for your lifestyle. But we definitely do stuff separate.

And I’ve talked about it before, but my husband works a lot. He works Monday through Saturday, and my job is constant, it’s all the time, it’s every; like the only time I’m not working is when I’m working out or when I’m eating dinner with my husband. And I’m still posting a picture on social media of my dinner. So, he understands that my job is kind of always on. But, in the summers, our relationship is so fun because we get to something we both love, and that’s out on the boat. He likes wake boarding, I like surfing. And we just get to be out together in a happy place. But then winter comes; and f*cking football comes on. F*cking football. I f*cking hate football. I don’t know why football gives me this deep, deep hatred pain within. Literally, make me watch baseball. I could watch baseball for a long time, and baseball is extremely boring. But I don’t feel that angry hatred. But football comes on; I hate my life. It’s crazy. I’ll just hear football, and I get this angry, fuming feeling. My ears get hot. It’s f*cking weird.

But, my husband, when we started dating, he was like; “Yeah, I don’t really watch football. My brother plays football in college,” or in high school at the time, and he’s like, “So I like going to his games, but I don’t really watch football.” So I was like, cool, I could marry this guy. And then what does he do? We get married, and then f*cking likes football. He’s the worst. So Sunday’s before in the summer we’re able to do stuff; and then winter comes along and he just wants to hang out on the couch and watch football and hang out with buddies sometimes. And I’m not all about that. I tried a couple of seasons, and I hated my life. So I was like, yeah, I’m not doing that.

So, I took on, instead of getting mad at him and getting in a fight because we’re not doing anything together. I just decided to do me on Sundays. So I do whatever I want on Sundays. I might go to the gym, I might go to brunch, I might go run errands, I might do a recipe. I do whatever I want. And if our worlds intertwine, cool. If not, I’m completely happy doing whatever I want to do. So that was my marriage hack, was doing exactly what you want to do. You have to remember that your time is important, and their time is important, but you can also love separate things. And he wants to watch football, and I do not, and I’m not going to get mad at him, like I have in the past, and I can just do other things that increase my happiness, or increase my dedication to my blog, if you will, because I’m getting recipes done. So that was my marriage hack, of findings things that you love when you’re doing stuff that you don’t love with him.

We’re not dating anymore; I don’t have to pretend that I love football. That f*cking show’s over! I didn’t have to do that because he didn’t watch football before, but you get it. So, I just do whatever I want to do. And it’s just so fun! So fun. And I wish more marriages would do that. And I’m sure they do. But don’t forget; marriage is forever. So you might as well have time apart, since you’re going to spend a lot of time together. Am I right, or am I right?

I wonder if I have any other marriage hacks. I still don’t really understand what “hacks” is. I cook dinner for my husband almost every single night, and once in a while I’ll get him to cook dinner. But that I something I do, and I try to make sure I always do it; cook dinner for him. I don’t think that’s a hack, but I think that’s a, “I try to do this because I know it’s important to him, and I want to feed him delicious food when he works his ass off every single day.” So yeah. That was a stupid one. I wish I could take that out. I wish I knew how to edit podcasts. When everybody’s like; “Should we take that part out?” I’m like, “How do you f*cking take something out?” I don’t know how to do that sh*t.

Anyway, I think I talked about everything I wanted to with our relationship. So I do believe in gym incest; gym-cest, if you will. I do believe in friendships turning into relationships; and I do believe that dating is f*cking awful, and don’t judge a book by its cover; and keep pushing because not all things are f*cking easy. Some things take a lot of f*cking work. And we worked at it, and things are really cool. And I love hanging out with my husband; which is why I don’t want to have kids, because they ruin everything. But don’t worry, I want to talk about that on another podcast, because that will light some fires under people’s asses. The baby topic is intense. That’s some intense sh*t.

Ok, that’s all I got today guys. So, next week, I’m going to be talking about how to eat healthy while traveling, because I know a lot of people are traveling for the holidays in November and December, visiting family and whatever else. And, just the other day at the gym, this guy was talking about; he’s like, “oh, I ate McDonald’s today, so this workout is going to be miserable.” I was like, “What do you mean you ate McDonald’s; you’re a f*cking grown man. Why?” And he was like, “You know, those crazy days where you just can’t find anything else, and that’s your best option?” He’s like, “I had a chicken sandwich, so it’s not the worst.” I was like, “No. No, that is disgusting. And no, I have not had that issue since I was a teenager.” Ok, wait, drunk in college. Still, I didn’t even eat McDonald’s when I was drunk in college. Taco Bell was my friend! But I have not had any of those moments since I was a drunk college chick; f*cking chick wandering home, lucky to be alive still.

So this guy told me he ate McDonald’s; and then this other one, this lovely guy, Walt, at the gym. I hope Walt listens to my podcast, because he’s a f*cking gem. But, he was like, “Come on Juli, I know you travel all the time, you don’t have those moments where you’re like; there’s nothing else to eat?” I’m like, “No, because I f*cking plan ahead, Walt! You don’t think I do my research on restaurants? OF course I do. And you know what, whenever I’m stuck, and I have nothing to eat; I get a f*cking nasty-ass salad, and I still eat that, and just do some lemon juice and olive oil.”

So, my point is, you can still eat healthy in the holidays while traveling, while being around people who maybe eat sh*tty, so we’re going to go over some ways to keep your sh*t on track and not go to f*cking McDonald’s; because that sh*t is nasty! No! That’s gross. So we’re going to be talking about that, and just how to stay motivated, too.

Oh; I hear a doggie coming! So we’re going to talk about staying motivated. Oh, he has his toy! How to stay motivated, how to eat clean. Dog! How to keep your sh*t together. We’re going to go over that. So stay tuned for that next week. And if you have anything you’d like for me to talk about on a podcast episode, feel free to send your advice; your tips; your trips; anything. I’d like to hear it all. So just head over to www.PaleOMG.com, because I hear that girl has some cool sh*t over there! Like recipes, tutorials, fashion items if you will. So head on over the www.PaleOMG.com. Leave your comment where ever you please; I see them all. Please don’t send me an email; because I suck at emails. I hate emails. I’ll answer back to a question on a comment way faster.

And if you like this podcast, please rate, review, and subscribe to PaleOMG Uncensored. I’m on iTunes and Stitcher. If you have any other podcast stations that you like to use; I don’t know anything podcast related, feel free to let me know and I’ll get it uploaded onto that, but I have no idea of any other podcast sites. But, please subscribe. If you hate this podcast, and you’re like; “Why the f*ck is she talking about her husband, I don’t give a sh*t about him.” Hey, feel free to keep your feelings to yourself. That would be wonderful. Thanks! So leave a positive comment, because I would kiss your face with positivity. I have to get going because the sun sets at 4:30 now and it’s 4:10 and I still have to get a food photo done for the day. So I gotta go! I’ll see you guys next week. Hugs and kisses; be amazing; stay motivated; kick some ass at life; and go kiss your dog right on the mouth! Ok, bye.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


63 thoughts on “Our Little Love Story – Episode 8: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. I loved this podcast! I was so excited that you decided to share your story. I have followed you for awhile, and I remember the beautiful photo you posted in the clock tower after you were engaged, so pretty! And OMG your first few dates being at the grocery store?! That’s fucking awesome/hilarious. I live in Chicago and the Whole Foods I go to has some hot, hot men so I guess it’s a great place to meet people too! Keep it up Juli, I feel like you are seriously at the top of your game with your blog/podcasts/video/social media stuff 🙂 You seem so happy and are killing it. Happy Saturday!

    1. i always imagined meeting a person at the grocery store since it was the place i spent the most time in. there’s always hot guys there haha!! and thank you for all the support! trying to mix it up and feel like a dummy learning new things so i really appreciate the kind words!

  2. Juli, you are hilarious and open and honest and delightful. Good job, keep it up. Oh, and thanks for keeping the fake out of your social media.

  3. Hey Julie! Just started listening to your podcast and have been following your blog on and off throughout the years. Thanks for making me laugh and making paleo and exercise not so intimidating. I find a lot of encouragement in your posts and I love how you incorporate fashion and dogs! Stay awesome!

  4. This was probably my favorite podcast so far, and that’s saying a lot. I just love how hilariously honest your love story is. “This guy is really hot … but he looks like a total asshole” killed me. SO funny. No idea if you or he would be open to this, but it would be hilarious to have him on the podcast and have him tell his side of the story – first impression and all. Keep up all your hard work! I have been following you since your blog was “just” recipes, and I love all the growth you have had! Love how successful you have become from being true to yourself and just being a good person!

  5. Yayyyyy Juli let me just pre-empt the haters that would give you any crap about not wanting to have kids. My bf is so amazing and when we met and found out we both didn’t want kids (we were like, scooooorrrrrrre) he told me that I was BRAVE for not wanting to have kids and for being very upfront about it, since women in the US are always under so much pressure to do it and criticized for not wanting to. You might get hated on but it is YOUR life and there are SO many reasons why having kids in this day and age is super scary and difficult. Even if it wasn’t it’s nobody’s decision but your own so you do you and everyone else can take a hike! 😀

  6. I loved this podcast! What a great story! I totally feel you on the kids issue…. my husband and I have been married for 6 years, and we’re like “kids… hm…. later we’ll do that!” We like our life and time how it is currently. btw, Jackson is super cute. dog children are the best.

  7. Fur babies are the best babies! Can you please recommend some of the crime/murder podcasts you have been listening to? I keep seeing you snap them but always miss the titles! Thanks!

  8. You got me through another Sunday morning run, after eating birthday cake (from a really good local bakery so it was worth it) yesterday for my youngest son’s birthday, I needed a good run. I am so sad you don’t enjoy football 🙂 – Thanks for the podcast, I accidentally hit the half speed button, I didn’t even know there was such a thing, and oh my gosh it was really weird hearing you at slow speed. Thank goodness for google, problem solved. I am committed to a healthy thanksgiving and a tiny bit of treat. I appreciate your motivation-you rock.

  9. I loved this podcast! We had so many similarities in our stories- we were also set up by a friend named Tom, my husband surprised me with a puppy after we agreed we’d wait to get one, and we also loved going to the grocery store. ( Still do actually- especially since our grocery now has a bar and I can convince my husband to come with me by bribing him with a beer.) Anyhow, love your podcasts and your recipes.

    1. lol so jealous your husband still goes with you! whenever i take mine, he just stands there like he’s never been in one before and follows me like a lost puppy lol!

  10. Hi Juli,

    Just left you a review in iTunes on your *FAB* podcast.

    Hope you’re enjoying fall in Denver and not burning out of Thanksgiving recipes 😉 Thankful for all the great work you do!

    Kristina <3

  11. Loved hearing your story! When I first met my husband I even said to him “I could never date someone like you” and he says that’s how he knew I was interested in him haha He was right! That was when we were 15yrs old, and we have been together ever since (15yrs together, 11yrs married).

  12. Julie- loved this….I have been reading your blog for YEARS now- I think since the very beginning- and good for you for putting yourself out there and being honest! You keep me motivated and inspired daily. Thank you for sharing your life and your spaghetti squash buffalo chicken casserole which I make at least 2 times a month- haha!

  13. Juli,
    I’ve been following your blog for years and own all your books. Your recipes are always my favorites!!
    I’m definitely enjoying your pod casts too. We share a similar sense of humor.
    Could you do an episode on good places to eat in bigger city’s. I don’t really travel a ton, but healthier restaurants that don’t taste like crap can be hard to find when out and about. The 4 city’s I’m interested in the most are Denver, Omaha, Kansas City and Chicago.
    PS- dogs are way better than kids

  14. So I have to tell you this- I rarely read your blog, but I heavily follow your insta and snapchat. This weekend, I drove from my home in Rochester, NY to Long Island(7 hours!!) and your podcast got me through the entire drive. IT’S AWESOME. I’m now obsessed and will be ready all of your blogs! You’re hilarious!

  15. Hi Juli! Loved this podcast, mostly because we have so many similarities and I completely share your sentiment that life on social media is skewed and can mess with your brain. Seeing too many perfect relationships on Facebook really took to some hard places before I got enhanced to my husband. My husband and I met through friends, he is a pilot in the Air Force and at the time we met I was finishing up architecture grad school. We are both extremely career driven with two very careers that were going to pull us in so many different directions and our little love story is a lot like yours. It took and still takes a lot of work, compromise, independence, understanding and maturity. We’ve moved 8 times together to England, Las Vegas, Japan, and next up to Portland (permanently!!) and we’ve been able to support each other in both our career dreams. We didn’t start off easy or perfect and I remember that tumultuous year before we got engaged, while living 3000 miles apart, that I was tired of not being asked to be his wife or not being worshiped or put on a pedestal but everything happens the way it’s supposed too. My husband is the most genuinely decent person I’ve ever met in my life and he knew more than I did that you need to figure out yourself first before you go blindly following someone else into a life unknown. We’ve been married for 6 years, feasted on dozens of your delicious recipes, 1 amazing 20mon. daughter and another baby on the way now! Just wanted to let you know that I loved hearing this podcast and loved hearing things I’ve thought about relationships resonating in someone else! Keep up the great work!

    1. so glad you felt that way after listening to the podcast because i totally felt like i left so much out! it’s always nice to hear a little reminder that all of our relationships are different and great in their own way!

    2. that’s so amazing!! i absolutely love this comment! it’s such a nice reminder that everyone goes through different stuff so comparing is so completely pointless! thanks for being so amazing and for the support!

    1. it is! it’s working for me! are you trying to listen on the iTunes podcast app? that “no longer available” pop up has been happening to me when i’ve been trying to listen to the new episode of my favorite murder. so it must just be the app screwing up because i just checked and it’s working for me!

  16. I loved this episode so much!! It had me laughing and crying. I loved the part where Jackson showed up at your door (I was crying) and your proposal story made my cry with happiness for you. Laughing about the football part (I can’t stand football either!)
    I always look forward to hearing what is going to come out of your mouth next! You are so darn humorous! Can’t wait for the next podcast. You are awesomely cool. Big hug!!

  17. I love that you guys have a kickball love story connection. My boyfriend and I met on a kickball team (I was coaxed onto the team too), we started dating 2 years later, and have been together for 3 years now!

  18. Loved this podcast! The pro/con list and love language advice could save me lots of $$$ on therapy. Thank You for Sharing!!

  19. I so love your podcasts!! and pretty much everything else you touch turns to gold! Your blog is my go-to for Paleo recipes! Thanks for being you 🙂 Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions with your family or husband? My husband’s family runs a 5k every Thanksgiving morning. Helps me feel better about stuffing my face all day!

  20. Hi Juli! I loved this podcast! Can’t wait for the episode on children (we have decided not to have kids and people won’t stop bothering us about it– uggh). Question on next weeks topic of eating healthy while traveling – I am going to Vegas for a conference (which means not a lot of time to go looking for healthier food choices). Any advice? Any restaurants you recommend on the strip that are paleo friendly? Thanks!

    1. i can’t say paleo friendly (i always go off the strip to my favorite thai restaurant – lotus of siam) but i’ve had a delicious meal at mesa grill (bobby flay restaurant) that was paleo!

  21. i am ADDICTED to your podcasts–the brute honesty is amazing <3

    i read ze blog occasionally and OFTEN use recipes. but really looking forward to your podcast next week. as someone who lives out of a suitcase for work travels (military) sometimes it's challenging for me!

  22. I LOVE hearing people’s love stories. I think it’s so awesome that you guys talked through the “pros and cons” of your relationship before going further. I think so many people don’t talk about these things in their relationship and it ends up becoming a problem later!

    And I totally respect you not posting anything about your husband online. My husband hate being on social media too, and I totally get it!

  23. Loved this podcast Juli! I also work at a gym and met my boyfriend so I love hearing stories like this! Thank you for adding laughter to the day!

  24. I just listened to this podcast while getting ready for work this morning. I’ve been following you for years and I remember lots of the posts when you two were dating. Loved that you were straight up about it not being all rainbows and butterflies. Very refreshing. I love that you guys have made it work in spite of everything. And I’m definitely jealous that your hubby rocks at surprises like your engagement!

    Anyway. I’ve been kinda strung out about some things that have been nagging me in my own relationship and I think you’ve inspired me to pick up the love languages book! Thanks for this podcast!!

  25. Just started listening to your podcast and am excited to check out your blog!! I’m obsessed and can’t wait to listen to the first 6 episodes now too (I caught the last 2 so far). I love your style and how real your podcast is 🙂 And that you say fuck a lot. hahaha!!

  26. I am so glad you don’t know how to edit your podcasts 😉 Your extremely honest communication is what makes you stand out! You are fabulous. And high five on the Love Languages book…..LIFE CHANGING! <3

  27. I loved this podcast ! I usually listen right away on Saturdays but I saw it was about your love story and I’m still going through the pains of a breakup and I was like ughhh JB is going to have some fucking great romantic fairytale love story so today is not the day. But then I listened to it and what you went through with Brian is like exactly what I went through with my ex. And all the advice and hope and sass was exactly what I needed to hear!!!! Thanks JB. As always you’re the shitttttt

  28. Would love to to know your favorite comebacks when people ask you when you’re going to have kids! I hate this question…why do they care about my plan to produce offspring?!

  29. Hi Juli! I’d love to hear more about your experience with doctors. I’m interested in finding a more holistic doctor in the Denver area. My experience with doctors has been they just want to prescribe medications and treat the symptoms rather than try to understand what the cause is. So I tend to avoid doctors but know I need a primary care doc. Do you have a great doctor you like in Denver? Would love to hear more on the podcast! Loving it! Thanks!

    1. i have healthcare with kaiser so i don’t really get to pick my own doctor and i honestly rarely go to the doctor, so i can’t recommend anyone in the area. i’m sorry i can’t be of more help!

  30. I’m a little late to the party, but loved this podcast! Especially can relate with you on the whole ‘other people messing with how I view our relationship’ thing. My man and I have been dating a long time and keep getting questioned about when we are going to get married. I really could care less as long as we both are happy together, but other people bring it up and then make me question it…Gah. Need to learn how practice giving less f***s.

    Love your what you share with the world Juli 🙂

  31. Love this podcast. I’m new to your site and just started listing to your podcasts and I have never listened to any podcast, EVER. I especially love that you love your dog so much. I too hated dogs and this was because I was so darn afraid of them, but, got my own very little
    ‘morkie” (maltese, yorkie mix) and OMG I have never loved anything so much or so strongly in my life (and have an awesome husband and 2 grown kids) Have thousands and thousands of pictures of “LOUIS” and maybe 50 – 75 combined of the two kids, lol. Keep the dog forget about kids, just kidding. I love my kids to death but if I had had a dog first I think I would have not had kids. They do take over your life for LIFE and so do dogs but they don’t talk back hehe. Anyways love your site, your so funny, crazy, smart, talented, dedicated and wise, I can go for ever but you get the point.

  32. PS I just emailed you an error message I kept getting about commenting so ignore it I finally got to make a comment lol????????????????

  33. Your HILARIOUS and RIDICULOUS, and I thoroughly enjoy listening to you and watching your insta stories. I am getting married this month and would argue that the day we got our pup was the BEST day ever. Cant really top that unconditional love and cuteness

  34. So I am late to the party but I really appreciate that you keep your marriage off line sort of. I can’t stand when I see relationships online that we know in real life are $hit but they have all the beautiful photos and posts like they are happy. Because honestly, marriage is great but it can be hard, so why fake it? And furthermore, why put it out for the world? Anywho, I hope that I doesn’t come off judgey. I don’t mean for it to be. And thank you! I am also petrified of children. My husband wants them like yesterday while I’m just not fully on board yet. I will get there, I guess, but I will get there. Anywho, thanks again!

  35. Oh my gosh, I don’t know why I haven’t listened to your podcast until now, but it is SO GOOD! I actually just read the transcript, but I could hear how you would be saying things, and I was still laughing out loud! Thanks for keeping things so real. You’re the best!

  36. I found your podcast yesterday and have been listening nonstop! I freaking love you! Just wanted to say thanks for giving me hope on the whole relationship where he says “why do we have to put a label on it”. ❤️ You are so cute!

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