Pumpkin Granola

Oh no I didn’t. No I did not just combine pumpkin and granola AND paleo all into one bowl. OH WAIT, yes I did!! This is one of the happiest moments of my life. I’m not even eating nuts (since I’m slightly allergic) and I still tried this out. Totally worth it. I’ll be sick later, but thankfully I’m single and alone. KIDDING. Laura and Sarah get to hang out with me. JOKES ON THEM!!

Why am I yelling so much?

I’m in an effing good mood. I feel like I just drank 3 Red Bulls. Chugged 3 Red Bulls. My fingers can’t type as fast as my mind is going. This is exactly why I don’t feel the need to do drugs. It’s like I’m on them all the time.

So fall is in the air here in CO. It went from 85 degrees one day to 50 degrees the next. I guessed both of those numbers, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. Because I always am. I’m an only child remember? Anywho, the weather is dull and chilly. The pumpkin spice lattes are out at Starbucks. And CO drivers are freaking the sh*t out. It rained a bit yesterday. Not even a lot, just a bit. And people still seemed to crap themselves while on the road. It’s common sense people. The roads are wet, therefore slick, therefore your car doesn’t stop as quickly as usual. The seasons change every year here in CO. Get with the program.

Speaking of rain, my little red car is the shiniest it’s been in probably 4 months. Digging it. It’s like I have a brand new car, though she doesn’t act like it. My little red machine doesn’t exactly like temperature change. Since it’s cooling down, that means rolling down my windows is out of the question. Because they won’t roll back up. Then I’m stuck driving in a blizzard, stay hydrated at least. Try taking a date out in that car. They don’t love it. Trust me.

OMG guess what? I snatched for the first time in 5 weeks today. AND did burpees. AND it didn’t hurt. Injuries suck balls. And make JB unhappy. I may be in the best mood since I ate this pumpkin granola. Which was this morning. I don’t get in bad moods very often. goodstorykbye!


Pumpkin Granola

  • Yield: 4-6 1x




  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, add your pumpkin puree, coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and all spices. Mix well.
  3. Then add your nuts, seeds, and dates and mix well with your wet ingredients.
  4. Place parchment paper on a large baking sheet and pour your granola mixture on top. Use a spoon to spread out the mixture evenly so everything will cook at the same time.
  5. Place in oven and cook for 30-40 minutes, moving the granola around half way through to be sure it doesn’t burn.
  6. LET COOL. Letting the granola cool will help it harden up, and that’s what you want from granola. Duh.
  7. Eat all by itself or top it off with coconut milk, almond milk, or even dairy milk (if you do that).
  8. Enjoy the paleo life. It’s beautiful.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


263 thoughts on “Pumpkin Granola”

  1. Ohhhhh I’m excited to try this….sans the nuts though cause I’ve found that I may also be a little allergic to them. Ahhhhh pumpkin….now I’m dreaming of egg nog lattes from Starbucks….not that even has anything to do with pumpkin…but I digress….

  2. Thank you for this. I’ll be making it to send off with Hubby for his annual week-long fishing trip next week. I think he’ll be pleased.

  3. 1) Not sure what part of CO you’re in, but down here, they definitely DO freak the f-bomb out when that weirdass moisture falls from those strange fluffy things in the sky…
    2)Pumpkin Spice Lattes are the jam.
    3) YOU are the jam for bringing this granola into my life.

  4. Hi Julie! Love your posts, but today’s didn’t have enough asterisk w*rds in it. 🙂 Question about the maple syrup. Is it a binding agent or just for flavor? I’m starting the Whole Life Challenge which rules out any sweeteners.

        1. Could you please post a reply of how this turns out without the maple syrup? I was just going to ask the same thing! Thanks!

          1. I doubled the recipe, but only used the initial 1/3 cup of maple syrup. I added in 1 egg to help bind it together. I thought it was still too crumbly. :-/ The batter was super tasty though! Once the granola cooled, it was crispy, but after being bagged up it lost it’s crunch. Ideas?

  5. I’m totally making this to take with me on my road trip next week. If I don’t eat it all before the weekend is over that will be amazing.

  6. im so so excited about this. can you make a million other pumpkin recipes please?
    pumpkin soup
    pumpkin bread
    pumpkin latte
    i’m slightly obsessed with pumpkin…and fall.

  7. This looks great. I can’t wait to try it. We are cooling down to the 80’s and 90’s here in TX. It feels wonderful. I grew up in north eastern MN so I know all about real fall. It sucks. Other than the trees changing color, it always seems so dreary. Thanks for my morning dose of humor. I think the people I work with wonder about me as I’m the only one who is laughing at their desk each day. Yay for me. and for you too.

  8. This looks great! I will have to try it. So far all the recipes I’ve made off your blog have been fantastic!! Thank you for all the wonderful recipes!

  9. Oh goodness that looks so yummy! I was looking for something different for breakfast too, but I’m going to hoard it for myself and hide it from the kidlets.

  10. First of all – can I say – I want to marry you!!!! (well,theoretically speaking if I wasn’t already married and if I liked girls that way…)… BUT – you kick ass. Really. I love your website… can’t wait to make this granola this weekend…

    P.S. I am ordering a tank top soon – – need to help spread the love! 🙂

  11. i’m so stoked!!! i read through all the ingredients, holding my breath to see one i didn’t have on hand, and THERE WASN”T ONE! (now i’m shouting? contagious when it comes to good stuff!)

    going to make this as a treat for myself ASAP–thanks!

    1. substituted 2 small sweet potatoes for the pumpkin puree, because i couldn’t estimate what 1/2 C. of the would be. then i had to add 1/2 C. more nuts because it was too wet. still, it was scrumptious!

  12. Oh my goodness!! Oh my goodness!! I have to Go get the ingredients I don’t have!!!! Like NOW!!
    P.S. just ordered a Paleomg black tank… Gonna spread the word on how awesome you are!!

  13. Well congratulations Juli, you are officially a genius goddess. Pumpkin granola…crap, I’m definitely going to make and eat all of this too quickly!

    I’m visiting Colorado now so I see what you mean about the weather, I think it’s BEAUTIFUL though, coming from SC. Did my first (ever) run at the high altitude…it completely blew.
    Where abouts are you in CO?

  14. Thank you. This is my first Paleo fall and I’m happy about pumpkin but sad about missing my PSLs. Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Sbux. I have all the ingredients on hand, so will make this lovely little recipe this afternoon and treat myself and kiddos when they get home from school.

  15. Those are Wisconsin weather numbers. 85 yesterday, 50 today and slightly raining! 14 more days of my Whole 30 and then this is the first thing I am making. I LOVE pumpkin!

  16. I hate going to the grocery, but after tonight’s WOD, I’m stopping at Whole Foods so I can have this for breakfast. Thank you.

  17. JB! I am SO in love with you right now! Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for this. I read it this morning and went directly to the kitchen to make it. Screw work, they can wait, I have pumpkin granola to make. (Kidding, I was already home sick and you made it all better) I love pumpkin, and I love you for giving me a delicious portable pumpkin snack that wont also make me ill. <3 's and big hugs

  18. Firstly, this looks awesome.
    Second, I wanna do your readers a solid here and post a pumpkin spice latte recipe I just found, as people seem to really dig it and be sad they can’t have it. It has sugar, but I am pretty sure honey, maple syrup or some other sweetener would getcha through. Also has milk, why not try coconut if you can’t use regular? Other than that it is paleo friendly. I hope all the above lamenters see and use it.


  19. This look AmAzING!! I will try as soon as I am done with my 30 day thingamajig – next week. Love pumpkin, sick of eggs for breakfast, need a change and yes FALL is so in the air here in Parker.

  20. This sounds awesome! Can’t wait to try it.

    I just finished my first whole30, and wouldn’t have been able to do it without this blog. Seriously, at least 15 of my meals in the last 30 days were from you, so thanks.

    Also… more videos, please? You are so funny, and I don’t have cable, so this is pretty much my entertainment…

  21. AWESOME recipe. I couldn’t wait to get home to try this one.
    Had a hard time waiting till this morning to have a bowl with coconut milk. OMGollyGeesh!
    Thanks Juli.
    I switched out the dates for raisins for time sake(I didn’t want to take the time to chop up the dates).
    Making more for the freezer this weekend.
    Posting you on my next post too!!

  22. Yay! I cant wait to try this! I was missing eating granola since it contains oats …therefore making it non-paleo…but now THERE IS a solution! YaY! YaY! and Yay! thx for sharing!

  23. so pumpkin puree? does this come in a can? or do you make this from scratch?
    cant wait to make this since my breakfast staple of blueberries, almonds and coconut flakes is going out of season quickly! 🙁

  24. I just started CrossFit… well its been a month (wooopeee) and from the first day of my training sessions I was HOOKED! I love it. I didn’t think paleo would work for me so I tried zone and all the weighing foods and this and that just drove me crazy. Monday I went grain-free for this body composition challenge we are having and honestly.. not that hard. But full on paleo – no way – i love my dairy. My uncle is a dairy farmer.. milk yes! But I bought some coconut milk as an experiment yesterday and it wasnt bad and last night… I discovered your GEM of a blog. You make it seem sooo very doable. I made the granola and it is freaking amaze-balls.

    I can’t promise i wont have any dairy ever again but i’m gonna jump on the paleo train with the help of your delicious looking recipes!

    Thank You!!! 🙂

  25. I am not a hater and I love your site and all you talk about and all you do. I am just getting mixed replies as to if maple syrup is Paleo. I dont know what to do. This sounds so wonderful and I want to try it, but I just dont know if I should.


  26. I made this pumpkin granola, after the incredibly EPIC fail of birthday chocolate cupcakes (from another blogger – that was my first mistake) and it rocked my world. I gave some to my sister who is one of the healthiest eaters I know and she sat there while we chatted and ate the whole bag (of hers – not mine because I don’t share that well). This is exactly the treat to celebrate my cakeless birthday. Thanks so much – I think your stuff is amazing!

  27. I made your zucchini apple spice muffins and they were the BOMB. I even brought them to my box! Leftover muffins chopped in chunks and heated in a dry nonstick pan and served with applesauce…. It became like a yummy warm apple-crumble singing opera in my mouth. I will make this pumpkin granola for my gym too, and bring it tomorrow to my gym (sans honey). Tomorrow we are starting our 2-month Whole Life Challenge. My gym will have paleo-inspired-WLC-compliant potlucks. I will be looking for you to help us get through. I will need to make a lot of modifications because WLC allows no sweeteners except stevia (I wish they allowed honey instead!). That wont be too hard to adjust in your recipes.

  28. I love pumpkin! All things. And when pumpkin spice lattes came back to Starbucks, i mayyyyy have gone overboard (say, 4 days in a row). So I put myself on a pumpkin spice latte fast. I made this granola tonight to ease the craving for pumpkin, and it is SUPER delicious, especially with almond milk. Thank you so much! Way better than regular ole nuts.

  29. YOu are my idol right now, I have been dying for granola and you add pumpkin to anything for me and it is 100 times better. I know what I will be cookin up this weekend.

  30. This granola is like paleo crack! I made it last night (yes, I stayed in on a Friday night to do some baking — is that sad?) and I couldn’t wait to try some. First thing I did this morning was to bag it up into little snack baggies so I can give it out at the box today — otherwise I’d gobble up every morsel! I did sub cashews for the almonds since I’m allergic to almonds, but its delicious!!!

  31. It IS crack. I think it would be cruncher without dates, and maybe cranberries instead. I ate it with warm frothed unsweetened milk, and it was the consistency of yummy oatmeal. I omitted honey, and added 10 droppers of concentrated liquid stevia and 2 tablespoons of flax seeds. I dont think I even needed it. Maple syrup or honey would definitely better, but I cant eat those for the WLC.

  32. made it, it’s delicious…just realized I completely forgot the coconut…dumb. Just going to have to make it again 🙂

  33. Just made this today….made the whole house smell like fall…love that smell. Did not use the maple syrup but just a teaspoon or so of raw honey….and it is still yummy.

    Thanks for the recipe. Now I better portion it out…or else I will be in trouble! 🙂

  34. god da — i sez god damn!

    i gotta tell you juli, i have been following you blog for about 8 months now. i started crossfit about 9 months ago, and within the first couple weeks i entered a paleo challenge and thankfully stumbled on your site.

    im not a very strong-willed person, but i am incredibly determined, and with your posts i have been able to bridge that contradiction. it was hard for me to go from where i was to a paleo lifestyle until i saw what you were able to do.

    my body fat is down, i’ve lost 4+ inches on my waist, lost about 35lbs, i’m doing RX, i can do pull-ups, have my own jump rope and oly shoes, and now i’m not the last to finish in the class!

    i’ve even started sexting!

    long sappy story short, is that i love food, i eat it every day, and without your incredible inventions, incredibly disgusting experiments, i don’t think that i could have changed my eating lifestyle. not to get too deep or anything, but Thank you. really, THANK YOU.

    this cereal is so good i slapped my mother

  35. Thank you !not sure what my husband and I would do without your recipes! Keep cooking! This recipe looks like it can single handedly save the paleo breakfast.

  36. Ditto the husband and the slightly burnt. It’s still wonderful. I just gobbled a bowl with almond milk.
    I used canned pumpkin and froze 2 half cup servings for the next batch.
    I wasn’t sure if I could keep hubby on the plan until I found you. THANKS!

  37. Trying it w/out dates, and added shredded coconut. Sending this off to one bad-a$$ friend who is training for next month’s Ironman world championship. Serious fuel needed 🙂

  38. Wholly meatballs this is GREAT!! I made it as directed, then threw it in the food dehydrator to crisp up- it is unbelievable! My husband said it’s what he thinks a unicorn would taste like…

  39. OMG is right, this stuff is amazing. I used honey instead of maple syrup and extra nuts instead of pumpkin seeds because I am on the SCD. Loved it!!

  40. Hey Juli – I’ve got this in the oven and it smells great. Just realized I forgot the coconut though, because it’s not mentioned in the steps. Just FYI. Thought it seemed wet, so I’d added macadamias to the mix. Pretty sure it will still be good, but…darn it!

  41. Made this over the weekend… OMG..Yum!!! Next time I make it though, I think I’ll have to bake longer… granola never really dried out and hardened. Took some in a ziplock baggie when I was doing errands yesterday and ended up with a soft ziplock baggie that looked like it was full of poo! =O Did I do something wrong?

  42. Whoa. Made this and LOVED it…and it made my house smell amazing all weekend. Considering that I have two basset hounds, and they spent the weekend getting rained on, then coming in the house to snuggle me, and get everything stinky, that is some POWERFUL (and tasty!) granola!! Beats Febreeze in every way! Thanks for sharing that with us!

  43. Absolutely love this recipe….made it last night. I too had an issue with it not hardening up. Actually this morning it’s pretty darn soft. I followed the recipe exactly (I think :))Maybe it needed to cook longer. Either way, amazing recipe!

  44. This was absolutely amazing! My toddler loved having “cereal” to eat alongside her eggs this morning. Thank you for the recipe!

  45. I don’t have any pecans right now, since they’re so freakin’ expensive, but I have everything else and am SO making this tonight!!!

  46. Oh my good gosh. Oh my good good gosh. I made this yesterday to have for breakfast today and it blew me out of the water. Seriously Juli you should get paid to put stuff this delicious out there. I was a teeny bit skeptical about the spices (2 TBSP CINNAMON? Even I wouldn’t think of adding that much and I add cinnamon to EVERYTHING). But heck I trust you in these things as much as I’d trust any professional at their job and went with it. All I can say in between mouthfuls is that if you haven’t made this, drop everything right now and run to the store and get every ingredient and make it right now. Yes now. I did soak and dry my nuts the night before to reduce some of the anti-nutrients and I also used a cookie sheet lined with aluminum and greased with coconut oil since I didn’t have any parchment paper–did not stick at all. I had the granola with some homemade almond milk ready to marry you for creating this beauty. The paleo life is so gorgeous! I have found love at last!

  47. I made this tonight to have for breakfast in the morning and I’m not sure it’s going to make it that long with everyone in my house picking at it! This is delicious!!!!

  48. Holy freakin’ Batman is this granola good. I want to make a hat out of it and wear it to a parade. Thanks Juli!

    I’m going to be doing the no sugar thang soon, does this taste as good without the maple in your opinion?

  49. Ahhhhhhhhhmazinggg! I sadly did not have any coconut, but it was still delightful!! Looking forward to making it next time with it! Thank you!!!

  50. Oh my god. I made this tonight and it was sooooo good. My tongue hurts because I could not stop eating it right out of the oven. I ended up leaving it in for 55 minutes and that was perfect for me. Wow. Yum. Can’t wait for breakfast so I can eat more.

  51. This stuff is amazing! I made it Sunday night, its gone now and I’m making more. I used a tiny bit of honey(out of maple syrup) the first time and no coconut flakes and it was still awesome…this time around I’m making it like the recipe plus adding some dried cherries. It stayed so crunchy and was delicious with coconut milk in the am!

  52. HOLY WOW!!! This is so frickin good. I cannot stop eating it, and I’m not even a pumpkin pie fan. But this is DELICIOUS!!!! Sorry for all of my shouting, but this is really really really good. Just found your blog last weekend and I am so happy about that. I also made your Moist zucchini chocolate bread yesterday and my boys loved it. One of them cried because I wouldn’t give him thirds.

  53. Made this last night and burnt the edges a little.. woops. .. the rest of it is really good and I’ll be making a ton more of this! 5 stars!

  54. I am so excited for Fall and this is just in time for me, before I cave into something bad. Question- do you know what I would need to change up with the ingredients so that I can omit the maple syrup? Could I just leave it out? Is the maple syrup needed to make it crunchy? I like crunchy but I am sugar free.

    1. Never mind, here’s what I did and I love it. Thank you Juli! I skipped the syrup and didn’t miss it at all. I used 1/4 cup coconut oil instead of 1/3 and added 1 egg white, (beaten before I added it)don’t know why, it just sounded like a good idea. Also, every 10mins for 50mins I tossed the mixture. I let it cool completely for a couple of hours and it is crunchy and I love all the cinnamon.

  55. This is the best! – So good, came out perfectly, you’re a genius! Every weekend I make dishes from your website, they are all delicious! Keep them coming!

  56. Love this recipe. It came at a perfect time as I’ve been craving cereal lately. Even better that it includes pumpkin.

    Like some other readers, my edges burned. Any ideas on how to prevent this?

  57. I used all the right amounts, cooked it for the alloted time, let it cool etc but it’s really “gloopy”. I suck at life … I can’t work out where I went wrong.

    It’s tasty gloop, don’t get me wrong, but I want crunch!

  58. Just made this last night – it’s delicious, but it didn’t crisp up AT ALL. any ideas from anyone on how to get it to be crunchy??

  59. I know I’m gonna miss my oatmeal this year when the cold weather finally hits southern Cali. Any ideas for a grainless hot cereal? I was thinking something apply pecan, honey, raisin something, but I can’t figure out out to put it all together in a cerealy kind of way. Love your ideas.

    peace love and pumpkins

  60. I made this today, so that I’ll have it with me for a road trip on the weekend. Good thing I made a double batch, or this wouldn’t last until the weekend.

    Sooooo delicious! I will not be losing any weight while this is in the house.

  61. I made this sh*t. Honey instead of maple syrup and cashews instead of pecans because I am poor and cashews were on sale. F-in delicious!!!

  62. Holy Motherballs this is tasty!!! I even burned it a little and it still tastes fantastic. Thank you for posting something that I’m not going to be able to stop making.

  63. Maybe it’s my end, but it keeps saying that the recipe is then unavailable???? maybe it’s just pinterest. WEIRD!

    Either way, I printed it so I wouldn’t loose it 🙂 My kids are excited to have this one tomorrow!

  64. WOW, made this last night and it’s amazing! Had to modify it since I have a tree nut allergy. I replaced the 1/2 cup almonds with sunflower seeds, and the 1/2 cup pecans with 1/4 cup flax seeds and 1/4 cup sesame seeds. I also threw in just over 3 tablespoons of allspice instead of measuring all the spices separately (time saver!). I totally forgot the coconut, but now that I know how amazing this is I’ll be sure to add it next time! THANK YOU!!

  65. No lie. Best stuff on the planet!!! I followed the recipe exactly, turned out incredible! I may omit the maple syrup or use egg white to bind it and save on the calories next time. Thank you!

  66. No lie. BEST stuff on the planet! Selling a kid to buy more ingredients to feed new addiction, top on priority list.

  67. I made this tonight and WOW! It is delicious right out of the oven and soooo easy to make! I am not a huge nutmeg fan so I only used a 1/2 tablespoon and also omitted the salt. Can’t wait to eat the rest of it! Thanks Julie for another awesome recipe. This might be better than the banana bread french toast. Of course, that’s in my fridge at the moment too. 🙂

  68. Oh wow, this is incredible. I only used four (medjool) dates, chopped up coconut flakes as I didn’t have any shredded, and added about a 1/3 cup of chopped macadamias as well. Used a bit less maple syrup, as sugar is not my friend. (about 1/4 cup, I might use even less next time.)
    Also I mix my own pumpkin pie spice so threw that in rather than measuring out the individual spices, much easier!
    It was slightly overcooked but tastes amazing, can’t wait for my husband and toddler to try it! (If there’s any left after tonight…)

  69. Changing my diet at my age has been challenging. I absolutely love this recipe. The only thing I changed was I decreased the amount of nutmeg to 1 teaspoon. Awesome recipe-thank you:)

  70. Seriously, not only did this make my house smell amazing ~ but it is the BEST THING EVER! I will be making this all the time! Thanks for the recipe! ;oD

  71. I just pulled it out of the oven after 40 minutes and it is a sloppy gloppy mess. Is cooling it really going to do anything???? It looks like it might need to cook for another hour, but I don’t want to burn it…

  72. This has quickly become my fav. new cereal. I am addicted to cereal in the morning and have been having a hard time drop kicking it out of my diet. Ezechiel is the last strong hold on me after a year of paleo. UNTIL NOW, thank you very much for this recipe. It is so good and absolutely kills all craving for cereal in the morning or those lazy nights I dont feel like cooking after a hard WOD

  73. I have this in the oven right now. I followed the recipe exactly except I subbed honey for maple syrup. I’m surprised by how wet this is! I’ve made granola before but never put anything this ‘batter like’ in the oven for granola. Will let you know how it turns out. So far smells great and tastes yummy raw.


    I’m super new to “paleo” as in like less than a week as in I’ve been using every inch of time i have to scoundrel the inter-webs looking for kick ass bloggers like yo self for some recipes!!

    This was SO GOOD!!!! Just had my first bowl with almond milk and a diced apple.

    I measured out 1 cup as a serving. This may be a bit much? A cup of eating essentially nuts seems a lot for me bearing in mind my sitch. I’ve been refined sugar/flour free for 10 months and dabbling in this biz and with all these killer blogs and recipes I think I’ll kick my feet up and stay a while.

    Keep it up woman!!

  75. Juli….you complete my life. Just made this delicious recipe….will have to make more by the middle of the week…its not gonna last very long! Awesome recipe for this time of year and love the idea of having it as a cereal substitute! Youre amazing! xox

  76. Duuuuuuuuuuude! I just made a batch of this and can’t wait for the morning to get here so I can try it! It smell like the holidays up in this hiz-ouse!!!

  77. I hate this recipe. Why? Because it’s so freakin’ delicious I couldn’t stop eating it!! I used freshly baked pumpkin from a CSA. How do you keep coming up with such amazingness?!?

  78. I’ve had multiple dreams about this in the last week. I really want it. But I’m too broke to buy a bunch of nuts right now. Soon. Can’t wait.

    Also, I took a picture of the smushed squirrel in my alley to send to you during your rotting squirrel experience, but I never sent it to you and now I just have a picture of a dead squirrel :/

  79. I’m thrilled to have found your site. This recipe just came out of the oven and it ROCKS!!!! I have a few other recipes from your site on our menu for the week. Thanks for those and your sense of humor – makes me laugh!

  80. This stuff is like crack, seriously!! I just got back from a party where I took a batch….it was gone in minutes! 4 batches wouldn’t have been enough. Grown men were climbing over each other to get it. Note to self- begin wearing Pumpkin Granola. One of the attorneys from our box said he would do anything if I would make more. I’m keeping that as a Get Out of Jail Free card.
    Juli- even though it was fantastic, mine didn’t firm up completely. Obviously nobody cared but I wondered if I didn’t cook long enough (40 mins) or if it was humidity.

    1. I’m guessing it’s the humidity since I don’t run into that issue in CO. Try putting it in the fridge next time and maybe that will harden it up!

  81. I love this stuff as granola. Yesterday I made it again, but added 3 eggs and baked it as bars. It falls apart a bit when you eat it, but it too was delicious. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  82. So I made this last night. It tastes fabulous! But today when I opened the container, it is no longer crunchy but soft. Any ideas what I did wrong?

  83. I’ve made 3 lots of this in the last week! I am absolutely addicted & every time I come home from work my little monster devours it as an afternoon snack. Last night i had run out of cinnamon so I substituted all of the spices for mixed spice. Yum. Thanks Juli.

  84. Hi Juli,

    Made the granola last night, less the dates and its still awesome! I added cashews to it as well. I actually have to put it out of sight because I keep picking at it..

  85. I made this recipe over the weekend and it was amazing! However it never got crispy…I follow the recipe exactly. Any ideas?

  86. Absolutely amazing. Took it travelling last weekend and it kept me going thru all the temptations of the outside non-paleo world.

  87. OMG! I made this granola last night and had it for breakfast this morning. It is AH-MAZERING! I added some homemade dried cranberries and it was fantastic! I have to keep it up on a high shelf that I cannot reach so I do not devour the whole batch! Thank you for this greatness!

  88. Wow, this was so good! Made this for the boys to take camping this weekend, it was nice and gooey and chewy! Thanks for another great recipe!

  89. Okay, this recipe sucks. 40 minutes! 40! Minutes! of sitting and waiting and AGONIZING on the couch right now as my house fills with a scent I can only describe as pure unadulterated SEXUAL HEALING. I absolutely cannot wait. Thanks Juli! 🙂

  90. WARNING! THIS IS DELICIOUS AND YOU WILL EAT IT IN ONE SITTING IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFEUL! (and I wasn’t careful so naturally i ate it all in one sitting. it was BOMBDOTCOM!) Thanks girl

  91. This is the best recipe! I have made as is & made a dozen variations. I ran short on coconut oil, used sun butter…great! Used banana instead of pumpkin – added organic unsweetened dark chocolate cocoa powder…so good!!! Thanks for the recipe & this site.

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    thank you for your time

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  97. OMF!! Just made this, and it is fantastic! I was out of cinnamon, so I dumped in a bunch of pumpkin pie spice, and I dumped in some dried cranberries. It tastes, no word of a lie, like my mom’s dark fruit cake and it’s like Christmas in my mouth!!!

  98. This was INCREDIBLE. I doubled the recipe and it was gone in a couple of days. Even my boyfriend loved it, which is saying a LOT! This with Whole Foods 365 Brand of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk was a heavenly treat. My brother told me it tasted like a combination of Honey Bunches of Oats and Rice Krispes Treats Cereal. LOL. Gotta love that! Thank you so much for this!

  99. How do you store this? Since it has pumpkin in it, does it have to go in the fridge? Or can it be stored in an airtight container in the pantry?

    1. I’ve seen it store several ways. I’d say in the freezer might be best so it doesn’t become soggy, or just in the pantry. It depends how long you are going to keep in for

  100. After making my pumpkin puree weeks ago – solely for the purpose of making this, I finally did. It’s so tasty and I want to share it with the world!! I was too impatient to let it all cook so I heated some up with Almond milk and coconut flour for a creamy crunchy n’oatmeal.

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  103. Just found your blog the other day while hunting for paleo recipes (see what I did there?). Love your recipes and have pinned a bunch already. This granola sounds amazing – all the yummy parts of granola without the oat filler! One question: I hate dates (forgive me) so I was going to sub in dried cherries. Are the dates just for sweetness/fruit addition? Or do they serve a binding purpose? I hope not.

  104. I love your blog so much! I was so excited to see a granola recipe, since going Paleo it’s the thing I missed the most (cereal!). I have a question though, I doubled the recipe and the granola came out really greasy! What should I have done differently?? Still tastes amazing though, can’t wait to valve it for breakfast tomorrow!

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  111. It’s in the oven now…..didn’t have dates, so I added chopped walnuts in their place, and used coconut flakes instead of shredded, and chopped almonds (didn’t have any sliced.) Hope it turns out with so many subs, but it is looking good and smells divine!

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