Pumpkin Granola Quick Bread

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I’ll be the first blogger to admit it. I’ve blogged from the bathroom before. More than once. Definitely more than once.

Awkward pause…..

I don’t know if I would call this quick bread, because it’s not really super quick, but it has a ring to it doesn’t it? Yes, yes it does. And this “quick bread” include the amazing Steve’s Original Krunch Cereal in it. If you haven’t tried this stuff, YOU NEED TO. It’s seriously so freaking delicious. You’ll never miss cereal or granola again once you have this stuff in your house. Check it out!

Want to see what got some of votes of best items of 2012? A reader introduced me to this website yesterday because the creators of New Girl created this website, and I got sucked in. You were warned. But this post was rad. No clue how they decided these were the best items of 2012, nor do I care enough to find out, but I like what they decided. Check it out. You’re going to give me some kind of sh*t because of the birthday cake oreos or cookie butter, but I don’t care. I’m not gonna act like I don’t want to shove those in my face and while crying over a great romcom. Ok, minus the crying. I don’t ever cry. I just lied.

I bought two pairs of boots yesterday, on sale, for a total of $60. If I didn’t say I was proud of myself, I’d be lying. Gotta stock up for next season. And still be sexy in this season. Sexy 2013, remember? Two birds with one stone. Not sure if that analogy works here, but it does in my mind.

So I got these blue spandex pants in the mail a week or so ago. And well, my butt doesn’t exactly look great in blue spandex. I’m not the real muscular type that looks like you can bounce a penny off my ass. No sir. Lose a penny my ass, now that’s more like it. So when I received these, I thought, absolutely not. No way can I wear those in public. So when I finally grew the balls to put them on, I had to man up and own it. My cellulite is not going anywhere and even though people would be happy to not see it, my gym was forced to. Jokes on them! But the best part of wearing colored pants is the sweat stains. Looking like you peed yourself while coaching is something that, I’m sure, is quite inspiring. Fml.


Pumpkin Granola Quick Bread

  • Yield: 3-4 1x




  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Place pumpkin, banana, honey, vanilla extract, sunflower seed butter, dates, and eggs in a food processor and mix until well combine and smooth.
  3. Next add your coconut flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking soda and powder, and salt and mix once again until completely combine.
  4. Pour ingredients into a well greased loaf pan (I greased mine with coconut oil) and spread out.
  5. Now top the bread mixture with your Krunch cereal, just like a topping, and use a knife to mix the cereal in throughout the bread. All you need to do is stick your knife straight in and make designs in the bread. I did a zig-zag motion, but whatever floats your boat.
  6. Place in oven and bake for 30-35 minutes or until you stick a toothpick into the middle of your loaf and it comes out clean
  7. Let cool.
  8. Top with grass fed butter or coconut butter. Enjoy the simple, delicious life.


Feel free to use a nut butter instead of sunflower seed butter

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PaleOMG Pumpkin Granola Quick Bread



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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


79 thoughts on “Pumpkin Granola Quick Bread”

  1. Omg, don’t wear dark grey spandex either! You also look like you peed your pants! I had to inform people that no, I didn’t pee, just sweat! Ugh, lesson learned….the hard way of course!

  2. And for those of us who have had babies in the last year- and get after it doing box jumps or double unders- we pee our pants anyway- so who cares! 🙂

    1. Or us who have had two in the past 7 years… But double unders are the only thing I have problems with. Doing Kegels as I type.

  3. Thsi looks amazing!!! Anything I can sub for Steve’s Original Krunch cereal? I love his stuff but it’s expensive and I don’t keep it around…. 🙁

  4. This will be a nice treat when I finish my Whole30! I have been staring at my unopened Paleo Krunch and wishing I could eat it!

  5. So you TOTALLY got the same blue pants that I did…and I thought the EXACT same thing….except for now I live in them and have washed them twice this week. And people think they are AWESOME.

    They actually sent me a pair last month AND a pair this month so now I have two. LOVE LOVE LOVE>

  6. I just bought blue spandex pants too and I noticed the same thing. Good thing I workout at home. I do like them, their kinda fun.

  7. looks fantastic..have to make this for tonight..when people joke around with me after a work out of the sweat marks..dude you pee yourself…yes I did with a dead stare…good times

  8. I almost choked on my paleo muffin when I read that part about “lose a penny in my ass”. Thank you, I needed a good laugh that got muffin up my nose!

  9. Holy Crap!! I HAVE to have those edible cookie cups for my espresso! Why did you do that to me? I’m on a frantic search… the do not provide a link on where to get these. If I have to go back to Italy, then I’ll just have to do it.

  10. I love the cookie coffee cups! I’m a big fan of edible food vessels. Like ice cream cones, bread bowls at Panera, using uncooked noodles as coffee stirrers… I can’t actually EAT them, but I’m a big fan of the idea (: Maybe you could create the Paleo version of a bread bowl or cookie cup??

  11. Your recipes are just wicked. Been working on becoming Paleo since Oct and your food is just want we all needed. And this looks great – I have never cooked so much in my life!!!

  12. Loved this recipe! My daughter had four slices this morning for breakfast! I love your website I check it everyday! You have such a fun sense of humor! Thank you so much for making paleo so fun and delicious!

  13. Wow. Thanks to the “Best Things” list I totally want an Ostrich Pillow. I wonder if my wife will let me spend $99 so I can take better naps at work…

  14. i love coconut flour. i just made a banana cake with a mix of coconut flour and almond flour. the texture was great. i always see people complaining how coconut flour makes everything crumble. well, that’s just not true!

  15. We have a banana allergy in our house (severe enough that bananas cannot even enter our home). Can you suggest a good way to modify this recipe and still get similar results? More pumpkin puree? Maybe some applesauce? What would you do? I think my kids would love this (as would I).

    1. Seconding the request for how to replace the banana! The recipe looks great but I’d rather not have my throat close up…

  16. Yum! I forgot the nut butter at first….way better with it! I will be sharing and making again.

    I love your website. It’s the best paleo website out there. Everything I’ve made has been solid!

  17. Making this for the second time. First time didn’t have granola / Steve’s crunch and forgot the pumpkin. It still turned out great.

    This time I remembered the pumpkin and made your pumpkin granola which is amazing.

    I love these kinds of recipes because my kids love frozen waffles and I feel like buying that stuff is child abuse. But they also love awesome recipes like this for breakfast! And then I feel like a half way decent mom. LOL

  18. I made this tonight. It was so moist and delicious! I ate about 1/3 of it in a single sitting…woops.

  19. Hahaha, sweat stains on colored pants are incredibly awkward!

    We ran a race on New Year’s Day when it was negative six out and many many ladies had butt sweat marks that were frosted over. I felt uncomfortable at the sight of it.

  20. Ha! Pretty much that sweat issue happens to me all the time. I teach a fitness class, and I just LOVE when I am doing squats and it looks like I’ve had an accident.

    anywho. Was just introduced to your blog a week ago, and am loving it, both for the writing and delicious paleo recipes. I have a sweet tooth for sure, and am hopeful i can stay on the straight and narrow with these delicious options!

  21. This was great! I also made the butternut squash and apple hash. I love your sight and look forward to the cookbook! Paleo only really works if you have great recipes! Thanks very much!

  22. dude i just made a half batch of this into muffins…DAMN! so good. might even be ok with less honey!
    didn’t have cereal to top so i put some pepitas. yum.

  23. Love this recipe, so good and moist…. question though, I made this yesterday and put it into the refrigerator about 30 minutes after coming out of the oven. I went to have a slice for breakfast and the top layer had turned green! I still ate it (questionably) and it tasted great still….any idea what would cause this? (I skipped the cereal when I made it)

      1. I made this last night, wrapped it up soon after cooking it, brought it in to work and sliced into it. Green, what?! I ate a slice and I’m not dead, so I’m glad to know it’s just a reaction. Hopefully my coworkers will buy the “it’s just a reaction” line.

  24. I made this during the week with a few other paleo baked goods to freeze as breakfast treats for the weekend. This was SO good it made it to the freezer but didn’t make it to the weekend! I had made your pumpkin granola (also wonderful) as the topping and had to scrounge the bottom of the container to get enough cause my hubby had eaten most of it before I had a chance to make this. I will be making a double batch of both again this week (and hiding granola in the back of the fridge this time lol) I am loving your site and recipes we have recently transitioned to Paleo living (due to food restrictions) and though we eat very healthy already your recipes have definitely helped make it easier to stick to it as I am a sucker for things I am not supposed to have but are oh so yummy!

  25. So delicious! Made this after a VERY cold bike ride and it warmed me right up 🙂 Well, except for the part that didn’t cook – that was gross. Will probably cook it longer and in a square pan rather than a loaf pan next time.

  26. Wow!! I virtually never alter your recipe, but I did use my own topping instead of the Krunch cereal. I just topped it with walnuts, pecans, sliced almonds, and pumpkin seeds. Delectable.

  27. OMG. Now I know why your blog has this in its name. I made this bread last night and it is delicious. I didn’t have any Steve’s granola, so I just made my own based on his ingredients. So good for breakfast witha scrambled egg. Yummm . . ..

  28. so amazing!!!! Got up at 5 to make this for my fiance and I for breakfast, and loved it. Wanted to have the leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast but it’s now gone. Think I might have to make a whole new batch tonight…yummmmmm, your recipes never fail me

  29. Don’t worry, no one looks good in colored spandex! I believe there are only certain colors and patterns that work for spandex pants or shorts. I have spandex knowledge from playing volleyball, teaching yoga and spin, and being an avid weightlifter myself. Who knew there was such a complexity to SPANDEX!

  30. I made this for my family the other night (we went completely paleo/primal in Januray.) Hubby and the kiddos (and my sister who doesn’t eat paleo) gobbled it up!! I added a dash of pumpkin pie spice to the batter and it was mmm mmm good!

    I am so glad I found this blog!!!

  31. Im new to paleo recipies, trying to do a life style change in eating. can anyone help me. im looking for a store that sells these ingredients. I have a safeway and savemart in my area but i also know of a natural foods store in my area. would the natural food store be the best place to go for all these ingredients. i hope someone will be able to get back to me!

  32. I made it tonight with your pumpkin granola on top! We haven’t tried it yet but it looks and smells fabulous! Thanks!

  33. Could I use the topping from your banana bread coffee cake recipe? Want to make your granola next…..just too lazy right now. I have a loaf of banana bread coffee cake in the oven now….man that stuff is good. Made a loaf last night and its gone. My Kids loved it too! Thank you!!

  34. Lovely! I didn’t have the cereal so used a handful of blueberries instead and cooked it in a round cake tin. Perfect and delicious 🙂

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