Quick Meal Friday: Easy Mexican Salad

Have you ever have one of those days, where you need to dye your hair so bad that you have no choice other than wearing a hat or a headband everywhere you go? No? Whatever. I’m there right now. My roots are so bad that I only have the choice to wear something to cover my head. A bag might work. Somebody once told me on a comment I should just wear a bag over my head so no one had to look at me. Sometimes d*ck head comments make sense. #notreallybutkindof.

I’ve been getting some weird comments lately. Lots of mean ones. It’s so strange to me that people have nothing better to do than say mean things over comments. Not even about my recipes, just me. Which is strange to me. I’m just not a super mean person, or angry, and I only dislike a total of probably 3 people in this world, so it’s very weird when people have such built up aggression towards someone they don’t even know. But they keep commenting. And I keep deleting their comments. No need for anger on my blog. I like happy things. Like unicorns and butterflies.

You know what makes me real happy? I installed my window air conditioning unit in my room the other day. When you walk into my room, it changes by 20 degrees. 20 freaking degrees. It’s ridiculous how much of a difference it makes. I mean, my room is the size of a water closet, whatever that means, so a window unit makes a huge difference. I sleep like an infant now. A good infant.

So I literally had nothing to eat yesterday. Nothing. I haven’t really been grocery shopping since I’ve been traveling so I just eat out of my freezer now. So that means lots of beef. I really only have beef in my freezer so I’ll be eating that for a while. And since I had canned tomatoes and green chiles, I decided it was a mexican salad and easy guacamole kind of day. Is this boring? No. It’s delicious. Is this creative? Absolutely not. Would this be good with lettuce? Hell yeah! I just had none. I should just go to the store.


Quick Meal Friday: Easy Mexican Salad

  • Yield: 2-4 1x



For the mexican salad

  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/2 yellow onion, diced
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/2 cayenne pepper
  • 1 (14 ounce) can of diced tomatoes
  • 1 (4 ounce) can of diced green chiles
  • green onions, to garnish
  • juice of 1 lime
  • salt and pepper, to taste

For the easy guac

  • 1 avocado
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder
  • pinch of cayenne pepper
  • juice of 1/2 a lime
  • salt, to taset


  1. Place ground beef in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat.
  2. Once beef has browned half way through, add onions and minced garlic.
  3. When beef has almost cooked through, add oregano, cumin, some salt and pepper, cayenne pepper, tomatoes, and green chiles. Mix well.
  4. Lower heat, squeeze lime on top and mix.
  5. While meat is finishing up, mix together all guac ingredients.
  6. Top guac on the mexican salad. Mix together, because it’s good that way.

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PaleOMG Quick Meal Friday: Easy Mexican Salad


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


136 thoughts on “Quick Meal Friday: Easy Mexican Salad”

  1. This recipe is exactly what I needed! I haven’t been grocery shopping since I came back from vacation (like over a week ago, oops…). But I’m pretty sure I have all of these ingredients laying around. It looks delicious!

    1. I made this last night. This was one of the greatest recipes so far on this site..defiantly mix the avocado in and eat with Iceberg Lettuce like you would Thai Larb … A +

  2. Can’t wait to make it. Forget about the mean comments – its a great blog and I enjoy checking it out daily! Keep up the good work. Hope you do a book signing in KC someday!

  3. Mean people suck. I pretty much read your blog for the witty banter and food porn. Thank you for what you do!

  4. you are a beautiful person and have a very funny and slightly sarcastic blog which i love. i have tried a few of your recipes so far and they have turned out great, rock on!

  5. I am new to the Paleo/crossfit world and your recipes are AH-MAZING!! Actually, my mouth is watering just thinking about today’s recipe! I love reading your blogs, too. It makes me smile everyday, don’t worry about the haters, they aren’t worth a second thought.

  6. I refer to the room in the master bathroom with just a toilet in it as the “water closet” not sure if that’s right. But it is certainly small!

    Thanks for this, now I won’t starve when I get home from my travels either! What is it about ground beef and the freezer? It’s like they multiply in there…always one more in the very back…

  7. You are doing something positive with your life, you have ambition, you’re intelligent, and attractive. Unfortunately people will always be jealous of such people because they don’t have much going on in their lives and the internet allows anyone to say anything they want shrouded in anonymity. Don’t allow those people to get you down or feel anything at all. They’re just sad people who want to feel superior towards someone.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better! I rarely post comments on blogs, but wanted to make sure there were plenty of positive posts to outweigh the ridiculous negative posts. And it truly is about jealousy and insecurity. As hard as it seems, you need to forgive them and feel sorry for them. Something went very wrong in their lives and they are now bitter angry people. They need to step on others to feel better about themselves.
      I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I’ve just started on paleo/primal, and did my first crossfit workout the other day. Yours is one of the only blogs that I actually look forward to reading the commentary more than the recipes. 🙂 Rock on!

  8. looks delicious! can’t believe I’ve forgotten the wonders of the most excellent man-salad ever…taco salad 🙂
    also, can’t believe people would be mean to you. you’re incredible. thank you for that.

  9. Juli, you are precious! We just started Paleo and I enjoy food like no other but we need to be healthier so there you have it! Just wanted to say Thank You for making Paleo so delish! Otherwise I would have run out to Uncle Julios, ate 27 fresh flour tortillas with some fake orange cheese dip and 7 full sugar margaritas! (We are going to Mexico in 2 weeks were I do plan on margartias but your post inspired me not to feel bad about it!) Anyhow, I am sorry their are d bags on here saying nasty things~ your posts are great and have truly helped me change into a healthy lifestyle! So thanks!!!

  10. I can’t wait to make this recipe for my family!!! I know they are going to love it!!! The mean people in this world should all be put in a room together. Just always remember people feed off of misery!! Stay strong!!! Your a very beautiful girl:)

  11. Mean people suck and can’t appreciate a good food blog mixed with a side of sarcasm. I’m pretty sure if we knew each other in real life, we’d be friends. Is that weird? Maybe but I don’t care 🙂

  12. You never know who you might be an inspiration for. So continue your strength. A handful of weeks ago I stumbled upon your site. Once athletic, an x cross filter, someone with Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and now just in a stretch of not giving a shit – depressed & fat- that’s me. For health I need to eat gf & paleo. I like to cook. I like flavor. I like attitude. Within minutes of coming across your site I ordered your book – over night shipment. I’m on recipe 8. It’s good. Do your thing. It’s your slice of the paleo world. For this soul who lost their way you are part of my coming back story. Sounds stupid. It’s true.

  13. Telling you to put a bag over your head seems a little out of left field, and totally unfounded because you’re really pretty. Whatever. The internet has just turned people in D-bags. F— ’em.

    Keep the ground beef recipes coming! I’ve been eating more of it lately and need some creative ideas. Even simple ones like this. Yum. I’ll probably make this sometime over the weekend. But with lettuce. 🙂

  14. This looks delicious.

    You’re adorable, and your recipes are fantastic. I don’t understand people who feel the need to spread unhappiness. Especially on the Internet, where if you don’t like something/someone it’s perfectly easy to just not look at their stuff.

  15. Tell those mean people to stick it where the sun don’t shine! I think you’re super awesome Juli!!! Keep on Rockin’!!

  16. I made almost this exact same dish twice! I time I had leftover acorn squash I added and a can of spinach!! With a touch of Frank’s Hot Sauce!! hahaha!!
    And your are super awesome!! Ignore and delete hateful people!!

  17. This recipe couldn’t have come at a better time, I have exactly one pound of ground beef defrosted in my refrigerator and haven’t been grocery shopping since returning from Hawaii. Apparently I thought it would be a great idea to stack this week with 60hrs at work instead.. I have been asking myself daily what In the world I was thinking! Anyways.. LOVE your blogs and recipes, keep up the awesome work! Oh and keep up the spinning I have been doing it for over a year now and am still obsessed.. trying to build up the muster to give crossfit a try.. all those big muscly way more advanced people than I can be intimidating! This is truing into a letter instead of a comment.. I just wanted to tell you, You Rock! (and grow those roots out a little longer and it will be like ombre)

  18. A: Mean people are just miserable
    B: Your blog is all good fun always
    C: A water closet is a small room for the toilet.

    D: Best Ever Easy Peasy!

  19. People are so weird. And stupid. And sissies apparently to leave mean things over the internet. They should be tazered… In water… You’re the greatest ever. Screw them. 🙂

  20. I just started reading your blog after my friend got me Robb Wolf’s Paleo book for my birthday and I look at your blog every day to see what new stuff you have! I am excited for this salad because it looks quite easy and it will be a nice alternative for lunch! My friend is also super smart and bought your recipe book. 🙂 I am contemplating it as well!

  21. Screw the haters!

    First time commenting here, but I have to say, honestly and truly, this blog has really given me the kick in the butt to start cooking. I’m presently on Day … uh, crap, what day is it … 11 maybe? … er, Day something of the Whole 30 so have been scouring for compliant meals as I drag myself through the process of it all. In the past, my cooking has mostly consisted of taking lots of disparate ingredients and never having anything that ultimately resembled a coherent dish, or, for that matter, meal. Your quick and simple meals have been a godsend. So, in short, thank you! 🙂

    As for today’s recipe, I’m thinking this will be something for early next week. Sounds delicious!

  22. Well I love your blog, so the mean people can kiss your butt!

    By the way, a “water closet” is what the British call the bathroom.

  23. I think you are such a positive influence to so many people in a lot of ways that you will never even know! I only discovered your blog a few months ago and love the witty writing just as much as the recipes. You come across as very authentic and I admire the way you put your full self out there. I also find your honesty refreshing regarding when you eat non-paleo. That’s who you are and you don’t try to put yourself out as being paleo 100% of the time when you’re not. When people are mean it’s really about them and their issues. People who are truly happy are not mean. So I think the mean people really just need to examine their lives and figure out what is wrong with them because they are the ones with the problems. Just keep shining your bright light on the rest of us.

  24. Don’t let the haters get you down. Zig Ziglar called it the seesaw principle; people put you down in order to bring themselves up.

    I am new to Paleo and just found your sight this week and have been looking forward to this weekend to do some cooking and try some of your recipes. This one I can do tonight…can’t wait.

  25. The prevalence of insanely rude commentary on the internet has actually been studied (in non-internet contexts, too!) a few times. I don’t remember the term that is used for it, but it’s sort of like cognitive dissonance: people are much more likely to be rude, hurtful, or inconsiderate when there is physical distance or barriers between the jerk and the victim. It’s sort of worrisome. http://news.health.com/2012/08/02/troll-psychology-mean-internet/

    Anyway, as the other commenters say, jerks will be jerks — and the internet is a weird and wonderful pace. Constructive criticism is the only kind that warrants your attention!

  26. pft. go away stupid evil comments!

    I love your blog. I love the recipes,
    the pictures, but most of all I love reading your tid bits- and not trying to be creepy,

    —- but i check your blog more often than anything else.

    It’s my fav!

  27. Mean people DO suck! I love your blog and your sense of humor. You came up this past winter to my area, Winter Park and I wasn’t able to hang out with you. I was BUMMED! You gave a cooking demonstration to all my workout buddies at Cross Fit Thin Air. Love your stuff, keep it coming!

  28. I’m sorry that some people are trolls but I think that you are charming and funny, so there’s that. Anyway, thank you for this recipe, my oven broke (something computer related) and I’ve come to the realization that it makes no sense to pay to repair it so I will have to buy a new one which I keep putting off because reasons. Stove top dinner options FTW!

  29. I saw a shirt today – if you have haters you know you are doing something right – and thought of you! You are awesome!

  30. LOVE this meal idea! I have been trying to eat cleaner and thinking about paleo but worried about the time it will take to eat this way. This is a perfect recipe and leftovers would be SO easy to take into work for lunch!! Just started reading your blog and I love it!!

  31. Thanks…now I know what to call my breakfast. How I eat confuses the heck out of my coworkers…they are gonna flip when I say I eat Taco salad for breakfast. Which isn’t saying much because they flipped when I ate ground beef and avocado for breakfast.
    Thanks for the great laughs and recipes! I wear my Paleomg tanktop with pride!

  32. Um…I had something ALMOST the same last night for the exact same reason as you. It was good, though!

    Thanks for keeping it real!

  33. pffff…clearly these mean people don;t know what they are talking about, the only thing you need to be wearing over your head is a head band that says “sexy beast”. Your awesome, I read your blog everyday at work while eating lunch (while trying to mentally picture that i am instead eating your delicious food).

  34. New to Paleo! Love your site! I live in Thornton CO. Went to the Whole Foods in Superior looking for duck fat. None there. Where exactly do you get yours?

  35. I’m perusing your sight trying to decide what to make for Fathers Day. With so many mouth watering options, it’s hard to decide.
    I’m sure you know that people who make mean comments only have issues with themselves. You have much to be proud of! Congratulations on your new book!
    Sorry I missed meeting you at PaleoFX. Thanks for your hard work!

  36. I’m probably trying so hard to be the most-positive-commenter ever that I’m overshooting into creepiness, but: we toasted you and your sweet potato biscuits on Thanksgiving because they were boooooomb. Suck it, jerks.

  37. I’m pretty sure there are these little internet trolls out there that just go around the blogosphere making mean comments. I get them too. Just let them roll off your back, people love what you do, and you do what you love, so really the trolls can keep living in their own little miserable worlds. This “salad” looks delish, and I love the easy guac, but lol, yes, you need to go buy some lettuce!

  38. You are amazing! And your recipes are equally amazingly tasty. I wish I lived in Denver because I would find you and make you be my friend That sounds totally creepy, but basically you are that cool!. Let the haters hate.

  39. What goes around comes around, so whoever has been mean and writing negative posts will feel the negative effects at some point in their life. Your hilarious and an inspiration to more than you realize. Keep on being yourself and doing what you love because your fans are routing you on!

  40. I can’t believe people have been mean to you! I’m so sorry! It’s so stupid too; don’t like what you see, visit another website! Ugh! Well, I love your website and your view on life; you always make me laugh. I just found you recently and am loving the recipes! My husband will love this one. 🙂

  41. You are honest, real and raw. Unfortunately some people can’t handle that. I love your recipes and take on the world. I laugh at your posts because you are funny, you enlighten my day. Keep it up girl!

  42. OMG I am getting my roots done next Saturday and they’re pretty bad, but honestly just don’t care right now. Too many other things on the brain…And yes I don’t understand why miserable unhappy people need to comment on things like that. They should work on themselves first. Just saying…

  43. Heard a good quote once: “Hurting people hurt people”. Clearly your popularity and newly infamous(I’m enthusiastic about this part!)Paleo cookbook prove haters wrong about you without any words needed! You totally tear it up in the gym and make me laugh uncontrollably reading your blog so move past those that want what you have, girl. You don’t need us to tell you you’re loved and great. (But we will if it helps you!) 🙂

  44. Juli – Thanks for the recipes and the entertainment. Don’t let the mean ones pull you down – you are awesome!

  45. Mean peeps are just jealous of your awesomeness! I’m not even a follower of the paleo life but I love your blog because of you! Keep pursuing your passion and ignore the critics. You rock!

  46. Hey, I had one of those hair days yesterday -you know, where all you can see is the roots. Ack. I couldn’t take it anymore, so after work I went straight to my hairdresser. Today is a better day solely because I have my dark hair back.

    Also, you’re gorgeous. Seriously. Anyone who would say that to you is nasty and jealous.

    Thanks for tonight’s dinner recipe! Your blog encourages me to stay paleoish because it’s delicious, interesting, and a lot less intimidating than I thought. I love your outlook on diet and life.

  47. So I totally used to make something similar to this (but even lazier) by frying up some ground beef and then mixing it with a Newman’s Own garden salsa and deeming it “Taco Stir Fry”. Yours sounds way tastier and I might to just have to add it to the regular Taco Tuesday rotation.

    Also the term you’re looking for is “Sleep like a husband”. If the world is your oyster and you could probably stay in bed all day if left to your own devices, you’re probably sleeping like a husband. 😉

  48. Love your recipes!!! Look forward to your mails in the week! Can’t imagine weird mean people, anyway, ordered your book on Amazon and the other paleo book you recommended in your last post, due to arrive in August! Super excited! ! Can’t wait!♥♥!

  49. I love your blog. And you. It always makes me laugh out loud. Literally. You’re hilarious, talented, and beautiful. Keep it up!

  50. JB, there are some serious trolls out there…but you know what, they have nothing better to do than to go on to all kinds of websites and be nasty. Also, they are all cowards, because they use the internet to hide behind. I doubt any of these trolls would ever have the guts to be that horrible to someones face (thank goodness!), let alone use their real name in a comment. They are losers and just jealous of you and anyone else making something of themselves and their life. So keep on being awesome and ignore the douchey trolls!

  51. “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.”
    – Earl Nightingale
    The haters? Yeah, they have miserable little lives – and try to suck others in.
    Love your attitude, love your spunk – look forward to your posts – loved this!! thanks Juli!!

  52. Hi!
    I really like your recipes and think you have a really fun way of writing things .I will keep following you.
    Sandy, the Netherlands

  53. I love your blog. Your recipes are my fav on the internet, and you are beautiful and delightful. I have made your recipes more than any other blog.

  54. Hey Jules!

    So sorry about the rude comments! I absolutely love your blog and read it every morning when I get an email of your latest blog! I just started this way of life and crossfit…..I’m so sore but I can feel the difference in my energy that every one talks about but never felt it before myself! I agree with everyone when they say screw the haters! That’s terrible that they are so jealous of your brilliance and determination! Keep on trucking girl!

  55. This looks awesome! I love your blog! Not only the creative rants, which actually make my day better, but the food is beyond wonderful! I have been strict paleo for 2 weeks. I’ve lost 20 lbs, and have the energy of Wonderwoman. I’m also beat mode like a champ at the box. Don’t let those weak minded individuals get you down. You have helped me so much with my journey and I am sure there are many others you help and have helped too!

  56. I saw this recipe Friday seconds after my husband asked what we should have for lunch – so we had this and it was DELICIOUS. THANKS!!

  57. Heya! I’m new to this – paleo – and I can see that I am totally obsessed already! I thrive on being obsessed so now I’m happy. I’m a South African and paleo-business is totally foreign. So I am now freaking all my friends out on FB as well as the moms at school with my new obsession, Paleo! First it was Xfit and now this, gonna love me for the next few weeks 🙂 you make me laugh, thanks I love laughing 😀

  58. AHHHH-MAZING!!!! I love this!! I had some delicious grass fed black angus ground beef from Trader Joe’s and was feeling wholly uninspired and could not have been more excited to see this recipe! It was exactly what I was looking for!

    I absolutely love your blog and send EVERYONE here that I know is looking for good Paleo recipes! Keep it up! You’re amazing and PaleOMG is my go-to for recipes almost EVERY day!

  59. I think it’s great that you’re doing what you love and i enjoy reading your posts for the most part. Sometimes i struggle a little with how you combine your thoughts on something you’re doing in your days, with a recipe in the same post. I am not used to this when reading blogs, it’s either one or the other usually. I find that you share alot about yourself on here, which some may absolutely love and intrigues me. I am mainly interested in nutrition and fitness aspects; things i may not know and ideas on food. I don’t mind that you do this, after all its your blog – i just see it as unusual. I enjoy you’re blog so don’t get me wrong at all or i wouldn’t have subscribed to your RSS. I suppose i am just giving you some feedback about why someone might pick on aspects, even though they shouldn’t. Constructive criticism i think is ok if its done right and helpful, but hurtful, no way… sorry to hear thats happening. Keep up the nice work and great food ideas. I love your enthusiasm 🙂

  60. It’s taken me a long time to realise.. But mean people are jealous people. It’s as simple as that. There jealous because they can’t cook magical recipes like you!! You have an awesome blog, your weirdness is fantastic and unique. Love your work… Ps going paleo has made a massive difference to my training.. Thanks for giving me so much inspiration. In a few months ill be launching my own blog.. Hope you come across it soon 🙂

  61. Any hate you get just smacks of jealousy to me. You’re an interesting person with a bubbly personality, and sadly people love to throw rocks at things that shine. I keep coming back to this blog because your recipes always turn out for me, which says something big because I’m not always the best in the kitchen. I’m getting much better now and its great to have a dependable source with lots of variety and that fits my dietary needs. Chin up, Juli!

  62. Guacamole! I’ve been craving it… but with chips. Ahhhhh.

    I think the whole commenting thing is the life of a food blogger… I’ve been reading food blogs for a long time and see so many bloggers get bashed by comments. The thing is you can’t make everyone happy and it seems like nowadays people just can’t seem to be nice. That’s everywhere though. You just have an open window (your blog) to take those hits easily. I think you are amazing and obviously there are a ton of other readers that think you are too!

  63. Please keep deleting and ignoring the meanies. Your blog rocks and it makes my boring day a little brighter when I open it up.

  64. We must be on the same wavelength, because I made this (almost the same) last night before even seeing this post. It was very satisfying! I really wanted Taco Bell (I know how bad that is, but I was raised on it… I crave it.), so this hit the spot. Well done!

  65. I’ve gone Paleo for medical reasons, and some of your recipes have really made it easy to do without feeling like I am missing out on any of the foods I used to eat. So in addition to saying kudos on the food, I guess I just want you to know that you’ve actually really helped someone, and no matter how many negative comments you get, there at least 100 other people out there just like me who only want to say, “Thanks.”

  66. I don’t know why people would leave mean comments; they’re most likely very jealous. I read your blog a couple times a week and I have nothing bad to say, except that every time you mention your boyfriend, I die a little inside. Haha just kidding! But seriously, I do.

  67. This was amazing, not boring at all, and saved our crazy run-around Saturday. Me and my 2 girls. Thanks so much again and again. 🙂

  68. Can’t wait to bring this to the races. We are racing all week long on the road. Modified National week races here in Oregon. The guys are gonna love this dish. Thanks so much for doing this!!!! 🙂

  69. This looks ah-mazing! And I’m starving right now… Like rip your arm off and chew on it hungry but won’t because I now have this image in my mind and the arm just won’t satisfy…. Can’t wait to try this recipe out tonight! Love your blog!

  70. I am shoveling this in my mouth as I type and it is GREAT! I was out of green chiles which bummed me out cause I like green chiles so I would imagine it tastes even better with green chiles! And thank you for your time, wit, and recipes. The mean people have issues not you!

  71. Making this tomorrow! Sounds de-lish!
    Stay joyful, happy and loving. You’re a delight. Insecure peeps bag on others to make themselves feel good.
    Ignore and keep it movin’!!!!

  72. Veronica Graves

    JULI!!!! You should leave those comments up and let the people that LOVE your blog and recipes respond to them. Remember, they say and write things out of envy, jealousy, and pure anger because you are doing something they WISH they could! You’re a kick ass woman!

  73. This is the first time I’ve EVER commented on a blog. I love your blog. You make me laugh !! Thanks for keeping it real. Ignore the negative comments.

  74. They even have a NAME now for when people leave nasty comment on blogs, webpages, youtube, etc. It’s called the ‘greater internet f-wad theory’. With of course the ‘f’ representing what you probably think it represents. Basically it boils down to people thinking they can be perfect dicks on the internet because there aren’t as many social consequences or general rules of engagement.

    But anyway! Love your website! My friend recommended it to me and I love reading your general ramblings about things, they always make me crack up. =D. And your recipes are awesome too. Super paleo and easy. Good combination. Thanks for all of your posts, and keep up the good work! =)

  75. Hi, Juli! A friend just told me about your blog today, and I’m in love with it already. IN. LOVE. I’ve been checking out your posts and recipes, and have been alternately laughing out loud and drooling (over the food porn). I came across this post about people writing mean personal things. Well, at the risk of sounding like my mom when I was in 2nd grade…they’re jealous! You are gorgeous (even in the pics where you reveal acne on your jawline), fit, funny as hell, and you get to make a living out of doing what you love. That really pisses some people off.

    Anyway, your blog is funny and fantastic. I can’t wait to take your recipes for a test drive. Don’t get discouraged by the cowardly haters that make themselves feel better by taking shots at you!

  76. Came home from work on Monday, with a bad case of the Monday’s and couldn’t be motivated to actually ‘cook’ anything. Then I remembered seeing this – super quick, super easy, super tasty! Just what I needed!
    This one will become a staple in my kitchen, thanks again for another awesome recipe!

  77. So good!!! Used jalapeños instead of green chiles. I love how I taste this cheesy flavor ever so slightly. But no cheese in it! Will make this again. Love it.

  78. Juli – We made this Monday night and it was DELICIOUS. You are an amazing & beautiful woman. People making those rude comments are trying to make themselves feel better by putting someone else down. Very sad. Hang in there 🙂 You are awesome.

  79. Screw those people who are angry. I happen to love your sense of humor AND your recipies! I’m new to this paleo lifestyle so thanks for all of your ideas, it helps a lot!

  80. This is my first time trying one of your reciepes and it we loved it. I honestly see your blog changing our lives. Thank you so much!!

  81. Looks great I’ll have to try that one. Here’s a good recipe for spaghetti squash.
    -cook the squash like normal
    – cook ground beef
    – put basil and sun dried tomatoes in oil in a food processor and pulse
    -after the ground beef is done mix the basil/tomato in the pan with the beef. I try not to cook the basil/tomato mix too much.
    – top over the spaghetti squash.

  82. I am making this on Monday for lunch with my paleo eating friend!! I love cooking for him 🙂 If it was just for me I would so add a jalapeno and I have to minus the cumin…I am so allergic to it! I put in coriander instead 🙂 I am gonna do a lettuce wrap with it. So awesome I can’t wait!!!

  83. Mean people suck. Good, now that I’ve said it, it’s official. Personally, I find you hilarious and even when you’re kvetching about something, you always put a positive spin on it.

    I can’t wait to make this tonight … Doubling the batch for days of leftovers. OOOOH, and breakfast. I’ll bet a fried egg on top would almost taste like a breakfast unburrito. Who wants the stoopid wrap anyway. Best part is the protein and veggies!

    Anyway, I like unicorns and butterflies too. Recipe please!

  84. I always notice people hide behind their computers and say mean things to celebs and it pisses me off… That being said if people do it to you try to think of it this way… Clearly you’ve made it in life and people a jealous just like they are celebs haha

  85. I just ran across the recipe and it looks wonderful. I don’t usually comment on things but I want to say that you have an awesome sense of humor. I can’t imagine anyone saying something negative on here but whats really weird is that if they don’t like your blog why read it and comment?

  86. Hi Juli, I’m making this tonight for dinner. I was looking for something to do different with the ground hamburger I have and this fits the bill. Aside from the guac I’m gonna add some jalapenos and serve it over some romaine … Mmmmmm : )
    Thanks ~ Deanna

  87. Clean Eating -- It's a Lifestyle

    Just like you… I have a freezer full of beef so this recipe was perfect! We really enjoyed it and have already packed it up for lunches tomorrow. Thanks for another winner!!!

  88. This was SO yummy! We put it on a salad with tons of veggies. My kids said it was THE BEST taco meat ever! Love your blog. 🙂

  89. Super simple meal with lots of flavor. Great as leftovers too. First time had it with shredded lettuce and 2nd time without – I prefer no lettuce 🙂 Love Guac!!!!
    Thank you!!

  90. Seriously, you have some of THE most awesome recipes. I’m new to your blog but I think you are just about the most hilarious blogger ever and your recipes are to die for! I think you’re great. I am so excited to try ALL of your recipes. Mean people are hideous unhappy people so bleh to them. You inspire me.

  91. Mean people do suck but you are awesome. I am a Paleo Newbie…. and am loving it!!! I stumbled on your blog while fulfilling my Pinterest addiction and I am so glad that I did. You have so many awesome recipes and you have made my life so much easier in this huge transformation. It’s hands down the best thing I’ve done in a while aside from marrying my incredible husband and having the best two kids EVER….I love reading your blog, love your recipes and wish you the very best! You rock!!!

  92. Totally feel you on the grocery shopping aversion.
    I think the general consensus is that mean people suck. But think of it this way, maybe their lives suck so horribly that the only thing that brings them joy is being miserable to others. Maybe they’re using your comments section as a therapy session to unleash some of the nastiness and hateration pervading their lives. So, really you’re helping them get better. You should charge a couch fee and start writing prescriptions for STFU and maybe some GTHOI, which they can fill in the comfort of their own homes.

    Love the recipe! 😀

    Now, what can I do with these frozen chicken breasts a can of coconut milk and a spaghetti squash? O_o #helpasistaout

  93. Just what i needed for dinner tonight! I just returned from a long trip and also have an empty pantry and fridge…except for the ground beef in the freezer. Yes, it is always there and we are glad for it.
    As for the rude and mean comments, some very small minded people have nothing better to do in their life than routinely find fault with others and it is so safe when sitting in front of a computer screen. Sad, sorry loosers for which the delete button is made for.
    Just discovered your site and it is now in my favorites.

  94. Just discovered the Paleo diet.. started today. Sort of. Love your blog and recipes. Please leave a few negative comments up. I like them. Makes me laugh. People are funny. And hateful.

  95. I made this for my son (age 4) and myself last night, while mommy was working late. My 4 year old raved about it! He kept saying “I could eat this everyday”, or “mmm this is soo good daddy!”. It was easy, and and very tasty. I put the meat mixture over top of iceberg lettuce, mixed in some shredded cheese, full fat sour cream, and guacamole. Yum!

  96. Made this two nights ago and my husband and me were in love with it! It tastes amazing! I also added some ground red pepper and it gave it some real kick. Definitely putting this on our family’s meal rotation.

  97. Love this and you! How could someone say that about you?! #SomePeopleAreJustJerks! I only put 1/2 the spices in it because I’m a wimp and I’m ok with being a wimp! Thanks for another great recipe! (On a side note, I like exclamation points! Can you tell?)

  98. Trader Joe’s fresh hot salsa is a great “quick” add in with the meat– it hits your tomatoes, chilies, onions, etc. and is very well seasoned. Love your blog! Rock on.

  99. When I get in a cooking rut, like today, I come to your website. You’re all I need! After reading this post, I just had to tell you! Mean people suck and you’re awesome! Just keep that in mind!

  100. Thanks for this! You saved me tonight with this recipe- I had everything on hand and love Mexican favors, but definitely wouldn’t have come up with this deliciousness on my own. Cheers!

  101. I am hispanic, (not that it makes me any more or less credible, ha) and I felt inclined to leave a comment to this recipe — it is SO GOOD. I’ll admit that the guac isn’t super traditional but the beef seasoning is so perfect, and the use of diced tomatoes makes it stewy and amazing. Pure amazing-ness, actually. I really could eat this every day and admittedly have eaten it for a month straight with varied sides and without loss of interest. Maybe that’s an exaggeration. You get my point 🙂

  102. You have made paleo work for me!!! Thanks! It is 5:30 and I am just now figuring out what to make for dinner… so thank you for this easy option!!!!! Your carnitas recipe is delicious too- I might be making that once a week.

  103. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This was just what I needed today! Been a crazy week… House flooded, car was crashed into, and this soccer mom hasn’t been to the store in waaaaay too long. I was all out of green chilies but I substituted salsa verde and it worked great. My kids loved it and it was super fast!
    FYI I can’t seem to get the rating to go in but I give this 5 shiny stars!

  104. Yummy! Tried this last night (my first time with your recipes) and it was perfect. This will definitely be a staple going forward.

  105. All I can say is yum, yum, yummy! I was able to whip this up in virtually no time. It was perfectly tasty and well seasoned. As one who cannot boil water, I much appreciate your easy to follow and delicious recipes. Definitely will be adding this into the rotation!

  106. Yeah, I love everything I’ve made from your website. I have your sunbutter cookies in the oven right now. I’m making this recipe for dinner. I can’t remember what recipe I googled brought me to your blog, but I was laughing so loud, I had to explain to my husband that I was reading this hilarious blog with awesome food. You’re inspiring, gorgeous, hilarious and talented. PaleOMG is the only blog I actually read the text an don’t scroll to the recipe. I also love that you hit on girl topics like crossfit and not fitting into jeans and skin etc. I’m SO glad you’re here! All those assholes just can’t stand this awesomeness and success. Do yourself a favor, and as soon as a comment starts to sound mean (because I know you have to read it to find out), erase it without reading the rest. Or have someone screen your comments for you so you don’t have to deal with the negativity. 🙂

  107. I made this for the second time and I love it so much! The spiciness and the flavor is just perfect. Thank you! 😉

  108. I just harvested 3 green cheyenne chili peppers the other day, so I used those in place of the canned diced chilies. I made my own version of easy guac using onion, garlic and cilantro from the garden. Where is the cilantro in your recipe?! It was so simple and delicious. Thank you once again!

  109. Wow, this one’s a winner, only thing I did different was add extra garlic and cayenne, perfect 🙂 Thanks!

  110. I just made this and wanted to say it is the BEST stuff! Really good and really easy. Thank you!

  111. After YEARS, this is honestly still one of my favorites. CHEAP and really delicious. I double the recipe and eat it as leftovers because it’s still amazing. I always add spicy peppers (serrano is best), but this is bomb as is.

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