Second Annual Lake Powell Trip

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Powell, year two, has come to a close. This year I am much less tan and much less hung over. We didn’t have the best of luck weather wise. But we still made the best of the rain and cold.

Ok, let’s review. 19 people, 6 of which were women, piled onto a house boat last week to be forced to hang out with each other for 5 days. And when you get rain on a lake, there’s really no where to go but inside the boat. We should have known what to expect when we had to drive in pouring rain for at least 4+ hours. Rain ruins everything. Except crops and lake depth. But that’s besides the point. Once I got to Powell, I came to find out my entire suitcase had been soaked from the rain. And there was no way any of that was going to fully dry, so I just gave up on it and decided to wear mildew clothes. Delicious.

I could talk for a loooong time about everything we did in Powell, but people have small attention spans. Meaning me. So I’m going to give you my favorite and least favorite things that happened in Powell. Ok ready? Sit tight.

Favorite things:

Tubing. We had this sweet tube that sat four, semi comfortably. Well, one day when the rain wouldn’t let up, we drank bloody Mary’s and shots of vodka for breakfast and decided to brave the day. Four of us girls jumped on the tube like annoying drunk college girls would do, and got to tubing. Meaning almost dying. All I could keep saying was ‘this is the most fun I’ve had in my entire liiiiiife’ Exaggeration? Absolutely. But it felt that way until I woke up with a terrible hangover and a neck ache that felt like I was in a willow smith music video. And my friend Sarah had a black eye. Tubing is scary.

  1. photo-16
    you should always have drinks while tubing

Bloody Mary’s on the boat while the sun is rising. I’ve come to find out I really only like bloody Mary’s as my drink of choice. Nothing else, honestly.

Treading water for 30 minutes waiting for a guy to get up on the surfboard. It gets boring to watch someone fail 34 times in a row, so a couple of us left the boat and treaded water for about 30 minutes trying to be dolphins and tread with our arms over our heads. Definitely the most exercise I got in 5 days.

One of the 6 females on the boat was an amazing cook. And made food for all of us almost every meal. She made sure all of us were fed, then would pack sandwiches for all the guys because they are all too drunk to think about food, then she would get all the food ready to go at night. It was crazy. And awesome. I love when other people feed me.

Seeing what people choose to wear on theme nights. We had 3 theme nights this trip. Duck dynasty, Baywatch, and superhero underwear themes. Superhero underwear was by far the best. Guys looooove being in little tiny underwear and getting to dance around in them. I saw way more skin than I’d really ever like to see. Like, ever.

Baywatch day
Baywatch day turned into wig day, as well

Beer Olympics. We set up a beer Olympics course that included flip cup, a slide off the boat, paddle boarding, beer chugging, then paddle boarding once more. It was awesome. Especially since that was pretty much the only exercise I got, other than treading water. Oh, and laughing so hard while tubing that I actually peed myself. Laughing is totally exercise. And peeing.

Setting up a fire in a cave near our beach. Well, I didn’t set up the fire, but I watched the guys do it. Then I hiked up the mountain side to sit by the fire. Guys love fire. They were so proud of themselves. Especially since they had found a giant root of a tree and brought it back to the house boat on their wakeboard boat. I saw weird stuff on this trip. No but seriously. Imagine a boat coming back with a whole tree sticking out of the back. PICTURE IT!

see the cave back there?! and the mountain. remember the mountain, meaning the hill
see the cave back there?! and the mountain. remember the mountain, meaning the hill

The fireworks show the guys on the boat put on. We had two fireworks show, but the second one was the best because we all sprawled out on the beach and watched the fireworks that blew up over the water. And sometimes in the water. I see why fireworks are illegal in Colorado, but man are they cool.

Least favorite:

A grown man throwing a fit about not being able to cook Mac &cheese because “he’s pretty much a professional chef” and then proceeding to burn the hot dogs. You’re such a professional, bro.

When I took off my jacket to go tubing, leaving it in a cubby of the boat, and came back to a semi soaked jacket that smelled like football pads. It smelled so bad, I decided to brave the freezing cold and the pellet rain instead of wearing the jacket.

Smelling the houseboat after 5 days on the lake. People aren’t suppose to poop on the boat, but it definitely happens. The girls who are new and awkward about telling a guy they need to be taken to the floating bathroom are usually the guilty suspects. The bathroom smelled so bad at the end, I had to hold my breath as I walked down the hallway.

Sunburns on only my chest and shins. It’s the end of summer and the only thing I have to show for it is a tank top tan line and lululemon capris tan line. Everything looks better tan? Bull.


i look ridiculous

The rain. Rain should never occur on trips to lake powell. Especially when men are let loose in their superhero underwear and are so intoxicated that they think the lake water feels like a hot tub. Even while shivering.

that’s a sand waterfall. i hear it’s really fun to play under.
frolicking in their “hot tub”

Trying to scale down the mountain in the pitch dark. After we watched the fire burn out, only me and one other person were left. With no flash light. In the rain. So we started trying to hike down the small mountain. One side was all rocks, the other was sand. Of course we ended up on the rocky part for a while. The only thing that helped us get down was the one firework that was set off and the lightning that lit up the pitch black sky. I would have failed as a cave person.

So there is this place that’s called the cathedral in Lake Powell, that’s in the top 10 places to see in Powell. We call it the bat cave. Guessing because there are bats in there. I haven’t seen any, but whatever. Well that is the place we always go to and party. Well this year the water is super low so it’s not exactly the same. All you can do is climb a wall then jump off it. It’s more of a cathartic thing for the guys. I think that’s the right word. I just am still wondering what the 9 other places are like.

hands are getting a bit frisky in the bat cave
hands are getting a bit frisky in the bat cave

Running out of ice in 3 days. Warm drinks just aren’t the same as cold. Because they’re warm.

That wasn’t that short was it? Oopsies. Thanks for lasting through it with me.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


17 thoughts on “Second Annual Lake Powell Trip”

  1. Julie, your holidays are right up my alley! We just spent a few weeks in the national parks of Aragon in Spain. Lots of cool things to do that you would LOVE based on this post. Need lots of ice in summer 😉

  2. Your houseboat looks amazing! We went on a houseboat trip this summer to Mississippi River…it was not that big or fancy altho it was fun but we were only on it for 3 days. It didn’t rain but I did get slight motion sickness because of the rough river conditions. Can’t drink and take Dramamine so I pulled thru it for alcohols sake! Lake Powell looks beautiful and I’ll have to put that on my bucket list….love Colorado!

      1. Lake Powell is divine… except for the floating porta potties. We actually used portable bucket toilets, but then to dump those things out into heavy duty bags at the dumping spot! Ewwwww!

  3. I’ve never even heard of a house boat! that sounds awesome in good weather. kind of like how I’m tent camping this weekend in VT and it’s supposed to be t-storms all weekend. why can’t it rain while we’re stuck inside working?!

  4. My family and I just got home from 4 days on a houseboat in Lake Powell! We had a little better weather then you did. It only drizzled one night as we sat out by the campfire! But Lake Powell is so beautiful! It was our first time and we will be back! Next time might be an adults only trip!!

  5. I took my kids to Lake Powell last summer for the first time ! They were amazed by how clear the water was, we live on the Mississippi river So a huge shocker for them . I spent all my childhood summers at Lake Powell I loved it !!

  6. Never been there . It looks beautiful. My Endo wants me to go on the Paleo Diet. Is this expensive? I am new at this and I am a single mother of one teenage son who also would be on this. I work out at the boxing gym 4 days a week for excercise. I am not a huge vegetable fan so I am hoping that all the ingrediants together will mask some of the vegetable taste. I am a carb lover and I just keep getting bigger and bigger. Something has to give or I will be in trouble. Thank you.

  7. I have been there every year since I was about seven, and the weather was definitely less than perfect this year! Two weeks of rain was a challenge, but Pretty sure I saw that tube cruising around! 🙂 I am excited to try the recipes that I have found here on your site! Did you keep up the Paleo during the trip? It was hard for me to just stay Gluten free! Thanks!

  8. Your love of Bloody Mary’s baffles me …. being that I’m Canadian… I highly recommend that you try a Caesar (that’s vodka & Clamato juice) .
    I beg your trust on this one… it’s a million times better than thick tomato juice.

    However, Mott’s Clamato juice might only be available in Canada.

    So, I’m teasing you with deliciousness you might not be able to have… so sorry : (

  9. Love the website and I’m going to try some recipes this week!
    My family has a timeshare on a boat so we go every year, I think the rain missed us and hit you guys on your trip! We wanted rain all week (we went the week before you it looks like) and never got it haha

  10. We have house-boated on Lake Powell every July for the past 11 years. It is the BEST vacation ever!!!! Tubing rocks. We usually have between 16-21 people for the week so we aren’t too fond of the rain either.

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