Simple Shrimp Salad

Do you have any idea how exciting it is when I find a Sex and the City episode that I’ve never seen before?  Crazy exciting. Crazy, wicked exciting. More sex scenes that I’ve never seen?!? WHAT?? I always think that I’ve seen every episode. I mean, when sex is included in the title, you’re bound to watch every episode in each season within 2 days. If that. But I guess I haven’t obsessed as much as I thought I had. Which is probably a good thing.

Speaking of obsessing over fictional shows, did you guys watch New Girl the other day?!??? OMG. When is the season finale? Why is Taylor Swift on it? Do you think CeCe is going to get married? Do you think Nick and Jess are going to fall in love? Do you think they will break up? I don’t want them to break up. I hate relationship fighting. I’m good at it, but I hate it. Especially in fictional characters. Do you think Schmidt is going to fall in love with his ex-girlfriend that he lost his virginity to? Did you watch the virginity show? Did it make you think of the time you lost your virginity? Did remembering that awkward day make you cringe? Losing your virginity is real awkward.

Subject change!! I hope you read that entire paragraph without breathing, just like I did.

Target is truly the most dangerous store in the world. Found that out the hard way the other day. But if shorts still refuse to fit me, I’ll wear dresses. And Target is doing well in that department. And well for their company with the amount of money I dropped the day. I leave for Mexico soon for a wedding so I gotta be sure

Martha Stewart is on That’s weird. She told the Today show that she is ready to get into bed with someone. Who says that? On national television? I’m grossed out.

Anyone else notice the theme to this blog post? Guess you know where my head is at.

I love this song right now. When the hell is Pitch Perfect 2 coming out?!

Did you know Angry Orchard ciders have cans now?! Yessssssss.


Simple Shrimp Salad

  • Yield: 2-3 1x


  • 3 eggs, hard boiled, peeled, and chopped
  • 2 cups cooked and peeled shrimp, chopped
  • 1 green apple, cored and diced
  • 1/2 red onion, diced
  • 4 stalks of celery, diced
  • 1/4 cup ground dijon mustard
  • 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey (optional- remove for 21DSD friendly)
  • 1/2 teaspoon parsley (I used dried, fresh is the best though)
  • 1/2 teaspoon thyme (I used dried, fresh is the best though)
  • 1/2 teaspoon basil (I used dried, fresh is the best though)
  • salt and pepper


  1. First boil your eggs. Add three eggs to a small saucepan filled with water, place over high heat and let boil for 15 minutes. Then put eggs in cold water and let cool. Then peel and chop and add to a large bowl.
  2. Then chop your cooked shrimp, green apple, red onion, and celery and add to the bowl with eggs.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl and mix well.

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PaleOMG Simple Shrimp Salad


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43 thoughts on “Simple Shrimp Salad”

  1. OMG new girl. I love that show and I think there are like, 3 more episodes in the season. This recipe may have derailed the enchilada boats I planned on making for dinner…or maybe it’ll just be a pre-enchilada snack. Either way, this is happening.

  2. I so want this for lunch today! I feel your pain about shorts, but summer dresses are sexy as hell and they have built in AC 😉

  3. Angry Orchard now comes in cans?!?! Yes!!!!!

    This looks mad delicious BTW, I’m sure my hubs will tell me that I need to make this like 8 times in one week.

    Since shorts and I don’t get along, I’ll go with dresses until the dead of winter (it shows off my awesome arms and shoulders anyway).

  4. OMG I just read your blog for the 1st time. I think you are my soulmate (not in a creepy stalker way though). I seriously just felt like I was listening to myself ramble on about the randomness that’s my life! I can’t wait to try the recipe and read more!

  5. That song is so fun. My two daughters (age 20 and 15) sing that in harmony with the cups. Yay for singing daughters! Oh, and the recipe looks super yummy too.

  6. there’s going to be a pitch perfect 2?! whuh?! And I also had no idea that angry orchard was/is coming out with cans – yes please!

  7. This.Looks.Amazing.

    I’m pretty sure I said that exact same thing on your instagram picture. Whatev.

    Love your cookbook!

    Pitch Perfect is by far my favorite movie EVER right now. The sequel is scheduled for like 2015, that might as well be 100 years from now, and it makes me sad.

  8. That was a good song! Are you trying to tell us all something?
    We will miss you when your gone!
    So keep sending recipes when your gone!
    No biscuits! Lol.

  9. Holy ADD. Love this post!
    I just assume that whenever i step in a Target, I will be dropping no less than $100. Between their sundresses and bikinis….and shoes and scarves…and all the other things that are entirely unnecessary, like the $1 bins of spontaneous purchasing.

    ps – I hope it’s date night with all *this* on your mind.

  10. You have to change your profile “about me”! You’re totally not rambling about the single life anymore! (:

  11. Juli, this looks SO good! I would not think to add apple with shrimp. but it sounds weirdly good! You’re so talented.

  12. New Girl is seriously the funniest show on TV. I couldn’t help but smile like a loon at the end of this week’s episode!!!! The way they were grinning at each other afterwards was just too stinkin’ cute!

    And I want to thank you for posting such amazingly delicious recipes. Your site is my go-to for meal ideas. Looking forward to trying this one tonight ~

  13. Looks amazing – and so simple!! NO Mayo!!! I think I may add some cucumbers to this as well – I like them, and they’re in season. I will definitely be making this dish! Thank you! You are really making the commitment easy with your recipes!

  14. Girl I feel you on the whole short thing. This week walking down the street today I got a “damnn girl you fine” a “nice ass” and “what’s up” from three different guys and I only wore shorts twice, TWICE. I mean it’s a compliment, but come on. MY ASS DOESN’T FIT INTO ANYTHING. Thank god for sundresses.

  15. Hmmm….do you think the Easter eggs that are still in the fridge have been around too long for this recipe????

  16. Are you watching The Carrie Diaries? You gotta, if you are a die-hard SITC fan. Season 1 is over, but you have time to catch up before Season 2!

  17. Going to make this today, except with chicken. I love me some salad!!
    Side note: do you watch True Blood?? If you don’t, you’re missing out!

  18. I just made this but I didn’t have Dijon mustard soo I mixed my spicy mustard and a bit of mayo and lemon. Really great recipe!!

  19. What can I substitute for the mustard and also avoid using mayonnaise? I love both but my hubby HATES mustard and mayo.

    1. I really hate mustard as well, but liked this recipe. I used a higher end honey mustard and didn’t use a full 1/4 cup of it. Then added some more honey to cover the taste of the mustard (maybe another tablespoon or so?). I also didn’t have white wine vinegar in the house and used apple cider vinegar which I think covered the taste of the mustard a little more as well.

  20. Trying this one next as I have most of the ingredients regularly in the house and got the red onion and celery for the Honey Mustard Crunchy Chicken Plantain Salad!! Need to pick up the shrimp though and might use a Fuji apple instead of green (don’t really like green apples). I can tell this is another winner …. well, all your recipes look like winners.

  21. Made this salad the other day, loved it, and had to fight with my son who gets the. Most. He won of course, so making another one this weekend, wrapped in lettuce leaves, yummy! Thanks

  22. I made this delicious salad yesterday as a compliment to our mothers day dinner – it was fantastic! I used fresh prawns that I’m very lucky to have access to on the west coast of BC. I include the honey in the dressing and used generous fresh herbs. Everyone loved it! I let it sit about 6 hours before serving so flavors set up well – just had the left overs for lunch today and it was even more flavorful. Thanks for this amazing recipe!

  23. Made this tonight – substituted the apple for finely diced radish, vinegar for lemon and a little less lemon – so, so yummy!

  24. I cant find shorts that fit me either! My bum and my thighs are so big from working out!!! lol…oh well, I guess thats the price we must pay!

  25. Delicious! I made it with scallops and added tomatoes! So good I’m making another batch for lunch next week!

  26. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, that is good. I subbed homemade mayo for the oil & vinegar (It Starts With Food recipe), omitted onions & thyme (didn’t have on hand) and used fresh basil. I had to force myself to stop eating it out of the mixing bowl! Outrageously good 🙂

  27. I’m married to a chef, so I rarely ever cook, but I had leftover boiled shrimp from dinner last night and since he isn’t here tonight to cook for me, I came straight to your website to think of what I could do with it! (Sorry, for, all the commas, I got a C in college English)
    Such an easy, quick, delicious recipe. Thanks!!

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