Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

It’s that time again!!! I’m so so excited to announce that I have teamed up with Four Athletics once again to create brand new PaleOMG leggings. But this time it’s not just one pair of leggings…it’s SIX PAIRS!! It has always been a dream of mine to be able to create activewear and Four Athletics has made that dream a reality! So damn cool.

In case you missed it back in November, I came out with my first pair of PaleOMG x Four Athletics, Floral Print, High Waist, 7/8 Leggings and many of you amazing readers helped bring those legging to life by supporting the project and it became Four Athletics fastest campaign ever to reach 100% funded! I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting me on my new adventure and for supporting Four Athletics and their fantastic company! You all are freaking amazing!!

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

If you didn’t see those leggings or haven’t heard about Four Athletics yet, here’s a quick breakdown of how their amazing business is set up – Four Athletics was started by four brothers with a passion for fitness and activewear. They needed high quality fitness apparel that could withstand the toughest workouts, but the cost of what was available was out of control. When it comes to retail, the traditional model is costly, inefficient and in desperate need of innovation. Four Athletics set out to solve some of those problems. They use crowdfunding to match up supply and demand 100% of the time. They only make what is wanted, which eliminates waste, cuts out the middleman, and delivers a premium quality product at a fraction of the retail price. It’s more efficient, more responsible, and USA made!

And one of the best parts about Four Athletics is they care. Their customer service is a step above the rest and they are always listening to their customers. After my first campaign with Four Athletics, we took everyone’s feedback and Four Athletics spent countless hours sourcing fabrics, creating samples upon samples, and put these leggings through some of the toughest workouts to make sure they would last for every single athlete that put them on.

With these brand new leggings, all six pairs are thicker and a new fabric than the first pair I released. And I made sure that none of the leggings had a white base color inside to help reduce any sheer and maximize coverage. Here is the quick and dirty breakdown – when they print on a legging like the geometric and ombré, they are starting with a base color and printing onto it with another color, just like the floral PaleoMG legging. The solid color leggings are dyed which means the actual yarn or thread is dyed before even sewing the fabric together. If the fabric on the original leggings would have been the base or solid, there wouldn’t have been any white showing through. So now with these updated leggings, there is no white base color meaning no sheer! With these leggings, you’ll find 2 different materials:

  • For the geometric print and ombré pocket leggings, you’ll find a medium weight, buttery soft, fabric. The fabric is the perfect blend of supportive and flexible, and Four Athletics used a heather grey base color for these designs to reduce any sheer when bending over or doing any movements in the gym. These leggings are high waisted and stay put no matter how you move. No constantly pulling these ones up through your workouts. Plus the ombré leggings come with pockets on both sides to store your phone or to just simply keep your hands warm at your cold gym!
  • For the solid color mesh leggings, Four Athletics knew exactly what material to use! Their black and grey “omni” fabric is what started it all.  Literally. It is the fabric they used to create their first pair of leggings, what they used to launch their Kickstarter campaign! It has become the most beloved fabric in their line. It has a great hand-feel and the four-way stretch material provides unlimited mobility, great compression and passes the squat test every time! It feels just a tad thinner than the geo and hombre leggings, but the coverage is amazing! I’m normally a little nervous in colored or grey leggings when they are a thinner material because I’m worried cellulite will show through, but I had absolutely no issue with these!

NOW LET’S DO THIS!! Enough about all the details…it’s time to show you the leggings! Let’s start with the greyscale geometric leggings. When I started thinking up new leggings, a friend at the gym had a geometric print on one day and looked fabulous in them, so I started from there! What I love about these leggings is the geometric print is small enough that it doesn’t stretch in funny ways around the hips and the butt. Plus because the print has so many shades of grey and black, no dimples or creases in the skin show through. You’ll feel comfortable and beautiful in these leggings, no matter how sweaty you get in your workout! And hopefully you saw my instagram story earlier in the week…no underwear or bum is showing through these leggings! I always wear a thong with any of my leggings and haven’t had any sort of issue with any of these! They are all squat-test approved!

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

Now it’s onto the Mesh Panel Pop leggings! We decided to print these leggings in three different colors – black, electric raspberry, and cool grey. I think having a black pair of leggings is a staple in any activewear drawer, but I love adding the mesh to these leggings for a little more flair! These leggings are high waisted, 7/8 length and like I said above, they are a tad thinner than the geo print and ombré leggings, but they still give great coverage and are not see through! Again, I did a highly embarrassing squat-butt-in-your-face instagram story. Out of all three, I think the cool grey is my favorite. The grey color goes with almost every color top or sports bra and I love the two different shades of grey colors together!

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!) Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

Last but definitely not least, the heather ombré pocket leggings! I’m obsessed with these! They are the same material as the geometric print leggings, but these ones come with pockets on both sides, which I think is a super flattering (and convenient!) look! Not only do I love the ombré look when it comes to my hair color and the balayage look I have going on, but I also love the pants trend I’ve been seeing everywhere. So I decided to take two of my favorite colors from this season and put them into leggings. First, we did an ombré forest color. Then an ombré desert rose color. And the color on the inside is a heather grey so no matter how deep you are squatting in your workout, nothing will show through!

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)

Now let’s get your hands on some leggings! This campaign will run from February 15th-March 6th and then these leggings will be gone! Since Four Athletics runs their company through crowdfunding, you won’t get the leggings until the campaign is funded, so keep that in mind. They find out exactly how many orders are coming in THEN they print them and you’ll receive an email that they are coming your way! Remember, this reduces waste since they are printing as many that are ordered! Here are the links and prices for each legging!

  • Forest Ombré – Get them for $69 (which would normally be $120 retail price!)
  • Desert Rose Ombré – Get them for $69 (which would normally be $120 retail price!)
  • Greyscale Geo Print – Get them for $69 (which would normally be $120 retail price!)
  • Black Mesh – Get them for $72 (which would normally be $120 retail price!)
  • Cool Grey Mesh – Get them for $72 (which would normally be $120 retail price!)
  • Raspberry Mesh – Get them for $72 (which would normally be $120 retail price!)

If you’re trying to figure out your perfect size, Four Athletics updated their sizing chart for this round of leggings to help you find your size. They share their sizes along with waist and length numbers, but they also share popular brand sizes and how they compare to Four Athletics sizes. I normally wear a 4 in lululemon and XS in Zella, and a 4 in Four Athletics fits me perfectly! Their size guide is located on every leggings link right below where you choose your size and click ‘back it’ to support the campaign! Hope that new size guide makes choosing a size super easy!

Four Athletics ships USPS priority flat rate all over the world. Yep, that’s right! Wherever you are, you can get your hands on them! And right now, when you place your order and use the promo code PALEOMG you’ll receive 10% off your order!

And right now, I’m running a special giveaway for 5 days! 10 lucky winners will be chosen to receive one FREE pair of leggings of their choice! All you have to do is simply tweet and pin an image to your pinterest board! And don’t worry, if you don’t have twitter OR pinterest, I will be holding a giveaway on my instagram soon, so stay tuned there for that one!

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Now tell me…which pair out of all 6 is your favorite? Greyscale geometric, black, electric raspberry, cool grey, ombré forest or ombré desert rose? Leave a comment below so I can hear what you’re digging the most!

And don’t forget to get your own pair of PaleOMG x Four Athletics leggings for 10% off with the code PALEOMG at checkout! Can’t wait to hear which pairs are your favorite!

Six Brand New PaleOMG Leggings!! (+ a Giveaway AND Discount!)


I may be compensated through affiliate links in this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for your support with PaleOMG!

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  1. Absolute favorite are the grey mesh!! Also probably gonna need the rose ombré! I love four athletics and I’m so jazzed you came out with more leggings!!! You rock, these leggings rock. Happy Thursday y’all!!

  2. Thanks for addressing the white underlayer on the floral leggings. I originally ordered a small (what I normally wear for FourAthletics) and then medium bc I thought the small was showing the white much. And then I returned both (and was really damn disappointed about it bc I freaking thought they were adorable). Also, during the whole debacle FourAthletics was super cool and understanding. My faith has been restored!!!!!! 🙂 I’m excited to order the ombre pairs!!!!!

    1. Me too only mine were completely sheer! You chave kid read the Lablr through the pants despite sizing up then trying the next size up. Would love to support Juli but not sure I trust Four Athletics again. Sorry.

      1. sorry to hear that amber. mistakes happen and that’s where growth happens. four athletics is happy to do whatever needs to be done to make you happy, including exchanging your leggings for a different pair or refunding you for them.

    2. so so sorry for that issue, suni! it was definitely a bummer and a learning experience, but I can promise you that you will not have that issue with these!

  3. Ordered!! Can’t wait to try them on. Is there a way to enter the contest without pinterest or twitter? I don’t have either. Thanks!

  4. So hard to decide!! If I had my way I would get the geometric, the gray with the mesh panel, an burgundy with the pockets. I love all of the styles!

  5. Love the desert rose ombré! And the geo print. May just have to get those puppies ordered. How long does it take to make and ship after the ordering is closed?

  6. Entered to win!!!!!!! I cannot pick a favorite! I love all of them!!! I love the geometric print so much, but I love the pink and mesh, and I love the side pockets on the 3rd pair! They are all amazing!

  7. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I am digging the ombre ones with the pockets which are great for running! Love the designs. I’m sorry if this comment is duplicated…I am having technical difficulties this morning… #needcoffee

  8. I’ve never related more to a podcaster until I started listening to yours. I love your no bullshit attitude and you say it how it is! I can’t wait to make your recipes as I’ve recently gone gluten free to help with my IBS! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future and you truly inspire me to take control of my health! Keep kicking ass Juli!

    1. omg THANK YOU!! that’s so freaking cool to hear since i feel like i’m talking to myself whenever i record a podcast. thank you for the support!!

  9. I love all of them! The grey mesh and desert rose hombre are probably my top 2. Is there anything that can be adjusted with Four Athletics regarding the length? I ordered your first pair, which may be 7/8 on normal sized and tall ladies, but they are baggy at the ankles on my 5’3″ frame 🙁

  10. If I absolutely had to pick JUST ONE, the desert rose ombre! The little pockets on the leg are key! Julie!

  11. @juli, You must have been freezing in those Forest color pics in the snow, lol!

    Love your content.
    Just wanted to say thanks for the blog. Im new to Paleo cooking and I just made those Almond Joy bars. Yum

  12. Just got the desert rose and forest ombre! I wear a size 8 in all lululemon bottoms so I ordered an 8 with four athletics. I’M SO EXCITED TO GET THESE!!!

  13. So hard to chose a favourite! Digging the ombré looks, geometric is so cool because it’s something different and the mesh design I have always wanted to try! Eek! I think all time favourite look would be….ombré!

  14. Love the geometric and desert rose. I missed the first round of leggings but I have enjoyed seeing these on your IG stories, and the butt shots are hilarious. Keep up the great work!

  15. I love the 2 ombre styles!! I have one pair of Four Athletics and definitely love the quality and fit!! All 6 are so pretty, I would love them all!

  16. I’m disappointed the sizing stops at 12. I’m currently a 14. ???? any chance you will be offering bigger sizes in the future?

    1. I’m a 14 too Becky and the largest size fit me on the first round of floral leggings without any issues (some people found them to be sheer, mine weren’t). I was honestly afraid to even try them on, so that was a pleasant surprise! I will say I have more of an apple shape- larger belly with narrower hips, so maybe that helped with the way they fit.

    2. Becky you should check out their size chart! The size 12 says it’s an xxl so you may even be able to do a size 8 or 10!

  17. Ordered the geo print and rose ombre…but it was such a tough decision!!!! Love the electric raspberry…wasn’t sure of my size so controlled myself with 2 pairs but I want them all!!! Hope they are available again in the future!!!

  18. My favorite is the black mesh, but I have like 5 of those in my closet already! So, I am really into the grey if its as flattering as you say it is. Can’t wait to get my hands on a new pair!

  19. Obsessed with the ombré desert rose!! Been so excited for these all week. On their website, I can’t find where it compares their sizes to sizes from other popular brands though? Is that somewhere on their website?

    1. if you go to the leggings you’re interested in, where you click the sizes and it says BACK IT, it’s right underneath where it says ‘size guide’

  20. The ombre ones are my favorite (pockets are a great idea!) – I also like the geometric ones!! But, they really are all great 🙂

  21. I love both the ombré leggings! If I order, it will be forest green but only because I already own something similar to the desert rose, which is also a great color!

    Have to say though, I’m hesitant to order because I got the original floral print leggings and while they are adorable, I’m pretty disappointed in their wearability. They are weirdly baggy at my knees and ankles and so see-through it’s ridiculous. I have to wear slip shorts underneath them to be able to wear them in public and that’s just to walk around. I don’t trust them in the gym at all. Plus I originally ordered my lululemon size and had to exchange for a size smaller and they kept losing track of my replacement order. I honestly wish I had just returned them. I would be a lot more willing to try these new and improved leggings, which do sound a lot better, if I hadn’t already spent $70 on a pair I basically can’t use.

    1. I completely agree. I love the new colors but the floral leggings I bought are see through and have a horrible waistband that does not stay up at all. I feel like I wasted $70 and I am not willing to risk spending the same amount of money again only to be disappointed . For some reason I thought they weren’t returnable or else I would have returned them right away. As soon as I put them on I knew they weren’t going to live up to the hype.

      1. sorry to hear you had that issue, amy! but four athletics is always ready to do whatever they need to do to make the customer happy so you definitely could have returned or exchanged them!

    2. i’m so sorry to hear you had a poor experience, amanda. four athletics is always prepared to do whatever they need to do to make you happy. i can promise you that you will not have that same issue with these leggings. they truly fit amazingly and there is no sheer whatsoever!

  22. I’ve been going back and forth between Rose Ombre and Geo! Can’t decide. You look amazing in them all so it makes it difficult to choose. Haha! I’ve pinned and tweeted 🙂 hoping to snag a pair! Thanks for your hard work on these. Can’t wait to try them!

  23. I think I really like the Forest Green ombre even though that’s not a color I would normally pick! Curious–what underwear do you typically wear while working out? I don’t typically wear underwear but I’m thinking I might start so I can wash my leggings a little less because I’ve actually started to invest in higher-quality workout gear. Thanks!

  24. I seriously was dying laughing at your Instagram stories when you were doing bending over in them showing that they’re not see through. HILARIOUS! I love all the styles 🙂 And you’re the freaking bomb.

  25. I am so excited to order a pair of these! I am stuck between the ombre forest and the geo print, but honestly, they’re all fabulous! Can someone tell me how their sizing compares to lululemon sizing? Thank you! 🙂

  26. Ombre forest, or desert rose! I love the pockets!! If only I looked as good as you in the Geometric shape pair, I would order those!! 😉

  27. I really like the geometric print! I’m all about the prints, so the first floral pair you created is my second fave right behind the geometric. Even for a print fanatic I do dig the ombre pairs!

  28. Ordered the ombre rose but not after seriously considering the raspberry panel and black panel! Pockets won me out though – can’t wait!

  29. Love the ombre forest! Also, I am so glad to hear that see-through issue has been addressed! I love the blue floral leggings, but oh the white on the reverse side was terrible!

  30. Julie, is the grey really sweat proof? after a long chipper open workout will i look like I peeded my pants? lol I am always looking for a great grey one !!! but i am definitely loving the green !
    LOVE ALL of them

  31. Ordered the ombre desert rose! Can’t wait to try them. Small waist, big butt over here, so finding something that stays up is always a challenge. Hoping these will be my new faves!

  32. So excited for these! I was kinda disappointed with the previous leggings since they were see through but I still wear them just not when Im doing anything that’s has do with squats or bending over!! Lol ???? I love all the options with these but I think my favs are the Desert Rose Ombré, Greyscale Geo, and of course the Black Mesh!! Good job Juli!

  33. Love the look of these, but am super disappointed that they only go up to a size 12.
    Fitness should be size inclusive, not stop at the american average.

  34. I love the idea of the pocket so I definitely backed the forest ombre first and then because you said they were the perfect color on instagram I also did the grey mesh! Can’t wait!

  35. Oh my gosh, I love them all! I’m definitely going for the dessert rose ombre though. Love those side pockets!
    Question: You say you were a small in Four Athletics but on the site the size options are numeric – Are you a 0 or a 2? (I’m fairly certain I’d be one size up from you and there’s nothing worse than feeling like your slightly-too-big leggings are creeping down during an OTF all out. Not speaking from experience or anything…)

    1. i’m so sorry about that. i updated the post. they changed their sizes and i had’t updated my post. i wear a size 4 in four athletics, which is the same as lululemon!

  36. Eeekkkk I LOVE! This is a tough decision because they are all freaken awesome! I think I love the ombré desert rose the mostest! 😉

  37. girl, this is such a cool way to purchase leggings! i also LOVE what they’re doing for Saving Innocence!

    my favorites would be the geometric and the forest ombre–that pocket!

  38. I love the ombre ones! Any chance you will do a shorter length in the future? I’m 5’1 and bought the first pair and they’re soooo long on me! Short girl problems!

  39. Does anyone know how this brand compares to Victoria’s Secret leggings size-wise? I wear a medium in VS comfortably, I hate things too tight on my waist, but according to the size chart for Juli’s leggings I would take a small.

  40. If I come home with another pair of workout leggings my boyfriend may kill me. Hope he doesn’t mind when I come home with SIX! Ha! Seriously though I love the green ombre and I LOVE that there is a pocket. I love having a place to put my cell phone on a run/hike.

  41. So great! Such a good deal and I couldn’t decide….sooo I got 3 to replace the UNapproved squat testers in my closet ☺️

  42. Love love the geo and black mesh! Already bought them and so excited! I wish they would ship tomorrow!

    I love that black sports bra and the blue one you’re wearing in the pictures! Do you have the links for those?

    Thanks girl! You’re the best and I love your blog!

  43. Instantly bought the forest ombré but it was a straight up tie for both the ombres and the black mesh. Can’t wait to get my booty in them!

  44. I couldn’t decide, I bought three pairs! Black mesh and both of the ombre pairs- I seriously can’t wait to get them in the mail

  45. Honestly, I love them all! But my fave are the two side pocket ones. It makes it so convenient to go on a quick run and tuck your phone or ipod into.

  46. Love the greyscale geometric! Also love the ombre ones because pockets are And I am so happy you went with a darker inner layer. I got my original Paleomg leggings and had to go up in size because with the white inner layer and the stretch, you could see straight through. Hopefully the next size up fixes that problem (still waiting on them).

  47. I’m loving the Raspberry Panel for the awesome pop of color! Worried about how my “lumps” might be emphasized in such a bright shade though…wish I could be tight as you, Juli!
    Looking forward to maybe some capri-length ones soon, maybe? Hot here in Texas!!!