Sneak Peek Recipe: Blueberry Rosemary Ice Cream

It’s that time again. Summer time AND The Paleo Kitchen Cookbook sneak peek recipe time! Yep. I’m sharing yet another recipe from me and George’s newest cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen. The book is almost here! I’ve received my copy of the book and I absolutely love it. It’s bright, it’s colorful, and it’s full of amazing recipes and helpful hints to get started with paleo and keeping on the paleo track. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of the book. And to get you just as excited, I’m sharing this delicious summer treat that will excite your taste buds. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, not to worry. We tell you in the book how to make ice cream without the gadget!! Now go order your copy of The Paleo Kitchen today so we can hear all your reviews once it comes out June 10th!


So you know how I talked so much sh*t about doing a CrossFit competition? Well I did the competition this past weekend and everything I said was true. There was neon retina-burning colors everywhere. Everyone acted like they were hard as F. And I got terrible tan lines. I don’t tend to wear shorts and I was punished with shin burns from wearing capris. Stupid. Oh, and there was some really frightening form. BUT I did have an awesome time with 7 other people from my gym (we had 2 teams) and our team ended up placing third! I won a jump rope which is truly wonderful because after 3 years of loving my one jump rope, it’s pretty much a piece of broken wire ready to slash my skin open with any mistake. So a new one is quite helpful.

CrossFit Broadway team

But you know what the best part of this competition was? No, not doing well in our workouts or getting a base tan for summer. But it was the fact that this complete tool of a man, a man I talked about many years ago on this very blog, was at this event. I like that story, you should read it. But if you don’t want to, I’ll give you a summary. I dated this little tard years ago, he told me he was falling in love with me, blah blah blah, and after I ended it with him, turns out I was actually his second girlfriend. I don’t understand how people cheat nowadays with all the social media out there. And that’s what happened. Social media shat on him and showed his true colors. Anywho, I hadn’t seen him since all of that went down and my blood still boils thinking about how I got played for a straight up fool.

Well, I guess I should explain why it was the best part. I feel like I got a little revenge. More so because I have the absolute best boyfriend in the world and a dog we both love more than anything, but also for some other selfish reasons. Like CrossFit. Because after working out with him almost 3 years ago, he has absolutely not improved. In this competition, there were muscle ups in one of the workouts. Did he get any muscle ups? Negative. Did I get any muscle ups? Positive. During the 1 rep max clean and jerk, did he hit himself in the chin and bleed? Positive. Did I? Absolutely not, I PR’d thank you very much. In the last workout, did he do step ups the entire time while one of my CrossFit Broadway friends flew by him doing box jumps? Positive. It was absolutely wonderful to watch.

I’d like to say it’s karma, but I think much worse karma will come his way someday. So I think it’s more just thinking you’re badass when you’re just a lying sack of poo. I’d like to believe lying sacks of poo don’t make it very far in life. That’s not always the case, but in my eyes, it is with this situation.

Ok. I got it all out. I feel good, man. Real good. Now let’s make ice cream.


Sneak Peek Recipe: Blueberry Rosemary Ice Cream

  • Yield: 1 pint 1x




  1. Combine the coconut milk, blueberries, honey, rosemary, and lemon extract in a blender or food processor. Blend until everything is well incorporated.
  2. Pour the mixture into a saucepan over medium heat and add the egg yolks. Bring to a low boil, continually whisking. Once it begins to boil, immediately remove from the heat and let cool. Transfer the mixture to a mixing bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours or overnight
  3. Place the mixture in an ice cream maker and churn**, following the manufacturer’s directions, until desired consistency is reached. Immediately scoop ice cream out of the ice cream maker so it doesn’t freeze to the sides of the bowl. Serve immediately or store covered in the freezer.


*Makes 1 pint
**If you don’t have an ice cream maker, once mixture is chilled, transfer it to a bowl or bread pan and stick it in the freezer. Once frozen, remove it from the freezer 15 minutes before serving it to allow it to soften to be able to scoop.

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PaleOMG Sneak Peek Recipe Blueberry Rosemary Ice Cream

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63 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Recipe: Blueberry Rosemary Ice Cream”

  1. Too bad you didn’t give us any photos of the jerk-off hitting himself in the chin! HA! This ice cream looks AMAZING! And if there is a dessert in this world that makes me weak in the knees, it’s ice cream!

  2. hahahahha karma is the best isnt it? the day after i found out my ex cheated on me he fell out of a tree and broke his ankle, and got a DUI. sucks to suck!

  3. YES!!! I love it!!!! What a fuck. I get texts from my friends that my ex has gotten pudgy. Karma! He now dates a younger Emily whom he cheated on me with and who creepily resembles me, and 3 years later, still texts me randomly, and I always ask, “Who is this??” Bahaha. Exs. What dummies. I would love to watch him even attempt to CrossFit. That must have felt amazing.

  4. lol….Thanks for sharing!! Karma is a b@%+#!! Will make ice cream this weekend! Glad to hear you did so well this past weekend!

  5. Ok, I have to make this fast because I have to pick up a kid from school….this was by far your best post ever 🙂 Let’s get this straight, your ice cream looks amazing but the story about the ex was too good to not comment 🙂 This is my theory, sacks of poo are always sacks of poo. Never trust them, never date them! He got what was coming to him and I’m sure there’s a lot more that you don’t know about! Living a good, kind, loving life is so much nicer and easier. I don’t understand sacks of poo???!!

  6. Can you substitute lemon juice or anything for extract? I have a ton of extra lemons sitting around and no extract.

  7. Juli,
    Looks AMAZING! I can’t wait to try it. I wanted to ask which brand of ice cream maker do you suggest that is reasonably priced? I wouldn’t know where to start in terms of choosing one 🙂


  8. As much as anyone says that you shouldn’t try to “win” a breakup, it’s SO empowering to know you’re dong better than they are, months/years later. 🙂

  9. AWESOME about the ‘revenge’!!!! I remember when you first posted that and even posted a comment. What a difference just a couple of years makes in a life! You with your love of your life Jackson as well as your wonderful boyfriend, living in a happy home together while the ‘sack of poo’ d-bag ex is still flailing about like the worthless d-bag deserves! I couldn’t be happier! LOVE the part of him whacking his chin with the barbell while you PR’d your lift! Woot woot!!! (I think Karma is a woman) … oh, and you didn’t mention it but, was he with the same girl or did she finally get wise like you did two years ago?

  10. Congrats on placing 3rd and great job showing that guy who’s boss! I found this post to be very entertaining and I almost forgot about the ice cream! lol. Anyway, this ice cream looks incredible! I would have never guessed that you had egg yolks in them!

  11. Living in New Zealand and following northern hemisphere bloggers enjoying copious amounts of beautiful summer produce just isn’t fair! I think I’ll give this a try with frozen blueberries and need as many reasons as possible to use the masses of rosemary growing in my garden 🙂
    Great story btw!

  12. I absolutely have to make this when blueberries come into season in central Illinois. Call me a blueberry snob but I only like fresh ones. The frozen ones from the store seem to have a lot of tannins in them and they seem to be more fibrous or something.

  13. This was great! Try chopped dates, 1/2 mashed banana, pumpkin pie seasoning, and minus the honey. No sugar needed!!!
    Sooooo delish!

  14. I’m so happy there is a “no ice cream maker option”. I can’t possibly fit another gadget in my kitchen, but REALLY want to make this. Plus, blueberries + rosemary are like a match made in heaven, so there’s that too.

  15. Where do you buy your headbands? I love how thick they are & especially love the gray one you’re wearing in the picture!

  16. LOVE this post about the ex! (the ice cream looks good too:)) love when you see what situations/experiences/exes you were with years ago compared to now. Makes you feel good and definitely know Karma is working it’s wonders on the right people!

  17. hahahahaha! GREAT story!
    I get the Caveman’s ( George( recipes each week and now i am checking out your book 🙂
    this recipe looks amazingly GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I started Paleo 6 months ago, not for weight loss , but HEALTH…I’ve always eating well, but the food pyramid is ALL WRONG///!!!!!!
    (im a nurse, i researched it) NO WONDER so many Americans are FAT from crappy food!

    anyway, I’ve been even more strict for 10 years…3 years leading up to my heart transplant ( caught a VIRUS at work..and it killed my heart! ) and I was the heaviest person around…anyway.
    I’m a grateful person, and keep trying to get my hubby off all the crap, but you prob know how that is!

    Loving life. quite healthy despite bumps in the road, but Paleo really ameliorated some of the nasty effects on lipid and such, and even LDL AND HDL…my transplant team was amazed.

    so, thanks for your funny story and an awesome recipe.
    <3 no cross fit for me…too hard on the joints, BUT i swim, ski, and go to the Y and lift some weights! YAY!

    thanks and best of luck!

  18. this almost never happens! I have all the ingredients and the ice cream maker ready to go. I will have this ice cream by the end of the day…

  19. Haaa something similar happened to me except he had two or three girlfriends while he was dating me. I told him peace out and never looked back.

    Karma is a bitch.

    Looking forward to checking out your cookbook!

  20. This is my favorite. Ever. I’ve been craving ice cream for about 2 months now, but I hateeeee bananas and all the recipes I’ve seen before are banana based. So basically this is about the best thing ever 🙂 I will be making up a batch tomorrow haha. Thank you!
    P.S. Can’t wait to see the cookbook!

  21. I got some coconut milk so I can try this, but Trader Joe’s only had the light fat version … assuming this may not work? Have any idea?

    And thanks as usual for all these amazing posts, stories and recipes!

  22. Made this as a way to entice the non-paleo bf over to our side. Total success! I used a can of coconut cream bc that was in house. Heavier coconut flavor but still a great consistency. Can’t wait for the new cookbook to arrive! Eeeeeeee!!!

    1. Mine also turned out like frozen blueberry water.
      :-/ And I definately used too much rosemary. I’ll have to try again sometime soon and experiment. Maybe lavendar instead of rosemary?

    2. This is why I invested in an ice cream maker – keeps it from getting too stiff if you eat it right away. Try letting it thaw a bit out of the freezer before trying to serve it. And, if you are freezing it in a pan in the freezer, maybe try to stir it a few times as it freezes too. Same applies to frozen ‘leftovers’, you need to let them thaw a bit.

  23. I haven’t tried this yet but totally starring it to do so soon! Perfect treat for the kiddos this summer! Thank you dear!!!

  24. OMG!! i just read that blog from back in the day.. girl.. i had the same thing happen to me.. except there were 2 girls.. and one of them was in complete denial and wouldnt believe he was dating me and the other girl. my best friend refers to him as he who will not be named because we loathe him.. On a happier note! i am way happier in my current relationship! and i am stoked to make this DERRICIOUS looking ice cream 🙂

  25. I made this last night and liked it a lot. I thought the rosemary would overpower but it was subdued. I don’t usually eat ice cream but will make this again.

  26. I have a bunch of cherries in the freezer and rosemary in the garden. Going to try that combo. Thanks for posting. Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  27. I made this last night and it came out purple, like purple people eater purple. Tasted good, but what did I do wrong? Could it be because I used the bread pan in freezer vs ice cream maker. Did I blend too much or cook too long?

  28. This ice cream was fantastic! I loved the rosemary flavor. I love rosemary regardless, but wasn’t sure what to think of it in this recipe. It was the perfect treat for coming off my 21 DSD. I can’t wait to make it with other berries (strawberries, mulberries, raspberries, etc.) and other herbs (basil, mint, lemon balm, etc.) . This will be a regular treat this summer and will make a lot of appearances at cookouts 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your recipes so generously on this blog. I will definitely be getting you and George’s Paleo Kitchen cookbook.

  29. I got fresh raspberries for cheap at Sprouts a few days ago and was thinking of ways to use them up. Immediately, I opened The Paleo Kitchen and used this recipe subbing the raspberries for blueberries. I didn’t have fresh rosemary but I have tons if lemons. I zested half of one and added a skotch (technical term) of lemon juice. Strained the berry seeds out after heating it in a saucepan. I’m stirring it about every half hour with a rubber spatula since I don’t have an ice cream maker. I’ve been licking the spatula everytime I stir! It’s already so good. It’s the perfect treat for this Texas heat. So happy to be able to have yummy ice cream without the gurggly guts! You are so amazing and such and inspiration.

    For some reason I can’t add stars on my phone! Grr! But this recipe is 5 stars!

  30. I just can’t ever seem to get ice cream right. I’m a failure. It might be because I’m just not meant to make it. Anyway, I tried this recipe and it came out more like a Popsicle. I tried it in the ice cream maker and it got soupy. I looooove you’re recipes but this ice cream one makes me want to throw my ice cream scooper. Any suggestions on how to make like ice cream and not like a Popsicle? Please help. PS it still taste AMAZING!

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