Soft Blueberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies kind of look like dinosaur poo. Ah well.

There are things in this world that will never make sense to me. Like why Facebook is so addicting. It’s the first thing I look at…on my phone…on my computer…on someone else’s computer. It’s just wrong. Especially since I don’t know half the people I’m friends with on Facebook. So I look through the newsfeed of people’s daily lives and get nothing from it. I don’t care if Betty Jo got a new cat. Who the f*ck is Betty Jo?! Maybe I shouldn’t add people I don’t know on Facebook. Nah. That would just be rude. Jk, I denied someone today. Suckaaaaa.

I’m so b*tchy right now.

I also don’t understand why sugar makes me fat. Please don’t leave a link in the comments leading me to why sugar is bad for you. I understand it BUT I don’t understand it. Makes sense, right? Thought so. The thing is, I’m so kind to sugar, buying it often, kissing it, singing to it…and it gives me nothing back. Oh wait, it does give me love handles. Those things are cute, right? Thought so. Back to the point, I don’t understand why sugar doesn’t like my body. Or nuts. So the cookies on here today, I didn’t actually try. My roommate Steph did. So if they suck, blame her.

Anywho, wanna know about my weekend?! Of course you don’t. So I’ll tell you all about it. This is how it started. I went boating and got to hang out with my girlfriend Rhonda. She’s pretty rad. And good looking. Then Laura and I did a rope climb workout with our friend Clark at CrossFit South Denver and spent part of Saturday at the pool. Getting in the pool kinda sucked because of the rope burn I was blessed with from rope climbs. Then we made tostadas. Then we topped them with guac, beef, and lettuce. Then we ate them. Then we ate a balls ton of beet chips with guac. Then we watched ‘This Means War’ and laughed pretty hard. Then we went to bed. Oh, and I made a cooking video this weekend. So exciting. In retrospect, if I knew what that actually meant, all I did was tan this weekend. I have multiple tan lines. I even put on a swimsuit that I bought 2 years ago. Thank gosh it fit. Only 3/4 of my ass was hanging out. Keepin’ it classy. Everyday all day.


Soft Blueberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Yield: 15 1x




  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Place your two cups of blueberries in a saucepan over medium heat. Cook for 8-10 minutes, stirring frequently,
  3. While your blueberries cook, add your walnuts to your food processor and puree until the walnuts are turning more into a chunky nut butter. Then, while your food processor is still running, add your walnut oil to make a walnut butter.
  4. Then add your blueberries to your food processor with your walnuts. Puree until they are completely mixed together
  5. Now pour your batter into a large bowl and add the remaining ingredients. Mix well.
  6. Use a spoon orice cream scoop to scoop out 1-2 tablespoon sized dollops of batter. Place each dollop on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. My batter made 15 cookies.
  7. Bake cookies for 18-23 minutes.
  8. Let cool. Use a spatula to safely remove the cookies. They may stick.
  9. Eat em!

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PaleOMG Soft Blueberry Chocolate Chip Cookies



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54 thoughts on “Soft Blueberry Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. just took them out the oven and they taste great. I did put in coconut flour instead of all the almond flour… as didn’t have any to hand, couldnt be bothered to grind more almonds- that’s all i seem to do lately haha. They seem to look fluffier than your pics, but i guess that is the coconut and not as much maple syrup ( which i substituted for honey.)

    1. I was just going to ask if substituting Coconut Flout would be okay, guess I’ll try it! These cookies look devine. Props to you for giving up sugar, Juli, I don’t think I could ever do it!

  2. Day 8 today of 21DSD? Heck yeah! I had to sit by as my husband and some friends devoured a volcano sized pile of sweet potato fries at some diner in Indianapolis. We also went to a meadery! So awesome, but not awesome when you don’t get to taste anything. But honestly, once I’ve gotten past a week, I think it will be smoother sailing. My face looks so much more clear, I do not feel like a total chub-o, and kicking ass in the gym, and feel pretty on top of the world in general. I hope it’s going well for you. I admire you MAKING dessert and not eating it. I seriously have to ban myself from looking at dessertstalker during these kind of things otherwise I think about it way too much.

  3. Gawwwd. Ever since I saw you’ve been doing the sugar detox, I’ve had my finger on the trigger wanting to do the same. Then these bad boys appear on your blog’s front page.
    How have your results been? Would you still recommend it? I feel that maybe I should give it a go once my Enjoy Life chocolate chips are all gone.. which will be in about 2 days.

  4. these cookies might look like dino poo…but they taste like blueberry heaven! can i come be your official blog taste tester? i know it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it :).

  5. You are really taking one for the team making this recipe! Thank you! These cookies are super yummy! Making them was a beautiful experience. The colors were amazing in every step. I love nature! I swear, you are channeling Da Vinci. You are the alchemist of the Paleo world and we all thank you for it.

  6. Holy cow these are FREAKING AMAZING. I may or may not have just eaten the entire batch…. ugh. Darn you for coming up with such AMAZING treats!!!!

  7. Juli, hilarious! If you didn’t have the heading or the chocolate chips in the pic or the recipe, I would swear that your cookies look like hamburgers! Yum! I’m sure these are delicious, though. Not like hamburger delicious, but like a good, scrumptious cookie delicious. Thanks and keep on blogging!

  8. How much nut butter do you think the 1 C walnuts made? About 1/2 C or less? I can’t do walnuts so want to try to use almond butter for this. I am not a cook so don’t want to guess and waste it. LOVE your site. I try basically everything and tell everyone about it. thanks for all the work you do!

  9. Girl, there’s no way those don’t taste amazing with those incredible ingredients!! Five more days of Whole 30 and then these are SO mine!!!

  10. You’re right, they do look like poo when you put them on the pan. But they taste FANTASTIC after cooling down!! It felt like I was eating a cloud when I bit into it.

  11. Dinosaur poo, yummers. I’m all over these like a tramp on a sandwich … or a tramp on some blueberry cookies. Right.

  12. I have already made these twice, double batch the second time. I am swimming in blueberries up here in Maine and these cookies haunt my dreams. Been following you for a little over two weeks and have made several of your recipes, every one is amazing, thank you for what you do!!!

  13. These are really great! In future batches, I might halve the cinnamon and I’ll definitely let the batter cool before mixing in the chocolate chips.. most of them melted =/ Still, they’re delicious!

  14. Made these last night. I only had the tiniest amount of chocolate chips, so I added 1-2T of cacao powder and these are absolutely delicious, but in a way that you don’t need to scarf them down in one sitting. I would totally try these again with other berries, but I am currently 1000% in love with blueberries.

  15. Ok, OMG, this is not the recipe to be making when you find out your freakin’ baking soda has gone flat! WTF? I’d make coconut sweet bread just the day before and it was fine! Whatever! I still made the cookies and so what if they are flat and look more like pancakes than cookies! They are AMAZING! Thanks so much for a rockin’ recipe! Can’t wait to make them again with fresh baking soda!

  16. Okay, I just made a single serving version off of this recipe and OH MY GOD, literally the greatest thing I have ever tasted… Seriously, you may think I’m kidding, no. I can never make the full batch or it will result in me devouring every last morsel. Thank you for the new addiction 😉

  17. Just made those with macadamia nut butter, as I was totally wrong about having walnuts in the house. Since macadamia butter is so bland, I think it might even be a positive! They came out very soft and chewy; sweet but not overpowering, just the way I like it.

  18. I love that the picture shows them served with chocolate chips on the side. Going to the Heart of America team comp in Springfield, MO, this weekend, and bringing these for the afterparty.

  19. Stupid holidays has me craving cookies like crazy, these hit the spot!! Soooooo good! And way healthier than the 3sticks of butter, and a load of sugar in cookies I’ve made for people at work. (I’m setting them up with fat pills) Buahahaha 🙂

  20. YUMMY! Was pleasantly surprised and happy that you can’t really taste the blueberry flavor in these. DELISH!

  21. Oh thank heavens, a paleo cookie that doesn’t taste like a$$. I love you.
    Used pecans, but hey, they were handy and they worked.

  22. These were great! Very soft and satisfied my craving for a huge starbucks chocolate chunk cookie! 🙂

    1. OMG I couldn’t stop licking the batter from the bowl…. delicious! What a great idea! Waiting for them to cool now and hopefully harden some more. Either way they’re awesome !

  23. Jennifer tacca

    Not sure what happened. I went from a delicious batter before (almost stopped making it to have blueberry walnut sweet butter) adding the egg, all still good then added the flour and baking soda and it turned into a crumbly dough. I have never failed a recipe…until now. I feel scarred.

  24. This recipe has become a staple around here. Every time I make them I’m blown away. Enjoying another batch tonight!

  25. Long time reader, first time commenter. These cookies were AMAZING, and this is coming from a recovering sugar addict. I used part coconut flour and part almond flour, which made lots of fluff (always a plus). Tonight, I’m experimenting with hazelnuts in place of the walnuts. BTW, you are so right about Facebook, LOL.

  26. Planning on making this tonight! Looks delicious! I love blueberries, but I was wondering if anybody tried using raspberries instead?

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