Softer, Smoother and Happier Skin by Morning

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I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to skin products. My skin has gone through a lot after hormones, cystic acne, accutane and now repairing all that damage. And every day I’m doing something to help that process. I see an esthetician monthly, I use a derma roller to help with the icepick scarring, and I use different acids and serums to help improve the texture and to hopefully age a little more gracefully. So when Tula reached out to me to try out their products, I was a little hesitant. I’ve had great experience with the products I’ve used so far (and shared in previous posts on the blog) and wasn’t sure if I needed to use anything else. But I decided to give it and a try and I am so pumped I did! I’m seriously LOVING the Tula products I’ve been using daily and I’ve seen the difference in my skin in just a few short months!

To give a little background about Tula, their mission is, “to help women feel more balanced, beautiful, and confident through our products and our community.” Tula products are different because they use a probiotic technology in their products to naturally balance and boost the health of the skin. If you think about why we take probiotics most of the time, it’s to balance out our gut bacteria to ensure it’s healthiest state. Well Tula does the same for your skin by leaving your skin more hydrated, radiant, and more resistant to damage in the future. By using probiotics such as blueberry, turmeric, flaxseed, white tea, chicory root, vitamin A, C and E in their products, you are able to stimulate the production of defense cells that restore your skin’s natural balance. Not only does this help your skin look healthy, young, and clear, but it also decreases sensitivity, redness and inflammation.

PaleOMG: Softer, Smoother and Happier Skin by Morning

And that was exactly what I noticed when I started using Tula! Every morning that I woke up after using Tula, my skin felt soft, extremely hydrated and the redness that I had experiencing for years had completely gone away. And the dryness and darkness that I had under my eyes…gone!! I seriously wake up looking more refreshed than when I went to bed. Not even kidding you. And this happened in just one week. Now it’s been probably 3 months of using Tula and every morning my skin feels softer and softer and I couldn’t be happier. Now every night and every day, I always use my Tula products because I can’t get over what a difference they’ve made it my skin.

PaleOMG: Softer, Smoother and Happier Skin by Morning

So Tula has a ton of different products so I wanted to walk you through the ones I use myself and what they have done for my skin. If you’re reading this soon after I post it, I’m doing a little instagram story talking about how I use each product at night and in the morning. But if you missed that, not to worry, I’ll walk you through it here! Let’s start with the nightly routine! After removing my makeup with makeup remove or pads, I then cleanse my face with their Purifying Face Cleanser. This cleanser is a different consistency than most cleansers because it’s a gel. The gel doesn’t strip the skin of moisture so your face stays hydrated even after it’s dry. Not every day, but probably once a week or so, I will then use exfoliating treatment mask for a little extra exfoliation of the skin. I’m not a huge mask person but if my face is feeling a little dry or sketchy from a weekend outside, it’s the person way to clean up for the week!

PaleOMG: Softer, Smoother and Happier Skin by Morning

After the cleanser, I use the Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum under my eyes. I think this is one of the main keys to why I wake up looking more refreshed and why the color under my eyes has improved. This serum relaxes wrinkles “de-puffs” the under eye area so then you don’t have people coming up to your at work telling you how tired you look. It’s pretty awesome. It has a botox-like peptide complex that specifically targets fine lines and wrinkles and the cooling metal applicator gives you the perfect amount for your eyes every time. You can use this morning or night but I usually just use it at night! Next I put on one of my favorite products, their Multi-Spectrum Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment. This product coats your face and protects it throughout the night, so you wake up with more hydrated and healthier looking skin. I’m actually feeling my face right now and it still feel coated and smooth from using it last night. This stuff is magic! And lastly, I rub on their thick layer of their Advanced Neck Cream all over my neck and onto my chest. This stuff almost feels like body butter. I just recently started using this product because I have another neck cream I love, but my neck already feels more hydrated and I’m loving it!

PaleOMG: Softer, Smoother and Happier Skin by Morning

Now fast forward to the morning, I use the Purifying Face Cleanser once again and pat my skin dry. Then I use the Revitalizing Eye Cream for a little extra hydration under the eyes and next I move on to two of my favorite products – the Volume Defense Deep Wrinkle Serum and the Illuminating Serum. So let’s get one thing straight, I’m a firm believer in hydration, botox, and lasers for deep wrinkles and I do all of those things to help keep the wrinkles from setting in. So I can’t speak to this Deep Wrinkle Serum just simply getting rid of my wrinkles because I’m also doing other things in the meantime to help with that. BUT I believe in a little extra help so I use this daily. But the Illuminating Serum I can absolutely attest to. It was the first Tula product that I used and became obsessed with because your skin seriously glows the second you put it on! And the more you use it, the more radiant your skin looks. It’s seriously an amazing product!

PaleOMG: Softer, Smoother and Happier Skin by Morning

And that’s that! If I’m not putting on makeup that day, I use an SPF on top of everything. But if I am wearing makeup, I skip that since my tinted moisturizer has SPF in it. And I also use an SPF setting spray on top of everything to protect the skin just a little more. And that’s it! I seriously LOVE these Tula products and I’m so glad I tried them out because my skin continues to look better! And if you’re not ready to jump in with all their products, they have a handful of kits for you to try out beforehand, with products that are all travel size! Here’s a quick rundown of all the products I talked about above!

My Morning Tula Routine

My Nightly Tula Routine

And right now, PaleOMG readers can get 20% off + FREE shipping on any Tula order using the promo code PALEOMG at checkout!!


This post is brought to you by Tula, a product I use and truly love! This post contains some affiliate links and I may be compensated for this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for all your support!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


47 thoughts on “Softer, Smoother and Happier Skin by Morning”

  1. Hi Juli! About to give some of these products a try, but quick question .. which eye cream would you suggest to get or are both really best? The eye serum or the cream? Definitely going to order the illuminating serum! Thanks!!

    1. i would suggest the eye renewal serum for sure because you can use that day and night and it really does help with lines and dark circles!

  2. Hi Juli – I love all of your beauty tips and your skin looks fantastic!! I just ordered some Tula products and look forward to using them.

  3. Is there a minimum order amount? I have $52 in my cart but it says the cart doesn’t meet the requirements for the discount code 🙁 Thanks!

    1. just heard back from tula! there isn’t a minimum on your code – if you are having any issues you can have them email at and they will get it sorted out asap! But FYI if you are trying to use a discount code on an auto-delivery bundle, you are unable to do that as the bundles are already discounted. hope that helps!

  4. How long will the code be active? I ordered a kit to try out products to see which ones I like best, but of course I want to order full size once I figure that out lol. Thanks!

  5. Love this post. I have ice pick scars too and you mentioned using a derma roller. Which one do you use?

  6. This post couldn’t have come at a better time! I have just finished up all my creams/serums from another company and have been looking for a new brand to use as I was not in love with my last. Just made a purchase and I cannot wait until it arrives!!! Thanks Juli!

  7. You mention another neck cream that you use, can you say what that is? I’m also definitely going to order some of these products, so thanks for sharing!

        1. i honestly like both! i use nectifirm daily and tula is for night time because it’s pretty thick, so it’s your own preference

  8. Just found out Tula is having a 4th of July sale! If you spend $30 you get a free full size purifying face cleanser AND you can still use the PALEOMG discount code! 🙂

  9. Hi! Doesn’t TULA still have “questionable” ingredients in their products ? I was so excited to try these until I read some of the ingredients. 🙁

    1. i think the questionable part just depends who you are talking to. they don’t have squeaky clean products but i’ve never used perfectly clean products because they never worked for my skin the 5 years i used them. so i just use what works for me!

  10. Juli-
    Do you have a post on what you use for body lotion/soaps/etc? I having trouble finding great, healthy products that actually work and don’t smell craptastic. Thanks! Natalie

  11. just FYI, I never order products that bloggers promote just because I am a cheapo. But I have wanted to try some skincare products since I’m getting a little older and I have to say this illuminating serum is honestly life changing! I don’t even wear makeup now when I put that on. Thank you!!

  12. Hi there, I just ordered the Illuminating Serum, the Advanced Neck Cream, and the Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum and I am so excited to try them out! Now I have Onexton that I apply to my face in the morning and Aczone and Tazorac that I apply at night, would you suggest I apply these perscripted products first and then the Tula products or the other way around? Or maybe it doesn’t really matter?

    1. i’m no doctor so you shouldn’t listen to me. i would talk to your dermatologist. if it were me, i would use prescription products first

  13. Like above, I am normally wearing of blogger products, but I literally LOVE you so I trust your opinions haha Especially since part of the reason I did Accutane was because of your positive experience with it. I bought the cleanser and Serum, and I am literally in love! I have a question..Do you use any salicylic acid in your routine? What makes you get a smooth complexion? I still feel a little residual bumps and not sure what products may be best for that.

    1. i don’t use salicylic acid, but the mandelic acid products i use definitely seem to help with smoothness, but i still have some bumps!

  14. Hi Julie!
    I’ve read your post about the Vivant products you use and this post. I have oily and acne prone skin with cystic acne breakouts, I think hormonal. I also have scars and dark pigmentation, but acne is my main concern. Which products are a MUST purchase to help reduce these? I’m on a tight budget and can’t purchase a whole bunch of products right now. Thank you a million!

    1. i would look under their acne section, but i use the mandelic acid face cleanser, repair pads and serum and it’s helped my acne so much!

  15. Hi! I literally bought ALL of these products after you recommended them. I LOVE them, especially for someone who has sensitive skin! Question, did you experience a minor break out when intially using these products? I am not sure if its using new products in general or the exfoliating mask I used?

    1. i didn’t have that issue when i started, but i also use products such as mandelic acid and i’m on acne medication which both definitely help with acne!

    2. JoJo,
      That happened to me too with breaking out at the start. Did that eventually stop for you or did you stop using Tula?

      1. Hi Jessica! I actually did stop. I have a history of acne and was on accutane so I didn’t want my skin to get any worse 🙁 Hope that helps!

  16. Hi Juli!
    I just started using the cleanser with the overnight rescue cream at night and the illuminating face serum during the day after I cleanse. I’m only on day 3 of using the products but my skin seems to be breaking out a bit more…did this happen at all to you at first before it got better?

    1. Juli didn’t experience this, but it’s a typical reaction when someone starts a new skincare routine. You need to give all new skin routines about 6 weeks to start seeing results, but the breakouts hopefully will stop before that! Stacy – paleOMG assistant

    1. not with the mandelic acid! and yes, i use it every day. i use mandelic acid in the morning, mandelic acid cleanser at night and mandelic acid wipes at night!

  17. HI. I have old acne scars, and I really would like them GONE…or something, to help them TO BE GONE! I was introduced to the Exfoliating pads., last week. Tonight is the first night of using them, and I love the way my skin feels. Does Tula have a scar removal or healing product? Great Information on this page, Thank you. 🙂 🙂

    1. it really depends how deep your acne scars are. i don’t know any products they have that are exactly for scars. i personally use laser treatments to help with my acne scars

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