Splurge or Save: Activewear Edition

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A few weeks ago I shared my first Splurge or Save post for winter boots and everyone who left a comment loved the post, so I thought I would keep it up! And this time I’m talking about activewear. For me, I’ll pretty much spend whatever on activewear because it’s what I live in. I wear it all day every day, so I know any piece I buy will get its money worth. But I understand that most people don’t want to wear their workout clothes to work, or out to happy hour, or out to dinner with people. That means most people need to buy work clothes first, day-to-day clothes second, and lastly, workout clothes. And if you’re buying all those clothes before your activewear, you’re probably not interested in spending hundreds of dollars in leggings and sneakers. So today I’m giving you BOTH options! Whether you’re interested in splurging or saving, I have an option for you! And luckily some items are almost identical! Let’s get it going!

First let’s get it started with one of my favorite sports bras! The lululemon Longline Energy Bra is the sports bra I go back to day after day, and I have it in many colors. I find the extra length of the bra keeps it comfortable throughout every workout. And the bra comes in 9 different colors. This comfortable bra costs $58, but if you’re looking to keep some cash in your pocket, this CRZ Yoga Strappy Bra is only $24 and comes in 14 different colors and has really great reviews. The grey camo color is my favorite! And this bra is currently in my cart, ready to be delivered for free in 2 days!

But if you’re not a fan of the longline bra, this lululemon Free to Be Wild Bra still have a fun, strappy look without the crop top length. This bra is $48 and comes in 9 different colors. But I found this almost identical Onzie Chic Sports Bra is on sale for only $22 and it comes in 12 different colors!

Now let’s start to layer! This Alo Cover Tank is one of my favorite tank tops that I wear over and over and over. I love the crop length and slight twist in the front. This tank costs $54 and comes in pink and white, but I found an identical Sanutch Crop Tank for only $17 and it has way more color options! This affordable crop tank comes in 9 different colors which means you could buy 3 of these tanks for the prices of the one Alo tank!!

Leopard print leggings has been one of my favorite trends this season, I even created my own pair with Four Athletics! If you’re comfortable with splurging on leggings, these Beach Riot Piper Leggings come in 4 different leopard print colors and have really great reviews! But if you want to save some money for your weekend happy hour, try these Fittin Leopard Pocket Leggings that only cost $24 and have really great reviews! They come in 3 different leopard print colors and you could get them delivered in just a couple days!

Now let’s stick with the fun trends and talk about these Alo 7/8 High Waisted Moto Leggings. I’ve had these leggings for years and love them, but I don’t always love the $114 price tag. Well luckily there are these almost-identical Athletique Moto Leggings that only cost $27!! That’s an extra $87 in your pocket!

Another trend I’ve seen is shine leggings and these Carbon38 Takara Leggings are loved by so many. I’ve seen them all over every gym I go to. They come in 7 different fun colors and they will cost you $109. But I found these Core 10 Liquid Shine High Waisted Leggings that come in 3 different colors and only cost you around $35! That’s a savings of $74!!

If you live anywhere with colder temperatures, you’ll need to layer up with a light jacket. This lululemon Define Jacket comes in 14 different and will cost you $118. I have it in red and LOVE IT, it’s one of my favorite zip-up jackets. But this 90 Degree by Reflex Jacket is almost identical, it costs only $40 and it comes in 27 freaking colors!!

Now bring that entire look together with a pair of sneakers!! These adidas UltraBoost 20 Sneakers will run you about $180 and you’ll have 7 colors to choose from. But these adidas Edge Lux 3 Sneakers run from just $43-$85 depending on the color you’re looking for! And these sneakers give you 19 freaking colors to choose from, including a really cute leopard print!

I hope you loved this post as much as I loved putting it together!! And hopefully it helps you find some pieces that make you feel amazing in the gym, whether you’re looking to splurge or save! Now what kind of clothing should be featured in my next splurge or save post? YOU decide!

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This post contains some affiliate links and I may be compensated, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for all your support!

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14 thoughts on “Splurge or Save: Activewear Edition”

  1. Love these posts! Honestly, I love any suggestions on activewear. I have to wear business clothes from 8-5 but I love cute workout clothes. There are not a ton of options in my area, so I love when you post workout clothes that you like!

  2. Hi Juli,

    I love splurge/save posts. Would be interested to read your review of the lesser expensive item after trying (e.g. The Onzie bra). Thanks for your posts!

    1. definitely watch my stories on a regular basis because i recently just did a review of one of the bras and will do more in the future as well!

  3. Loving Splurge or Save!! Thanks for providing us with the options, you’re the best! Hope Jackson feels better soon <3

    5.0 rating

  4. I love your suggestions. I did buy the Goodthreads Women’s Modal Fleece Popover Sweatshirt that you posted earlier and yes it’s so comfy.

  5. I’ll play – found calia thanks to you and the everyday high neck muscle tank is the most flattering top I have and it was $30!

  6. Have you actually purchased any of the “save” items to give your honest review or a side by side in real life? Would that be something you could do for us?

  7. Love this and I needed it. I’m an office worker during the week but anything else is workout clothes -so cute is a must! Thank you Juli!!

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