Steamboat Recap, Workout Change and Class Pass – Episode 79: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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This week on the podcast, I’m talking about my recent weekend trip to Steamboat Springs, changing up my workout routine, and trying out Class Pass for the first time! And don’t forget, my Denver meet-up is on April 15th at Just Be Kitchen at 3pm and 6pm. The 3pm session has already SOLD OUT so be sure to get your ticker for the 6pm slot today!! Get tickets for the event here!


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Episode 79 Transcription!

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This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Good morning. It’s actually the afternoon at the moment, and Colorado is about the sh*t the bed. Because it’s about to snow. It’s getting chilly. It’s nothing like what the East Coast is getting bombarded with. If I were in the East Coast, I would have moved a long time ago.

Ok, can we talk about; where did the word nor’easter come from? Because this year, that’s all they say. Is; “oh, there’s another nor’easter coming in.” I’m like; you made up that word! That word didn’t exist. So stop using it like it’s a real word. And I’m sure someone will come at me and give me proof that it is. But in my book, it’s not. Because I don’t live in the north eastern part of the US. So the word nor’easter does not apply to me. It’s a made up word.

Man, I don’t know how you guys over on the east coast are doing it. No thank you. B*tch, bye. Me; I’m enjoying these 50, 60-degree days we’re getting in Colorado. I got a sunburn just a little bit ago, because it decided to be 70 degrees on us. And now we’re about to get snow. It will melt in like 46 seconds, and I’ll complain the entire time. I got Jackson one last walk, because I’m not going out in that. No. No.

So anyway. It was weird, though, going up to the mountains. Where it does not snow anymore. I would be so sad if I was a mountain person, and wanted to be surrounded by cold weather at all times, and then there was not an ounce of snow on the ground. It’s so weird driving in Colorado, deep in the mountains, and there’s no snow until you actually get to the slope. And it’s pretty much man-made snow. It’s so weird.

But anywho. We went to Steamboat over the weekend. Just my sister-in-law and I. She moved to Colorado 3 years ago, so she’s still super into doing outdoorsy stuff. She’s all outdoorsy. Not super outdoorsy, but she likes to explore new places. See new faces. So sometimes I go with her. I mostly like to take her on trips with me to other states, because I don’t want to go to the mountains, because it’s cold. But, we were supposed to have a trip to Vancouver coming up; she was going to come with me. But that trip got moved to the summer. Fingers crossed. A lot of these trips that happen don’t always happen. That didn’t make sense. But a lot of these trips that start to get planned out don’t actually come through sometimes.

So, Vancouver has been put on hold. Hopefully I get to go there. Because I really want to go to Vancouver. But anyway, we were supposed to go there. She was going to take a week off of work to go with me. And then that got changed, and so I told her; why don’t’ we go to Steamboat? You’ve wanted to go to Steamboat. I’ve never been to Steamboat, in the 30 years I’ve lived here. Let’s see what all the fuss is about. Because people love Steamboat. In Colorado, people are always like; “Oh my god, Steamboat is my favorite town. I love Steamboat. I could live in Steamboat.” Then why don’t you? Why? Come on.

Anyway. We drove to Steamboat. The drive there is so much easier than Crested Butte. And I say that probably because I came back from Crested Butte in a snow storm and almost got in a car accident and almost went off a cliff and hate driving in the snow. And had PTSD really bad. So the drive was much more enjoyable this time around. No snow.

I don’t know why I’m yawning. I apologize. I’m sitting upright. It’s probably because it’s so cloudy here. I don’t know how people in Seattle and Portland do it. I would go insane.

So we drove to Steamboat. It was a super easy drive. We pretty much spent most of the weekend eating. And I don’t know what other people do on vacation, but that’s all I really have interest in. But my sister-in-law is more of a doer. She likes to do stuff. And food is an afterthought. I plan my whole day around what I’m going to eat and when, what time, where, how many drinks, how many appetizers. I’ve got to get it all in, and if you’re only going for the weekend, you’ve got to really plan around that. But I also don’t want to be that annoying b*tch.

Because my husband has to put up with it; but my sister-in-law doesn’t have to hang out with me. She doesn’t have to be friends with me. So I have to pull the reins back a little bit, when I’m like; Hey, do you want to go eat at 76 places in two days? And she’s like; yeah, no. Because my sister-in-law is just not obsessed with food like me. She likes food, but she’s just not obsessed. My husband and his sister, they just eat when they’re hungry. I eat all the time. If I could be eating right now, I would. But, people; what’s that called? Not mesothelioma. That’s from asbestos poisoning. Something that you hate when people chew, or slurp, or make out like Ari on the Bachelor. That just reminded me of something.

That wasn’t a yawn! Yeah, it totally was. {laughs} Hold on, I’m going to write it down, because I want to come back to it. But I keep getting off topic. We’re on the Steamboat recap.

So we drive to town. Super easy drive. It’s 3 hours. A breeze. We listen to podcasts. And I need to find out her name, because my sister-in-law introduced me to this woman who has a podcast. She used to be on Sirius XM. Sorry if you heard that slurp. Got to get my water in. She used to be on Sirius XM. I know her name is Taylor. I think her show is the Taylor show or something. Or her full name. And she got fired from Sirius XM. She used to be married to a super rich guy, and was part of the rich and famous in LA. I think it’s LA. And then she got fired from Sirius XM. She divorced her husband, and she became a lesbian. Fell in love with her best friend, who is also named Taylor.

So she just has these crazy stories of just celebrities and parties with super rich people, and how rich people are just f*cking insane, because they’re so bored, because they have so much money. She just has the best stories. And she talks so f*cking fast. And I love people who talk fast, and can get all their information out in an incredibly short amount of time with a very, high pitched, screeching voice. I just appreciate those kinds of people. I flutter towards them.

Kind of like Girl with no Job. I’m forgetting her name. But she has a YouTube channel and maybe a podcast. But she’s the same way. She kind of has a Jersey girl accent, but she talks really fast, and she’s super blunt, and she just says whatever the f*ck she wants. She’s the best.

Anyway, these girls are awesome. We listen to a bunch of podcasts going up. Laughed our asses off. We get to Steamboat, and it was 3, and so of course we’re starving because we haven’t had lunch. We went to a restaurant called Backdoor Grill that a friend recommended. It’s totally a hole in the wall, dive bar feeling. But the burgers were awesome there. They wrap it in a sh*t ton of lettuce. And I love when it’s iceberg lettuce stacked super high. I hate it when it’s; I don’t know. Gross, soft lettuce. Does anybody like soft lettuce? I don’t know. But they just had bomb ass burgers and fries. It was so good.

After we had lunch, we checked into our hotel. I think I mentioned this last week on the podcast. But when we were looking at places to stay. And of course, we checked out VRBO. Because I always look a VRBO or; what is the other one called that’s the same thing? I don’t care. So we looked at that. And there were all these cool condos downtown. But; say it was like $130 a night. The fee was like $230; the management fee. So to stay for 2 days, it was going to be like $700. And b*tch please, I don’t even want to be in the f*cking mountains. I’m not paying $700 for two nights. Go away.

So, we looked up Hotel Bristol, and it was the same price. $130 a night; without the stupid management fees. So did that. Got one of the hotel rooms that has a living room too. Just because; you need space for your sh*t. If you’ve got a suit case, where are you supposed to put it in one small room? In many places. It’s called a closet, but whatever. That’s beside the point.

So we check into this hotel, and oh my god. This hotel is cute, quaint. It’s super old. It’s been there forever. They really need to renovate it and make it super cool inside. But it’s a mountain town, so that will never happen. That’s not true, it’s a nice mountain town.

So we kind of check around, and they’re like; the hot tub is upstairs. So we go to check out the hot tub, and it is the sketchiest hot tub on earth. Hopefully you follow me on Instagram stories. Because you could see this hot tub. It was a blue hot tub, but there was just a ring of almost plaque. You know when you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you get that plaque on your teeth. Or maybe you don’t notice because you haven’t been to the dentist in so long, and you just think those hard spots are your teeth. It’s not, it’s f*cking plaque. Go to the dentist.

That’s what this hot tub had. It had a ring of plaque. It was just so gross. I was like; who would ever go in this hot tub, in their right mind? Who? So we’re just thinking how nasty this is. And then the natural strawberry hot springs are literally 20 minutes away. Why would you ever go in this hot tub? We’ll get back to that.

So anyway; here’s the thing about mountain towns. There’s nothing really to do. If you’re not skiing or snowboarding; and anyway, that only lasts till like 4. So then, what else do you do? You drink. And that’s all people do in mountain towns, is drink. I’m speaking; this is a big, I don’t know what I’m trying to say. But whatever. That’s all they do. And at least that’s all we were going to do. So what do we do? We go straight to a bar for happy hour. Because we just at lunch, but what else are we going to do?

We first walked around the stores in downtown Steamboat and it’s totally your mom and pop stores. Some boutiques; not a fan of the clothing; no offense to those clothing boutiques there. Not a big fan. I was not their go-to population they’re trying to sell to, I guess.

But there are all these mom and pop stores where it’s just gift shops of random sh*t. They have the normal Steamboat T-shirt shops. And some; (it’s starting to snow. God dammit.) And they have those stores that are winter apparel. And I’m like; ok, literally everything is made of sleeping bags here. You have scarfs made of sleeping bag material. Is this selling? Obviously it is.

And then you have these mom and pop stores. Where it’s nick knacks to no end. It’s things like; I’m like, how do you keep inventory on a store like this. When you’re literally selling vases for one flower. Imagine a vase for a mouse. And how do you keep this inventory? There’re cups, and there’s t-shirts. And there’s this random; it was like a hoarder’s sanctuary. This is how many of these shops felt.

I’m like; how do you guys sell sh*t here? And how do you make sure people don’t steal things? Because a vase for a mouse is very easy to stick in your pocket. I don’t know why the f*ck you would want to steal that, but Wynona Ryder stole random clothes when she was a millionaire. So people just like to steal if they like to steal. And if you make it easy, they’ll do it. I don’t speak from experience. I only stuck a diamond ring in my diaper when I was a baby. Who doesn’t want to find a lump of gold, mom! You’re welcome!

Anyway. We also went to this one boutique, and it had maybe three really cute dresses that I was impressed with. So it was something related to butterflies. And they have a butterfly “sanctuary”. And literally it’s filled with dead butterflies. They have this case of dead butterflies. And then there’s one still trying to survive, crawling up the side like, “Save me!” I’m like; what are you guys doing? Where’s PETA when you need it? So f*cking weird. This is so weird.

So the cute thing about Steamboat, other than dead butterflies, is it has a nice downtown area to walk in. Stores, and shops, and restaurants, and ice cream, and candy stores. And then a street over is the river and it has more restaurants on it. In the summer, it must be so cute because you can sit out on the patio, and the river is flowing. Everybody is happy because it’s summer, and they’re not drowning in snow anymore. Even though people obviously love being in the snow. I don’t know. I don’t get it.

So we start off with this one restaurant. I think it was called; I don’t know how to pronounce it, honestly. It was called Aurum. But it’s right on the river. And we got an appetizer there. We got brussels sprouts. Because when can you ever turn down fried Brussel sprouts? It’s just something you shouldn’t turn down.

Let’s talk about this. When people on Instagram talk about their bowel movements. Or, “you must have been farting up a storm.” When I post about Brussel sprouts or cauliflower; I’m like, ok. I don’t eat food that makes me fart up a storm. If I’m eating that food on a regular basis, and I’m making the world unhappy with my farts, I’m not going to eat it anymore. So obviously Brussel sprouts; they don’t give me the farts.

And then when someone is talking about how they get the farts from it; I’m like, you know you’re putting this out on the entire internet for people to look at your profile and know that you get the farts from Brussel sprouts. It grosses me out. Keep your bowel movements to yourself. You’re creeping me out, man.

Anyway. We had fried Brussel sprouts. I did not get the farts, because luckily, I do not have that in my genetics. I can eat all the Brussel sprouts I want. Gross. And then we had cocktails. And they had this; I think it was called smoke and fire cocktail. And it was blood orange, and it had a jalapeno, tequila or vodka or something. It was so freaking good.

I love blood orange. I wish blood orange was in season at all points, at all times of the year. I wish I could ever find blood orange. I feel like whenever I’m craving it, I never can find it. It’s like, you get one blood orange, and it’s not ripe, and it tastes like sh*t. It’s like; oh, cool. That was not what I wanted. One of my favorite cocktails in Colorado; in Denver, is a blood orange cocktail.

But anyway, we ended up having two cocktails there, it was so freaking good. I just wanted to drink it forever and ever, amen. And then we moved to another restaurant, which is called Table 7, which is kind of on the other side of town. Which means 20 feet away. So we went to that restaurant for another cocktail. Had a spicy margarita. It was delicious; or maybe classic. I don’t know. I don’t care. I was buzzed at that point. And that was a really cute restaurant. Unfriendly bartender.

Oh, by the way. Aurum had really friendly, helpful bartenders. Table 79, unfriendly. No thank you. Deuces. So we only had one cocktail. If you are a friendly bartender, I’m going to give you more of my money, because I’m buzzed. Ok? I’ll say yes to one more cocktail if you’re friendly. But he wasn’t.

So we moved on to then dinner. So this restaurant was recommended by many people. It’s called the Laundry. And it’s kind of on the end of town there. And I am obsessed with this restaurant.

The woman was like; “Do you have a reservation?” And they had reservations for the entire night. So we were just going to have to sit at the bar. Which I don’t care. I love sitting at the bar, especially when I travel by myself. You just sit at the bar. You end up talking to people. The bartender talks to you; hopefully. Or they’re assholes and you move on.

So we put our name in. She was like; it will probably be 30 minutes. But there’s a bunch of restaurants nearby that you can grab a drink at. So we walk over to a whiskey bar. But they have other cocktails there, like vodka and gin or whatever. And we’re about to sit down, and we get a call. So it had literally been three minutes {laughs} and we get a call. Walk back over. Sit down at the bar. Looking at the menu.

This is how much; I remember my entire life based around food. I don’t remember what I did yesterday, but I remember what I ate. That is how my life is. So we sit down. I order the fiery margarita or something like that. I don’t know. It was so spicy. And the spicier the cocktail, the better, in my opinion. I want it to burn. I want to experience my cocktail. I don’t want to just sip it! No thanks. I want to experience it. I want to not have lungs or esophagus anymore. I don’t know why I wouldn’t have lungs. But esophagus. You see what I’m saying.

So, we sit down. After we order our cocktails. We’re looking at the menu. And this guy is sitting next to me; this older gentleman. And he’s like; “Do you guys need recommendations? I come here all the time.” And we’re like, f*ck yeah. We’re buzzed. We’re ready to talk. So he gives us recommendations. We put in the order. The staff is so friendly there. That’s a huge piece, in my book. If you don’t have friendly staff, I don’t want to go back there. Even if your food is super good. Go away.

So, we start talking to this gentleman. His name is Michael. And he lives in Steamboat. He’s lived there for years now. He has one son, who is in LA at this point trying to become a photographer. And he had lost his wife of 35 years, which is so sad and so devastating. So now he is back on the market. And he’s been hanging out with one of his lady friends. And he’s just telling us these stories. His work stories, and life stories. And my sister-in-law and I didn’t talk a minute, because we just talked to Michael the entire time, and got to know him. He was just such a little gem. I just love older, nice, nonpervert men.

I feel like they’re sometimes hard to come by. Maybe because I just run into them on the streets when I’m taking photos, and they’re just so rude and disgusting. But this guy was just a gentleman. Nice, kind. And he was talking about how dating is hard. And my sister-in-law is single. And she was talking about how she would never get on Tinder. Never do the dating apps; that’s not her cup of tea. And he was talking about how he has done it. I forget which one. He did like Hinge? Maybe I made that up. I feel like I’ve been hearing about Hinge lately.

But he’s been doing some of the dating apps. But it’s just harder today, especially when you get older. Dating just sucks now a days. I’m so glad I have my husband, and I hope we stay together forever, and I don’t have to date again. Because dating is the worst. And people are worse than the worst.

But he’s having a great old time. He gets drinks with his lady friend. Goes out to dinner. And then he works down in Denver. So he makes the drive, which I think is bananas. No thank you. I’d like to drive that once a year, three hours once a year. No thanks. So I don’t know how he does that weekly. But we really got to know Michael. We really found a friendship. He was great.

So after that we went to bed. Because we ate a Brussel sprout hash; because duh. More Brussel sprouts. No, I didn’t have the farts, you sickos. And it had these big chunks of bacon in it that was so bomb. And then we had shoe string potatoes; because duh, when are you not going to have fries. And then we ordered the brisket.

And it comes on a piece of bread with some cheese sauce on it. And I just took off the bread. I wasn’t paying attention to what I was ordering, and I wasn’t going to ask for changes. Because I hate explaining that when you’re sitting next to a person. So I just make up for it. Take the bread off. Eat the brisket. It was so bomb. And I didn’t even have room for desserts. And I’m a big dessert person.

So then we went to sleep early. Because, yeah, duh. We were so full. So the next morning, when we were at the laundry the night before I saw Creekside Café. I saw that next door, so we went to breakfast at this little quaint spot, and it was so good. I love when you can go to a place, and they have a vegetable hash that isn’t just peppers and mushrooms.

It’s like; ok, work harder for your vegetable hash. Give it some love. Respect it! If you’re going to respect French toast with 5 gallons of whipped cream, and maple syrup; respect god damn vegetables too! And this place does that. So I had a vegetable hash, and that was so good. It came with hollandaise, and it was so bomb. So we ate there.

And then we decided we wanted to go check out Strawberry hot springs. So we went there around 10 or 11. It opens at 10, and it was already so busy. And I wish; going back now, I wish we would have waited until the evening and gone at night. Because; well, number one it becomes nude. A nude option, because children aren’t allowed, number one. Which is like; ok. That’s why I should have gone. Because children aren’t allowed. And children are, whatever, great. I just don’t want to be around them, especially on vacation. Which is why I go to adult only hotels when I travel most of the time.

So there were a lot of children around. They’re very loud. Children are very loud. They have a lot of energy. More energy than me, and I feel like I’m on cocaine most of the time, ok. And I am drug free. Most of the time.

Anyway. There’s a lot of kids there. It’s pretty busy. And I don’t think it was that busy, because we got a parking space right away, and when we were leaving, there was a huge line of people waiting to just park. So I think it wasn’t super crazy.

But the hot springs were awesome. You’re just in a natural hot tub. How can you complain about that? And it’s like; it’s just a natural hot tub. It’s really cool. It’s really pretty. You can get massages there. I don’t know what else you can do. You can stay in cabins there, I think. It’s a big enough park that they have cabins and that sort of stuff. So I thought that was cute. I thought about doing that, but I wanted to be in walking distance to town and cocktails. Because, you know, cocktails.

So anyway. We stayed there for like an hour. But then it was like; ok. I’m hot, and I don’t want to do this anymore. Especially because it was a 50-degree day. So when are you like; “Oh, I can’t wait to get in the hot tub on the 50-degree day.” Rarely. And I have a hot tub in our backyard. I know that. We also thought we were going to pass out.

So we get in our car, we go back, and shower up, get ready to go. Because we are trying to figure out things to do. And my sister-in-law ran across dinner. You could get dinner at the top of the mountain at a restaurant there. So you take the gondola, and you have dinner at sunset at the top of the mountain. So it’s absolutely beautiful.

So we’re super pumped for this. We drive; and we don’t know where to drive. We just know to take the gondola up. So we drive, and we’re like; “Oh, there’s the gondola. Park here.” And then we take the gondola up, and it ends at the bottom of the mountain. At the base. Where everybody is in their ski gear, and just being ski bum style.

So we’re like; oh sh*t. Because we look; and the bottom gondola closes at 6. And our dinner doesn’t even start until 7. So we ask, and the woman at the front desk says; “Oh, you’ll be fine. Just ask the bus to take you down to your car.” So we’re like, ok, whatever.

So we hang out at the base of the mountain with all the ski bums. We’re like, totes cool in our jeans. And we go to a restaurant called Truffle Pig to get some cocktails, because we’re not hungry at all. I forget; didn’t we eat somewhere? I don’t remember. I don’t care.

We went to Truffle Pig and got a couple of cocktails. And I ran into this woman who follows me from Dallas; her name was Becca. She has four kids, and she was there with her husband. And they were so cute. They put their kids in daycare, or ski school, and then they get to go ski by themselves and have a great time. I’m like; this is how couples need to do it.

I saw some mom shaming on a blog recently, and I f*cking almost lost it on this woman. Because I’m like; mom shaming is the worst. It’s just the worst. I couldn’t believe this woman; what she was saying about this other mother. I wanted to cut a b*tch. I almost called her a c*nt. But I didn’t. Ok, I didn’t. I’m not a good person, but I didn’t call her that. I was very rude to her.

Anyways. I meet this woman named Becca. She follows my blog. She’s from Dallas. Love her. She was a ray of sunshine. Her child; one of her children, was adorable. The other ones were being quiet. Her youngest one was just being crazy, running around, happy as can be. Just wants to be best friends with everybody, and doesn’t care. I hate when children are super shy, and you’re being super nice to them. And you’re like, “Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” And they’re like, “oh, I don’t want to talk to you.”

I hate when kids do that. I know I did it; every kid does it. But her kid; nope. He’s like, “hey, I’ll sit on your lap if you want me to.” He was so rad. But it was so cool to see a reader. And, at the laundry, another reader of PaleOMG introduced herself. How freaking cool is that? The world is so small.

But I talked to her for a while. She was the gemmiest gem, and had the prettiest wedding ring. I just wanted to be like; can I wear your ring for a second? Because it’s just stunning. But that would be weird.

So anyway, we then take the second gondola up to dinner. And we’re so pumped for this. And it was funny, because we were thinking the gondola ride is like 10-15 minutes, so it takes a little bit. We were like; people probably have sex in here all the time. They’re like; oh, let’s just get our freak on. And I’m guessing it happens. And I’m sitting in someone’s liquids. So gross. I can’t believe I just said that.

But it’s funny because my friend Rachel texted me the next day, and she’s like; “I saw your Instagram story in the gondola. When we were taking a ride to go up to dinner, we saw people getting it on in there.” Like, eww! It’s so gross. But awesome. Do you.

So we take this gondola ride up. And it sucks, because it was pretty cloudy that night, so the sunset wasn’t as stunning. We get there; and you know, it’s just so funny when you get there and nobody is there. And they’re like; your table is not available yet. And it’s like; ok. I’m here on time. And nobody is in here. So how is it not available? But I shouldn’t talk. Because I worked in a restaurant. And I get it.

So we wait for our table. And it’s funny, because our server; you know if something is not available on the menu you should tell them? Just a heads up, here’s our menu but this isn’t available. So I put in my order, and then my sister-in-law puts in her order. And she’s like, “oh that’s no longer available tonight.” And she’s like, ok can I get this instead? And she’s like, “That’s no longer available, either.”

It’s like; ok, why didn’t you tell us? Duh. So she was not kind. She was just not a good server. She was just obviously there for the pow-pow. To shred the nar. You know? I get it. But this meal was super expensive for not that good. I don’t think I posted anything on my actual Instagram, because I’m like; this meal kind of sucked. And it was so f*cking expensive. It was a really expensive meal.

The restaurant was called Hazies. And we didn’t even get drinks. And the meal was super expensive. I’m like; how is this possible? So that was kind of a bummer. And then they put us right in the spot where there’s a tree in front of the sunset. So we couldn’t even see the full sunset! {laughs} I was like, this sucks.

So anyway. We were kind of bummed, a little down after that. So we take it down, and we go to the bus stop. And we asked the bus driver; we’re like; can you take us to our car? We explained the situation. And he’s like; yeah, no problem. So we get in, and he’s talking nonstop to us. He loves to talk; the bus driver.

So he talks to us; and I’m like; dude. We’re going into downtown. We are complete opposite of our car. And he’s dropping people off. And I’m like; maybe he’s just going to wrap back around. So he keeps talking to us and he’s like; “Hey, aren’t you staying at hotel Bristol? Do you want to hop out here?” And we’re like, no. We want to get back to our car that you said you were going to drop us off at. And he was like, “oh yeah! I totally forgot.”

I’m like, well it’s ok. We can wrap back around when you’re going back. And he’s like; yeah, this bus is going out of service. We’re like; ok. So is there another bus going back? He’s like, yeah just cross the street and wait for the bus there. I was like; dude! Don’t tell us you’re going to take us somewhere, and don’t! That’s a dick move. So whatever his name out there, do you job! Whatever. So that was kind of annoying.

That was kind of a bummer night. We were both kind of sad. Because then we had to go back to our car. And the other bus driver didn’t want to drop us off near our car, so we had to walk quite a ways to get to our car. {laughs} We were like; what is going on?! {laughs} So weird.

Anyway. We get back to our car, and then we just go back to the hotel and pout. You know, just do the use pout. Because we had spent so much money on a sh*tty dinner, we’re like; now we don’t even want to get cocktails anywhere. It was kind of a bummer. Dumb.

Anyway. So then the next morning, it was a really quick morning, because we just went to Winona’s for breakfast. Grabbed some food. They have giant f*cking cinnamon rolls there. No, they’re not gluten free. No, they are not paleo. They were the sh*t, bad for you cinnamon rolls. But they were big as dinner plates, and they set them out, and they were huge, and I wanted one so bad! But I ate vegetables instead. You know? Nobody wants to feel like sh*t on a Sunday. I don’t.

So we drove back to Colorado; meaning Denver. So my husband; I think I talked about it in my podcast. But when people were finishing up our house; our house was a fix and flip. And the contractor just totally skipped over some things. Because they were just rushing to get this sh*t done. And on a couple of our recessed lights, when they were cutting a hole, they cut the hole too big. So they caulked the recessed light into the ceiling. And they didn’t even caulk it with the same color; f*cking assholes. It was like a yellow color, instead of white. Suck a dick move.

Anyway. With that recessed lighting, since it was caulked over, it overheated. And a light that was supposed to last 120 years, lasted 2. So we had to fix this light, and nothing fits because; well, the hole is too big! So my poor husband has been working on this for like four weeks. I’m like; dude. Just let me call somebody. Let me just get someone in here so you don’t have to deal with it, and you’re not freaking the f*ck out. Maybe we need to get new lights.

And he; it’s just more out of principle to prove this guy is just an asshole. But he just is. Why did you have to do that to the light? He also installed wood; we have a bench in our bathroom. And he installed a wood bench into our shower. Do you know what happens to wood when it is bombarded by water daily, and just soaks up? It warps. And then mold grows underneath it. So I finally pulled this wood board off the seat, and it is just covered with mold underneath. Think about what you’re doing. Think about it. It’s so f*cking annoying.

Anyway. I come home on Sunday, and my husband has one of his close friends, who is super handy, in the kitchen. And I think my husband was bummed that I got home early. Because maybe he wanted it to seem like he did it? Because he looked at me like; oh, you’re home early! But his friend, and him, fixed the light. And when I was gone, my husband installed those cute little lights that you see in restaurants and everybody’s back yard. He installed those all throughout our patio. So it looks all pretty. It’s ready for summer. Isn’t that cute? I’m like, I should leave town more often. Because you always do stuff. You always get stuff done.

Anyway. That was Steamboat. I can’t decide if I like Steamboat or Crested Butte. I like how Steamboat is just much closer. It’s just so easy to get to.

Anywho. I am now getting prepped and ready for my Caribbean trip. My birthday; what day is it? The 5th? The 6th? My birthday is in 16 days, I think. Ish. I turn 30 in 16 days. And in 16 days, I will be in the Caribbean, on a boat, with the company Trade Winds. Cannot wait. I went on a Trade Winds trip; hopefully you listened to that previous podcast. Because that was the best trip of my life, and I wanted it to happen so bad, again, because I loved it so freaking much.

So I am getting all prepped and ready. I have purchased all new swimsuits. Because duh! So unneeded, but part of my job, as well. And oh my god. A bird just slammed into the ground. What a dummy. He’s alive. Don’t worry.

So I’ve purchased swimsuits, coverups, some shorts, need a couple of sandals. But I’m also getting all my posts ready to go and done for the week that I’m gone. Just because I never know when I’m going to have internet access, and Wi-Fi, and everything. So I always get my stuff done ahead of time so I can have someone just post my blog post, and just keep that up to date while I’m gone for the week.

So I’m getting all my recipes done, all written up, photographed, everything all ready to go. And getting everything done ahead of time. Because that trip; I’m going to be gone for 8 days, and that’s a good chunk of time to be gone. And yeah, just so freaking ready for this trip. I want to explore with my husband. I want to make out with him.

Our wedding anniversary is next week, as well. So it’s kind of like we’re celebrating our wedding anniversary and my birthday together. That’s how it will always be, forever, for him. Haha.

Anyway. I don’t think we’re doing anything next week, because we just have a lot of sh*t going on. But yeah, we’ll be celebrating in the Caribbean. I’m just so excited.

And speaking about a lot of things going on; I have my upcoming Denver meet up coming up. That sounded weird. My Denver meetup coming up. So in case you missed it on any of my social media channels. (That reminds me of something.)

Anyway. I have a Denver meetup coming up on April 15th. There are two sessions; this is on a Sunday, at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. and the 3 p.m. has already sold out, which I’m so pumped about. And for the 6 p.m., I think there’s about 30 or 35 tickets left for those spots. So we’re trying to make sure you get your ticket before that session sells out, as well. Hopefully sells out. I don’t want to be cocky here. Hope it sells out, because I want people to come. Because I always fear; it’s like, when I leave a post on Instagram. And I’m afraid nobody is going to say anything. Or if I ask a question, nobody is going to write me back. It’s the same thing. I’m like is nobody going to come to this meet up? Gotta have more confidence, JuJu.

So this event is going to be a question/answer session. I’m going to be talking about health, and beauty, and everything that encompasses that. There’s going to be Tula skin consultations, and there’s going to be grab bags full of goodie bags. So anyway, there are 30-35 tickets or so left, depending on when you’re listening to this, too. So if you want to meet with me, and come to my meet up, and hang out and get free stuff, and get free product, because duh. Then just head to my blog. Or head to my Instagram, because I have a link through my Instagram. Or I’ll probably have it in the show notes, if I remember here. Duh.

But come out. That would be so cool! If you’re in Denver on the 15th and want to hang out. That would be so sweet!

Anyway. Speaking of social media, I’m so pumped because I got my Facebook fixed! My hackers are not in my Facebook anymore. After I sent out my newsletter last week, complaining about my Facebook being hacked and having no contacts, and nobody writes you back, and it’s just a never ending circle. A woman who follows my newsletter; she works for Facebook, and reached out, and had it fixed by Monday or Tuesday. So that was pretty rad. So I have my Facebook back.

But the thing about Facebook; if you have two-step authentication on. I don’t know if it’s on Instagram or on Facebook. But if you have that on, you can’t link your Instagram to Facebook. So now I have to go in and post directly on Facebook as well. So if I post on Instagram, post on Facebook. So now I haven’t been posting anything on Facebook. Nobody ever sees it, anyway. So I haven’t been posting much on Facebook. But we’ll see if that changes.

But how great is that? A woman actually helped and made a difference. She’s the best. I need to send her free swag. Free stuff. Thank her. Thank you, Kristen.

I’ve been talking so fast. Now I want to talk about some kind of workout changes I’ve been doing. I was going through kind of a hard time last week trying to figure out this new rhythm. Doing competitive CrossFit years ago and not in a smart way. I had no knowledge of really how to train as an athlete. And no background, and no coach to tell me how to do that responsibly. I’ve done some damage to my body, and it’s starting to kind of catch up with me, those years of competition.

So I’ve been going to see Apollo Soft Tissue. I’ve been going to see Dr. John, and working with him. He’s in Cherry Creek in Denver. And he’s been working. I was getting constant headaches, so he was working on my traps and my neck. And I decided after the Open I needed to take a week off of CrossFit. Because I was so f*cking over CrossFit. I was sick of going heavier on workouts. And I needed to take a week away. And when I took a week off, my headaches and my pain in my neck completely went away.

So working with him, and taking time off of CrossFit has been incredibly beneficial for my body. So now I’m like; where am I going to go from here? Because when I’m doing my butt workouts three times a week, and doing CrossFit on top of that, my legs are getting too big for my comfort level, and I just don’t feel comfortable in my body. So I’m trying to find the balance that I’m working my body in different ways and strengthening my muscles without hurting my body and still being able to wear the clothes I want to wear and feel comfortable in my skin and confident.

So this past week, I did only two times of CrossFit. And felt great. I felt destroyed after a CrossFit workout, and had to end up taking a day off. Even when I walked in the gym; I was like, I can’t be here. And had to leave. Because I was just too sore. So now I feel I’m going from five days of CrossFit; I was going three to four. And now I think I’m going to be doing two times a week. I’m messing around with that.

And then I decided to get Class Pass. I guess this is a plug for Class Pass. But I’m also talking about the bad side about it, as well. That I didn’t know until I signed up. And then I was like; what the f*ck? You just got me to sign up, you f*ck sticks.

So what I was so pumped about is I started going to Core Power, and I really loved their sculpt class. And have so much fun in it. And I like their C2 class, as well, for more deep stretching. But the sculpt class is so fun, and you get so sweaty, and it’s so challenging, and I loved it.

I wanted to do that. So I had planned to do a yoga sculpt class tonight. So I’m like; oh, I’ll just sign up for Class Pass. They give you your first week free, and then you start going to regular stuff. So I signed up, and I’m like; oh, I guess I need to sign up for classes. And then I go, and then there’s only certain classes available that day. Because you have to reserve your spot. And I didn’t know this beforehand. And I just thought it was unlimited. Because you just walk into yoga sculpt; you don’t even have to sign up for a class. So I just thought it was unlimited with how many people can be in there. But that is not the case.

So you have to plan out ahead of time. And I’m just not used to that. Because I don’t have to sign up for CrossFit. I don’t have to sign up for yoga classes. I just walk in. Or my other gym membership; I just walk in when I want to. So I’m just not used to having to sign up for classes. And I didn’t know that you would have to do that, and that classes numbers would be limited. I wasn’t aware of that. Maybe I’m just dumb. But they didn’t make that totally clear on their website.

So anyway. I go to sign up for the yoga sculpt class tonight that I already told my girlfriend that I was going to with her, and planned my whole day around it, and it’s not available. There’s nothing available for that. So now I’m going to have to pay the $25 drop in fee, because I really want to go to this class, and I told my girlfriend I would go to it with her. So that’s kind of a bummer.

But what’s so cool about Class Pass is there are so many classes available. And they have, here, they have Core Power. Our CrossFit gym has fit classes, like bootcamp style. So they have Fit classes. They have Fierce 45. They have Transform. They have Rebel Workout. They have kickboxing. They have so many different classes you can try out that I think that’s so appealing as I’m trying to figure out what I want to do. And not pay for just one gym membership.

Because Core Power is pretty damn expensive. And if that’s going to be your only gym, I get it. But if you want to go do other stuff, Class Pass is more affordable. You just have to plan ahead. And that’s the annoying thing that it might fill up and you’re like; oh. That’s the only class I wanted to go to. What the f*ck.

So, that’s the only kind of downside about it. But it’s pretty affordable. And I think you can go to other states, and you can use your Class Pass in other states, so that’s pretty cool.

So at this point, this next week I’m going to try Transform. Because it’s like LaGree style Pilates or whatever. And I’m going to do yoga sculpt. And I’m going to do my butt workout, and then go to a couple of CrossFit. So I’m just trying to find a new balance that I don’t feel like total sh*t. That I’m still getting a good workout. That I’m toning my muscles, I’m still able to keep a more muscular build, because I personally like that look.

It’s so funny, because my sister-in-law, she does fit 36 here in Denver. And she’s like; “I don’t know if I should do more fit 36 because I don’t want my shoulders to get bigger.” And to me, now I’m worried that I’m doing CrossFit less, I’m going to have less big shoulders. I love the look of muscular shoulders and muscular arms. It’s just funny how we see bodies differently. I don’t think she things I have an ugly physique, and I don’t think she has an ugly physique by any means. She is stunning. But it’s funny how we see things.

I want to be more muscular, and I don’t want to lose that muscle tone. And even after some time of doing less CrossFit, my abs are less defined. So it’s weird those tradeoffs and how your body changes pretty quickly. But at this point in my life, I don’t want to feel like sh*t. I don’t want to have headaches. I don’t want to be doing detrimental things to my body. And I have to listen a little bit more than I did when I was 23 years old and my body bounced back.

So now, I’m going to try these things and I’ll keep you guys updated of what I’m liking. This is not putting CrossFit down, by any means. These were my competitive days when I was not doing it in a responsible way. Doing CrossFit a couple of times a week, or even five times a week, when you’re just doing average workouts at average weights, and you’re listening to your body and not putting it through sh*t you shouldn’t like losing your form and going with it. You’re not going to have these same issues I’m having.

It was crazy, because Dr. John is like; have you ever been in a bad car accident? And I was like, no, knock on wood, I’ve never been in any sort of bad car accident. He’s like; you have insane scar tissue in your lower back. Which is often from car accidents. And yeah, I got that from competing and putting my body through a tremendous amount of stress. And I don’t want to do that anymore. I just want to be happy and content and work hard and feel empowered from the gym and not be in physical pain all the time. But that’s just me. There’s a difference between putting yourself through some pain and mental pain without destroying your body, in my opinion.

So, that’s what’s new in my life. I’m excited to try this new stuff and try different workouts. There’s a kickboxing gym here that I wanted to try. And there are so many different things. Denver is so cool, and I’m sure a lot of cities are like this. But Denver, we have so many gyms to choose from. So much food to choose from. We have so many things we can do, so Class Pass just makes it optional to do it all over the place. So I’m excited to try it. I just gotta plan ahead, which is the pits.

Ok, before I let you go, there is some big news. The Jersey Shore reboot. Actually, I’m going to turn the TV on right now, because it was last night. I’m recording this on Friday, and it was on last night, and I forgot to record it. Devastated. But I’m sure it’s playing reruns like crazy. I’m so pumped.

My poor husband, because Tuesdays used to be our family night where my sister-in-law would come over. We would make dinner together, and then we would watch the Bachelor. Meaning my husband would often go in the basement, or we would be forced to go in the basement. Sometimes he would watch it, but he would mostly just take my computer and watch something else. And he really just could not get into the Bachelor. I know some guys can, but he just wouldn’t dedicate himself to it.

But I get it; because I will never watch football. I’ll watch golf, which he’s obsessed with. Down with that. He stopped watching football altogether and I kind of love him more now. So we just watch golf instead, and I don’t know how I stand it. I stand it way better; way more than football. But, now, he thought he was in the clear. No, no. Jersey Shore has started up their reboot. Their family vacation, or whatever. And it started last night.

And I just turned on the TV, looked, of course it’s replaying in an hour. So now I can record all the episodes. So now my husband is going to be forced to watch the reboot of Jersey Shore! F*cking loved that show. I love me some trash TV. And I don’t watch enough of it nowadays. Because I mostly just have on the Office, or the cooking channel or food network channel. Don’t really watch much else. It’s too distracting when I need to get sh*t done. But I love me some Total Divas. I love me some Kardashians. And now I love me some Jersey Shore family vacation.

Oh, and the Bachelor. Duh. Like, duh. So I can’t wait for this. So sad Sammy’s not back. What a bummer, Sammy. We’ll miss you. Not really, you didn’t say much on the first billion seasons. But we’ll miss you.

I’m going to end on that note. Don’t forget; if you’re in Denver, come to my event. I hope to get to meet you. We’re going to have so much fun. I hope it’s fun. I’m so excited.

And it’s snowing like f*cking crazy here now. So I’m going to go mope around the house.

Also; I don’t know what else I’m going to tell you. I don’t know what else. I’m just getting kind of hungry. I’ve been getting hungry at 11 lately. I need to eat a bigger breakfast or something. But I’m hungry, it’s 11. It’s time for lunch, I guess.

I hope you guys have a wonderful day. I hope you do big things. I hope you make a better impact on the world, and you never mom-shame. Because mom shaming is the worst. And yeah, that’s about that. I’ll talk to you next time guys. Have a lovely, lovely day. Bye-bye.

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


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  1. If you do another “thing I’m loving” podcast, I’d love to hear if you have a favorite gym bag, or bag to carry your laptop and stuff when you work at a cafe.

  2. So on the note of your house lightbulb problem – if you have any other problems you should check out the app ThumbTack. You can have local contractors bid on whatever job you have going on, and you can see tons of reviews. We just bought a house and have used it several times.

      1. We literally have 3 Thumbtack contractors at our house right now. If you need an electrician for anything, Bill from ARK Electric was the nicest man I’ve ever met in my whole life

  3. Hey Juli! Where does Jackson go when you leave for long periods of time? Just wondering for future travels away from our puppy!

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