Strawberry Raspberry Milkshake Fudge Hearts

Seriously. Could these get any more adorable? You use silicone shaped molds and they make anything cute. I swear. You could even stuff meat into these shapes and make them cute. Heart burger nuggets? What a genius idea. I’m seriously a genius. Or maybe I’m just on a sugar high from eating these little guys.

So I’m not feeling too hot. Three days of eating out at restaurants, drinking during the day, and walking miles has finally hit me. Yesterday, I tried to workout at 10am and you know what I did? I did a clean and jerk and smacked the bar directly into my chin. I haven’t done that since the first time I tried clean and jerks in a rec center, knowing absolutely nothing about what I was doing. So is my chin bruised? Yes. Is it chubby? Yes. Is my ego bruised? Hell no. I’m tired as balls. And my joints ache. I’m just proud to get through a workout after the weekend. I don’t understand how people drink all the time and still have a great workout. I barely drank in Vegas and I’m a walking train wreck.

But being back in Colorado has reminded me that I’m over the snow. I mean, we have it easy here. The sun is shining, it’s not bone chilling cold, but ughhhhh

Ok, so I need your help. When I moved into my new place, which is the greatest apartment ever (just fyi), I got Amazon Prime along with Netflix. Which is super great EXCEPT I have absolutely no idea what to watch. I need a new series since I finished Homeland, Orange is the New Black, and kind of Breaking Bad (I have to finish that series in small bouts because of its intense depressive nature). So what do I watch now? I need something I can get hooked to. Give me ideas, people!!

Anyone else extremely excited to see the second 300 movie? I AM!!


Strawberry Raspberry Milkshake Fudge Hearts

  • Yield: 4-5 1x




  1. Add strawberries and raspberries to a blendtec and puree until smooth.
  2. Then add maple syrup, vanilla, coconut cream, soaked cashews, and coconut oil and blend at the highest power for 10-15 seconds until smooth and creamy.
  3. Now you can do two things. Either pour the mixture into silicone cups OR pour the mixture onto parchment paper, smooth out and garnish with shredded coconut and chocolate chips. Make these treats however you’d like to eat them.
  4. Place in freeze to freeze for 2+ hours. Serve immediately and store in freezer.

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PaleOMG Strawberry Raspberry Milkshake Fudge Hearts


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159 thoughts on “Strawberry Raspberry Milkshake Fudge Hearts”

  1. I read the title and then the song started in my head…..My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!!!! LOL. Sorry I had to share that!!

    This recipe does sound wonderful and I will be making them for sure!!!

  2. You HAVE to watch House of Cards. Kevin Spacey, Kate Mara, and Robin Wright. AMAZING series, Kevin Spacey is at his political, manipulative, conniving best!

  3. You should watch the show The Good Wife, my roomate and I are hooked, and all of the seasons are on demand!

    Also – totally making these for V- Day, gracias!

    1. I second that! I just finished a marathon of watching all 4+ seasons of The Good Wife and it was awesome!! Can’t wait for the season resume in a few weeks.

  4. I’ve heard Downtown Abbey is great. I’ve added it to my list of things to watch… if I even get around to having the time to watch them… 🙂

    1. You, it’s funny you call it Downtown Abbey. I’ve always thought it was called this, too. It’s actually DownTON Abbey. Weird, right?

    1. I second this! I LOVED Veronica Mars. I didn’t watch it when it was on, but got hooked on it last fall when I was home following surgery. I couldn’t get enough of it!

  5. I want to make these for my husband, but I’m afraid he’ll want to track you down and marry you instead if I do! 😉 Super fabulous, can’t wait to try them!

    1. I totally agree with all the Justified comments. The dialogue is outstanding. I’ve also really liked Luther, which is a BBC show that I know Netflix has, so Amazon might as well? House of Cards is great, if you like ruthless political thrillers and Dr Who is just adorable dorky fun.

  6. #1) your blog makes my day. all day. every day.

    #2) my netflix recommendation is this – Sons of Anarchy. why? you might ask. two words. Charlie Hunnam.

    #3) happy hump day 🙂

      1. I second Dexter, I’m watching it for the second time around with my sister since she hasn’t seen it, and its still addictive even when I know what happens!

      2. OMG Dexter is the best!!!! finished it last night 8 seasons in about 5 weeks…….addicting. I don’t know what i’m going to do without him in my life every night!

  7. Downton Abbey is great, I also loved Friday Night Lights (even though it is more for teenagers I still loved the show) Parenthood is amazing as well!

  8. 1) old-ish shows that are really good / entertaining: West Wing, 24, Lost, Lipstick Jungle, Chuck, Friday Night Lights

    2) I saw Absinthe with my boyfriend last year and we sat in the front – we both got called out a lot, which was hilarious (he’s black, I’m white – if you’ve seen Absinthe before, you’ll understand) and he was called on stage to do the dance off and despite being mostly sober and a terrible dancer ended up winning 🙂

  9. Dr. Who!!! Start with 2005 and you gotta suffer through the first season and a half cause the graphics look so lame but it gets so epic you’ll be obsessed. And 8 seasons will keep you busy for a while unless you binge watch like me n my hubby. Oh and don’t skip the Christmas specials. They’re important 🙂

  10. I don’t know if it’s available via Amazon Prime/Netflix but ‘The Wire’ is a great series. I’m watching it for the second time.

      1. On that note, watch The Sopranos instead of The Wire! I found The Sopranos much better than the Wire and am actually watching the entire series for the second time. It is even better the second time.

        Boardwalk Empire is also awesome! And for a witty and fresh approach to law series, watch Suits.

  11. Watch Scandal! It’s awesome and had a fantastic dramatic story line. But also keeps you on the edge of your seat with all the sub-story lines

  12. Watch American Horror Story!! Each season is in a different setting. Season 1 – murder house, Season 2 – insane asylum and Season 3 – witches coven. At first I was pretty spooked when watching at night but it’s really addicting and pretty crazy!

  13. Sons of Anarchy! You won’t be able to stop… the bad boys, the bikes…. the bad ass Old Lady Gemma!

    Second vote….. Prison Break… again the boys!!!!

  14. Two suggestions for seriously addictive series:

    1. Scandal

    2. Nip/Tuck

    Once I started watching Scandal, I seriously couldn’t do anything else but watch episode after episode!

    Nip/Tuck has some bizarre and interesting things in it. The characters become addictive though.

  15. Second the Wire and also recommend The TUDORS! Henry Cavill is beyond hot in it.

    Also, thanks for the easy recipe! This looks great. I have blackberries, I’m assuming they’ll work as well as raspberries.

  16. These look yummy! And as for what to watch…as geeky as it sounds, Sherlock Holmes on the BBC with Benedict Cumberbatch is wondeful.

  17. Okay, I just discovered your blog and am pretty sure we should be best friends. As soon as my Whole 30 is over I am making these suckers! I even already have the molds!

    TV wise, someone already said Friday Night lights, but watch it. Seriously so good! So is House of Cards, if you want comedy, Rules of Engagement is on Netflix, produced by Adam Sandler and pretty dang funny!

    Thanksful I found a fellow chocoholic food-lover in this paleo world! Happy Vegas recovery!

  18. I started watching Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 and was totally hooked! It is such a ridiculous show in the best way possible and James Van Der Beek is hilarious, especially when he becomes a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. It was a sad day when that show was cancelled =(

  19. Instant Queue recommendations!
    – Call the Midwife – 1950s England, charming
    – Firefly – sci-fi cowboys
    – Leverage – bad guys turned good
    – Sherlock – modern day Holmes
    – Once Upon a Time – has the first 2 seasons

    Basically binge-watched those series on Netflix. 🙂

  20. Go stream Firefly. There are only thirteen episodes. But then you get to watch the movie, Serenity! Warning: this is a Joss Whedon show/movie. People you love WILL DIE AND BREAK YOUR HEART.

    Seriously, just shut up and go watch it.

    It is about cowboys. Five hundred years from now. In space. And strawberries are involved.

    Then, once you’ve fallen in love with Nathan Fillion, go watch Castle.

  21. Also, in regards to the actual recipe, are these really hard if they have to be stored frozen? The fridge doesn’t keep them solid?

  22. Just started watching True Detective, I’m already hooked. Breaking Bad is insanely good – so much character development! I finished each season on a Friday night – one loooong addictive movie!

  23. I didn’t see this mentioned and yeah I took notes myself for some new ideas. … Covert Affairs. I Love this show! Piper Pierbo stays out as a new CIA agent. Maybe I Love it because I want to be a CIA agent when I grow up?

  24. I read your blog daily for a dose of hilarity!
    I agree with some of the above suggestions: Rules of Engagement, Bones, but my favorite is:
    Hot in Cleveland….can’t beat Betty White. I am just a sucker for comedies.
    Hope your new place is great, would love to see pics! 🙂

  25. These look fantastic! I can’t wait to try them!

    I recommend Sherlock if you’re in to mysteries and British TV shows. Raising Hope is hilarious and it doesn’t take much thinking power to watch, unlike Sherlock. Parks and Rec is good, too.

  26. The Following!!! OMG I have never used netflix before but Saturday afternoon, I thought I would check it out. I had so many plans for the day but no….12 hours of watching season 1 of The Follwing took over my whole day!! ugh. It was amazing. Watch it.

  27. Well I don’t believe in Vday but I will have to make these….maybe a day late to be a rebel.
    Also, I also strongly recommend scandal. Watched it like I watched Orange is the new Black: one after the other…

  28. So this is a guilty pleasure and I’m not even ashamed to admit it, but Pretty Little Liars is a great show!I know it’s on abcfamily, but I got hooked pretty easily. Also, Netflix has Grey’s Anatomy which is amazing. I love your blog by the way! I got excited when I realized you were from Denver and knew Clark because I’ve been going to CFSD for almost a year and a half 🙂 Will you be at the women’s competition he’s hosting this saturday?

  29. I have to secnd Veronica Mars. You could be all caught up by the time the Veronica Mars movie comes out in March!



    House of Cards

    Downton Abbey


  30. i don’t have a blendtec, or vitamix, or nutribullet, or anything cool like that. just a lame old food processor. not sure i’ll get a creamy consistency out of the cashews.

    can i just sub 1/4cup cashew nut butter??
    and the rest i assume would work ok?

    gonna sub honey for the maple syrup also 🙂

    1. Oh – and I recommend American Horror Stories, or if you’re in the mood for something funny, start watching The League.. .such a good show!

  31. Do know how the hearts will turn out if you use freezed strawberries and raspberries? Hard to get hands on fresh one that tastes okey where I live this time of year 🙁

  32. You should absolutely watch Scandal! It is insanely addicting and I loved watching it while I was up at 4am with a newborn. It almost made that time less sucky…almost.

  33. Thank you! Thank you! My son was recently diagnosed with seizures and can’t have refined sugar. I was trying to figure out what I could make him for valentines day that he can eat. These will be happening! Thank you!!

  34. Is coconut milk an optional substitute? Also, I’d recommend, It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, Friday Night Lights, Scandal… you really can’t go wrong by some of the other options on here!

  35. Your recipes are so wonderful, thanks for the inspiration.

    I don’t know why anyone would want to watch girls.

    I love arrested development!

  36. This recipe looks deelish! I can’t wait to try it! Loving your blog Juli 🙂

    If you are at all into crime dramas check out The Killing on Netflix. It is unreal … dark and addicting, based on a Swedish show. Great characters, great development, great story line. One of the main characters “Holder” is a Swede himself and stars in a foreign flick (subtitled) called Easy Money … check that out too.

    Cheers ~ J

  37. If you like Homeland you gotta see THE AMERICANS. The new season is starting Feb 28th so you have time to catch up.

    Also, thanks to you, eating healthy isn’t just baked chicken breasts with broccoli. Geez, I can’t believe I used to eat so borrring.

  38. You have to watch:

    The Walking Dead
    The Tudors
    Game of Thrones.. if they have it
    Gladiator .. if they have it

    Thanks for another great recipe. Your blog make my day!

  39. Watch Scandal.. I didn’t think I would like this type of show, but it was pretty damn good. I have television ADHD, though and stopped half way through season 2. One day I’ll get back to it. Right now I’m hooked on a Hulu original called MisFits. It’s a British show that’s pretty raunchy and all Sci-fi with them being all super power-y and all, but I like it nonetheless.

  40. I know these are cartoon series but the humor is fantastic: Phineus and Ferb or The Last Airbender. If you don’t want a cartoon, Grimm is good and not really scary.

  41. I know I’m not the first one to suggest it, but House of Cards is amazing. Kevin Spacey is wonderfully evil and I love every minute of it!! Plus the new season comes out on Friday!

  42. Love Scandal. Couldn’t stop once I started watching it. Parenthood, New Girl, modern family, Downtown Abby and Revenge are aso my favorites. Glad you posted this because I needed a new show to watch as well.

  43. The Legend of Korra…..Excellent! And glad you’re healing up….why I don’t drink anymore….waaaay messes with my training and recovery ;).

  44. My nerd is going to show – but watch Stargate SG1, then Stargate Atlantis. Sometimes cheesy is exactly what you need (always). Except not on pizza, dairy is, well I’d rather not think about what it is actually. That’s disgusting.

  45. The recipe looks amazing can’t wait to try it!
    I just finished season 1 and 2 of American Horror Story. Season 3 just completed on regular TV and it was great. Also I got all caught up on The Following. If your not into those kinds of shows try Castle or Bones. Both are great shows.
    Looks like, thanks to all the other comments that I am going to have to check out House of Cards and Scandal!

  46. I’m not sure if you can get this on the American Netflix but Misfits is awesome! It’s a UK series about kids on community service that get weird (and funny) super powers during a freak storm. Otherwise I’d go for Sherlock!

  47. These look amazing!

    Series recommendations: Scandal, House of Cards, Girls, True Detective, Thd Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Downton Abbey

  48. These look great! Sorry to hear you bumped your chin though. My favorite thing on netflix is Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23. So funny and awesome. It is a short tv show, only two seasons. I am so bummed it got cancelled!

  49. You have to watch House of Cards on Netflix! Amazing show!! The second season is starting tomorrow and I am super excited to watch at least one episode!!

    1. Is House of Cards a US remake of the BBC series from back in the 90s? If so, I’ll be really interested to see how it turned out! Loved the original series, and the books too!

  50. You have to watch Sherlock, the British one is hilarious and basically keeps you on the hook for the entire episode until the case is solved.

    Plus, his witty banter with Watson kills me. 🙂

  51. We enjoyed: Dexter, The Following, The Walking Dead, Sons Of Anarchy, Arrested Development, American Horror Story, 30 Rock, Twin Peaks, Mad Men, The X-Files…there is so much!
    Damn, I watch way too much television.

  52. I have a heart shaped mould but I’ve never made anything PINK in it!
    I also recently discovered the amazing-ness of soaking cashews (I know, I’m a tad behind) sue me!
    As far as TV goes, Borgen, The Bridge, The Killing, Crimes of Passion etc. not sure we have the same taste as far as watching goes though!.

  53. Juli, you are awesome! Great recipes and you blog cracks me right up, LOVE IT!
    I am jonesing on American Horror Story – 1st season the best by far; The Following- gotta have my Bacon!; The Blacklist- very good show for it’s first season out; Las Vegas CSI; Criminal Minds;
    Nip Tuck was awesome; Rescue Me- awesome.
    Do you ever watch the shows on the food channels? I get hooked on Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey and Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer. The Americans looks very good.

  54. Once again, I am compelled to comment because the photos of these little hearts are beautiful! You really have come a long way in the photography department. As for Netflix, I recommend United States of Tara if it is still available. Perhaps not up everyone’s alley, but I thought it was great.

  55. I highly advocate checking out Spartacus. It’s gladiators. It’s visceral. It’s addicting. There are four seasons…although there’s a casting change after season one when the actor playing Spartacus succumbs to cancer. Fantastic series though.

  56. these look great juli, thanks. i recommend criminal minds & 30 rock – great drama in the first, great comedy in the second.

  57. These look yummy. I’d probably drink the stuff before I’d have time to pour it into molds and freeze them! Have you seen The Good Wife? I just discovered this show (it’s on Amazon Prime) and I LOVE it. I just finished the 5th season. The Walking Dead is good too, if you’re into slow-moving, pretty-much depressing, angst-y zombie shows (I like the show but yell at it a lot too)! Good luck with your show watching!

  58. You MUST watch the BBC series, Sherlock. It’s the best TV I’ve ever seen. The characters, the plot, the humor. Fantastic!

  59. Made these on Tuesday and had my first taste of one last night. Sooooo good! These are like little strawberry-and-cream candies. Yummy!

  60. Do I need the cashews? My son can have almonds – but he can also have dairy.. I assume the cashes make the “milkshake” part of the recipe, any suggestions what I can use instead?

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