Stuff I’m Loving Right Now – Episode 46: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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Chatting about all of my favorite things as of late while I run errands and cook for my husband before I leave for the Caribbean. It’s all about multitasking on this episode!


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Episode 46 Transcription!

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

1. My Favorite Things: Beauty [25:43]
2. My Favorite Thing: Food [37:20]
3. My Favorite Things: Travel [46:47]

Juli Bauer: Well hello. Welcome to the 46th episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. At the moment, I am doing this podcast on the go. Because time is just getting shorter and shorter every single day of my aging life. Just because I’m leaving for the Caribbean at midnight tonight. This is Thursday. So I’m recording this podcast while I get all my things done that I need to do. So at the moment I’m in the car driving my way to; where am I going right now? I’m going to get a spray tan. Because, you know, you’ve got to get that dark on before the Caribbean. That fake bronze. Everybody loves that fake bronze, right? It just rubs off on all my sheets.

Here’s what; oh my god. I don’t understand this. And I think I’ve talked about this before. But, if you look at Like To Know It; and I’ve talked about Like To Know It a lot. But they have Like To Know It home; and all the picture on Like To Know It home of bedrooms are white sheets. It’s like; white covers, white duvets, white pillow cases, white sheets. It’s all white. And I’m like; ok. That is 100% not reality. Because first of all, who is that reality for? Because there’s dogs. My dog doesn’t get on the bed, but there’s a lot of people who have dogs on the bed.

Second of all; spray tans. If you could see what my sheets looked like two days ago before I washed them, you would be so disgusted. It’s like I never drank a sip of water in my life, and then peed all over my bed. That is the color that is spread throughout my bedsheets. Because as soon as I get a spray tan; even after I wash it off, I still sweat at night. My husband touches me with his finger, and I’m like; “Ah! I’m too hot!” So, I sweat that spray tan in the creases; you know the creases of your elbows, or knee pits. Whatever those are called. The sweat begins. And my white sheets, that I accidentally bought white because I wasn’t using my brain to its fullest capability. Those white sheets are now brown sheets. And bleach doesn’t get that sh*t out.

Does bleach even work? I don’t think it does. I think all that bleach does is ruin clothes when you pour it directly onto black fabric. But for actually whitening whites, no. I don’t think it works. My husband doesn’t believe me that I use bleach on our sheets. And I f*cking do. Skin is gross. Skin cells are disgusting. I bleach that sh*t.

So anyways. {laughs} I’m going to get a spray tan. And then I am trying to be a good wife. Because I’ve said this many million times; my husband works a f*ck ton. So I don’t know; {laughs} ok. We have to make sure you actually eat while I’m gone. And remember there’s poke bowl place nearby. There’s Mod Market. And he’s like, “those are expensive.” I’m like, ok. That’s fine. You just have to eat. So I’m trying to be a good wife. I loaded up on groceries for him. Things that are easy to grab and go. And make quickly.

But then I’m also making him a breakfast casserole, so he can just have breakfast each morning. And then I’m making my pizza casserole. Which is one of the most popular recipes on my website, on I have this pizza casserole. And it’s usually made with spaghetti squash. But since spaghetti squash is not in season right now, I’m using butternut squash noodles. So we’ll see how that goes. It could be f*cking disgusting, I have no idea. But, I’m sure he’ll eat it. He’s a dude.

So I’m making those two things today. I have to pack. Get the house cleaned up so I don’t leave it in complete disarray. Get some laundry done. And record this podcast. And I’m trying to finish up a few of my blogposts before I leave, because I just don’t know what the internet/Wi-Fi situation is going to be. Because; I’ve talked about this trip, so sorry if I’m repeating myself. But as I’ve noticed as I listen to podcasts, I tend to start from the very beginning with podcasts. Meaning, the newest one. The top of the podcast, and then work my way down. Which I wish people wouldn’t do that. I wish they would start from the beginning, so you can really get to know me and feel how annoying I am from the start.

But anyway. I am going on this Caribbean trip. My friend, Vanessa, who has been on the podcast a couple of times. She is a blogger of Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind. And she had this trip planned. This yacht trip through the Caribbean that she did last year with 10 people. And she loved it so much that she booked it again, through different islands. And they had two friends who dropped out. Broke up; needed somebody to fill the spot. I said, f*ck yes. Here’s my money. And then I invited my husband. He can’t take that many days off of work in a row. So I invited my sister-in-law. So she is coming. She is awesome. And she’s pretty much the female version of my husband. So that’s pretty cool.

We are going to St. Martin. We’re flying into St. Martin, where Vanessa is getting married, and I get to be her witness. Which is pretty rad. And then we’re boarding our little yacht. And it’s 10 people, so 5 different rooms. And then we sail through St. Martin to St. Kitts and Nevis; St. Barts, Anguilla, I think that’s it. I can’t remember any of the other ones. Especially because I’ve never been to any of these places. I really couldn’t even show you were they’re on a map, honestly. I wish I would have remembered geography. Why do they have to teach you that sh*t so early? That sh*t’s gone.

Oh, speaking of traveling. Because today’s podcast I’m talking about all my favorite things, and I’m going to have travel on there. And I’m jumping ahead of myself. But the other day, of course. I’m 29 years old; what comes up? F*cking pregnancy. Every week. Every damn week. And they’re like, “Are you thinking about it?” I’m like, no. 100% no. I’m having too much fun traveling as much as possible. And they’re like, “Do you get bored with traveling?” I’m like, I don’t know, do you get bored with parenthood? Traveling is never ending. Parenthood is never ending. So I have no idea. I don’t think I’m going to get bored with traveling. Tired, sure. Traveling is tiring. But bored? No. F*cking pregnancy questions. Every week.

Speaking of pregnancy. I went to the doctor finally. Can we talk about why pap smears are the worst thing ever? Going through another pap. And I’ve had many in my life; obviously. I’m a female. And I’ve been on birth control since I was a teenager. So you go in, and get checked out, all the time. But going to the pap is a constant reminder of why I have another thing to add to my list of why I don’t want to have children yet. Because there is someone digging in there all the time. Shoving things up there. Looking in there. Whatever their little thing. It’s like a duckbill that they turn and open up your vagina. Um, no. I don’t want that. And I don’t want something coming out of it. No.

This person; oh my gosh. This awesome company that I’ve been able to work with in the past, they reposted one of my photos on Instagram. And then this girl wrote on there. She was like, “I used to like Juli, but then she talked about how the only reason she doesn’t want to have kids is because it’s going to ruin her body. She’s so vain.” I was like, what the f*ck?! I literally did a podcast on 46 reasons why I don’t want to have a child right now. And one of those reasons was being scared of how it’s going to change my body. And that includes your vagina, ok. This is not just outside. What happens inside is quite frightening, ok? I understand it’s a muscle. It goes back. But there are tears involved, and it’s scary.

But yeah, I was like, there is no way I was like, “I’m just scared it’s going to ruin my body.” No. It’s the financial. It’s the emotional. It’s the; like a million things that go along with having a child. Very frightening. 29 years old. I guess I’m supposed to be over that fear, but not there yet. Nope. Still on the kick of just wanting to travel instead. So that’s what’s been going on around these parts of the woods.

I’m so excited for this trip, though. I’m trying to not be on social media. Because that’s my job. I’m trying to stay off my job as much as I can. I’ve written most of my posts ahead of time. I’m almost done with all of them. And so my assistant, she can post them while I’m gone. And then just make sure they actually go live on time and everything looks how it’s supposed to look. So I’m so excited. Just kind of stay off. Relax.

There will be a lot of boat time. A lot of little floating time. I bought two little floaties for me and my sister-in-law, so we can just float with our cocktails right behind the boat. And what else? I brought exercise bands so we can do workouts on the beach. I’m going to force my sister-in-law. I love to workout; she does not love to workout, but she always works out, still. She always comes in. She’s like, “I hate working out!” But she still does it, like a little badass chick. Badass b*tch, you know? So I’m going to slightly force her into workouts with me. Vanessa, when I was on book tour with her, we did constant workouts. She works out like 6 days a week. She works out more than I do, and f*cking loves it. So she will be easy to talk into.

And this girl; oh my god, if you haven’t read Vanessa’s blog, it’s Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind. And she recently; I didn’t even know this until I just saw her a couple of weeks ago. She decided to cut out drinking altogether starting in the New Year. So as soon as January 1st hit, she stopped drinking. And this is a girl who loves to drink. She’s a good partier. She’s good at hanging out. She can really hang. And she stopped drinking altogether. And so she’s like, I wonder if I’m going to drink when I get on this trip? I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m going to try to only drink a little. I’m not sure if I’m not going to drink at all.

But she did a whole blog post about not drinking. And kind of the difference she’s seen with not drinking, and how good she’s felt. And I think it’s an amazing blog post to read. So if you just go to Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind. I think she posted it; it’s her most recent post, unless she’s posted since then. But it’s like her maple fig cake, which looks f*cking awesome. This girl is so good with photography, it blows my mind. But check out that. I think people always need a little reminder of how much alcohol is terrible for you. And I do those reminders, and I’ve done podcasts about it whenever I do a cocktail recipe, I try to remind people that alcohol is poison. So be aware. But poison can be fun. So you’ve got to find the balance for sure. So it will be interesting to see if she drinks much on this trip, or if she doesn’t.

I always feel like I love drinks at the beginning of a trip, and then I feel like sh*t even if I’ve only had like 3 drinks. Because they’re usually pretty sugary on vacations. I go more the fun sugar route, and then I just get over it. And I don’t want to drink vodka sodas, I think that tastes like sh*t. I’d rather just drink water. So I usually drink at the beginning, and then I’m over it. So we’ll have to see what happens with that with all of us.

And I’ve never met any of these other people. So I know Vanessa, I know her fiancé, soon to be husband. Which I get to witness. I’m so excited for that. And then my sister-in-law. So I know 3 people on the boat out of 10. I guess I know 4, because I know myself pretty good, you know what I’m saying. So that will be so cool.

Ok, I’m pulling up to get my spray tan on, so I’m going to keep going throughout the day. Keep giving you updates as things go by. This is an update. So maybe less yawning! Oh my god, this is so exciting. I don’t think I’ve yawned the entire 13 minutes of this podcast so far. Bravo, Juli. Oh my god, I feel like I’m going to yawn now I’m thinking about it. Ok, I’ll be right back. Ok? Bye.

Ok. We’re back in the car. We’re back on it. I am sticky. I’m tacky. Tacky in multiple ways. I have a grease bun. I wish I could get out of this stage of having a grease bun on top of my head, but I’m sure as not going to wash my hair every day. That’s hella truth. So I just got my spray tan on. I seriously love; I never liked getting spray tans before because I always felt like I turned really orange. And then I started going to this place called Glamour Bar in Denver. So if you’re listening to this podcast and you live in Denver, you should go to Lindsey at Glamour Bar, she’s really, really awesome. But I don’t look orange anymore, which is fabulous.

So now, I’ve got my bronze on. This is a spray tan that you leave on for however tan you want to be. So one hour for light tan, then you shower it off. Two hours for medium. Three plus hours for dark. So I’m leaving it on like 6, for sure. Until I smell like all hell. So now I’ve got to head back home and make the casseroles for my husband. Finish up some laundry. And what else do I need to do? I have this whole long to-do list. We don’t have to leave our house until 10:30 at night.

You know how red-eyes always seem like the best idea? And they are when you get to your destination by dinner time and not midnight. But fudge. They are hard. They are not so fun. I usually take some sort of sleeping medication if I have a longer flight. But this first flight, we go to Charlotte, and it’s just 3.5 hours. So you don’t want to be groggy and feel like sh*t the rest of the day, and be in and out. That’s just not going to fly. So I’m staying away from the sleeping pills. And I’m just going to try to sleep it out. I’m hoping my fatigue just sets in and sleep that 3.5 hours.

Because then we get to Charlotte, and it’s like 6 in the morning. We fly out again at 9. We’ll probably just grab some breakfast. And then I’m just going to work on my computer the rest of the time. Because you can’t really sleep, because it’s f*cking 9 a.m. and then you’re like, oh. So anyways. Then our net flight is like 4 hours or something like that. And then we get to the Caribbean at 2. So that’s pretty sweet. And I’m pretty sure Vanessa gets married right away. So we just freaking get changed, get married, eat some dinner.

Oh my gosh. I pulled out cash for this trip. Maybe I should go to the bank. Maybe I’ll do that. I pulled out cash for this trip, and then of course I’ve used like $100 of it. It’s like, oh a coffee here. A spray tan there. Like, whatever, whatever. And I’m like, why did I even pull this cash out? Why am I using all this cash when I should just be using my card? So now I need to go get more cash. So I have money to go to these little fun restaurants when we’re, you know, stopping in an island.

So I wanted to tell you guys about a podcast I just started listening to. I’ve listened to them once before, but then I just got too much into my True Crime podcasts. So athleticism, nutrition podcasts, they kind of took the back seat. But I’m back in it again. There’s only so much True Crime you can go over. That’s not true. True Crime is f*cking unlimited, sadly. But, ok.

So if you don’t follow Joy and Clare on Girls Gone WOD, you should totally follow them. They live here in Denver. I’ve been on their podcast before. And they’re my close friends; they’re awesome. But they were on a podcast called Mind Pump. So I listened to the episode that they were on. And I just really liked these guys. So anyways. I listened to the one podcast they were on, but then I just never got back into it. And so Joy the other day, she started talking about how she was a little frustrated how CrossFit seemed to be going the route of how lean can you get type of idea, I don’t know. And I just saw a couple of her Instagrams, I didn’t talk to her that much about it.

But she posted about a podcast from Mind Pump where they kind of talk about that kind of stuff. So I listened to that episode, and loved it. They had; I don’t even know what episode it is. And that’s so unhelpful. But I highly recommend, if you can, listening to Mind Pump. I’m so in love with these guys. They’re just no bullsh*t kind of guys. They’re not like, “Oh, here, I’m trying to sell you this protein powder. I’m trying to sell you this supplement. I’m trying to tell you that this is what’s the only thing that’s going to work.” They’re just no-bullsh*t type of guys, and I really, really appreciate that in fitness. Because all you see; and now, especially. It’s like, “Vegan is the way you have to be. You have to take supplements. You have to take BCAAs.” Or whatever the f*ck they are. I always get questions about those, and I’m like, I literally don’t know what those are, and I don’t care.

But I’m a person who believes that if you need to supplement with something, it’s because something is missing in your diet. And so if you’re like, “Oh I need to have protein after a workout.” It’s like, ok. Get that in your diet. Eat some real protein. I don’t believe in protein powders. I have them on occasion, but I don’t believe in them as my actual nutrition. It’s just like, “Oh, I want to make a shake today. And I want to add something to it.” So I’m just adding a little bit to it. But I mostly kind of just do collagen.

But anyways, I’m getting totally off topic. These guys are just no-bullsh*t fitness and nutrition perspectives. And they’re so intelligent. And they’re just really easy to listen to. And they’re just not; they’re scientific, but not. It’s very; I haven’t listened to Robb Wolf’s podcast, but I have read his book, The Paleo Solution, and it’s very much how Robb Wolf writes. It’s easy to understand; he’s just easy to understand. It’s really nice. So these guys at Mind Pump; I highly recommend listening to them if you need a new podcast. And you need some perspective about working out and feeding yourself correctly.

It was just like this very, this podcast they’re talking about how actually restricting your diet can make you gain weight. And how this one woman they worked with, they wanted her to lose weight, but they really needed her to first dial in her nutrition. And she went from eating 1500 calories to 2600 calories. And she wasn’t losing any weight, but she was staying at that same weight. She was just dialing in her nutrition. And we’re just filled in a world where restriction and;

I just, my whole life, grew up thinking that I had to eat nothing, and workout all the time. And I did that for a long time. And all I did was gain weight. And I had inflammation. And I had issues. And once I threw that out the door, and I just started eating when my body said it wanted food. And I started working out once a day, taking two rest days a week, my body completely changed. I’ve said this so many times on podcasts. So hearing it from a male perspective, and them saying this, was just very satisfying. That’s not the correct word, really. But it was f*cking satisfying, listening to this podcast. And them telling women to eat, and take care of their bodies. It was f*cking cool. It was just nice. It was nice. So I highly recommend listening to that. I’ve been really into it. I’m going to download a bunch.

And I know this is a really popular podcast, but I’ve never listened to it. Still haven’t. But as I’m standing naked in front of my; I do have underwear on. But as I’m standing almost naked in front of my lovely woman, Lindsey, doing my spray tan, we’re talking about podcasts. And she’s telling me how she loves the podcast; sh*t. What is it? How I Did That? Ugh! It’s like an NPR one. Now I feel like an asshole because I don’t even know the name of it. But everybody knows, who’s listening. You’re like, “Oh, yeah. I listen to that one.” Now I’m trying to go to the top charts and look at it.

But anyways. I want to listen to that one. Because I’ve heard; it has popular people on it. Like some of the people on Shark Tank were on it. The woman who started Dry Bar. So I’m going to look up that one and listen to that on my flight. God, flights are the best time for podcasts. Flights and driving. And if you travel a lot, and you spend a lot of time in the car, and on the plane, download podcasts. Well, you probably already do because you’re listening to this one. So I don’t know if I really need to say that.

Anywho. Feeling spray tanny as hell. I’m almost home. And onto my next adventure with cooking. And then I’m going to talk about; what am I going to talk about? My favorite things today. I’m still making sure I have the full list of favorite things before I get into them. But I can’t look at my list and drive at the same time. That would be unsafe. So give me; well to you it’s going to be 4 seconds. Give me 4 seconds, ok? Ok? Ok, thanks so much. You’re the best. Bye!

Ok, we’re back in business. Back on it. Right now, you might be able to hear the food frying. I’m making my husband a breakfast casserole. And I’m actually filming it on Instagram as we speak, as well. So I’m multitasking the sh*t out of things right now. So I’ve got the breakfast sausage going. I’m going to make him a little casserole. So he’s happy as a clam. Breakfast is the one thing that he kind of lacks at making sure he eats. So, this is why I’m here for him. This is why I’m his wife. And because, I’m a real good time.

Anyway. I wanted to talk about some of my favorite things. I haven’t done this podcast in longer than I thought. It’s been like 10 episodes, maybe? It’s been a lot. So, I thought I’d do a little breakdown of things that I’m loving lately. Maybe I’ll talk about things that I’m not loving lately. Ok. Sometimes it’s fun to put a little bit of negativity out into the world. No, that’s not what I usually preach here. But f*ck it; I’m on vacation, bro!

1. My Favorite Things: Beauty [25:43]

So. Something I’m loving right now. And I actually just used it before I got my spray tan, is Tinkle. I know. I hate the name. Tinkle face razors. Or they’re called eyebrow razors, or something. I got them on Amazon. And I didn’t purchase this brand at first, but I thought the name was so f*cking stupid. No offense to them. But I wasn’t into the whole Tinkle sound. I think they’re going with; I don’t know what they’re going with. But I’m not into it. So anyway; I bought a different kind of face razor and hated it. It was terrible. And somebody on my blog recommended the Tinkle brand. So I just hate saying Tinkle. Don’t you feel like you’re a little school-age girl? I don’t know. It feels weird.

But anyway. Sorry if you hear random noises while I’m doing that. I know this is really annoying. But girl’s gotta work. So I bought this brand, reluctant at first. But I bought this Tinkle face razor. And I use it because I haven’t been able to see my esthetician as often, because I’ve been traveling and just super busy. So whenever I see my esthetician, she does dermaplane. Which is just like shaving your face. So I just got so accustomed to not having any hair on my face. And it pulls off dead skin as well. So your skin is just crazy smooth. So I got very accustomed to that. And now I notice people’s face hair all the time. I notice when people just need a dermaplane. So of course, I notice my skin right away. As soon as I need to shave my own face.

It sounds so weird. It’s weird; I try not to do it in front of my husband. I’m not sure how he’ll feel about that. So I got these Tinkle razors, and they’re just very good. They’re great. They get a ton of dead skin off. And you can get a really good smooth skin hairless face {laughs}. And it doesn’t; you don’t end up cutting yourself or scraping yourself, like I’ve had with other razors. So I’ve really loved this brand. I highly recommend them. And your skin just feels so much smoother. It just gets all the dead skin off.

My sister-in-law actually started using these kinds of razors because she had really dry skin. And that was the only thing. She tried exfoliants. It was when she moved to Colorado. She tried exfoliants, and they didn’t work. And she tried the razors, and she loves them. And she uses them on a regular basis, too. So we’re just, you know, sisters who love to shave our faces, you know? Yeah. So I’ve been doing that. Loving that brand. Highly recommend them. And you’ll notice your facial hair way more often. That’s a downside of it. That is a down side. But you know I love my esthetician. I’ve talked about her, I think, on every single favorite things podcast. And she’s amazing. But I can’t always get in; that sounds weird. I can’t always make it into her. So this has to do in the meantime.

Another thing I’ve been taking with me when I’ve been traveling, since I’ve been traveling so much, is collagen packs. So I get these on amazing. They’re the Great Lakes brand. And they just have little convenient single packs. Instead of having to pack your own Ziploc baggie of all your collagen, I just take these little packs with me.

I started taking collagen daily into my coffee, so in my daily routine, a few months ago. It was probably; it’s probably been 6 to 8 months of adding collagen. And my hair; nothing ever grew my hair. Seriously, nothing ever did. And I was just like; this is just the hair I’m going to have. And after I added collagen, my hair is so much thicker. It’s longer, it’s healthier, it’s crazy. And my nails grow a lot faster, too. Which I don’t love, because I have fake acrylic nails. So I have to get them done more often. But the hair part; and my hair. I have naturally blonde hair, so I have to get my hair done every three weeks, because my roots show, and I’m not into that look, of looking like I’m balding.

There was this forum once that I read online. There is this mean forum out on the internet that talks sh*t about blogs. And it was talking about me. I will never forget this forum. But it was talking bad about PaleOMG and how much they hate me. And there was one that was like, “She obviously doesn’t eat well because you can tell that she’s balding.” {laughs} I want to be like; I’m not balding! That’s just my blonde hair coming in, ok! It just looks like I’m balding! {laughs}

So now I have to get rid of that super fast because the collagen is making my hair grow a little bit faster. So roots are showing mighty fast. So loving the collagen. It has its pros and cons. But mostly pros. If you want longer hair. If you want thicker, longer nails. Highly recommend this stuff. And I use Great Lakes or Vital Proteins. I’ve used both of them. I usually use Vital Proteins when I’m at home, and then when I travel I just use the Great Lakes single packs. Because I can get them on Amazon Prime. And Amazon is taking over the world, and I’m supporting it! I wonder if Amazon is going to make Whole Foods prices lower. That would be pretty rad. Since I just bought pre-cut sweet potatoes for a million dollars.

Anyway. So I highly recommend getting collagen in your diet. And if you can get the single packs, I just add it into my coffee. I like to bring a little, what’s it called? Like handheld frother. And I can just mix my coffee with the collagen, so it doesn’t get clumpy. So I’m literally staring at it on my counter right now. My frother, my collagen packs, ready to pack into my luggage. And have my collagen on the go. On the sail boat! On the yacht!

I wonder what kind of yacht it is. I really have no idea about this trip. When my friends ask me on trips, I say yes. I don’t really ask questions. I don’t do a ton of research. I just hope that my friends aren’t assholes, and booked a good trip. So I’m just really trusting Vanessa here. So I don’t really know what the boat even looks like. But who cares. Who cares. I’m on a boat.

Ok. Another thing I have been loving. I think I’ve had this one before, but my love for them never ends. Is Express jeans. So if you are a person with bigger legs, or more muscular legs. Or you have a tiny waist and your legs are thicker than your waist, like most people I see out there. And you have a hard time buying jeans, because jeans are made for J. Crew mannequins. Well, not to worry. I’m here to tell you that you need to shop at Express in their denim section. I buy most of my jeans from Express online. I find that they have more size options online than in store most of the time. And I can find more of a selection, and it’s easier to kind of look through, online.

But anyway. Express jeans are life changing. They’re so stretchy. They have so many different washes and colors and distressed or not distressed. But they’re the best fitting jeans in the world. I cannot get enough of them. I’ve only had a few pairs that I’ve tried on and didn’t fit right. But almost everything; I usually buy size 2. Once in a great while I’ll buy a size 0. Their sizes definitely are; you should size down when you’re purchasing things. Because they run a little big, for sure. Because I don’t wear a 2 in anything, and I do in their clothes.

So they just have jeans that fit like no other. I’m just so in love with them. Every time I put their jeans on, I feel more comfortable in my skin. They just fit so well. So they have been my go-to for jeans for a couple of years now. I don’t know why I didn’t start shopping them earlier when I had issues with finding jeans. They’re just a life saver. A life saver, I tell you.

Another product, or company, that I’m loving is Tula face products. I told you; if you follow my blog at, I talked about Tula on my blog. And told you guys what products I love with them and what I’m using. And I actually just packed all of my; I’m walking back there right now. Walking through my house. I packed all of my Tula products in a little baggie they give you when you order any of their travel sized stuff. They give you this little travel sized bag. So I’m packing all of those. Setting them down by my suitcase as we speak. But they have travel size products and then just regular size products, as well. {dinging} Sweet potatoes are done.

So they have all kinds of different sizes and products. But I got a bunch of their travel size products recently just because I was going to travel all the time. And it’s so nice to be able to keep up on your products. It sucks when you leave and you’re like, ok I don’t feel like buying the little travel sized ones. You know, you go to Target to get stuff. It’s nice to have travel sized stuff already ready to go. So they have travel sized stuff that I’m keeping with me. So I’ve been loving Tula for night and day skin care.

And then another product I’m taking with me on this trip; and I actually just posted about it on my blog today. Is Super Goop. So Super Goop is a sunscreen company. And I was lucky enough to meet with them when I was at the reward style conference in April. I think I met with them on my birthday, actually. So I got to meet with the people kind of behind Super Goop, and talk with them, and what their goal was, and what their brand is all about. And they have amazing sun screen. They have a mousse sun screen that I love, because it gives you so much coverage in just a little squirt. Squirt is a gross word.

They also have a setting mist that I use for makeup. Like a makeup setting mist. I use that after I put my makeup on. And then they also have a, what’s it called? A setting powder. So I’ve been using the powder. Like if I get greasy at all. If my skin kind of gets oily whenever I’m wearing makeup. Or say you’re outside. I’ve been using that little setting powder. Oh, Jackson. Using that setting powder to just set my makeup, and get the grease away. It’s the best. Love those products. So Tula and Super Goop. {laughs} I almost said super poop. Super Goop are both really awesome products. Highly recommend them.

2. My Favorite Thing: Food [37:20]

Now, let’s talk about some food products. Because I just added spinach to my breakfast casserole. Cooking up some breakfast sausage, adding the spinach as we speak. So let’s talk about some food related products that I’ve been loving lately.

Let’s see. I’ve got to get my little list up. So first off, are Perfect Food bars. These are not paleo. Don’t f*cking come at me, ok. They’re not paleo. And they’re decent high in sugar; that’s why they taste so f*cking good. But I’m a person; I don’t believe in just eating a bar as a replacement meal. I don’t think you should be eating bars every day. But I am a person who likes to have a little bit of a snack before I workout. Or I like having some sort of bar on hand in my person for after a workout, and I have to coach, and I don’t have time to eat other food. Or I’m just traveling. And I don’t have time to eat something; I have something on hand.

So I don’t like bars as meal replacements or daily intake. But I think they’re great when you have better options of bars, just around, in general. So, I love, love, love their chocolate chip peanut butter. And then they have a dark chocolate almond one. The almond butter is really good. The peanut butter is really good. Really they have all kinds of different flavors, and they’re all so tasty, and really filling. And a lot of times, I’ll eat half a bar and just put it away. So if I’m going to go in for a workout. I do Orange Theory in the mornings, usually. So I will get half a bar in. It could be a Lara bar, an RX bar, or a Perfect Foods bar. Those are usually the three that I have on hand. I’ll have just half of a bar, just to get my stomach settled. And just have something in my stomach before I go. And then I can have that half a bar another day.

So it’s nice just having a little something on hand. And their bars I think are so tasty. And the people I’ve talked to at Perfect Food bar have always been really cool people. Which I love. Who doesn’t love cool people behind a cool product? Am I right? I am right.

Another one. Let’s stay with the food. The brand Terra chips. Terra started off, I believe, as root vegetable chips. That’s how I’ve always known Terra chips. But they’ve always used, I believe sunflower oil, in their chips. In their root vegetable chips. And they recently started using coconut oil. And they started making sweet potato; not sweet potato. But they do have those. But they started making plantain chips with coconut oil. So they have two different kinds of plantain chips. They have regular plantain chips and they have sweet plantain chips. So the riper ones.

I find the regular plantain chips; sorry, I keep saying sweet potato. I find the regular plantain chips a little bit too salty. And I love me some salt, believe me. But I find it just a tad salty. So I like to get the sweet plantain chips. I don’t find them to have as much salt in them. And they’re just super tasty. It’s just the perfect little snack. And they cook them in coconut oil, which is really cool. So I’m loving those chips. I just actually bought some for my husband so he can snack on that.

And of course, now we’re on the chips because I just bought these other chips for my husband too. Siete foods chips. Sorry, I’m trying to get dishes out without making a total breaking dish sound. So my husband and I both love Siete foods. If you haven’t tried their tortilla chips, they’re made with cassava. So they’re grain free tortilla chips. And they’re just so good. So addicting. So just be warned, they’re very addicting, and it’s hard to stop. It’s hard to put them down. Which is why I just purchased them when I’m heading out of town. So I can keep my life together. But they’re so dang good. And the family, I’ve talked about Siete foods. The family is just amazing, too. Which makes it even more fun to purchase their food, when you know the people behind it.

But if you haven’t tried Siete foods chips, they’re amazing. And if you’re like, “I live in Podunk, Nowhere.” Don’t worry; you can get them on Amazon, pumpkin! Amazon has everything, ok? When I doubt, go to Amazon. That should be a quote. I guess I just made it a quote.

And then, what else. Ohh, I have a drink one that I’m loving. Have you tried Spindrift? Spindrift is a sparkling water. But they use fresh fruit in it. So I’m going to actually go look in the fridge. I want to see how many calories are in this fridge. Oh my gosh. Our fridge; I don’t know if you can hear this terrible sound. But our fridge is about to break in our garage. It was here when we got here, so we don’t really care. But it’s about to explode. That motor is running hard.

Ok, so in their strawberry Spindrift, they have 9 calories, and it’s 1 gram of sugar. So the only thing it has in it is sparkling water, strawberry puree, and fresh lime juice. How cool is that? Those are all of the ingredients. And they have a ton of different flavors. They have cucumber, they have raspberry, they have grape. I just pulled the strawberry one out because I’m going to drink that down. But yeah, it’s like the perfect little summer drink to have. So you can mix it into cocktails. You can have it by itself. I like it when I’m just like; “I just don’t want another bottle of water. I need something else.” I have one of those on hand. And they’re just a nice treat.

I’ve heard other people, they’re like, “They don’t taste very good.” I think people expect these to be sweet. But they have no added sugar. So when you’re just mashing up fruit, it’s not going to give off; and they’re not using a ton of fruit, obviously. It’s not going to give off a ton of sweetness. So if you’re looking for a sh*tty sugar-filled pop, well you’re not going to get that. It’s just nice, refreshing, it has some flavor to it, but it’s not super sugary. You can always add your own sugar to anything. So if you’re like, f*ck this. Here’s some stevia. Boom. If you’re like, no, I’m not into no calorie. Add some honey. Do you, baby boo. Ok? But don’t expect it to be a pop, because it’s not. And pop is gross. Do you drink pop? Do you? You shouldn’t. It’s disgusting. Such a judgey b*tch over here.

Another thing that just opened by our house that I’m super into. Because we’ve just never really had many of these things around. Is a new poke restaurant popped up. I feel like poke is really popular in Hawaii. We don’t have it much over here. Especially because we’re a land-locked state. So getting fresh fish over is a little bit harder, so I don’t trust many places for it. So I go to my sushi place in town. They fly in fish daily. And I trust this place too. They have wild-caught.

So, I get a poke bowl with white rice. And they have gluten-free soy sauce there, so add that on. And then they do wild-caught tuna or salmon. And you can get that. And it’s raw. Add that in. And you can add a bunch of toppings to it. So I add like cucumber, they have mango, tomatoes, green onion, cilantro, seaweed. They just have a sh*t ton of stuff. So I’ll just add in everything. And then at home, a lot I’ll add either coconut aminos if I’m not into the gluten free soy sauce. Or I’ll add a siracha mayo into that. Loving it. Siracha mayo is the bomb. Am I right? I’m 100% right. Loving that.

So I told my husband, when I’m gone, Poke City is right around the corner, my little pumpkin bun. Just go get it! Just go pick it up! Go live the good life. And he’s like, those are expensive. I’m like, just eat food, ok. I don’t care. I don’t care. We never put our money together. Just because we’ve been too lazy. Sorry, I’m spraying some coconut oil in a pan. I don’t know what you can hear and what you can’t hear. It’s going to be back to one of my first episodes when Jackson was chewing a bone, and everybody gave me the worst reviews. Anyways. Sh*t, what was I talking about? Poop in a shoe. I lost it. I lost it. I could rewind and listen, but b*tch ain’t got time for that. That’s just what I’m going to say this whole podcast. B*tch ain’t got time for that. Just making this egg casserole for the hubs.

3. My Favorite Things: Travel [46:47]

So another thing I’ve been loving, since I’ve been trying to add more travel to the blog and to my own life. I’ve been heading to more places and trying to find places that I want to travel to. And I’ve been just kind of sticking within the US. But I’m hoping to get into a little bit more international travel as I go. I have a trip to Boise, Idaho in a few weeks. Once I get back into town from this trip. I have a quick break at home, and then I go to Boise. So it’s been fun seeing what other people add to their travel. So I’ve started following two travel bloggers. I may have talked about them on the podcast before because I just love both of them. They’re really fun to watch. They’re just really cool, amazing women. Obviously, I don’t know them personally {laughs}. But they’re just really inspiring women. And they just f*cking conquer everything, their own business. And they’re badass chicks.

One woman is Leslie Ann Murphy. If you watch the Bachelor, because you should. She was on; I forget whose season she was on. Maybe Ben Higgins? I forget. But she did not win. I think it was Ben Higgins. She did not win. I don’t know how far she made it. But I think after she finished that filming, maybe she started traveling. And she became a full-time travel blogger. And I’ve listened to a podcast or two with her on it.

And she recently, she had the gene that predisposes you to probably have breast cancer. So it’s like, Angelina Jolie talked about this. And she got a mastectomy because of it. So this girl, Leslie Ann Murphy, when through the same experience. And she documents her entire experience of getting a mastectomy. And recently she just got implants. And just talking about the whole process of it all. I could even be saying things wrong, because I’ve never been through this myself or know anything about it. But she’s really cool. And she just continues to travel.

So she recently just had the breast augmentation surgery. And then she was in Aruba. And I think she was just in Breckenridge. It’s just so fun to follow along on her Instagram stories. And she has stunning photos along the way. And I just, you know, I just want to hop on a plane with her, and be like, “Show me your ways. Show me your badass travel ways.” Love reading her blog too. It’s a beautiful blog. I really like it. So if you can, check out her.

And then one other travel blogger who probably has the best photos of all is My Life’s A Travel Movie. Alyssa Ramos. So she, I think she’s in Bali right now. I follow her on Instagram stories all the time. Because it’s so fun. Because she’s like, “oh, here I am in Bali. And this is my apartment for the next two weeks. And it’s like $26 a night.” And it’s a super cute little apartment. And she has a pool. Then she shows grocery shopping, and how much money she spends on what. Then she takes stunning photos. She just crushes the photo game. She does a ton of wide-angle shots. I’m looking at her photos right now, and am just obsessed. Like, f*ck she goes to cool places.

But she talks a lot about how it’s cheaper to travel around the world than it is to pay for an apartment in LA. So that’s pretty badass. And she just runs her business. I think her blog is her fulltime business. So pretty cool. So I highly recommend those two travel bloggers that I just adore. And they just keep me completely inspired. I want to do cooler things because of them. That’s a pretty cool job, to inspire others to just do cool stuff. So cool.

I think I only have one last thing to talk about. I’m trying to look around the house to see if there’s any other stuff that I’ve been loving lately. Obviously, the Nordstrom anniversary sale, because that’s the best time of year. It’s like Christmas. And something I’ve been loving since I’ve been traveling. Since we’re kind of on the traveling topic anyway, is my Delsey luggage. So honestly, just hard back. I don’t know if that’s what it’s called. But hard luggage. So; (pulling the sweet potatoes out.)

So any hard case luggage. I guess hard back is not a word. But hard case luggage I think everybody should have. Like, it is such a life saver. I see all these people with their luggage that’s been totally smashed in the process of going through all the baggage claim. And I recently, I got Delsey a few months ago. And I got a huge one for my checked bag, and I have a little one for carry on. And what I love about hard case is it always fits overhead. Because you know when you have those fabric ones that stretch, and you’ll just keep putting sh*t into it, and then you can’t fit it in the overhead bin space, and you’re like shoving it, and everybody’s staring at you, and it’s really embarrassing. Not a fan of that, no.

So with the hardback, it’s like you sit on it. You shut that sh*t. And it stays the same size. (Sweet potatoes aren’t done.) It stays the same size. You put it up overhead. No embarrassing moments. Love it. Love my hard case. If you don’t have hard case suitcase, I highly recommend them. And they weren’t crazy expensive. I mean, I went. I forget where I was. I was looking in some store. And it was like, $800 for a carryon. I was like, go f*ck yourself. No. No. Who pays that? Not me. I think I paid, I got it on Amazon, and I think I paid maybe $150 for a carryon. And $250 for my huge one; like huge! Maybe a little bit more. But compared to what I found in the store, so much cheaper. Love them. They’re more affordable on the suitcase size.

Yeah, that’s all I got for you I think. I think so. What else. Is there anything else? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t think so. But you know what; I hope this podcast gave you some new ideas for your own pantry. Or your own clothing. Or whatever else, you know. Your beautiful face of yours. Jackson says hello, from the carpet, chewing on 6 bones at the same time. And now I’m going to hop on Instagram stories and talk about how I make these casseroles. So you won’t be hearing this until 2 days later. But follow along on Instagram stories. I’m hoping to get a couple of photos up on my Instagram stories the day when we’re traveling. I’m trying not to be on my phone that much, because then I just get a little wrapped up in answering questions, and then not taking a full vacation. So follow along on Instagram stories. And I’ll be posting some new swimsuits if you need some swimwear ideas. And I’m hoping to also post workouts that I’m programing on the beach.

So I bought some exercise bands, the Go-Fit brand from Target. I just bought exercise bands and I’m going to program some workouts that we can do that will just be like running, and doing the exercise bands, and body weight stuff. So we can stay in shape while we’re on this trip. So I’ll post those as I do them, as well. So stay tuned for that.

I hope you guys have a wonderful week. Thanks for listening to the podcast. As always, you’re a real gem. You’re a real best friend, you know? Not like my other best friends who don’t listen to this podcast. You’re a real good best friend. Ok, I’ve got to go. I’ve got to do the damn thing. Don’t forget to rate, review, subscribe. I don’t really know what it does. But I hear all the other podcasters say it. So I’m just following the trend. And have a great weekend. I’ll talk to you soon. Come over to I have new recipes up there. Some new outfits. Some new workouts. Some new stuff. I’m actually having a Denver series post coming up of places to stay in Denver, if you’re thinking about travel. So come over, travel stuff. All kinds of jazz. And I’ll talk to you soon, guys. If you don’t hear a podcast next week, it’s because I’m on f*cking vacation. But I may record one. You never know. You never know what you want to do on vacation. Until next time, my friends. I don’t know how to say goodbye. Love you. ‘K, bye!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


16 thoughts on “Stuff I’m Loving Right Now – Episode 46: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. You should have your esthetician on for a podcast! Getting the scope on all the treatments we should be trying out would be amazing.

  2. Love you girl but on the list of your favorite things, how many are you contractually obligated to promote or have some sort of revenue arrangement with? I appreciate this is how you make a living ….

    1. i’m not contractually obligated to talk about any of these and i was not paid by any of these businesses to talk about them. if that were the case, i would specify in the post like i always do! i’m just talking about these products because i’m loving them right now

  3. Juli, Vital Proteins has single packs of collagen available now. They had them at the Games last weekend. Very cool people!

  4. Hey, love your podcast! I’m wondering how often you use the face razor? As needed for hair removal, or on a schedule for exfoliation? I’m combating some DRY skin. Thanks!

  5. Hi Juli,

    I have question. I’ve been working out and eating healthy for the past several months and have noticed a lot of muscle gain, changing the shape of my body. It’s really exciting, but I’ve definitely seen growth in my butt and thighs which has impacted the way my clothes fit. Do you have any affordable brands that you recommend for pants that work well for muscular lower bodies. I don’t want to give up my skinny jeans! Also, any luck finding black jeans that don’t fade, but also aren’t hundreds of dollars?

  6. In the podcast you were describing the travel blogger and how it’s so awesome that she can inspire others to do cool things. I just wanted to let you know that that is exactly what you do! You inspire me and others every day not only to do cool things but also be the best self we can be. Thank you!

  7. Lol, you bring your frother with you? That’s amazing. I’ve been meaning to buy a frother… If you have recommendations feel free to share.
    I wanted to say thank you for the podcasts. When I need a break in the middle of a hard workday, turning on your podcast feels like I’m hanging out with a girlfriend. PS I’m a mom and had all of your same thoughts and fears (still do? haha). But now I also kinda feel like superwoman.

    1. i HATE my frother so i don’t have a recommendation right now sadly. i just threw mine in the trash the other day. i need to find a good one because my target one was not cutting it. and thank you so much for the love, sharonn!

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