Super Bowl Snacks: Cookie Pie Ice Cream Bites

I don’t know about you, but I’m in love. With cookie bites. Deep inside, I think people love the Super Bowl more for the mini snacks than for the actual game. I’m sure I’ll get hell for saying that, but I don’t care. COME AT ME, BRO! But for real, snacks are flowing everywhere. And they’re all bite size. If I showed up to a party that had cookie pie ice cream bites, I’d for sure be down to watch football. It’s all about the reward when doing things you don’t want to do.

I’m real in love with Anna Kendrick. I’m not one for girl crushes, mostly because I like boys better, but she’s my new girl crush. I started following her on instagram AND twitter. And I don’t even really look at twitter. I comment back to 3% of tweets and then move on with my day. I never actually look at what other people write. But I have that much of a crush on her that I’m not a follower. I also started following Jesse Tyler on instagram. He’s the red head gay dad on Modern Family. He’s effing hilarious. Sometimes, when I’m in a bad mood, I just go to his instagram and watch all the videos. Him and Anna Kendrick should be best buds. Just my personal input into their personal lives.

Speaking of bad mood, I’m a little stress pot right now. Really no huge reason to be, I just seem to like to stress out sometimes. I mean, I cook and eat for a living, so I don’t have a ton to be stressed about. Other than eating too many cookie bites. But I’m finishing up my second cookbook that I’m co-authoring with George and it’s a stressful step. Writing can be stressful. On here, I totally don’t care what I say. You don’t have to read it, my website is free, and I mostly just write down things so I don’t have to go see a shrink. It’s a genius idea, really. But writing in a cookbook, you have to be more professional and explain every little detail about every little thing. I’m not really complaining, more so just getting aggravated by the wrinkles I get between my eyes while constantly thinking and staring at a computer screen. And you know how I feel about wrinkles. Answer: not good.

Omg. I move soon. I know I’ve been saying this for the past…month. But now it’s serious go time. Like all my stuff is congregating in boxes kind of go time. I’m buying things on Amazon like nobody’s business. I had to get a Prime membership just because I was buying so much stuff on there. I even had knives show up on my doorstep yesterday! Don’t worry, I ordered them. Thankfully, I’m moving about 3 miles away from where I currently live, so the move will be easy peasy. I know you were worried and all. And soon I will be able to share photos and my place morphing together into a little home. Step by step. I’m sure that’s what you were looking for on a food website. Home decor. Yaysoexciting!


Super Bowl Snacks: Cookie Pie Ice Cream Bites

  • Yield: 10-12 1x




  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line an 8×8 glass baking dish with parchment paper.
  2. Place coconut butter in a large bowl along with coconut sugar and mix together until well combined.
  3. Then add maple syrup, vanilla extract and eggs and mix until combined.
  4. Lastly, add almond flour, baking powder, salt and chocolate chips. Fold everything together.
  5. Pour batter into baking dish and spread out evenly throughout the dish.
  6. Place in preheated oven and bake for 35-40 minutes. The middle should be slightly firm but not hard. Do not over bake because it will harden while cooling.
  7. Remove from oven, let pan cool, then place in the freezer. Freeze for an hour or longer. Once the cookie pie has hardened, remove from freezer, remove the parchment paper from the dish then use a large knife to cut the cookie into 1 inch cubes. This will create 20-30 cookie squares depending how big you make them.
  8. Use a tablespoon or small cookie scoop to scoop out a small amount of ice cream and place on top of each cookie square. Then place a toothpick in the middle of each square for easy serving!

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PaleOMG Super Bowl Snacks: Cookie Pie Ice Cream Bites


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43 thoughts on “Super Bowl Snacks: Cookie Pie Ice Cream Bites”

  1. Hey Julie!

    Longtime reader and lover of your site. How hilarious is Jesse Tyler?? “Excuse you Beyonce!”

    Can’t wait to try your new recipe and excited about your book with George! Keep pushing girl you got it.

  2. OMG…this looks amazingly healthy and I’m looking forward to making them!! I need your cookbook:)

  3. These look great, can’t wait to try…. It is worth it to get Prime if you order a lot of stuff on Amazon… the free 2 month trial is what I did around Christmas time. Good luck with the move! (and yes, Anna Kendrick is wicked cute!)

  4. We’re supposed to get like 8 inches of snow tonight, so I’m fully expecting to be snowed in from work tomorrow, and my plan is to cook a bunch of food, including these babies! Looks yummm!

    Also, I expect to see home decor pictures, especially the kitchen, once you’re moved in! Nobody said this was ONLY a food blog! (Ok, if they did say it, I disagree!!)

  5. Nuts and nut flours/butters have started making my digestion very unhappy, do you think I could sub coconut flour for almond flour?

  6. Julie I love you, but you’re killing me! I know kind of harsh, but it’s true. I am a new found paleo-er and was only finally convinced to try it when I got your cookbook for Christmas. Everything looked so good! But here’s the thing, while going through a week straight of every meal coming out of that wonderful book I discovered I am allergic to coconut! It’s my first known food allergy and I had never eaten it before so not a big loss right? WRONG! Soo many of your fabulous recipes call for some form of flour. So here is my cry for help (via this novel-my apologies)! I’ve been able to sub almond flour in some things but what is a non-coconut eating lover of new recipes girl to do when trying to eat paleo?? ….particularly when looking at the picture above. I’m drooling. Seriously. It’s a problem. Help!

    1. coconut allergies are always pretty difficult. i think in this situation, you could probably sub some kind of nut butter instead of the coconut butter. it may not come out exactly the same but still pretty good

  7. Hey Juli! 2 questions – favorite brand of almond flour for baking? And can you get coconut cream concentrate locally here in Denver? LOVE all your recipes and looking forward to incorporating these on Sunday@ Super Bowl party.

    1. I just make my own almond flour or buy it in bulk at whole foods since i don’t use it that often. And you can buy coconut butter or creamed coconut at whole foods (which is the same thing as coconut cream concentrate)

  8. Omg hi! I have literally baked something off your blog every day for the past month. So far these have been my favorite creation! They were soooooo yummy and coconutty and that made them absolutely perfect! Thanks for the blog your really entertaining and I love the recipes!

  9. Hi Juli! Love your blog.I’m new to Paleo, and I made your hummingbird bread last weekend and have gotten my entire family on the paleo bandwagon as a result. Just a quick question. I live in Ireland, so the selection of things available is very different. I am struggling to find a can of coconut milk that doesn’t contain emulsifiers, so can’t make the coconut butter. I was wondering is it possible to sub in regular, grass fed butter? From most of what I’ve read about Paleo, grass fed butter is all good. Over here the meat and dairy products are grass fed pretty much as standard, so grass fed butter both salted and unsalted are easy enough to come by. Would the recipe work with regular butter?

    1. i’m not sure butter will work the same in this recipe, especially since i haven’t tried it. but you may be able to just use almond butter or another nut butter instead of the coconut butter

  10. When I move I notice that my collective crap tends to congregate in corrugated cardboard containers. This recipe looks fantastic! I will have to try this in the very near future! I may add a pinch of cinnamon and clove to it.

  11. I just made these and OMG delicious!!!!! I love you website and trying new recipes. I’ve made a bunch of the crockpot recipes!!! More please:)

  12. I have these in my oven right now! Making these bikes, vegan chocolate cheesecake bites, AND the deviled egg recipe you posted tomorrow! Trying to sneak my yummies into my very not so paleo friends diets lol

  13. Just made these for the big game tonight. They smell delicious! I don’t know that I can wait until the party tonight!! Love, love, love your recipes!!!

    And I feel for your move! I’ve been saying for 6 mos. that we’re moving…house renovation is REALLY behind 🙂 I’ve been packing since last May, so hopefully one of these days we’ll actually move! Like you, it’s a short distance – just 7 houses – but still a ton work! Good luck with your move 🙂

  14. First off….you rule. I love your narrative and the way you think and attack life! You are an inspiration to me to stay on top of my effing blog already and quick letting it haunt me!
    Also as a long time acne struggler and acutane popper, I so appreciate your transparency about your struggles…..there is no one less approachable than a miss-perfecty!
    As an aside, I am totally making these cookies today!! I’m a sugar addict and chocolate chip cookie aficionado and since I can’t seem to kick the habit I figure I may as well eat better quality sugar. Thanks again for all you do!

  15. Made this recipe and LOVE it! I had never even cooked with coconut sugar before,so I was a little nervous, The hubs was skeptical and his response after the first bite was, “OH my god that is one of the best things I have ever eaten.” And I think it’s only fair that you know that he doesn’t even like coconut. 🙂

  16. I looooove the cookie bites!!! Thankyou. I have to hide them from myself they are so good. I’m a a paleo dessert snob and these are worth every bit of the effort. The chewy, crunchy crust with the soft in the middle texture is perfection! The butterscotchy vanilla sweetness dimpled with the chocolate liquor chips is carnally delicious. Thank you for posting a new favorite!

  17. These are fantastic. First time using coconut sugar and it was very good. I’ll agree with others that the chewy texture was perfect and even better with coconut ice cream on top. Highly recommend for a delicious paleo dessert and non-paleo people will love it as well!

  18. these were soooo good! i made them with about 1/4-1/3 cup of coconut sugar as that’s all i had left and they were plenty sweet. my husband said these were the best cookies i’ve ever made!

  19. Hey Juli – I don’t have coconut sugar, is there something I could sub for this? I was thinking maple syrup but the recipe calls for some of that already. Thanks!!

  20. Just made these exactly as the recipe goes…. Cannot keep my hands off them! One oft he best recipes I’ve made from your site yet. Thanks!!!!

  21. Just made these. DELISH- but mine looked nothing like the pic. They were dark brown. I don’t know if I did something wrong? The coconut vanilla ice cream made them perfect! Thank you for your site!

  22. Dying to make these right now but reg almond flour or blanched?!! Sometimes recipes come out so different depending!!

  23. Can you freeze these for longer? I want to make them maybe a week ahead of time and wondering if they would be okay if covered in the freezer?

  24. HI, 1 cup of coconut sugar seems non paleo to me. Why so much? Can’t imagine these are “healthy” as some comments say…

    1. danielle, sugar is not healthy. it should be rarely consumed. i created recipes with better ingredients in them, such as coconut sugar or maple sugar instead of conventional processed white sugar, in hopes of people eating treats that are less harsh on the body. that being said, i don’t eat much sugar even in the form of fruit because sugar just isn’t good for you. so if you want a treat, eat this or make whatever works for you. if you don’t want to consumer sugar, don’t.

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