Surprise Birthday Party & Denver Meet-Up: Episode 81 – PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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Today on the podcast I’m sharing my first surprise birthday party that was so freaking fun! And I’m also sharing my first Denver meet-up I hosted with Tula! It was the best!


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Episode 81 Transcription!

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This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

Juli Bauer: Well hey there darling! Welcome to another episode of PaleOMG Uncensored. When you are listening to this, I am either in Miami, or the Caribbean, or you’re listening to this not at the exact time that I produce it, and none of this matters. None of this conversation even matters. I don’t even know why I’m saying it.

It was a crazy weekend. This weekend was bananas. This past weekend. I’m recording this on a Monday, but this podcast is coming out on Saturday. I’m recording it early because I will be leaving for the Caribbean soon. So I’m getting two podcasts done early so they will still come out on time while I’m out of town.

But let’s kind of go over the weekend. It was the best weekend ever. So on Saturday, I was supposed to have a double date. Wait; I have to rewind for just one second. Because this is hilarious. Today, my husband had to leave out of town. And he had to wake up at 3:30; he left at 4 in the morning this morning. I obviously was still in bed, and as soon as we heard his car pull away, Jackson jumped into bed with me. {laughs} He just knows. He knows; oh dad’s gone? Cool. I’m here. I’m here with my mom. She’s the best. He’s just so f*cking cute. We snuggled so hard this morning.

So he left at 4, and I didn’t get up until 7. And I’m an early bird. I get up at like 5:30, 6 every morning. I slept until 7 and it was magical. And I needed that, because this weekend was bananas.

So, back to the point. This past Saturday we were supposed to; my husband and I were supposed to go on a double date with my friends, Clark and Maddie. We’ve been trying to make this happen forever, and haven’t. And we finally got it in the books. We made a reservation at L5, because my friend Maddie loves this restaurant, and I really want to try all the food that she recommends there. I don’t want to eat there; I’ve had snacks and drinks there, but I haven’t had a full meal. So I want to go with her, because it’s the cool restaurant in town right now, and I want to eat with someone who’s cool, because she’ll know what to order.

So, on Saturday, I go workout. Go get work done. I go buy a dress for my Sunday event. And then I’m getting ready early because that’s what I always do. And my husband said; how about we grab a drink before dinner? So I was getting ready early. I get a call from my friend Clark. And my friend Maddie had back surgery maybe a year ago. Maybe not even that long ago. But she had back surgery to replace a disk in her back. F*cking crazy surgery, where they give you pretty much a C-section. Cut you where your C-section is, take your insides out, replace a disk. I don’t know if they take them out, but they move them over. They replace a disk, and it’s just f*cking bananas.

So anyway; she’s had back issues, and she’s been healing from this. And she’s had to quit some of the bootcamp style classes at our gym. And I just ran into her at Transform, at a gym in town that’s like a reformer, or megaformer. I don’t know all these former Pilates style names. I’m very new to this sport. {laughs}

So anyway, I run into her there and she’s saying that her back has been flaring up, so she needs to kind of ease off of the bootcamp style classes and go there and yoga instead. So I get a call from Clark, and he tells me that Maddie had gone to Orange Theory, and she hurt her back and she was in Urgent Care, because they need to check out what’s going on. And she’s all drugged up because she was in so much pain. I’m like; oh my god, I’m so sorry! We can bring you guys food and come hang out if you need us. We’re totally cool to come hang out. And he’s like; no, she’s pretty hopped up on drugs. And family is coming into town. So no need to come over.

I’m like; ok, no problem. And I call my husband, let him know about the situation. And he’s like; oh, that sucks. I’m like; well, we talked about going to a sushi date night soon, so how about we just go do that? He’s like, yeah. Let’s go do that. We’ll get an early dinner, because I’m starving. I haven’t eaten today. And can we go pretty early. Is 5 or 5:30 too early? And I’m like, dude. I’ve wanted the early bird special since I was f*cking 22 and stopped drinking as much as my 21-year-old self. And my husband doesn’t get home until 7:30-8 every night, and sometimes I’m like, I can’t wait for you. Sorry bro. And I eat by like 5. I’m hungry, I want dinner, I want to go to bed by 9.

So anyway. I’m like, f*ck yeah. Let’s go to an early dinner. So he gets here. We go to sushi. And I’m usually a 2-drink person at the sushi restaurant. I love this cocktail here. It’s like, vodka, blood orange, jalapeno. It’s just so freaking good. And usually if I have a third one, I have a stomachache so I usually don’t go that deep. So I was just feeling it.

So we get the check, and I’m like; can we have one more? And he’s like, ok. That’s so weird you want a third, but ok. So we get a third. And I’m pretty buzzed at this point. Feeling good. Feeling that my jeans are incredibly snug, but feeling good. So, since we couldn’t hang out with our friends, my best friend Laura had invited Brian, my husband, and I over to their house to just hang out earlier in the week. And I’m like, oh, I’m so sorry. I have a double date planned already. So I’m like; why don’t we go see Laura and her boyfriend now. And they just got a new puppy, so why don’t we go hang out with them and the puppy. And my husband was like; yeah, that’s a great idea.

So we head over to her apartment. And I’ve never been there before. So we walk in, and my friend Laura is like; I’ll meet you at the door. Because my apartment complex locks. So she met me at the door; I thought nothing of it. We walk through the lobby, and I’m kind of distracted, because this girl has an English Bulldog that’s f*cking adorable and I want an English Bulldog now. Except I hear they’re really loud snorers. But anyway. I get distracted by this dog, thankfully, and don’t really notice or hear any of the noises.

And we walk around to kind of the kitchen area of the lobby, and I’m surprised by 30 of my closest friends. People from the gym, people from college. People that I’ve met through my husband. And everybody yells surprise. I’ve never had a surprise birthday party. So we yell surprise. And me, not thinking of it, because my birthday is not for another week. I thought it was a party for our 2-year wedding anniversary. I’m such an idiot.

Somebody said happy birthday, and I was like; oh, ok. I’m so dumb. My husband was like; why would anybody want to celebrate our 2-year wedding anniversary? {laughs} But we had just watched our wedding anniversary video, so I was just coming off of that hot. And dinner was kind of an ode to our anniversary. Whatever.

So yeah, I was surprised with a giant gluten free birthday cake that was so f*cking good. There’s this place called the gluten escape. And I’ve never even been in this place, I’ve just three cakes from it because I have the best sister-in-law and best friend who always buy me cake at special events. And this cake was so good.

So my sister-in-law and my best friend had put this all together. And they did it short notice, because they were like, when are we going to celebrate her birthday? Because she’s going to be out of town. So let’s do something.

And it’s funny because my husband was texting the two of them; my best friend and his sister. And I saw the group text come in, but I didn’t think anything of it. I kind of thought it was when my Facebook was being hacked, so I was like; maybe they’re trying to do something nice because I’m having a f*cking panic attack. {laughs} No, that’s not it at all. They didn’t give a f*ck.

So they planned this whole birthday. They did it last minute. Reached out to all these cool people. And it was so freaking fun. So we just had champagne. One of my girlfriends; it was so cute. When we were at a wedding in Grand Lake, my dress, as I zipped it up, it completely tore open. And she sewed me into my dress. So she brought me a little travel sewing kit to bring with me on my trip. It was so cute.

But we just had cake and snacks and champagne and hung out with everybody. And no, my friend Maddie did not hurt her back or go to urgent care. She was there, and I was crying. Because I was texting them at dinner, asking how she was doing. {laughs} And it was all a little ploy. So it was so freaking cool.

So Saturday night was awesome. And what happened on Sunday? I woke up with a massive hangover because I had all sugary drinks and then cake. Speaking of cake; we accidentally left it in my sister-in-law’s car, which is a blessing in disguise. Because I was trying to be good with my diet before I leave for this trip, and not eat sugar. {laughs} But that night just did not count, because it was party time. So it was just so much fun. We ate, drank. I had a hangover on Sunday.

And then, not great to have a hangover on Sunday, because my sister-in-law had a hangover too, and she’s been doing my photos. So we had to go take outfit photos in the morning, and we’re both hungover and don’t want to do it. {laughing}

And then I had to get my life together, and really clean my act up. Because, I had my first Denver meet up. And I hope this is maybe one of many in the future. I was just so lucky. I teamed up with Tula. If haven’t heard me talk about Tula, they are a skincare company. And they reached out to me about doing a Denver event. And at first I was kind of hesitant, because I don’t know what that’s going to look like. I don’t have any cookbooks, any new cookbooks or anything. What do I even talk about? Why would people even want to come? I was just super hesitant to do it. I didn’t think anybody was going to come, and I was going to look like such a dickwad.

So, anywho. They set up this entire event. So on Sunday, they started the event (and ended the event) at Just Be Kitchen. So we had two sessions. At 3 p.m. and a 6 p.m. session. And the 3 p.m. sold out, and the 6 p.m. almost sold out. So that was really cool. So it was almost 150 people that I met that day. Which is so freaking rad.

So, Just Be Kitchen hosted us. They set up snacks outside on their back patio. And thank god the weather was great that day. Set up all these snacks. They had their egg-free and dairy-free, I forget what else free, chicken salad. So it’s like a mayo-free chicken salad that’s so good. They had cauliflower hummus. They had crackers. They had chia seed pudding with granola. They had whipped sweet potatoes. They had so much. It was just so over the top. I did not expect; I expected little tiny snacks, and this was above and beyond. They were so amazing.

If you haven’t heard me, or seen my Instagram about Just Be Kitchen, it’s a paleo restaurant in town that I’m so obsessed with. I go there every week. I love it so much. It has such good food. The owner sent me home with some coffee cake that they’re testing out. They haven’t released it yet, but they’re testing it. And it is so good. I had it for breakfast this morning.

So people came in. They went and got their snacks, and they got goodie bags. And what was so cool is when Tula was setting this up, they made it so easy. Because I just said what companies I really liked. And have even worked with in the past. And they reached out to those companies. So the goody bag was filled with so much.

So, not only did you get a ton of sample sizes of Tula, but many people went home with full sizes of Tula. Whether it was their illuminating serum, or their moisturizer, or their cleanser. They had so much in there. And the other companies that were in there; they had beauty products like Living Proof, their dry shampoo. I have talked about the dry shampoo, and love the dry volume blast. I’ve been using that all the time.

And then Primally Pure; which is my favorite deodorant. They had Schmidt’s naturals; which every time I say Schmidt’s, I just think of New Girl. So pumped for this new season. New and last season. And then they had treStiQue. I think I’m saying that correct. Which is a makeup company. I’ve never tried it myself, but I’m so excited to try. They have like a little mini contour travel set that I’m pumped to try.

And for some of the food, they had Rise bar, they had Taza chocolate, Simple Mills. Just Be Kitchen gave granola. Purely Elizabeth gave their granola bars. There was Mama Chia, and Enlightened. So these goodie bags; these grab bags were filled with so many products. So many different items. It wasn’t just those little sh*tty things where like piece of papers just filled in there. So cool.

And then out back, you could also get some drinks. So HealthAde kombucha had drinks out there. And then there was Fit Vine Wine, so you could get some wine there, as well. Anyway, after people got their snacks, they all came inside into Just Be Kitchen. I just did a little story kind of about myself. One of the team people from Tula, she asked me questions and kind of just asked me; the normal, where did you start from, what is most important when you think about fitness and food. Why are probiotics important. And we talked about skincare. We talked about health. We talked about why food is so important, and diet is so important. Especially for your skin, as well.

And then we opened it up to questions. And it was fun talking to people. And I don’t get to talk to people very often. Because I feel like we could have done questions all night. Because once you get the ball rolling, people think of a question. It’s so fun. Someone even asked what I’m liking about the purple pillow, right now. And I just got the purple pillow and talked about it on Instagram stories. It’s been helping my neck so much. So trying that out, and I’m going to try the Therapeutica pillow out, as well.

But I talked about that. I talked about my esthetician and some of the lasers we do, and how painful the Profractional laser is. Because a woman that I met is doing the laser soon. And I shouldn’t scare the sh*t out of people; I just think it’s the most painful thing ever. But there were questions about fitness, and how to stay motivated when you’re a fitness instructor. So there were just all kinds of people with different questions.

And what was so cool is afterwards when I got to meet up with people and chat with them for a little bit, people were saying that they love the podcast. And it’s so funny, because whenever I record this, I feel like no one is listening. I’m literally sitting in my living room, with my dog next to me, with my phone. And just talking, and yawning. So it feels like nobody listens to it. So when I get to actually hear people’s feedback, instead of comments how you get on the blog or on Instagram. When I actually get to hear people’s feedback in person, it feels like this podcast is worth doing. Because sometimes I’m like; is anybody listening? Should I even be doing this podcast? Should I be doing energy towards something else?

But that was really rad. Because so many women there listened to the podcast. So thank you guys to whoever is listening to this, and came to that event. That was so rad.

So after questions, we did a little; you could go to get a skin consultation by Tula. So you kind of talk about any issues you’re having with your skin and what’s going on. Say your skin is dry, or it’s been breaking out. And they talk about a regimen that would work for you and what products would be best for you. So a lot of people were able to take those products home right away. And if not, at least they were introduced to the brand and able to just try it, and put it on their skin, and have samples of it. It was so freaking cool.

Because I love the Tula products I use. And if you were able to meet any of these women who work for Tula; there were four there. And all of their skin looks beautiful. It is glowing, it looks so good. And that’s, of course, they take care of themselves. They stick with a healthy diet and fitness routine. But they also are using these Tula products. These probiotic skincare products that are amazing.

I looked at my skin today, and it is glowing. Of course, I get to see my esthetician, and I’m lucky for that. But these Tula products. Like the illuminating serum, and the peel pads where it kind of gives you a mini facial. They’re so awesome, and they’re such great products. And I get feedback on my blog all the time from people just sharing what their experience has been like with Tula. 99.9% of all the comments that are left about these products are positive ones. People love these products, and they have been life changing for people. Any skin issues have cleared up because of it. It’s crazy. So I just love them. It was so fun.

So, after they did their skincare consultation, they were able to come out and hang out with me. We took photos. I was able to answer anybody’s questions there, and just kind of talk about stuff in Denver. Because there were even people from out of town, which was so cool. People came into town for this. That there were so many people from Denver. So we were able to talk about gyms around town, and different workouts people were trying. And restaurants. All that kind of stuff. I got to talk to so many people.

I got there at like 2:30, and I only sat down for probably 10 minutes, from 2:30 until 8, 8:30. And I was wearing heels that night. My feet hurt so bad. I don’t understand how women can wear heels all day every day. My sister-in-law is one of those people. And she can just wear heels, and f*cking crush. Is it just our bone structure is different? What is it? I have f*cked up feet. But, they’re f*cked up that they should just fit into shoes better. My feet still are so sore today. I woke up last night to go to the bathroom, and it hurt to stand on them. It was so bad.

But, I got to wear this fun, beautiful dress that I found that was so springy. I just had to buy it because it had so much spring to its step. But I loved it! And it was so fun taking pictures. So if you want to know more about this event, I’m going to do a blog post about it so you can check it out there.

And yeah, it was so cool. I’ve always wanted to do a meet up, but I didn’t know how that would look. I see bloggers will be like; I’m going to be at this restaurant at this time; come meet up. And to me, that scares me. Probably because I listen to My Favorite Murder and Wine and Crime. And I don’t trust anybody. But this type of event, where people actually pay to come. And you have to check in. It just feels more comfortable to me. I just really trust no one.

So, it just felt so cool that people would actually come to an event I hosted. And it makes me want to do more. How cool would it be if I could go to Dallas, and host an event there? But, Tula really made this happen. I don’t know how I would have planned something like that. And did such a good job, like they did. They just know what they’re doing, and they have a great team to do it. So I don’t know how I’d ever set that up in the future. And hopefully I can team up with companies. Because I obviously don’t have the budget to do those types of things. But people set up events all the time. So it’s obviously possible. I just need to figure it out. But I think that would be so fun, to travel to other places and host an event. I would love that.

Anywho. I know this is totally a short podcast today. I just wanted to give you guys an update on the event, and let you know that I’m off to be calm and collected. I’m not working out for the week. I’m taking time off. I’m trying not to get on my blog, and be obsessed with that. And I’m just going to have a good time. That is the goal of this vacation; for my husband and I to reconnect and bond. And enjoy a vacation together, because he doesn’t get to travel as much as I do. And really just hang out with each other. That’s what we’re so excited about. So I’m checking out.

There will be a new podcast next week when you’re listening to this; there will be another one next week, and I’ll be talking about my favorite things. I have some new products and new things that I’m absolutely loving that I wanted to share with you guys. So listen to that next week. Sorry again this one is so short. But I can’t wait to talk about my trip when I get back. And if you want to know more about the trip I’m going on, if you go to my blog, I have a trip about the best way to travel the Caribbean, and that is my trip with Trade Winds I went on in August and loved it so much. So you can check that one out. It has great information in there.

I need to stop. I’m playing with this makeup kit, and its probably making so much noise. Ok. I’m going to go get packed. Who am I kidding? I’m already packed. And it’s like 5 days before our trip. But I need to go get some blog posts done. You guys have a lovely, lovely day. Thanks for checking in on the podcast. Thank you to everybody who came to my Denver meetup. Hopefully, fingers cross, I can do more in the future. Because that would be amazing. Have a great day. Bye-bye!

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I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


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