Crockpot Sweet Potato Basil Soup

Ok ok I did it. I washed my hair. AND shaved my legs. I hated every second of it. Especially since it’s now freezing in Colorado. Shaving your legs + goosebumps, blows ass. It’s painful. It’s like constant razor burn throughout every swipe of the razor. But I’m trying, people. I’m trying!

Guess what I decided? This weekend is going to be good. Real good. You know why? Ok, so last night I went out shopping for a Halloween costume and found this awesome black sequin, open back dress. So it’s slutty, but not really because it goes down to my knees in length. I looked through a bunch of the Halloween costumes there, you know, the dirty nurse, dirty Hogwarts, dirty firewoman, but I can’t pull that stuff off. Nor do I want to. It’s freezing, and my ass barely fits into my spandex, let alone a dress that is suppose to cover only half my ass. Imagine how that outfit would look. I’ll help you out: not good.

But before I become a slightly skankified Audrey Hepburn, I’ll be attending an awesome fundraiser. My friend Clark who owns CrossFit South Denver will be hosting a Bears for Kids Charity Competition this Saturday October 27th from 12-4pm.  It’s a pretty cool fundraiser, especially since 100% of the proceeds will go to the Denver Children’s Home. And in an attempt to raise even more money for the kids, for every $10 received in donations, Clark and I will do one burpee. Once the total donations are totaled, we will compete to see who can finish the burpees first. So what I’m pretty much is saying, you should come, hang out, work out, and do burpees. Come on, you know you wanna.

Oh and remember how I said the dress went down to my knees. I lied. I just tried it on. My ass took control once again with this dress. It’s real short. Ugh.

Is it pathetic I get goosebumps every time I see the commercials for the last Twilight movie? Wait, don’t answer that.


Crockpot Sweet Potato Basil Soup

  • Yield: 3-4 1x


  • 2 sweet potatoes or yams, diced
  • 1/2 yellow onion, sliced
  • 1 (14oz) can of coconut milk
  • 1 cup vegetable broth
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 tablespoon dried basil
  • salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Place all ingredients in the crockpot.
  2. Mix around.
  3. Cook for 3 hours on high.
  4. Use a hand blender, blender, or food processor and puree mixture until smooth. My 9 cup food processor fit it all just perfectly.
  5. Eat up! If you have leftover meat, add it to your soup…obviously.

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PaleOMG Sweet Potato Basil Soup


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


138 thoughts on “Crockpot Sweet Potato Basil Soup”

  1. Just dropped my son off at daycare and had to come home and get my daily JB fix. I’m so excited. I have all these ingredients, plus a slow cooker. DINNER!!!!

    P.S. Your site is FANTABULOUS!!! I basically live off of it. My favourite recipe so far are the caramelized plaintain pancakes. They turn out good, EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for mentioning the plantain pancakes. I had never seen that recipe but just looked them up and am so psyched to try them out. I have a SERIOUS addiction to plantains and already know, based on cooking dozens of Juli’s recipes, that these are gonna be epic!

  2. I so love your site!! Can’t wait for the book Juli!! It’s I’d din din tonight nom nom will send pics later of my trial. Also…

    Shaving “blows ass” hilarity….that is all.


  3. I love this site! Instead of reading the news in the morning I come here for a dose of awesomeness.

    Good luck with your costume. I suck at dressing up for halloween and usually go as a Real World reality tv personality (i.e, wear my normal clothes and just tell people that).

  4. Picture is absolutely beautiful. By the way, I just spent like half an hour on facebook this morning adding you and many others to my interests in an attempt to keep facebook from keeping me out of the know.

  5. I really want to try this, but I HATE my slow-cooker. I swear it’s not me, it’s the slow-cooker! The low setting is hotter than the surface of the sun and it burns everything. A few months ago I splerged on a whole pastured chicken and cooked it in the slow-cooker, then went through the trouble of making chicken stock with the bones and stuff and it BURNED. I was so pissed… Anyway, going to try this on the stove, or maybe roast the veggies and garlic in the oven with some olive oil, then blend, then finish on the stove.

  6. why shave your legs if you hate it?? i haven’t shaved mine in over 2 years. yeah, my family and friends think it’s weird and make fun of me, but it beats buying razors and having cold legs. it’s like having a leg sweater all the time.

    as for the armpits, i shave those every 2 months because they get itchy with too much hair.

  7. Love your blog!! I was just wondering if you could substitute Almond Milk for the Coconut Milk?? I live in an area of Illinois where Coconut Milk isn’t exactly accesible but would like to make this, would this be an acceptable substitute for your other recipes? Thanx for being awesome and making my days at work go a little faster!!

    1. I live in Illinois too. Both the Walmart and Target carry Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk in their tiny Asian foods section. Hope this helps.

    2. Could the coconut milk in the alcohol mix section work? If it does, you could go to your local liquer store.

  8. Don’t feel bad about loving the Twilight trailer Juli….I’m going with my man and my friends to the Twilight marathon for my birthday. My 26th birthday. 12 hours of lip biting and sparkles and I’m soooooo excited!

    Can’t wait to unpack my slow cooker and try this soup it looks DELICIOUS!

  9. Any idea what kind of meat would go best in this? Some kind of sausage, maybe… like andouille?

    And if it makes you feel any better, I have a (straight) male friend in his 30’s that adores the Twilight movies and can’t wait for the last one. Fact.

  10. Thank you for not choosing the dirty nurse. It is a bit of sore spot among us nurses. It goes way back to the middle ages. I am sure you will look fabulous in your costume. You photograph beautifully. Also, thank you for sharing all of your awesome recipes.

  11. Just made this since I had all the ingredients in my kitchen & OMG it is so savory, so perfect for this time of the year! I gave my husband a taste & his eyes lit up, it’s a winner! So simple too, thanks JB!

  12. We had this for dinner along with meatballs. It was fantastic! It was so good I accused my husband (he is the chef in the house) of adding something, like heavy cream. He did cook it in a pot on simmer for about an hour but I am sure the crockpot is just as easy. I can’t wait to have it again tomorrow for lunch! Thanks again for the great recipes….. Wow.

  13. Looks like Heaven and amazing as usual!
    Hey… can you move to So Cal??? I am an old lady ” 53″ and after many years of pain management treatment for my back, I am starting crossfit training soon and hope I don’t just die! My chiropractor has given me the “go” and I am ready for a real transformation.
    I have been eating Paleo for the last year and need to get my body strong. You are an inspiration for me and could only hope to gain some muscle… I think I am all butter LOL!
    Thanks so much for your REAL FOOD and most of all… your humor. FYI…You might want to start using coconut oil on your damp skin after your baths or showers.. it helps. : )

  14. I stumbled across your website and this was the first post I read. I laughed bc I’m from Colorado and I know your hair washing leg shaving dilemma. Sometimes you wonder if it’s worth it to be clean or warm….

  15. Don’t worry Juli shaving your legs is overrated! I haven’t shaved mine for over 3 weeks! I am going to start getting them waxed once a month. Its better and I dont get grow out from goose bumps or razor bumps! So tonight I have to shave them because its my halloween party! Boo so I will be suffering in a few hours when I do!

    P.S Recipe looks amazing! Cant wait to try this!

  16. Yum! I’m loving anything crock pot/ sweet potato lately. Unfortunately it’s still a little too hot in Miami for heavy soups, but I’ll have to bookmark this for later.

  17. Just made this tonight and it is AWESOME!!! I served it with some jalapeno chicken sausage it was out of this world!! I love your blog and recipes, you’re doing wonderful!! Thanks for creating these incredible recipes!! <3 them!

  18. I made this soup this weekend and absolutely love it. I accidentally put in a whole onion and it taste great. Also I didn’t have any vegetable broth so I use chicken instead.

  19. Made this today with butternut squash instead of the sweet potatoes (since that is what I had in the pantry) and it turned out great! thanks for the recipe!

  20. Was reading your “tortilla” chicken blog and saw the sweet potato basil soul since I had a lot of sweet potatoes left from camping, I looked at the reciepe and wow I had everything. Put it all into the crockpot left to get my son from school, go to his Cub Scout Meeting and drop off a friend at soccer. Low and behold 3 hours later I come home and not only did my house smell good but my dinner was done. I blended it and cooked up some turkey hot links. Yummy yummy yummy. I am now eating with chicken for lunch. Not sure why here in Cali it is mid 70’s;( can’t wait till low 70’s high 60’s. Thank you so much for all these yummy food ideas

  21. Just made this for dinner. So delicious, and velvety smooth. Yum. Thanks for the daily laughs…since discovering your blog a few weeks ago my mornings at work are much more fun.

  22. Yes 100x to this recipe! Now I can’t wait to try some more of your stuff. Thanks for making Paleo so yummy

  23. I made this yesterday but I swapped the basil for a good dose of curry powder and a bit a cumin and lets be honest, I crumbled a piece of crispy bacon on top. Seriously, so good I can’t wait to eat leftovers at lunch!!

  24. Made this over the weekend, and it turned out great with one caveat: using chicken instead of vegetable broth may have been a mistake. I feel like some of the flavors got masked by the chicken.

  25. You are so ridiculously adorable and funny. I have this hot hot brother In law but unfortunately I stumbled upon you and your blog 1 year too late. Now he’s married to an obnoxious priss with zero sense of humor…..and she hates crossfit (gasp….the horror). Can’t wait for the cook book…… Keep up the great work.

  26. This is so good! I just boiled the sweet potatoes (too hungry to wait) and then boiled everything together. I had extra shredded pork that I added to it and made it somehow even better!

  27. This was an amazing dinner that my husband and I just made after a very cold day! It was delicious! Thank You. 🙂

  28. I made this soup tonight and it is absolutely amazing…probably one of the best things I’ve ever cooked. I’m not much for writing reviews but in this case I couldn’t resist. The only change I made was using chicken broth instead vege broth.

  29. This looks delicious! I’m bookmarking for future reference. I usually host Christmas at my house, and like to make it a dinner of a yummy soup and salad instead of the usual big enormous dinner. Seems like everyone is always a bit overstuffed from the holiday season by the time Christmas dinner rolls around. This soup might be the one for this year with maybe the addition of some good sausage or bacon.

  30. Juli – this was delicious!!!! I cooked up some sweet Italian sausage and put it in the soup and it was FABULOUS! I’ll be putting this one on our website for sure! Your Easy 1..2..3.. Chicken went on our site today 🙂 . Looking forward to seeing you in CA in a few weeks! And Stacy said you might be bringing your new cookbook…

  31. Hi! I’m a new commenter and wanted to let you know that I made this recipe last night. I just happened to have all of the ingredients, so I threw everything into the crockpot while I watched Dancing with the Stars and Castle. 🙂 Then I pureed it in my blender and it came out silky smooth. Very tasty and it has that soothing, warm quality. Thanks for the terrific recipe!

  32. I made this recipe right after you posted it. It was great! We had tuna salad with it. Def a great fall/winter meal! Love your blog, you make my paleo life better!

  33. THIS WAS THE BEST SOUP! Thank you for the recipe and SO EASY. I made this with Civilized Caveman Crockpot Pulled Pork. YUM! Had to be the easiest meal I’ve made and so DELICIOUS!

  34. OMG! This soup is fantastic! I browned some ground turkey (about 1lb) with some curry powder, garlic & cinnamon and served the soup hot over top of the turkey … I can’t eat this fast enough!!

  35. I have just started reading your blog and can’t wait to try out some of these for my fam. I read this and laughed, I am from Cali and moved out to Colorado in December 05, which I sware was the coldest winter EVER! Not only was it freezing but I HATED shaving with a passion then I found out how to make my own body polish that makes shaving sooo much easier… Hope it helps…
    I used a smaller old coconut oil jar. Filled it a little less then half way, popped that sucker in the microwave, melted the oil, added a little bit of olive oil (it keeps the oil softer) and added sugar for a scrub. That’s it! You’ll be super smooth and won’t even need lotion after. And its its truly a lifesaver and natural since its made at home. Hope that helps. And keep up the amazing ideas.

  36. Hi Juli, I hope you get to read this comment! If anyone else knows the answer, please let me know! I just got a crockpot and am excited to try your bomb recipes. I’ve had mucho bad crockpot luck in the past by using recipes that were not for a 4 Quart crockpot. So, what size is your crockpot?


  37. Hey Juli! Just found your blog and I’m looking SO forward to trying this soup! BTW….I don’t judge you for the goosebumps you got for the last TWILIGHT movie….(ahem, my license plates on my car read ‘ECULLEN’!! ) I’m a former twilight FREAK!! 🙂 One more questions….in your own personal opinion, is it possible to lose weight eating paleo? thanks so much and I look forward to reading your blog!

  38. Awesome recipe! Thanks for sharing it. I had some leftover baked sweet potatoes still with skins on. I simply removed the skins, mashed with a fork and blended everything with my hand blender. Since potatoes were precooked, I heated the soup in a saucepan. YUM! I wish I had doubled the recipe because there aren’t any leftovers

  39. I just made this and it’s delicious! I used a whole onion and two HUGE garlic cloves. I love the flavor the coconut milk adds.
    Thank you! I can’t wait to try more recipes.

  40. GREAT recipe. Next time I am going to add chicken/turkey to it. I love trying your recipes and can’t wait to get your book!

  41. Ok so I have to admit…I don’t cook that much and if I do it is short and sweet! Today is a snowy day in good ole’ Ohio and I decided to try out some of your recipes…Well let’s just say I a pretty frickin proud of myself and I could eat this soup all winter long 🙂 I have also made the Chocolate Coffee Banana Donuts!!! I am addicted. Thank you for your inspiration and talent in the kitchen.

  42. Went bonkers last night making a couple of your recipes – tasting them both today – absolutely great!

  43. I have been obsessing over your blog over the past week as I made my switch to Paleo. This is my first recipe and it was awesome! I added a little raw honey to it and some cinnamon and nutmeg and it was so yummy. I topped it with some shredded beef that was leftover and it was a great match!

  44. I made this for a house full of boys (22-33 years old) and added some turkey kielbasa. I doubled the recipe and it was gone in less than 24 hours. That is a definite WIN!

  45. Just made this for my lunch tomorrow. Cannot wait to eat it 🙂 (snuck a tiny bite and it tasted delish!) Thanks for all the great recipes. You’ve made my transition to Paleo eating much easier over the past 3 months. Thank you, Juli!

  46. Made the Sweet potato basil soup last night…great soup. Added bacon and scallions as a “garnish”

  47. Okay, this is freaking delicious. I made it today in crockpot, and just finished blending it. Going to add some chicken soon, but the first taste was so good, i had to comment right away.

    I’m just starting my 28 day paleo challenge, and i’m featuring recipes from your site this week on my blog. Had some zoodles and squoodles last night 😉 Thanks so much for all of the recipes, I can’t wait to try the next five!

  48. ****5 stars all the way****
    Love this recipe! It is so delicious. I added some roasted chicken after I blended it and it’s a wonderfully filling meal. I just put another crock pot full on, doubled it this time. I like my soup a bit thinner so I used 4 cups homemade chicken broth instead of vegetable since it is all I had and like I said, I am making double. I threw in some leftover mashed cauliflower from the other night and I have plenty of leftover roast chicken to add later. I’m not a big fan of leftovers but I think this soup is the perfect recipe to use up those leftover veggies and meat. I tried to give it 5 stars but I’m posting from my phone and it won’t let me :-(.

  49. I made this today with homemade chicken stock instead of the vege, and it was delicious, thank you! When I make it next time I’ll dial down the basil a bit and add more if needed. Easy to make, yummy to eat!

  50. Having a very restricted kitchen on deployment overseas, this was a perfect recipient! Fast to throw in the crockpot and didn’t have to cook all day. It was awesome with only left over!

  51. Hey! So I currently have pulled pork in my crockpot for your pulled pork and caramelized mashed plantain recipe 🙂 I frequently make mashed sweet potatoes by peeling, cubing, and boiling them for 3 minutes in a pot of boiling water. I am a little nervous to try it that way because I don’t want to waste any ingredients.. but I think it will work just the same. What do you think??

  52. Made this yesterday. I h It was so delicious. I played with the spices a bit. I had actually never made soup in a crockpot before, but I think I will be doing that regularly now through the fall and winter! Such a yummy, hearty, and EASY recipe that seems super versatile — I’ll def be experimenting with other fall vegetables. Thanks Juli for a real winner!

  53. This is my FAVORITE favorite recipe from your blog (although I haven’t made nearly as many as I want to make). And I’m sooo happy it’s fall so I don’t feel weird for eating soup all the time! Buying some more sweet potatoes TODAY!. <3

  54. This soup tastes amazing! It’s so easy and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients…I think even my bf could make it…

  55. Tried this tonight! Was amazing. I added a dash of ginger and currie. Any idea of how many calories are in one serving?

  56. I made this last week and it is AMAZBALLS! I am a college student, going paleo, and I work full time so the crockpot is my BFF.

    A quick tip for reheating this is to put a bit of Almond Milk on the top and then put it in the microwave. That takes away a bit of the baby food consistency. 🙂

    PS: This soup+chorizo=OMG

  57. I made this recipe as is and it was great. But then I used the same exact recipe but replaced the sweet potatoes with one butternut squash and it was absolutely amazing! It wasn’t as dense as the sweet potatoes. I eat it as soup and as a dipping sauce for any leftover meat I might have. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  58. I just made this. Honestly, it tasted like bile. I don’t know what I did wrong, but the soup was incredibly bitter. When I opened the crockpot after 3 hours, the coconut milk was curdled but I blended it anyway and tried it. We had to throw it away because it was so bad. Any idea what went wrong?

  59. okay, silly question, i see you said you do not peel the sweet potatoes, but do you cube them or up them in whole? Please say whole…

  60. Well this is my first review since discovering this blog 18months ago, and consequently discovering the Paleo lifestyle. The Basil Sweetpotato recipe the first recipe/blog I read and attempted to make. Although, I turned it into a side rather than a soup, I just cooked the sweet potato until it was just tender so I turned it into some sort of chunky sweet potato mash….it was delicious!

  61. It’s incredibly cold here right now and a perfect soup day. Just made this for lunch and it is possibly my favorite soup. I used up a bunch of sad looking sweet potatoes lingering from the holidays. I doubled the recipe to use them all (I have a huge crockpot). I did peel the potatoes although the directions didn’t mention that. I was going to freeze some soup but will probably not have anything left after hubby comes home and tries it. I t i s s o f r e a k i n g g o o d !
    Thanks so very much. Luv you!

  62. Just found your blog, and am loving all of the recipes that I’ve found so far and the humor that go with them. I’m trying out an anti-inflammatory diet that my naturopath recommended. Pretty much only eating meat, veggies (except for nightshades), fruit, nuts and healthy oils. Your recipes make this change sound both do-able and delicious, thank you! I have unsweetened vanilla coconut milk in my fridge – will that mess too much with the goodness of your recipe?

  63. This is the second time I’ve made this delicious recipe. Both times I did it on the stovetop within about an hour. The salt is key! Add salt. Taste. Add more salt. OMG it gets better and better.

    This stuff makes an awesome gravy. Tonight I served it over cauliflower rice and chunks of chicken. Everyone’s plate was finished. Thank you for an awesome recipe!

  64. What kind of coconut milk do you use. I made Chia Seed Pudding the other week with canned coconut milk, and did dint come out well.. Looking to make this soup but want to make sure I do it right!

  65. Made this the other day and it is DELISH!!! Ate the first two bowls with a side of bacon and took the last bowl for lunch… Yes, I only got three bowls out of it. I’m a pig.

    Thanks for the recipe!

    PS: I ran out of coconut milk so I used part almond milk and it still turned out great!

  66. Have you tried cooking it on a lower temp? Would that work! If so, for how long did you cook it? Just wondered if there was a way to drawl out the cookin time to fit a work schedule better. But for know if using milk in the recipe made a difference in how long/high to cook it.

  67. This might be a stupid question … but do you cook the sweet potatoes before putting them in the crockpot? Really wanted to make this tonight. Thanks! 🙂

  68. I just made this with leftover sweet potatoes! I was making the Chocolate Chili from theclothesmakethegirl for supper and just cooked all the onions and garlic at once and split them between the sweet potato soup in the soup pot and the chili in the crockpot (by the recipes its the other way ’round, but I already had the potatoes roasted and I like my chili to simmer a loooong time). Because I can’t be trusted to follow a recipe, I added a few cups of very thinly sliced kale after pureeing and let it simmer for a little while and topped it a crumbled bacon garnish. Because bacon.

    1. Update: kale definitely needed to be pureed a little too after simmering in the thoroughly pureed soup. Slices tend to clump up instead of distributing their veggie goodness throughout.

  69. Mine is cooking in the crockpot now. Had to use rice milk as I am allergic to all treenuts, cocnuts and soy. I used a less since it is more watery. I will let you know how it turns out 🙂

  70. So… I think I now understand why your site is called PaleOMG. Because… OMG this was the best freaking soup ever. I know its a post from a year ago, but just had to comment. It’s fall here in New England and this is exactly what I needed for lunch to warm me up. Thanks so much for a wonderful recipe!

    BRB while I go lick the bowl.

  71. As a newbie to paleo I am just stunned at the deliciousness of this soup and beyond happy my husband is a picky eater so I don’t have to share!

  72. I’ve made this recipe at least 20 times now and I love it!

    I’m wondering what good proportions would be if I wanted to turn this into a sweet potato mash / mashed potatoes recipe instead but keep as much of the original flavor as possible… any suggestions?

  73. Love this! I don’t typically do soups without meat, so I need some heartiness, and this was perfect. I used light coconut milk, a whole small onion, and water instead of broth (forgot broth at the grocery store). It was absolutely wonderful! Be warned that there isn’t a ton of food in the crockpot so he immersion blender sent things flying a bit…

  74. Am roasting the potatoes and doing this on stovetop, doubling recipe as summer is almost over and fall arrives quickly in central Ontario. Planning to toss in some garam masala – can’t wait for the taste test! Thanks for the inspiration!

  75. BACON! Fry bacon, cut in pieces, put on top of soup. ERMERGERD!

    I chopped fresh basil and put it in at the end before I immersion blendered it (that’s a beautiful gadget, isn’t it?!). If you put it in and let it sit for the whole time, I think it would become icky.

    Also, I made this by cooking on low for about 9 hours (or however long I was at work).

  76. Juli – stumbled upon your website in my constant effort to go/stay paleo. I love the recipes you post (and you’re nice on the eyes too)…but the whole post about not shaving your legs? Come on girl…

    Can’t wait to try this one out tonight!

  77. This has been one of my all time favorite soups to make since coming across the recipe on your website. A couple years back I got a strep throat for the first time in my adult life and my ENT told me because it wasn’t the dangerous strain, he wasn’t giving me antibiotics (best dr ever!) It forced me to research natural antibiotics, which lead me to garlic soup. But I didn’t think I could handle eating straight garlic soup, so I took the essence of this recipe and adjusted it to add loads of garlic to the mix! Probably 3 heads total, but these days I buy the already peeled garlic and add the whole package. The best part is I haven’t had to take antibiotics since because I just make this soup with extra garlic when I first start to feel sick. Thank you for all your recipes, such delicious real food and simple and easy to make!

  78. This is one of my all time favorite PaleOMG recipes. Anyone tried making in the Instant Pot?

  79. Color me shocked when I realized I’ve been making this recipe for 10 years! I’ve made it so many times that I have the recipe memorized and the print out that I do have it covered with kitchen stains. It is so incredibly simple to make, easy to dress up if you like, and a crowd favorite. Highly recommend.

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