Sweet Potato Enchiladas

I’m just really into comfort food this week. Obviously. Like yesterday’s french toast. Uhhhh yeah, that’s comfort food at it’s max. This recipe is pretty comforting as well. Like a blanket of happiness wrapped around meats. Ha. And since we don’t eat tortillas in this little paleo community of ours, I had to turn to the next best thing. Sweet potatoes. BOOM. This meal would be a wicked good post wod meal. I did it. I ate it on the couch in pain after a thruster and handstand push up workout. Worst.Combination.EVER.

OMG guess what? I’m going to L.A. soon! Yes, I’m going to California. Really just for fun. I need to get the hell out of Colorado for at least a weekend. See other people. See other gyms. Yep, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m going to visit friends in California with my friend Sergio and we are hitting up his old gym, CrossFit South Bay. Have you ever checked out their website? It’s wicked cool. And they have people that are cool as hell there. Especially my friend Ashley. She’s another Paleo blogger at PaleoMadeline. And hilarious. She’s may be as weird as I am so I, of course, love her. I can’t wait until our weirdness explodes together in the L.A. area. Sh*t is gonna get real.

And since I will be in the gym or at a restaurant most of the time while I’m in Cali, it will be difficult to make a cooking video. SO, I’m going to video everything I eat and do. Minus going to the bathroom. That just is way too personal. And I’m not a person that shares my personal business. HA, I got jokes!! Anywho, instead I will be showing everything I eat when I go to different restaurants (paleo or not), hoping to video my CrossFit Open wod at CFSB, as well as any weird sh*t Sergio does. Hopefully it’s at least PG-13. Knowing him, it won’t be, and a lot of editing will have to occur.

Ooo, guess what I got to do! I got to write a guest post for an amazing woman named Kim on her website Trainer Kim. She has an incredible story and looks absolutely fantastic! Her site is all about becoming the best you through understanding what you are putting in your body as well as how you are taking care of your body. She has some great information ranging from diet, to how to decrease your stress levels, to easy ways to eat out at restaurants. Awesome information, be sure to check her out!

PS-This is probably the most time consuming recipe I have ever made. But it’s worth it. If you don’t make it, I pity you. Seriously.


Sweet Potato Enchiladas

  • Yield: 4 1x



For the enchiladas

  • 3 sweet potatoes, sliced thin lengthwise with a mandoline
  • 1lb grass fed ground beef
  • 1/2 yellow onion, diced
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 (4oz) can diced green chiles
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/4 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 34 tablespoons Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

For the sauce

  • 1 (14oz) can tomato sauce
  • 1/4 yellow onion, minced
  • 1/3 cup vegetable broth
  • 1 tablespoon Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  • salt and black pepper, to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Now to make our “tortillas” from our sweet potatoes. Use a mandoline to thinly slice your sweet potatoes lengthwise. (You can use a knife but I found I couldn’t get the thinness I wanted or consistency with each slice with using a knife)
  3. Heat up a large skillet or griddle and place 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in it. When skillet is very hot and coconut oil has melted, add your sweet potatoes. Cook your sliced sweet potatoes for 3-5 minutes per side or until sweet potatoes are soft. You DO NOT want them crispy. (You may have to do this a couple of batches so keep coconut oil on hand.) Do as many batches as you need to and place sweet potato slices on a paper towel to remove excess oil and cool while you cook your meat.
  4. Once your sweet potatoes are cooling, use the same skillet to cook your meat. Add in a bit of oil then add your minced garlic cloves along with your onion.
  5. When the onion becomes translucent, add in your ground beef along with your green chiles and spices. Let that cook down until cook completely through, using a wooden spoon to break up the ground beef and incorporate all the flavors.
  6. While the meat cooks, place a saucepan over medium heat for your sauce. Add your tablespoon of oil along with your minced onion.
  7. When the onion becomes translucent, add your tomato sauce and vegetable broth, as well as all your seasonings. Let that cook down until it thickens just a bit.
  8. Now once everything is done cooking, it’s time to use your fingers!
  9. Pull out an 8×8 or 9×9 glass baking dish, add a spoonful of enchilada sauce on the bottom and start building your enchiladas.
  10. Each enchilada should take 3 slices of a sweet potato. Place a slice down in the dish, then another half way on top, then another half on top of the second slice. It should be a feathering or fan effect. Now place a spoonful or two of your meat mixture in the center of your sweet potatoes, then wrap your sweet potatoes over the meat, tucking the ends underneath the other ends of the sweet potatoes (like a tortilla).-see first picture for an example
  11. Repeat until all your sweet potatoes are gone. If you are have leftover meat, place that around your enchiladas.
  12. Pour your enchilada sauce on top.
  13. Place in oven and bake for 15 minutes.
  14. Cool then eat your heart out!

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I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


118 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Enchiladas”

  1. Oh my good god this looks so amazing… I’m definitely making this ASAP… I’m rating it a 5 star just because of the eye test.. I’m sure it tastes just as good..

      1. It’s cooking now. About to assemble. Going to make enchilada pie since my mandolin is lame and only lets me slice 3 inch pieces of veggie. Still, it’s going to be DELICIOUS….well, it smells delicious. I’ll let you know how it turns out. 😀 😀
        Going to eat it after this afternoon’s wod.

          1. It was PERFECTO. I have made about 100 different paleo recipes over the last year and my husband said this one is most definitely in the top 3!! I agree. It was super duper de DUPER delish.

        1. how did you make the pie? Did you fry the potato slices or just put them in raw? I used a mandoline but there are SO many slices, it would take me about a year to fry them all… thinking of putting them all in with the ingredients and hoping for the best? Suggestions on enchilada pie?

  2. This looks great, I’ll have to try it some day when I can devote a couple hours to cooking. (I’m a slow veggie chopper.) These are sweet potatoes, right? I wonder why they look so light in the picture…mine are usually pretty orange. Maybe it’s frying them?

    1. Maybe not hours but definitely a little longer than my usual recipes. They are sweet potatoes just a different kind. Usually most organic stores will offer both white and orange sweet potatoes!!

  3. sweet baby jesus…i gotta stop looking at your page…i get hungry every time im here, its horrible.

    im buying a mandoline this week…end of subject

    its been on my list of things to buy for ages and im making these bad boys this weekend.

  4. F***! You are killing me this week. Pretty sure this is going to be put into next week’s menu…squat then eat enchilada…brilliant

  5. so excited! i wanted to try and make enchiladas with sweet potatoes and now you’ve blazed the way. these look amazing!!!

  6. My roommate and I will let you live for free in our apartment in DC if you cook for us every day. Just made these, tasted like, what I can only imagine, angel kisses taste like.

    1. Lol but then I would be in DC and not Denver, that’s just not as fun!! Glad you liked it Tiffany 🙂 picture looked awesome!!

  7. Thrusters and HSPUs are my favorites!… but you’re right… they don’t mix together well.

    And how have I not tried this combination of sweet potatoes and beef, yet? I’ll be making some this weekend after the too-amazing-not-to-try Banana Bread French Toast.

    1. You haven’t had SP and Beef together!? OMG you’ve been missing out. Be sure to check out my post tomorrow. The two things go together again in perfect harmony

  8. Am I missing the directions for the sauce? Do you just mix everything together? Does it simmer together at all or just mix and pour on?

  9. These look incredible!! And what a great healthy way to eat the food you love. I’m definitely going to give them a try.
    If you like sharing recipes you should come check out BeBetsy.com

  10. Ummm, yum. I didn’t make them like you said to. I threw a pork tenderloin in the crockpot with some delicious stuff and shredded the hell out of it to stuff my enchiladas with. And, I’m happy. Thanks for being a culinary genius and inspiration! 🙂
    I think you should go on The Next Food Network Star or some similar show and spread the Paleo diet everywhere! 🙂

  11. Yowza! These are awesome! Made a double batch tonight. I’m excited for the leftovers. Made your creamy chicken chili today too – plan to eat that tomorrow.

  12. Made these tonight – Delish!!! My sweet potatoes were small and I don’t have a mandolin so after attempting to wrap the first one – I decided to just layer the potatoes, meat and sauce. Same cooking time and it turned out great! Thanks!

      1. It totally was – was even more delicious today for lunch with a bit of guacamole on top!

  13. This is going into the weekend mix…for certain…Question…Could I possibly bake or steam/parboil the mandolined sweet potatoes instead of frying them (to limit a bit of the fat?)…or would this totally denature/alter the “yum” factor or texture of your exquisite recipe? I just signed in as a follower to your amazing blog and go-to reference for Paleo Cuisine…Your creativity is bottomless…thank you for sharing with us.

  14. Made these tonight for the kiddies and they practically licked the plate. That’s saying a lot in my house where they usually leave at least half their food uneaten. Thanks for another great recipe!

  15. I love your blog, and every recipe I have made of yours is delicious. I plan to make this for dinner tomorrow, but I was wondering if you think the sweet potatoes could be cooked in the oven on a cookie sheet instead of in the pan? Maybe if I tossed them in some oil first? It might make it a little faster so I could make the meat and sauce at the same time.

    1. Hey Rachel!! I’m thinking that could work, you would just need to be careful that they didn’t crisp up too much, you still want the sweet potatoes soft so you can wrap them like tortillas!

      1. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow and made them today. Oh my goodness! Those are amazing! So glad my hubs is traveling and I can eat them all myself. I did bake the sweet potato slices in the oven. I just sprayed them and the pans with oil and baked for about 7 minutes each side at 375. It worked great. More dishes, but less time at the stove. Thanks for such a great recipe and fast response to my question!

  16. This was such a fantastic idea! We used ground pork instead of beef because it was what we had left from the butcher. Nevertheless, it was delicious.

    I even successfully used the mandoline this time without needing stitches.

    Our success failed when it came to wrapping the meat mixture with the sweet potato slices, so instead we cooked it like a lasagna/casserole. So great–thanks again!

  17. Made these by cooking a boneless chuck roast in my slow cooker with onions and bell peppers. Assembled “lasagne” style since I’m not feeling well and wanted to be done with it. Oh my word, AMAZING! I never would have thought of using sweet potatoes in lieu of tortillas. They fried nicely in the coconut oil and I admit to eating a few slices that didn’t make it into our meal ; ) Thank you for a great recipe we will make again and again!

  18. FYI, the meat mixture for this goes really well in your tex-mex egg bake. I went a little overboard and made way too much of the meat mixture, so I shredded some extra sweet potato and mixed it with eggs…..BOOM. Dance party in my mouth.

  19. Tried this last night Julie – quite a bit of work but a super substitute for standard enchiladas. A+++ for creativity!

  20. These were so good! My mandolin totally sucks so I ended up with like inch thick sweet potatoes so I just ended up layering it like a lasagna, I also added some cayenne to the sauce to spice it up a little for me and it was DE-licious!

  21. Where do you buy veggie broth with no sugar?? I have checked several places (not Whole Foods yet because they are really not convenient) and all the veggie broths have either wheat product (hello?) and/or sugar, high fructose corn syrup (really?!), sorbitol (are you kidding me?!), or some other form of sweetener or thickening agent (like cornstarch). So I settled for beef broth in this case because I found some with none of that. Will let you know how it came out tomorrow when I actually cook it up and eat it. But just curious about the veggie broth. (And please don’t tell me you make your own ’cause yeah, I can, but I’d rather not…).


    1. Rena i use Pacific Natural Foods Veggie broth. Their other broths have sugar in it, but not their veggie. And I get mine at Sunflower Market

      1. Thanks for the tip!! Looks like I’ll be checking Whole Foods anyway since our Sprouts Market carries that brand, but not the veggie broth! And they are really bad at actually getting new products in, even from a brand they already carry. We don’t have Sunflower Markets in SoCal 🙁

        Anywho…recipe in the words of my two-year-old is “yummalicious!” Not a huge fan of veggies that one, so this is a good way to sneak some in for him that he likes. Oh and me, I think it’s really good as well!! Thanks!!

      1. Oh I am giving this 5 stars from looks and everything in it looks good. Guess I bought the wrong sweet potatoes. I have never seen white ones before but I am using the orange ones:) already got them sliced up and ready to go for tonight.

  22. made these the night before 1/2 marathon. me and two other runner ladies loved them. we did the lasagne method to save time. it was perfect energy for the next day!

  23. Aside from the fact my mandolin and mincer sucks, this whole recipe was amazing start to finish, thank you again for being amazing

  24. I have been ‘jonesin’ for some enchiladas and I NEVER would have thought of this technique with the sweet potatoes! I cannot wait to try this! Thank you!

  25. The ManFriend and I were out this weekend shopping and he picked up a Mandolin at Marshalls that was on clearance and nearly put it back down and I said ‘nope, give me that! I’ve got a recipe that I can’t stop thinking about that needs that tool!’. It will be tried out tomorrow! I expect greatness since I’ve recieved nothing less from your recipes!

  26. I found your recipe on Pinterest and I have to say, I was little skeptical. After trying it tonight I want to spread the word that this recipe is amazing! My husband is a pretty picky eater and he usually balks at my corn & wheat substitutes. He gobbled this up and went back for seconds. Really amazing recipe, thanks for posting.

  27. I was having problems with my mandolin, so I just went with a lasagna type layout with the butchered pieces of sweet potato. Was a rocker though….Thanks for putting the recipe up! 🙂

  28. I used to make “enchilada casserole” to save time w/wrapping each enchilada. Just layer like lasagna. I bet this would work out the same…thanks for the idea!

  29. This recipe is amazing. It is for sure one of my favorites now! I definitely ate all of the leftovers (sorry husband.)

  30. Long time lurker, first time poster. Since going paelo I’ve used your recipes for dinner almost every night, and they have all ruled. This one was the best– I cooked it with carnitas instead of burger and added some scrambled eggs and it made for an awesome Sunday brunch!

  31. I just made these… and my god were they delicious! Thanks for the recipe! If it helps anyone, I didn’t have a mandoline and had to hand cut. What I did was saute them up then throw them in the oven for a few minutes to cook all the way since they were a little thicker. Major yum!

  32. This is our absolute favorite so far! Have made it multiple times, and have tried a few variations with the potatoes. 1st, we make it into a bake, rather than wrapping them up. 2nd, we have made the potatoes as directed and layered them into the bake, AND also just baked them and put a layer of mash down first. Both turned out fantastic, the mash was a little less labor intensive than cooking the potatoes. The textures are a little different, but the ease and taste were still superb!

  33. Delicious!!! I was getting skeptical 1/2 way through because it was taking a long time and it really did not look anywhere near as pretty as your pictures (huge mess in my kitchen LOL). But it was soooo good! I’ve never been disappointed by your recipes. I use your blog for dinner ideas multiple times per week and I’m never disappointed. You rock!

  34. These are amazing……the whole fam agreed on this one! Mine looked more like a giant mess but tasted so yummo! i love your blog! I reference it often!

  35. Made these for dinner tonight and they were delicious!!! Cheated a little as I ran out of patience to roll up the enchiladas while my two kids were weaving in and out of the kitchen, so I layered it like a lasagna and baked it…yummy…even my 5yr old devoured it!!!

  36. we made them tonight and we absolutely loved it! just wish we had it for lunch so I could’ve taken an awesome picture outside, it looked so nice rolled up! thanks for posting, will definitely make that more often. so easy!

  37. Amazing! I made this for the first time last week and made it again today. I added some paprika to the mince ( ground beef) and wilted green spinach to the wrap before I cooked it. Even better for leftovers for lunch and I’m excited to eat this tomorrow. Thanks for another recipe I really like. I’m excited that most recipes are ones I want to make as I’m often not that interested with other sites.

  38. We made this again after a year of thinking about the first time I made this. It was fantastic – better then I remembered. Great job, you are awesome!!

  39. So flipping amazing… I made mine more like lasagna. I tripled the sauce and doubled everything else. I layered sauce, sweet potatoes, and then the meat three times. So freaking amazing.

  40. I notice some of your pictures your sweet potatoes don’t look orange? Are they a different variety of them. And by the way….love all your recipes for the super bowl!!! Can’t wait to try them. Printing off a few to try this week. Thank you!!!!

  41. I made these tonight and they were so good 🙂 my husband gobbled them up and had a huge plate of seconds. I had a really hard time folding them up but they looked okay (until I plated them). Presentation doesn’t matter when something tastes this delicious though! Thanks for the recipe!

  42. These look really interesting, I am making these tonight. I was curious if you could tell me how many is a serving. Trying to figure out the calorie count. Thank you so much. Oh love your recipes:)

  43. I stumbled across this recipe when I searched for paleo ground beef recipes. I did not have white sweet potatoes but went ahead with the recipe. I also only had two small sweet potatoes so I cooked some regular potatoes and made two casserole dishes which I layered in the pan. It was awesome! My family ate every bit of it an wanted more. The dish with the sweet potatoes was much better. I will definitely try and again with the large white sweet potatoes!

  44. Julie, this looks so good! I bought all of the ingredients, but I don’t quite understand how to cut the sweet potato…in a long ribbon? How come your don’t look orange? We ended up stuffing the rest in green peppers and baking (enchilada stuffed peppers!) it was actually really good, but I would love to try the original recipe. Can you just elaborate on the “tortilla” a little more. Thanks!

  45. We made these last night. Very good. Takes a while for the potatoes, but worth it. Next time I will try pulled beef in them. I did make my own tomatillo sauce too.

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