Banana Bread French Toast

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There are just so many A’s in banana. So many. It’s confusing. And I have to sound it out every time. Sad, but true.

So I got this idea from the ever amazing Jessica at How Sweet It Is. Her blog posts come straight to my email so I’m greeted every morning with food I can’t consume. But her photography is unbelievable. What I would give to spend a day in her sugar jar. That sounded weird, but picture it. You can’t act like that wouldn’t be cool. And smell really good.

Anywho, I want to be just like her and as soon as I saw her post of banana (just sounded it out again) bread french toast, I HAD to make my own version. Twice. In two days. Laura and I ate it too fast on a Saturday night while we watched Bourne Supremacy and Bodyguard so I couldn’t snap any pictures. Wow, we’re single. Totes worth it though. I also had 2 non-paleo people say they LOVED it and my friend Sergio tell me to shut up when I asked him how it was. He stared at me with pure happiness in his eyes.

So this was cool. Laura and I went on a date for 5280 week at Fogo de Chao which is a brazilian restaurant in Denver. We don’t get asked on dates so we just take each other out…and pay for ourselves. Cool. Anyways. Ummmm holy meat. Just so much meat. Which was awesome. And the best part of it all was our server spilt a sangria on me (a trip from another patron occurred) and he felt soooooo bad. So bad. This poor adorable little man looked like he was going to cry because he was so embarrassed. I seriously didn’t care. It got in my hair. He obviously doesn’t know how disgusting my hair usually is because Laura and I got free sangrias AND desserts. Holy sugar overload. I ate flan and some kind of creamy dessert that tasted like melted ice cream. OH HELLS YEAH. I immediately was coughing up mucus after dinner and had a food child growing, making a home. I’m grossed out by myself from that last sentence. But it’s the sad sad truth.

Just to end this conversation, if you don’t ever try this recipe, your life WILL NOT be complete. If you want to win a man or woman over, make this dish. If you want to convert someone to paleo, make this dish. And if you want to cry tears into your food, make this dish. I don’t lie. Only 9 times out of 10 am I lying. Kidding…or am I? But you could just make the banana bread, make banana bread muffins, really whatever you want to do! Opportunities are endless in this paleo world!


Banana Bread French Toast

  • Yield: 2-4 1x



For the bread

  • 3 medium bananas (you want them brown and spotty)
  • 1.5 cups roasted unsalted cashews
  • 1 cup almond meal/flour
  • 2 tablespoons walnut oil
  • 2 eggs, whisked
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • pinch of salt

For the french toast


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Pull out your handy dandy food processor. It will make life soooo much easier. Add your cashews to the food processor to grind down.
  3. Once your get a fine cashew meal, add your walnut oil while your food processor is still on until you get a cashew butter.
  4. Then peel your bananas, roughly break them up, and add to your food processor with your cashews. Turn your food processor on and let combine for a minute or so until you have a soupy paste.
  5. Now in a large bowl, whisk your eggs, then add your cashew/banana mixture along with almond meal/flour, baking soda and powder, honey, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and salt. Mix to combine until you get a batter.
  6. Grease a loaf pan with some coconut oil. I used a loaf pan that was 9.3×5.2 inches (weird numbers) and it worked well. You could use smaller for taller loaf of bread, just may cook differently.
  7. Pour batter into your greased loaf pan. Place in oven and bake for 25-30 minutes or until bread is cooked through and the top of your loaf has a bit of a “crisp” to it.
  8. Let bread cool for about 10 minutes.
  9. When banana bread is cooled, whisk together your french toast ingredients (minus the coconut oil) in a shallow bowl.
  10. Heat up a skillet or griddle and add your coconut oil to it.
  11. Cut your bread into 1/2-1 inch slices, dip them in your egg mixture on both sides, then place on griddle to cook for 2-3 minutes per side.
  12. Top french toast off with slice bananas, maple syrup or honey, and a touch of cinnamon.
  13. Pure brilliance. Consume. Try to go slow. It is epic.

Did you make this recipe?

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PaleOMG Banana Bread French Toast


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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


402 thoughts on “Banana Bread French Toast”

      1. This just changed my life. Seriously, WOW. I wish I had added one more banana bc my third one wasn’t that big, and they def weren’t ripe enough, but even so, AMAZINGGGG. I love you, Juli Bauer!!! I’m on my phone & it won’t let me rate it, but TEN STARS!!!

      2. OMG indeed. I just made this with a couple small substitutions (hazelnuts for cashews, coconut oil for walnut oil) and I don’t think the bread will ever even make it into French Toast form. I can’t stop eating it as is. I am envisioning many iterations in my future…blueberry lemon, orange chocolate, pumpkin spice etc. etc. Thank you and keep on keeping on, you rock!

  1. Can I just say that when I saw on Facebook that you were going to be making banana bread french toast over the weekend, I knew you must read How Sweet It Is as well! I am also obsessed with her funny words and delish looking food that I can’t eat 🙁 Love this paleo adaptation! I am definitely going to try this soon. 🙂

  2. this looks AMAZING. i’ve wanted to make paleo french toast ever since i had some coconut crusted french toast. adding coconut with the banana….and cinnamon…aaaaaaaaaaaaand i’m drooling. whoops.

  3. tomorrow…tomorrow… i love you tomorrow cuz this is what i am am making and I am super excited… looks heavenly!!!!!!!

  4. You make Paleo foods so delicious. I’m just finishing week 3 on the Paleo Solution meal plan and half of it is, at times, unpalatable. I don’t think I could’ve continued on it without substituting things with your recipes =) Cannot wait to try this! Thanks a bunch.

  5. Would it be bad if I made this French toast for dinner?? I don’t have time to do it in the morning and I’m not waiting until my day off, I might dream about it tonight.
    I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing that I found your blog… I guess it’s good because I’m going to be eating paleo but it’s also bad because I’m going to be eating aloooooot. I’m just obsessed with food, can’t help it :-/

  6. Seriously. FIRST thing that gets shoved into my paleo pie hole when I get back from A-stan in a month, is this absolute slice of what I dream to be pure awesomeness. I should probably just quit my job now and come home to make this actually. I really need to stop obsessively reading this blog for the next 30ish days so I don’t get medically sent home for the diagnosis of rabies due to excessive foaming/drooling from the mouth.

  7. “Banana.” Remember that Gwen Stefani song from like… I don’t know… 10 years ago? “That shit is bananas… B-A-N-A-N-A-S.”

    That’s how I remember it.

      1. Would almond flour or coconut flour work instead? So excited to make this!!! I’m new to paleo and my husbands favorite thing is banana bread and I’ve been looking to make a paleo version that lives upto my old one!!!

  8. are you serious this looks too perfect. I’m scared of making it because I would hands down eat the whole loaf in under 24 hours. But really, I need to make this. Isn’t being paleo great?!

  9. Ok I totally did the same thing! I love How Sweet It Is, so I made paleo zucchini/banana bread and then turned it into french toast…and ate the whole loaf by myself. What? It’s totally socially acceptable.

  10. Wow, this looks and sounds amazing. I’ll have to track down some ingredients I don’t currently have but I look forward to making this when I can. Thanks!

  11. OMG…you brought up the fu$ken level on this one!!!! HOLY YUMMY! I make banana nut bread whenever I feel like having some form of sweet bread, but never thought to do it up like this! SWEET, can’t wait to try!

  12. balls. i remember my mom always making french toast on sunday mornings for me. i’m totes making this soon. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

    Thanks Juli!

  13. So I have like the stupidest question ever. Does coconut oil and coconut milk taste like that nasty crunchy shredded coconut stuff? My husband totally dislikes coconut. I am not a huge fan either. I see all these great looking paleo recipes and I don’t try them since they have coconut products!

    1. Wilderness Family Naturals has an amazing coconut oil that I find, doesn’t taste like coconut at all. It’s almost floral.

      Granted, if you don’t like coconut, you may be sensitive to it 🙁

    2. It doesn’t taste quite the same as shredded coconut does. You could always use a different oil to cook the bread in and use almond milk instead of coconut milk!

  14. From just the pictures alone I swear it smells like banana bread in here (and I’m at WORK!). I can’t get into the kitchen quick enough to whip this recipe up! Down side… how does one wait so long for so much yumminess??? (yes, that IS a word… I don’t care if Webster doesn’t agree) Keep rockin’ our Paleo worlds Juli!!! Thank you for keeping us stocked up on such irresistible recipes! Oh and Fogo is awesome!!! I do have to say though… I didn’t eat anything at all the day after I went there… was full all night/day/night! Totally worth it though!!! Bacon wrapped filet mignon… seriously, how can one go wrong?!?

  15. Any suggestions if one (me) is deathly allergic to cashews? Maybe substitute some almond butter? I think I will try that. I have a savory bread recipe that calls for almond flour and almond butter. I’ll use that as a template. I love the way recipes morph over the Internet!

  16. It sounds fantastic, except for the cashew part. I’m deathly alergic to cashews! Do you know of a suitable subsitute I can try for that ingredient? I guess I can experiment, but I’m hoping you might know of one. Thanks!

  17. The active honey drizzle in the cover photo made me drool. I think this recipe will be all I eat this weekend. Amazing job!

  18. What is a good brand of almond meal/flour to use? I have used Bob’s Red Mill and made a banana bread recently and it just wasn’t good. I absolutely l

  19. Ok, I don’t know what happened there…..I love french toast and grew up eating it, and I’m looking forward to trying this if I can find a better almond meal.

  20. Juli, MEGA drool!! Do you think instead of cashews, I could sub almond butter in its place? It’s what I have on hand. If so, how much would you estimate? I’d hate it waste is why I’m asking first =) But soooo looking forward to this. Ps, the sweet potato brownies were soooo good! My kids didn’t take to it the first day (too bad for them!), but after they settled overnight (what a shame there was still some left the next day, lol!) the taste was off the hook and they gobbled them right up! Can’t wait for coffee cake… *growl*

      1. Ok, results with 1 cup of almond butter subbed for cashew are in! It works and is oh so MEGA GOOD!! I’m making the bread today to have french toast in the morning with the kids, hopefully there will be some to make in the morning! It yielded (2) mini 4″x7″ loaves and tastes heavenly with honey or maple syrup drizzled on top *dreamy sigh* I think I may add another banana next time to spruce up the banana taste but as is, this is on point! OMG — half of the first loaf is already done! I’m starting to panic about a breakfast idea in case it deson’t make it *fist palm*… Oooh, another thought. Banana bread a la mode… paleo ice cream. You know the deal. Ok… too much typing, more eating! Nomz, Juli!

          1. I’m in the market for a good vanilla one that isn’t over-powered by coconut. Omg, what about a burnt almond ice cream to go with this banana bread! (My strength and weakness is an abundance of ideas). I’ve made mango and strawberry so far (only one is posted on my blog though). The kids are asking for chocolate next. Well geez. Who am I to say no when I can PALEOize it! =P Ps, I ate half of the first loaf and the kids had 2 slices each. Good news, we have bread for the am, lol!

  21. Ummm… OMG!! You have made my Month with this one!!!! If you ever come to sunny Florida (Tampa Bay), let me know.. We need to have a cooking session!! You’re a genius.. I have so much to learn 🙂

  22. You have the best Paleo recipes. I love the Jambalaya, Pistachio Chicken Pesto, Honey Ginger Apple Shredded Pork, and now this one. I’m totally making two loaves (not meatloaves) tonight so I can eat one tonight and have french toast for tomorrow after my Crossfit workout.

    I want one of your men’s shirts because this site is awesome.

    1. No you’re awesome Mike! Glad you have like the recipes! Let me know how the french toasts comes out, i’m sure it will taste wicked awesome after a wod!

      1. The french toast was great! I used strawberries and blueberries instead of using even more bananas to go with the banana bread french toast. I also sprinkled a bit of shredded coconut on top.

  23. Found this thanks to pinterest. YUM. I want these, and I have bananas about to go bad on my counter right now… Thanks for the recipe conversion to awesomeness. I’ll be adding lots of nuts and shredded coconut to mine, too…

  24. This recipe may FINALLY push me to buy a food processor. Is it possible to sub coconut flour for almond meal in this recipe?
    But omg. I typically drool just a little bit when I read most of your posts, but this one has me mopping off my keyboard.

    1. You gotta buy one, its totally worth every penny. And I think the bread might be a bit dry with coconut flour and you would need to use more cashews in replacement because you would need to cut your coconut flour down.

  25. Jules, this looks incredible, and even though most of your recipes can be a little intimidating to us males in our 20’s, I am going to whole foods this weekend and am gonna give this one a whirl! Keep up the great work!

  26. you are the most epic person ever…just sayin’

    this was like a ninja party of omfghowcanthistastesogood in my mouth…

    I didnt have a surplus of cashews kicking around…so I made pecan butter instead of cashew butter…

    and then topped these bad boys with strawberries, banana, pecans, coconut flakes and a smidge of maple syrup.

  27. Wow, your recipes are truly amazing. This is my first time here, and I am nicely surprised. I have just read coconut coffee cake recipe, than I saw this one. Perfect!

  28. I just made the banana bread tonight and it was awesome!! I am going to make the French Toast tomorrow after my WOD – will have definitely earned it! I love your recipes and plan my weekly food shopping trip around them. Keep ’em coming!

  29. Just looking at this picture makes me salivate. Thanks for putting two of my favorite foods together: bananas + french toast = one happy THEO.

    I will definitely try this recipe and get back to you ASAP.

    Thanks for the tip!


  30. Awesome recipe! It is the first time that I have tried baking since going primal/paleo. It was delicious. My hubs, who is not on primal/paleo said it is “okay” but mainly because he is not a fan of banana bread.

    Thank you for making my Saturday morning!

  31. Having just started my Paleo lifestyle change a month ago, I drew a blank in the kitchen everytime I tried to cook. Your blog is something I look forward to, to give me a chuckle daily and inspire me in the kitchen. My husband (who’s a chubsy wubsy) loves when I cook and has no idea I’m converting him on the sly. He refuses to “diet” and still tries to convince me to grab a banana split, milk shake or slice of cheesecake with him. As frustrating as it is, I think I may be winning him over on eating healthier thanks to your delicious recipes. You’re my hero.

  32. Hi, I’m fairly new to Paleo so my question is, are these delicious recipes ok if I’m still trying to lose weight?
    I’ve already made the Coconut Coffee Cake and loved it!!! I’m getting ready to made the Banana Bread French Toast now.

  33. AMAZING! I haven’t had any bread in a month, so this was such a treat! Even my non-paleo (or as I prefer to say, not-yet paleo) hubby and boys liked it! Thank you so much for sharing!

  34. Juli – Unfortunately I thought I had walnut oil on hand but had macadamia nut oil instead so other than that I followed your recipe almost to the t’. But mine turned out mushy in the middle. Its still cooking and Im over the 25-30 m recommended cooking time. I have a regular loaf pan on hand but Im not sure of its dimensions…it looks just like a regular bread/loaf pan… Not sure what I did wrong :/

  35. Juli,

    Please disregard my comment “I followed it to the T”…I re-read the instructions and it was my fault, I put “3” eggs instead of “2”..O well its still salvageable…doesnt look great but portions of it cooked well enough that it looks like your pictures. Again, blame the “reader/follower” <– dork! It was ABSOLUTELY amazing by the way!!! You rock 🙂

  36. Juli, quick question for you. This looks amazing! However we have a severe tree-nut allergy in our family so we would have to leave out the cashews and walnut oil. Also, we have yet to find a flour we can use! Do you have any recommendations or substitutions for almond flour and nut products? I found some coconut flour at a local store but it says it may contain tree nuts, so we can’t use that one. 🙁 I’m dying to try all these “baked” products!!!!!

    1. Humph, I’m a bit stuck at what to tell ya Kelly, that’s really tough. I want to say coconut flour if you can find it online somewhere that nuts aren’t present. But with paleo, it’s hard to find a flour that’s not based from nuts.

      1. Some of the Paleo folks take unsweetened shredded coconut and make their own flour in a blender or food processor. It has full fat content that way, so would be moister and I bet it would work just fine in place of the nut flours.

  37. Yes. This DOES taste even BETTER than it looks and sounds. Sometimes when things look and sound delicious, I get this high expectation and become disappointed when I actually taste it. Not this time. Exceeded expectations — and they were high. very high.

  38. (Pale)OMG!!! Just had my first slice and this bread is amazing. I can’t wait to make it into french toast for breakfast tomorrow for the kids. When are you publishing a book already???

  39. I’m kinda crying inside because I don’t have any special occasions coming up, so I don’t have an excuse to make this.


    I think I’m going to come up with an imaginary friend and make her birthday tomorrow.


    There there, don’t cry Alexandra, here’s your banana bread french toast… happy birthday to you!


  40. Hi.

    Do you think I can make the bread in advance and freeze it sliced until it is time to make the french toast? My bananas will probably be ready before the weekend when I plan to make the full french toast.

    Thank you so much for your awesome blog!!

  41. Best banana bread. I have literally tried three different recipes for banana bread prior to this..terrible.. so bland and gross, this is better than the real thing! THANK YOUUUUUU! it was gone in a matter of hours, i waited a week for my bananas to brown and the bread didnt even last through the night :[ damn living at home :] you are greaaattttttt!

  42. Best banana bread ever!! I had this with a couple of the on-the-go egg bites with some paleo ketchup. AMAZINGGG!!

  43. I’m so going to try this during the weekend! Do you think it would turn out just as delicious if I don’t use a food processor for making the soupy paste?

    Oh, and I don’t understand why a CrossFitting cook like you would be single!!!

  44. I made this yesterday – sooo yummy! I had a craving for french toast and this totally satisfied it. Maple syrup is on my “I don’t care whether it’s paleo, I’m going to eat it anyway” list.

  45. Are you kidding me???? Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I’m eating this right now, sticky fingers on my keyboard and all! The boys (almost 3 and 5 1/2) and I have just polished off an entire loaf’s worth of french toast.

    Bananas don’t last long at my house, so the day you posted this, I went out and bought a bunch to let go bad lol! Today was FINALLY the day (my bananas ripen soooo slowly ack!), and I doubled the recipe for sure! Used almond butter bc I forgot to get cashews, and it turned out fabulously! I’m totally making this for any special brunch occasions from now on!!!!!!

    Thank you so much – you are amazing!!!!! (And the baby says “Oooh ooh! Aaah aaaah!” which is monkey for “PaleOMG is RIGHT!”)

  46. Love this recipe!!! So delicious! I made it last week and got three breakfasts out of it for me and my 13 year old son. He really enjoyed it so I’ve already got the banana bread baked for tomorrow’s breakfast. Thanks Juli 🙂

  47. I only made the banana bread part and it was amazing!! I have made other Paleo banana breads before, but this is the best one by far. The texture was exactly like banana instead of the egg-y creation I often make. This is going to be my go to from now on!

  48. Juli, Made this banana bread yesterday !! One word AMAZING. I did have to substitute one of the banana’s with a sweet potatoe as I was short a banana. I’m going to heat it now and top with almond butter ! yum.

    Thanks again

  49. Here’s the thing – I’m trying to lose some weight. You keep making these recipes that I HAVE to try and they end up being phenomenal. This recipe is a challenge NOT to eat the entire loaf in one sitting. I really can’t decide whether I love you or hate you. I’m pretty sure it’s love. I tasted the bread by itself and thought…holy shit. Then I made it into french toast. Holy.Mother.Of.God. You are really, really good at this. Thank you, I love/hate you.

      1. Just so you know…it’s ‘hate’ in a good way. Please don’t stop making and sharing your recipes.

        And yes, you should definitely write a recipe book.

  50. put fresh blueberries in mine. it’s ungodly good. made mini loaves so i don’t feel like such a fat ass when i sit down to eat the entire thing at once. f**k wallballs, i’d rather eat.

  51. Absolutely amazing! I did alter it a little, used agave syrup instead of honey and i didn’t have cashews, so used walnuts. Came out fantastic!

  52. oohkay. so i’m your newest stalker. like, legitimately. but it’s because you’re making my transition to paleo so easy and delicious.

    um so i made this on the weekend and it was one of the best things i’ve put in my mouth all month. even my non-paleo roommates said it was some of the best banana bread they’ve ever had. then i made it into french toast and went to heaven. yep. so i’m in love with you just thought i’d let you know. (i’m incredibly nonthreatening by the way)

  53. Amazingly good. This is my second time making it and it is wonderful. My wife is having a big birthday party soon (put on by her sisters) and I will be making this. That way, after I figure out a paleo frosting, I can have some cake too!

  54. OMG, THANK YOU for posting this. I’ve made cashew bread before but it has never turned out like real bread. This was SO EASY to make and I just ate my first piece. It tastes so good, can’t wait for my kid to get home to try some!!!!

  55. I had never left a comment on a blog…however I made these into banana muffins and this recipe is seriously the BEST! I have made these for friends and they have no clue that it’s a paleo recipe! I have used both almond butter and cashew butter and they are better with cashew butter- you taste a lot of the almond butter when you use it. Thanks for a great recipe Juli!

  56. I am running a half marathon tomorrow morning and plan on eating these as soon as I get home! It’s a totally acceptable recovery meal, right? 🙂 Nom Nom! I can’t wait. I’ll be thinking of the yumminess for 13.1 miles!

  57. Seriously, awesome!!!! Just what I needed on this rainy Sunday morning. Have leftovers for tomorrow (or maybe dinner lol)

  58. Hello! I made this and it was impossibly delicious! Now I feel like I can actually get enough stodge in my day and not starve. I’d really like to know what is the best way to store the bread? x

  59. I buy bananas and don’t let anyone touch them until they get brown and nasty…… for the sole purpose of making this AMAZZZZZZZING banana bread!

  60. French toast is one of my favorite foods EVER and I have missed it since going paleo…the concept of Paleo french toast is making me drool!

    BUT: I can’t eat bananas. Never have. The smell alone makes me puke. Any ideas on what to sub in? Maybe part applesauce and part pumpkin or sweet potato mash? Thanks — love this blog!

      1. I will definitely give it a go…it’s too tempting not to! Approximately how much would I need for sweet potatoes? 3 smallish ones? Enough to make 1.5-2 cups?

        PS – I just rediscovered your blog and love your recipes and hilarity. Thanks for being awesome!

  61. I had to hide bananas from my husband in order to make this banana bread. They never go bad in my house before they are eaten all up!

    I actually skipped the sweetener and added an extra banana… it turned out amazing. It was gone before I could even think about turning it into french toast. My husband even loved this and he is SUPER skeptical of paleo desserts.

    Oh… also pureed

    1. cashews, coconut oil, and bananas are amazing on their own. I had to say out loud “Kerrisan, stop eating this or the bread is going to be icky.”

      Good news: I formed some sort of will power and the banana bread did not suffer from my constant snacking and licking.

  62. So, yesterday, I stumbled upon this little recipe that might make this banana bread even more amazing….I know….hard to believe. The recipe was for chocolate surprise banana muffins.
    On the outside, looks just like a banana muffin….cut it open, and chocolatey goodness awaits.
    How do they do this? After making the batter, set some aside, and mix in some cocoa powder, then partially fill the muffin (or bread) tin with regular batter, put a spoonfull of chocolatey batter on top, and top off with regular batter to hide the chocolate. Bake as usual. I’m gonna try it this weekend.

      1. I made the chocolate filled banana muffins today. Damn good. I made them as I posted it above. Next time, I think I’d add more cocoa powder, and maybe some chocolate chips to make it even more chocolatey. I didn’t measure the amount of batter or cocoa powder. I’d guess it was a little more than a cup of batter, and I just kept adding cocoa powder, stirring, and tasting until I was happy with the flavor. Give it a shot…..super yummy.

        1. I wish I had thought of this before…..I would have added chocolate protein powder to the chocolatey batter….mmmmmm protein and chocolate.

  63. Hi Juli,

    I’ve made this banana bread twice now but it always keeps collapsing in the center! I tried baking it for longer, but the outsides burned while the insides still collapsed. I still ate it anyway and it was DELICIOUS, but any suggestions to stop it from collapsing?

  64. This was the BEST gluten free banana bread I’ve ever made. I’ve tried lots of combinations too!! THANK YOU!! Your recipes are awesome! All that I changed was that I only had lightly salted cashews and I only had peanut oil so I used that instead of walnut oil. 🙂

  65. I made this tonight and did not have any roasted cashews so I used raw cashews and just added 1 extra TBSP of Walnut oil and the bread was AMAZING! Thanks so much for creating things that still make me feel like I can indulge but still eat Paleo “style”!

  66. Holy balls! This is a great recipe!!! Made two loaves of the banana bread and I’m not sure if we’ll have any left to make french toast. Whatevs. The banana bread is delicious. I love it so much I want to marry it.

  67. This one is truly a PaleOMG recipe!! I made this for breakfast this morning. I ran out of cashews and made it with walnuts instead. Still turned out AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing! Keep ’em coming!

  68. I did the banana bread for our Easter brunch. My non-paleo family were amazed on how moist and delicious the bread was. Thanks for the recipe!

  69. I LOVE this! My family doesan’t always “get” my paleo ways but no one questioned it with this meal. They just dug in and LOVED it! So glad I found you!!

  70. I am going to have to try this recipe. It looks delicious. I have a question for you though. Where do you buy all your nuts? Do you use raw? Soaked? Sprouted? Dehydrated? Roasted? I am so confused about this whole area. I have 5 kids and we just started eating paleo and as you can see, this diet is going to cost us a small fortune. Do you buy in bulk somewhere? I saw some raw organic cashews at Amazon and they are 10.50 a pound. But I don’t know if I am supposed to soak and roast/dehydrate those? Thanks

    1. I usually eat raw or roasted. I don’t really know what sprouted is like. I just buy them at the store or at no need to soak them really.

  71. I finally made the banana bread (no french toast)! This ish was the BOMB!!! As soon as I took it out the over, I had to taste a piece…OMG! I must admit, I have eaten half of the loaf already and I DO NOT feel guilty! lmbo! Thanks girlie for the recipe 🙂

  72. Jennifer Ignizio

    I’m so bummed – I made this last night and the inside was still raw. I’m still getting used to baking “paleo”. I ended up baking it on the low end of your time range because the top of the bread was completely brown and looked “done”. I’ll plan on baking it next time ~30-32 minutes. I have a gas oven – have people found that they have to bake it a little longer? The ends of the bread were cooked and they were delish.

    1. Outside was great. Looked done as you said. Stuck a wood toothpick down center came up clean. Took it out to flip onto the cooling rack. First most of the very bottom stuck (oiled the entire inside well) along with small chunks above it revealing the middle was still gooey. Did exactly as instructed even pan size and didn’t use Bob but actual blanched almond flour. Three things: if I left it in any longer, it wouldn’t have been edible (really burnt), my pan is glass, and I’m down here in the humid south. What should I have done differently? Thanks so much 🙂

  73. My fav! I think yours is my favorite paleo blog on the planet. Today I used this recipe as a base to make pumpkin bread. I tried it with 1 banana, a small can of pumpkin, 3 softened dates, and at the very end mix in a lots of frozen whole cranberries. Good. Needs some tweaking – just a little too moist, I’ll probably cut the pumpkin down to 1 C next time.

  74. I just made the banana bread and it’s amazing. It’s better than the non paleo stuff I’d made for years. I’m making the banana bread french toast in the morning. You rock. If I were a guy I’d so marry you. You’re amazing.

  75. Juli, This recipe ROCKS!! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing culinary skills through this blog. My husband and I are new to the Paleo Lifestyle and I am so looking forward to making many more of your recipes!

  76. Well, this sounds totally amazing. And since I am totally impatient and have to do it NOW and have no cashews (except raw) or walnut oil, I am going to try it with coconut oil and hazelnut flour (and the almond flour). Will let you know how it turns out. 😉

  77. Had to comment on this one…OMG is not even good enough! Made the bread and couldn’t even let it get to the next step of making the french toast part. I’m afraid. It’s so good as just bread with some coconut butter on top. De-Lish!!!!! Guess I’ll have to make another loaf and this time actually go all the way with the recipe. I may just eat it all though…*drool*

  78. JB, can I use walnuts instead of cashews? Or just more almonds? The only cashews I could find were roasted and salted.

      1. Sorry dude I just read through the comments and realized basically everyone has already asked that. My bad. It’s in the oven right now and it smells great. Freaking 2100 calories… I see why you give this stuff away. It gives me hope though because you do have a fantastic physique and knowing you eat these kinds of things while maintaining that is very inspiring. I made the pecan caramel bars for my birthday and ate all of them in a day. Took me a few more to work them off… The leftovers from this are going to my parents ASAP. Thanks so much for it.

  79. This is my first week on the Paleo lifestyle. I tried this recipe the other day and LOVE IT and I love you for thinking of it. I did change it up a bit. I cooked the banana loaf and made my own pecan cocunut butter for a spread instead of making it into french toast. It was amazing! thanks so much. Cant wait to try some of your other amazing creations!

  80. My bf and I just made this the other night. I had to half it because I didn’t have enough eggs (oops). He thought it was a lot of work for such a small loaf of bread. Then he ate it, and it was sooooo good. I think this is the only way I will eat french toast ever again.

    Also, I hate coconut, but I have never been able to taste the coconut flavor in any coconut oil or milk. Maybe it’s just a texture thing for me.

  81. I am going to make the bread and then request Banana Bread French Toast with all the fixin’s for Mother’s Day!

  82. Ok my husband and I just made your Buffalo Chicken and Sweet potato Meatza! I have to say it was Absolutely wonderful! And in the morning we are making this french toast! I think I have fallen in love with your blog! Thank you for all the posts and wonderful recipes!

  83. Polly Anderson


    This recipe is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

    My first time making a traditionally neolithic recipe. Verdict? SO SO SO GOOD.

    Made some for the non-Paleo mother today for Mother’s Day. She loved it, surprised something like that could come out of the paleo world she loves to hate on. 🙂

    Subbed dry roasted almond butter for the cashew stuff. Can’t wait to also experiment with cashews, walnuts, a dusting of cocoa powder…

    Siiigh…This recipe and I are going to have a great life together. 🙂


  84. Knew you just had to know that i too, have now made & tasted the amazing good times that is your banana bread/french toast recipe.

    Sooooo damned good, lucky i had my mother in law over in the afternoon to help eat it, otherwise….

  85. Just had a warm slice of the banana bread from the oven. It is perfect.
    I love you :oD

  86. I have been lurkind for a while as I transition over to Paleo. You blog has been my lifeline and I’m slowly cooking my way though all of you recipes. This recipe is delish. Thank you!

  87. I just made the banana bread this morning and it made my heart sing!!! Seriously this kicks some serious ass!!! I might melt when I make the French toast.

    I heart paleo and you and your recipes! They bring life to food 🙂 you rock!!

  88. I just made this as muffins. Best banana muffins EVER! In the oven for about 15 minutes was just right. YUM

  89. I wonder if anyone else has this problem or if it is just how these baked goodies are supposed to turn out–whenever I have made paleo breads, they’re much less cooked inside no matter how long I bake them. Is this how the consistency is supposed to be?

  90. I have to try this. My life might depend on it ( or at the very least my paleo life.. ) I just started Crossfit and eating paleo is soooo foreign to me. I mean, I’m an irish girl whose father should have been born italian…which in other words means I haven’t eaten a meal without a noodle or potato in it since..well since I was born! and I can’t even describe to you how much I miss chocolate. and I HATE dark chocolate 🙁 but I guess I better get to like it. I think you’re going to help me do that. So thanks 🙂

  91. Hi There!

    I just have to tell you this was AMAZING!!!!!! I was out of cashews so I used almonds along with a little added coconut oil and it was so delicious!!!!!! The best french toast I’ve ever had. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 🙂

  92. I just made this the other day and it is delicious. The walnut oil I had expired 3 years ago so I used coconut oil instead and it turned out great. My boyfriend even enjoyed it and he is very picky about food.

  93. I have made this every week for about three months now and I can’t get over something tasting so good and being so good for you. Last time I added rasberries and they gave it a nice tang too. Thanks for such a great recipe!

  94. Girl – your blog is so entertaining! I’ve got to try this recipe it looks amazing (and coincidentally I have all the ingredients in the cupboard!)

    I’m so glad I’ve stumbled across your website; I’ll be sure to tell my paleo friends. Stay classy 🙂

    1. Coconut flour is a pretty different consistency so it may be tough. Try it but use WAY less coconut flour. Like a couple tablespoons

  95. Olwen Anderson

    Juli this recipe is AWESOME. I have to ration it out. (fortunately individual slices freeze well). Thank you!

  96. Hi Juli, when you said the banana bread was epic, I knew I had to try it. Turned out awesome! The banana bread didn’t even make it to the French Toast part of the recipe! It was so so good eating it on its own, warmed up in an oven toaster. Thanks for the recipe, it’s a keeper 🙂

  97. Tried this as a post-Tough Mudder breakfast. AMAZING! It even turned out well at 9,000 ft!!

  98. how i LOVE how your brain works! i don’t know where you get your ideas, but WOW is this a good one! i made this midweek and didn’t have any left by saturday night. SO moist and flavorful. i never used it to make french toast because i wanted to reserve it for treat status at the end of my meals, and as my breakfast side to my protein shake.

    thanks thanks thanks, woman!

  99. O…..M…..G. Incredible!!!!!! Loved loved loved it!!! Can’t wait to make it again! This may have been the dish that converted my husband to Paleo!

  100. Okay, not like you need another gushing comment, but OH MY GOSH! If anyone is still skeptical about this recipe or Paleo, get off the internet and immediately make this banana bread! My poor hubby has acid reflux, so we made an abrupt diet change. This will really help him make the transition. Thank you!

  101. I didn’t have time to wait for the bread to bake, so I decided to make the batter into pancakes.
    I made the whole recipe in the food processor, and added some extra coconut oil, eggs, and coconut milk to thin it out.
    Frying them up in some coconut oil right now. They are cooking great (though I do have to make sure the heat isn’t too high). They are delicious! The family is going to love this “breakfast for dinner”!
    Thanks for the recipe. I hope to try it out as written soon. =)

  102. Not to be a debbie downer, but is banana bad or good? Someone told me that it isnt but its okay every now and then. Whats the scooop? Because if it is, im having this every morning!

  103. Juli,
    I am literally salivating here! I am all the way in Afghanistan and ran into your website (not literally, although it would be interesting to run into a website…) via my friend Meaghan; and I am definitely willing to try leading a Paleo lifestyle when I return from my deployment. The food here is so crappy but reading your food blogs (I am a huge fatty at heart, I love food–and no matter what people say, food IS my friend) give me something to look forward to when I return to the States and can cook my own food (the food here is terrible and definitely NOT Paleo friendly–ick). Keep bloggin’, I promise to keep reading!!
    All the best,

  104. This recipe made my day! With my husband deployed, I’ve been looking for some paleo comfort foods that I can get into so that I don’t emotionally stuff my face. Even my notoriously picky 2-year-old loved this one. I love your blog, and have passed several recipes on to my CrossFit coach! She’s an addict now, too! 😉

  105. This was DIVINE! I have so missed Banana Bread since going Paleo, but this definitely satisfied a craving. I didn’t have any almond flour/meal or cashews. But, I had lots of pecans and pecan meal. So that’s what I used. And instead of honey, I used pure maple syrup (figured that would go well with pecans). And coconut oil instead of walnut oil.
    Eating it as bread instead of making the french toast and it is yummo warmed with a little grass-fed butter melted on top. WOW. Thanks SO much for this recipe!!

  106. This banana bread is unbelievably delicious! Unfortunately, it disappeared before I had a chance to make French toast out of it! I’ll try again soon and keep the family at bay until the bread is dipped and on the griddle! Thanks so much for offering this recipe. Yum!

  107. I made the banana bread last night and had to keep myself from eating the whole loaf (“no susie! This is for French toast tomorrow!!”) When I woke up today my first thought was “I need to make breakfast!” So I whipped up the French toast, took a bite and said out loud, to myself: “OMG. PaleOMG!” (bahaha, I cracked up). Holy turkeys this stuff is amazing. The perfect Sunday morning treat, and a nice break from my meat and veggie leftovers I usually chow on in the AM. So… You’ve got me. This recipe made me a devotee. Thanks!

  108. Hey Juli! NICE action shot up there of the honey drizzle!

    So pretty! I will make this for my paleo-skeptic friend some day. She won’t know what hit her. Hahahaha….

  109. Ok, so I made this banana bread last night… holy shitballs it was good! I made it in a standard bread pan, but had to extend the cooking time about 15 mins, and put some aluminum foil over the top so it didnt burn.. Delicious.. Going to make them into french toast this weekend. _ Juli you’re a genious.

  110. Juli, I need help! I’ve made this twice now and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…. The middle keeps caving in and it’s super moist…no matter how long I cook it, doesn’t seem to cook all the way through, just gets really dark on top. Any suggestions??? I’m following the recipe to a T!

  111. I would literally fight someone for a piece of this…maybe even just a bite. 2nd one of your recipes I’ve tried and I am slowly converting.

  112. I tried making this 2 times and both times it sinks down in the middle once it cools!! WTF? The second time I let it bake much longer and the toothpick came out clean but when i cut into it it was still so mushy in the middle. What gives??

  113. I’ve made this twice in 2 days, loaf then muffins! And I’d never baked before… Thank you for the yumminess! You’re a genius!

  114. I’ve been taking this banana bread on backpacking trips this summer as a healthful breakfast and it’s been working out fantastically! It keeps well and is a wonderful breakfast to get me going down the trail. Thanks!

  115. This must be made for Sunday brunch!!…Question…Is it better to “toast” the sliced banana bread before “egging” it…or to let it sit out a day or two before it becomes French Toast?..Or can one simply wait for it to cool enough to handle and continue on with your incredible recipe?…Thanks for all you do…You are a witty…gifted writer and a creative culinary kitchen wizard saving us from paleo cooking ruts…

  116. This is the first recipe I make from your website. Literally just pulled it out of the oven and it looks and smells AMAZING!!! Hopefully I don’t eat it all in one sitting 🙂

  117. This looks DELICIOUS! Ive been paleo over 2 years and im 15!!! I havent ate any sweets in so long… Just pure hell. Lol. Well have you tasted the banana bread all by itself after baking? Is it good?

  118. Wow – this was so good! I had a tough time not eating all the soupy banana/nut butter mix. I wanted to stick a straw in it and go to town! So, this was lunch and I have the Honey Ginger Apple Pork in the crockpot for dinner b/c I just couldn’t pick which recipe I wanted more. lol

  119. I made just the bread portion this evening, substituting a half cup of almond butter and half cup of sunflower seed butter for the cashews and walnut oil. The result was absolutely perfect and delicious. I can’t wait to try it as French toast!

  120. i didn’t have enough cashews so i had to do a little combo of walnuts cashew and pecans to get the right amount ha..and also took the idea from above and added half zucchini!!! it came out so good.i am making the french toast in the morning though. can’t wait to try the whole thing together!!

  121. 1). This is the first banana bread recipe that actually tastes good. 2). the french toast is BEAUTIFUL !!!!! I will definitely be making this french toast again. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us !!! 😀

  122. So, I posted that early because I was too excited. I was going to say I love your blog. It’s not everyday reading recipes make me laugh.

  123. HI Juli! Instead of making the cashew butter, could I just sub in pre made cashew butter? and if so, how much do you think I would need?? thanks!

  124. I used your recipe to make banana nut muffins. I didn’t have cashews or walnut oil so I ground up a cup and a half of walnuts and used coconut oil. Kinda masked the banana flavor but still good. Next time I will try it with the cashews or almond butter. Thanks for all of your awesomeness!!!! You inspired me to try crossfit which is kicking my a$$, which really needed kicking. 😛

  125. Baked the bread yesterday and it tasted amazing. Used coconut flour ( less than was required) and it was fine. Have been trying to eat Primal for the last few months but really miss cakes, I think I am really going to be a frequent visitor to the site. thanks for the wonderful recipes.

  126. This was delicious! I didn’t have cashews so I used 1/2 cup peanut butter instead of the cashews and walnut oil. Also, made muffins instead. I don’t stick to a paleo diet but really enjoy your recipes! Thanks 🙂

  127. Just pulled this out of the oven. It overflowed a tiny bit, but that’s because I used a smaller pan I think. So I just ate the overflowing crusty bits off the oven rack. Don’t judge me. It tasted as good as it smelled. And dear sweet jesus did it smell good.

  128. Can I use cashew butter instead of putting the 1.5 cups of cashews in the food processor?? And how much of the cashew butter would I use? So excited! French toast is my all time top breakfast meal!! 🙂

  129. Ok….just scrolled down to end of comments and saw a previous cashew butter question!! Sorry…thanks! Will be baking tomorrow!!

  130. I tried this recipe twice and I want to make it for my non plaeo friends on Sunday but the bread is sinking, specially in the middle. How can I solve it?

  131. Thank you. A million times over. Idk what happened, but somehow I became a chef in the process of making this. Whenever I venture into the kitchen.. Well let’s just say I get nervous and it doesn’t always work out. Could it be a sign that my first positive baking experience came while making a paleo recipe??? I think yes. Thanks again for giving me the courage and the sweet, sweet reward. Soon, I’ll be trying that blackberry pork recipe. Cannot wait.

  132. I made this and it was A.MA.ZING. But… I put the cashews in a blender (I don’t have a food processor) and it kinda killed my blender – so now I really want a food processor so I can make this + other recipes(!!) again. But there are just so many to choose from, ugh. What one do you use? Is like most things, and you get what you pay for, or is it worth trying be a cheapo?

    1. I don’t recommend a cheap blender if you are paleo and plan on grinding nuts often. My old blender didn’t even last me a whole year before the motor died and I was only doing veggies and stuff. Invest in something high quality and read reviews first. I have heard that you can use a nut mill as well.

  133. Has anyone ever tried making this into muffins? I need portable food to take with me to work and was thinking I could bake this into muffin tins but wasn’t sure if there was a reason no one had mentioned it.

  134. I just made this this morning. I had to sub a few extra types of nut flour because I didn’t have enough almond to make enough almond flour/meal. So because of that I was afraid of it being too oily/liquidy and added a spoonful of coconut flour to help suck up some of the extra moisture. This bread was DELICIOUS. I did have to cook it quite a bit longer than directed, at 30 minutes the center was still jiggly and so I ended up cooking it close to 50 minutes and it was perfect. When it was done, the center was puffed right and the top was cracked a bit. That’s probably why other people had some trouble with the center not cooking, it just probably needed more time 🙂 Hubby who isn’t even paleo had like 5 pieces of the french toast and love it and wanted more. I found I was stuffed after 2 pieces. This was absolutely delicious and I will make it over and over again 🙂

  135. This was yummy. I posted a photo on twitter. 🙂 Wonder what would happen if I threw a handful of enjoy life choc chips in the batter? Might try that next time. My middle was a little under cooked. Next time I’ll leave it a little longer.

    Thanks Juli! Your recipes are great. 🙂

  136. Question. Everytime I make a paleo baked good (this banana bread and the blueberry muffins) They never seem to rise right and are mushy…what am I doing wrong????? 😮

    1. Im not totally sure because I don’t really know what i’m doing what i bake, but it could be because you need a bit more almond meal or baking powder….

  137. I’ve made this twice. Both time I followed the directions to the letter but the bread fell in the middle both times. Thought the first time was due to undercooking so I cooked 2nd batch a full 7 minutes longer than the first. Same thing. When I cut into it it’s a little too wet. My solution was to slice and bake on a cookie sheet for 3-5 minutes to firm up the slices. The end product was delish and the french toast was perhaps the best thing ever t pass my lips but am frustrated why the first cooking doesn’t seem to be enough. Any thoughts?

  138. Shut up, this was so rad! I didn’t have cashews so I toasted some pecans instead. Holy crap we didn’t even get around to the french toast bc the bread was so delicious. My 4 year old told me “thanks for the cake mommy, you’re the best cooker ever” You can see how often he gets sweets, ha! Thank you for being hilarious (I love reading your blog) and for sharing this recipe! (also the sweet potato brownies are awesome also)

  139. Hi Juli – I’ve made this bread many, many times. It’s incredible. Like some other posters, I’ve had it be mushy inside with a black top. I think adding more almond flour may be the trick. Just a couple things. First, I omit the honey, and it’s still darn good. Second, do you know if this would freeze well? We’re going camping for two weeks, and I’d LOVE to bring some along, then thaw it as needed.
    Have you tried freezing it? Thanks1

  140. In the oven as I type. I haven’t found something that curbs my sweet tooth, but I’m thinking this is it. I’m just making it as bread and the dough tasted AMAZING! Like OMG!!!!!!

  141. Love, love, love it! Used olive oil in place of walnut oil. Mushy in mine after baking 30 min so thought maybe cover it for 30 then bake 10 more uncovered. We shall see. But Oh My Word how yummy!!!!

  142. It’s like bread! Only better……cause it’s NOT like bread.

    I would like to see what we can do to get a 6 star rating….YUM! IF there’s any left in the morning i’m totally doing the french toast…

  143. Love!!!! I would have to say this banana bread is better than “normal”! Can’t wait to share with my non-paleo friends who all think my husband and I are crazy to live without bread 🙂 thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to try some more of your recipes.

  144. Hiii! The bread is in the oven and I’m so excited.. I didn’t realize I was almost out of cashew butter- so I did a 50/50 ccashew butter and sesame seed butter. Do you think it will work? I didn’t read all the comments first or else I would’ve just used almond butter..I’m a bit nervous.

  145. All these awesome reviews, how can one NOT try this?! ! sounds and looks AMAZING!! This is on my two make list for sure!! Oooh one helpful way I use to spell out bananas is by singing the Gwen Stefani – “Hollaback Girl” “It’s bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!” 😀

  146. Just went paleo a few weeks ago and am now also trying my first time hand at cooking. So far I’ve made your pulled pork w/ caramelized plantains and the banana bread french toast. Love your recipes–looking forward to trying the next one!

  147. I went paleo three and a half weeks ago – I am addicted to your recipes! I have made: avocado pudding, sweet potato brownies, chili, creamy chicken something, crock pot roast beef with mushrooms, chicken wrapped in bacon with mango sauce…just to name a few…I swear I have to cook something new every meal and I L.O.V.E. everything! And the banana bread….heavenly!!!!

    1. And….I have lost seven lbs in three weeks w no exercise (back issues make it so I can’t), so not only do I love the food my body does too!!

  148. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to have found your blog! I’m just starting the paleo lifestyle and all I could think about was everything i’d have to give up….like french toast. I’m in heaven just looking at all your wonderful recipes!

  149. This recipe is incredible… but just a heads up if anyone is try to lose a few pounds like me 🙂 If it is broken in to 4 servings (before the egg dip/ french toast directions), it has 576 calories, 45g fat, 40g carbs, 16g sugar, and 17g protein. Now I am not sure how accurate my fitness pal is since the macros do not add up to the calories… but anyway just fyi! thanks for the recipe 🙂

  150. First and foremost, I love your blog. I now read it daily. Second, this banana bread is in the oven. I fear it may never make it to the french toast part–it smells amazing!!!!!!! Awesome and please keep the good stuff coming. 😀

  151. I made this a week ago, followed directions and the loaf was wet/spongy in the middle. Maybe it needs to stay in the oven longer? This has happened to my almond flour pancakes, which also broke apart, and to pumpkin muffins. I’m new to this, not sure what I’m doing wrong!

  152. We made this tonight and my entire family loved it!! I let my bread cool a little longer than 10 minutes and cooked for 30 so it was not doughy in the middle. It was perfect. Another winner Juli!!!

  153. ok, so wondering if you could make this pumpkin bread only becuase I only have 2 bananas and want to try this so bad. but then I guess it wouldn’t be as good as the bananas are the star here!

  154. Ok, I need help. I made this yesterday and it was AMAZING. The best banana bread I have ever had. I somehow managed to control myself and only eat 2 slices so that I would have the rest for breakfast tomorrow & to give my husband something in his lunch. I covered it & left it on the counter. I got up this morning excited to have some only to find that the entire inside (other than the outer crust was GREEN. Not just like a little greenish but green like dark grass. Any ideas on what could have caused this?? I’m so confused, it was less than 24 hours so I don’t see how it could be mold (and I sliced it in several places and it was green throughout), but I have no idea why this happened & was really sad to throw the whole thing away. 🙁

    1. wow that’s intense! sounds like mold, but that is super strange. i’m not sure what could have caused that. next time, keep it in the fridge, hopefully that won’t happen next time! i’m sorry about that! that’s a total bummer!

      1. So I did some research & I think I found the reason. I didn’t have cashews or oil so I figured I could just use the sunbutter I had in the fridge. Apparently when you combine sunflower seeds with baking powder it creates a chemical reaction that turns things green…they even use it sometimes intentionally for St. Patrick’s day…now I’m sad that I threw it away!

  155. Juli, amazing recipe. The banana bread by itself is awesome, I’m looking forward to the French toast. Side note, cashew butter…wow, I feel like it could easily replace almond butter as my dessert of choice. Thanks for the recipes and the randomness, keep it coming.

  156. I had to substitute some things to make this because I didn’t want to wait to go to the grocery store. It still turned out well and I haven’t been able to stop eating it!! Well, I’m done now, but only because I ate the entire loaf in two days. 🙂 Thank you for creating such delicious recipes that are truly sinful in taste! 😀

  157. I was so excited to try this but is sure didn’t work out. The top inch is just mush, but if I had left it in the oven any longer it would have been burned. Any idea what I did wrong? I followed the directions exactly.

  158. This was my first paleo son introduced me to it.the best ever I love sweets especially when guilt free.keep them coming

  159. Made it this morning, it was awesome!!
    May i suggest you add “share” link on your recipes, makes it easier to spread the wealth 🙂

  160. Just made this today- another success from PALEOMG! I made the banana bread today to prep for the french toast bit tomorrow.

    I had to bake mine for an extra 10min and covered it with foil so that it would not burn on top and keep the beautiful brown/golden top.

    Overall- awesome awesome awesome!!

  161. Freaking the BEST banana bread I have ever had!! I didn’t even go as far as the french toast… oh, and I added Enjoy life chocolate chips- because I can.. YUMMMM :oD

  162. Made this for Christmas morning breakfast. WOW! I fed a table of 10 (made two loaves), with diet needs ranging from diabetic to low-carb vegetarian to my own long list of food sensitivities; age range from 2 years old to 65 years old. EVERYONE was so delighted with it! Thanks for a delicious Christmas morning!

  163. This was so delicious! Somebody brought it to a CrossFit potluck. Before we knew who brought it, a few of us were questioning if it was really paleo. As if paleo couldn’t be so delicious. I am going to make it tomorrow. Thank you for so many amazing recipes.

  164. I have to admit, although the french toast was good, the banana bread alone was way better! I made another loaf of the bread last night just to have a slice in the mornings. It’s amazingly delicious without anything added.

  165. I am eating this for breakfast as we speak – – there will shortly be nothing left but a very clean plate. YUM! Another great recipe!

  166. I’ve been making your recipes every day for two weeks (I literally started paleo because your recipes looked so amazing and seeing as I’ve never eaten better in my life, have definitely had no cravings for anything else, why change?! Plus I feel great!!)

    But I just tried this …. eating it while I type in fact …. and thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! WOW!!!!! Now thinking I’ve never actually had a food-gasm before this moment! ^_^

  167. What is your trick to baking it all the way through? The center of mine turned out a little goopy but the top is starting to burn? What the hell?! Still tastes amazing tho!

  168. Julie, how in the EFF do you have time to respond to all this shiznit? I’m new to you and blog and I love it…but wow. Just wow. The volume! It’s Fight Gone Bad Gone Bad.

    So about that banana bread…HFS. I love it. I had the same issue as Brielle above (gooey center – and that was after 45 minutes of baking). I, too, used Bob’s Red Mill. I’ve heard that it’s more like almond meal than actual flour…so the unintended gooey consequence could just be a result of too-big-to-soak-up-liquid almond particles. Going to increase baking time next time…and yes, there will be a next time. Probably a lot of them.

    Two other comments: I dipped the pieces in shredded coconut before cooking, which was AWESOME – but, I also made the mistake of eating three slices within about an hour. I was treating it like non-Paleo banana bread, which you can eat too much of and then just not feel hungry for a bunch of hours but otherwise no ill effects. Not this stuff, though. I’ve had a stomacache all damn day and still can’t eat (yeah, 12 hours later). This has NOTHING TO DO with the amazing recipe, and everything to do with the human body’s standard reaction to getting too much fat in one sitting. No bueno. This is why most of us don’t power down an entire avocado, or eat 1/2 lb of nuts at once, or drink a cup of olive oil. So yeah, um…lesson learned (humbly, humbly).

    Anyhoo, bottom line for this recipe: make for big group of people (they will love it and I won’t be able to eat too much of it).

  169. Thank you, These recipes rock and I am very excited to try them. Finding all the ingredients will be a challenge but I am up for it, all the flavors were amazing without sugar. I just made this recipe without the French toast part. We are expats from Castle Rock Colorado. My brother Joshua sent me your website link one day after we Skyped about his new California apartment. He had ripe bananas on his counter and said he was making paleo banana bread. I said what? Well I am hooked. I love to eat and run in that order and living in Riyadh Saudi Arabia has given me an opportunity to not work and be a full-time homemaker that enjoys cooking. Who cares about calories just run further.

  170. Julie, if I am going to add a couple of scoops of SFH Recovery Vanilla to this. Is there anything I should change/add/do different? Thanks!

  171. Hi!! Okay so a few things…1. I am completing my second Whole30 as of Easter and I am gonna make this for brunch and have mimosas with the bf and I am stoked!! 2. I have been eating paleo for a whole year now, and gotten at least 70% of the recipes I’ve made from your website…you are PHENOMENAL! 3. You’re also charming and hilarious, and I don’t read nearly enough of your blog. I am going to start!

    Just thought you should know =)

  172. Just made this for company coming over tonight. I added chopped up walnuts and a few chocolate nibs. I went to flip it on to the cooling rack and the whole middle of the bread fell out! I cooked it for 30 min and two toothpicks came out clean. But the middle is mush. Lame! Tastes good though. 40 min is probably more like it.

  173. One of the things I miss most since going Paleo has been banana bread. It would be an afternoon snack with a cup of hot tea — perfect to power me through an after work bike ride or run. I have tried several banana bread recipes and YOURS is the best I have found. Subbed almonds for the cashews and it is awesome. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

  174. Hi! I have a question, I have made this banana bread like 3 times and EVERY single time I make it the banana bread sinks in the middle after I take it out. Can anyone please tell me what I am dng wrong?????
    I tested my baking powder/soda-it’s good. I left it in for 45 minutes and even put foil on it in the last 10 bc it was burning up top and not cooked in the middle. I used creamy almond butter instead of the cashews, everything else is the same. It tastes amazing, I just wish it did not sink.. Thank you!!!

  175. If I were just to add store bought Cashew Butter how much do I sub for?? Also, could I use Almond Butter?

    Thank you for your amazing blog and recipes. You have made a huge difference in my diet!!

  176. Hi! This looks incredible… unfortunately, I am allergic to almonds… Are there any subs for the almond meal that would work in this?

  177. So I used a glass pan and at 40 minutes it still was not done. Anyone else have problems? I was so excited….but now just sad that the middle fell out….and I have no breakfast.

    1. I have no clue why that would have happened. i haven’t had anyone say that about there loaf. i wonder if it needed to cook longer since all ovens range in actual temperature settings

  178. I used cashew butter and almond butter combined…Was trying to use up my almond butter first…But,,this was delicious..My husband loved it…Topped with our own maple syrup:) Thanks for such wonderful recipes..The sweet potato brownies were good too,,except I think I used to large of a potato….Great fudge flavor though…

  179. This was delicious! I unfortunately took it out too early and it wasn’t cooked all the way but now I know for next time 🙂

  180. So, what do you get when you make the banana bread with a cup of sunflower butter instead of grinding cashews? I can tell ya cause I did it: green banana bread. For reals! Does anyone know why this happened?

  181. Best paleo bread ever!!!! Didn’t even make it to french toast form. Do you think it would work with pumpkin instead of banana to get more variety of flavors??? I’m about 90% paleo now, but every once in awhile crave real bread, this could definitely complete me. You’re awesome, thank you!!

  182. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this banana bread!! I’ve been making it for a couple years now, so I figured I should pass along my review! If I ever have browning bananas I make this bread and always keep the staples on hand so I can easily make this recipe!
    Juli you are a rockstar and I live by your site! Thanks so much for all that you do!

  183. Hey Juli, banana is one of my favorite fruits! Was searching for banana french toast and came across your blog. All I can say is WOW. Your recipes are really phenomenal! After I tried making this recipe, I think I can eat this almost every day. Haven’t really gone 100% into Paleo foods yet but they are super delicious. Will be following your recipes for a long time. Thank you!


  184. When your sweetie makes a request for banana bread but you’re now baking paleo, thank goodness paleoOMG pops up as a top hit in my search, to the rescue! Haven’t even gotten to the French toast part, and soooo deelish! Tastes even better without the guilt of grains. Thanks Juli!

  185. Hot damn this was delicious! Made it Sunday and hubby and I are both still thinking about it and plotting the next time we can make it. Just fantastic. Thank you!

  186. LOVE this Banana Bread I made this for my mother on Mother’s Day. She loved it. If you like Banana Bread then this is a great recipe.

  187. This bread was ahhhhh-mazing!!! It didn’t make it to french toast. haha My boyfriend said it was even better than regular banana bread. It was really easy to make too. Thank you sooooooooo much for the recipe!

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