Today on the podcast, I’m talking about why I wish more people would share their first trimester experiences while they are going through them. And how leaving judgment behind while taking responsibility for the things we need to heal could make this world a much easier place.


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  1. Bethany says:

    Juli, I’m so impressed with the personal growth you’ve shown during the last couple of years. It is really inspiring to hear how you’re dealing with all the difficulties life has thrown at you. I know you’ve put in the hard work every day to improve your outlook and attitude. I’m wishing you and Brian the best as your pregnancy progresses and Jackson continues to heal. You’re amazing!

    1. Lauren says:

      Hi Juli,
      Congratulations on your pregnancy. First trimester can for sure be a rollercoaster. My first pregnancy had the more “typical” symptoms in the first trimester. Morning sickness, nausea, eating was a hot mess, slept so much and mood changes. My second pregnancy was a game changer and was ruled by insomnia. I went on a deep dive trying to figure out and read other women’s stories about insomnia in pregnancy. I truly do understand the struggle. I am with you as well on the unisom working sparingly. The insomnia really took a toll on my mental health, hello depression!
      My husband is also a Mr. Fix it. Not sleeping in the same bed for an extended amount of time drove us crazy.
      Ways that helped him feel more included throughout my first pregnancy was coming to all my OBGYN appointments. Hearing our son’s heartbeat, seeing our son on the US, and feeling him kick made him know this was real.
      Looking forward to hearing more about your journey. You’re not alone out there~ I hear you.

  2. Hillary says:

    I’m typing this as I rock my 4-month-old second son. With both pregnancies, I struggled with perinatal and postpartum depression. I loved being pregnant, but I hate the toll it takes on my mental health. I don’t start to feel more like myself until I wean. So I will have spent more than four years in a really difficult mental space. I wish it was talked about more, especially perinatal depression. And the sleep deprivation along with the depression is awful. Know yourself and have conversations with your partner about what you need. And do not be afraid to reach out to a therapist. Pregnancy, birth, parenting is the best and hardest thing I’ve ever done. And I loved labor. I’m really sad I won’t get to experience that again.

  3. mmm says:

    I just looked at your insta and saw the insomnia posts, just wanted to say that glycine is the devil when it comes to insomnia.
    Google it, it can cause high anxiety, severe insomnia (nothing will help, not even hardcore medication) and even manic episodes.
    Just a thought since you have added more bone broth, and other stuff with glycine.