Talking Pregnancy & Projects with Cassy Joy – Episode 49: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

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Today I’m talking to one of my favorite people – the kind, caring, passionate, and hardworking Cassy from Fed and Fit. Cassy recently announced that she is pregnant with her first little babe so we are talking about body changes, how she’s dealing with all the information out there, and what she’s doing to prepare for her own maternity leave. PLUS we are talking about the Fed & Fit Project!

The Project starts with a 28-day (“path A”) or 3-month (“path B”) food and fitness “feel good reset” and introspective self-study. The ultimate goal of the Project is your personal “Perfect YOU Plan.” Figure out a healthier sleep schedule, hydration plan, mindset around food, personalized nutrition, and fitness strategy. Best of all, do it with a PROGRESS over perfection community approach. You’ll receive daily emails, loads of great videos, access to a massive library of ebooks, worksheets, and workouts (Rx and modified) written by ME!

For those looking for even more hands-on support, Fed & Fit Project also has 6 spots for one-on-one coaching available. Please email asap to inquire!!

The important September dates:

– Sunday, September 3rd: Enrollment CLOSES
– Monday, September 4th: Day 1 of your PREP Week
– Monday, September 11th: Day 1 of your 28-day *or* 3-month Feel Good Reset

To learn more and to get signed up, click HERE!

I worked with Cassy, the amazing creator of Fed & Fit, to help create the workouts for both her cookbook and her program and I’ve seen how this program changes lives. Cassy works so hard to prove that a healthy and happy lifestyle is possible without counting and obsessing. And this place teaches exactly that! You can see a recent success story here! Chelsea is adorable!

Don’t forget to sign up before this month closes Sunday, September 3rd at 11:59 p.m. PT! If you miss this sign up, you can always click here to see when the next one starts!


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Episode 49 Transcription!

This is Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and you are listening to PaleOMG Uncensored.

1. Cassy’s pregnancy [10:54]
2. Pregnancy workouts [17:35]
3. Pregnancy information [22:08]
4. The Fed and Fit Project [32:10]
5. New projects for Cassy [43:13]
6. Listener questions: Preparing for pregnancy [50:07]
7. Listener questions: Cravings and aversions [53:07]
8. Listener questions: Prenatal supplements [57:41]
9. Listener questions: Permanent eating habit changes [1:01:39]
10. Listener questions: Cassy’s bubbly personality [1:08:33]
11. Listener questions: Fed and Fit Project while pregnant [1:12:01]
12. Listener questions: Fed and Fit Project while in college [1:13:28]
13. Listener questions: Favorite dessert options [1:16:22]
14. Listener questions: Early morning meals [1:20:41]

Juli Bauer: I’m good, how are you?

Cassy Joy: I’m good!

Juli Bauer: I already started recording, because I just love your bubbly voice right from the beginning.

Cassy Joy: {laughing} I like it. Do you ever listen to that Anna Farris, Unqualified podcast?

Juli Bauer: Yes. Not very often. Which I don’t know, because I love her. But then I’ve been bored other times. And I’m sure people say that about our podcast, too.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: But then I love her other ones. I don’t know.

Cassy Joy: I know. She, when they call people, they do the Skype dial in. And I’m always like; “Oh, I like that! I want to do that!”

Juli Bauer: I know! I know. That actually made me think of that. I just listened to her with My Favorite Murder.

Cassy Joy: Yes, I listened to it!

Juli Bauer: She was on. Oh my gosh, love them. All together.

Cassy Joy: Mm-hmm. They’re so smart.

Juli Bauer: Somebody was talking about Anna Farris today at the gym. And they’re like, “I can’t listen to her because her voice is so annoying.” I was like, god. Think about how many people have said that about every single people out there. That’s so sad.

Cassy Joy: For sure.

Juli Bauer: I’m like, she’s the cutest thing ever and she’s married to Chris Pratt, which makes her even better.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} They’re so cute. I love her.

Juli Bauer: So cute.

Cassy Joy: I can’t think of anything I don’t like about her.

Juli Bauer: Right.

Cassy Joy: Hey, how was that My Favorite Murder live show?

Juli Bauer: It was good. I’m not a huge fan even of listening to the live shows. I just like, when it’s just the two of them. And you know, when you’re at a live show, you have to act a little bit. You have to put on a show.

Cassy Joy: Yeah.

Juli Bauer: And I like it just when they’re on their couches, like banter back and forth. I feel like live shows just feel a little bit more pushed.

Cassy Joy: Mm-hmm.

Juli Bauer: But it was good. We were in the second row, so right up by the stage. It was in this really cool downtown theater. And it was just cool to see them talk. Because I always picture them, the voices switched. Even though I know who both women are, but I always picture their voices differently. Like, I picture Karen on… you know?

Cassy Joy: Georgia.

Juli Bauer: Yeah, Georgia. And vice versa. So it was cool to just see them in person. And Georgia is like the tiniest human in the whole world.

Cassy Joy: Is she?

Juli Bauer: Yeah, she’s so small. She’s like, I could put her in my pocket. She had this cute little baby doll dress on, and these little tiny cute little legs.

Cassy Joy: Aww!

Juli Bauer: And she’s all sitting in this tall chair like a bar stool chair, almost flashing the entire audience. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: But it’s really good. And then they had, of course, the person come on. You know how they ask somebody from the audience to tell a story.

Cassy Joy: Yes.

Juli Bauer: They get this girl on stage, and she’s so drunk.

Cassy Joy: Oh my god.

Juli Bauer: And it’s taking so long. And you can tell that they’re just like, ok. Every time; every time you listen to the live shows you’re like; ok, can you keep f*cking talking. {laughs} But they’re so nervous and this girl was super drunk and it took forever to tell the story. But it was still really good. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughs} Good.

Juli Bauer: I don’t know how I feel about live shows. They feel kind of weird. But everyone’s into it. Everybody was screaming and so pumped to be there. So everybody else loved it.

Cassy Joy: Well that’s good. That’s fun.

Juli Bauer: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: It’s kind of a fun way to support them, too.

Juli Bauer: I know, totally. And they’re going to Australia, I think. Soon.

Cassy Joy: Yeah! That’s awesome.

Juli Bauer: That’s so badass. Like, the other day. And I am all; the more sponsors you can get.

Cassy Joy: {laughing}

Juli Bauer: The better. I am so supportive of people having sponsors out there. Because I know how this type of business woks.

Cassy Joy: Yeah.

Juli Bauer: But the other day I listened to one of their mini-sodes, and it was seriously more ads than it was stories. More ad time than stories. And I was like, holy sh*t. They can’t even fit in all their ads in one episode. It was a little overwhelming. But I support them.

Cassy Joy: I do too.

Juli Bauer: F*cking get your money, girl.

Cassy Joy: Get it. Get you some. That’s true. I thought the same thing. I was walking Gus, and I was like, “Ohh! 30 minutes left on this walk, this is perfect.” And then I skipped through. {laughs} I’m terrible. I skipped through the ads, and there was 7 minutes of talking. {laughs}

Juli Bauer: Oh yeah. So long. I always skip all the ads too. People must use the stuff that they’re talking about. Because those ads keep working with them.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. And they’re good ads. I mean, if I didn’t already have a pair of glasses coming, I’d be getting a pair of Warby Parker glasses from them.

Juli Bauer: Right. I did boxers once.

Cassy Joy: Oh, did you?

Juli Bauer: Yes. {laughs} I bought Brian some boxers because this guy was talking about them on a podcast. So I tried those. They weren’t his favorite, but give it a try. I got a discount.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. That’s awesome.

Juli Bauer: I know.

Cassy Joy: Well, how’s it going? Sorry I’m taking over your show with My Favorite Murder questions.

Juli Bauer: I like it. I like it. Everything’s good over here. Just got back from Boise. You say it with an S, not a Z, ok, Cassy? Get it right.

Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh. I’ve been saying it wrong my whole life.

Juli Bauer: Me too. Unless you’re in Boise, I’m going to say it how I want to say it.

Cassy Joy: {laughing}

Juli Bauer: Nobody says it like that. {laughs} So I just got back from that, and I’m planning to hang out with my husband. Get some reconnection time over Labor Day weekend. And that’s about it. How are you, Cassy?

Cassy Joy: I’m good.

Juli Bauer: Where are you? Are you at home right now?

Cassy Joy: No, we’re in San Angelo. Where Austin is from, my husband. And it is September 1st. Which, in West Texas means dove season, so.

Juli Bauer: What’s that mean? There are doves everywhere?

Cassy Joy: Well, they’re everywhere, and they’re available for hunting.

Juli Bauer: Oh {laughs} gotcha. {laughing} I feel like you danced around that.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} I did.

Juli Bauer: “And, well, we like to kill ‘em, ok?” {laughing}

Cassy Joy: {laughing} You know, the symbol of love in relationship?

Juli Bauer: Yeah. Yeah.

Cassy Joy: We’re murdering them.

Juli Bauer: Ok. Ok.

Cassy Joy: I’m actually not. My mom and; my dad comes, and he makes a big boy’s trip of it to go hang out with Austin and his dad and brothers. We came and we went golfing instead. We were like, we’d really like to not be around while you’re murdering those little birds.

Juli Bauer: That’s fair. Ok, I wish I could be you for a couple of minutes, for multiple reasons. But Brian, my husband, recently took up golf. And I wish I could play with him and be interested. But I’m not even interested in learning. How long have you played golf for?

Cassy Joy: Oh, I’ve played it for over 20 years.

Juli Bauer: Didn’t you play it in college?

Cassy Joy: I played through college, but not for the team.

Juli Bauer: Ok.

Cassy Joy: I played on the high school team and middle school team. I was not nearly good enough. Oh my gosh, have I ever told you the story about when I realized I wasn’t going to play college golf?

Juli Bauer: {laughs} No.

Cassy Joy: {laughing} I was in high school, and my coach was so optimistic. He was like; “You are,” I think I was a sophomore. Which was right when I really would need to be thinking about going on to a collegiate team. He was like, “You’ve really got it there. You’re almost at the next plateau. You just need to drop about 5 or 6 strokes, and you’d be really competitive.” So I really started to work on it.

And I was out golfing with my dad at some municipal course. Because that’s where I grew up golfing, with just my dad on Sundays. And we were out, and there was this guy. I was having the best round of my life. And there was this guy on the green of a par 3. So it’s a really short hole. And he was wearing an A&M baseball cap and an A&M jacket. And I was like, “Oh my gosh, it’s a recruiter!” and I’ll never forget, I think I had like an 11 on that hole. It was obscene. It was way too many strokes. I totally crumbled under the pressure. And it was just a random person walking by. And my game got awful after that. I just started to stress about it. And I decided at that point, no college golf. And then I stopped keeping score for years. I just did smiley faces and sad faces.

Juli Bauer: Oh my god, that’s the best.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} It was awesome.

Juli Bauer: {laughs} It’s like, how kids get stickers in class instead of grades.

Cassy Joy: Totally! I couldn’t handle the number. {laughs}

Juli Bauer: {laughs} How often do you play golf now?

Cassy Joy: Well I probably play maybe, it averages out to about once every couple of weeks. We really like it.

Juli Bauer: Does your husband?

Cassy Joy: Mm-hmm.

Juli Bauer: Does he play with you?

Cassy Joy: Yeah. Austin and I play together. My mom and dad play. We’ll go out on the weekends and the four of us will play. Both my sisters play golf. And then my mother-in-law plays golf. So anytime we come and visit my in-laws, she and I will go out and play. And we’ll go do tournaments together. It was such a fun way for us to kind of get to know each other away from the boys. I just love it. It’s a really long sport. We were joking about it today. We all had a bad hole on this one. And we’re like, “Why do we do this sport. It’s really expensive. It takes up a lot of time. And it’s really stressful.”

Juli Bauer: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: But at the end of the day, you get four and a half hours of quality time with people.

Juli Bauer: Yeah, four and a half expensive hours of quality time. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughing}

Juli Bauer: I’m like; so Brian started playing and I’m so supportive because his work has been so stressful that I literally was like, “My husband is going to die from stress. He’s going to have a heart attack, and I am going to be a widow at age 30.” And he started taking up golf, and that stress has completely gone away. He has something else to think about. He started taking lessons; which it’s a secret. Because he’s trying to get better than his friends without them knowing. So he started taking lessons.

So, now he’s looking at these golf clubs, and they’re like $400. I’m like, what the f*ck? And he’s like, “Do you want to go to the Dominican Republic? There’s the best golfing place ever in the Dominican, or Bahamas, or something like that.” I’m like, ok. You just couldn’t go on a two-day trip to Idaho with me, but now you can take this f*cking trip to the Bahamas to go on a golfing trip? Who are you?

Cassy Joy: {laughing}

Juli Bauer: But I’m supporting it, because he will not have a heart attack in the next year. So I’m like whatever. Waste money on golf clubs. I don’t care. I don’t care!

Cassy Joy: Yeah. {laughing}

Juli Bauer: But hot damn, it is the only sport that costs money to practice. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: It’s true. {laughs}

Juli Bauer: F*cking stupid, ok. Anyway. Anyway. We have to get on with this podcast.

Cassy Joy: Ok. I’m ready.

1. Cassy’s pregnancy [10:54]

Juli Bauer: So. Everyone. If you have not listened to my podcast with Cassy on before, you should go back. I have episode 18 with Cassy. And we really kind of give a breakdown of Cassy, her background. Cassy is the writer and creator of And we met years ago through the blogging scene. And I did the workouts for her first book, the Fed and Fit book. Where she creates a program, and I created the workouts for you. She has; what is it? How many recipes? 190?

Cassy Joy: Yeah.

Juli Bauer: 190 recipes in the book. And we’ve worked together in multiple ways. We did some travel stuff together. And we’re doing an eBook together with our friends, Lexi from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen, and Vanessa from Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind. So that’s a quick breakdown of our relationship. And you can go back and listen to that. Because today, I wanted to talk about the future of Cassy.

Cassy Joy: Ooh!

Juli Bauer: Because, here’s the thing. Because you announced it, we get to talk about it here.

Cassy Joy: Yes.

Juli Bauer: Cassy is pregnant with her first child! Cheers all around everyone! How far along are you now, Cassy?

Cassy Joy: I’ll be 21 weeks tomorrow.

Juli Bauer: Oh my gosh. So you’re over halfway.

Cassy Joy: Over halfway.

Juli Bauer: That’s bananas. How are you feeling?

Cassy Joy: I’m feeling really good. I was really; not ill sick during the first part. But I had really, really bad migraines for the first time in my life. And when those went away, Juli, I feel like I have super powers. People talk about that. They say that during your second trimester; I don’t know if it’s just because you’re swinging back from, a lot of people feel really crummy during their first trimester and then all of a sudden that goes away. But I have felt amazing. I have so much more energy to work and focus. It’s been awesome. Minus the fact that my clothes are getting tighter and tighter. {laughs}

Juli Bauer: I know. I saw you had a post the other day that you’re like, “I might have to go to maternity clothes soon.” Right?

Cassy Joy: Oh man. Yep. We’re getting close.

Juli Bauer: Pants are not buttoning soon.

Cassy Joy: Or I’m doing this trick where you take; because I’m still. The maternity pants are still baggy on me. The top part of it. It’s like this spongey fabric, and then normal jeans on the bottom. So that doesn’t work. It’s not cute. But my normal jeans, I can’t button them because there’s a baby growing right there. So what I’ve been doing is zipping it as much as I can, and then I take a hair tie, and you loop it around the button on the blue jeans, and then they stay on.

Juli Bauer: That’s genius.

Cassy Joy: Right? I was really proud of it. Apparently, it’s a common hack.

Juli Bauer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: People are probably nodding their heads all over. {laughs} But I was really proud of myself for figuring that out. You just have to make sure you wear a very long shirt, or it looks really ridiculous.

Juli Bauer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: Well I feel like you hid your pregnancy for a while. Obviously, you were waiting to announce it. And you do fashion posts, so it got kind of challenging sometimes to just make sure all your clothes were baggy enough that it wasn’t obvious. And, this poor little Cassy. We’re in Austin, Texas. And we had a couple of workouts; we’re in workout clothes most of the time. And Cassy’s clothes are just tighter, and she’s at this awkward stage where she just feels chubby, and she hasn’t told anybody that she’s pregnant. So she feels that other people just thinks that she’s chubby. This poor girl was just going through that mental phase of, “I’m so happy and lucky to have a child. But I just don’t feel comfortable right now!” So how are you feeling as that stage is; you’re having more of a bump instead of a bloat?

Cassy Joy: Oh, it’s been so much better. That was so ugly. And you know, we kind of talked about it then. Because I had told you guys; you know, close friends. It messed with my mind so much. Because what my body did first when I got pregnant; before I went paleo. Before I did a lot of different things, however many years ago it was no, 7 or 8 years ago, my body changed a lot. I was a certain size, and build, and I thought that was normal. And it was fine. I looked healthy. I look healthy now. But what my body did, was I just kind of filled that original frame back out first. And it just messes with your mind, because it’s like you said. I feel so fortunate that this little baby human is growing, and we’re going to be blessed with a child, and yadda, yadda. But by golly, I just look like I’ve given up on life.

Juli Bauer: {laughing}

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: And none of us thought that. Because we all know you’re pregnant. And I know what it would be like from an outside perspective. But it just must be so hard when you eat healthy all the time, and you work out regularly. So to feel uncomfortable, even in your workout clothes, when you’re going to the gym to get a workout on, it must be so frustrating.

Cassy Joy: It was so frustrating. And I don’t really like super tight clothes in general. And everything was fitting a little tighter. And when you’re getting a little bit bigger, you don’t want to just go buy one size larger in clothes. Because you know you’re going to outgrow that in a little bit. It was a tough phase. The first trimester, towards the end of it, was really hard mentally in that regard. But it’s gotten a lot better.

And you know, I did some research. Because I’m fascinated by, of course, the physiology and the nutrition side of it. Why am I putting on weight in this regard? And a part of it is because the body. It’s so cool how wise our bodies are, especially women. As soon as we get pregnant, we have these hormones. And it essentially does this, to put it in very layman’s terms, an assessment of, “What are your fat stores like?” What it wants you to do is be able to nurse a child.

And so it establishes a little bit more fat where it needs it, and that’s just what my body needed to do. But now I’m at the point where I stopped gaining weight wide. Laterally. {laughing}

Juli Bauer: {laughing} That lateral weight, dammit.

Cassy Joy: You know, the hips. And it started going towards the belly, which is really fun. So now it looks; definitely. My friends and mother-in-law for example were all like, “You definitely look pregnant now!” {laughing} I’m like, wo-hoo! So it’s much better.

2. Pregnancy workouts [17:35]

Juli Bauer: So what other changes have you gone through? Do your workouts feel different? How’s your energy level? What other differences. I mean, I’ve had friends who tell me that their nipples got huge and black.

Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh.

Juli Bauer: So be frank with people.

Cassy Joy: {laughing}

Juli Bauer: We’re real here, Cassy. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: I love it.

Juli Bauer: Do you have black pepperoni nipples.

Cassy Joy: {laughing}

Juli Bauer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: They’re not quite pepperonis yet.

Juli Bauer: Ok good.

Cassy Joy: And they’re not quite black yet.

Juli Bauer: Ok. OK.

Cassy Joy: But they’re definitely larger and darker. And it has been really weird.

Juli Bauer: {laughing}

Cassy Joy: I have tiny boobs, and those also grew first, and they’ve also stalled.

Juli Bauer: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: Since the last couple of weeks. That was the fun part of growing. When you start gaining a little weight, and you gain it in the chest, you’re like, “Wo-hoo!” {laughs}

Juli Bauer: Yeah, for sure.

Cassy Joy: So yeah. That is definitely changed. My boobs really hurt at the beginning of pregnancy. And folks had said that, but they were really, really tender. So that happened. Since my belly has been growing out; I was telling Austin, I can’t stop touching my belly button.

Juli Bauer: Ooh.

Cassy Joy: Right?

Juli Bauer: That must be weird.

Cassy Joy: It’s super weird. Because I have an innie; right? A very average innie belly button. And at this point, it’s almost flush, you know, flat across.

Juli Bauer: Is it really?

Cassy Joy: It is. It’s a really weird feeling. And I also had a belly button ring when I was in college, and so that little itty-bitty bit of scar tissue. You don’t notice it, normally. But now that it’s all kind of stretched out, that little bit of scar tissue sticks up a little bit. {laughs}

Juli Bauer: Oh yeah, I would have that too. I have that stupid scar. I feel like most females do. Damn; why did we have to get stupid piercings and tattoos?

Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh. It seemed like such a good idea.

Juli Bauer: It always does.

Cassy Joy: So there’s been that. Other than that, physically, there haven’t been a whole lot of changes. I mean, I just gained weight all over. Or at least the pear; my pear-shape filled out a little bit more.

Juli Bauer: {laughing}

Cassy Joy: Really wonderful.

Juli Bauer: How have your workouts been?

Cassy Joy: Oh yeah, workouts.

Juli Bauer: Cassy does CrossFit. You still are doing CrossFit, right?

Cassy Joy: Yeah, still CrossFitting.

Juli Bauer: Ok. How are those?

Cassy Joy: You know, I, at the beginning when I first got pregnant, I was really, really dragging. My energy has gone back up. At the beginning of my first trimester, kind of before I knew and then right when I found out, I was really dragging. I’m normally; I’m not in it to win it. Juli has worked out with me a bunch. I’m never really in it to win it {laughs} but I try to keep up and do my best. And my level of effort was probably half of what it was pre-pregnancy, just because I knew I just wanted to go through the motions. And now that I have a bump, it’s different. My energy has gone back up. And since the migraines have gone away, I’m able to go workout more regularly. But since I have the bump, it just changes certain things. Like pushups, for example. I’m a very lazy pushuper.

Juli Bauer: {laughing}

Cassy Joy: {laughs} I usually, I’m the person who falls onto the floor and pushes myself back up.

Juli Bauer: You’re the person I always tell the class. I’m like, “We’re not doing seal pushups. That’s not the point of pushups, ok.”

Cassy Joy: {laughs} That’s me. That’s absolutely me. Hand raise. So you can’t do that. So I’ve been doing; it’s probably actually going to be better for my pushups because I’m forced to control them.

Juli Bauer: That’s good.

Cassy Joy: So those are different. Your core workouts are a little bit different, because it’s actually advised to not do a whole lot of core intense exercises. Just because you want to help; you need your muscles. You need your core to actually relax so it doesn’t put a whole bunch of strain on that middle piece of connective tissue. Which is going to stretch anyways, but you don’t really want to make it worse. So I avoid sit ups now, and I’ll do other things. V-ups, toes to bar, things like that. I have to modify. But everything else has been great. Squats are awesome for pregnant people; work on your pelvic floor and the whole thing. It’s been a lot of fun.

And now that everybody in the gym knows, I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off. So not only are they watching me essentially take 10 hours to run a 400 {laughs}.

Juli Bauer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: And I’m coming with larger and larger pants. But they’re like, “Oh, it makes sense now!” {laughs}

Juli Bauer: Yeah. Totally.

Cassy Joy: So it’s been good.

3. Pregnancy information [22:08]

Juli Bauer: So have you started reading a ton of books, or are you just going with the flow?

Cassy Joy: I’m kind of going with the flow at this point in time. You know, I’m thinking about; actually I’m not thinking about doing it, I scheduled it. I’m inviting Liz Wolfe, who is one of our friends also in the blogging community over at Real Food Liz. And she’s working on a program called Baby Making and Beyond. And she’s one of the most intelligent, prenatal and postnatal nutritionists out there. Amongst other things that she’s good at. And I was like, “Hey Liz, you want to come on my podcast for a pregnancy series? Because I have questions {laughs} I need some information.”

Juli Bauer: {laughs} Yeah. It’s a bit for selfish reasons.

Cassy Joy: Totally. So I haven’t read. I mean, I’ll read some stuff online and sift through some of the articles. I signed up for these apps that tell you how big your baby is, right? It will say 20 weeks; now your baby is the size of, what is she now? Oh gosh. A few weeks ago she was a bell pepper. I think she’s a coconut now. “Your baby is the size of a coconut.” And then they have links to all of these articles.

But I’ve found that a lot of those Baby Center websites that are geared towards expectant mothers who just want to learn as much as they can, it’s almost kind of an extremist point of view some of the things they tell you to eat and not to eat. Or to do and not to do. I mean, it is just; if you ever run across women who are pregnant and they’re just terrified to do a laundry list of things, it’s probably because of these articles. So I kind of started to take them with more and more of a grain of salt when I realized I think it’s more of a scare tactic than reality for most folks.

Juli Bauer: Yeah, I feel like being a new mom would be so much overwhelming information. I can’t imagine. Because I went to a baby shower this past weekend. And maybe I feel overwhelmed because I don’t have a baby. But they’re all talking about their different experiences, so I feel like when you become a new mom, all these moms are telling you all their experiences. And what it will be like when all these people are telling you all different things and what you’re going to experience is going to be completely different too. So I feel like it would be very overwhelming at the beginning. I guess depending on the people you’re around.

Cassy Joy: Totally, yeah. Nailed it. You know, I think about this a lot, Juli. Austin and I, if we can, we’d love to have more than one kid. And I think about this all the time. I’m really enjoying this pregnancy, right, and the newness of everything. And it’s really special and precious. But I’m also selfishly looking forward to my second pregnancy when I feel like people will stop feeling like they have to forewarn me about everything.

Juli Bauer: {laughs} Yeah. People are the worst. The worst.

Cassy Joy: You know! And I know it comes from a good place. I know they have really good hearts. But at the end of the day. I think I told you. It’s just like, you know, I don’t know. There’s a lot of proactive, offensive moves when it comes to parenting and pregnancy advice that women give each other. And at the end of the day, the friends that I have the deepest respect for and how they’ve kind of talked with me, was, “You’re going to figure it out. You’re going to be great. And if you have any questions, I’m here.”

Juli Bauer: Aww! That’s awesome. That’s so nice to have those.

Cassy Joy: it is. That’s been the best. So it’s interesting.

Juli Bauer: So overwhelming. Have you had any people online think they should give you advice.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} Oh my gosh!

Juli Bauer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: You know, I was thinking about this when I knew I was going to come and talk with you. I was like, Gosh. I really want to talk to Juli about this, but I’m afraid some of these people are going to listen to her show {laughing}.

Juli Bauer: It’s fine. I talk about everyone. {laughing}

Cassy Joy: Oh gosh. Ok, well I’ll do a generalized one.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. You don’t have to feel like Lexi. Remember when Lexi admitted something and she felt guilty for like 3 days afterwards.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} She did!

Juli Bauer: You don’t have to do that. {laughs} I won’t force you into that.

Cassy Joy: Oh that sweetheart.

Juli Bauer: She was talking about an ex-boyfriend from what, high school?

Cassy Joy: Yeah.

Juli Bauer: Like he’s going to be listening to this podcast {laughing}.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} She felt so bad. She really, for hours afterwards. She was like, “Gosh, I can’t believe I said that.” {laughs}

Juli Bauer: That little sweetheart. At least she has a soul. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: She does. She has a heart of gold. A soul of gold.

Juli Bauer: A soul of gold.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} Ok. So here’s just a very brief example. I have been a little hesitant to share a whole bunch of stuff online pregnancy wise. Mostly because I don’t really want to invite a whole lot of unsolicited advice. You know?

Juli Bauer: Totally.

Cassy Joy: That’s selfish on my end, because I know people want to see things. And I want to share things. I really, really do. But I also don’t want unsolicited advice. Because it puts me in such not a good state. Because I think, “Gosh, people think I must be some sort of a dumb-dumb!”

So the other night, I post something that I thought was totally benign. I posted a picture of a pizza. A homemade pizza, and that I was going to start watching the show Call the Midwife. Have you ever seen it?

Juli Bauer: No. But I saw you post about that.

Cassy Joy: Yeah.

Juli Bauer: But I didn’t even know what it was about.

Cassy Joy: I had never seen it before, either. I was just scrolling through Netflix, and it was Call the Midwife. It had great ratings, it was a PBS show. And Austin wasn’t there. So I was like, great. This looks like a perfect just me home alone show.

Juli Bauer: {laughs} Sticking with PBS. Keep it safe.

Cassy Joy: {laughing} Keep it safe. I’m not allowed to watch anything scary when he’s gone because the lights stay on all night otherwise.

Juli Bauer: And you have crazy f*cking dreams. Guys, I’ve been in bed with her while she’s had f*cking night terrors. And she’s jumped out of bed thinking there were snakes in bed, and screamed at me.

Cassy Joy: {laughing}

Juli Bauer: So this b*tch can’t watch scary movies by herself. Let’s be real.

Cassy Joy: I did!

Juli Bauer: No Law and Order, no nothing.

Cassy Joy: No. I can’t. I can’t. I probably shouldn’t even watch NatGeo or Discovery Channel.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. Oh yeah, definitely not. Life, nothing.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Oh man. It is. It’s off limits. So this PBS show seemed really safe. And it was lovely. I’m, what, five episodes in. And I’m absolutely in love. But I thought it would be super fun to watch, learn about more baby things. Because I’ve never ever; I’m not the kind of person. I don’t even know if I should admit this. But I’m going to do it anyways. I’m not the kind of woman that automatically swoons over babies. I’ve never really been that person. And I’ve never really had a huge interest. People at our gym, for example. 30 babies were born last year in our gym.

Juli Bauer: Jesus! {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Isn’t that amazing?

Juli Bauer: Get your lives together, people! It’s called birth control!

Cassy Joy: {laughs} So many babies. My coach, Jeremy, got a bunch of onesies for our CrossFit gym, Elite CrossFit, and he’s like, “I got 30 of them last year, and they were all gone by November.”

Juli Bauer: That is crazy.

Cassy Joy: It was nuts. But these people bring in their kids. And I’ll go over; kids. Listen to me. It’s like these infants. I’ll go over, I’ll peek over their shoulders, and be like, “So cute!” But I don’t crumble. But all of a sudden, now that I have a baby growing in me. Like really now the switch has flipped, now that I’m pregnant. So I’m curious about baby things.

So this Call the Midwife show. Anyways. So I post about this on Instagram, and I think it’s a totally benign post about I’m going to have this pizza and I’m going to watch Call the Midwife. Because all of a sudden I’m interested in baby things. And I had people tell me that they don’t think it’s a good idea that I watch this show.

Juli Bauer: O-kay. The worst.

Cassy Joy: And I’m just like, oh my gosh. I mean, the way that they said probably had a lot to do with it. And it’s also; I’m reading it through my defensive filter. So sure, there’s that. People definitely mean the best. But I’m just kind of like; there’s this desire to police. You have the paleo police. Now there’s the pregnancy police.

Juli Bauer: Oh my god, the pregnancy police are real.

Cassy Joy: And it’s like they want to tell me… It’s real! I get a lot of questions about eggs, which are honest questions for the most part. Because I will still eat the occasional runny egg yolk. And I have a reason why, and I should probably start putting that out there.

Juli Bauer: I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to eat runny eggs.

Cassy Joy: Yeah, they’re worried that you’re going to contract any of the food borne illnesses that a non-pregnant person could contract. It would just be worse if you get it while you’re pregnant. So not totally cooked eggs, for example salmonella. There’s other things you could get; listeria. Worms. Scary things you could get through really bad sushi, right? Those things are just really bad if you’re pregnant.

Juli Bauer: Mm-hmm.

Cassy Joy: But at the end of the day, you’re probably not going to be eating a piece of sushi that you think is questionable, whether you’re pregnant or not. Right?

Juli Bauer: Yeah. Yeah. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: So. It kind of goes along those lines. Now, I’m not eating sushi, because I live in San Antonio Texas.

Juli Bauer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughs} Even the best places aren’t going to be amazing. But it’s just interesting; the pregnancy policing. I don’t have a thick skin yet, but I’m working on it.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. That must be really annoying. Because the paleo police stuff is annoying enough. I can’t imagine when someone’s trying to tell you how to take care of your body and your child.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} Yes.

Juli Bauer: And then you’re going to get it when you’re a mom, and you’re going to get the mom police, probably.

Cassy Joy: I know. And that’s what I’ve heard from friends who have kids. They’re like, “Then there’s the kid police. Because there’s a million different ways to raise a kid.” And everybody who did it a certain way of course is going to be biased towards the way that they did it. Anyway. That’s just interesting. It will be an adventure.

4. The Fed and Fit Project [32:10]

Juli Bauer: Totally. Well, we’re going to get into some questions at the end, and that’s going to have some stuff related to pregnancy. I wanted to have you on today because this is going live tomorrow on September 2nd. And so your program, your Fed and Fit program just opened up for the September group. So I wanted you to talk a little bit about your program, and give people insight into that. So if they do listen to this in time on Saturday or Sunday, they can sign up for the program for September. And if they don’t, they can always sign up the next month. So will you kind of talk about just your Fed and Fit program. What it’s all about. And what you’re really trying to get through with this program to others.

Cassy Joy: Yeah, for sure. So the online Fed and Fit Project. There’s a copy of it that we put in the book. Like Juli said, she wrote the workouts for it. And it there are a couple of different versions. But the purpose of the Project is not to be another diet. Because when I finally; I was a serial dieter before I started to figure things out critically for myself. Think about what foods I should be eating, not serially what somebody had told me that I should or shouldn’t be eating. And it turned into a really long journey. But it was one that I had to figure out for myself. I had to get over that mindset of constantly wanting to diet.

So I went through that personally. Then I became a nutrition consultant. And then I started working with folks one on one. And I just saw these common themes pop up. Things that worked really, really well for just about everybody that I was working with one on one. And a lot of it had to do with just education. Knowing what’s going on in our bodies is super powerful, right?

I’m pretty sure I had a gluten-full pancake the other day, instead a gluten-free one. Because I got really sick. I’m very sensitive to wheat gluten. Not everybody is. But now that I know that about my body, I know exactly what was going on and why I got kind of sick. And it’s just so much more powerful. I also know now how to heal from that much more quickly than maybe I did before. And it also explains the headache that I got. All those different things.

So I think knowing what’s going on in our bodies, and then figuring out how to feel our best is something that isn’t necessarily always done through an out of the box diet. So the Project is meant to kind of help people get off the dieting bandwagon.

Juli Bauer: Totally.

Cassy Joy: Or get out of that yoyo, or the hamster wheel. Where you’re constantly doing this restrictive thing, and then you go off and you do your girl’s trip and you enjoy the heck out of life, and then you come back and you’re like, “Time to diet again! Diet starts Monday! Hashtag.” And so it’s just such an exhausting hamster wheel to be on.

And I think the people who join the Project are the ones who are like, “I am done. I am done just feeling like I’m a victim of food and food is either good or bad. And I don’t know what’s going on. And I don’t know what’s right for me. And I just need a little help, and I need a little grace.” So that’s what the Project does.

It has what we call the feel-good reset at the beginning, so you get down to feeling really good. And that can either take 28 days, if you want to do rip the Band-Aid off. Or three months if you prefer something more slow and gradual. Which is actually my favorite way to go. People who choose path B, the three-month long one have seen. I would say the success rate there is much higher than on path A. Because those are the folks who are really wanting to take their time. Learn what’s going on. Do changes very slowly, very gradually. It’s a really good one for somebody who has never, ever heard of paleo. Or just has major health goals to get over. Especially in certain levels.

So anyways. That’s the point of it. You work through the feel-good reset. And then after that you start testing foods. Once you feel great, then you go through this process of, “Let me figure out if white rice is right for me. Or if I should avoid coconut milk. Or if I can drink cow’s milk.” Whatever it is. You kind of are able to test those things in a really knowledgeable, empowered way versus feeling like you’re shooting blind constantly.

So that’s the food part of it. There’s a workout portion. There’s the four pillars of health, which we’ve got. Mindset, rest, hydration, food, and fitness. So we touch on all of these things. It’s really education based, but fun. And there’s never this mentality of, if you mess up on the Project then you’ve screwed it all up, you’re off the bandwagon, and you have to start again next round. That’s not the way it works.

There are so many people who work through this program. And they say, “Oh my gosh. My best friend’s daughter is getting married next weekend, what do I do? I’m on path A, and I know I’m not supposed to be eating certain things. What should I do?” And what we try to remind folks is; the food list. The scope; yeah, it’s written down as in a hard parameter. But at the end of the day, we want people to think critically about what is or isn’t right for them. And at the end of the day, going and eating the cake and drinking the champagne at the wedding is really important. Go do that! And when you get back, do certain things that are going to make you feel better quicker, and move on. You don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It’s not an on or off kind of protocol. So, that’s the Project. Did I describe it ok? I get rambly.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. No, no. I love that. So, you feel like the Project really is for anybody and everybody. Because you have different tools and different paths that people can go, right.

Cassy Joy: Yeah, exactly. If someone is really looking for. You know, people know themselves really well. There are some people out there who say, “You know what? I would rather just rip the Band-Aid off and do this thing. I want to jump in. I want an email from you every day. I want an assignment. I want to really, really go in hard.” That would be path A. And then path B is, again, a know thyself kind of person. If that overwhelms you, and if that would put you into a mindset of, this is a restrictive program and I either pass it or fail it, then go with the slower approach.

So I do think we tried to really cater to those folks. And then we also offer one on one coaching for people who need a little bit more help. And that’s really important for folks, for example, who are on a lot of medications and they would really rather work hand in hand with a certified nutrition consultant. But yeah, it is. There’s something for everybody.

And I’ve got to say, the people on the Project are the nicest. They’re like the most; they’re just the sweetest, most wonderful people. And I think it’s because we talk about all day long is just living your life, not feeling like you have to stick to a strict protocol. You just get to go out and figure out how to give yourself a break.

Juli Bauer: In the Facebook group; because you have a Facebook group people can join when they’re on the Project. And I see people share recipes, and share feedback. So it’s really kind of become a community in there, as well, right?

Cassy Joy: Yeah, exactly. Everybody is out there. They’ve got great ideas. They’re really supportive. If you’re struggling with something. For example, a common question is around week 2, they’re like, “I’m just craving something creamy,” for whatever reason. And people have really great hacks for that, and great tips. Or if somebody did just fall off the bandwagon, they feel like that for a weekend. It’s really nice to hear from other people who have recently been through the program and tell you how they got around it.

Juli Bauer: And then, how many spots do you have left for the one on one coaching? Because I know you limit that part.

Cassy Joy: We do. At this point, we’re accepting 6 slots a month. So those fill up pretty quickly. But what we’re trying to do, is if we get more interest than that. So don’t hesitate, if you think you may have missed the spot. But if we have more interest in it than that, they get first priority either the next month or we’re look at maybe opening up a couple more. It just depends on what’s out there. I’m a total pushover. {laughs}

Juli Bauer: {laughs} You totally are. But in the best way possible.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. So if somebody writes in and they’re like, “I really need this!” I’ll be like, “You’ve got it sister!” I’ll do that for you.

Juli Bauer: That’s why you’re juggling 400 things every single day. I don’t know how you do all this sh*t. Like when you’re doing your cooking videos, I’m like, “How does she even have time to get that sh*t done?” it’s crazy.

Cassy Joy: It is. I really want to zoom out so people can see what it actually looks like. {laughs}

Juli Bauer: It’s such a pain in the ass.

Cassy Joy: I’m standing. It’s such a pain! Videos are a lot of work.

Juli Bauer: So much work. I was talking to Lexi after you guys left, and it was just Lexi and I left in Austin. And she was explaining how to do these overhead videos. She was like, ok. And she put all this stuff in my Amazon cart that I needed. And she was like, “You just need this. It’s super simple. You just need this. And then once you download the video you just have to use this square thing button.” I’m like, ok. That is not simple. No. Literally, pressing send on an Instagram post is simple. But what you said is not easy.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: It would be very hard with one person. Because you usually do that with your assistant, right?

Cassy Joy: Yes. Yeah, exactly. Amber works on those with me.

Juli Bauer: Yeah, that is just so much work. So you obviously will do anything and everything and make it work for people. Which is what’s so damn cool about you.

Cassy Joy: Aww.

Juli Bauer: So tell people how they can sign up for the Project.

Cassy Joy: So to sign up for the Project is really easy. If the Project is open, you can head to and scroll down, click join, and you will be plugged in. You can choose your group. You can learn more about the different paths. And we’ll get you taken care of.

And if you miss September, we’ll close that page and it will say “The Project is currently closed.” And it will give you a countdown. But you can still sign up and reserve your spot for the next month. And we’ll send you a free eBook in the meantime. So it’s the same website,

Juli Bauer: Awesome. So if you do listen to this on the day that it comes out, on Saturday or you listen to it on Sunday, you can sign up for the September Project. I always want to say program. I’m so annoying.

Cassy Joy: it works. {laughs}

Juli Bauer: {laughs} But you can sign up until Sunday night, correct?

Cassy Joy: Yes.

Juli Bauer: And then it starts on Monday.

Cassy Joy: Yep. Starts Monday morning. We do a week of prep. So the actual food stuff. The real work doesn’t start for another week. But we like to email people for 7 days just to kind of give them a warm hug and get them started. You know, like dipping your toe into the pool first.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. Yeah.

Cassy Joy: And then by the end of the week, you’re wading around in the water, and you’re like, “This isn’t so cold!”

Juli Bauer: Yeah, this isn’t so bad. I love swimming.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: Ok so make sure you guys head over to that. I’ll have that information in this post as well. So you can always just click on that. Or go to to get the information, or to get the information. There are so many ways to find out the information.

5. New projects for Cassy [43:13]

Juli Bauer: So, Cassy. Other than the Project, what other stuff are you working on. Had you been trying to do more cooking videos, or more recipes. What have you been working a little bit more on recently?

Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh. Have I told people what I’m making yet, the food product?

Juli Bauer: I don’t know.

Cassy Joy: I don’t know. {laughs}

Juli Bauer: You’ve told me. Are we supposed to say that?

Cassy Joy: Juli. Do you not watch and read everything I write? {laughs} I’m just kidding.

Juli Bauer: Can I just please vent for a second how Instagram doesn’t show anything.

Cassy Joy: It’s the worst.

Juli Bauer: I almost texted you, Lexi, and Vanessa the other day because I was going through major, what the f*ck is the point of posting on social media anymore. Because no one ever sees it.

Cassy Joy: I know. It’s really heartbreaking.

Juli Bauer: It’s so weird. If you tag any company or anything; it’s just like Facebook now. Nobody can see sh*t. So I went to your website today, and you know at the bottom it has some of your recent Instagram posts. And I was like, ok. I’ve seen one out of six.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: And I’m on Instagram all f*cking day. It’s not like I’m just missing it.

Cassy Joy: Yeah.

Juli Bauer: So I don’t know if you’ve told people about this.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: But you’ve told me, individually. So if you’d like to talk about it here, feel free to.

Cassy Joy: Let’s talk about it! Yeah, I’ll tell people.

Juli Bauer: Ok.

Cassy Joy: So I’ve hinted that I’m making a food product. So that’s taking up a lot of our time right now. But we are going to make; I think I’m announcing it here. Because this feels very new.

Juli Bauer: Oh my gosh. This is so exciting.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} This is so exciting. So we’re going to take the; I needed a project. Something big to launch. And I knew I wanted to do something edible. I’ve been talking about it for a really long time. Brainstorming. Juli’s been there with a lot of my brainstorming. What we’ve decided to do is we’re going to take the four most popular casserole recipes from the Fed and Fit book, and we’re going to make them, freeze them, and have them available for home delivery.

Juli Bauer: Love it! So Cassy talked about this. About, think about those times where someone is sick, or someone just had a baby, or those times that you make food for someone. This is something you could actually send. It’s already frozen, and then they can just pop it in and make it themselves.

Cassy Joy: Exactly.

Juli Bauer: Which I think is such a cool idea! Because you know what’s the worst? F*cking cards.

Cassy Joy: I know.

Juli Bauer: Who wants a goddamn card? Nobody.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: Everyone wants food.

Cassy Joy: Everyone wants food. And you want it to be healthy food, you know?

Juli Bauer: Yes! Instead of just peanut butter cups. I mean, I want peanut butter cups.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} Actually I want that too.

Juli Bauer: It’s not the best choice.

Cassy Joy: I could actually go for that right now.

Juli Bauer: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: Baby needs peanut butter cups. Just kidding! {laughs}

Juli Bauer: Yes! Well like one of my girlfriends, she just had back surgery like six weeks ago. And what did I do? I made two crockpot recipes for her. Because then I was like; here’s a plastic bag. You dump it all in the crockpot and you can have that. And if I had those casseroles, I’d just be like, here you go. You’ve got casseroles. So I cannot wait for those.

Cassy Joy: I’m so excited. It’s going to be so fun. It feels like something that I’m really, really supposed to do. It is an interestingly large amount of work.

Juli Bauer: Duh. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: Everything you take on is a large amount of work.

Cassy Joy: {laughing} It really is. I don’t know how.

Juli Bauer: And then you always seem surprised. And then you always crush it.

Cassy Joy: I am surprised. Oh man. It’s a monster. We’re currently looking for a co-manufacturer. Anyways, I won’t go into the very hairy, boring details. But yeah. We’ve been spending a lot of time working on that. And it’s going to be under a new name. It’s not going to be Fed and Fit. We’re going to call it Joyful Foods. It will be Joyful Foods casseroles, available at and what we’re going to do is we’re going to launch with a Kickstarter this fall. So it will be available to send one offs, to friends and family. But we’re also going to have a subscription base available. So if you’re really busy in the workforce, and you just would like to have at least a few nights of dinner done once a month, you can subscribe to have a casserole delivered. Or for busy families. Things like that. So I’ve been working really hard on that.

And we’re also working hard, because I want to build in a maternity leave. When you work for yourself, there’s not like you can just tell your boss. Hey, by the way. I’ll be leaving for my maternity leave on X date.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. Give me some paid vacation, b*tch. It doesn’t work like that when you work for yourself.

Cassy Joy: it doesn’t. You have to really carry that through. And I like this, but now that there’s people working within Fed and Fit, I’m responsible for them and now their paycheck. So what we’re doing is building a three-month maternity leave by just getting really ahead. So building a lot of blog content. Because I’m not going to be able to write as much when the baby; well. I want to prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Right?

Juli Bauer: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: So if I’m going to have my hands really, really full, and not be able to work, I want to still have new content on the website for readers. So we’re working on that, too.

Juli Bauer: Just getting ahead of it. I think that was a question somebody actually had. Was what are you planning to do on maternity leave. So are you trying to stay up to date as you are right now? So kind of having podcasts and recipes still coming out the same speed as when you were just pregnant?

Cassy Joy: Yes. Exactly. And we’re actually going to pick it up a little bit. We just finished writing content through the end of January. And it’s going to be so much fun. But we’re going to start posting. I’m doing two recipes a week right now during the summer, and then in the fall we’re start doing three a week. In January folks can expect four recipes a week.

Juli Bauer: Girl, you are crazy!

Cassy Joy: It’s going to be so fun. January is going to be such a really fun big deal. I’m really pumped. And it’s going to be all done in advance, which is going to be really nice. And then I’ll do weekly podcasts. I’ll get a bunch of those prerecorded. The only thing that’s going to slow down will be my Facebook lives. Those recipe videos. Those will slow down a lot. But everything else; blog, podcast. And then I’ll be doing social media as I can.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. Well I’m just on your website right now, kind of looking at all the stuff. You have some amazing looking stuff. You have a no-bake key lime pie going on. A chili rellano breakfast casserole. Strawberry jam and cream pops. Stop, you’re just the cutest.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: She has awesome recipes on her website. I have tried multiple recipes from Cassy’s book, and I’ve had food at her house. And she is such an amazing cook. So if you guys haven’t been to her website yet, you need to go. Because she has some legit stuff.

I’ve never watched your Facebook live, because I still refuse to be involved with Facebook in any way. {laughs} But people love those. I know people love watching that kind of stuff.

Cassy Joy: They do.

Juli Bauer: So you should check her out on that.

Cassy Joy: Thanks Juls.

Juli Bauer: You’re the best.

Cassy Joy: You are.

6. Listener questions: Preparing for pregnancy [50:07]

Juli Bauer: Ok. Let’s get to some questions. Because people have all kinds of questions. I want to start with some pregnancy ones, and then talk about other ones since we started with pregnancy. And I thought this was a really great question. Since you and I have kind of talked about your pregnancy stuff while you were trying to get pregnant in the first place. So this one is EK Mid. I don’t know. I don’t know. Whatever this person’s name is. “Did she do anything specific to prepare her body before trying to get pregnant? And how many children does she envision having? Love following you both.”

Cassy Joy: Oh, that’s sweet.

Juli Bauer: Right.

Cassy Joy: So, ok. I’ll answer the last part first. Austin definitely wants at least 2. I really like the idea of 3.

Juli Bauer: Oh, you go girl. Yeah, because you’re a three-daughter family.

Cassy Joy: I am. I am, yeah. And it’s just so fun. So anyway. Definitely would love to have more if we can. And then to get my body ready to be pregnant, the only thing that I did different. Because I eat really; I really do walk the walk in terms of keeping my plate really colorful. I think Juli and I eat very similarly. Lots of greens, lots of potatoes. Different types of proteins. Try to keep things really; I just really enjoy different healthy foods. So I eat a lot of good stuff. Stay really hydrated.

But the only thing I did as a concerted effort. Did I say that; concerted effort. Before getting pregnant was eating more fruit. And that was a tip that Liz Wolfe had given me. Man, maybe about 6 months before I knew that we might be thinking about having a kid. I think I had asked her how do I best prepare my body from this. And aside from, of course, eating chicken livers. Getting a good methylated folate store up. Whether that’s through; you can get it through chicken livers or you can get it through spinach, for example. It’s pretty high amounts bioavailable methylated folate is available there. In case you have a hard time metabolizing folate in the body. Which a lot of people do, right now. So eating those things on a pretty regular basis. But also eating lots of fruit.

So I would try to have at least one serving of fruit a day, if not two. And I had always eaten berries, but I started eating all different kinds of fruits. So I started eating more tropical fruits. I started having the occasional glass of grapefruit juice in the morning, things like that. And just the fructose really kind of helped my body, I think, I don’t know. Relax a little bit. It definitely caused me to feel a little bit softer than I was maybe a few years ago when I was really just following a more strict, I don’t know, path. It wasn’t anything I had planned. But eating a little bit more natural sugars really helped, I think, my hormones and everything balance out nicely.

7. Listener questions: Cravings and aversions [53.07]

Juli Bauer: Interesting. That’s super interesting. This one; I kind of had this question as well. So this is Amanda Marie Nelson. She says, “How does she deal with the cravings and feeing another living thing while eating paleo?” So my question is kind of, have you had any cravings, and this just ties along with her question. Have you had to eat more while feeding another human inside of you?

Cassy Joy: Good question. So I have not had a ton of cravings. I’ve had a really boring pregnancy in that regard. I haven’t had any food aversions, and I have not really had any major cravings. I will say that my body; I crave more carbs, maybe, on certain days than I did before. Or some days I’ll just be like, “Oh my gosh. I just need some fats in my diet.” Which I could definitely take it or leave it before. But it’s more macronutrient based. Not necessarily, “Oh my gosh, I need some chicken fingers and some ranch dressing.” Kind of craving. {laughs}

Juli Bauer: {laughs}

Cassy Joy: It sounds delicious.

Juli Bauer: That does sound delicious.

Cassy Joy: But I wasn’t going to go ham on any plate if I had found some, or anything. So I would say that I crave more carbs and more fat. Again; knowledge is power. Knowing what’s going on in the body, I know that metabolically my body knows way better what to do in this situation than I think I do. So I just try to give it what it was asking for. Whether that was a few more servings or potatoes, or another scoop of rice. Or fat-wise, another extra drizzle of whatever sauce I had. Or cooking, I put a little cheese in with my eggs. Something like that. So that has been there. And then what was the last part of the question?

Juli Bauer: Um?

Cassy Joy: That was it. Was that it?

Juli Bauer: I think so. Yeah, if you’ve had any other cravings.

Cassy Joy: Oh, feeding another human.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. If you’ve changed anything. Because you eat really healthy. So it’s not like you have to change. You’re like, “Oh, I’m taking care of something. Maybe I should change my diet.” Because you already do that.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. It really, I mean you guys. Eating the way that we do in this world and in this kind of community really helps a lot. I may be completely off base, because this is my first and only pregnancy thus far. But I have a feeling that my life has been made a lot easier because I’ve spent years eating really healthy.

Now, nutritionally what does the baby actually need? Towards the second and third trimester you only need about 300 more calories a day to build a baby.

Juli Bauer: Interesting.

Cassy Joy: Right. And so it’s really not that much. You’re not actually eating for two. You’re not doubling your caloric intake. I probably take in between 15 and 1800 calories a day. On average. Sometimes way more, sometimes it’s probably less. And so, an extra 300 calories comes pretty easily.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. God, I wonder. I’ve been thinking lately, I wonder how many calories I eat in a day. I literally couldn’t even guess.

Cassy Joy: Yeah.

Juli Bauer: It’s hard to know that kind of stuff. Ok, I think this is another great question. Oh, you know what that made me think of, while you were talking about this. I mean, eating healthy really prepared you in a better way. One of my friends had back surgery recently. She had disk replacement, and she’s 30 years old. They give you all these drugs. And pretty much tell you to walk a mile a day, because you don’t want to get blood clots or anything like that. And the crazy thing about all of that is in this whole conversation with the doctor, not once are they telling you what kind of foods to eat and why eating healthy is important.

So she wasn’t supposed to workout for 10 weeks, and she’s already back at 6 weeks. And I think eating healthy totally set her up for obviously reduced inflammation. But set her up for a faster recovery. And it’s the same thing. With a pregnancy you’re putting something, not unnatural, but your body is like, what is going on? I’ve never had this. It’s the same thing with putting a new object in a body. The body is like, what the hell is going on? But if you set it up for success, but putting the right foods inside of you, it’s crazy how much quicker you’ll be able to heal and move forward with whatever is going on with your body. It just kind of make me think of that, as you were talking about pregnancy.

Cassy Joy: Totally. Yeah. That’s so cool. Food can be your medicine; it really can.

Juli Bauer: it’s so the best. Food is the best.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

8. Listener questions: Prenatal supplements [57:41]

Juli Bauer: OK. And this is kind of off food, but helpful as well. So this one is from Moniquo24. “What prenatal or supplements is she taking while pregnant? Has she started modifying her CrossFit workouts?” And you talked a little bit about that. But what about any supplements or anything like that.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. So I started taking a year before we got pregnant. And we weren’t necessarily trying that whole time. But I wanted to have a good base. A year before we started getting pregnant. {laughs} You know what I mean.

Juli Bauer: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: I started taking a prenatal by a brand called Smarty Pants.

Juli Bauer: Love. I take those and I’m not trying to get pregnant, sure as hell.

Cassy Joy: They’re the best.

Juli Bauer: They’re so tasty.

Cassy Joy: And they’re so good for you! If you’re a woman of child-bearing years, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be taking a prenatal.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. Hair and nails, duh!

Cassy Joy: Totally. Can’t go wrong. So yeah, I started taking that. It was the Smarty Pants prenatal. Really delicious gummy vitamins. It’s definitely sugary. It’s not a low-sugar vitamin. But I don’t have a good stomach when it comes to other vitamins, and that was the only one I was able to keep down.

Juli Bauer: Interesting.

Cassy Joy: It worked for me.

Juli Bauer: They’re so good. When I’m like, sometimes. I don’t take them regularly. I’m just bad about it. But if I’m like; I don’t want to have dessert, but I want to have something a little bit sweet. I’ll pop a couple of those at night.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} It’s so true. They’re so good. It’s candy. I take them about every afternoon at about 2-ish. For whatever reason, just when I take my vitamins. Not planned, just when it happens. And there are days. I think I may have told you this. There are days when 2 o’clock rolls around and I’m like, “Gosh. I have a sugar craving all of a sudden. {laughs} What is this?”

Juli Bauer: {laughs} Yeah.

Cassy Joy: Oh, it’s time for my vitamins. {laughs}

Juli Bauer: Totally. Then you’re like, “Ok I need to cut back a little bit here.” {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Totally.

Juli Bauer: Do you take collagen?

Cassy Joy: I do, yeah.

Juli Bauer: I just started taking collagen, and seriously. I don’t take any sort of supplements. I barely take those vitamins. And I started adding collagen into my coffee every day. And I swear by it now. My hair has never been healthier, it’s never been longer. My nails grow so fast. And I was such a non-believer. But I feel like, wouldn’t it be awesome for pregnancy as well? Just extra collagen in your diet?

Cassy Joy: It is, yeah. I’m glad you brought it up, because it’s one I don’t even think about. Because Austin makes my coffee for me in the morning. {laughing} I do yeah. I put collagen in my coffee every day.

Juli Bauer: I’m so jealous of that, by the way. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: Oh, I know. He’s a honey in that regard.

Juli Bauer: He’s such a gem.

Cassy Joy: He is. They all have their things they’re great for. So I do, I put collagen in my coffee every morning. It doesn’t flavor it necessarily. I also put maple syrup in my coffee, and grass-fed cream. So. {laughing}

Juli Bauer: Oh my gosh. That sounds so good. Do you have Malk?

Cassy Joy: I’ve tried it.

Juli Bauer: I didn’t know if you had it at your store. But I’ve been adding that with coffee. Like iced coffee recently, and just some stevia and collagen. And I think it’s the best thing. It’s like drinking a shake, almost in the morning.

Cassy Joy: Oh, I want that right now.

Juli Bauer: It makes it so frothy. You should do it it’s so good.

Cassy Joy: Yum. I’m in. But yeah, collagen is really good for. You have your round ligaments, for example, expanding and moving as you go through pregnancy. And your belly is expanding and moving. So it’s really going to help with your skin elasticity, with all the ligaments to be able to just kind of go through this much more easily.

Juli Bauer: Totally. Somebody asked me recently; they were like, is it bad. She heard somewhere that you’re not supposed to take collagen when you’re pregnant. And I was like, that makes absolutely no sense.

Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh.

9. Listener questions: Permanent eating habit changes [1:01:39]

Juli Bauer: So I’m not sure where she heard that. But, ok. Now I have some questions outside of pregnancy. And I really like this question, because I’m sure you have gone through. We’ve all gone through this at some point. So this is kind of a long question, but I really like it.

Cassy Joy: Ok.

Juli Bauer: This one is from Julianana whatever I don’t know.

Cassy Joy: ` {laughs}

Juli Bauer: “How long did it take you both to finally stop eating food that you know is bad for you? Did you flip a switch and change it all at once without looking back? Or did you slowly transition into a clean eating lifestyle? I find that I eat clean and paleo very often, but when I don’t prepare for snacks or a meal and I’m stressed out or tired, I fall into the pressure and have something processed or out of my normal regimen. And my body completely rejects it. Making me sick for a few days. Every time, I feel like I’m telling myself, ‘I’m never drinking again!’ But it’s with food.”

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: So I know I have totally gone through this back in the day. I can’t speak for you. But what advice do you give her? And I can kind of chime in with mine, as well.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. Oh man.

Juli Bauer: I feel like the Project would be really awesome for that. Because that helps.

Cassy Joy: I know! {laughs}

Juli Bauer: It’s like, oh plug. But seriously. The Project would be awesome for that.

Cassy Joy: Yeah, it would be. You know that’s really kind of the idea. Is to kind of help you really feel like that stuff doesn’t have you shackled down anymore. You know, something that helped me. I’m a more gradual person. My personality is one that has to go slowly. I didn’t just give it all up at once. Well, I did. But then it felt like a diet and I yoyoed back.

Juli Bauer: Totally.

Cassy Joy: But I felt so great that I had a reason to kind of figure it out on my own and really deconstruct and build an actual lifestyle from it. And I had to do that slowly. If you go back to my old, old blog recipes when I first started in 2011, I have some recipes on there with whole wheat pasta. I had made some changes, but not a bunch of changes. I started eating more vegetables. And then I started nibbling away at refined foods.

So I think understanding what in those foods your body is reacting to may help make it less of an emotional thing. There are these gluten-free graham crackers that I really love, and my body does ok with them. But there’s an ingredient in there that I know, every time I eat it, I don’t feel awesome. So it’s not the graham crackers that are making me feel crummy. Or the fact that I did it, and I had a weak moment, and I wasn’t prepared. It doesn’t introduce those feelings of guilt into the equation. I’m like, oh it’s that ingredient. It’s that thing again.

And I think knowing those things about your body helps you feel less; it becomes less of an emotional crisis and more of one of just, oh this is what’s going on. And that is really freeing, I think. When you just have a better idea of what’s going on in the body.

So a more gradual one is what worked for me. I eventually started to give up certain things, because I realized I didn’t miss it and I didn’t need it. And I kind of gave up stuff as I started to forget about them. And that’s just kind of where I’m at. I don’t really miss a whole lot of things. And if I really want something, I take it. My husband still has; we’ll still have Dr. Pepper or Coca Cola’s around the house. And if I’m like, “I’m going to take a sip of that Coca Cola right now.” And I will. I’ll take a sip. It’s clearly not in line of my normal diet. But I don’t feel guilty about it. It’s just if I want it, I’m going to have it, and then I don’t really need it after that. I know that’s a weird answer.

Juli Bauer: No. I feel like, for me. We’ve all had those situations where we didn’t plan and then we fall onto sh*tty food, and then we feel like sh*t for however long. And the more I went through that process, the less I wanted to feel like that. And it was not worth it. So planning extra. And making sure I planned ahead all the time. It takes more work, and it takes more effort, and it takes more thought process. And people might think you’re annoying because you want to stop at the grocery store to get stuff. But not feeling like sh*t is so worth the extra time and effort it takes to put in all that little stuff.

Whenever we go on trips, I always pack food. Say we’re doing a road trip, I pack food with me. If I’m flying, I pack food with me. Because I know I don’t want to give in and get something sh*tty. So make sure to plan ahead. I think that lightbulb goes off someday that you’re like; “Ok, I don’t need that food.” And especially since I’ve planned ahead, so I really don’t have to grab that food. But finding what works for you.

It’s like, you’ll be able to have a couple of sips of coke without having the whole thing. And it doesn’t completely throw you off track. You can still enjoy those little things. But I think that planning is so, so important. It’s going to make a huge difference.

Cassy Joy: I think that’s a great answer.

Juli Bauer: It’s made a huge difference in my life. And it takes more effort, and people think you’re annoying. But who gives a f*ck? Because you don’t feel sick.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. That’s such a great answer. I will constantly carry around with me. I will prestock; even though its inconvenient, to Juli’s point. A bunch of really healthy snacks. And I carry them with me everywhere. And it is a lifesaver. Going through an airport, you have a flight delay, and you weren’t planning on eating a meal in some tiny little airport. And the only food option they have is taco something or other.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. Sandwiches and those pre-packages ones that have been sitting there for like a month.

Cassy Joy: Totally. So I will eat the bars that I’ve got in my bag that I know don’t make me feel crummy. So yeah, to Juli’s point. Preparation has a huge one.

And also to your point, you also get to the point where you’re like; forget it. I’m tired of going weak in the knees when I don’t have this safety net around me, and going into the pantry and eating these things don’t make me feel crummy. Or make me feel not great. So I got to the point, however many years ago, where I was like. I’m done.

Juli Bauer: Yeah.

Cassy Joy: I’m done with the bad foods in my house. And I got rid of them.

Juli Bauer: Totally.

Cassy Joy: And I slowly started replacing them with healthier alternatives for snacks. But I was done. I was like, I cannot have these things around. Because if I haven’t prepared for some reason, I don’t need the temptation there. Because it’s just not worth it for me.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. Yeah. I got to that point too, that I was like, I am no longer throwing my diet away on, say the weekend. And feeling 10 pounds heavier, and feeling bloated and awful come Monday. And I stopped doing that. And that planning really made a difference. So I think that’s a great question, I hope that helps her out.

Cassy Joy: Awesome.

10. Listener questions: Cassy’s bubbly personality [1:08:33]

Juli Bauer: This next question, I feel like a lot of people actually ask me this about you. And this one is Life with a Beachview. Love that Instagram name. And she asks, “Where does Cassy get all her upbeat and sunny energy?” Where does that all come from?

Cassy Joy: {laughs} I was going to say something like drugs.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. {laughs} It should.

Cassy Joy: {laughing}

Juli Bauer: People always ask me. They’re like; “Is she really that bubbly in person?” I’m like, “Yeah, she really is.” I feel like we all have our little Instagram voice. Or video voice, where we’re turned on. We’re like la-la-la. It’s kind of like being on Broadway stage, and then you just have your normal conversation. How we sound right now. Just talking to a friend. But you really are almost always in a good mood. I’ve only ever seen you come down a level when you weren’t feeling your best in your clothes, and you’re just like, I’m a little frustrated. Or you’re just not feeling your best. You’re just feeling really tired or something. And then I’ll be like, “Hey, want to get some food?” And we turn the volume back up and we’re back up again. So where do you think your get your energy from? I think I know the answer.

Cassy Joy: My energy. Probably; maybe because. This is very too simple of an answer. I’m very well rested. {laughing}

Juli Bauer: Yes. How many hours of sleep do you get, usually?

Cassy Joy: between 7 and 8, sometimes more. If I’m home, and I don’t have a really strict schedule, I’ll go to bed early and just sleep until I wake up as often as I can. Sometimes that’s like 8.5, 9 hours.

Juli Bauer: Oh sh*t. That’s awesome.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. My body likes to rest. I try to stay rested. If I’m tired and dehydrated, then I’m significantly less sunny. And then honestly, working out. If I ever need an attitude adjustment, I know that I’m overdue for the gym.

Juli Bauer: Ex-actly! When people; if energy. Eat healthy food. Drink a lot of water. Sleep. And workout. Whenever I’m in a sh*tty mood. Yesterday I was in a funk because of this f*cking Instagram business and just how frustrating it can be. I went to the gym and immediately was in a better mood. Go get your workout on people. And if you don’t like your workout, go find a new workout.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} It’s so true. And that’s when you want to go the least, so I get it. I get the resistance. When you’re like, “No. I want to be grumpy.” Because misery loves company, right?

Juli Bauer: Totally.

Cassy Joy: There’s this shoulder angel that wants to tell you that it’s ok to just wallow in that misery. But just go force yourself out of the house. Go do that workout, or one that you’re going to enjoy. Pick up a healthy meal, and just muscle your way through it. You’re going to feel better.

Juli Bauer: Yes. And get off social media.

Cassy Joy: Oh, yeah.

Juli Bauer: I found myself, when I was depressed yesterday, looking at the explore food. And you look at b*tches with their ass all out. Or super fit chicks. Or this person who just looks like they have the perfect life, and you start questioning your own life even though you’re totally happy in your own life. So get off social media. Ugh. It’s the pits. It just drags you down. Unless you’re coming to our social media. Feel free to come over to us. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughing} Unfollow everyone but two accounts.

11. Listener questions: Fed and Fit Project while pregnant [1:12:01]

Juli Bauer: Yes. Unfollow them all. Ok, I liked this one. Would Jamie925-blah-blah. She says, “Do you recommend doing the Fed and Fit program that you mentioned on your blog today while 4 months pregnant.”

Cassy Joy: Ooh, yeah girl. We actually have had a number of pregnant mamas and nursing mamas go through the Project. So you can absolutely go through it. I would opt for; read the two path A and path B and just kind of see where you’re coming in at. If you already nutritionally do a lot of the things that we talk about, maybe path A would work for you. But I would make sure that you have your carbs really up. Really pay attention to your body. Don’t go hungry. So make sure that you’re really feeding yourself well. Just feed yourself well with the good foods. And that will be really good for you. If anything, it will maybe make things a little easier.

And then if anyone is listening and they’re wondering about nursing mothers. We have had a lot of nursing moms go through it. Milk supply is a really high priority, and there are some things that we talk about on there that can be really beneficial. Carbs being one of them. Make sure you’re getting lots of healthy carbs and healthy fats. I feel like a broken record. Those two are really important to building babies.

Juli Bauer: For sure. For sure. But it’s true, and people don’t know that. Especially if you’re not in the food world and know the importance of food. You’re definitely not going to know that piece.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. Definitely.

12. Listener questions: Fed and Fit Project while in college [1:13:28]

Juli Bauer: And this is another question about the Project. Julia asks, “Is the Fed and Fit Project something that a college student could tackle. Both financially and meal prepping wise. I’m interested, but not sure if it’s something I can do at the moment.”

Cassy Joy: Yeah, absolutely. We have these guidelines. Gosh, what are they called. Guides built that are made to really be more of a simplistic approach versus make these five recipes a week. So if you are, say, living in a dorm room. There’s still a way to eat these healthy foods. And there’s still a way to order off of a restaurant menu. And there’s still ways to do even your dining; what do they call them? Dining bucks? On campus eating?

Juli Bauer: Oh yeah.

Cassy Joy: You know what I mean. There are still things you can apply from the Project there. And it’s a great topic. It’s definitely something you can do budget wise. You can do this thing within any budget. The testimonial we just published on the blog, actually, from a Project member. She’s been doing it for a couple of months. And granted, she’s in a different life stage than the person who asked this question. She’s married, and it’s the two of them at home. And she said that actually the Project really helped them save on groceries, funny enough. Which, paleo gets a different kind of reputation. But if you’re being strategic about the groceries you’re buying, and you’re not spending a whole lot of money on junk, it’s amazing really kind of really how the dollars change.

Juli Bauer: Totally. When I felt like, when I was in college. I just bought my groceries at Walmart when I was in college, so I saved a lot on that. And of course, I’m not buying grass-fed and grass finished. But I stopped going to bars and drinking. Stopped spending my money on drinking, and I was able to afford a CrossFit membership. Which was 115 where I was. That’s a good chunk of money when you’re in college. But simply because I stopped drinking, I was able to afford it. So I feel like when you change your priorities a little bit, you’re able to more money into the things that you’re a little more interested in, always.

Cassy Joy: Totally. Good answer Juli.

Juli Bauer: Drinking’s bad for you. You know, it just takes all your money.

Cassy Joy: {laughs} It does. You know, Austin all of a sudden wants to go out on more dates with me. {laughing} Because I’m not drinking. Because I’m now all of a sudden.

Juli Bauer: Oh, so you can drive?

Cassy Joy: Well yeah, I can drive. But I’m also a much cheaper date.

Juli Bauer: Oh. {laughing}

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: Austin is a penny-pincher, guys.

Cassy Joy: He is.

Juli Bauer: Austin is the financial person in the house, there. And he’s such a penny pincher. Does he make you rewash plastic bags, like if you stored any foods in plastic bags? I’ve had a friend who did that.

Cassy Joy: He’s not that bad. That would be funny though. No.

Juli Bauer: Isn’t that terrible? My friend, her husband makes them do that. I’m like, that’s so terrible.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

13. Listener questions: Favorite dessert options [1:16:22]

Juli Bauer: Ok, I want to ask two more questions. And then I will let you go. Are you still ok with time?

Cassy Joy: Yeah, I’m good.

Juli Bauer: Ok. I like this question, because it’s related to sweets. Amanda asks, “Totally random questions. But I love to know what y’all.” She says y’all. That’s not me.

Cassy Joy: Aww.

Juli Bauer: “Like to have for dessert. I’ve been trying to really watch what I eat and cut out all the crap, but every once in a while I want a treat! Thanks so much. So what do you like to have for dessert? You’re not a huge dessert person, right?

Cassy Joy: No, I don’t make a bunch of desserts.

Juli Bauer: You’re like, I eat berries with coconut whipped cream on top.

Cassy Joy: {laughing} I don’t. Oh man, don’t think that.

Juli Bauer: {laughing}

Cassy Joy: There was a time when that’s what I did. No, you know I like cold desserts. So I’ll make popsicles and I’ll have popsicles in the house. And I’ll eat something like that; or heck sometimes I’ll just buy fudge pops or something. So I like cold desserts. But one of my favorite dessert tricks. And we may have talked about this before. But I will make a big batch of brownies. I’m thinking, in Brittany Angell’s one of her more recent books, Every Last Crumb.

Juli Bauer: The best.

Cassy Joy: She had this recipe called PMS; oh they’re so good! The PMS brownies.

Juli Bauer: I actually have them on my website. I shared that recipe from her book.

Cassy Joy: Perfect! Go to

Juli Bauer: Yes.

Cassy Joy: {laughing}

Juli Bauer: Freaking Brittany doesn’t have her website anymore. Which is just so sad, because she had such amazing recipes.

Cassy Joy: She did. And this one is a gem. So I would make these PMS brownies. And I only wanted one brownie at a time, but I also don’t need a pan of brownies threatening to go back on my countertop. So what I would do is I would take them. I just love the freezer. I would take them, and I would wrap them up individually, in parchment paper or whatever makes you feel good. Put it in a bag. And freeze them so that they were frozen individually. And then whenever I wanted a dessert, something delicious, but not too super crazy, I’d go grab one of those and I’d defrost it. In the microwave if you’re not anti-microwave until it’s ooey and delicious. And I would eat that.

Juli Bauer: Yum. That sounds amazing. I was actually just going through your website to see what kind of desserts you’ve had on there. And these lemon curd puddings look awesome.

Cassy Joy: They’re really yummy.

Juli Bauer: So if you’re not a chocolate person, here are some lemon curd puddings on that look fantastic. Oh my gosh, they look so good. I feel like I’ve been just a dark chocolate or eating evolved coconut butter cups kind of girl lately. Instead of making much. I just haven’t been much in a baking mood. Probably because it’s still summertime. But I like having just a piece of dark chocolate, any of those. Hu Kitchen has an amazing chocolate right now. We got to try those when we were in Austin.

Cassy Joy: Mm-hmm.

Juli Bauer: They have a quinoa; if you’re ok with quinoa. They have a puffed quinoa, and it tastes like; do you remember crunch bars?

Cassy Joy: Oh my gosh, yes.

Juli Bauer: It tastes just like that. It’s so good. So those Hu Kitchen chocolate bars I feel like are my go-to. And then just last week, I was with my husband. It was Friday or Saturday night. I think we were watching; whatever night it was, it was Game of Thrones night. And I was like, “I wish we had ice cream for Game of Thrones.” But I never buy ice cream. And then I just got home from my trip to Idaho, and I open my freezer, and there’s ice cream in there.

Cassy Joy: Awww.

Juli Bauer: And, we are going to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 tonight, and I got these candied nuts. Candied peanuts. When I was in Idaho, I toured this little factory place. And we are going to crush those inside the ice cream. So that’s like a special trip; not obviously an every nighter type of thing. But how good does that sound? It’s like a caramel coconut ice cream.

Cassy Joy: That sounds so yummy.

Juli Bauer: With candied peanuts. Can you even?!

Cassy Joy: Ugh. I want that too.

Juli Bauer: ` Right?

Cassy Joy: I want all the things.

Juli Bauer: Yeah. You’re like, not even that much into dessert, and now Amanda has totally got us into it. {laughs}

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

14. Listener questions: Early morning meals [1:20:41]

Juli Bauer: I think this is a great question. This will be our last question, and then I will let you go. So this is from Ashley Lauren. She says, “I have to get up for work at 3 a.m.” Lauren, quit your job. Because that’s f*cked up.

Cassy Joy: {laughs}

Juli Bauer: She has to start work at 4 a.m. “Would you recommend eating at those times? I’m not very hungry until 7 or 8. When I do eat, I try and just eat smaller portions of what I have for lunch. But then I find I’m starving the rest of the day as soon as I eat.” Yeah, then she just says nice things. So what do you think about people who work those crazy schedules where it kind of just throws your timing off for your meals? Because that’s tough.

Cassy Joy: That’s so hard.

Juli Bauer: I remember going through that when I coached early in the morning.

Cassy Joy: Yeah, that is hard. It’s kind of like fasting while you workout, just to broaden what’s applicable here to other folks. It’s a question that comes up a lot, especially in the Project. Pre-and post-workout meals. When are they really important. And just like with working out first thing in the morning, if you can work out fasting. Meaning you didn’t eat anything after you woke up, and you went into the gym. That’s fine. If you feel fine working out, and you can push really hard and you don’t feel faint, and you have enough energy, your body is adapted. It’s fat adapted, it’s ready to do it. So it’s fine to do that.

So if you’re waking up at 3 a.m., and you’re getting to work by 4, and you’re not really hungry until 7-ish, that’s totally fine to not eat until 7-ish. You don’t actually have to consume something right when you wake up. You can. You can. If you’re feeling faint at all in the morning, or you feel like you do need something, then I would recommend eating something maybe small just to get your body started in the morning.

At 7, though, I would do your best to eat a real breakfast.

Juli Bauer: That’s what I was going to say too.

Cassy Joy: Yeah. I would do your best to eat a substantial amount of food. An actual meal. It’s going to be kind of tricky because you’re at work. But pack it the night before. Make it a real meal. Something you can easily eat at work. I don’t know what you do. But something that you can easily access. It has a good amount of protein, fat, and carb in it that will get you to lunch.

Juli Bauer: And that’s what I think. I was just trying to think of what I would do. I used to have to be at work at 4:30 when I was working at a certain gym.

Cassy Joy: Whoo!

Juli Bauer: I would have my coffee. Which kind of helped; it kind of holds you over so you don’t feel as hungry as quickly. And then I would usually have kind of a morning snack, since it was so early. So maybe a Larabar or even just half of a Larabar, just to kind of settle my stomach. And then I would have a real breakfast come 7 or 7:30, even 8 sometimes. And have my real breakfast. And then try to start a normal path of the day. And I would end up usually eating lunch earlier and dinner earlier, because my body was kind of on that schedule. But having a full meal for me was really important in the morning. And I found myself feeling much better. Instead of just kind of grazing and snacking, and then feeling starving later on. So that’s what I would recommend.

Cassy Joy: Yeah, perfect.

Juli Bauer: Cool. We’re on the same page, Cass. We’re just always on the same page.

Cassy Joy: We are. I actually secretly disagree with you on everything. {laughs} I’m just kidding.

Juli Bauer: {laughs} She’s actually a really mean person, guys. She’s not perky, and she’s really mean. So Cassy and I, we get to actually see each other next; October. Well I guess that’s next month now.

Cassy Joy: Yeah!

Juli Bauer: We get to see each other in October. Lexi from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen and Vanessa from Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind, all three of us are going out to San Antonio to visit Cassy. And we are working on our eBook that I talked about. We’re doing a seasonal eBook. And we’re all working on recipes. So we’re going to go stay with Cassy and photograph all our recipes, and kind of tablescapes, if you will, out with Cassy. So I get to see you soon! Which is wonderful.

Cassy Joy: I’m so excited! And then the week after that, we’re going to Houston together, I think.

Juli Bauer: I know.

Cassy Joy: Oh wait; maybe.

Juli Bauer: It’s like 2 days later. Wait.

Cassy Joy: Well. Houston. That might be a big question mark.

Juli Bauer: Yes. Oh my god, that’s really sad. F*ck, I didn’t even think of that.

Cassy Joy: I didn’t either.

Juli Bauer: I didn’t even think of Houston as Houston when I was thinking that. Ugh, so devastating.

Cassy Joy: Sorry. Oh man, I’m ending you on a bummer.

Juli Bauer: Balls!

Cassy Joy: I’m sorry!

Juli Bauer: I’m going to be talking about ways to give back. Speaking of; that kind of just ties into the blog. But I’ll be talking about hurricane Harvey on the blog and ways to give back to the community there, and donate your time, money, whatever you can donate. Food, goods. I mean, even as simple as socks. I’m going to be talking about that on the blog.

Because, I started hearing. I didn’t want to post on Instagram because barely anybody is seeing it. But I’m hearing more about f*cking terrible human beings who, there obviously is a hell for these types of people who are scamming people and f*cking them over. So I’m going to talk about ways to actually give back so you don’t get scammed. Because f*ck those people. I hope they drown in hell.

Cassy Joy: I know.

Juli Bauer: Is that mean? That’s mean. But it’s fine.

Cassy Joy: You know what, it’s the worst. Just like there’s gangs and looters going over Houston right now. You know, there’s ugly human nature everywhere. But there’s also beautiful human nature everywhere.

Juli Bauer: There’s so much beautiful nature. That’s what we’ll talk about. We’ll end it on that, because you’re beautiful in nature. Y’all. More so Cassy. But thank you so much for being on, Cass. I just love having you on. It’s so fun to actually talk to a human being instead of myself for an hour. So I really appreciate you being on last minute. Someone had literally just mentioned on day, they were like, “you should have Cassy back on to talk about her pregnancy!” So it was perfect timing.

Cassy Joy: Aww.

Juli Bauer: To have you on and then talk about the Project as well. So thank you!

Cassy Joy: Thank you! This is so fun. Highlight of my day. Well you stay on the line. I’m going to end this. Thanks everybody for listening. I will see you next week for another episode. Bye-bye!

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


9 thoughts on “Talking Pregnancy & Projects with Cassy Joy – Episode 49: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast”

  1. I think what people like Cassy, Juli and Liz Wolfe are doing is awesome. One thing I learnt when pregnant was how much incorrect information there is out there, and how many people tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing especially when it comes to nutrition and exercise. I remember having the OB/GYN tell me during my first pregnancy consultation that I needed to eat low fat which is ridiculous as the body needs healthy fats, especially during pregnancy. So I ignored his advice but I know that many women don’t and are afraid to eat nutrient dense foods like egg yolks and butter when pregnant.
    There is a lot of conflicting information around on what is safe and what is not when it comes to exercising while pregnant. I do a lot of olympic lifting and HIIT, so needed to make some changes when I got pregnant. I consulted with a couple of experienced personal trainers on the changes I needed to make, stopped doing some exercises when I found out I was pregnant, modified others throughout pregnancy and started including more balance exercises in my workouts. But still I had questions on some things (eg. whether the requirement to keep heart rate below 145bpm was a myth or not) and found it hard to get reliable information on this. Some crossfit websites were probably the most useful. I had a healthy pregnancy (much like Cassy by the sounds of it) and worked out until the day I went into labor, but started to get some criticism from other women in the gym during the last trimester. I know this is common and have had a couple of other friends go through the same thing. One stopped going to the gym at 34 weeks because she was getting too much criticism, and set up a small gym in her garage so she could keep working out. The other was a personal trainer with 20 years experience and pre and post natal certified.
    Interesting what Cassy says about carbs. I noticed my body needed more complex carbs during pregnancy, especially the weeks leading up to birth. I didn’t know why but it just made sense. I finished breastfeeding a few months ago and am preparing my body for another pregnancy. I notice I’m needing more complex carbs again as my hormones change.

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing this type of content on your blog! I JUST found out I am pregnant with #2. I completely let myself go during my first pregnancy – even though I had been very fit beforehand and knew better. I felt so sick and miserable the first trimester that I let it knock me off my game for the whole rest of the pregnancy. I gained a ton of weight, had a difficult birth and lost so much muscle strength. I’m determined not repeat that experience for baby #2! Posts like this are so encouraging – your blog is one of my favorite places to visit for health inspiration. I know you are on your own timeline/journey with the kid question – as you should be! – but if/when you are ready, I personally can’t wait to see you bring your own exceptional honesty, tough love and determination to the pregnancy and motherhood experience.

    1. i feel the same way! i have no clue if i’ll ever get there, but if i do, i’m sharing all the actual honest details that everyone keeps secret lol

  3. I absolutely LOVE when you have Cassy on the podcast! You two together are such an amazing balance and I could listen to you two talk all day.

  4. Hi Juli! I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for answering my question in this episode! You and Cassy answered it so thoroughly and I felt really good about all of the tips and advice you gave, I’m looking into joining Cassy’s program for the next start. Love your blog, content and hilarious sense of humor. Thanks for being a realistic voice among a sea of crazies! I found your blog via Lexi, I went to college with her and have been keeping up with her blog over the years. More recently, I have found myself changing my lifestyle in terms of fitness and health , which led me to finding your blog, and Cassy’s, and after your envious girl trip to Austin, TX- Vanessa’s! Thanks for all the work you do! 🙂

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