The At-Home Skin Wand That Will Change Your Skin

As you probably know by now, I am obsessed with ALL things skincare. So when I found out about a skin wand I could use at home that would help treat my acne while also helping with inflammation, fine lines, wrinkles, and more; I placed the order immediately. And I have Courtney Kerr to thank for introducing me to this amazing tool! If you don’t already follow her on instagram, you should (@kerrently) – she has all things skincare, makeup, and fashion related. She’s a boss ass b*tch! I love her. And she has THE BEST skin ever, so I listen closely to any recommendations she has. I recommend you do the same.

PaleOMG - The At-Home Skin Wand That Will Change Your Skin

When I got this wand, I was traveling a ton and didn’t want to take it with me so I kind of forgot about it for a couple months. But once I got back from all my travel, I started using it on a nightly basis and was seriously FLOORED at how much of a difference it made. I started by targeting a few cystic zits I had acquired after my last flight and this wand GOT RID OF THEM! If you’ve ever had a cystic zit, you know it doesn’t just go away. It sits there, infected AF, but you can’t pop it, so once the infection is gone it leaves behind this hard rock on your face. It’s miserable. I’ve had hundreds of them in my life and they usually take months to get rid of. But when I used this wand three nights in row, the cystic zit had already diminished almost completely. I couldn’t believe it!! So after that, I started using it all over my face and not only did I see my acne lessen, but my skin looked brighter and I had less dark spots. Even one of my estheticians mentioned how good my skin looked!!

PaleOMG - The At-Home Skin Wand That Will Change Your Skin

So let’s talk through this skin therapy wand:

  • This high frequency skin therapy wand uses Argon and Neon high frequency treatments to improve your overall skin profile including fighting acne, reducing fine lines and softening wrinkles while boosting collagen production for a more overall youthful complexion.
    • The neon improves blood flow by oxygenating the skin which will reduce fine lines over time.
    • The argon is an effective and natural acne treatment that will reduce healing time up to 90% while killing the acne causing bacteria and reducing inflammation.
  • This is a safe and 100% natural way to improve cellular turnover. By oxygenating the skin, the elasticity improvement helps with reducing fine lines and softening wrinkles. And it will help improve the absorption of products into your skin, too!
  • The wand comes with 6 applicators:
    1. Mushroom – treats cheeks, forehead, and jawline.
    2. Y-Shape – treats neck, arms and legs.
    3. Comb – energizes hair follicles and promotes blood circulation, which can diminish hair loss and dandruff.
    4. Tongue – treats acne and pimples by killing the bacteria inside.
    5. Rod – for body and forehead.
    6. Bent – used for acne and smaller areas such as around the nose.

PaleOMG - The At-Home Skin Wand That Will Change Your Skin

Now what I love about this wand is that it only costs $60, which was the whole reason I purchased it in the first place. If I hated it or it didn’t work, it wasn’t the end of the world. I’ve spent WAY more money on skincare in the past that didn’t do sh*t. But this was the complete opposite! And that price really came in handy when I knocked one of the applicators off my counter and it shattered into a million pieces, which I stepped on and cut my foot. Be aware and be careful! Not only can you drop one of these pieces, but you can easily press too hard into the device and break it that way, as well. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

PaleOMG - The At-Home Skin Wand That Will Change Your Skin

Now using it is pretty damn simple. I found that the packaging didn’t come with detailed instructions, so I took some advice from Courtney Kerr and I just started up my own routine:

  1. First I cleanse my face. I’m currently using Vivant Skincare Mandelic Wash, which is great for acne prone skin.
  2. Next I use a Vivant Skincare Mandelic Pad to clear my skin even more.
  3. Then I apply Colleen Rothschild Face Oil No 9 to my skin.
  4. Now for the wand –
    1. I first use either the tongue or the bent attachment (depending on the size and location of the zit) to fight acne. I turn on the wand to usually a 2 or 3 and hit each zit a few times, moving around it to make sure I get all the bacteria that lurks beneath it. I will hit each zit for probably 15 seconds, move on to each one on my face, then go over all of them one more time. All you have to do is bring the applicator to the skin and it will do the rest!
    2. Then I use the mushroom applicator for my entire face, pressing it lightly into the skin and moving in upward strokes throughout the face. I usually do this for about 10 minutes.
    3. Once I’m finished with the wand, I’ll apply the Absolute Skin Therapy Triad on my entire skin.
    4. And if I have any active zits, I hit it with the Tula Spot Treatment.

I haven’t played around with all the attachments yet, but I definitely plan to use the Y-Shape on my neck on a regular basis since the neck ages so quickly.

I only ever share products and treatments that I love and this is definitely a product worth having, especially since it only costs $60! I’ve been using this wand religiously for less than a month now and I cannot believe the improvements I’ve seen so far. Do yourself a favor and GET THIS WAND! You’re going to LOVE it!

Get Your Hands on This Skin Wand (two versions below)!!

PaleOMG - The At-Home Skin Wand That Will Change Your Skin


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39 thoughts on “The At-Home Skin Wand That Will Change Your Skin”

  1. Hi Julie, this is off topic but when will the Four Athletics orders ship? Are they still being made or should I have gotten mine already? Thanks!

  2. Just purchased the portable version (since that’s all that’s in stock – you helped them sell out girl!). Thank you for the recommendation – I too got off of BC a couple months ago and my face has been freaking the eff out. Definitely need to invest in some acne-specific skincare products again as well.
    Would looove for you to do a video on this product! Thanks again for the tip!

  3. Hey Juli! I have the regular Nuderma wand. Are the extra wands the only difference between the regular and the pro? The regular doesn’t mention anything about Neon or Argon so just wondering if you could tell the difference. I use it on the highest setting now so it would be great if it’s stronger. Thanks for all your fun and informative posts, I look forward to them daily!

    1. the extra wands and the pro also includes neon instead of just argon like the regular, from what i understand. i’m not sure if it’s any stronger, though! i only bought the pro because i broke my mushroom attachment on the regular device. but they seem pretty much the same to me!

  4. Hi Juli! Do you feel it made a difference for your melasma? Or only acne? I am also considering microdermabrasion based on your advice – do you think it helped with melasma too? Thanks for trying all these products and procedures and your super honest reviews!

    1. well the thing about melasma for me is that it’s activated by heat. so it’s always worse in the summer from being in the constant heat, but now that it’s cooled down, it’s not as bad. at the same time, I’m doing microneedling and this skin wand, and all of that combined has really helped!i hope that answers your questions!!

      1. I got the wand thingy (the portable one) and plan to try microneedling too based on your recommendations. Your skin looks amazing!

  5. This is really interesting! I’ve found an article that further explains some of the science behind it:

    It’s a relatively new method of dermis treatment in the field, it seems. Originally, they started with lasers for skin cancers and tumors, but they saw that this form of radiation (energy, don’t let the word scare you) works really well with all that you’ve mentioned above.

    I wonder if someone more knowledgeable in this field will comment? I don’t think it’s fully understood why it works, just that it does.

  6. This is so off topic but do you color your hair? It looks so pretty in your pictures above, I was thinking about dying mine that color.

  7. I recently bought this product and thought the instructions were a little sparse as well. For the acne rods, do you hold it on each spot for 15 sec or so or tap it on/off your skin for a total of 15 sec? Thanks for all the tips!

  8. For the wand do you put it directly on your skin? Do you wait until your moisturizer is completely dry or still a little moist?

    1. i put it directly on my skin. and i use it with a product that has a bit of oil to it (vitamin c or other serums) so the wand can glide across the skin and it can be absorbed with the help of the wand

  9. Just received mine the other day! Do you feel any discomfort using it? Some of the reviews on amazon mentioned covering your skin with cotton voile/mask if you have sensitive skin.

    1. i mean, sure it doesn’t feel great when it zaps your face, but i’ve experienced 100x worse with skin treatments i’ve done, so it doesn’t bother me that much. i’ve never used a mask on top personally

  10. Hi Juli! Thank you so much for opening my eyes to this product! I’ve been seeing your posts about this since October and finally bought it! I am loving it so far! Have you brought it with you when you travel? I am wondering how to pack it and whether or not to put it in the carry on- does Neon and argon trigger through security?? haha Thanks! Happy holidays!

    1. i have not. i’m too scared! i’ve already dropped one of the attachments and shattered it into a billion pieces, so i’m too scared to do that again. i know that Courtney Kerr takes it with her when she travels, but i’m not sure if it’s in her carry on or checked luggage

  11. So excited! Finally ordered mine and watched Courtney’s IGTV video… safe to say it’s going to be a huge game changer!

  12. Hey Julie, I am so keen to get my hands on one of these! Do you know if it is 110/240 volts? I have had a look on amazon but I cannot see any information regarding to the voltage. Sorry I know its a pretty random question.

    Thank you 🙂

  13. Hi! I just started using this wand. I watched Courtney’s video too. Do you constantly tap it like she does or set it on your skin once and then glide it all over? Does one technique seem to work better than the other? Thanks!

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