The Controversial World of Eating Paleo

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Laura made me that mug. Rad huh? So rad.

I need to make something perfectly clear. I am not a nutritionist. I am not a doctor. And I am not a therapist.

I am a food blogger. A human, paleo food blogger. I put paleo friendly recipes on my blog, on a weekly basis, to help people create more exciting meals for themselves, their family, and their friends.

Not ever, EVER, have I told you to follow my blog, eat how I eat, or drink what I drink. I live my life, share it with the world, and that’s it.

I do the same on my other social media portals. Like Facebook, Twitter…when I tweet twice a year, and Instagram. But when people lash out at me for what I eat, because I’m not “supportive” to the paleo community, I get very frustrated. Once again, I am NOT your doctor, I am NOT your mother, and I am definitely NOT your therapist. I am not a person who tells you what you should put in your mouth or how you should exercise or how you should deal with your issues. Because, well, you are not me. And I am not you. Our bodies are made differently and our minds are programmed differently. So what I may be shoving in my mouth truly has nothing to do with you. Because I’m not shoving it down your throat.

“Dieting” or eating a certain way is very difficult for some people. I would know, I’ve been there. Transitioning to paleo was incredibly tough for me when I first did it. But as I’ve gone on, I’ve figured out that eating a certain way that someone else tells me to, rarely works. Example: nuts. Almond flour pancakes, almond butter cookies, or just snacking on nuts. None of that works for me. Doesn’t mean I hate those bloggers or friends that have told me to try those foods. It just means those foods aren’t the best choices for me. Because MY body does different things than THEIR bodies.

What I am is a person who lives an incredibly happy life, with delicious food that makes me feel good, without ever feeling guilty or deprived. I eat the food that I know won’t make me sick and pass on the foods that I know will. I drink, I eat, I laugh, I workout, then I eat again. I don’t expect anyone to live a life like me, especially eat like me, but that’s exactly why it is my life.

Paleo is a controversial subject. But it’s only controversial when we make it that way. For me, it’s no longer controversial. It’s no longer frustrating. And it’s no longer an agreement I must follow. It’s a guideline to creating a healthier life for myself. That life includes bloody marys, sweet potato fries, vodka sodas, pupusas, roasted brussels sprouts, steak, kombuchas, dark chocolate, arepas, coconut butter, oh and bacon. Are all those things paleo? No. That’s why I’m not making those recipes for my blog. But it doesn’t mean I’m not shoving them in my face.

So while you’re worrying about what is going in my gut, I’ll be out enjoying life. Paleo or not. I recommend you do the same.

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Oh, Hi! Iโ€™m Juli.

Iโ€™m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you donโ€™t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


304 thoughts on “The Controversial World of Eating Paleo”

  1. +1. I tried hard core paleo. I was miserable. I loosen up a little, choose when to fight my battles wisely, and I feel better, look better, and I’m not a pain in the ass to deal with.

    You go girl.

      1. Oh my lord, yes! All of this, yes. You’re amazing and I love that you take the time to share these delish recipes with us.

  2. Julie, you are the best. All those Paleo-ers out there who monitor and bash each other are ridiculous and clearly have way too much time on their hands. I prefer to spend my time crafting, playing with puppies and eating…and that includes an occassional (horrifying) spoon of nonpaleo real peanut butter *gasp* Like people don’t ever fall off the wagon, right? Chin up and tell ’em to bug off already. <3 everything you post on here and while I follow a ton of paleo blogs, yours is always first on my list to check off in the AMs—because I prefer a genuine honest person with a personal story over someone who is trying to convince me to eat a certain way with every single blog they post.

  3. I think what people tend to forget is that each person responds to food in different ways, and discovering what works for you (and not for someone else) can be a challenging journey. They want a cookie-cutter solution for everybody and it’s just not going to happen. I really believe that is at the heart of what the Paleo diet is all about! Keep doing what your doing!! I’ll keep reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Clean Eating -- It's a Lifestyle

      Yes! What you said! What Vanessa said! I eat the way I eat and I share it so if you are interested you can learn. Make your own choices!

  4. You’re awesome. I saw what that guy wrote on Instragram and quite frankly, he’s an idiot. The entire reason I read your blog on a daily basis is because you are the only person I’ve found who makes it ok to have a cheat day. You’re human and you remind others that it’s ok to be human too. Sometimes life is better when you don’t spend three hours in the gym or don’t stick to a completely paleo diet. Thanks for being rad and real. Keep it up.

  5. Juli, all I can say is THANK YOU for being YOU. I read you blog regularly and you attitude towards life is inspiring. Unfortunately people take life way too seriously, and apparently they were taking your blog too seriously as well, and it’s their loss. You make delicious recipes and write fun, creative, and entertaining posts for people’s enjoyment and I applaud you. I have follow a Paleo lifestyle about 80% of the time and did 100% for the month of January. And guess what? It didn’t make me feel better and I didn’t enjoy it. Now that I have been transitioning back to about 80% Paleo, my body and system feels so much better (gluten free pizza is just needed sometimes or delicious gelato). Would everyone else feel the same? Absolutely not, but I have figured out what my body likes and does not like, and the fact that you express through your blog that you are human and enjoy life is refreshing to read. Keep up the good work and let the haters hate….they are the ones missing out.

    TGIF! ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS: My husband surprised me and bought me a PaleOMG tank top. I love it and it is so great to workout in!

  6. And this is exactly why I’ve distanced myself from the paleo label from the very beginning – there’s just tooooo much drama in the “community.” Yes, the vast majority of my recipes are paleo-friendly, but I ain’t getting on that bandwagon. Sorry.

  7. Very well said! I try to stick to 80/20 paleo and I get so frustrated when I’m judged when I eat nonpaleo foods. Wanna know why I eat pancakes every now and then, because they’re effing delicious and I feel like cavemen would have liked them too. Long story short, I agree with you and maybe if we all stick together extremists (paleo extreme or and other) will learn to relax! You’re awesome!

  8. Go Juli! I have been following your blog for a few months, and I have to say it is the most honest, funny and heartwarming blog I have come across. There is no agenda and just real life issues and joy. I think youยดre inspiring and the fact that you donยดt always eat strict Paleo is a relief. I just wanted you to know that there are so many out there who adore you. Warm hugs from Norway ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. You are definitely one of my favorite bloggers and one of the few I come back day after day to read what you wrote. I love that you are so honest about who you are!! It helps me a lot on my paleo journey. Thank you for being who you are and putting it out there on your blog!!!

  10. YOU

    Keep doin’ your thing gorgeous, you are absolutely incredible! Ignore the trolls & keep on keepin’ on. Your blog is the only one where I read every post in its entirety. The recipes are great but your personality & sense of humor make your blog one of the best ever. Please know that you are truly appreciated!!

  11. Juli, don’t pay any attention to that Instagram doucher. There’s a thousand people that love you for every hater out there. Brush that shit off and make me a bacon cookie recipe, woman!

    1. Clean Eating -- It's a Lifestyle

      Makes me want to get on Instagram to see what they said, but then I get all spun up, and plus I am old and don’t know how to Instagram, and anyway, ain’t nobody got time for that! (yeah, I said it!)

  12. Agreed. As a fellow “Paleo” blogger, don’t let the negative comments get to you. They are probably jealous of your hot bod and awesome blog. Forget about it chica and celebrate how many people you have helped in their transition into Paleo!!

  13. I don’t know exactly what got you fired up, but shit, i can imagine! i felt the same way over the summer, when I decided to give up the word “Paleo” for a while because I was sick of what I call the “Paleo Nazis” (ya know, cus they think there is a superior race of Paleo practitioners and they’d rather eradicated those who are not their ideal…). Finding what works best for you as an individual is the point of how ANYBODY eats. Like, okay, if a vegan is CONVINCED that’s best for their body, fine. I don’t care. I don’t agree with their philosophy of food potentially, but I have no idea what’s going on in their intestinal tract or what happens on the toilet after they eat anything not soy-based. And frankly, i don’t care. It’s not my life and as long as I don’t live with them and share a refrigerator, it shouldn’t affect me. I use the first person pronoun universally, of course. But whatever. Sorry someone (or many people perhaps) said or did something douchey. But I guess that happens. And to them, all you can say is “suck it!”


  14. Hi Juli! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and this is the first time I’ve commented. I just wanted to let you know that you are a freaking amazing person and that your blog led me to try Crossfit this past August. I LOVE it and hope to do it for the rest of my life! I started reading your blog while looking for low carb/paleo recipes to help me better control my blood sugars because I’m a type 1 diabetic. I pretty much make all of your recipes that aren’t desserts, and they’re delicious. Now I am pregnant (3 months along) and I’ve decided to continue Crossfit throughout the pregnancy. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you have had a MAJORLY POSITIVE effect on my life through your blog, and I’m sure that’s the case for many of your readers! Don’t let one (or two, or a thousand) douchebags get you down!

  15. I had some ice cream for breakfast (yeah, I said it!)…not sorry. Also not going to derail my Paleo-ness.
    Thanks for making me feel normal, sane, and like I can make this transition my own! xoxox

  16. Jessica Salinas Brown

    Your website is my MAIN site for delicious recipes and I LOVE your blogs! Keep on doing what you do girl and don’t let these Paleo Purists stop you from doing, saying, and posting whatever the hell you want! We got your back!!

  17. Rock on with your bad self!!!!!! I say to each his own and eat what makes you happy and healthy!! I trying to follow more of a “paleo” lifestyle, but will I give up dark chocolate, alcohol or cheese, or gluten-free/wheat-free (I am allergic to wheat) bread and pasteries entirely?? HELL NO!!! No one would want to be around me if I did that! ๐Ÿ™‚ I also don’t tell people I eat paleo, I just eat healthy and have a few set backs/cheats here and there ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. “Because Iโ€™m not shoving it down your throat.”
    Don’t let haters get you down. You are entertaining, amusing, inspiring – and TOTALLY HELPFUL! I’ve pulled recipes word-for-word, and in plenty of other cases, been inspired by your food creations. THANK YOU for this great blog & ignore idiotic haters! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. PREACH! You are so awesome and it’s frustrating that people feel the need to get all up in your biznass for being you. Like some have said above, I feel like I can’t even use the word “paleo” anymore because every time I touch some chocolate or go out for ice cream I get “OMG IS THAT PALEO???” ahh.

    But I’m glad there’s someone like you who can make us feel “okay” for being human. And inspire us to make healthier choices for ourselves.

  20. Good for you!! I love your blog for the very reason that you write about your real life and you share amazingly delicious recipes. I don’t know how you come up with so many but I really appreciate it.

    You are spot on and I hope you don’t let close minded critical people like that guy slow you down or stop you from doing exactly what you are doing.

    Thank you for being you!

  21. thank you for summing up what i try to tell everyone who has a million things to say about my paleo way of life!!

    “What I am is a person who lives an incredibly happy life, with delicious food that makes me feel good, without ever feeling guilty or deprived. I eat the food that I know wonโ€™t make me sick and pass on the foods that I know will. I drink, I eat, I laugh, I workout, then I eat again. I donโ€™t expect anyone to live a life like me, especially eat like me, but thatโ€™s exactly why it is my life.”

  22. Just love you and your real attitude towards food and life, keep up the great work because you have made a Paleo lifestyle easier for so many people!

  23. Well said! Real food is real food….I’m not sure why folks have to fight over it or make it controversial. You inspire me to cook healthy food and make decisions that work for me. I can adjust any “paleo” recipe to fit that framework. Keep on keepin on. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now and I too am quite happy you put this rant out there. I’m always gluten-free because gluten and I are not friends at all, but typically I’m 80% paleo. Not gonna lie, I demolished probably 3 big-ass bags of peanut M&Ms this week. But, I also work-out, and for the rest of the time generally eat rather healthy. My schooling is stressful so y’know what, peanut M&Ms and I are buddies.

    Sidenote: Soooo sad I don’t have access to a kitchen, I’ve been dying to make so many recipes lately!

  25. LOVE this! What I adore about your blog is that you are a real person who is making healthy choices but still enjoying your life and not living it like a paleo nazi. Worrying if something has a trace amount of sugar in it or if my coffee has a tiny amount of…gasp! dairy creamer in it every minute of the day quite frankly makes me a b#!*h and not so fun to be around. I love that you can live this paleo life happily and still be human. You keep on rockin’ this road. You have TONS of supporters.

  26. Hey girl. Just wanted to send you a shoutout thanking you for giving me confidence to expand my cooking skills. Last night, bored of sweet potatoes (cause we eat them every night!) I experimented with rutabaga, loved the egg nests :), and I made sauteed rutabaga and mushrooms with a little coconut milk cream sauce. Delicious…Chris loved it and loves you for helping me get more creative with our meals.

  27. Juli,
    Keep posting and helping people. Screw the critics that have nothing else to do but find the fault that often just exists in their mind. I love the way your write. I love the recipes you post. I love…well, you! If I were 30 years younger I’d be chasing you until you called the cops. Don’t worry about that though – I’m too old, and my wife doesn’t let me out of the house very much. You know, the ankle bracelet and all…

  28. I was at a hotel with extended family this weekend. I walked into the continental breakfast area and before I said a word, my sister said, “I’m eating waffle. Is that okay with you”? She had a bad look on her face.She’s a really nice person.

    I thought, what on God’s green Earth have I done? Eating paleo has saved our son’s life. It’s been about a year, but I guess I was a bit of an annoying evangelist at first. I’m much better now.

    Hope you can let that person’s criticism roll off your back, Juli. It’s an opportunity to recognize some people are not as mature and wise as you. And, like you your post..that has nothing to do with you.

    You are doing good things! Thank you!

  29. Rest assured that for every loud-mouthed douchebag there are at least 10, 20, 100 quiet, non-douchey individuals who enjoy your recipes, your blog, your outlook on life. I read your blog nearly every day and enjoy every damn minute of it. Why? Because you are down-to-earth and relatable and just as ridiculous as myself and my friends. I’ve found theat ridiculousness is one of the many components of a happy life. So thank you for the good eats, the laughter, and the inspiration.

  30. Excellent Juli! I applaud you for sticking to your guns and not letting those self proclaimed ‘experts’ run you over. I have been “Paleo” for 2 years and am actually in the middle of my first Whole30 and I can’t tell you how many people seem to be trying to derail us (why? I’ll never know). I’m doing it as a choice, to figure out what works and does not work in my body so I can continue to live the happy and full life this chosen lifestyle has allowed for me. Stupid haters. Keep on with what your doing and we all support you!
    P.S. I made your bacon meatballs (giant sized and minus almond flour, Whole30 style) for our VDay dinner last night and myself and my girlfriend were stoked on their mouth-watering deliciousness! Thank you!

  31. You have the best, most creative food ideas of any Paleo blogger I follow.If I ever feel bored with Paleo- I just look around for ideas here. I just made your apple and fig butter last night…it rocked and you rock- please keep on blogging

  32. I like you…and like you even better cause you like pupusas-my family is from El Salvador. Thank you for your amazing blog. I’ve been ogling your recipes for quite sometime and will be making three of them this week for the first time. Your recipes are creative and paleo enough to satisfy the body and yummy enough to satisfy the soul. Plus your humour is awesome.

  33. What everyone else said. You rock and are an inspiration to those of us who make fitness and health a priority, but also live in the real world.

    Thank you so very much for your blog. Not just the recipes, but the honesty as well.

  34. Perfect.. thank you! I’m always slightly worried when people ask me about how I eat/how I’ve lost some weight that they’ll think I’m telling them to do the same thing… and I’m not trying to, but sometimes I think just get excited because this food makes me feel awesome. And sometimes I still eat potato chips, and that’s ok too (Grandma Utz kettle cooked, fried in lard=awesome). Ps…your recipes are the best!

  35. Thanks for confirming that it is okay to not be perfect, but in fact just human. Yet another reason I enjoy your blog so much.

  36. Thanks for your blog and the great recipes you share. People are never happy and always looking to complain. I am sorry you have had to dal with that. Keep up the great work..

  37. I thank YOU and so many other great clean/whole food/paleo/primal bloggers out there!! WIthout all of you I would be lost! You all offer so much to us, sharing recipe, great info and so much more for free!!! We are so lucky to have you!! Thank you for all you do and forget about the haters, the complainers, the UNrealists!! We all LOVE you!!! Have a GREAT day!!!

  38. Amen Sister. Live your life and enjoy it in the process. I too have found that STRICT paleo, is just that, too strict for me. But I do what makes me feel good. Good’on’ya!

  39. YES! You go girl! Thank you for blogging about this. This rant needed to happen!!

    Thank you for all you do – you have made my transition to Paleo so much easier than I ever imagined. Your constant recipes and HILARIOUS commentary give me something to look forward to everyday.

    Don’t let the Paleo Po Po get you down … they’re just bullies anyhow (and have nothing better to do with their time).

    luv ya!

  40. THIS is why I read your blog. There’s a very small percentage of people that can live by a diet 24/7. It’s refreshing to hear someone say they can’t and won’t live in a paleo world all the time. Good for you, Juli. Good for you.

  41. 2 Thumbs WAY up. I feel the same way. If I dare eat a non paleo food I have EVERYONE up my a$$ making sure I know I’m not eating something paleo approved. I actually like to see that you will eat a burger on a bun or chips. It makes you human and that’s why your blog is my favorite. The annoying zealots need to chillax and mind their business.

  42. I’m so glad you had dark chocolate on that list.
    Lazy Paleo confession of the day – earlier today I had a chocolate, chocolate chip muffin from Sprouts covered in almond butter with my morning coffee. EEEKKKK! My coffee also had cream in it! DOUBLE EEEKKKK!

    Happy Friday!

  43. Haters gonna hate – you just go on being your bad self! And remember – your blog has helped so many of us who are trying to transition to paleo. I think that says it all, right there.

  44. “Paleo is a controversial subject. But itโ€™s only controversial when we make it that way.”


    Seriously applauding you for this!! I’m a Paleo food blogger too and feel the same way. You speak for so many of us with this post! Your food is incredible, you encourage thousands daily and you are real. Keep it up!

  45. I agree with you! It’s a life style that each person who chooses to has to adapt individually based on their needs, goals and what their body tells them. So what if we have “cheats,” or as I like to say “enjoy,” other foods, its a choice we each have to make ourselves. Really if you think historically we all have been making choices for ourselves since we were little toddlers more so on a micro level but still its making a choice.

  46. Let the hater’s hate! Your success speaks for itself! And all of us (your die hard followers) just adore you! Thanks for all you do, you really are an inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. I HAVE to eat Paleo (the only thing that keeps my face from looking like an acne bomb), so I thoroughly appreciate your brilliant recipes. I also just plain adore your hilarious posts. Love you.

    I wish a hearty “Fuck off” to whoever brought on this rant, and also “Get a life” because who has the time to spare worrying about everyone else? OMG SRLSY.

    (Also, please make the magical elves of the interwebz fix your cookbook pre-order system, damn it, I want to buy!)

  48. Amen sister! Agree with you & everyone else. I also follow 80/20 rule – along with my family – we all follow it as best we can. Hell yes, we cheat & it tastes great (not always so great in a few hours, but anyways…) I too am sick & tired of feeling the need to explain to anyone (paleo or not) why I am eating something. I’m not giving them grief for shoving a crap load of carbs & processed food in their mouth – so shut up if I order a salad or a burger with no bun. None of your damn business is what I feel like saying. I can see & feel the difference & that is all that matters to me.
    I love, love, love your blog & food!! Keep at it!

  49. well said! There’s nothing more annoying when someone tells you what you are or aren’t allowed to eat. “oh, we’re going out for pizza, but you can’t have that on paleo, can you?”. eff! I can eat whatever the hell I want. And you can too! Keep up the good work, JB!

  50. “So while youโ€™re worrying about what is going in my gut, Iโ€™ll be out enjoying life.” Ha! That is awesome, people are so weird in what they choose to preoccupy their time with. What is a pupusa?!?

  51. What a great post! I have never understood why people instantly get so judgmental when you tell them you DONT eat something! Its my biggest pet peeve. Everybody is different, we all have different chemistry, tastes, etc.

    Im trying to eat “more” like the paleo diet, but I doubt that I will every give up dairy and grain 100%. And Im OK with that. I know that I feel better when I eat LESS of these things, but I need a little to keep me going.

    Keep it up lady, Im so glad that I found your blog!

  52. You know why you get so many haters? Because you are popular. It’s like middle school all over again: you’re funny, pretty and a lot of people really like you. So there will always be someone with nothing better to do than target you to make up for their own insecurities. Take it as a compliment. I mean, geesh, there are more than enough super-strict Paleo resources for those people if that was what they truly cared about. Your readers appreciate and enjoy you for who you are. You go girl.

  53. Hey Juli,
    I LOVE this post, you are awesome.
    I have been following your blog for almost a year and your recipes are fantastic! You’ve introduced me to an entirely new world of food & fun and I’m so happy that you shared this post.
    I hate people who are “Paleo Police” and like to share their opinions as to what you can and cannot eat.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your amazing recipes.
    You rock!

  54. Bummer that the “Paleo Police” are coming down on you! Paleo is not a brand, it is a framework. And I think that you make it perfectly clear when you talk about treats especially that you don’t eat them all the time, but they are a way to enjoy “fun” food without the same health consequences as regular fun food. Anyway I appreciate your recipes, and I can’t wait to get your cookbook – I’m waiting until it comes out on Amazon because I live in Hawaii, but I’m just as excited as any of you mainlanders that preordered ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Thankfully, I missed all that B. S. or maybe I’ve learned to tune it out so well that I don’t even notice it. Our country is depressed and divided and being opinionated and nasty to others has become toooooooooooo “normal”. Sorry you got jumped by others, but I LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE AND HUMOR…and R E C I P E S !! You’re at the top of my food chain!

  56. [APPLAUSE] These folks who insist on rigid Paleo rules are in it for reasons other than health. I’m 48 years old, I live in New Orleans, and as you can imagine, 100% Paleo is a near impossibility here (if you want to enjoy your food at all). 80/20 is fantastic and allows me to make intentional choices that are both healthy and enjoyable – but I don’t force that on anyone else. I read your blog because you’re irreverent, a great cook, and you give me new and creative food ideas. I enjoy following your journey – and that’s what it is for all of us. A journey. I feel sorry for haters – their focus is so much on others that they can’t enjoy their own ride through life.

  57. People are idiots, straight up. You’re smart and talented (stuff idiots don’t like). Ignore the morons, and please keep keeping it real.

    Your recipes rock btw. And I’m only slightly paleo, whatever the heck that means.

  58. And that’s why I “follow” you and “share” you with everyone! You are creative, witty and a damn good cook! You advocate a healthy lifestyle and give others room to find their own groove. Bravo Juli!!

  59. AWESOME post!! Not only because some people need to get real if they came to a blog for doctor or therapy advice. You have a great blog and am glad my friends pointed me to it. (Your blueberry muffin recipe is awesome by the way.) It’s nice to know that when I have something that’s not Paleo friendly I’m not the only one. Now I need you to do a workout motivation post. (I don’t do crossfit though.) Because my mojo left the building and I cannot find it anywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. “Love it ! ” said the happy little occassional bread eater to the Paleo sheep lol (like you said – it works for me !)

    I just wanna eat healthy and be a good example for my daughter. Your recipes gave me some great ideas. (shredded beef was like a ‘duh why didn’t I think of that’ …lol)

    Indulgence in moderation is the perfect spice for enjoying a life well lived !

  61. Thank you for that! And thank you for your blog! To all those out there who think everyone should fit in “their” perfect little box of how they think we all should be, act and do, are screwed in the head. Keep on giving us amazing recipes; my family and I love all your food; especially the sweet potato brownies!

  62. It’s a fact that when people find out you eat paleo, you are judged almost everytime you indulge. Everytime I get a lunch or meal – “is that paleo?” (Usually, yes). If I decide to grab a sweet that is roaming around the office- “that’s not paleo.” Seriously, I have no idea why it happens but it annoys me to no end when it does! Like get the hell outta here, I don’t tell you that your soda is unhealthy or you maybe shouldn’t have pizza today or inform you of whatever food you’re eating’s nutritional value. You’re awesome, they can suck it

  63. Love this! You aren’t dogmatic or tryig o teach with your blog…you’re just sharing recipes and stories. If you claimed to be a paleo expert, I guess tbat’d be one thing. But you often remind us how you’re keeping it real, which only makes me like you more. Keep doing what you’re doing. Haters are just upset because they never treat themselves ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. I’ve been following your blog for a while and my food philosophy is almost the opposite of yours (I’m nearly vegan). Yet I love reading your blog because you’re hilariously entertaining. I’ve even taken some of your chicken/pork recipes and turned them into tofu/tempeh recipes. If you don’t like something or don’t agree with something, don’t read. There’s a difference between being genuinely concerned (for someone you don’t know…?) and being a preachy d-bag. Anyways, keep doing your thing!

  65. I think its funny that people seem to specifically attack on instagram. Do these haters even read your blog??? Maybe these people need to use actual literature and resources rather than looking for food porn to support their perfect Paleo lifestyle.

  66. I think SealFit says it the best: “Do this [paleo] 80% of the time. Then cheat like a mother 20% of the time. Life is too short to be perfect.”

  67. I truly don’t understand some people. I read this blog for awesome dinner ideas and such. I also bake a lot of super not-paleo desserts because they are good for my soul. If those people want to go extreme Paleo, they can use the recipes of yours that fit what they want and leave out what they don’t want. Not everything in the world has to be their way. You keep doing what you feel like doing! And I will keep occasionally eating sugar and gluten filled awesome desserts.

  68. Sorry people can be so tough!! Just know that there are a bunch of us that really appreciate everything you do! I love your blog and your realness. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  69. I read this quote on facebook the other day. I love it and I can honestly say that your blog reminds me of it. Keep up the good work and keep sharing your kick ass recipes.

    “You only live once?
    False. You live everyday.
    You only die once.”

  70. Thanks for being do real! There was a great article about the 5 types of Paleo eaters and one was the tight ass regimented Paleo eater and how much it sucks to know one of those people. So glad you’re not one of them!

  71. Everyone already beat me to saying it, but you are seriously amazing! People are wayyyy too involved in other people’s lives. You just keep rocking yours! ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Keep it up. I am an omnivore, eat it all person. I love your recipes and i think you sound like you are really a happy and lively person. Thanks for sharing your stuff, sorry there are mean judgemental people out there!

  73. Amazing how safe people feel when attacking from their phones…what a buttwipe (I gave up bad words for lent). Your recipes are so yummy! My hubs and I have made many, including the blackberry glazed pork chops last night which rocked, and we have loved it ALL! When does that ever happen? For me, never! You have such a gift. Thank you for sharing it with all of us, and for being real enough to not make me feel like a failure for wanting (and attacking) real chocolate from time to time. A girl’s got to have her chocolate!

  74. i hope that ass hat that was commenting negatively on your instagram photos reads this and removes the stick from his precious purely paleo keister. what people need to understand is you give us free amazing recipes and fun banter to read, and you never claimed to be more than that so if they have a problem with how you live your life, then they don’t have to read about it!!!!!!! im team JB no matter how many burger buns you want to consume ill still read your shit and make ur recipes and enjoy it

  75. YES! I couldnt agree more. The whole paleo thang is great, an awesome foundation on which to build a diet/lifestyle that works for you as an INDIVIDUAL. Not to follow blindly cause you wanna join the club. I love what you do!!!

  76. If I could hit a like button on all the previous posts, I would. I am pretty new to paleo. I have been trying to be a little stricter because it’s new and I want to set a new “default” for my body. Once I get that default in place, I will start enjoying some foods I am currently going without to see how it goes…for ME. I don’t expect everyone to do the same thing as me. So many people have the black/white, all/nothing mentality and it’s not healthy nor is it sustainable. If your health demands an all/nothing approach, go for it. If not, get over your cravings and then figure out what works for you. That being said, after just over a month of paleo, I was tired of all the cooking (so much cooking!). So I didn’t pack my lunch on Monday and went to Culvers for a three-cheese burger, fried cheese curds, and sweet tea. Didn’t feel guilty at all. I think I may have even enjoyed it more than I did in the past because it’s now a treat rather than just another eat-lunch-out-day. It feels great to know I can do that and not worry that I may slip back into bad habits. I am enjoying my paleo meals but because I enjoy them and how I feel while eating them, I can also enjoy a treat every now and then without everything else going to pot. Keep the awesome recipes coming, Juli! You keep things real and that is truly appreciated.

  77. You da best. So many people are WAY TOO WORRIED about being “string” Paleo. GUESS WHAT. Strict Paleo doesn’t work for everyone and for most people it mentally beats them up. I love having Paleo as a guideline and to help me be more educated about what I should be doing/looking for in food/staying away from but no way will I not live life to it’s fullest… give me a beer and some chips sometimes. It’s not going to destroy me.

    Keep up the good work, the attitude, and the delicious food that you post for us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Juli, you are such an inspiration to me. I tried to do the hard-core paleo and when I messed up, I beat myself up for DAYS if not weeks. I was miserable. You have taught me that it is okay to enjoy other foods and not worry so much about “breaking the rules.” Life is no fun that way. So, thanks.

  79. I heart you, Juli. It’s that simple. Your blog rocks because you are an interesting person and you have awesome recipes. I can’t wait to get your cookbook. Thank you.

  80. What a great post! I love your blog no matter what and agree that people need to eat what is best for them and their bodies. I for one can’t eat dairy. It rips me up on the insides. Do I miss ice cream and really good cheese? Absolutely! But is it worth the pain, constipation, and days of bloat? Not to me. Same goes with rice and quinoa. I mean, seriously, who has a problem with those foods?

    Too often we are all so wound up in trying to be like someone else. What would happen if we would just be ourselves for once? Thanks for a great post!

  81. Amen! Thank you for this post! The paleo “striving” with tight reigns also attributes to disordered eating. You can eat perfectly healthy with zero “slips ups” and still create unhealthy mindsets.


    Just more proof as to why you are such a popular (paleo) blogger!

  82. Andrea @ pencils and pancakes

    Wait a minute…. You mean everyone’s not exactly the same?!!? Seriously some people have way too much time On Their hands…

  83. Love! Good for you. The kind of sad thing is that you have to post something like this at all. Why do people feel the need to so angrily comment on people’s blogs? They are opinions, not facts! You’ve gotta do whatever it is that you do YOUR way. And stop being so bitter people!

  84. WOW!!!! Is this an angry post?
    YAY for you just being you.
    i’m still playing around with paleo, i found i LOVE avacodo with like everything. but i like gluten free noodles. and my guts can’t handle bread and such. so love the ideo of like what?? 80% paleo maybe.

    what percentage of paleo do you think you eat?
    or do you care lol

    1. However i had a blood test saying that i’m not allergic to gluten or wheat or corn not even dairy!!!

      My guts say otherwise though….i hate doctors

  85. Boojaa!!!! Tell it like it is!! I totally agree with every single thing that you wrote. I just told someone the same thing…….”what works for me may not work for you.” I like what I eat and it gives me the energy I need to get through a very busy day, I do not deal with the afternoon slump that causes some to grab the crap food/drink, and I can do a LOT more than most because of what I chose to eat. Keep doing what you do and be happy…….it’s the best revenge!!!

  86. Juli…

    All I can say…we all love you..for exactly who you are. NO APPOLOGIES! Confession time. I was a kid who HATED to cook. I mean HATED. When I first got married I tried to be the good wife, attempting (poorly I might add) to cook stuff in the hopes I would make the hubby happy. When I realized how inept I was, I quit going into the kitchen. About the only thing I did well was eggs (Scrambled) and lasagna. Short of that..I didn’t attempt a THING.

    Cut to starting Crossfit last year, and FINALLY jumping on the paleo wagon the end of last year. I remember finding your blog and thinking “damn, this lady clicks with me. LOVE her humor..LOVE that she references Denver where I grew up and still love..LOVE that her recipes are simple…for a NON cook like me.”

    Cut again to 6 months later..and I LOVE being in the kitchen. You are my GO TO site for a lot of my recipes which I reference weekly. I’ve sent your site to numerous friends who are “paleo curious”. You’re a big reason why I feel confident in the kitchen and enjoy cooking now.

    As far as the haters..I saw the shizzle go down on IG yesterday and was appalled. Who is anyone to say what you can and can’t post. PLEASE don’t make your IG private. I adore your food porn pics ๐Ÿ˜€ And I love seeing you liking some of us non bloggers pics of your recipes. (I got excited when @paleomg liked one of my pics :D) We all are adults who know what works for US..and if it is some non paleo be it. I finished a Whole30 a few weeks ago, and while I valued what it taught me on how much of ingredients are skewed in things…will I go over strict paleo again? I need the release of a few beers or a glass of wine..and I know what works for me.

    So post on sista…blog on…and know the lovers far outweigh the haters. As a quote from my hubby’s fav movie says “Let your haters be your motivators.”

  87. I love this post, because it is so true. Everyone has a different way of eating, and what most people do works for them. On a different note, I decided to try Paleo, and after eating Paleo for ONE meal, I felt 1000x better and more awake all morning. I am so amazed!

  88. We were just talking the other day at our box and we all said your blog was our favorite go to for great paleo! Thank you so much for sharing all of your delicious ideas with us and also I think you are pretty funny too! I am doing the whole30 right now and I am so missing you almond butter cups and klondike bites. As soon as I am done you know they will be the first treats I make!

  89. Love! Love! I couldn’t agree more. I love to do “paleo” baking and I’m always having it thrown in my face how it is not technically “paleo” since I use honey or coconut sugars. Silly stuff

  90. thanks so much for putting your recipes and experiences out there and on this site. i have made and really appreciated your recipes and hope you are encouraged by what everyone says and keep moving forward.
    you go girl.

  91. Haters gonna hate. Don’t think about people who are doing absolutely nothing for you.

    You rock, and have made my, and countless other peoples lives more enjoyable, so thank you!!!!

  92. Well Said!!! I LOVE your blog, Juli! My husband and I started this journey with a 21 day sugar detox Jan.2, and then moved on to eating using Paleo guidelines as GUIDES, not RULES! Too many rules make me want to rebel, and feelings of guilt turn into feelings of failure, which would result in me going back to eating the way I used to eat. I refuse to let someone else rent space in my head and tell me how I must eat. I know I’m eating healthier than I’ve ever eaten–even with the occasional baked sweet potato fries or glass of wine. I also want to be able to enjoy dinner with friends and family without causing undo stress for them. Even if means eating something with grains/diary/sugar and feeling miserable the next day. I will make the best choices I can with what I have in front of me. My life is about more than what I eat. I am choosing to eat well to live long, and enjoy the journey!

  93. Juli, I love your blog. I consider myself mostly paleo with a little bit of primal, Every once in awhile, I just have to have a little bit of dairy. However I stray a bit from time to time. It happens.

  94. Good for you! I think it’s good that you show a side of you that is human and real. I love eating Paleo but when I don’t I don’t want to feel guilty because of it. Thanks for helping me be ok with who I am too! xoxo

  95. What about 80/20 it is what makes me eat healthy most days, helps my fibro and pcos, who cares what they say.

    I just think they are jealous of all the attention you get for just being an amaze-balls person…..

  96. The cool thing is how well you express yourself even when you’re angry. And that you have the guts to do it. You’re not some anonymous internet presence, you’re very publicly out there, and you stick to your guns, something that a lot of us have difficulty doing. Well written, young lady.

  97. Well put! I love your blog and especially your recipes – all things new are met with opposition – people don’t get it and the crazy faces I get, LOL, but there is one or two that stop and actually ask questions to understand….slowly….one step at a time, people will get it : ) Keep blogging girl!

  98. Man! Thank you for your recipes. I have been doing grain free and “sort of” paleo, and your recipes are invaluable and your blog is hilarious. People need to learn to take what they need and leave the rest. Now if only I could get to Denver to get my hands and mouth on pupusas!

  99. People need to be accountable for what they put in their own mouths and minds. Your recipes and rants are awesome. I personally don’t care what you eat when you’re off paleo, but it’s nice to know that you can eat a healthy balanced diet regardless. People just need to get off their high horse and stop lecturing a great thing. People will blame whatever they want or not content with, I just love your recipes and I credit much of my success to what you authentically create.

    Haters gonna hate…

  100. juli i came across your blog in august when my husband and i needed to do something for our health. we found your website and you made doing paleo possible. i didnt know what to do but your recipes and insight have helped transforms us. we are both down 45 pounds with a lot more to go but we feel better than ever.our lives have changed and i thank you for that. love ya

  101. I read your blog, I love your blog and you a plain ol piece of awesome.. I’ve been on a roller coaster for a while now, I was once very, very fat, I lost a shitton of weight, then gained some of I back while I was still drinking, got sober 9 months ago and gained a big chunk of it back. Recently got back to getting my health in order and your bog has helped tremendously… So thank you and don’t stop doing what you do.

  102. What’s the saying? “You can be the juciest, ripest peach on the tree and there will always be someone that hates peaches.” So, keep doing you. We love the recipes on your blog and your writing style. When we put our lifestyles/blogs out there on the interweb, we open ourselves to criticism and, ohhhh, the peanut gallery full of trolls just love dishing out criticism. Just keep being awesome… you’re pretty good at it!


  103. You’re obviously doing something right and great if someone else feels compelled to take time out of their sad little existence to bash someone in order to feel ‘elite.’ Don’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch

  104. Dude, YOU’RE a bad ass! I’m not gonna church shit up to feed your ego, but this blog is great! Giving you a “My Idiots Brother” thumbs up!

  105. Simply the best recipes, full stop!!
    Sad,mad and jealous people crawl out to judge and attack those who shine. Drive them nuts!!

  106. I am relatively new to Paleo and like you and many others, love my food! Came across your blog when looking for some new recipe ideas and now check it out daily! Love the attitude and honest “rants”

  107. I came here to get a recipe through once a month mom and received so much more. Thank you for giving us your real thoughts, you make me laugh.

  108. Juli,
    Im just transitioning to Paleo, currently on day 26 of my 30 and i gotta tell you: i dont think i would have gotten this far w/o your recipes and sarcasm! It makes me laugh to see haters go hard at successful people. The reality is that most people throw “shade” or “hate” bc its easier to do that, than to work successfully and create thier own unique following. You are doing amazing, i totally <3 your food and i oove how you're not a freaking nutritionist, therapistl, etc. You are, in many ways, just like me: working to be happy with you and your life and thats awesome!

    Btw i had 2 choc chip cookes last night when a friend from.out of town came to hang out…she had pizza. Im gonna pay for those cookies, but im happy to have had a good time with my homie and not completely.deprive myself…i mean shoot, imma off during the WOD today anway!

    Rando Rant away kid…let them know the deal and what is and is not appropriate!

  109. Amen, Juli! I check your blog daily to see if you have added new recipes because they work for me! Your food is delicious and it never feels like I’m dieting or limiting myself in anyway. When friends start a Paleo way of life, your blog is always the first place I have them turn for meal ideas.

    And your sense of humor and and no-nonsense attitude crack me up! I love it! You go girl! Keep up the great work!

  110. AMEN!!! I think I’ll just print this particular blog and hand it to all those who want to preach to me about what I put in my mouth. OMG, I’ll be 50 in 2 days, can I not eat what I want???? I am not 100% Paleo, but I’m probably 90% there and I feel great….so thank you for saying what all of us who are making choices for our own bodies wanted to say out loud to the world. You are our voice. THANK YOU!!!!

  111. Great post. Love your blog, sense of humor when you write and seeing that you are enjoying a great life. As you can see by all these replies… You are loved and appreciated by way more good peeps!

  112. Of the Die Hard Paleo followers, how many actually kill the food they need to eat? Isn’t that the real Cave Man way? I know there are some out there, but I imagine there is a very high percentage that do not. Would they be considered NOT 100% Paleo? Are we getting in their faces about it?

    Self-righteousness is not a virtue, no matter what one eats.

    Isn’t it more important, like many have said, to listen to your body and eat what works for it and stay away from what doesn’t? I think it’s more important to eat as much of whole foods as possible and if the meal is higher in quality foods with a smaller percentage of ‘not as good for you foods, i.e. sugar) doesn’t that tip it in the healthier direction? Which is what I feel we should be aiming for?

    I think it is more important to be careful of foods that are whole, Paleo AND foods, like M&M’s, that are GENETICALLY MODIFIED. Maybe these Paleo Nazis’ energy (which apparently they have so much of now) would be better spent fighting the war for quality non-modified foods overall?

  113. You’re awesome. Well said. With love from Australia <3

    p.s. One day, I will come to the U.S and give you a hug for sharing your banana bread recipe.

  114. AMEN! There are some “purists” out there who are absolutely ridiculous! You have to eat what makes you healthy AND HAPPY! Otherwise, you have no more enjoyment of food in your life. There are some people who enjoy that. They eat enough to just sustain. But if we can enjoy a variety of foods, then why not!

    And arepas are AWESOME! Used to make them pre paleo – with melted butter and honey on them! Great for celiacs like myself!

    We all love you – change for no one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. Way to keep it real, Juli !! Keep doing what you’re doing, and let the feisty folks learn that they have to take some accountability for their decisions. This includes understanding their unique psychological, emotional, and physiological relationships with food.

    Keep Calm & PaleOMG On.

    Dr. E

  116. Juli – you are amazing because you do share everything, the good, bad, ugly and beautiful. That makes you human and that’s why we love you. Let the haters hate while we all learn, together, how to love ourselves through your inspiration. xoxoo

  117. Wow, it took me forever to scroll to the bottom of the comments!
    I love this post. This is FOOD we are talking about. No one should get so fired up or offended about food. You’re not talking about murder or racism or politics, people need to chill out.
    I honestly wouldn’t care if you never ate Paleo, I care about the awesome recipes you graciously provide every week!
    Keep on keeping on.

  118. I’m pretty new to your site (yesterday). This post made me laugh a lot, and I think your recipes are amazing!! I have been eating paleo for about a month but almost refuse to talk to other “paleo” people. It’s worse than bringing up religion or politics! The next world war will be caused by “paleos” arguing over olives or pickles.

  119. 1st of all, I think by the number of wonderful comments above, you really don’t need to listen to any of those negative comments. Love your blog, love your attitude and I love your healthy mental approach to food, life and happines. I think many of those people are wishing they had that balance and can’t do it without the hard core regimen of soemthing telling them how to live…I know, I’m probably wrong (I feel I need it too from time to time) but you are amazing, inspiring and I love your blog. When I get off my balanced little world of food famliy, happiness and taking it all in, I go to blogs liek your to remind me to relax and just flippin enjoy life. You only get one shot and not only am I reponsible for mine, I have two amazing gilrs I need to set an example for so they too can enjoy life and blow off all the other “stuff”. And can I say, it is the most beautiful amazing day in southern California!!!

    Oh yeah, love all of your recipes…

  120. I love, love, love your post!!! When I told my family and friends I was going to start eating a more Paleo type diet, a lot of people freaked out and a lot more became hyper critical of me. I would tell people what I was eating and they would hound me from the word, go. I have made some modifications to my diet so that it works for me. My husband and daughter are on board for most of my meals. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have since told my friends that feel the need to give me their “honest opinion” of how I should live my life what they can do with that honesty. lol I have enjoyed the recipes from here that I have tried and I love your upfront attitude and honesty.

  121. Wow Juli – look at your supporters and admirers! I’m sorry ‘people’ can’t keep their thoughts to themselves and mouths shut (or hands behind their backs!). I appreciate what you bring to us. I love that you share your good and bad days, that you are human and accessible. You are beautiful through and through xx

  122. i don’t know who set you off, but your response is awesome. i don’t even care what you eat, props for telling it like it is.

  123. Holy Comments!!! That got the crowds to respond ๐Ÿ™‚ I think some people just like to stir the pot and see who they can possibly make feel worse than themselves. Sad people like sad company…it takes a strong person and a strong blogger to put themselves out there and take ridicule day after day.

    Be you, enjoy you and screw the haters ๐Ÿ˜‰ Rock on!

  124. Keep it up! My friends and I follow you, and we adore you and your humor and food obsession. Love the response and it is so true!

  125. LOL, people make food into such a moral issue.Like really, you can “eat clean” and be a giant asshole. I do think as a paleo blogger, you are obligated to be “clear” when using non-paleo ingredients. “Hey, this soy meat is not paleo”.

  126. Awesome post!! You go girl!!

    What you talk about is what makes Paleo so obnoxious. As a nutritionist who believes in Paleo it frustrates me how many of my clients have been bullied by trainers, friends, etc.

    We are all individuals, live that way!

  127. You are a winner Juli. Completely agree with you!
    P.s. Your skin is looking amazing in that photo-so you must be doing something right!

  128. Juli, look at all the people who respect you and appreciate you. This is awesome.
    Personally, it’s been my observation that the folks who are busy pointing out and b!tching about the speck in someone else’s eye usually have a big a$$ plank in their own. You keep doing it your way and thank you for all you do.

  129. AMEN SISTER!!!

    And not only are you my “go to gal” for recipes… but you are an inspiration to me in your ability to step back and reevaluate what is and isn’t working with your workouts, eating, time management… whatever. Never met you in person, but I hope you can feel the love coming to you from Montana ๐Ÿ™‚

  130. Juli,
    This is the best post/article/rant/kickyouintheface I have ever heard on the subject I’ve also been so frustrated with when coaching people. After 3 years of answering knucklehead questions and tolerating illogical criticism, I commend and thank you for saying it as I never could. And so eloquently. You’re awesome Juli.
    Sean Turner

  131. I’ve been following your blog for a while now (it’s on my favorites bar), using the recipes and generally just enjoying your humor. I don’t comment much, but wanted to write something to show my support. You go girl! And you stick it to the haters! Love from Las Vegas!

  132. I have been following you since I Started Paleo over a year ago. You are the first site I check multiple times a week. I try most of your recipes more than any other site. I share your website to people who just want to eat differently – Paleo or not.
    Screw the haters and keep doing what you do. I would be lost without your blog!

  133. I love your recipes, and your honesty. I don’t love the people who think that if you don’t follow paleo to the letter that you suck.

    Screw the haters, and do your thing. (and keep posing recipes, because a few of yours are made weekly here)

  134. Your blog is amazing Julie. I look forward to reading it weekly. Your posts make me laugh and I love that you keep it real. It is obvious that you have so much joy in your life and thank you for sharing that.

  135. juli–i’ve follwed your blog for a while–all i caqn say is THANK YOU. the fact that you’re smart, funny, creative –human, is what keeps me coming back.

    your “detractors” are try’g to maintain the illusion that their way is the ONLY way–they’d feel so much better if they gave themselves a hug, said to each his own, and moved on.

  136. Jessica (@jess429)

    Rock on and be who you are. I have two allergies that don’t agree with Paleo: fish and nuts. So when I went Paleo, I had a really hard time at first because so many recipes were almond flour this, nuts that and eat fish, fish, fish, several times a week. I had to make a conscious effort to plan my Paleo lifestyle around being nut free, fish free, plus all the dairy free, soy free, grain free stuff. It was hard, but after time and careful consideration, I did it. No one can judge you because they don’t understand your situation from a truly personal perspective. If they did they wouldn’t be spewing the hate and that’s the truth! So continue doing what works for you and living each day to the fullest. Life is too short. ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. Juli – you help keep me sane! As someone who takes a trip back to disordered eating patterns more regularly than I would like, reading your blog and seeing your instagram photos helps to remind me that if the gorgeous woman behind PaleOMG doesn’t eat strict paleo all the time, it’s ok for me to relax about what I put in my mouth too. Thank you!

  138. Thank you for always being real. My favorite posts are your ‘rants’ because they come from your heart and are raw and true. I love that you’re not afraid to call out the haters. They seriously must have nothing else to do.

  139. LOVE THIS! Thank YOU for all your recipes! I’m a chef who has just entered the paleo world and your ideas have inspired me!

  140. amen sister! i can’t stand the legalism. i still struggle with guilt over eating certain not paleo foods…which is so silly! thanks for this reminder.

  141. Can I tell you a short version of my story? I was 26, 4’10” and 200lbs. YES 200lbs, and I was unhappy! Then I started losing weight, I tried everything, I’ve done everything out there. Then in November of 2012 I was 152 lbs, a lot better, but still not where I wanted to be. A friend told me about Paleo, I figured why not, I’ll give it a shot, I will try anything! And the first Paleo meal I had was from a different blog and it was the most disgusting meal I’ve ever eaten. It was chicken with squash “mash.” It was bland, boring, and mushy. My Mom looked over at me, down at the meal and said “Kari I cannot do Paleo, this is $#!@$% disgusting.” Welp, what now? I discovered your blog! And OMG Paleo CLICKED! We have been Paleo for almost 4 months now, and thanks to you I weigh 130lbs, I eat delicious healthy food, and I work out. My Mom also lost 5lbs doing Paleo with your delicious recipes (and she’s 120lbs, 5′, and almost 60 years old). I absolutely LOVE your blog, and you’re such an inspiration for this new lifestyle I’m living. To anyone out there who’s critical, or who says you’re doing it wrong…screw them! Sure I occasionally eat a yogurt, or heaven forbid some dark chocolate, but everything in moderation right? So thanks Julie, for helping me be a better, healthier person, who doesn’t have to eat bland, boring ass food!

  142. Juli – I don’t think it’s right for people to lash out at you. There is never a one size fits all approach to health and fitness. The thing about paleo that will help anyone is to cut out (or drastically cut down) on the amount of processed garbage we eat. Other than that I think it’s best for people to find what works for them. Paleo works for me and you but it may not work for someone who isn’t ready to make the “transition”. As you said, it’s a hard transition to make… especially in the early stages. Hopefully, your blog and others like it can help ease the pain of making the transition to a paleo lifestyle.

  143. I LOVE this! Sometimes I feel guilty because I don’t do strict Paleo all the time, but then I realize that I would not be happy being strict all the time. Especially when some non-Paleo foods don’t make me feel sick or gross (corn, small amounts of cheese, dark chocolate). For me Paleo is a guideline, but by no means will I get bent out of shape when I consume something that isn’t on occasion. That’s why I LOVE your blog!

  144. I just signed up to Instagram so I could see what all the buzz is about. That person went way over board and obviously doesn’t read your awesome blog! That person probably doesn’t realize that every Paleoer eats non Paleo every once in a while! Even Rob Wolff talks about non-Paleo cheats! We are human and I personally don’t feel like there is anything wrong with eating non-Paleo sometimes, it keeps me sane! Plus I feel sick after, so it keeps me honest the rest of the time. PLEASE keep the yummy recipes coming! My family will thank you.

  145. That’s what we call HATERS! They are so busy being mad at the world, they sit online all day and try to share their misery! Don’t let them bug you or give them the time of day!
    Love your recipes! Thanks for sharing.

  146. Just want to chime in to say I love your Blog! I love that you post things that WILL work for paleo living, but I also love that you readily admit you enjoy other foods from time to time. Overall, i feel 100% better when I’m eating Paleo, but sometimes my taste buds win the battle and I veer off track.

  147. Well said Julie! Having enjoyed one of you crock pot recipes this morning for breakfast….Kepp doing exacty what you are doing and let us know when your cookbook is back up for pre-order!

  148. “Justice can not exist in a world of absolutes.”- Star Trek AKA: People need to not rely on you to implement extreme measures in to their life. Your blog is my favorite. You’re awesome.

  149. Thank you so much for saying this! I have just started Paleo and find it very difficult to follow 100% of the time. I never thought I could give up cereal for breakfast, but I did, and I feel so much better! I still find it extremely difficult to avoid cookies – my biggest vice – and had a few this weekend. But you give me hope that I won’t keel over and die, I’ll be fine, I’ve just got to try my hardest. Thank you!

  150. Hey girl!! I appreciate your blog and your Ideas!! Whoever doesnt can shove it!!!!

    Keep doin what cha do babe!!!

    Gotcha Back!!

  151. Hey Juli… Last time I checked you were not cooking this for me and making me eat it… I get to choose if it fits for me or not… Goodness I, like everyone else here enjoys reading your blog… you make me feel as though this is doable!!!! So to heck with the haters… just write for us lovers , lol!!!!

  152. Way more people love you than hate you. You are awesome. Don’t let the haters get you down. Keep doing what you do! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you.

  153. You go girl, I 100% agree with every word you just ranted. Even though you aren’t tell me to agree ๐Ÿ™‚

    Its nobodies business what you eat or what you do.

    Keep it up.

  154. I think that most people are just looking for someone to blame for their weaknesses and cravings. I’m glad you’re a strong person and still manage to wade through all their whiney bs. Thanks for all the laughs and awesome recipes! Cheers to good eats and booze!

  155. Hi Juli, I’m new to your blog but fell in love with a few recipes before I even realised they were paleo.

    I completely agree with what you write here. Like you, I have always paid attention to the way my body processes foods and in doing so don’t even crave what doesn’t go down well. Everyone’s bodies will tell them what they need.

    Well put chica!!

  156. Love it and love everything about your blog- never change! and tell the weird cultish extreme “paleo people” to get over themselves and that they’re gonna get a heart attack anyways…from stress! Can I tell you something? You’re the only “paleo” food blog I read anymore! Even though I eat close to paleo a lot of th time…I stopped reading because they all sounded so snobby and judgemental! I don’t even think of you as a paleo blog…just fun and healthy delicious recipes anyone could enjoy! And inspirational to anyone of any dietary following! KEEP KICKING ASS!! And btw…you’re gonna be huge someday in the culinary world…i can just feel it!! Whether you want to or not…people just love you ๐Ÿ™‚

  157. EXACTLY. I went on my own Paleo rant a few months ago and haven’t looked back since. My friends always ask me about Paleo bc they are aware of what it is and that’s how I eat, but I don’t say “Paleo this” or whatever. I just focus on eating real foods and staying away from what makes me feel bad, which is mainly gluten. I’m with you, Juli! I’ve been following your blog for a long time and, even if you were to say, “F Paleo” and change your blog name, I’d still be one of your biggest fans! You rock as a person and all you need to worry about is continuing being awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€

  158. I just wanted to say that I recently just started eating Paleo just based off of trying a recipe and I’m obsessed with your blog. The reason why I stuck with paleo was because of you. Because you werent a pretentious ass about being paleo and healthy, you were real. So thats why I frequent your site more than any other paleo. Thanks for doing what you do.

  159. This seems to be going around…who are these people? It must be a certain few attacking who all the popular Paleo blogs. I’m with you, sista! I was eating whole foods and pastured meats from my CSA before finding Paleo. Finding Paleo only enhanced what I was currently eating (I have to be honest, when Robb said Tequila is ok, I was SOLD!) I’ve been “attacked” by people who say, for instance, “Rice isn’t Paleo” or “Butter isn’t Paleo” – I want to say “I’m sorry you fat ass, but I’m an athlete who functions better on more carbs and have no issues with a little rice now and then.”

  160. you are SO pretty my adult acne is so much worse than yours :'( you look totally gorgeous and I look a wreck

    also we are coming to Denver how creepy would it be to say hi to you

    1. don’t worry, mine is terrible. i swear to you. that was a good day, and i have make up that is like paint. mine is all on the sides of my face. i look like a wreck too. f*cking a.

  161. Juli, YOU have been an inspiration to me. You have given me the drive to start cooking again and try new and fun foods. YOU have helped me to start working out again. I’ve lost weight and I’ve never felt better! Keep doing what you are doing for people like ME!!! We need YOU!!! WE NEED YOUR FOOD!!!!

  162. Awesome sauce.

    I’ll always check in on your blog and try most all of your recipes. Because, well, Iam an adult and choose to. Although, shoving your food down my throat actually sounds delicious.

    Haters gonna hate.

    You is Kind
    You is Smart
    You is Important

  163. This blog has changed my life. I know that sounds sappy and lame and cliche but it’s true. I just started crossfit and eating paleo this year and I went from someone who feels kinda crazy sometimes and almost always tired to someone who can manage stress and has energy. Most of my recipes come from here and more importantly after cooking several of your recipes and reading them I’ve learned how to substitute and cook paleo. Not too mention you’re highly entertaining. Thank you!

  164. This is why you rock…you get it. I have read 100s of web pages where someone gets destroyed for asking a simple question about a food that isnt “strictly paleo.” Neither is the laptop we’re posting on facebook with, the car we’re driving or the clothes on our back. The people that turn strict paleo into a religious dogma are the ones too dumb to think for themselves, they are sheep who must follow a plan someone else layed out for them, any deviation destroys their world view of what a “healthy” diet is. These are the people who will tiptoe through life to arrive safely at death. You could easily flaunt that you are smart, smoking hot, etc., but you don’t, you just help people try to figure this paleo thing out and help people become fitter, sexier, more confident versions of the their same awesome self. Thank you for not being one of those jerks who makes people feel stupid.

  165. I don’t get why people in the “community” don’t want to support each other. I like your recipes, just keep doing what you do and don’t worry about those radical people who feel the need to bash others in order to feel good about themselves. This is why there are certain blogs that I enjoy (like yours) more than others! You’re one of the people making it easier for us to get into enjoying real foods in more interesting ways! Keep up the great work!

  166. Snaps, props, high fives and exploding fist bumps. It infuriates me every time I see criticism toward you on IG for living your life. Just know that you’ve got plenty of followers out here that love what you do, how you do it. You keep being you.

  167. I’ve seen this ridiculousness on your Instagram account A LOT. Personally, I think everything you eat looks effing delicious, ‘paleo’ or not. I also think you are a bad mamma jamma. Fact.

    And maybe, just maybe, if those nazis removed the sticks from their butts and stop being so restrictive…they’d enjoy life a splash more & not care so much what YOU are eating or not eating.

  168. This is the very first time I’ve seen your blog and amen sista! Life is about choices – live a little. Like you I enjoy paleo and how I feel, but I don’t do well with too many nuts…..makes it interesting on my long runs – if ya know what I mean. I will be checking this blog from now on!

  169. Not sure how I missed this but just saw it. Keep doing what’s best for you and forget everyone else. You’re incredible! And I love that ok tire of you, shows your natural beauty and inviting smile!

  170. Well, I am a therapist……and

    Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.~Wayne Dyer

    That’s what is awesome about choice…we get one!

    You rock, are adorable & help fill my belly..rock on!

  171. Dude you rock the Juli diet and that’s all that matters. I am the same way with posting paleo recipes but not always eating paleo. It’s totally personal!

  172. Holy cow as if I didn’t love you enough to begin with! You’re right. You’ve heard that at least 273 times by now, but here it is again. People are going to dog you for any kind of lifestyle that isn’t their idea of “perfect”.

    My life & kitchen have been turned upside down over the last 15 months. I’m a vegetarian…I know, blasphemy! I have the occasional nibble of a steak (oh how I miss steak) and I still crave chicken wings, but sadly, the last bout in the hospital proved that I’m just not made to digest meat. Did I mention my boyfriend has been Paleo for several months? oh yeah…

    I found your blog when I googled “Paleo Crockpot recipes” because cooking dinner twice every night is a huge pain in the ass and I’m lazy. BTW–our crockpot get used at least twice a week. I’ve learned to adapt your recipes to work for both of us! I substitute olive or coconut oil for the fats in veggie and egg recipes. I serve it along with a boring TVP scramble for me and a couple of steaks for the man. I’ve actually made just about everything on your site for him and tweaked what I could for me the 2nd or 3rd time around.

    Both of us catch a stupid amount of grief for chowing down on each other’s meals. Don’t call me a poser, fool. Yeah, I’ll be sick in an hour from that tasty bacon, but even the one who has to listen to me whine doesn’t say anything. He gets a grouchy tummy from mac n’ cheese, but we dig in together and I keep my mouth shut.

    Maybe it’s love, maybe it’s respect. Shouldn’t we have both for well, everyone? Just an idea. You rock my dear.

  173. Even though there’s a billion comments on here and I would be crazy impressed if you read them ALL, Id like to thank you for inspiring me to get a slow cooker. Cuz it the sh*t! And being someone who learning to cook, feed a picky husband, and having to figure out a healthy yet realistic diet for my soon to be postpartum belly, I would like to say keep it up for us who literally don’t know what were doing yet!!!:) thanks for all the info! Your my healthy humorous Betty Crocker with a bite and I love it!!!!:))) A good bite. Lol like a flare. ๐Ÿ™‚ hahaha you know what I mean! Lol pazaz!

  174. Hey Julie…thanks for doing what you do. I never really understand why people feel the need to always complain about other people’s success. Jealousy maybe or not having the commitment to succeed etc?! Anyway, I appreciate your blog, I just stumbled across it a while back and enjoy what you write and what you cook. Like others have posted, I seem to feel better when I am about 80% Paleo…100% was a little difficult for me to maintain. Every once in a while I just seem to need that fresh from the oven white baguette with a good piece of brie and a nice bottle of wine! Keep up the good work Julie…and have a great weekend.

  175. Hey you go girl…I am fairly new but I follow your blogs and love them, and share your site when I can. I tried going 100% Paleo but cut back to 80% but a lot of my meals are inspired by you…keep up the good work and never mind the haters!!!

  176. I stumbled on to your blog while researching paleo. I started eating clean in January and feel great. I ‘m starting my first Crossfit class Monday at 44 years old ๐Ÿ™‚ I figured why not kick it up with paleo and see where it takes me. I gotta say, I LOVE your honesty! You’re definitely a breath of fresh air and you tell it like it is. I’m anxious to try out your recipes the look divine.

  177. Well said Juli!!! Well said. I like your blog the most because for me it’s ‘real’, it’s “how I eat”….others are too stuffy and too “this and that”. Your blog not only makes me laugh and smile, but it inspires me to try new things. I can’t wait to get your cookbook (hubby got it for me for Valentine’s day—he listened!). ๐Ÿ™‚

    โ€œDo what you feel in your heart to be right โ€“ for youโ€™ll be criticized anyway.โ€
    โ€• Eleanor Roosevelt

  178. Hi Juli, I am new to Paleo (just started on Jan. 1st), and I must say that you are a breath of fresh air. Before I found your website, I was somewhat discouraged by the strict Paleo websites that made me feel like a little kid being punished–“no, you can’t eat THAT!” Then I stumbled across your site, and what a difference! Your recipes are awesome, you are SO funny, and what makes people want to read your blog is that you are SO REAL. You say out loud what the rest of us are thinking in our heads! Keep doing what you do, and if there are people out there criticizing you, then you must be doing something right! They need to STFU! You are the best.

  179. I’m so sorry there are people that say ugly things to you/about your choices. That truly stinks. I’m NOT Paleo (gasp…the horror! lol!!) But I’m trying really hard to make wise food choices for myself and my family. Your site has helped me so much!
    I love that you share the good, bad and the ugly—makes me love your blog more!
    Keep on keepin’ on…sending you lots of Southern hugs…

  180. I am not usually one to comment, but this is crazy.

    I follow your Instagram but I hadnโ€™t seen all of the negative comments. I just went back and looked. Iโ€™d like to know what these people would say to Dr. Loren Cordain โ€“ the founding father of the current Paleo Diet movement. He has advocated 80% compliance and 20% โ€œcheatโ€ from the beginning (though I think that he personally now recommends 85/15.) That was built into the โ€œPaleo Dietโ€ from the start. It allows you to live your life and enjoy the fact that in the modern world food is way more than just nutrition โ€“ for better or for worse it is also a huge factor in socialization.

    At the heart of it โ€œpaleoโ€ was supposed to be about getting back to ancestral roots. Paleolithic people lived in a variety of environments with access to a variety of different foods โ€“ no single group ate EXACTLY like another. Why canโ€™t that be OK now too? Feed YOUR body what YOUR body needs, just use โ€œpaleoโ€ as a way to set some helpful base lines in this crazy modern era where poison is masquerading as food.

    I LOVE your blog and I recommend it to EVERYONE โ€“ โ€œpaleoโ€ or otherwise โ€“ because honestly who couldnโ€™t do with some fantastic tasting recipes, that are usually low tech to make, and derive most of their flavor from the spice profile and not crazy ingredients, oh and they are so quick to make. Most of my friends are floored that I โ€œfind the timeโ€ to cook every night, thatโ€™s when I point them to PaleOMG. Plus you have encouraged me to start playing with my own recipes again!

    P.S. I hate the word โ€œcheatโ€ we should come up with something better. It always makes it sound like you are doing something wrong!

  181. I lurk, but don’t comment, but this one deserves one!

    You rock. You say it. You live it. And at the end of the day, you are the one that has to look at your own reflection in the mirror. I bet you have no regrets.

    I am already gluten free (Celiac) and dairy free (choice) and when I even “gasp” **mention** that I am eating Paleo, I have the gamut of advice sputtering my way. So I eat what I want, what my body needs, changing on the day to day. While I don’t cross fit (but secretly want to), I am at Yoga 6 days/week and some days, all I want is steak, with a side of burger. So I eat it. Other days, i want a quinoa salad with beets, chicory and pine nuts…so guess what? I eat it.

    I call it the “i do what I want diet – cuz it makes me feel good” diet. And I have no regrets either. Life is too short to have too many restrictions.

  182. Hey Juli!

    First off, I think you’re awesome, and excellent. Nextly, I am newly diagnosed with celiacs disease, and let me tell you: its been a bumpy ride. I was completely lost and had no idea what I was doing. Then I began Crossfit and learned about the Paleo diet. I tried “hardcore” Paleo and failed over and over again. I knew this was a better way of eating, especially with my condition, but I couldn’t keep up. I started researching online for help and yours was the first blog I found. Your approach to food and how you eat changed my life. Whoever said something otherwise is oblivious to how amazing pancakes taste. And it’s certainly not a crime to enjoy them during a specific time of the month. Or whenever!

    Thank you. Your outlook on life and sense of humor has helped guide me through this hard transition.

    I wish you all the best!

  183. I love that you are so open about the fact that you don’t eat paleo all the time. I enjoy a lot of paleo food, but as someone with multiple food allergies, the last thing I need is more rules. Thank you for supporting the idea that we all need to eat what’s best for us and not beat each other up for it.

  184. Late to the discussion, but… As far as I can tell, this has always been a problem within the Paleo “community.” And I think it’s a big deterrent for newbies. Paleo and “clean eating” followers have such potential to influence positive change. But in-fighting is very suppressive and it reflects negatively on all the good that’s occurring. If you go through the archives of your favorite Paleo blogs, most have at least one of these posts. It’s sad really.
    The mere number of supportive comments is a testament that people appreciate your work and agree with your sentiments! Thanks Juli!

  185. I am a 64 year old woman. My digestive system has made so many changes for no obvious reason during the past year. Paleo has been a god send, as are you. I enjoy many of your recipes and your comments. People are quick to judge, but with help, eating can be fun and delicious. I must also add both my family Dr. and naturopath are supportive of the Paleo way of eating for my digestive health. All I can say is You Go Girl!!!!!! Thank you.

  186. I started my paleo journey about a year ago- but gave up after just a few months. It was actually for a very serious reason that i decided to give it another shot six months ago. I was an alcoholic and was destroying my body. I had always been ‘fit’ –a climber and skier(both water and snow), a runner. I loved yoga and pushing myself to the limit. I developed a problem with alcohol after a series of life evens that I should have sought therapy for but instead self medicated. I realize that Paleo is not a ‘cure’ per say for any kind of disease or addiction. For me-the structure I got from eating paleo and the way i felt when consistently eating paleo were a part of what helped me to recover. I had also suffered from anorexia nervosa in the past so i have found paleo to be incredibly freeing. I EAT now…and I EAT a lot and I”m not hungry or depressed anymore and i DON’T harbor guilt about food. That’s an incredible thing. When I first started I really really missed and craved taco bell, fast food in general etc. My first go around left me feeling like a failure when i couldn’t kick those ‘habits’ or ‘made a mistake’. I ‘couldn’t live without’ bread and butter. Soo much has changed! I don’t even crave fast food anymore(weird I know). I think I just had to stick with it long enough for my body to detox from all the chemicals and preservatives as well as the sugar,unhealthy carbs and fats. I am not ‘strict’ paleo- I still have caffine every once and a while ( I love diet dr. pepper) and yes, I have been known to make bruschetta and cheat by eating bread with it like my friends rather than turning it into a lettuce wrap. I like olive oil and use it sometimes when roasting veggies. The bottom line is I have more energy than ever, my depression has significantly reduced(also I started running again, and getting involved with agility with my dog-a superb outlet). I just wanted to say this is a great website! Keep up the good work-you’ve been an inspiration!

  187. I love your website, I enjoy reading your posts, and your food is delish! Even my picky kids love your recipes! “Dont stop doing what your doing baby!”

  188. just found your blog – totally love it and everything you post. but most of all, love this post…a lot. thank you!

  189. I really enjoyed this post…as well as all of your posts. I think too many times (in the Crossfit/Paleo community) we take ourselves too serious. I love your open book approach. It is very refreshing and it’s sad that in our society today, people are afraid to relax. Not everything has too be by the book or too the tee. We can strive to be healthy, eat clean, and workout but sometimes we need to stray. It’s okay and I appreciate the fact that you are not afraid of not only straying but criticism. I stray daily and I LOVE IT!!

  190. Bah! I just recently started following your rants, and they always crack me up! You are hilarious!!! Anyway… I just wanted to say, that I hate cookbooks, I have never owned one. I have always just thrown a bunch of stuff together to make it work, take the Idea of the recipe, and go with it. But I just turned 30, and have pretty recently become paleo, I was running out of ideas, and started getting bored. So for my birthday, I purchased your book. It’s pretty great! Your site and I have a love hate relationship because I sometimes, (most of the time) spend hours reading shit…Then I have an angry girlfriend, and hate myself for eating dinner at 8pm! But Anyway, THANK YOU!!! So much, for all the great recipes, and contributing to a good laugh everyday!


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