Laura made me that mug. Rad huh? So rad.

I need to make something perfectly clear. I am not a nutritionist. I am not a doctor. And I am not a therapist.

I am a food blogger. A human, paleo food blogger. I put paleo friendly recipes on my blog, on a weekly basis, to help people create more exciting meals for themselves, their family, and their friends.

Not ever, EVER, have I told you to follow my blog, eat how I eat, or drink what I drink. I live my life, share it with the world, and that’s it.

I do the same on my other social media portals. Like Facebook, Twitter…when I tweet twice a year, and Instagram. But when people lash out at me for what I eat, because I’m not “supportive” to the paleo community, I get very frustrated. Once again, I am NOT your doctor, I am NOT your mother, and I am definitely NOT your therapist. I am not a person who tells you what you should put in your mouth or how you should exercise or how you should deal with your issues. Because, well, you are not me. And I am not you. Our bodies are made differently and our minds are programmed differently. So what I may be shoving in my mouth truly has nothing to do with you. Because I’m not shoving it down your throat.

“Dieting” or eating a certain way is very difficult for some people. I would know, I’ve been there. Transitioning to paleo was incredibly tough for me when I first did it. But as I’ve gone on, I’ve figured out that eating a certain way that someone else tells me to, rarely works. Example: nuts. Almond flour pancakes, almond butter cookies, or just snacking on nuts. None of that works for me. Doesn’t mean I hate those bloggers or friends that have told me to try those foods. It just means those foods aren’t the best choices for me. Because MY body does different things than THEIR bodies.

What I am is a person who lives an incredibly happy life, with delicious food that makes me feel good, without ever feeling guilty or deprived. I eat the food that I know won’t make me sick and pass on the foods that I know will. I drink, I eat, I laugh, I workout, then I eat again. I don’t expect anyone to live a life like me, especially eat like me, but that’s exactly why it is my life.

Paleo is a controversial subject. But it’s only controversial when we make it that way. For me, it’s no longer controversial. It’s no longer frustrating. And it’s no longer an agreement I must follow. It’s a guideline to creating a healthier life for myself. That life includes bloody marys, sweet potato fries, vodka sodas, pupusas, roasted brussels sprouts, steak, kombuchas, dark chocolate, arepas, coconut butter, oh and bacon. Are all those things paleo? No. That’s why I’m not making those recipes for my blog. But it doesn’t mean I’m not shoving them in my face.

So while you’re worrying about what is going in my gut, I’ll be out enjoying life. Paleo or not. I recommend you do the same.

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  1. Brittany says:

    I started my paleo journey about a year ago- but gave up after just a few months. It was actually for a very serious reason that i decided to give it another shot six months ago. I was an alcoholic and was destroying my body. I had always been ‘fit’ –a climber and skier(both water and snow), a runner. I loved yoga and pushing myself to the limit. I developed a problem with alcohol after a series of life evens that I should have sought therapy for but instead self medicated. I realize that Paleo is not a ‘cure’ per say for any kind of disease or addiction. For me-the structure I got from eating paleo and the way i felt when consistently eating paleo were a part of what helped me to recover. I had also suffered from anorexia nervosa in the past so i have found paleo to be incredibly freeing. I EAT now…and I EAT a lot and I”m not hungry or depressed anymore and i DON’T harbor guilt about food. That’s an incredible thing. When I first started I really really missed and craved taco bell, fast food in general etc. My first go around left me feeling like a failure when i couldn’t kick those ‘habits’ or ‘made a mistake’. I ‘couldn’t live without’ bread and butter. Soo much has changed! I don’t even crave fast food anymore(weird I know). I think I just had to stick with it long enough for my body to detox from all the chemicals and preservatives as well as the sugar,unhealthy carbs and fats. I am not ‘strict’ paleo- I still have caffine every once and a while ( I love diet dr. pepper) and yes, I have been known to make bruschetta and cheat by eating bread with it like my friends rather than turning it into a lettuce wrap. I like olive oil and use it sometimes when roasting veggies. The bottom line is I have more energy than ever, my depression has significantly reduced(also I started running again, and getting involved with agility with my dog-a superb outlet). I just wanted to say this is a great website! Keep up the good work-you’ve been an inspiration!

  2. Karrell says:

    I love your website, I enjoy reading your posts, and your food is delish! Even my picky kids love your recipes! “Dont stop doing what your doing baby!”

  3. Lori Bonner says:

    Word to you mother. Could NOT have said it better myself.

  4. Deb says:

    Feel the love Juli! You have really inspired so many people out there – good on ya!

  5. april says:

    just found your blog – totally love it and everything you post. but most of all, love this post…a lot. thank you!

  6. Gav says:

    I really enjoyed this post…as well as all of your posts. I think too many times (in the Crossfit/Paleo community) we take ourselves too serious. I love your open book approach. It is very refreshing and it’s sad that in our society today, people are afraid to relax. Not everything has too be by the book or too the tee. We can strive to be healthy, eat clean, and workout but sometimes we need to stray. It’s okay and I appreciate the fact that you are not afraid of not only straying but criticism. I stray daily and I LOVE IT!!

  7. vicki says:

    BOOOO to the YAH

  8. Shawna Haligowski says:

    Bah! I just recently started following your rants, and they always crack me up! You are hilarious!!! Anyway… I just wanted to say, that I hate cookbooks, I have never owned one. I have always just thrown a bunch of stuff together to make it work, take the Idea of the recipe, and go with it. But I just turned 30, and have pretty recently become paleo, I was running out of ideas, and started getting bored. So for my birthday, I purchased your book. It’s pretty great! Your site and I have a love hate relationship because I sometimes, (most of the time) spend hours reading shit…Then I have an angry girlfriend, and hate myself for eating dinner at 8pm! But Anyway, THANK YOU!!! So much, for all the great recipes, and contributing to a good laugh everyday!


  9. nicolle says:

    MMM Vodka