Thrive Causemetics Product Review

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Well Thrive Causemetics instagram ads worked! I gave in. And I’m glad I did because I was pleasantly surprised by this brand! It will definitely be a brand I purchase over and over. In case you haven’t heard of Thrive Causemetics yet, they are clean beauty brand that includes absolutely no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or fragrance, and they are vegan and cruelty-free! And Thrive Causemetics gives back with every purchase. Every time you purchase something from Thrive, they donate that product, another Thrive product they need more, or a monetary donation as needed. Pretty rad company, especially since their products rock!

PaleOMG Thrive Causemetics Product Review

Now let’s get into some of the products I purchased to try out for this blog post. I luckily liked almost all of them, but there were a handful I won’t purchase again. First let’s start with the eyes –

Brilliant Eye Brightener in Stella in Champagne Shimmer – I LOVE this stuff. And use it daily, even when I’m not wearing any other makeup. It highlights, brightens, and opens eyes to give the eyes a more awake look. It includes ingredients like macadamia and sunflower seed oil to hydrate and condition the delicate skin.

Focus Eyeshadow Palette – But if you want a little more shimmer, this palette is a great neutral one. The eyeshadow includes hyaluronic acid which plumps and smooths to eyelid to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. And it has Vitamin B5 in it to hydrate and replenish moisture. And it’s crease-resistant so you won’t get that weird line in the middle of your eyes halfway through the day.

Infinity Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – I only ever wear liquid line and I am pretty particular about mine and this one holds up! It has a superfine tip so you can get the perfect winged look. It’s packed with Vitamin E to smooth and hydrate the lash line, and it’s waterproof so you won’t have to worry about it running in the winter when the snow is smacking you in the face and trying to ruin your makeup.

Robin Faux Lash Set – Now this is one of the few products I wasn’t a huge fan of. I got this set to not only try out the lashes, but give the lash glue a try, as well. I’m always trying different lash glues to find my favorite. Well I wasn’t really impressed with either. I loved the look of the lash itself, but I found that the glue didn’t work very well (I had to use my normal lash glue on top of it) and it took me longer to get the lash on. The band of the lash is thicker than the lashes I wear and because of that, I felt like the glue had a harder time staying put on my lid and it would peel up pretty easily. The lashes are super pretty, I just couldn’t get them to stay put like my other lashes. I still prefer KISS lashes or Ardell Lashes with KISS Lash Glue.

PaleOMG Thrive Causemetics Product Review

Now let’s move on to the skin! I only tried one skin product out but I’m OBSESSED with it! I’ve been addicted to W3LL People Tinted Moisturizer for a while now and I didn’t think any other brand would come close, but their CC Cream + Setting Powder Set is fantastic! I love it so much! (I bought it in Light Medium, just FYI)

  • The CC Cream has SPF 35 in it and is powered by color-adjusting micropigments and Vitamin C, which hides skin imperfections and conceals fine lines, pores, and dark spots. Your skin looks picture perfect after you put it on! And what I love about it most is that it doesn’t crease in your actual fine lines like other makeup does. It’s AMAZING!! Seriously love this product so so much!
  • The Soft Focus HD Setting Powder is great if you live in a humid place or if you have more oily skin. I love it when I have to shoot videos because shine doesn’t look great on camera. It has Green Tea and Cucumber in it to soften the look of pores + fine lines, while reducing oil and shine for a filtered, airbrushed effect. I don’t use this powder quite as often, but it’s great to have an around when needed!

PaleOMG Thrive Causemetics Product Review

And let’s move on to the lips! My lips are kind of miserable. Ever since I went on accutane years ago, my lips have never been the same. They are constantly peeling and chapped, no matter what I put on them. And that can be a pain when I put on lipstick because it tends to get weird pretty quickly. It’s hard to explain but the lipstick just doesn’t stay smooth. It gets clumpy and cracked. It’s just gross and annoying. But I haven’t had that issue with Thrive Causemetics!

If you have issues with lipstick too, I highly recommend this combo – Glossy Lip Hydrating Serum + Lip Liner Set. What I’ll do is first put on the lipliner, overdrawing my lips so they look just a little more full, then fill them in only slightly, not filling in my entire lip. Then I’ll top it off with the serum. I mentioned in my BeautyCounter post that I loved the lip gloss they had, but ever since I bought this Thrive Causemetics lip serum, I haven’t even touched my other gloss.

  • I bought the serum in Ruth (Taupe Shimmer) – The lip serum is super hydrating without a sticky feeling.
  • And the liner in Jesse (Pale Rose Ginger) – This liner was created to fill and plump while hydrating. And it’s waterproof so it stays in place!

Lip Filler Long Wearing + Plumping Lip Liner in Ruth (Peach Taupe) – I found that the pale rose ginger was just a little too light in color for my taste (good for a non-makeup day), so I much prefer this color! I pair the Ruth liner with the Taupe Shimmer on a daily basis now!

Headliner Lipstick in Ilene (Pink Taupe) – And even thought I don’t normally love lipstick, I decided to give theirs a try! This lipstick is buildable, so it can go from sheer coverage to full coverage, depending what you’re looking for! It it is made with blend of sunflower seed oil and shea butter to regenerate lips and prevent drying and cracking (which is EXACTLY what I need). It’s pretty awesome, honestly! When I need more coverage, I’ll put on the Ruth liner, then this Ilene lipstick, and I’ll finish the look off with a little Taupe Shimmer serum! My lips stay hydrated and look full because of these products!

PaleOMG Thrive Causemetics Product Review

As you can probably tell from this post, I have absolutely loved Thrive Causemetics and I would highly recommend trying out their products!! I won’t be purchasing their lashes or lash glue again, but I see myself purchasing everything else! If you’ve seen their instagram ads too and have been wondering about this brand, hopefully this review helps you decide wha to try first! And if you have any brands or products you’d like to see a review of on my blog, just leave me a comment below so I know which ones to try next!

PaleOMG Thrive Causemetics Product Review


This post contains some rewards links, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for all your support!

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25 thoughts on “Thrive Causemetics Product Review”

    1. Tessa – how does the Thrive’s mascara last? Does it flake off or smear under the eyes? I pretty much hate all mascaras but this one looks so good on the models. Thanks!

    2. Yes! I found thrive through Kackie about a year ago and tried the mascara first. Love it in my hot, humid, Alabama climate. The CC cream I am loving too!!

  1. I love Thrive too. I’ve been using CC cream, mascara and eye brightener for couple of years.
    I haven’t tried anything else so your review was very helpful. I just ordered the lip gloss and eyeshadow palette.
    Thank you for your honest review ?

  2. I did a few rounds of Accutane years ago and my lips will also never be the same. The only product that’s kept me from looking like a mutant is Vaseline lip therapy. Can’t wait to try this

  3. I also recently discovered Thrive and keep trying more products. I love their bronzer (sun chaser) and blush/highlighter. They’re both awesome!

  4. I’m so glad you tried Thrive cosmetics because their IG ads are so tempting!! I’ll have to give them a try. Have you ever tried LipSmart for your lips?My aesthetician turned me onto it and I’m obsessed, it heals super chapped lips so well. Apparently they give it to patients going through chemo to help with their super dry skin and lips.

  5. Thank you for the doing this! I’ve been wondering about this CC cream. Sounds like something I need to give a try!

  6. Thank you for this review! I have seen their ads and wondered about their product.
    My eyelashes are invisible so I am giving false eyelashes a go. What do you use to remove the glue left behind after removing them? I am going to need lots of practice getting them right.

  7. Been wondering about this brand and holding off on trying anything just because I hadn’t heard any reviews from friends or other bloggers, so thank you for doing this! Might take the leap and snag a few things.

    Off-topic: My husband and I are currently both selling our house (in North Carolina) and buying (in Colorado!!!) and it’s so stressful, but somehow the stars align. I don’t doubt that you’ll get all that shit done and sell your home being in Denver. We are in contract for buying and selling right now and it’s a shit show of logistics, but I can’t wait to settle in our new place as I’m sure you are too!

    I now SWEAR by baking cookies and leaving them warm on the kitchen counter for the house showings. We got 3 offers in the days we left cookies. Lol

    1. congratulations on the move!! that’s so so exciting!! hopefully you love Colorado as much as i do! so excited for all of this to be done and settled

  8. How do you like the lip sticks compared to Beauty Counter? Has your review changed? I have dry lips from Accutane 3+ years ago and haven’t found a lipstick that keeps my lips looking hydrated and stays on!

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