What I ate (and did) over the Weekend-4

Did you miss me? Who am I kidding, of course you freaking did! Ok ok, maybe you didn’t miss me, but I’m hoping you missed some of my recipes! This weekend was a busy one, I mean hella busy. You know why? We had the Reebok CrossFit Southwest Regionals going on out here in Colorado, and IT. WAS. AWESOME. Seriously epic. Where else are you going to get to see some of the most attractive people on the planet, all with their shirts off, doing exactly what you do, eating what you eat, and talking about CrossFit non-stop? Why can’t Regionals happen every month? Reality of every day life just isn’t quite as fun, nor does it have as good looking people walking around. I can say the one thing I was disappointed in with this weekend was the fact that there wasn’t a “Singles” tent set up. We had an athletes tent, medic tent, and even CrossFit gear tents, but NO SINGLES TENT?? What the hell? Blasphemy I tell you.

Moving on though. I really didn’t have time to cook much fun food, I was just more concentrated on not dying from muscle soreness and heat exhaustion. Every day I packed a crap ton of Coconut Juice/Water to replenish the electrolytes I kept losing daily (I often use coconut water for my protein shakes), some kind of protein which consisted of either tuna or chicken, avocado for fat, mashed sweet potatoes and oranges for carbs, and some Larabar’s for happy time. I usually have a hard time eating during Competitions because I’m so incredibly nervous, but I didn’t seem to have trouble at all this time. Shocker. I like food. It likes me.

Regionals was amazing though. I had the opportunity to workout with truly incredible athletes. I was in heats with the ever-inspiring Cherie Chan and Beth Guse from CF Verve, truly fantastic Jaelyn Wolf from Progressive Fitness CF, and always gorgeous Miranda Oldroyd from CF 801 (she’s the whole reason I even started CrossFit!). How freaking cool is that? I was lucky enough to make it to Day 3 and was able to do all the wods with these wonderful women. Then I got to check out many shirtless men in between wods. Good day, good day. But this blog is about food, not half naked men so let’s get back to business.

After Day 3 of Regionals, CrossFit Ververs and I (I tend to tag along to Verve events, they put up with me and act like they sometimes enjoy my presence) went to Euclid Hall to celebrate Cherie Chan’s amazing victory of 2nd place at the Southwest Regionals! She’s going to the Games!!!! Eeeeeeek! So cool! We all enjoyed some delicious food there. I saw lots of sausage, cheese curds, and burgers floating around our table. Stef and I shared the Sausage Tasting that included Beef Short Rib Kielbasa, Uncensored Hoppwurst, Boudin Noir, and Bavarian Veal Weisswurst. It came with a side of 4 different kinds of mustards for dipping. Freaking. Delicious. I ate more of the sausage then Stef. She weighs 17.5lbs so it was a given that I would eat most of her portion. I like eating with her. And as for drinks, I got to enjoy 2 NorCal margaritas. I don’t even remember the last time I had alcohol so I was pumped to enjoy the crap out of my drinks. I had 2 NorCal margaritas and was feeling gooooood! I even did a couple dances for Stef as we left the restaurant. I think I’m hilarious while drinking, so I laughed a lot and Stef put up with my weirdness. Good friend. After Euclid Hall, we all moved on to Little Man Ice Cream where I questioned having dairy ice cream, but did it anyways. Bad decision. My tummy wasn’t happy. But it was definitely worth it. I had Almond Coconut Ice Cream with a waffle cone, then finished off Stef’s cupcake ice cream. Once again, I enjoy eating with her. Then I went home and almost finished off a coconut cake Sarah had made for me. You’re totally judging me, aren’t you? So rude.

Ok, so I splurged a bit. But I made even better stuff. I know what you’re thinking, is that even possible? Yes, yes it is. I made Paleo Banana Bread Blackberry and Chocolate Chip Waffles topped with Coconut Milk Ice Cream. Holy. Sh*t. That’s insane, huh? My life rocks sometimes. Well, other then the insane pain I’m feeling from all over body soreness, my life rocks. Happy tummy = Happy Juli.

Don’t you worry your little butts though, I’ll be fulfilling your recipe needs come tomorrow. Got a whole chicken in the crock pot right now, pork chops to go on the grill tonight, and lots of ground pork and ground beef to be made into some kind of creation this week. Wonderful. Thanks for reading today. It’s been fun. Sorry I didn’t waste more money on fun restaurants this weekend for your entertainment. I will soon though, don’t lose faith in me.

Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


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  1. Lemme just say I just found your blog and I have been reading all your posts for the past hour. Your freakin funny and I cant wait to try to make some of these meals. I just started CrossFit and Paleo 3 weeks ago and LOVE IT!

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