Zucchini Apple Spice Muffins

So the roommates, and all other girlfriends, were all out of town over the weekend. They went up to Aspen to drink, listen to Mumford & Sons, and make bad decisions. What you should do on a holiday weekend. Me, on the other hand, decided it was smarter to stay home and cook until I wanted to cry so I could get caught up with my cookbook. Problem with that is, the house gets creepy quiet and boring after a good 8-10 hours in one room or on the computer, with no other human interaction. I was bored, to say the least.

It wasn’t until Sunday night that I got an invite I couldn’t refuse. My friends Sarah and Brian, who I spent 6 days in Lake Powell with, called me a cab and got me to roam down to one of my favorite bars in Denver. Why is it my favorite bar? Because Sergio and I kill the dance floor every time we are there together. Anywho, when I walked into the bar, I knew it was going to be an interesting night. Mainly because 3 bottles of tequila had just been purchased and no one was making very good eye contact. I had been dreaming of a beer for days. Ok let’s be realistic, a cider beer. But that’s all I really wanted. A beer, and a buzz. So that’s exactly what I got. Along with 6-7 shots of tequila. Those things were being handed out like hot cakes.

I love hot cakes.

The next morning, in my attempt to figure out what had even happened, pictures surfaced. Whenever you half remember a night, it’s always a bit nerve racking when pictures pop up. It’s kind of like Vegas, you sometimes don’t want to know what happened. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been to Vegas. But I can imagine. I have a small child brain. But I’ve had my fair share of Mexico trips, and I’ve seen some of those pictures. Thankfully one of those trips was before my days on Facebook. Remember back in the day, when Facebook didn’t exist? Yeah, me neither.

Anywho, moral of the story, I LOVED Sunday night. Even when Monday morning rolled around and I thought my stomach was turning inside out, I kept smiling. Mostly because I got to watch my guy friend, who will not be named, lose $100 betting he could do 15 double unders in a row. Oh and then he lost at credit card roulette…twice. Men are so entertaining while intoxicated.


Zucchini Apple Spice Muffins

  • Yield: 9 1x


  • 1 medium zucchini, shredded (about 1 cup worth)
  • 1 apple (I used gala), shredded (less than 1/2 cup worth)
  • 1 cup almond butter
  • 1/4 cup raw honey
  • 2 eggs, whisked
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • pinch of salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. So you first need to shred your zucchini. Use the shredding attachment on your food processor or take the long and boring route using a cheese grater. Whichever works.
  3. Once your zucchini is shredded, you need to remove the excess liquid. What I did was place a couple paper towels down on the counter, throw the zucchini on top, then place another paper towel on top of the zucchini then squeezed. The more you squeeze, the more liquid will come out. Genius.
  4. Use more paper towels as needed, but be sure to squeeze until the zucchini feels water-less.
  5. Place zucchini in a bowl.
  6. Now shred your apple. I left the skin on the apple and zucchini, but you don’t have to if you’re not a fan.
  7. Toss together your zucchini and apple in your bowl then add the rest of your ingredients and mix well.
  8. Place muffin mix in a greased muffin tin or with muffin liners or silicone muffin liners like I used!
  9. Bake for 15-20 minutes of until your toothpick comes out clean after you poke them!
  10. Top with a bit of coconut butter and you got heaven on your hands.
  11. Makes 9 muffins

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147 thoughts on “Zucchini Apple Spice Muffins”

  1. Not being Paleo but looking for new grain free options I was wondering if there’s a reason I can’t use the whole egg?

  2. these look DELISH! I’m extending the 21 day sugar detox since I freakin love my body and how I feel on it so I’m gonna tweek it a little…I’ll let you know how it turns out with a green apple and no honey!!!

    1. How did the honey free version go? I have been sugar free 35 days and don’t want to break it, was thinking of using banana or prune:) curious!

  3. Anywho… these look bitchin’ & you’re funny. Thanks for all the great recipes. Our absolute favorite so far is the Pork Avocado Cream Enchiladas. (the kids don’t even like avocados!) Made them again last night with chicken thighs. So good! Oh, except the tortillas require the patients of a saint on my part. Had to resort to store bought GF ones. Not perfect I know. Thanks again!

    1. I’m fairly certain Juli meant hard cider – at least that’s what I took it to mean, and I’m usually right (in my mind). If so, I would awesomely recommend (real terms, here!) Crispin cider for those that prefer a not so sugary punch to the mouth; Woodchuck and some other big name ciders are too sweeeeet, to me.

  4. I just pulled these out of the oven! wow!
    Because I am not doing sugar, I substitute the honey for Xyla (xylitol).

    The muffin cups I use allowed me to make 11 muffins so that meant I HAD to eat two of course!

    My house smells amazing….I love you!!!

  5. Juli – I discovered your blog recently after going Paleo for an upcoming Crossfit competition – first one, nauseatingly nervous. Nevertheless, very entertaining blog, thanks for the laughs. Unfortunately Facebook documented all of my Cabo runs, and the tequila induced circus.

    Ditch the tequila, and go 1-2 shots of Ciroc stirred in 8-10 ounces of cider beer. Great taste, good buzz, no starch, no Monday morning stomach groans. A win for all.

  6. these look scrumptious. now i need to find someone in need of offloading excess zucchini. it’s almost a crime to purchase the stuff when so many are wasting away in home gardens around the country!

    btw, did you ever post the winner of the goodbody giveaway?

  7. i eat so many muffins. lately, i’ve been making the morning glory muffins from “paleo comfort foods.” my god, are they good. i am making banana muffins today, but when those are gone in like a day, i will make these. i love putting apples in muffins!

    1. Just updating…made them without the honey and they are delicious. I am so excited to have these on the 21 day sugar detox!!!!!

      Thanks for another great recipe!

  8. Does ‘shredded’ here mean the zucchini and apple should be about the same size as ‘riced’ cauliflower? I’m finding these kinds of muffins to be really good ways to show people that paleo does not mean bland or boring. Thanks again Juli!

      1. Thanks. One of my Coaches (Kim, who I thank often for introducing me to PaleOMG) made these and brought them in this morning. F’in tasty! We gave them out as post WOD treats after this morning’s Bear Complex. I’ll make them very soon!

  9. Since I lack a muffin tin (the bachelor in me just can’t justify purchasing one) I think I am going to substitute some almond flour for some of the almond butter and make these into pancakes on saturday!

  10. Holy moley, Batman! I read your recipes nearly every day, and I am always thoroughly entertained by your posts. So funny story, I found some zucchini in my fridge today that had somehow been relegated to the reject side of the fridge. So I thought to myself “Self, you should make something with that before it goes bad…” And then BAM, you deliver a zucchini recipe! It was quite the serendipitous situation! Thanks for all the great recipes and stories you post. You rock my stinking knee-high socks!

  11. Am I the only guy that frequents this website and more than anything requests more pictures of Juli?

    Yeah, more of that would be nice.. It would save time searching around all over the place.

  12. just finished making this recipe. i actually quadrupled it for a large batch for work. they are really good. I did add a little more sweetner to the recipe. but love the taste and texture.

  13. Just finished making these babies. They turned out really good. I actually quadrupled the recipe with no problems. The texture of these was really nice and soft.

  14. I *just* made these… Mind has been blown. I made 6 muffins (they were big ol’ fatties, took 28 mins to cook!), but even my non paleo, nut hating fiancee gobbled one up! Its just tastes like fall!

  15. I made these tonight… didn’t pay attention to the “makes 9 muffins” part. The dozen muffins I made are puny. They’re also still a little mushy, even after 20 minutes in the oven. I think next time I’ll beat the crap out of the zucchini lol – I thought I got all the water out (guess not!). They have a great taste though! Very very yummy 🙂

  16. Would the recipe be totally destroyed…texture/taste-wise if I subbed half of the almond butter for applesauce?…Love the healthy fat idea, but I’m trying to watch the total caloric factor as well…Thanks and fabulous spice combination by the way!!

  17. Ok, two questions. Is the almond butter you use raw/unsalted or roasted/salted? And what does coconut butter taste like, and what brand do you recommend? Guess that was three questions 🙂

    1. I usually use a fresh grind, roasted/unsalted. Coconut butter taste like creamy coconut. And I recommend tropical traditions coconut cream concentrate.

  18. Hey juli! I’ve been reading paleomg for a few months and always love your recipes. Last night I made these muffins and they came out spongy inside but almost leathery on the outside. I’m just wondering if yours were the same or I did something wrong. They taste great but they don’t look like your pictures. The only sub I made was sunbutter for almond butter. I guess this isn’t really a question but more of a what could I have effed up?!

  19. Do you think if I subbed peaches for apples it would taste gross and/or the peaches would be too mushy? I just don’t have any apples currently and my stomach really wants a muffin. 🙁

  20. First of all…Vegas freaking rocks. It even rocked when I went with my mama and she is pretty boring.

    Second, these look like a great little fall treat. I am going apple picking this sunday and will be making these! Which is fantastic because after a long arduous stint as a working american I am going back to being a stay at home wife with loads of time for baking…and Jerry Springer

  21. Hey Juli…you are SO funny! I love reading about your escapades. Question about the zuchinni….I made pumpkin/zuchinni muffins the other day and had to use at LEAST 8 paper towels to try and get all of the water out of the zuchinni and I still didn’t get it all out…I know it seems crazy to stress about papertowels..but where I live, they are outrageously expensive…any ideas on getting the water out? Thanks!

      1. My aunt taught me a great tip! Buy a mesh bag from the paint store. I have no idea what you are actually supposed to do with it but I know it goes in a 5 gallon bucket and hugs the sides. I put my shredded zucchini in there and squueze! Paper towels don’t break and it doesn’t stick to the bag. 🙂

  22. I can’t be the only one wondering what “credit card roulette” is?
    Can’t wait ti pull a zucchini out of the garden and make these!

    1. That’s ok Amy, I didn’t know until a couple months ago because of these guys. So you all go out to eat, put your credit cards into a hat, and the server grabs a card and that person pays. It sucks, if you lose

  23. Made these last night, great recipe, the only change I made is substituting maple syrup for the honey, since I’ve read cooking honey is bad for digestion. Overall a tasty satisfying breakfast, thanks!

  24. I started crossfit a in June(love it). My trainer is teaching me about nutrition. She has turned me on to your website(loveit). I am trying my best to change 30 years of bad eating habits.Made your sweet potatoe brownies. SUCCESS. With this recipe, not so much.Twice… When I am done mixing all the ingredients it seems to liquidy. I too have gone through many paper towels with the zucchini and apple. My question is this, What can I add when this happens? Coconut Flour? how much?Thanks

  25. So I didn’t have zucchini, sub carrots, and dislike almonds, so used pumpkin, then I skipped the honey cuz, well, I forgot….and voila, deliciousness!!! THANK YOU

  26. Making these tomorrow. Just juiced about 4 dozen apples and had a bunch of pulp left over. Love when you can use the whole fruit, with not much left over.

  27. I just made these! They’re delicious! I had to cook them a ton longer – didn’t really keep track to how many times I added 5 minutes but I’m guess it was almost 40 minutes. Maybe I didn’t squeeze enough juice out of the zucchini. Also, they totally stuck to the pan. Will use liners next time (or a lot more grease!)

  28. These were DELISH!!! Still need to work on my zucchini water draining skills. But this muffin was amazing!! tastes like dessert!! I used sun butter. but didnt have all the spices (only had Cinnamon and vanilla ).
    Cant wait to make more!! How much of a cheat is this muffin!?? cause i want to eat them everyday!

  29. Juli! These are sooo good! I just started eating Paleo 9/1 with a girlfriend of mine, so this was the first recipe that I tried from your site and I’m excited it came out so well- AND tastes just like autumn!

    Like another poster, I had to cook mine longer and they came out spongy in the center but I assume that’s because I wasn’t able to squeeze out enough moisture from the zucchini (went through 8 paper towels!). ^5 to Katie for the tip about using a mesh bag from the paint store; I’ll definitely try that next time 🙂

  30. Just made these… You and the muffins are the bomb. i had a kitchen crisis and ran out of almond butter mid recipe. So i used 1/4 almond butter 1/4 coconut butter and thre in 1/3 flax meal to suck up some of the liquid.

  31. Delish! Just a suggestion for some people – get the small mini muffin tin and they cook a little faster and all the way through. I like the small ones bc they are easy for a quick bite if you just need something to hold you over. One of my fav treats so far!

  32. Made these with and without honey. Definitely pro-honey! Maybe raisins also! The non-honey batch didn’t rise and just tasted like almond butter. nothing wrong with that but just not a muffin.

  33. I modified this to use up all of the zucchini I shredded. I used 2C zucchini, but kept the apple, almond butter, and honey amount the same. Also doubled the spices and the eggs. Added in 2TB of coconut flour and they were PERFECT! A little more economical than using 2C almond butter, but they rose and came out perfect muffin consistency. Just a tad sweet. I may add raisins next time though. I will be making a batch of these weekly to freeze for kids breakfasts!

  34. cannot. wait. to. bake. these.!! I so appreciate your site! I am a foodie too but really wanting to whip this last 15 into submission, tone it up. (down 60)Just found out about your site today and will be reading all about Paleo. I had already ventured into coconut and almond flour..flaxmeal, coconut oil, milk etc too. Love zucchini.

  35. Juli, this recipe once again kicked ass! Our Crossfit box is following the Lurong Living Challenge, so ingredients like baking soda and vanilla extract are not allowed. Dumb. Anyways, I just ended up not using the “illegal” items and doubled up on the zuchinni and apples as well as spices (also made 12 muffins)…holy crap! They turned out so good. And best news…my toddler “world’s pickiest eater” actually ate something different than Cheerios and devoured an entire muffin. Makes for one happy mom! Thanks again.

  36. Shockingly, I seem to be the only one here not worrying about the recipe and instead wondering WHAT Denver bar you went to! For me it’s the Thin Man on 17th – I always end up dancing on tables – and it’s NOT that kind of place. Anyway, these look amazing. I can’t wait to give them a try. Your blog is great!

    1. I’ve never heard of Thin Man. We need to meet up and dance on tables together. I go to Stoneys. It’s calm but then I dance my ass off when I’m in the mood.

      1. So yummy! Perfect for the harvest from my little patio garden!
        I was dying to know where to go dancing in Denver, thanks!!

  37. Just wanted to say thanks for the recipe! My first attempt at paleo baking (I made these for my paleo friend) and was surprised at how well they worked! The texture and flavour were both very good. Sweet, but not too sweet. They took quite a lot longer to bake (35 minutes total) but this may be because I made them quite large.

  38. These were the first of your recipes I tried… I have made them twice now, just halved the honey and added a bit of apple sauce (Unsweet). They are sooo wonderful. Very filling too. One small muffin fill me up for breakfast or a good snack.
    Thank you Girl , You are awesome.

  39. I tried making the zucchini apple spice muffins, and forgot to put the almond butter, eggs and honey in it! I cooked them for an hour and the toothpick wasn’t coming out clean!! 🙂 Any idea if I can recycle the stuff, add the missing ingredients, and try re-baking them? I know, weird question…

  40. Oh



    Just made a batch of these, and I’m eating one right now with a cup of tea. Totally delicious, and I cannot tell you how happy I am to have a quick & easy paleo breakfast option that doesn’t taste like a$$ and doesn’t aggravate my colitis (TMI I know, but still…).

    Has to sub unsweetened apple sauce for the apple and once I’d shredded & wrung out the zucchini I dumped the whole lot back into the food processor for minute or two. Smooth batter, baked up a dream and very few spooky green bits that my kids won’t touch.

    Off to try the chocolate zucchini cake now…your recipes rule.

  41. This was my first muffin in a year since going paleo and they were amazing!!! Made them for breakfast since the husband and I had to get up at 3am to make our thanksgiving flights. We ate all 9 and it was perfection!

    1. Made these for the 3rd time, this time added 3 servings of protein powder (offset with a large spoonful of coconut oil to keep it from drying up) to pump up the calorie content. They turned out fantastic!!!

  42. Made this- LOVE THEM!!
    I was missing nutmeg, ginger and allspice but they still turned out amazing! 🙂 I’m one of those types of bakers/cookers.. haha. When I make again, because I definitely will, I need to dry the zucchini more! That was the hardest part of this whole recipe haha.

    Thanks so much for sharing! I gave each of my puppies 1/2 of one, and they loved the crap outta them! 🙂

  43. I just made these – they turned out great! I used macadamia nut butter instead; I also used 1/2 cup of raisins (we love raisins). Then I sunk a pecan in the top of each one – super pretty and yummy! Sliced apples coated in cinnamin would have been a nice topper as well! 🙂

  44. any chance you have the nutritional info on these babies? made them yesterday but am food journaling so would like to log 🙂 thanks! they are delish

    1. no ma’am. i don’t tend to look at nutritional info, but you could input the ingredients into spark people’s nutritional calculator!

  45. Hi Juli, i am just getting into Paleo and I thought the most difficult part was finding what to eat for breakfast, until I found your blog! I just made these muffins for my bkfst and they taste great!
    I just can’t wait to try some more of your recipes.

  46. I wasn’t sure how these would turn out because the batter was still quite liquidy even after I got all of the water out of the zucchini. Wow… So good!!!!! I didn’t think that kind of texture could be achieved without some kind of flour. Thank you!

  47. These are great! My friends who eat the typical American diet loved these! We didn’t much care for them warm out of the oven but the next day they are perfect! I have to cook mine about 35 minutes. I make them fairly often!

  48. Just made these today and they are DE-Lish! Even my 3 & 4 year old girls LOVE them! I might try adding raisins & walnuts to the mixture next time I make them! Thank you for this fabulous recipe! 🙂

  49. Yum, these were great! Can’t wait to make your blueberry muffins next. I love reading your posts, you are funny and I appreciate it!

  50. Yummy muffins! I subbed cashew butter for the almond butter and used baking soda instead of powder since I follow the SCD diet. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  51. Awesome!!! was a little worried because no flour but turned out great. Had to cook longer, but thats OK.. Love Zuchinni, used my own, grew in a pot from organic seeds. It’s on my diet every day since I have gone Paleo. Been 2 months now, lost 20 lbs, and love cooking again. The muffin receipes have gotten me thru humps of not eating bread, When I needed something to breakfast on or just when I craved something!! Thanks for all your help and insperation.

  52. I made minis–about 36 of them. Baked at 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes. They came out great.

  53. So last week a friend gave me the biggest zucchini EVER and I went looking for a recipe in which to use it. I printed this one out and pinned it to my fridge, and then in typical Kate fashion I totally forgot about it.

    Opened my fridge this week and the zucchini had gone totally bad, but I still really wanted the muffins. Solution? Sub shredded carrots fir the zucchini and add some raisins.


    Thanks, Juli!

  54. So I thought I followed the recipe exactly, with the exception of not having a full cup of almond butter because that was the last of the jar. I used a bunch of paper towels to drain the zucchini, but I think it took almost an hour in the oven and they were still too wet/moist in the middle. I’m 0 for 3 in the paleo muffin recipe department. Should I have drained the apples too? Other receipes for zucchini pancakes say to let the zucchini sit for 30 minutes so the water separates. Maybe I should try that or add coconut flour like you suggested to someone else? My house did smell amazing while it was in the oven though 🙂

    1. I’m really not sure why they would come out like that!! I just drained the zucchini but didn’t let it sit for that long. all zucchinis are going to come out differently with a different water content, so that could have been the problem.

  55. i think i made a fatal flaw with these by using sunbutter instead of almond butter. the sunbutter is very overpowering so i don’t get any of the delicious apple-spice taste :-(. (still pretty good, just taste like sun butter zucchini muffins)

  56. OMG!! I just made a double batch of these and they are almost gone already. My kiddos ate 3 each right from the oven! DELISH! Taking the rest backpacking tomorrow, gonna have to hide them so they make it through the night! Thanks!

  57. Do you think these would work with ener-g egg replacer? Or do you have a muffin recipe you think would work better without eggs?

  58. These are quite good. I had to cook my muffins for 30 min and they were still a little gooey. I feel like they were a bit heavy on the almond butter. Do you think I could sub 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of the almond butter for banana next time? I never bake so not sure if you had any thoughts on this.

  59. Do you know how many calories each is? these are SO good I make them all the time, and eat about 2 every day, wondering if that is too much?

  60. Mine turned out really eggy. They had the consistency of somewhere between a baked custard and an omelette, not very muffin-like. Can’t win them all I suppose.

  61. I loved these muffins, can’t stop eating them! Topped them with sunflower seeds before baking which was delicious.

  62. Thank you for posting the recipe. I never seem to be able to get zucchini dry enough and i hate runny baked goods so instead of almond butter I added almond milk to almond meal until it became pasty and crumbly then used that to offset the moisture in the zucchini. They turned out fantastic.

  63. These are REALLY sweet. I might 1/2 the honey next time?? Also quite almond buttery so maybe sub some almond flour for some of the butter to make a little less dense. Otherwise filling and satisfying. My husband likes them.

  64. I made these muffins. They were perky as, tasted delicious, and super easy. Made exactly 9 muffins. Thank you so much for the recipe

  65. hi! I know this is an old recipe but I have it pinned as a favorite that i make often. I went to pull up the recipe today and the ingredients are no longer listed (instructions only). Do you know why that is? I am hoping to make for a friend this morning and I’m scrambling to find the ingredient list. Thanks for your help!

    1. sadly there is a glitch in my system that i’m trying to troubleshoot, but here are the ingredients in the meantime! i’m so sorry for the inconvenience!
      1 medium zucchini, shredded (about 1 cup worth)
      1 apple (I used gala), shredded (less than 1/2 cup worth)
      1 cup almond butter
      1/4 cup raw honey
      2 eggs, whisked
      2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
      1 teaspoon vanilla extract
      1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
      1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
      1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
      1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
      1/2 teaspoon baking powder
      pinch of salt

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