Zucchini Fritter Cups

What a terrible recipe name. Sorry. Not really.

I’m officially back to normal life after my book tour. Grocery shopping almost every day, working out almost every day, and cuddling with Jackson more than normal people do. It’s great. And thankfully, I’m back to cooking a little bit. It’s tough when you don’t cook for a while and then you have to get your mojo back. Especially if you don’t have a mojo. Or know what a mojo is.

Speaking of mojo, my friends think I need to get a little more cynicism in my life. Because I’ve lost some of my cynical mojo. I can agree with them. I get it. But what they don’t understand is the cynical attitude that builds up inside and I just keep locked down. Because most of the frustration comes from people’s remarks about my blog. It gets a bit annoying to write and share recipes on a daily basis when I am constantly criticized no matter what I post. D*cks.

More and more I keep hearing about how people are frustrated since I don’t eat strict paleo (I’ll eat gluten free breads or a gluten free dessert) but I run a paleo blog. I get it: I’m a fake, a fraud, a liar. Minus the liar part, since I talk all about it. But I think what they probably don’t understand is their own insecurities. Because I never hear complaints from paleo bloggers or paleo experts. Nope, they don’t give a f*ck. Because they have shit to do. They don’t have time to worry about what other people are doing. Or eating. Or instagramming.

No, it’s more of the people who are newbies to paleo and are trying to be paleo perfectionists. We’ve all been there. Being obsessive compulsive about what we ate, telling friends we can’t eat their food because it’s not paleo, telling our family they should switch to paleo. We’ve all been there. But what these newbies don’t understand is THEIR BODY is different than MY BODY. And what I put in MY BODY has absolutely nothing to do with them. Nope. The food I shove in my face changes absolutely nothing in their day. They get pissed, talk sh*t, crap their bed, all for nothing. Because I keep on eating my gluten free cupcakes when I travel and I keep eating my paleo desserts whenever I please. They complain, I eat. They voice their insecurities by putting me on blast, I write. They hate me for making recipes they don’t agree with, I help change people’s lives through meals.

So let’s get something straight you little negative Nancy’s. You’re uncomfortable that I don’t eat strict paleo all of the time? Why is that? Because you do? You little liar. Or is it because I’m honest and share ideas with people who can tolerate certain foods? Wait, is it because I’ve shared over 500 FREE paleo recipes on my blog that fit your strict diet criteria?  Or do you think it’s just because you’re jealous that I’ve found something that works for my body and you haven’t? Jealousy really is a son of a b, ain’t it?

But I guess this blog post doesn’t really change much, huh? Insecure people still will hate me because I ate a gluten free muffin. I will keep eating, cooking, and writing. And now, my friends will be happy with my cynical post.


Zucchini Fritter Cups

  • Yield: 7 1x


  • 2 medium zucchinis, shredded (3 cups, shredded)
  • 1/2 small yellow onion, minced
  • 1 1/2 cups almond flour
  • 2 eggs, whisked
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • lots and lots of salt (don’t be shy)
  • black pepper, to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Place zucchini and yellow onion in food processor using the shredding attachment and shred. Place in a couple paper towels and squeeze out all the excess liquid. So annoying, but you have to do it!
  3. Place zucchini and onion in a bowl, mix well with almond flour, egg, garlic cloves, garlic powder, salt and pepper.
  4. Use an ice cream scoop to scoop out the mixture and place into 7 muffin cups. I used silicone muffin liners, if you don’t, be sure to heavily grease each muffin tin to keep it from sticking.
  5. Bake for 25-30 minutes.
  6. Let cool before removing from muffin tin.

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PaleOMG Zucchini Fritter Cups

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Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


141 thoughts on “Zucchini Fritter Cups”

  1. GOOOOOOOO JULI!!!!!! Screw hateful people (not literally, but you get what I mean). I’ve learned the hard way that those who criticize have no life and/or are miserable with their own. We live a Paleo life but also indulge in various GF treats! It works for us! Keep doing what you are doing: myself & countless others absolutely LOVE your blog, your recipes & your refreshing take on life!

  2. Not to get all political or anything 🙂

    But, heck, even our government cares about what we put in our body (they take stands on legal drugs, illegal drugs, raw dairy, GMOs, etc.)! Although the govt tries to act like they are coming from a place of higher good, it’s not and it’s the same with people. They think they know what is best and others just don’t understand or need to be put in their place. Until we understand what freedom really is, people are going to continue wasting this precious life caring about what others put in their bodies…

    1. 1. Wow. I’m amazed that people are that audacious to go on a free recipe website and talk shit. If the only identity you have for yourself is “strict paleo”… you are a douche and you need a life.

      2. To the people saying, “I’ve got a great idea, just ignore them!” Do you think she hasn’t thought of that? Great advice. She’s clearly just venting. Let her vent on her own website without offering your “holier than thou” commentary. That’s annoying.

      Juli- I read your blog because it’s funny and entertaining. Thanks for that.

    2. I’m sorry but I couldn’t let this go without a comment.
      “even our government cares about what we put in our body ”
      Please do not ever look to the government for guidance on anything if you are looking to improve your health or stay healthy.
      The government is not looking out for our health. Remember the government is the one that created the Food Pyramid. You know the one that says you need to fill yourself up with grains, legumes and dairy!

      The government is only looking out for businesses and corporations that donate huge sums of money to them.
      The milk industry is lobbying Congress to allow them to put Aspartame in skim milk so more kids will drink it. The government REQUIRES schools to give kids milk everyday.

      The industrial farms are feeding their animals GMO filled corn in deplorable conditions, all regulated by the government.

      I won’t get started on the drugs that the government supposedly regulates that they are forcing on our children, that are causing huge behavioral problems and more sickness.

      DON’T look to the government to solve your health and diet problems. Educate yourself.

    3. Some of us eating Paleo because of autoimmune and other illnesses so dont come on a free website and post your bologna about the govt…

  3. Juli, don’t worry about the critics. Like you said they are not happy in their own skin. You have one of the best websites that I read on a daily basis. I also eat 80% paleo 80% of the time 😉 Keep up the awesome website and wonderful recipes.

  4. I love a little cynicism to go with my coffee in the morning. Keep it comin’!

    I also LOVE how 99% of the time the people with the negative comments on people’s stuff are private or don’t have a blog of their own that way you can’t critique their “perfect” existence.

  5. Juli,

    I absolutely love you, your cynical posts (lol), your real take on negative people and of course your paleo recipes 🙂 I feel sad for those people who are constantly criticizing you (and probably others) – what they don’t understand is how much you touch people’s lives – obviously by the recipes that you post but also by the refreshing and real posts about everyday life (and the things that we are all thinking) that you put on your blog. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal – why can’t a person who follows the paleo lifestyle have a freakin’ gluten free dessert once in a while? It just seems so silly to judge and criticize someone for that. Just keep doing your amazing work for people who appreciate it!!

  6. Preach! After 2+ years of modified paleo and 1.5 years of strict paleo, I’ve discovered that the only food groups my body can’t handle are dairy and alcohol. I don’t eat out much but when I do, hells yeah I’m going to have a few onion rings. They don’t make me sick and I don’t eat them every day. People need to calm the hell down and eat what works for them.

  7. I think the best thing you could do is ignore the haters. Stop writing to them. Don’t waste your time. Of course, vent when you need to…most of us are here to support you (the ones that matter, anyway), and we’re along for the ride, even if it is a little bumpy. But don’t let yourself get caught up in the opinions of these people. Rise above. Your contribution to the paleo community is huge, regardless of what you might eat on your own time. Keep on cooking and writing!

    1. I second this! Blowing off a little steam now and then it’s good but just try not to let them get to you. You do you and let them do them even if who they are are negative, jealous, super D#cks. Some people just have nothing better to do than sit around and complain on the internet all day. The rest of us, however, love to hear all about your dog, your man, and your occasional gf cupcake. Rock on!

    2. Agreed! Please stop spending your time and blog space worrying about the few people who have something negative to say. They’re not worth it. Be cynical about something else, we know your opinion on this already 😉 And you know ours!

      Do you!

  8. Personally – I love everything you post. When I was paleo I had a cheat every now and then – it was something to look forward to and it worked for me.

    Now due to health issues I had to take the paleo diet up a notch and am on day 9 of the AIP diet… and it sucks! There are no cheats – you must be strict – and there are sooooo many foods that are not allowed!!!!
    including coffee, chocolate and alcohol. CAN YOU IMAGINE!???!
    Now I wasn’t a huge coffee drinker, one a day and alcohol was the occasional hard cider or glass of red wine.. but when someone says you have to completely omit it – it’s the only thing you want!!! haha

    Anywho… I miss eating your delicious recipes, and look forward to the day that I can someday hopefully cook them again.
    Until then… I continue to follow, drool and laugh at your posts.
    Screw the negative nancy’s! They don’t know what they’re missing out on.
    You do you Juli! You do you!

  9. I’m never going to understand people who complain about something they’re getting for free. If they don’t like the recipes you post, then they don’t have to read this blog, or make the food. It’s super simple!
    However, I love your recipes and also don’t sweat the occasional gf, non-paleo, treat. Gluten hurts me. I’ve had those treats and then felt like crap after…for DAYS. A gf treat now and then? The World keeps turning, my clothes keep fitting, and all is well.
    On a related note, Whole Foods has AMAZING gluten free cupcakes. The chocolate ones are incredible. They keep them in the freezer section at my local store.I don’t get them very often, but when I do…mmm…soooo goood!

  10. Keep in mind that while you have a small handful of haters, you have a significantly massive following of people who love what you do. You will never be completely rid of internet trolls so try to focus on the love.

  11. Jackson!!!
    P.s. I love your recipes and am headed to costco on payday.
    But u mentioned offhand that Jackson was suddenly different about kids. If it started when you got back, it’s just him telling the short people he’s sure he can them take in a fight and that you belong to him. If it’s happened at other times the barking and backing can either be a defense mode cuz the are getting to close for his comfort, he’s just letting them know how he feels. Try having the kid sit down & pretend he isn’t there then have then take out a treat or toy and he should slowly approach.
    If he backs up and barks, he may be signaling “!!let’s play!!
    Esp. If he lowers his front paws and raises his cutie bootie up while he barks that means !play! !play now! !immediately!

    You can also sit on the floor or grass and have kids sit near you then everyone ignore him, he’ll start sniffing everyone to get comfortable around them, then it’s PLAYTIME.

  12. Having recently started following your blog, I love your posts and the recipes are awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing!! Anyways looking for different recipes that I can use the produce from my garden! Going to try these fritters tonight:)

  13. Juli. You’re awesome. Like, awesome enough that I wish you would move yourself and Jackson to Kansas City so that we could hang out and eat paleo cookies while our puppy nuggets play.

    Screw the haters.You look amazing and you improve countless lives (mine included) by creating delicious paleo and primal recipes. The paleo police and internet trolls will always be there, but you, ma’am, just keep on keepin on!

  14. Booooooo! I hate negative Nancys! People have nothing better to do in their life than pick on someone else because of THEIR insecurities?!

    However, I couldn’t agree more with the Paleo Perfectionist comments. I’d suggest these “Paleo Perfectionists” read this lovely article by Robb Wolf and rethink what they’ve said…


    Understanding you’re not perfect is what makes you perfect, and what makes you Paleo (well part of it) <3

    I will continue to look to your blog for recipes and inspiration! I love your humor (duh!) and reading what I consider "Realistic Paleo" to be. Keep up your amazing blog and you'll see there are (hopefully) more good than bad out there!

    Thank you for all you do!

  15. In order for anyone to eat Paleo any percent of the time, they have to have 100% Paleo recipes to do that. You provide those. Your blog offers 100% Paleo recipes for when people want to eat Paleo. If for some people that is 100% of the time, you have offered them the tools to do it. If for others its 80% of the time, we also have the tools. Whether you eat a GF cupcake or a regular cupcake with sugar and flour and chemical-ridden frosting, it doesn’t change a single thing about the 100% Paleo recipes on the blog. Keep up the good work, and the cupcake eating.

  16. I just started reading your blog after laughing my butt off listening to you and Liz Wolfe shoot the sh*t on the Balanced Bites podcast, and I have to say, this post also had my laughing out loud! Good for you – anyone who is hating on what you’re doing definitely has some insecurities and bad mojo going on.

    Btw, you really have a unique, down to earth, and hysterical “voice” on your blog and I really appreciate it so as a new reader, I say, keep up the good work!

  17. I agree with Jordan above. People are always going to hate – especially with how popular you are. Focus on the 99% of your followers that love you because of your awesomeness and don’t gratify the haters with your attention. You rock!

  18. Cheryl Carreiro

    Perfect! good for you! This post made me die laughing. It’s all true, you eat, you look good, you’re happy,and then there’s a group of miserable paleo police staring at a computer screen chomping on piece of broccoli miserably typing away. Let haters hate.

  19. “You’re uncomfortable that I don’t eat strict paleo all of the time? Why is that? Because you do? You little liar.”
    SO TRUE!!!

    Juli you have way more fans than haters. Whatever, your real fans love you. Keep on doin!

  20. Juli you are amazing and a great asset to the paleo community. Because of you (and a few others) people are learning what paleo is, and why it is beneficial. Unfortunately, there will always be critics out there and there is nothing you can do about that. Focus on the positives (your cookbook success, relationships, Jackson… those are the things that truly matter!)


  21. You absolutely crack me up. Who cares what you do if it works for you? It’s taken me YEARS to figure out what works for me and I guarantee it doesn’t work for my friends, coworkers, family members or even my husband. It only works for me – so it’s what I do. If I was creative enough to write and post recipes I would, but I’m not so I just make yours. 🙂

  22. You are a real person living a real life and no one and nothing is perfect. Love reading your blog and your recipes are the go to in my home and everyone loves them paleo eater or not.

    have tons of zucchini growing in the garden and this will be made for sure…yum!

  23. I used to be one of those paleo perfectionists when I started and thanks to your blog and realizing perfection is overrated (and I love gluten free cupcakes) has made me so happy. Your blog set me free from the constraints I put on myself to be perfect and I could not be more thankful that you show the real you!!

  24. I think by always posting about this you are “giving them legs” to keep doing this to you. I, personally, would ignore them. When I get an unkind comment on my blog, I just delete it. It’s obviously their s^&t that they are trying to put on me. I don’t want that. In fact, I just got a comment the other day reaming me out, saying that I shouldn’t be come a naturopathic doctor. It’s ridiculous, but it doesn’t affect me, because I DON’T LET IT. You are 100% right – it’s your body, it’s your life, and you can do what you want with it. There will always be people who want to tear you down because they have their own insecurities. It’s how we handle ourselves when it happens that matters. So if it were me, I’d give up the hate talk. They probably enjoy reading about you rant about it. But why give them that sort of satisfaction? 🙂 You don’t need me to tell you you’ve got some awesome recipes, and great wit, because YOU KNOW it’s true.

  25. Brittany Chase

    “Say what you mean, mean what you say. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind!” -Dr. Suess

  26. this is totally unrelated to the major point of your post, but i was intrigued by one of the first sentences.

    you grocery shop daily.

    for some reason i’m becoming one of those people too. do you shop daily because you can’t decide what you want before the actual day you want to eat, or because you can’t remember stuff and have to go because you need stuff?

    just curious.

  27. Hi Juli!

    Great post! Everyone above pretty much summed it up, but remember – for every “hater” out there, there are thousands out there that love you and your blog!

    2 Questions:
    – Has Boston been added to your book tour 🙂 Please come!
    – Would I used the same measurement of flour if I used coconut flour instead of almond flour?

    Have a great day!

  28. It is so sad that people think hiding behind their computers mean they can be a total douche. YOU ROCK!

    Can I sub for a different kind of flour?? I don’t use almond flour much.

    1. Totally agree. People are haters online because for some reason it has become socially acceptable to hide behind the computer and say things that (most) people would never say face-to-face. If you don’t have the guts to say it to her face, then shut up online, you coward.

      Love the recipe, Jules. Always looking for new ways to incorporate more zucchini as our family loves it. Keep it coming and please don’t start trying to be perfect – then I’ll feel bad about myself! 😉

  29. I confess! I believe in the gospel of paleo and practice it 95% of the time. But I love sushi and humous. And I will never give them up!!

  30. Hey juli!
    I just wanted to thank you for all your awesome recipes. I had to go Paleo because of food allergies and have to be as close to 100% as I can or I get massive stomach cramps 🙁 I was uninspired to cook at all for a while but you have helped inspire me again! Thank you. This recipe looks phenominal, do you know the best way to make it without eggs?

  31. Julie with an "e"

    I love your posts and recipes. I also can’t stand negative people. Keep your head up and keep doing what you’re doing! You have helped me on my paleo journey more than you can imagine. I also love how you share your recipes freely and don’t use pressure to sell your books. I am going to buy your books based on that principle alone (your delicious recipes don’t hurt either!). I will not be buying any books from those who send me four emails a week with “Great Paleo Recipes” in the subject line and no actual recipes included – just a link to buy their book. You are amazing and no one, NO ONE can keep you down! You rock Juli!

  32. Juli.. AMEN Sister!!!! You are doing what YOU need to do for YOU..
    As Moi Mommsy says.. if they are talking about you.. at least they are not talking about someone else!

  33. What is wrong with people?! That is ridiculous. I mean, find a diet that fixes your shitty personality, you critical bastards. I love your blog Jules!

  34. 🙂 I like that you’re not strict paleo because I don’t eat paleo at all – and I love all of the recipes on here that I’ve tried. No complaints.

    Actually, one complaint – if you don’t wanna pander to the haters, stop talking about them/ to them. As someone who likes your blog, loves the dog pictures, and owns your book, I would rather not read about the paloemg haters on such a regular basis. Obviously they are difficult for you to deal with, and I would imagine their comments are hurtful, untrue, and
    probably stem from their own eating struggles and insecurities. But don’t let them take over! I avoid reading nasty comments, and I’m sure that the people who like this blog do too.

    Thanks for all the awesome recipes. As a non paleo, gluten eating person I appreciate having a stock of great and easy recipes that get healthier carbs and more protein + veggies into my diet.

  35. CentralCaliGuy

    Juli- Being one of those new to Paleo kinda people, please don’t lump us all into one group. I happened to find you and your blog when I was looking for a recipe for something and thus, my eating habits and Paleo lifestyle was born. That’s just one guys story.

    You see, there are WAY more people that care for you than you can imagine. There will ALWAYS be holier than thou folks in life. Let them be their bitter, over opinionated selves.

    You keep rocking! I know I am one of SO MANY people that admire you. Thanks for introducing me to my new lifestyle!


  36. I am pretty new to Paleo and just have to say that you are one of the reasons I think I jumped in and cleaned out my cupboards one Friday night and restocked on a Saturday after months of reading, debating and researching. You provide a level of sanity to this lifestyle choice and a wonderful dose of humor and reality. I was stressed out that I had to be perfect about it, then found your website and your reassurance and am 100% committed to being not so perfectly Paleo. Haters gonna hate. You just do you. 🙂

  37. Hi, Julie – just forget about the dipsh*&#. You can’t please all of the people all of time – just carry on and be YOU!!!

  38. You rock, Juli! I say eat your gluten free cupcakes and enjoy your life. There are plenty of us who don’t judge you. I for one find you refreshing- love your honesty. Obviously having some treats does not negatively affect you- you look awesome! I personally left a well known online Paleo community because one individual just made me MISERABLE critiquing everyone’s food. Come to find out, she wasn’t so perfect Paleo herself. With you, what you see is what you get and I love that. You are a true asset to the Paleo community. Keep doing what you do, girl.

  39. YES! I bought zucchinis at the grocery for just this type of recipe- and here it is on a silver platter for me!

  40. I am a new-ish reader of your blog and I just checked out The Paleo Kitchen from my library. I’ve made 2 things so far and have plans to make a bunch more recipes. I see these negative comments on your Instagram photos and I just shake my head. Thanks for all of the great recipes and inspiration!!

  41. Reading your blog for the past several years has inspired me to start my hand at blogging recently. And not just because of your awesome recipes and fabulous commentary, but because you are outspoken and passionate about what you believe in, and you don’t let the haters silence you. Thank you for being open enough to share both your successes and struggles in life, and about the internet trolls/haters. It just makes you more real, and there more awesome and admirable. I have an ulterior motive in saying all of these – I want to read your blog for years to come and am sending happy vibes your way so that you keep doing what you do (and don’t write an FU I quit blog post like health-bent). Just sayin 😉

  42. As long as the good outweighs the bad then keep writing. If the bad outweighs the good than all anyone can say is thank you so much for what you’ve contributed to the paleo world. Do what’s best for YOUUU!!

  43. Go Juli!
    You rock! Forget all the haters..you are beautiful, funny and a genius cook. I read your blog everyday and I love hearing about your non-paleo adventures. I am not strict paleo all of the time..in fact anybody who I know who eats Paleo is not either. I will keep enjoying the delicious things you post while the haters keep hating themselves!

  44. This recipe looks great, and this is my favorite Paleo blog! Have you announced where you are going for part two of your book tour? Thanks!

  45. Juli,

    You rock!!!!!!

    Your humor and honesty is refreshing. You recipes are beyond amazing! You live life to the full – including your “didn’t get out of my PJs and just snuggled with Jackson” days. You are generous. And obviously these folks haven’t taken the time to sign up for your emails and get a weekly hug and nurturing form you – I open the email and am told I am wonderful, gorgeous ….

    You have heart for others and give freely of yourself and your recipes.

    Keep on keeping on being you cuz you is amazing !!! 🙂 (And it’ll drive those suckers crazy!) Hugs

  46. You are clearly a very smart and wonderful woman- THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your FREE recipes. I have only been paleo-ish for a year or so and I am so glad I found your website and Instagram. Seeing your body get stronger and clearly seeing your phenomenal wardrobe is a guilty pleasure I have. Screw off Haters.

  47. I’ve never commented on your site before but as an avid reader & Insta-follower, just thought I’d join the chorus to drown out any haters: thanks for being a shining example of paleo-inspired living in the real world! Until the naysayers are cooking up foraged roots & bugs outdoors over an open fire, draped in loincloths, I’m fairly certain they don’t have a hypocritical leg to stand on.

  48. Hey Juli!

    I’m sorry that people are crappy, but like you said, it really is their problem, not yours. I’m sure that doesn’t make it suck less when people you don’t even know are saying hurtful things because you decided to eat a muffin. They must have a very easy life if their biggest concern is what a total stranger is eating 2000 miles away. I’m kind of jealous of that.

    THAT SAID, do you think these would still taste good if I freeze a couple? They look delicious, but I’m not 100% sure that I can eat 7 at once. I mean, I’ll try (:-)), but it would be nice to freeze some and have them the next day.


  49. Thanks for this recipe! My mom used to make something like this when had an abundance of zucchini in the garden, but it used baking mix. We also would use spinach sometimes too.

    Enjoyed your rant– keep being real.

  50. I’ve never commented on your blog but I feel like I need to today!! I follow because I think you have great ideas and are totally witty!!! I have never thought to criticize any of your eating habits. I love all your thoughts and recipes. If anything you are a true to yourself kind of person and you do what works for you. Nothing and no one is perfect and if they think they are then there lies the problem!!! Thanks for being an inspiration and for sharing your recipes. Keep on keepin on sista!!!

  51. I know you probably get sick of this question, so I’m pre-apologizing for it….But….do you think it would throw these off if I subbed coconut flour for the almond? I know it’s not a 1:1 sub, but I just wondered if it would totally destroy it or if you think it would be okay?

  52. I love your blog and just purchased your book and can’t wait to try out the recipes! It is really too bad there are so many negative people.

    I went paleo in January 2014 to help identify some digestive issues (daily bloating and stomach aches) and hypoglycemia. So I’m still relatively new but I’m not someone that believes in being strict anything..haha. I was strict the first 4 months to help identify what was triggering the digestive issues and am playing around with adding back ‘non-paleo’ foods. I know I can’t eat dairy or any legumes / soy. I do now eat potatoes and quinoa a couple of times a week with no ill effects. And *gasp* a couple of times a month I will eat certain grains. I feel great, have lost weight despite not really needing to and have had only one hypoglycemic episode since I started. I’m not going to be a ‘paleo martyr’ to make other people happy.Neither should you or anyone else!

    Unfortunately, the people who are happy with what you do are less likely to comment. Keep doing what you’re doing! I for one love your blog.

  53. I’m new to your blog and already a big fan, and as all the other comment-ers have noted, you just have to ignore the haters. I have a gluten-free bakery and I get haters all the time (from an awareness-step lower on the food chain) who don’t get it AT ALL. And then there are some whose doctors tell them that they really are gluten-intolerant but they eat wheat “sometimes” at which point I tell them courtesy of The Gluten Summit & Dr. Tom O’Bryan that “just like you can’t be a little bit pregnant, you can’t eat just a little gluten if you’re really intolerant.” (you really will develop something horrible from it over time). And out comes the hate. So…. you just do what you can for other people like you’ve been doing – inspiring, humoring, helping – and know you are loved.

  54. I actually really like that you post what you indulge in while you’re traveling. I also think it shows that you’re capable of indulging in a treat here or there, and you’re still able to get back on track when you’re at home and have more resources/time/energy/whatever to eat Paleo. Not everyone reacts the same to non-Paleo foods or treats, so I think it’s more about what works for you. Besides, I can’t think of one person who eats Paleo and does not ever eat something is non-Paleo. We will in an imperfect non-Paleo world. It’s bound to happen. Love the blog. Keep it up!

  55. I made this last night @paleomg they are so yummy! I got all the way to the point of putting them in the tins and my man said, these look too runny. And wouldnt you know I forgot the almond flour….so we poured everything back into the bowl. And with all of the ingredients they came out great! Thanks Juli

  56. This is why I love you Juli! Those of us who typically eat strictly paleo, we all realize that there ARE “cheat days” cheat days meaning I might enjoy some freaking cheese or gluten free bread. Anyone who bashes you for occasionally “cheating” isn’t setting realistic goals for themselves either. Its not like you’re posting pics of your big mac and fries!

    Every Sunday, when I plan my meals for the week, whether it be all paleo, or maybe one recipe that uses goat cheese, or corn tortillas, I go to your blog. Not because its paleo, but because its food that I know will keep my body happy and make me feel somewhat creative in the kitchen. Quit getting so gnarled up in the details that you have to lash out at anyone who doesn’t stick to your unattainable concept of paleo perfection, people! This is real life. Real life involves one weekly dose of goat cheese. That’s happy food.

    Love your snark. Love your food. Love your dog. Screw everyone else 😉

  57. Rachel McClintock

    Haha. I love your blog. Haters gonna hate. When people really think about it, we are all just trying to do the best we can. Sometimes people totally suck. Keep doin yo thang!

  58. Totally agree with those in the “ignore them club”. People gush their love for you all the time. More and more, it seems. As your following grows, so will the haters/jealous folks.

    I bet you’ll get better at letting it roll. I imagine it would be hard. You seem to have a knack for conquering whatever is in front of you.

  59. People love to complain. The weird thing is you never post non-paleo recipes. It would be annoying if you called yourself a paleo recipe site then posted a bunch of regular cookie recipes, but you seem to only post paleo recipes. Why the hell do people care that you eat cupcakes? A diet as limited as paleo is really not sustainable long term. An attitude like yours- the occasional treat is so much healthier and realistic and a better role model for long term health than people who freak out over a corn tortilla or occasional cupcake.

  60. I don’t think there will ever be time when things around us always go the way we want them to go. People disagree and say stupid things and sometimes seem to act like idiots. That’s internet. That’s life. There’s nothing we can do to change the way other people decide to think and act.

    How boring would it be to always just get praise and compliments? And who cares anyway? When we our lives the way we want to live our lives it really doesn’t matter what kind of feedback we get. Unless we do things in order to get good feedback from others of course. Which to me seems quite silly.

    I only come and read your blog because I find it entertaining and I like the recipes. I don’t read the comments and I don’t follow you on Instagram. So I wouldn’t even know about those complaints or the negativity. The only reason I know is because you bring it up. And I have to admit that as a blog reader of yours I’m not really interested in reading about those; it’s just hard for me to understand why other people’s views and comments matter so much.

    If I were you – although obviously I’m not – I really couldn’t care less. None of us can change what happens outside us but if our own boat is rock solid a little storm does no harm. So maybe just keep sailing and doing your thing. Peace!

  61. Juli I say this with all the respect and love I (and all your other loyal fans) have for you. You need to stop adding fuel to the fire with these posts about the bullies. You have 110K+ IG followers for a reason – we love everything you do. These idiots make up less than 0.1% of your fans and every time you write a post about it, it just feeds their idiocy. IGNORE them. And for goodness sake’s stop reading the comments, you’ll just drive yourself insane. Don’t give a shred of time or energy to these idiots.

  62. Hey Juli,
    Terrific post. Glad you found your cynicism!

    Keep doing what you do so well (because it’s all about making ME laugh) … and thank you! 🙂

  63. Hi, Juli!

    I’m sorry that you have to deal with crappy people, but I think I’m more amazed that there are people out there who actually have nothing better to do than fret about what a total stranger is eating 2000 miles away AND THEN WRITE ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET. Seriously, they must have a very easy life. I’m kind of jealous.

    Unrelated: these look great, do you think they would freeze ok? I don’t know that I’m ready to commit to eating 7 at once…although I’m not saying I won’t try!

  64. p1nk66 (Sharon)

    Thank you so much.. I am only just beginning to find my feet after identifying the things that are causing me undue grief.. Your recipies help make it all that much easier for me to work through.. HOORAY!!

  65. Personally, I follow your blog because I love that you are so real. NONE of us eats perfectly all the time. I love that you share with us some alternatives for those times that we crave something sweet but can’t/don’t eat gluten. The variety is wonderful, your posts are wonderful – I am usually laughing out loud reading your stuff!! Keep on doing what you do and being you!! There are too many of us out there that love reading your stuff and trying your recipes – paleo and non paleo!!

  66. Samantha Persavich

    Screw the haters!! I am definitely jealous, if I could eat gluten free cupcakes and paleo desserts everyday I would, but I can’t and still hope to fit in my jeans. Love your recipes, at least the ones I have gotten to try so far, lots more to try, glad I stumbled across your site. Keep doing what you do!!

  67. I’m not even Paleo and I LOVE your blog! If these naysayers are so bothered with you, they should’t read your blog! But, I bet they read your blog because it is hysterical and I bet they eat your yummy food too (in the Paleo closet, that is)!

  68. As Abe Lincoln said “You can please some of the people some of the time all of the people some of the time some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time.” Anyone who has to deal with the public, has to develop a thick skin. You’re doing great, just let negativity roll off your back and remember the above!

  69. There are always going to be haters…to hell with them!…do your thing, keep your head up & smile, & remember to be grateful you’re not full of bitterness, anger & resentment like the poor a-holes who have been the “Paleo Police”… That they are ruled by & motivated to act by such negative emotion can only equate to a miserable, lonely, & hopeless kind of existence….I am a very new fan of your blog, & find you to be refreshingly down to earth & real, & I like your quirky humor…so rock on, & if you need to vent, have at it girl….don’t fill yourself with negative emotion to be stoic…give it back to the original sender! 🙂

  70. If I tell you I love it you better believe me!!! Some people hate and don’t know why they are doing it. I am new to Paleo and I really appreciate everything you are doing. All the hard work and dedication it takes to not only do what you’re doing, but maintaining what you’re doing is awesome!!! Poor little tink, tinks, have nothing else better to do than to criticize!! (shakes head side-to-side) I can only imagine how much passion it takes to create blog after blog, filled with amazing-looking recipes (that I cannot wait to try ;)). Shoot, I’m having trouble just deciding WHAT to blog!! So many ideas, ya know?Anywho. I’m off my soap box, but I’ll leave saying this: PLEASE KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR US NEWBIES!!!! 😀

    P.S. I love your sense of humor as well!!!!!!

  71. So it is absolutely boiling in my house right now. Ottawa is going through a little heat wave (yes, Canada has a summer and its a hot one right now), but I was so intrigued by these guys that I didn’t care that we don’t have air conditioning and cranked up the oven to 400. I was not disappointed. They are AMAZING! Thank you for posting such yummy things!

  72. I had a father in law who was like that- so perfectionistic that he found fault with everyone and made everyone around him tense and feeling picked on. Well, I am not in contact with that family any more, but one day I saw online that he died. All I could think was how sad how he spent his life driving people away. What a waste. It gave me a new perspective. The haters will shrivel up and die and leave the people who pass on love and creative zeal for life to inspire another generation to do the same. You are obviously doing that!

    Just bought your book and can’t put it down! Thank you for doing what you do despite the turkeys!!!! I bake gf, as well, and it makes me feel good. That, to me, is the point!

  73. Bridget from Cali

    Can’t wait to try these Zook Fritters. They look and sound delish. I’m always on the look-out for zucchini recipes. They are so fresh and plentiful, especially in the summer. I’m not Paleo, but I am vegetarian who is looking for ways to expand my menu. Thanks for sharing your creativity and inspiration. Please disregard the negativity. Life is too short to let that sort of talk disturb you.

  74. I (as a paleo newbie) appreciate your honesty. I have tried reading info on other blogs and frankly they make me feel bad – like I am a bad person for straying and basically have to go back to square one to be successful in my attempt at a healthier lifestyle! Your recipes are creative, tasty & easy to follow. My picky children even like what I’m cooking. So thank you 🙂

  75. I’m looking for a zucchini bread that’s similar to your banana bread French toast. I planted a bit too many zucchinis in my garden and am hoping this recipe is as good as your banana bread? How do you think it compares? PS, I heart you and all you do for us for FREE 🙂

  76. I’m looking for a zucchini bread that’s similar to your banana bread French toast. I planted a bit too many zucchinis in my garden and am hoping this recipe is as good as your banana bread? How do you think it compares?

  77. So far, I have tried quite a few of your recipes, and they have all been “keepers”! Thanks for all the great recipes 🙂 When you say lots and lots of salt, could you give me an estimate of how much you normally use? Like 1 tsp or 1 TBS?

  78. I grocery shop pretty often too – not quite every day, but every other day-ish. Something is very wrong in a country where it costs more to buy food that is not chemically altered or has a ton of crap in it. I also follow the Paleo diet on approximately an 80% basis. I make the best choices I can afford to and I make a real effort to eat as well as I can, but a lot of the stuff is just not available where I am, or it costs way too much (I’m on a really tight budget). I just avoid anything that is bad for me, including annoying people.

  79. These are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!! Making them for the second time in 5 days – taking to a friend.

  80. My husband and I went Paleo in October and it has changed our lives. My doctor recommended your web site! But there are two things he won’t stop eating – kraft singles “cheese” (gross) and drinking milk (cow). I’ve at least got him to drink whole milk. As a paleo perfectionist, I’m obviously thinking about divorcing him, I can’t be with someone like that.

    Ha ha, just kidding. But you’d think this is how some people would respond based on the way they flip out about a GF cupcake. Sheesh.

  81. These have pretty much become my favorite breakfast go to! Today I made mine topped with bacon… so delicious! (Took them out at 15 minutes and topped with little bacon lardons… then put them back in the oven for another 15 minutes)

  82. I used to live in Colorado. Have you tried Happy Cakes? Best cupcakes ever. They have gf menu. I’d drive from Colorado Springs to Denver just to have them. I love your blog and am so thankful that you would even post so many free recipes. Thanks

  83. Hi Juli,
    I just wanted to say I love your blog and all the wonderful receipes you make; and that all the haters need to calm their farms over a gluten free cupcake.
    P.S When are you coming to Australia, more specifically Ballarat on your book tour, because I’m super jealous of those peeps that get to meet you lol.

  84. for this post…don’t get all weird…but…I think I love you…thank you for taking the edge out of my journey to paleo living…my fiancee and I are starting August 1st (taking a bit of prep time to gather recipes and alter menus). You rock. your recipes rock and I had a completely inappropriate LOL at work..

  85. I was just directed to your site from a friend, as I have started eating dairy / gluten / peanut free for health reasons. This was the first post I clicked on and OMG, I love you already!!! Hahahaha!!! Rock on! And these look amazing – making them today!!! Can’t wait to explore more – thank you :):):)

  86. I made these tonight for breakfast tomorrow, and when I saw lots of salt, I put in 1 TB…it is way too much! Is there anything I can do with them (post-baking) before I toss the salty little gems away? 🙁 I’m trying to think of something to serve them with, or some way to re-create them that would temper it a little, but am having some trouble.

  87. I have to say, I’m really new to the Paleo diet and I think your site is terrific! Following so strictly may work for some people, but doesn’t work for all. I like the leeway your recipes provide. Thank you so much for sending out free recipes and giving back to those of us who are trying to lose weight, be healthy, and have fun doing it. Bravo for you!

  88. Just wanted to drop a comment to say I’m relatively new to paleo and every time I look to the Google for inspiration or clarification your blog pops up w something great. Thank you so much!

  89. Juli! These are PURRRRRRRRFECTION! Seriously SO amazing! Just wondering the best way to store them them amazing?

  90. Juli, your recipes continue to SAVE my sanity when it comes to meal planning. I love every recipe I’ve tried!

    I noticed on the post for this recipe that you’re getting flack from some readers. You are candid , hysterically so in fact, and when a recipe is not strictly paleo you mention it, so a person can CHOOSE or not choose to make a recipe that contains non paleo ingredients. Since there is full disclosure and I doubt you are in people’s kitchens forcing them to eat recipes with a non-paleo ingredient I don’t see an issue.

    I discovered your blog a year ago looking for gluten free and dairy free dessert ideas. I started trying paleo recipes by you as well since they looked healthy and YUmmy! Please keep doing what you do exactly the way you’ve been doing it!

    So if haters don’t like it I agree, tell them to go pound sand! Maybe that will get their bitchy Betty’s out in a more healthy manner.


  91. just a quick tip. instead of using paper towels to squeeze out the excess zucchini juices, put the shredded zucchini in a potato ricer and squeeze it out that way. If you would like to use the juice for something else (not sure what?) you can squeeze it into container instead of the sink.

  92. Hi,

    Would anyone be able to advise if the recipe still works if I used a mixture of ground almonds and normal flour mixed together?!
    New to these recipes. Cheers for any advice?!

  93. I love it that you are real. I love it that you give us FREE recipes that are so tasty! I love it that I have some options that even my kids enjoy! I love it that your’e Blog,etc. is NOT paleo perfectionism–let’s face it, that’s real life! And I really love it when you speak your mind!! Keep it up

  94. I am new to Paleo and have been totally overwhelmed. I was already impressed with your site just for all the free recipes you offer. Now that I read that Blog Post – I officially LOVE your site. Thank you for all your time and all the FREE information this site has to offer!

  95. Shockingly, I’m being attacked by nonviolent vegetarians for casually mentioning that I’m even TRYING to eliminate grains and beans. What are they so afraid of?

  96. So I’m in the process of making these and my mixture is making way more than 7 fritters, but the mixture is also really crumbly. What should the consistency be? I love everything I’ve tried from this site, but I’m afraid I messed this one up a bit… The only substitution I made was coconut flour for the almond flour because I’m allergic to almond. Any thoughts?

  97. Hi Juli,

    You are just fantastic. This was a great recipe, and a great read. I want to share this with all my friends at crossfit for the writing alone! Hope you don’t mind if we all vent using your perfectly executed rant as a blueprint. Thanks!

  98. I am about two months into a wheat free journey. I have been feeling guilty about the fact that I can’t make it on just meat, veg & coconut flour. I lean Paleo and sometimes clean. And occasionally, I just flat out eat what I want. We eat over 1,000 meals a year and we each have our own chemistry set of a metabolism to balance. Meanwhile, food cannot be the enemy. I am trying to find my balance, not self righteous perfection, in my new “diet”. So, thank you for “keeping it real” and your recipe development. Count me as a new fan.

  99. This recipe is very similar to the zuchinni latkes I make that are pan fried. I love your idea of the muffin cups for ease of making them and avoiding using as much oil. I used a regular non-stick muffin tin and very generously greased it with ghee, but unfortunately they stuck like crazy. The flavor of these are great, but without the silicone baking cups they fell apart and took forever to scrub from my pan. I do appreciate the recipe, it’s delicious!

  100. I’m just going to let you know this weird, negative, defensive post was my first introduction to this site. Not exactly what I’d want people’s first impressions of me to be.

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