I don’t want to act like I hated these…because I didn’t. I f*cking loved them. I ended staying strict on my 21 Day Sugar Detox to eat a couple of these. I love them. Did I say I love them? Because I figured something out. I need my sugar sometimes. It’s just what I need. If I want to keep my friendship and my relationship, I need chocolate sometimes. I’m sorry, I just do. As Sergio explained it, I’ve given up grains, then dairy, then nuts, and did a whole 21 day sugar detox to help cut out fruit, so why would I cut out one of the few things that make me happy. Which is true. Dark chocolate makes me happy. And I like being happy.

Disclaimer: I still think that everyone should do an entire 21DSD. Why? Because it’s awesome. And broke my crazy chocolate covered walnut and sunbutter and banana addiction. Do it, DO IT.

I would like to voice my opinion real quick. Ok, why the f*ck don’t we have classes that teach us how to do our taxes. How are we suppose to know? Maybe I’m just a complete tard and just starting to understand the real world since I’m 24, but my gosh, I don’t understand how we are just suppose to know this sh*t. Does it just come with time? Does it just come with hearing things from your friends? Or your parents? Or the government when they come after you? I don’t really know. I’m slowly figuring out, but not really loving the ride. It’s confusing. And stressful. And being a small business owner kind of sucks in some ways. So my opinion, and recommendation, is that schools start teaching basic tax classes. You teach us math, how to spell correctly (which has been erased with the use of spell check) and even teach us how to have a good interview…but you don’t teach us how to utilize our money correctly so the government doesn’t come after us and ruin our lives? I don’t get it. But I for one am frustrated with my college education.

Anyone else frustrated with the fact that mac computer cases don’t include a power cord pouch? I sure am.

Ok, back to positivity. I bought TWO new aprons yesterday. Both for Paleo Fx this week in Austin!! I’ll be doing a cooking demo and am lucky enough to hang out with people such as Michelle from NomNom Paleo, Diane from Balanced Bites, Melissa from The Clothes Make the Girl, Sarah Fragoso from Everyday Paleo, Robb Wolf, Hayley and Bill from Primal Palate, Stacy from Paleo Parents and a ton more other amazing people. It’s going to be intense paleo out there. Intimidating? Kind of. But I’ll still be stuffing my face either way.

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Blueberry Apple Pie Trail Mix Balls
Prep time

Total time



  1. Mix everything together.
  2. Shape into balls.
  3. Place in the fridge for 30+ minutes to set.
  4. Eat up!


IMG_1021 IMG_1022