These past two weeks have been pretty damn cool. June 10th, my newest cookbook The Paleo Kitchen was released and we left for our first book tour. We went from Colorado, to Seattle, to Portland, to San Diego, then to New York City. The day after we got back from our trip, on June 18th, we found out that the book became a New York Time Best Seller! Then the next week, on June 23rd, we found out the book became a USA Today Best Seller! Pretty weird to look back at my first blog post ever and to see how much everything has changed over the past few years. Seriously crazy.

Speaking of crazy, have you ever been in the Charlotte airport? It’s a cluster. No, not just a cluster, it’s a cluster f*ck. Least favorite airport so far. Maybe I was just in the wrong terminal but ughhhhhh, dislike. Everyone stood too close for comfort. This is the 21st century people. Understand boundaries. A girl kept leaning her pillow up against my leg. What in the hell. Who does that? You know weird, weird things are crawling beneath that pillow case. Another thing I think is weird and kind of creepy is the mesh liner that divides the first class and economy seats on planes. They always put it down after the plane takes off. But why? What does it do? The first class people can still see the economy people, and hear them, and smell them. I still got away with going to the bathroom in the first class cabin. The mesh didn’t hold back my bladder. News flash: that bathroom is no bigger than one at the back. Bullsh*t.

Maybe I’m just jealous I wasn’t in first class.

In my economy seat, I listened to a woman with a very thick southern accent explain to her husband that she refused to turn on her air while we sat waiting for the plane to take off. Her debate with her husband was that the air that was coming through the vents is the air that everyone else is breathing and they are just recycling it through the vents. Sure, that could be true. Not really, but sure. But ma’am with the thick accent, isn’t that what we do literally every day? Like in the airport. Or next to your husband in bed. Or while at the grocery store. Just sayin’.

Back to the point. The book. I recently got to do some interviews and podcasts to chat about the book and how paleo has begun to grow bigger and more well known to the outside world of grain eaters. I did many interviews week to week before the book came out, but by far my favorite was with Liz from RealFoodLiz. She’s hilarious. Check out our podcast here. I also looooved doing a podcast with Primitive Wellness. Those two are ridiculously funny. You guys should take a listen. They’re worth it.

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Grilled Mustard Sliders on top of Fritter Cups
Prep time

Cook time

Total time


Serves: 3-4


  1. Make zucchini fritter cups.
  2. Light grill. Mix together beef, pork, spicy brown mustard, onion, garlic cloves, garlic powder, paprika, and salt and pepper. Mix well with your hands then create 7 slider patties, pressing in the middle with your thumb.
  3. Place on grill, grill for 5-6 minutes per side.
  4. Put sliders on top of zucchini fritter cups, top with mayo and ketchup and also avocado. Eat with a fork. It’s just easier that way.