Well these were stupid hard to get a picture of. And I wanted to eat. So I gave up pretty quickly on making the picture look better. My bad. Just trust me that these little wraps are delicious. You’ll never miss sandwich bread again. Or bagels. Gosh I love me a bagel sandwich.

I’m so excited to leave for Austin to Paleofx in 2 days! Paleofx is like a huge paleo family reunion. I haven’t seen some of these people in seriously a year, since the last one. I’m not a huge fan of listening to the panels, probably because I get anxiety about people throwing up their opinions all over the place, so I’ll probably spend most of my time outside of the venue. Meaning in restaurants and hopefully shops. You always have to shop on vacation, right? Right. Anywho, I plan on trying as many restaurants as possible. I had a couple bad experiences last year, so this time I plan on figuring out all my own restaurants. I will absolutely be going to 24 Diner (we already planned lunch/dinner there for our first night) and La Barbecue which is one of the best bbq food trucks I’ve ever come across. Oh, and Jeni’s Ice Cream. Obviously. But that’s all I really have planned. Do you know of any amazing restaurants in Austin, TX?? Please give me all the advice in the world, pretty please!!

Oh duh, I’ll also be going to a CrossFit gym. I think I’ll only go once, mostly because I’d rather pack pretty clothes than workout clothes, but I’m pretty excited to try a new gym! Looks like I’ll be heading to Fortitude Fitness-Crossfit 78702. That’s quite a name. But I heard from someone lovely that they will have a really good workout planned for the weekend, so I’m in. Gotta keep up with my fitness while I’m stuffing my face.

Speaking of CrossFit, I totally forgot to tell you guys. This workout below truly sucked the big one. I like to talk about random super hard workouts so other people can try them that don’t go to my gym, CrossFit Broadway. It was absolutely miserable. I love workouts like that. I wish they came around always once a week. It felt pretty similar to 14.5. Check, check, check, check it out:

4 x 5 min AMRAPS Of: ( 2 min rest between)
400 m Run
then AMRAP Of,
5 Power Snatch (135/95)
12 Pull Ups

Speaking of things that are adorable. Oh wait, I wasn’t talking about adorable things. Who cares, it’s time for Jackson’s close up!! Excuse his birthday suit. He doesn’t understand that we don’t fling those things around at the gym. At least he crossed his legs.


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Lunch in a Snap: Chipotle Lettuce Wraps
Prep time

Total time


Serves: 1

  • 4 large butter lettuce leaves
  • 2 pieces of thinly sliced turkey (I used Applegate Farms brand)
  • 2 pieces of thinly sliced ham (again, I used Applegate Farms brand)
  • 2 tablespoons Sir Kensington’s Chipotle Mayo or homemade chipotle mayo
  • a few thin slices of red onion (this is totally up to you how much you use)
  • ¼ avocado, thinly sliced

  1. Place 2 butter leaves on top of each other. Then top with turkey, ham, mayo, red onion and avocado.
  2. Repeat with other butter leaves.
  3. Eat.