5-Ingredient Avocado Pudding

So here’s the thing. There are probably a good 357 avocado pudding recipes out there. I’m seen them everywhere. I even made one when I first started paleo and my mom thought it tasted like dog doo. I disagreed. I am pretty easy to please when it comes to food. If it tastes even semi good, I’m into it. No matter what mixtures of flavors that are going on. Like avocado and cocoa powder. HOLY MOLY, it tastes good. At first it kinda creeped me out, then I couldn’t stop eating it. Thankfully I no longer need a boyfriend, I have avocado pudding in my life to fulfill my needs.

Speaking of random things that taste good together, I went to sushi the other night. And not only ate sashimi, but had some sake bombs too! Sake virgin right here! So here’s the thing, I probably haven’t had sushi innnnnnnnn 5-6 years. Before I was paleo. It always made me sick and I kind of wanted to die. Not really. But I didn’t want to eat it, ever.again. But when sushi came onto my agenda, I manned up and decided to go the sashimi route at this restaurant called Blue in downtown Denver. I had a sashimi platter, mango hama, and ceviche style white fish. If you don’t know what any of this means, it’s cool. I don’t either. I just know it tastes FREAKING AWESOME. Seriously so awesome. Guess it was the rice that was making me sick before. But I was seriously like a little giddy child. Mostly because I had taken 3 sake bombs so my child-like qualities were appearing. Sake bombs are intense. Like real intense. My little bombs were small because I would only fill my glass up 1/2 inch from the bottom with beer, but I still proceeded on to pee 6-8 times that night. How does that even make sense?

Guess what?! I was recently asked to be featured in Paleo Living Magazine for the iPad app! They wanted to feature a recipe with a video tied along with it.  Thankfully, I post obnoxious cooking videos from time to time, so they used one of those. Now EVEN MORE people can watch me humiliate myself! Awesome. I haven’t seen it because I’m poor and can’t afford an iPad, but I’m sure the app is awesome and the more paleo apps one has, the better. If you would like a free 3 month subscription to Paleo Living Magazine on your iPad, just follow these simple steps!

  1. On your iPad, search for and install Paleo Living Magazine in the App Store.
  2. Once installed, open Paleo Living Magazine inside of Newsstand, tap Subscribe, then tap Current Subscribers.
  3. Finally, enter the code PaleoLiving3Month. Case sensitive so don’t be dumb.
  4. Boom. Paleo Living Magazine at your finger tips!

I am obsessed with this song right now. I’ve listened to it 11-13 times today. It makes me smile from the inside out. Truth. Check it.


5-Ingredient Avocado Pudding

  • Yield: 1 1x


  • 1/2 avocado, mashed
  • 12 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder (the more, the chocolatey-er)
  • 2 teaspoons raw honey
  • 1 teaspoon sunbutter (or other nut butter)
  • pinch of salt
  • dark chocolate chips-optional


  1. Mash up your avocado.
  2. Add in your cocoa powder, raw honey, sunbutter, pinch of salt and mix thoroughly.
  3. Top with dark chocolate chips if you would like. I liked.
  4. Eat it up!
  5. **if you want to go over the top it chocolatey flavor and give your pudding a protein boost, add a tablespoon of Primal Fuel Chocolate


For an even creamier texture, puree in your food processor.

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115 thoughts on “5-Ingredient Avocado Pudding”

  1. Oh man, If there’s one thing I miss it’s those foods with that fantastic pudding-y texture that (I thought) you could only really get with dairy products or vegan soy knock-offs.

    Dear husband is having a boys weekend, and I am totally going to have an avocado pudding weekend!

  2. This looks fantastic, and I just picked up a bag of avocados at Trader Joe’s on Saturday that need to be used today! Thanks for all the great recipes. If you scroll through my bookmarked recipes, yours are the majority!

  3. Do you think I could make several servings and keep them for a day or two? I figure the discoloration of the avocados won’t matter since it looks chocolatey anyway.

    1. I’ve found that the longer you keep it, the more the avocado flavor comes out. So it’s a bit more tasty if you just make a small serving and eat it right there

      1. Thanks for taking the time to reply! I’ll make it right before the kids get home from school, then, perfect for a fun after school snack! They’ll think I’ve gone crazy giving them chocolate pudding for a snack!

      2. I actually felt like the CHOCOLATE flavor came out more as it sat. I ate some straight from the food processor and it seemed very avocado-y, but the next night I tasted a lot more of the chocolate and the sunbutter. Either way, it was INSANO good. I struggle with cravings for sweets and that one hit the spot!

  4. OH OH OH! I am so making this TONIGHT!!! Wonder how it would taste with a bit of coconut in it?? I shall experiment!

  5. This looks AWESOME! my sister and I were just looking for a new pudding recipe….all of the ones we have tried so far are either wayy too avocado-y or cocoa-y and bitter! This one looks really simple and delicious!!
    Can’t wait to make it!

  6. My husband decided last time that we wanted the raspberry recovery fuel. I don’t think that would be particularly tasty in avocado pudding. Lame. Or maybe it will taste like a raspberry mocha?? I’m gonna try it.

  7. Ahhh, I am addicted to that song too. Reminds me so much of Mumford & Sons. Also, can’t wait to try this recipe…I love avocado and chocolate, but have never tried them together!

  8. I’ve been wondering about the whole Avocado Chocolate Pudding thing – if you recommend it, I’m willing to give it a whirl.

    Is it wrong that I intend to use my 3-year-old grandson as a guinea pig, though? He’ll eat just about anything chocolate…

  9. Re: Sushi making you sick….my bet would be on the gluten in the soy sauce, or the soy sauce generally. Most people tolerate white rice pretty well, but gluten and soy? Not so much.

  10. DE-LISH!!!! My best friend got me into ur site and helping me transition to paleo (3 weeks dairy/sugar/mostly grain free!!!! Who would of think it??!?!) . I got a text showing a pic of this recipe and had the overwhelming urge to make immediately! Let me tell u….. This was PERFECT for my PMS-must have chocolate now craving!!!!!!!! Little do my husband and children know but they owe their lives to u now!!!! Lol

  11. Hey there!! Just wanted to tell you that you are heaven sent!!! The zucchini recipe is divine!!!! I have also made your blueberry muffins so many times I have the recipe burned in my brain! I can’t wait to try the avocado pudding. I really thought I wouldn’t last on paleo until I stumbled upon your site!! Thanks a million!

  12. WHY are you showing me chocolate on my sugar detox?! Mean woman! Avocado + cocoa powder is great I’m sure, but I would love to sprinkle about half a bag of dark chocolate chips on top of it. Or the whole bag.
    Do you know how hard it is to make brownies and not lick the batter spoon? It takes willpower I’m telling you.

    I will be definitely be giving this a try in 10 days when I’m not punishing myself and avoiding 100% of sugar 🙂

  13. I made avocado pudding once for Mr. Oberg, he got super grossed out by the idea of chocolate avocado and said if I ever make it again not to tell him what’s in it. Oh well, more for me

  14. Sooo, I found out, the hard way, that I’m allergic to raw honey. I can have things with honey that has been baked with no problem. But I will never touch raw honey again! How can I substitute the raw honey in this recipe? Any suggestions???

  15. I am visiting the fam this week in Colorado and was curious if i could swing by your cross fit gym and thank you for making me a better cook. im a guy and cooking scares me every time i try a new recipe. i also wanted to buy your friends cookbook and was curious, do you have them there?

    1. you are welcome to drop by the gym Andy, but I can’t promise i’ll be there. more of my time is spent in the kitchen now. as for the book, I don’t have it on hand but you can buy it on her website!

  16. I loved this. Lick the plate good! I really love your blog because of your passion for exercise but more so for the food. I have been considered to be a bit “weird” with my food pairings, or my food pairings are “weird” I would rather say. 🙂 For instance, I love coating cold cherries with coconut oil. It hardens on it and I think its amazing!

  17. Your pudding looks awesome and I would love to try it. I’m following a very strict diet, however, and can’t have honey or butter (any kind). What do you recommend I substitute the sunbutter with? Would a teaspoon of olive oil work?


  18. I can’t WAIT to try this recipe!!! *sigh* Your blog makes my mouth happy. Finally able to eat food that isn’t just good for me but tastes good too. YAY for you!!! 🙂

    PS: TOTALLY in love with PP…AMAZING song. Only Idol winner I have ever really truly wanted to buy their CD.

  19. omg I just found this recipe. I didn’t have any avocados so I substituted half of a cooked yam, peeled. It was awesome! Thank you Juli, I love your blog!

  20. Genius! I’m so going to try this but with shredded coconuts instead of chocolate chips. 🙂 Love your blog! Helps keep me motivated about Whole30 and Paleo. <3 God Bless you!

  21. I’m also obsessed with this song right now. Obsessed! I’ve made this pudding before with orange zest and a dribble of OJ, damn tasty.

  22. This is so good. Mine seemed too thick so I added a lil coconut milk & a lil more almond butter and I was in heaven! Thank you!

  23. WOW!!!! I honestly had to make this more because I was so interested in the taste thinking can it really be as good as she and everyone else says and YES IT IS!!! Thank you – fast, simple and 2 teaspoons fixed my craving (until tomorrow)

  24. Found this on a different paleo blog and was super excited…a chocolate pudding made out of…*GASP*…avocados?! So I went home and lo and behold already had all the ingredients to make it. So I made it, took a spoonful and was in heaven (this may be because I have a ridiculous head over heels love-hate relationship with chocolate and sweets in general and was on Day 4 of my modified version of the sugar detox). Anyways, I decided to have a bowl-ful of it and all night, my body hated me and decided to punish me by making me feel like crap. So what was it? The avocados? Whatever it was, it scared me to death and I will not attempt to do a rerun of this ever again 😐

    1. Well think about how much fat is in an avocado…a lot. So it could just be over doing it with the fat content. Everybody’s body is different, so that much fat might not be the best for you. Just a guess though

  25. I found you a boyfriend! I’m not actually sure he’s single and now that I think about it he may not even be a he although I think he is.


    He’s perfect for you. He’s sarcastic (although no-body holds a candle to you), loves to cook and especially loves chocolate. It would be a match made in heaven!

    I only got as far as the BBQ’s triple chocolate brownie and I stopped and came to tell you about him. Maybe if he’s married he has a brother or friend!!

  26. Omygosh. I just made this. And added half a banana and a bit of almond milk. All in the food processor. The result is explosions of happiness in my mouth 😀

  27. you had me at pudding. 😉

    just discovered your site and LOVE what you’re up to!

    totally need to do more stalking…er, reading. congrats on the cookbook!

    what do you think about carob chips vs. chocolate? any difference in taste/health?

    and next time I’m in Denver (could be any day), we’re meeting up for a food fest!

    ps – great song. 🙂

  28. Well, here’s a reminder. I almost had a full blown paleo-panic-attack in the middle of The Cheesecake Factory the other week. I know, right, why is a paleo peep even crossing the threshold at a restaurant that’s namesake sake is SUGAR? Because they have the best burgers, y’all – according to my hubs.

  29. First off, I’m definitely getting a stupid- amazing food processor STAT! Second, this recipe is amazing! Yes I made two of your desserts today, I just couldn’t contain myself. The avocado and cocoa mix had me weird-ed out, but weird-ed out no more. This stuff rocks my socks!!

  30. I get distracted easily and ate most of this before I got to the last couple of ingredients! I call it the 3 ingredient chocolate pudding and it was delicious! I just melted a few dark chocolate/organic/low sugar chips and added the avocado, then threw in a dash of honey (I think I will skip that next time- too sweet). So delicious that my 3 year old put his fingers in the bowl trying to get what was left on the side that he couldn’t scrape up with the spoon! Thank you for the inspiration!! Next time I will try all 5 ingredients! Sooooooo good!

  31. This reminded me of home.. we used tons of sugary condensed milk and espresso. I will give this a go once I’m over with my 21 DSD!! With coconut milk for sure.

  32. Just had some day old avocado chocolate (we need to name this gem) pudding, threw a few sliced strawberries on it…..heaven!!

  33. Used hazelnut butter for mine, half as much honey, and lots of extra cocoa powder; also added some dark chocolate chips and chia seeds for extra fiber. A bit of a strange aftertaste, but definitely good!

  34. Hey, Your site is great…its actually the first site that I’ve looked at that has given me even better ideas to stick to Paleo living!
    Was wondering about this…..could raw chunky almond butter be a good substitute?

  35. JULI……Tell your mom to try this with a cold, very ripe avocado.. It makes a huge difference in the taste. Taste weird with a warm one.. “that’s what she said” What.. Ha ha! No but seriously it taste amazing that way and this is the best choc avocado pudding recipe out there. I have tried a ton of them and almost gave up. PROPS!

  36. I guess I’m the in the minority of this. I tried this out and while it is a very simple recipe, the result was not that great. It kinda just proved to me if anything that I need to stop trying to substitute things I’ve given up with imitations. So in a good way, making this has helped me out! I’m glad everyone else is enjoying it though.

  37. WoW, amazing. I just made it and ate it. So good!

    I just made some little modifications.

    • I used Macadamia nut butter (homemade with soaked nuts)
    • I added some coconut milk (creamy part) to the butter
    • I used dark chocolate chips (85%)

    I heated in a pan: nut butter, honey, salt and cocoa powder until well melted.

    Then I added chocolate chips, mashed avocado and mixed well (easier if warm). In the end, I topped it with blueberries and blackberries. So YummY!.

    Greetings from Italy,

  38. I’ve read and tried so many paleo recipes on various blogs and this is the first one that’s made me want to write about HOW DELICIOUS IT IS. I love the simplicity. I love that it’s only 5 ingredients!!

  39. whoa! i have just recently started experimenting with going paleo and have found it so hard to do away with “treats”. i’ve always tried to make my treats using raw/fresh ingredients, dairy free and with minimal sugar, but having to do away with flour throw a spanner into my baking works! then i found this recipe! i have just made a bowl and am actually struggling to finish it! (this is a total first, i’m usually able to finish anything chocolate, regardless of my appetite). well done on a fab recipe! can’t wait to add create my own variations 🙂

  40. Just wanted to let u know how much I’m loving your website! I am new to paleo and was vey reluctant at first … but no more :). This “pudding” really is yummy!

  41. This is perfect and incredible in every way. I topped it with shredded coconut and it was extra delicious. Thank you for your amazingness.

  42. JUST made this.. although my avacado wasn’t as ripe as i was wishing (middle of the night preggo craving.. don’t judge! :P) so I decided to add a banana to the mix.. to ensure a smooth texture.. and i used almond butter instead of sunbutter (had on hand)…
    Can I just say how much this CHANGED My life lol! I cannot finish the bowl, so i’m putting this in a thermos for my ODS to take to school tomorrow, and for my youngest as a snack. LITERALLY never making “pudding” again.. WTH was Jello thikning?

  43. As a vegetarian who tries to eat as healthy as possible, living with a man following the Paleo diet, I am always looking for food that can appease all of my cravings and that he can eat as well.

    I made this in the morning, I forgot the salt and used almond butter cause that’s what I had and it was super delicious! I can use it even as a spread on whatever bread substitute I will settle for 😀

    Thank you, it was delicious! 😀

  44. Delicious (as always), and my kids loved it. Score! For those of you sugar detoxing, I’ve made this with dates instead of honey before and it was just as good. I did soak the dates in hot water first to soften them.

  45. I tried a different avocado pudding recipe not long ago, and it did not hold a candle to this! So good!

  46. This is deliciosity!

    Made it quick and dirty, meaning mashed it all up with a fork in a bowl…whole avacado 2 T-ish of cocoa I didn’t have any sunbutter around. so I threw in some cinnamon instead. I know, makes no sense, right? But the flavor was spot on. so I dipped my strawberries in it.

    It’s my birthday week I can eat fruit if I want to.

  47. I am ALWAYS craving something chocolatey, and this right here definitely helps the craving! Never been a huge fan of avocados by themselves, but loooved them mixed with a lil cocoa powder. Thanks for sharing this bomb recipe!

  48. Wow, what a surprise! This recipe came to the rescue. My 10yr old daughter was craving something sweet and she was tired of the same old stuff. She loves to cook, but it was getting late and we needed something good and FAST! This was perfect! Loved it, and it will definitely be a part of our afternoon snack menu!!

  49. I am only just starting to think about going paleo and one of my weaknesses is Nutella. My daughter loves it too. This is like a healthy version of nutella. I added a wee bit of yogurt; didn’t use chocolate chips and it came out smooth and yummy. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I think I will call it Paleotella; or maybe Avocatella. Either way; delish!! I am going to have to buy more avocados. Thanks for this recipe!!

  50. This was delicious! I puréed it but also added a banana, which helped sweeten it a bit more. It was very smooth and delicious! Now I always have something yummy to do with the avocados in my CSA box!

  51. This could totally be used as a frosting! I hate that coconut oil based frosting melts when you leave it out and gets hard as a rock in the fridge–here’s the answer!!

  52. Omg, I just made this tonight and it.was.freaking.awesome. I love, love, LOOOVE chocolate pudding, and since being paleo I haven’t dabbled into it much, since I hate taking the time to make REAL pudding from scratch (eggs, cream, it just takes sooo long to set… too long, I just want to devour it right then and there). I kinda knew it’d be good, but while I was making it-it just weirded me out that it was made of avocado, I kept thinking… man I hope this turns out good, and it did! I really missed pudding. It’s super filling too, I had a couple spoonsful and couldn’t handle anymore whereas I’d eat a whole bowl of boxed pudding before lol. I took the leftovers and put em in some popsicle molds and shoved it in the freezer, hope it turns out good.

  53. So this might sound weird, but I mixed some Dark Chocolate Almond Milk into mine to give it a smoother pudding texture and add to the chocolate taste. Delicious!

  54. Oh my, I just made this and scoffed the whole thing, I am in pure pudding heaven. So great to find a tasty paleo dessert recipe that doesn’t require a tonne of ingredients or take three hours to make. Great work, thank you!!

  55. Holy cow. Just made this last night. I had some to use up so I ended up using 1 1/2 avocados total and just kept adding honey and almond butter until i liked it – still used about 2 tbsp of cocoa powder.

    Brought some in to work and now I have sent the recipe out to 5 people! I’ll take full credit if they now buy your book 🙂

  56. This was so good, even better than I expected!! I added a splash of vanilla but otherwise stuck to the recipe. I just smashed it but would definitely recommend using a food processor.

  57. I used to make a version of this when I was eating vegan! It’s so good.
    I just made it with half of the honey and half the nut butter, I forgot the salt, and added a drop of vanilla extract. That’s what it was missing.

  58. This is an OMFG recipe!
    Made it a couple times now…satisfying in so many ways! Thank you, thank you!

  59. I made a similar pudding last night based on (but modified of course) a recipe in O magazine: avocado, coconut milk, cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla & almond extracts, and a little honey (I put < 1 tablespoon in 2 servings of pudding). Mixed all that and topped with sea salt, toasted coconut flakes, and a few toasted pecan pieces. Divine!

  60. Made this and shared with my roommates…they couldn’t believe it was so simple and made with avocados! Brilliant site, I’m going to keep making your recipes!

  61. This was great! I did add just a touch of almond milk as it was pretty thick. I gave both my kids a spoonful, without telling them what it was made from until after they said yum!

  62. Have made this pudding twice now, first time with almond butter and topped with strawberries and tonight with cashew butter, topped with shredded coconut and frozen berries – both times it was delicious, stupidly told someone at work it was made with avocados and they wouldn’t try it, oh well, their loss! Thanks for a great recipe.

  63. This was freakin amazing!!! Made it last night because I have an over abundance of avocados at the moment AAAAAND was craving chocolate. Yea, I can’t wait to eat it again!!!! And share it with my three sisters 😉 thank you!!!

  64. Verrrrry tasty! I LOVE avocados. AND chocolate. As in, just give me some chocolate and no one will get hurt!

    Totally agree with those who stated it is very filing and had trouble eating the whole serving at one time (although I used 1 small whole avo).

    Suggested tweaks:
    Even though the honey is a very small amount, if battling dental decay and/or avoiding sugar carbos for any reason, a more tooth- and blood-sugar-friendly sweetener is xylitol granules. Just make sure you purchase 100% xylitol (some manufacturers add other fillers to cut corners).

    If you are a xy newbie, and tend to be digestively sensitive, be aware that xylitol can cause looseness and gas until body adapts. Best to start with small quantity and increase intake s l o w l y.

    Instead of choc chips, sprinkle cocoa nibs (advantage: no added sugar).

    Instead of yogurt, try a slug of unflavored Kefir.

    Or how about a couple of pinches of matcha green tea powder?

  65. Love avocado. Love chocolate.
    Love your website, your rantings and your recipes!
    But I’m afraid I’m with your mom on this one ;-(
    Will have to stick to my sweet potato based choc.mousse, and, darn, wll now have to try ALL your other treat/desert recipes… ;-D

  66. Made this last night to get a chocolate fix and to use up half an avocado I had sitting around. It was so good!! I also had a little leftover coconut cream in the fridge, so I threw that in too. Used crunchy almond butter, and topped with a little cinnamon. So, so good!!

  67. Thanks for the recipe. I’m about to have my wisdom teeth pulled out so I am looking for soft paleo foods, this seems perfect!

  68. The recipe looks really amazing! I only make avocado salad and this pudding recipe inspires me a lot! I would give it a try!

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