Covid and quarantine has changed so many people’s workouts and routines. Before quarantine, maybe you were heading to the gym every day after work and feeling great. Then once Covid hit, you felt a little lost at home. Or maybe it was the complete opposite – working from an office was constantly throwing your fitness schedule off and now you have all the freedom from home. No matter what your situation is, I want to keep you moving, even if you don’t have access to any equipment at the moment.

Back in February I launched my Power Program & Power30 Program, both that use minimal equipment. But when quarantine started and getting equipment was close to impossible, I created my Power Body Program! This 8-week program includes 5 different workouts every single week, all without a need for any equipment whatsoever! And the best part is that you don’t need much space. I won’t tell you to go out and run 800m or ask you to hop on a bike – all you need is a space the size of a yoga mat! And the program has both Beginner & Advanced options to choose from!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite bodyweight workouts that pack a punch and help you get the most out of your workout! These movements will help strengthen, build muscle, and keep you moving no matter if you have equipment or not! No need for an excuse, I’m here to keep you accountable!

First up is the pike push up! You can always start with push ups on your knees, then move to push ups on your toes, then it’s time to conquer the pike push up. This will help sculpt your shoulders and back while challenging your muscles in a new way!

Next up is tricep extensions! It can be challenging to find many tricep bodyweight movements that don’t include bench dips, but this simple movement packs a punch and will help define the back of your arms!

Foot elevated single leg glute bridges are one of my favorite movements. It activates your glute like no other and you can feel the burn after just a couple reps!

If you want to shape the outer glutes, these side lying hip raises will get you there with just a handful of reps on a regular basis. Make sure to squeeze the hips forward as you lift your leg each rep.

Bear hold glute kickbacks work the whole body! Not only do your abs need to activate to keep a steady hold, but your shoulders, quads, and glutes will all light up with every rep!

The bird dog movement is simple enough – step it up a notch by holding a bear hold at the same time. Bring the knees a couple inches off the ground in a bear hold position then begin the bird dog movement. The core has to fight hard in this movement while your strengthen the shoulders and the glutes at the same time!

The cossack squat is super challenging for me because of my ankle mobility, but I try to do it as often as possible! The goal is to squat down to one side, putting as much weight as possible on that side while lying to opposite leg out straight, into a lateral lunge position. Not only will it help you build strength all throughout the leg, but it will improve mobility at the same time!

If you want to spike your heart rate, try this in-and-out frog jumps! As you squat down each time, try to keep the back straight and chest elevated to keep your back in a safe position. This move will get you sweating real quick!

And last but not least – side plank crunches. This movement is all about balance and coordination! Keep the hips as elevated as possible, then squeeze that oblique to bring the elbow and knee together!

Hopefully all 9 these movements get you trying something new, keep you moving when you have no equipment around, and keep you motivated long term! This pandemic may have thrown us off course, but we will prevail! Click here to learn more about the Power Body Program and get moving today without any equipment!

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