Almond Flour Coconut Waffles

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Almond Flour Coconut Waffles

  • Yield: 1-2 1x




  1. Plug in your waffle iron. You don’t have a waffle iron? Why? Because it’s the most pointless tool in the kitchen and is only useful for one kind of food. True. But buy one. Waffles are awesome.
  2. Whisk your eggs in a medium-large sized bowl.
  3. Add your coconut milk and whisk together with eggs.
  4. Next add your almond flour and mix together.
  5. Then add your shredded coconut, arrowroot powder, baking soda and mix together.
  6. Lastly, add in your honey, vanilla, salt and cinnamon. Mix together thoroughly.
  7. Pour into your waffle iron and cooking until cooked through. It took about 4 minutes for mine to cook through and crisp up.


This made 3 full waffles for me.

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PaleOMG Almond Flour Coconut Waffles


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158 thoughts on “Almond Flour Coconut Waffles”

  1. ahhh. I.WANT.WAFFLES.NOW. MUST buy a waffle maker so day 31 i can make some waffles! ahhh. (i love peeling my face too, even tho i know i shouldnt…just be careful not to peel a not so ready piece as it can scar…ive only had red marks left behind and they fade fast)

    1. A waffle maker is the best thing ever, I don’t care what anyone says. You better start writing down everything you plan on making day 31 lol

  2. Super curious to know how well the peel works. I’m 34, but for some reason, I suddenly look like I’m 14. That might be because I have no boobs and an emo attitude, but the acne sure doesn’t help.

  3. I cannot wait to make these! I am a waffle/pancake lover!!
    By the way, you are freakin’ awesome! I enjoy reading your blog…. you are hilarious!

  4. Hey there, another great recipe that I have on the ready! Just one question, I usually sub almond flour for coconut since my son has a severe coconut allergy (wth!), but what can I sub for coconut milk? I can’t find anything that matches the consistency and I need waffles (and chili and …)!! It’s just not the same without it.

  5. So, I found your blog the last night and continued reading it at work this morning (super slacker, but hey its tuesday, the week is young), and this post made me snort my coffee. So just wanted to say thanks for that (and the weird side-eye I got from my older coworker). I’m planning on making these waffles for Sunday morning breakfast, since they clearly look like heaven.

  6. I just made these, and they are amazing! I’m more of a low carb eater but I keep seeing Paleo recipes that work for me. Just dunno if I’d ever be willing to give up cheese…. But I just recently found your site and I love it already 🙂

    1. Good Barbara! I definitely do love me some carbs but you can calm them down. And I totally know what you mean about cheese. I’ve cut it out but it’s my go to when I need a salty snack

  7. Ok, so I made these this morning and they were absolutely delicious! 🙂 I do have a question about it…It was very thick, so it was hard to “pour” and even out on the waffle iron. Any idea why it may have been really thick or a way to make it less thick?!

    1. Maybe adding a bit more coconut milk to the mixture would help thin it out a bit. They are pretty testy so try that and see if it helps! Glad they still turned out yummy though!!

    2. I just made these this morning and found I needed about a half cup of coconut milk to get a waffley consistency. Otherwise, extremely delicious and very hearty! I’m happy to have something to put syrup on 🙂

  8. What is 1.5 cups of almond meal?? Is it 1 1/2 or 1/2 a cup? I don’t mean to be all technical, just wanna make sure I make it right! Btw, I LOVE your site! 🙂

  9. For those us less fortunate types with no waffle makers, do you think i could make pancakes outta this?

    Please say yes

  10. I love your comments. You so make me laugh because I you talk just like I do. At least to my friends anyways. You just keep it real. as it should be.

  11. This is just the kind of thing I need to convince myself (and the rest of the family) that grain-free can be gratifying. I changed my diet only a month ago and still crave bread-like items. No fair that my husband actually baked homemade bread today. This satisfies, thank you!

    My waffles needed 1/2 cup of coconut milk and even then the batter was pretty thick. What brand did you use? And does coconut flour really sub for arrowroot? I thought they had fairly different properties. Anyway I used tapioca since that’s what I had. Also I have a 4-square type waffle iron and this didn’t quite make enough to fill it twice. Maybe I should have added some water or almond milk to thin the batter a little more. Will definitely double the recipe next time and freeze some.

    1. I use canned coconut milk, did you use the carton or can? The coconut flour is just a bit of a thickener and arrowroot does the same sort of thing. A lot of people don’t have arrowroot powder on hand and I’ve tried making it with both and it has worked just fine. Thinning out the batter a bit would be totally fine i’m sure!! Glad you found something that satisfies Kristina!

      1. Hmm, I used the regular Thai Kitchen stuff and it was pretty thick right out of the can. Doesn’t really matter – my kids still gobbled these up and I’ll just keep tweaking until I get the results I’m after 🙂 Thanks.

  12. Thanks for this awesome recipe!! We don’t have a waffle maker, but I thought if I baked little blobby patties of the batter, it might work kind of the same way.

    So…it didn’t make pancakes or waffly things, but it made english muffins!!!! (Which we ate with maple syrup)

    We are super thrilled because we realized that if we tweak the recipe just a bit, we can make all kinds of yummy bread/muffin/stuff with our endless supply almond meal.

    -I used almond meal and then coconut flour for the thickener. I baked the flat circular blobs at 450 in my toaster oven and flipped them when then started to turn brown.

    Garlic Bread, anyone??

    Thanks again! 🙂 Happy Paleo Fam!

    1. Hahaha I can’t stop laughing at your “little blobby patties”…like, I’m crying, I am laughing so hard. I’m gonna try baking them like that and telling my BF we’re having “blobs” for breakfast.

  13. Made these this morning. I am so happy to be able to use my waffle iron again! The kids and I both liked them(haven’t tried them on Hubby yet). I had to use coconut milk instead of canned but it was the unsweetened, unrefrigerated kind. I also added a little more milk at the end to make the batter less thick. Thanks for the recipe!

  14. Made these this weekend and we really enjoyed them!! I bought a waffle iron specifically to make your waffles.

    Chris didn’t care for the coconut flakes but I liked them a lot. I had to add a bit of water and a touch more coconut milk because it was really thick. They cooked nicely and were great as leftovers, straight from the fridge to the toaster oven.

    Next time, I’m making a triple batch and freezing the leftovers. Yum!

  15. Made tonight for dinner for my Paleo Family.. Added some sausage on the side… YUMMY!!! Thanks I used coconut nectar to replace the honey…LOVED them .. Thanks

  16. This was today’s breakfast. I ended up adding an extra egg white. Outstanding flavor – these are a keeper. I used as bread and made sandwich with fried egg and turkey bacon.

  17. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I made these in pancake form and they turned out out-freakin-standing. I did add a smashed up banana(ananana? i don’t know when to stop either..) to the mix for the hell of it, and topped with toasted coconut/almond slices. Y.U.M. Your website kicks ass. I went to culinary school so I love cooking, and I’m pretty much obsessed with working out, so this all fits well. Have you ever tried making apple pancakes? Basic recipe would be a shredded apple, some almond flour, eggs, vanilla, soda and honey. But I always dabble with other additions too like coconut/almond butter/whatever I can find… ANYWAY. I think you rock. Thanks for the laughs and the recipes! 🙂

  18. Just made these and they were great! Nice texture and good flavour. They are quite filling. My son loved them! That’s saying a lot since he’s not big on trying new things, but he had seconds of these. Next time I’m going to caramelize some bananas to go with them. Thanks for the great recipe 🙂

  19. OMG!! THANK YOU THANK YOU for this recipe! Best Paleo Waffles ever!! Might even be the best waffles I’ve ever had period! I had to make a few modifications as I only had about 80% of the ingredients, but I don’t think it went too off track from the original recipe. They were amazing!!

  20. Awesome recipe! Love! Made it for my non-paleo kids & sister & they loved them too. My sister even said she’d never know they were non-grain. I doubled the recipe (except honey & cinnamon) and omitted the coconut flakes. Definitely making these again…I’ve been snitching them from the fridge today 😉

  21. Fantastic – had to add a bit more coconut milk to get the right consistency. My first time making waffles, I can’t wait to try experimenting with other flavors.

  22. i have just made these but with coconut milk and they worked of amazingly! so yummy thank you

  23. These waffles are so good! I used the carton of unsweetened coconut milk and used about 3/4 cup. I loved them and they are very filling, especially with a fried egg on top and agave maple syrup- have mercy!

  24. Very yummy! But I also had to make it with 3/4 cup coconut milk to make batter consistency rather than biscuit consistency.

  25. These sound great! One issue – I am reeeeeeally not a fan of almond. Is there any other type of flour you’d recommend using in place of that, or maybe combined with it (like .5c almond, 1c something else)?

  26. I just made these ahead for breakfast the next few days. I will pop them in the toaster to crisp back up. I did have to sample one though, and they are so delicious! I am the only paleo eater in my household. I live on a farm, we grown 2,000 acres of wheat and other grains. Kind of hard to change my farm boy husbands ways! I will have to hid these in the back of the fridge so my kids won’t see them. Thanks for all the recipes. I have made the double layer fudge, and fudgy brownies and love those as well. I keep them in the freezer and when I need a sweet fix, I grab one.

  27. I made these for something like the 6th time -these are my go to waffles! However, I was shocked to find out my stash of coconut milk was gone – I used my unsweetened almond milk and the waffles came out just as good as when I used the full fat canned coconut milk. I continue to re-toast these (I make double batches) and use for my open face fried egg sandwich!

  28. How expensive are these to make? I used to eat 2 waffles every morning with berry compote as my “syrup” and I must say that it’s the thing I miss the most from my pre-primal/paleo days. However, I’m a SAHM and we live on one income so I was trying to figure out cost logistics…

    1. it depends where you buy your almond flour. if you buy it in bulk online, it’s A LOT cheaper. in the store with up the costs.

  29. I have made these THREE times in the last week! This morning I added some blueberries (since we have an ample supply of them) and yum yum! They are so easy, but my little bag of Bob’s Red Mill almond flour is dwindling rapidly. has a 5 lb bag of Honeyville Almond flour that is on the way (for only $35) so I can make these whenever the urge hits 🙂

  30. OMG these waffles are FANTASTIC!!!!! My boyfriend found the recipe and made them this morning and WOW!!!! Delicious!!! One question, though, and it may be a question someone else has asked, but what’s the nutritional info for one waffle? Calories, protein, etc. They are filling and sooooooooo good!!!! Love the texture the coconut gives and just YUM!!!!

  31. These were amazing and even my non-paleo husband liked them. I found the batter was a bit thick too so I just added a bit more coconut milk and they turned out great! Thank you for another great recipe Juli.

  32. We have egg allergies, so I tried substituting flax eggs and a tiny bit of xanth gum. Then i dropped in dried blueberries. I knew full well this would probably be a mess. As expected, the waffles didn’t stick together, but the big chunks I tediously scrapped off the iron were crispy and delicious. We called them waffle chips. My four year old was thrilled. He misses crispy cereal stuff for breakfast, so this hit the spot.

    I imagine this is a delicious waffle when done with eggs. I used the leftover batter to make some really good pancakes. When i flipped them i mashed them with spatula so they didn’t puff up to much. Thanks for the great recipes.

  33. I am making these tomorrow morning for my paleo family. The kids can’t wait for waffles. Haven’t had them in a long time. Suggestion: paleOMG aprons. I would get one and wear it proudly every time I cook.

  34. James Marquardt

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I’ve been eating paleo for about a month now and it is so hard not having very many options for baked indulgences. These do the trick quite nicely.

  35. Gr8 recipe for waffles!
    My oldest grandson just ate 3 whole waffles….Thanks for your ramblings….

    I am in Denver as well…been on Paleo for about 4 weeks now….had chronic stomach trouble for the last 8 mos…and after 4 days of Paleo….Pain Free Gut!!!
    I have been formulating new recipes as well following Paleo and it has been fun!

    Thanks again for your output and adding to my input!


  36. I enjoyed these quite a bit. I substituted applesauce for the honey. I increased the vanilla by a teaspoon. I didn’t have shredded coconut, so just omitted it. They are a nice break from just eggs… and while they aren’t everything a waffle is supposed to be, they are still pretty decent. I topped them with mixed berries warmed in a bit of orange juice.

  37. Jennifer Brammer

    My son has turned his nose up at every single recipe I’ve made since changing our diet. He requested waffles. I fixed these just positive he would not like them too….WRONG!!! He loved them! The rest of us (nine yr old daughter included) have loved everything from your site that we have tried so far.

  38. Any suggestions on a substitute for honey? We are on the sugar detox, but I would really like to try these. Do you think it would be okay to just omit that ingredient?

  39. I surfed in thanks to Google after Diane Sanfillippo mentioned Paleo waffles on Facebook.
    You had me at “living room,” but I loved you at “sh*t balls.” (Not in that way.) (Maybe in that way.) Reading the rest of your blog now! Waffles for dinner! Being a grown-up is fun! WHEEEEEEE!

  40. Made these in Germany, but not sure about the almond meal I have here compared to US almond meal, because as the recipe calls for 1.5 cups of almond meal, the dough was so thick upon preparation that I had to add 1/4 c. more of coconut milk, and an extra egg (and a little oil). I don’t like reviewing recipes unless I do them as first written, so I won’t comment on that, but just leave the tip to say here’s what I added: 1 egg, 2 tbs rapeseed oil, and 1/4 c. more coconut milk. Thanks for the good basic recipe, though.

  41. Curious if I could add a little vanilla egg protein powder to this recipe? What do you think? Was going to omit the shredded coconut bc I know my kids won’t eat those, but maybe I could sub with the same amount of protein powder? I just like to give them a handy snack full of protein & usually it makes the waffles nice & crispy on the outside & soft on the inside.

  42. This is what I have longed for since I finished my Whole30–something wonderful for Saturday morning breakfast! I thought my waffle iron was completely retired, but I was wrong! Yea! I put pecans on top of mine before closing the iron; and then topped them with raspberries and honey and chicken apple sausage. You know what else would have been fabulous–if I’d had some–is chocolate chips dropped on the warm waffles! OMG! I’m going to have to prepare for future Saturday mornings! I love your posts! The rosemary chicken (I used apricots instead of dates) is the BEST! Here in the south (south Texas) we LOVE mixing sweet and savory (thus the sausage with the waffles) but you probably know that with relatives in Dallas. Thanks, Juli, you’re the best, too, along with your rosemary chicken and these waffles!

  43. Juli,

    Made these this morning!!! So freakin good!!!

    Also, saw you yesterday at Fueling the Fire. You are amazing!! Love your sense of humor! Can’t wait for your cookbook. I’m the girl you thought that you knew(I must have one of those faces)…….boy do I wish I did know you and you lived around the corner – I would be your taste tester for sure!!! Keep doing what your doing – YOU ROCK!!!!

  44. Christina,
    Try using MimicCreme. It’s Cashew based and so creamy. It takes of the taste of whatever you are cooking. If it’s too thick ad water to thin it down or milk of choice.

    These are a must try for me. My waffle iron just quit on me after 17 years. So I am in the market for a new one. I am keeping this recipe.

  45. Hi there!

    I just wanted to leave a comment and say this recipe is amazing! My waffle iron is not playing nice at he moment so I make little cookie type things with it instead, which I love!

    I’ve been Paleo for 2 years and I don;t know how I have not come across your site before, but believe me I am so glad I did now – BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

    I think you’re really funny, and your recipes and brilliant!

    Keep on cookin lady!

    Lots of love from London.


  46. Awesome! I’ve just been grain free for over a month & have been craving something chewy… these are so perfect. I substituted the coconut flour for ground flaxseed. Thank you!!!

  47. Hi, I also tried today your recipe and I ask myself how your dough looks like after mixing everything together. do you have a picture of it?
    Here in Austria our almond meal only consists out of 12-15 g fat and 30 g protein (of 100 g) – so the flour is very dry. It would be really interesting for me how your dough looks like. thank you a lot!

  48. Hey Juli! love love love your site!
    Had to comment on these waffles, though! I brought this recipe with me to Hawaii (for the Ironman World Championship!) to make while in my condo here.
    I added some fresh ripe papaya and sweet bananas and it made for such a delicious addition that i had to share!
    I made some extra to carry with me as snacks on the trip home; Mom loves them too!
    thanks so much for all your fun recipes and your sense of humor.

  49. These didn’t work on my waffle iron – when will i learn that for some reason coconut oil doesn’t work for greasing?? HOWEVER, these tasted like DONUTS when made as pancakes!!! delicious!!!! Will def make again. Thank u for your awesome recipes. And u r hillarious. 🙂

  50. Juli-
    This recipe rocks! My children are so mad about this new paleo thing their mami is doing! However, instead of crying over the almond flour pancakes I had made on Monday, they gobbled up these waffles yesterday and today! Phew! Thank god for your recipe!

  51. These waffles never even made it to the table. My kids hovered around the waffle iron and devoured each one as it came off! We did thin the batter with more coconut milk as others suggested and used coconut nectar in place of honey. This made four delicious and filling waffles. Thank you for this great recipe!

  52. Hi Juli,
    Is the mixing sequence in your Almond Flour Coconut Waffle recipe intentional or, perhaps, the sequence that simply occurred as you created this? In other words, did you deliberately not do the traditional mix all wet together, mix all dry together, and then combine?

    Either way, delicious recipe (tried it yesterday)!
    Many thanks!

  53. Made these for the family with Almond flour chicken breasts for some chicken and waffles. The flavors work perfectly together!

  54. Staying with my parents. No waffle maker. Added about 1/4 cup of almond milk to mix and made pancakes. Served with 1 cup of mixed berries with a squirt of lemon and a bit of vanilla (nice measurements I know 😉 and 1 tsp agave syrup all combined in a food processor instead of syrup! ( the berry sauce is adapted from Jane’ Thank you again!

  55. Just made these for my not-Paleo-yet 14 year old son, topped them with puréed fresh strawberries. He LOVED them, I loved them. Will try them on hubby tomorrow. Thank you!

  56. Oops, should have stated I omitted the shredded coconut and cinnamon and increased the vanilla because I wanted it to be as close to a “regular” waffle as possible.

  57. These have become a weekend favorite in my house. My 3.5 year old absolutely loves them! I use 1/2 cup of coconut milk, so I can get a little more out of the batter. They also make excellent leftovers during the week. I refrigerate them and then pop them in the toaster to heat them up slightly. An excellent recipe, thank you!

  58. Just got a waffle maker and I can’t wait to try these! One question though, how important is the honey? I can’t have any sugar right now (wah!!). Could I substitute with some stevia? Or just got without a sweetener?

    1. Nevermind! I just made them (SO GOOD!) and I skipped the honey and just used one packet of stevia. Can’t imagine how awesome these would be with maple syrup – but they were great with some almond butter smeared on top.

  59. These are super yummy, but I agreed with peeps who said they are very thick, think next time I will try more milk also. Is there a reason for the shredded coconut? That’s not my favorite and I might try without it, but wasn’t sure if it is key to the recipe. I have kids who I am working on adapting to Paleo as I am pretty sure my daughter has some degree of intolerance to gluten. She has been asking for waffles so I’m super grateful!

  60. My daughter, who is on a special low carb diet, with no processed sugars, was just craving waffles… Just made these and the whole family enjoyed them! Your site inspired me to take out my fancy waffle maker that my sister’d given me 1 or 2 Xmases ago! Great recipe!

  61. Got a nice little waffle iron at a resale for 5 bucks. Excellent condition, non-stick. Just made these and they are WoNDERFUL. My hubby put one in a bowl immediately and put ice cream on it. I will put fresh fruit and fresh whipped cream or yogurt later on mine for a treat. THANKS!!.

  62. My sons been bugging for waffles so bought me a Cuisnart waffle maker since it was on sale and making waffles tonight with chicken and sauteed brussel sprouts mmmm thanks so much for the recipe.

  63. Absolutely delish!!! Topped them with fresh blueberries and strawberries, oh yum. Making them again SOON!!

  64. Wow what a great recipe!!! I changed it a bit by leaving the coconut and the honey (21DSD) out and was worried that that would mess everything up, but OMG they were so good, we topped them with the 21DSD creamy apple sauce and they were delicious! Definitely a keeper!

  65. So good even my non-paleo carb loving husband loved them!
    I also had to add more coconut milk to the batter and it worked out perfect 🙂 I made them for dinner and had bacon and a delicious grass fed beef patty to go with it (maybe I should of made a burger out of this?? Next time!) The waffle itself was SUPER filling. I made extras and I will pop them in the toaster for breakfast this week. Thanks for your awesomely delicious recipes and I truly appreciate your sense of humor, it’s like I’ve known you forever! This stupid phone won’t let me rate but 5 stars!

  66. We just had 6 1st graders over for a campout and I made these for bfast ( some of them have milk and wheat allergies) and they loved them! I made my coconut milk and switched out the 1.5 cups almond flour for homemade coconut flour and they were quite good, I even saved some for the mommys and they liked them too :)…………. thankyou so much, I will be writing this one down in my fav cookbook ( a spiral notebook full of my fav recipes :))

  67. I made these waffles this morning and I loved them! I added blueberries to them and I ended up using 1 cup of coconut milk. worked out amazingly 🙂 thanks!

  68. I had a real problem with it sticking to the waffle maker to where I couldn’t get the waffles off without it all breaking. what can you use to spray and oil up the maker? I used coconut oil and it did not work!!

  69. My family loves these waffles(especially my husband)! Thanks for sharing! Love all your recipes, it has helped me cope tremendously:0).

  70. Along with your chocolate waffle recipe, this has become one of my personal favorites to make for a lazy Sunday brunch. Also, I wanted to add that I have experimented by replacing the almond flour with ground hazelnuts and it makes for a delightful holiday treat! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe with us!

  71. We LOVE the consistency of these waffles and made them with honey and the second time with maple syrup. Awesome both times but SO bitter with the baking soda. I feel like I just ate baking soda toothpaste. Any modifications you can suggest?

  72. I’m not sure what I did wrong but this is the first recipe from this site that I’ve tried that did not turn out in the slightest. It was incredibly thick, to the point where I couldn’t even mix the ingredients correctly, so added more coconut milk to thin it out a bit. Even with a well oiled iron, it stuck like crazy. I tried thinning it to waffle consistency for the next waffle and it stuck even worse. We tried eating the pile o crumbs that came out and even with real syrup and homemade coconut butter, they just didn’t taste good. :(. I’m pretty sure I followed the recipe to a T, but maybe my almond and coconut flour were different from everyone else’s? So weird. I’m pretty sure it was on my end since everyone else rated it highly.

  73. I feel like these are a gift from the paleo Gods. How on earth can these be good for me? They are the most amazing waffles!
    I know the comments are older but for the lady whose son is allergic to coconut – I used kefir. I know it’s not technically paleo but I make my own so I feel it’s pretty healthy.

  74. Added two really ripe bananas to a doubled recipe. Totally outa da park!!!!!
    Thanks for a new GO TO Waffle recipe.

  75. I’m not on a paleo diet but have a wheat sensitivity so make a lot of gluten free stuff, including waffles…wanted to try some with almond flour and came across this recipe when I searched – I love almond and coconut so was excited to try these. Like others I had to add a lot more coconut milk but aside from that followed the recipe…very filling but not as flavorful as I expected with all the almond/coconut. I think I will try again but omit the shredded coconut for maybe a smoother texture…then add some almond extract and some nutmeg or cloves to spice them up. Overall tho, for a paleo/grain free waffle these were good but maybe a little tweaking needed. Thanks!!

  76. OMG I just made these & to be honest I didnt expect much….BUT I was so wrong, they taste awsome!!!! I’m new to Paleo and I love your site!

  77. I am new to paleo, I am loving all the recipes I have tried from your book and look forward to your quick recipe book coming out soon. I made these this week and even my kids are them, but I see several people are talking about freezing them to have them quickly ready but my waffles are to big to just pop in the toaster later in the week unless I divide them up, but has anyone actually frozen the dough and had success?? Thanks.

  78. These are yummy! I doubled the coconut milk and left out the arrowroot/coconut flour and they came out great…thanks!

  79. My husband and I have been primal paleo for about a year now and out teenage son joined us last December. He was starting to get tired of all the meat and veggies and was about to give up, until he found your site! Thank you for creating it! He finds all the “treaty” recpies he needs to feel like his diet is well-rounded enough for him, and it’s got him to learn about baking. Yay! Pulling my mom’s wonderful old waffle iron out this morning :-).

  80. Juli I swear you are a gluten free/paleo gift from the gods. I try so many recipes that I end up throwing away or just wasting ingredients. But every single thing I make from your site is so good and I know it will work. A million thank you’d to you!!! These were awesome, a total waffle fix when I was jonesing.

  81. These were good, but I wasn’t in love. They were REALLY dense, even after I added an additional 1/4 cup coconut milk. I can only eat half a small waffle at a time. Glad I didn’t double the recipe like I wanted to originally. I’ll stick to another waffle recipe you posted that I love!

  82. Unlike so many other waffles, these turned out perfectly! Topped w smoked salmon, avocado & chilli 🙂 mmmm thanks so much. They are dense, but yum.
    5 stars but for some reason it won’t let me rate it!

  83. Thanks so much for this recipe! I didn’t have coconut milk, so I used home made kefir instead – about 3/4 cup, and the waffles came out great! I’m sure they’re yummy with coconut milk – I’ll buy some and try it. I put sliced bananas and blueberries on top. Very good!

  84. I was craving low carb waffles – found this recipe. I made them with only two swaps – I didn’t have coconut flour nor canned coconut milk. SO, I threw some of my unsweetened coconut flakes in the vitamix and buzzed that up to make “flour” and I have a carton of coconut milk. I also did one tweak – I separated the egg – whipped the whites and folded them in at the end. They were a bit thick – i’ll try more coconut milk next time. It made two nice Belgian waffles. I would think topping with a fresh fruit salad or with some roasted pineapple would be amazing!

  85. Thank you sooo much for this recipe!! I have tried to make waffles 2 other times with 2 different recipes and was always so disappointed with the the point I’d just throw them out. These were amazing!! I’m doing the candida diet at the moment so I just used almond flour with a bit of coconut flour and then I used xylitol to sweeten them and they were delish.

  86. I was craving waffles this morning and more low carb. I followed the directions to a T and while the batter was thick it came out perfect! Crisp on the outside, chewy inside and beautiful golden color. Thanks Jules 🙂 fellow Denver neighbor

  87. I kept meaning to come leave a comment on these, and now, since it’s 6:45am and you’ve just made my morning better AGAIN, I’m finally remembering to do so. Let me just say that I am obsessed with almond flour. My husband bought it because it’s good for us, but I cook with it all the time because it’s just so damn good. Seriously, if it can be subbed in, anywhere, I put it in there. Recently, I’ve had a mad hankering for waffles due to keeping Parks and Rec on repeat. Plus, my kids love waffles (who doesn’t ?!) and they’re easy to freeze and have ready for early mornings. So, I tried a few other recipes and was having zero luck. One was too soft. Another called for a crazy amount of arrowroot that ruined the recipe. Then I found one and I’ve never looked any further. These are flippin perfect! They are crispy (hooray!) and flavorful, and just dense enough to fill the kids before school. I’ve made them with and without honey- good both ways- and, recently, when I was out of reg. shredded coconut, I used sweetened coconut and, let’s just say, the kids were thrilled.
    I’m totally stalking all of your other recipes now. THANK YOU!! yummmmmmmmmmmm

  88. I made these this morning and they were better than expected. I love their flavor – thank you for sharing. I topped them with coconut whipped cream and strawberries – perfection!

  89. AMAZING! My doc just had me go grain and legume free. I was craving waffles because we have waffles every Saturday with our girls and I was feeling left out:)

    THESE were awesome! Even my 7 year old loved them! Thank you so much for making me feel like this lifestyle is doable and even enjoyable!

  90. I have recently bought a waffle maker and made “regular” waffles once for my kids and today tried making these. The flavour was outstanding!!
    However I have a question – are these meant to be crispy? Mine weren’t – so I’m just wondering if that is due to the recipe or the fact paleo waffles take twice as long as “regular” ones?

    Any pointers appreciated!

  91. These were delicious! I’ve tried a couple other low carb waffle recipes, but these were softer, more moist, and more like the real thing! And they turned out beautifully. We topped ours with some Greek yogurt and strawberries for a little waffle shortcake. Totally satisfying!

  92. These waffles are delicious! I substituted pureed pumpkin for the shredded coconut and cooked them for 5 min and they came out great! Thanks for the best waffle recipe ever!

  93. These are supposed to be low carb waffles, but you do not say how many carbs. As a person with diabetes on an insulin pump I need this information! Please provide recommended serving size and carbs per serving. Thank you.

    1. i don’t think i said anywhere that these were low carb. but either way, you can enter the recipe into a nutritional calculator to find out that information!

  94. I didn’t like the article about peeing before reading a recipe. Quite disturbing if you ask me. I almost didn’t even look at the recipe because of it.

    It was a great recipe, but no need for drama in the directions either (Waffle iron plugin area). Very tasty and a little more crumbly than regular waffles.

  95. Trying to make these for my diabetic child. How many carbs per serving? What is a serving size? I use a Belgium waffle iron.

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