Back to School Meal Planning Made Easier Than Ever with Real Plans

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I may not have kids or have any interest in breeding, but I know a lot of you guys out there do. And I commend you for that. Having kids is a hell of a lot of work and it takes a tremendous amount of planning. First comes school, then homework, then sports, then after school programs. And because of all of that, meal planning is often forgotten about and families are turning to frozen meals, pizza or whatever fast food is available. But you know what? That’s not needed anymore all thanks to Real Plans.

If you haven’t read my previous posts about Real Plans, well you are truly missing out! This company makes meal planning quick, simple and it takes any of the guesswork out of prepping and cooking! And guess what? Almost all of my PaleOMG recipes are on the Real Plans website so you can pick and choose any of your favorites and add it into your meal planner for the week. It’s completely customizable depending on your family size, your likes and dislikes, and how much time you want to spend in the kitchen. It’s the best.

And Real Plans is constantly listening to their customers and adding new and helpful tools and downloads so you can stay on track, no matter how busy your life is. But before I get into those, I want to walk you through how to use Real Plans to incorporate PaleOMG recipes into your busy schedule! This way, you can sit down with your husband or wife or partner or kids or dog and really talk about what meals they are craving and then plug those meals into your planner and Real Plans will show you how to create foolproof schedule for that week! That way, you won’t get home from a crazy day and not have anything thawed or thought out. No more fast food needed!

Once you sign up for Real Plans, you’ll be able to choose from some of your favorite blogger recipes like Nom Nom Paleo, Fed & Fit, Wellness Mama and more. If you decided to choose PaleOMG, all of my recipes that have been imported will show up. From there, you get to choose which recipes you want to eat throughout the week and add them into breakfast, lunch or dinner for whatever day you want to eat that recipe. Here’s how I mapped out my own week and my thought process with every meal –

  • Sunday – I want to make my Apple Fennel Breakfast Sausage to have an easy breakfast protein on hand throughout the week. Since I usually eat out somewhere on Sunday for lunch, then all I need to make later on is my Taco Lasagna Casserole which I can have for dinner on Sunday night as well as Monday night for leftovers!
  • Monday – I decide I want to make my husband Pancake Breakfast Sandwiches which will last him a couple days. Then for lunch I make my Spicy Kale & Blood Orange Salad which will last myself at least 3 days to eat since my husband doesn’t have lunch at home.
  • Tuesday – I’m set for breakfast and lunch with leftovers, then I make my Thai Basil Beef for dinner. No leftovers will come of this dish.
  • Wednesday – I decide to make my Easy Breakfast Casserole which will last the next few days. Then for dinner, I make my Crispy Orange Beef for dinner and will probably not have any leftovers.
  • Thursday – I’m set for breakfast already, I will probably make a simple wrap for lunch, then we will most likely go out to dinner since I need a break from being at home in my kitchen.
  • Friday – I have a small breakfast since I’m out the door to workout in the morning, then later I come home to make my Thai Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes for lunch. Then for dinner, I make my Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf for a dinner date in along with my Almond Butter Blondies for a Friday night treat.
  • Saturday – I start the day off by making an easy breakfast of Mocha Latte Smoothie Bowl then have no meal plans for the rest of the day since I’m not sure where Saturday may take me!

PaleOMG - Back to School Meal Planning Made Easier Than Ever with Real Plans

Then once I decide all my meals and plug them in, then I can see my full grocery list of what items I need to have on hand along with how much of each item!

PaleOMG - Back to School Meal Planning Made Easier Than Ever with Real Plans

And I can also see the timeline for each day of what I need to do ahead of time to get everything prepped and ready to go!

PaleOMG - Back to School Meal Planning Made Easier Than Ever with Real Plans

How insanely simple is that?! Even if you have a picky kid…or husband…or wife, they can look through all the healthy meals on Real Plans and they will absolutely find something that calls their name! Plus, Real Plans has some super cool add-ons right now that I think you might love!

  • First and foremost, they are now offering a Macro Tracker! This is available in any account that doesn’t have Whole30 turned on (since Whole30 is against tracking). This helps you track each of your meals, snacks, etc. And since I’ve heard many requests for macro tracking on my blog, this is giving you that ability in one place! This add-on is an additional $5 monthly, $12 quarterly, or $27 annually.
  • Even though Real Plans has amazing 24/7 customer support, Real Plans customers will now have their own dedicated concierge for just $5 more a month! This is a personal guide to help you succeed at your meal planning goals. He or she will help you set up your plan (every week if you want!) and answer all of your questions!
  • And if you’re still trying to figure out if Real Plans is right for you, Real Plans now offers a free paleo meal plan and keto meal plan to try out first! And yes, it’s totally free!

And if you’re wondering what other people think of Real Plans, here is some feedback I’ve received on the blog!

  • Jamiee – “I’ve been using Real Plans with your recipes for a few months now and love love love it! It is 100% worth the money spent. I no longer have to flip through my cookbooks, websites, and recipe cards looking for something that fits our diet. We went Paleo about a year ago and this service has made it way easier to keep on track. We use your recipes most often for our meals which I have found to be consistently delicious. I would highly recommend getting this service (plus the Paleomg recipes) if you want to be organized and have easy access to healthy meals.”
  • Elle – “Real Plans is AMAZING!!!! Over the summer I was getting so sick of my “chicken, broccoli, sweet potato” grind that I was eating out all the time and eating food that made me feel sick. Then I saw your post about RealPlans and immediately signed up for it + the PaleOMG add on: GAME. CHANGER. It is sooo awesome- the recipes have been consistently delicious (boyfriend approved- and he eats the Standard American Diet). They’ve mixed it up and given me variety but they’re always amazing. PLUS I love the app because it just makes a grocery list for you which is super easy at the store. I just need to manually upload my fave recipes from your cookbook and I’ll be set 😀 If you’re on the fence, I would totally recommend this purchase!!”
  • Lindsey – “I love real plans after forgetting that I paid for a year subscription bad…Since figuring out I actually had Real Plans it has been a life changer. The best thing is the shopping list when it lets you tick what you already have.”

Real Plans is seriously the best and it’s going to completely change your life and how you manage your meals. Whether you have kids that are heading back to school or you just need a little help with your solo cooking life, Real Plans is here to help! Don’t let your busy life get in the way of your healthy goals! You got this!PaleOMG + Real Plans


I may be compensated through my affiliate links in this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running!

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