Beauty Treatments I’m Loving Lately

I’ve talked A LOT about dealing with acne and the scars that came after over the past few years on this blog. And I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve those imperfections and feel better in my own skin! So today I’m sharing with you all the treatments that I’ve been trying lately and absolutely LOVING!

But before I get going, I definitely recommend checking out these posts:

Ok, now that you checked all that out, let’s talk about what I’m loving the lately! One of my most recent treatments I’ve done is the Venus Viva laser. The Venus Viva helps with wrinkle reduction, acne scars, texture improvement, skin tightening, and facial rejuvenation. My esthetician Shawn (if you are in the Colorado area, contact her at 720-459-7960) says that it gives your skin a airbrushed look and I definitely think it does after doing it! After your skin is dermanplaned, she numbs your skin for about 30 minutes then your skin is cleansed before the treatment. The treatment takes about 15 minutes. It’s not comfortable. I thought it was rather uncomfortable, honestly, but not near as bad as Profractional (which I will be doing again soon). Afterwards your skin is red and slightly swollen and you have some dryness and flaking for the next few days, but nothing too dramatic. This picture below is probably 4+ years apart, right when I started accutane to now, after I healed from the Venus Viva treatment. The only makeup I have on here is some concealer under my eyes, a little bronzer on my cheeks and forehead, and I put on my mascara and filled in my brows.

PaleOMG Venus Viva Results

I posted this photo a couple days ago and I had many people ask if the change in my skin has to do with eating paleo and it definitely has to do with that, but it’s also many factors. Working out less (the hormones fluctuations messed with my skin), going on accutane, cutting out eggs and nuts (still eat both on occasion but not regularly), going on spironolactone, using Vivant skincare products, and going to see my esthetician months. So it wasn’t JUST paleo, it was many things and lots of hard work to get my skin to where it is now. And I hope it continues to improve over time! Again, it you are in Colorado, you MUST see Shawn (303-956-8887). She truly works miracles. I feel so lucky to have met her!

Ok, let’s talk about my next treatment I tried recently! After getting my eyebrows microbladed and absolutely loving the results, I talked to my wonderful permanent makeup specialist Lea Curry (contact her if you are in the Colorado area – 720-252-3182) about getting permanent makeup for my eyeliner. She numbs your eyelids for a while then uses this pen type instrument to draw on a super thin line. Recovering from it is super easy compared to microblading, you just have to stay away from eye makeup for a bit and steer clear from rubbing that area. I honestly thought this hurt more than microblading. I didn’t find microblading very painful, but this is uncomfortable because it’s SO close to your eye, which makes it rather uncomfortable. Lea makes it very minimal to begin with, which just makes your eyes pop a little more! At first, I thought I may want a thicker line but I’ve liked how it’s healed over time and I like that it’s not an obvious thick line that we think of when we think of permanent eyeliner. In the photo below you can see my first eye that was done before the other!

When I do full makeup, I still put eyeliner over it because I like the thicker look when I’m getting dressed up, but I love it when I have no makeup on! My goal since I had acne was always to feel great without any makeup on, which was why I did even tried permanent makeup, and I’m SO glad I did it!

PaleOMG Permanent Eye Liner

Last but not least, lash lifting! So lash extensions are all the rage right now. Almost all my friends have them and love them. But I’m just not into it. I don’t want to keep up with them, I don’t like how they look when they start falling out, I don’t like how you can’t put mascara on so once you put eyeshadow on, it makes your lashes a lighter color. I’m just not into them. No offense to anyone that is, again, most of my friends have them. So whenever I go out, I just put on fake lashes because I don’t mind that. BUT one day while I was doing the normal instagram explore feed stalking, I came across something about lash lifts. I had never heard of it and quickly did a google search and watched this quick video. So lash lifting is pretty much perming for your lashes. You can see the full how-to video here. They cleanse your eyes of all makeup, tape your lower lashes down so they don’t curl up too, then they put these silicone pads on your eyelids and pull the lashes up onto the pad then use a perming solution to curl them. This is left on for 20 minutes or so before they remove it then she also tinted my lashes. It is totally pain free, no burning occurred. It was simple and painless. In and out the door in probably 40 minutes!

Below is a photo of my lashes before, then right after (with no makeup on), then with mascara on. I seriously have LOVE the results!

PaleOMG Lash Lift

And here is a photo from the side so you can see how the lashes turn up!

PaleOMG Lash Lift

I didn’t know anyone who did lash lifts, so I simply hopped on yelp and looked up lash lift and found Lashology which had awesome reviews and they were great and super professional!

{UPDATE ON LASH LIFTING: I went back in after 5 weeks since my lashes were beginning to drop just slightly. This time I had a different person than the first time and she TOTALLY f*cked up. Instead of “perming” then part of the lash at the lash line, she permed the entire lash so my lashes completely turned in instead of just up. So curly that I couldn’t even put mascara on or fake lashes. So I called the manager and she had me come in to try to fix it. It’s better now but still a tad too curly. So going forward, I won’t go back there or probably get them done again. I LOVED it the first time, but they f*cked up bad the next time around. I honestly wouldn’t recommend going there now, sadly.}

I’ve seriously loved all these treatments lately and would recommend all of them! If you have any sort of questions, feel free to ask them below! And if you are in the Colorado area, check out these amazing people and companies:

  • Shawn at Cherry Hills Facial Aesthetics 720-459-7960
  • Lea Curry at 720-252-3182

Oh, Hi! I’m Juli.

I’m a food hoarder. And a really bad dancer. If you don’t know me well, you will probably not understand my humor. Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Thanks for listening to my ramblings of my ever-changing life and trusting my kitchen mishaps. Your trust in me is appreciated.


58 thoughts on “Beauty Treatments I’m Loving Lately”

  1. Loving all your information regarding the treatments you have had. I’ve had my eyebrows microbladed and I’m obsessed! I agree about the falsh lashes. I used to have them and they ruined all of my real lashes ! keep up the great posts. xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing! Definetely going to look into lash lift! I had lash extensions but they just get so expensive after a while!
    I also wanted to do lash tinting because my lashes are so freaking short and thin! :/

  3. Can they pair a lash lift with dying?
    I have long, light, straight lashes- need the curl and color.
    Also, you have BY FAR the only permanent eyeliner I’ve ever seen that looks good.

  4. You are very, very brave!!!!

    I once looked into the limelight laser at my dermatologist to help get rid of melasma and dark spots but the price was OUTRAGEOUS. So I kept my $3,000 and stayed spotty. It just sucks because it’s on my upper lip so the darkened skin looks like the friggin mustache.

    I’m interested in looking into the cost of other options, but my guess is that they start in the $3000 range as well. It might be worth it in the long run, but I just can’t swing dough like that any time soon.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I’m not expert but I had melasma pretty noticeably on my forehead, cheekbones and upper lip (I didn’t know what it was until I finally went in to a med spa) and they gave my a nightly skin cream that you use for 90 days, and then give your skin a break for a bit. Also I learned it becomes a lot worse with exposure to heat and light. I live in the desert and it was summer when I started that, so I was SUPER vigilant about sunscreen and hat wearing and trying to shade my face. Anyhoo, long story short the cream was about $90 and the fancy sunscreen I got from them about $40 and it nearly eradicated all of it. Much more palatable than $3K, that’s nuts! Plus they told me IPL laser treatments generally make melasma worse because of the light. Don’t know if this will help you but I hope it does!

    2. Maybe Juli will respond to you but there are other options that aren’t nearly as expensive. IPL for example is great for dark spots and it’s (going from memory here), only about 150-300 each time. I recommend going to a med spa versus a derm’s office, and if you can get a referral from someone (ask your waxer or hairstylist, then do your own research), that’s the best. I find the derm’s office is way more expensive and they tend to nickel and dime me more than a med spa. Also, if you can find someone that is licensed for lasers but does facials, they do the dermaplaning, extractions, and lasers all in one.

    3. LisA – check into Rodan & Fields Reverse line. I do not sell it but I do use it for “sun spots” & have been happy with my results.

    4. Hey LisA – That seems wayy expensive. You may be interested in looking at Caroline Hirons blog (search “melasma”) as she’s a skin care expert and has it herself. She mentions products that help and also talks to a derm about it in a youtube video. Definitely worth trying before shelling out that much money. Good luck!

      And Juli your eyeliner and lashes look great! I once tried eyelash extensions and hated them so much I had the girl turn around and take them off immediately. Whoops! Oh well – wasted some money but so glad I didn’t leave the salon with them. Lash tinting and curling seems way more reasonable!

  5. Quick question about your skin clearing up when you removed eggs from your diet. Do you mean removing all eggs from your diet, for example not just eggs for breakfast but also eggs in recipes included in recipes like your 5-ingredient spaghetti squash pizza?

    And a few beauty questions:
    – How often do you do each beauty treatment?
    – Do you still do botox or do you prefer to do other skin treatments now like the Venus Viva laser?
    – How do you know which beauty treatments to do? Do you do the same treatments every time or do you always do something different? I would love to know how you figure out what you should do.

  6. Juli – will you report back and let us know how long the last lifting lasts for you? I visited the website and it says 4-6 but up to 12. I’d love to hear your experience and your feedback after living with them for a bit. Definitely something I’d consider doing if the results held up.

    1. for sure! my place said up to 8 weeks but i booked an appointment for 5 weeks out so i’ll update this post after that to let you know how they look at that point!

  7. I think I commented a while back that your post convinced to me to bite the bullet and get botox. I had been wanting to do it for years but finally got up the nerve. I went to a local plastic surgeon so I wouldn’t be risking it at a med spa.

    I am beyond thrilled with the results and they are subtle. I am 31 and my forehead lines were starting to get permanent, so I just got my forehead injected (not my 11s or crows feet since those are fine). I am so so so so happy I did it and will continue to.

    It honestly barely hurt and it took about 7 days to take effect. I did Dysport since my doctor likes that it spreads slightly more. I was really worried about not having expressions but he avoided the muscles that control my eyebrows and you can’t even tell. The best part is my face feels less stressed and full of tension from me making faces at work. It feels more relaxed and I have less headaches. SO PLEASED, thanks Juli 🙂

  8. You should look into eyelash growth products for the false lashes look. I use Royal Lashes which is about 2 bottles for $50. Latisse is about $100 per bottle. One bottle lashes me about a month. My lashes are constantly getting complements. Mine aren’t very curly so I may look into a lash lift myself.

    Do you have any problems with broken blood vessels? I have them all over my face and nose. My dermatologist performed V-beam on me but the side effects were pretty bad for a whole week. I am waiting for a long holiday weekend before trying to perform again.

    I had one question. Is there a reason you use the Vivant Vitamin A products as opposed to the prescription Vitamin A products available since you regularly see a dermatologist?

  9. Your permanent eyeliner looks soooo much better than another girl’s I saw before. They did the top of her lid and it wasn’t completely flush with her lash line and it drove me nuts to talk to her! I just thought she was kind of bad at putting on eyeliner then I found out it was permanent 🙁 So your story makes me a little more intrigued about getting it.

    Also thanks for being so candid in your beauty posts!

  10. I’m assuming since you’re naturally blonde that your brows are blonde too, so how does that work with the microblading? Do you have to just be super vigilant about dying your brows so that you don’t look like a leopard with light and dark patches? Or are you just that lucky duck with naturally dark brows (in which case, I am 100% envious).

  11. Haha I literally was at lashology today for my second lash lift & tint appt! Symone is amazing! I went back after 4 weeks (didn’t do the math right…) anyways I definitely could’ve held out a lot longer. This time she gave a shorter curl, which made them really pop this time around! I will say for those looking to try it out… it’s best if you have long lashes to begin with since it’s just curling what you have. Plus they are a heck of a whole lot cheaper than extensions and you can treat them like you normally would aka no hiding from water! Love your beauty posts! I find all the different treatments out there interesting! I also went through a round of accutane in college and it was like a miracle worker for me and cleared me all up!

    1. it really is such an awesome treatment, sooooo much cheaper and quicker!! i made an appt for 5 weeks out, not sure if it should be a little longer out, but i also wasn’t sure how they would look once they grew out haha, so we will see!

  12. Hi Juli! I had a lot of the same skin problems as you growing up, and I’ve finally manged to get my face cleared up, except for the occasional pimple on my jaw-line, but I still have really gross blackheads/dirty pores all around my nose and leading into my cheeks. I was wondering if you had any products you could recommend? I use biore pore strips but they barely skim the surface, haha. Thank you!!

  13. Oh my gosh this is so awesome!! All my friends have been getting eyelash extensions, and I didn’t want to b/c why ruin the ones I already have?! I have never heard of the lash lifting, but I will totally be trying this now! Love your beauty posts. Thank you!!

  14. Love this post! I recently had a microneedling treatment done to try and smooth out my acne scars, and it sounds pretty similar to the laser treatment you had! It was insanely expensive, but hopefully worth it!

    I really want to try the lash lifting now! SO cool!


  15. First off, I’m eating your pizza spaghetti pie right now and it’s amazing.

    I love these posts! They make me wish I tried more treatments when I worked at a plastic surgery/skincare center. Have you tried Latisse? I also hate eyelash extensions because I sleep on my face, but Latisse worked wonders. I even used it on my sparse brows, but now I’m convinced I need to get on that microblading.

    I’m also curious about eliminating eggs. I’ve had such a bad flare up the past year that I suspect is hormonal/stress/lifting but I don’t want to stop lifting 3x a week! I’ve made many eliminations (dairy, soy, most grains, refined sugars, shitty oils) but I’m curious how you figured eggs were the culprit? I googled egg allergy and it was WebMD extreme type symptoms. We buy bougie pasture raised happy eggs, so hoping those are better!

    Looking forward to hearing more about the lasers! I tried a VI Acne Peel over holiday and loved the results. Just not the peeling like a snake.

    1. someone on IG mentioned that eggs were causing their skin issues and i had never thought of that before so i immediately cut them out and my skin cleared up in that week!

      1. Woah! Well there’s a good excuse for me to experiment with more of your egg free breakfast recipes and see how that goes!

  16. Hi Julie … First … I’m a big big fan … been following you for a couple of years (not in the creepy way) … I live on the baked spaghetti! I wanted to put in my 2 cents today because of the subject matter … acne … I am 54 … Acne has been a living nightmare for me allllll my friggin life … probably a little worse than your pics … till about 5 years ago … the poison I dumped from my life??? ASPARTAME … standing in line at the grocery store reading part of an article about it … I didn’t get the chance to finish it standing there so I went home and looked it up … even a sip or a bite of that crap will set it off. As the last few years have past my skin has almost completely healed itself. I am poor and can not afford a bunch of professional work … so my routine is very simple … basis soap 2 times a day and DermaE in the morning and at night … my scars are all but gone. Not only has my skin cleared but that horrible crap was also keeping my joints inflamed … so watch for it as it in an amazing amounts of different things. I’m a “lable crazy person” I don’t put ANYTHING in my basket without looking for that! … Oh ya … I think you are AMAZING!!! 🙂

  17. I love that you are posting all about your experiences with various treatments. After reading about your microblading experience, I had it done myself and I LOVE it!!! Now I have been looking into the lash lift and tint. I was considering extensions but wasn’t sure about the upkeep, not to mention the expense. My brow lady does lash lifts too so I’m getting that done next. Can’t wait to read more about your experience and try it out myself. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. Hey Juli – Have you ever used BeautyCounter products? If so, what did you use/would you recommend the product line? I would love your thoughts if you have experience with the brand. 🙂

  19. Hi There! I have a question about Last Lift. I loved your review on it and found a place near me that does lash lift + tint. My question is I run/work out a lot and get all sweaty…how do your lashes hold up? I’m just wondering if it’ll last that long since I sweat a lot and wipe my face a lot when working out.

  20. I love that you share all of this info that some people might keep as a private beauty secret! I too got botox for the first time last month at age 32.8 partially because you said you do it and I asked a lot of friends and they all said they have been doing it for years! I didn’t like it the first 2 weeks, I felt like it was too strong, but now I love it! I had across the forehead wrinkles and 1 part of the eleven going on that wasn’t cute. Probably because I judgey face a lot….anyway, I might try dysport next after hearing that botox metabolizes faster than dysport especially for us crossfitters. I want to do microblading but I haven’t had the free time to go look at people’s portfolios. Love you, keep doing you!!

    1. that’s the main reason I share it, because I wish others would share that info with me! it sucks most people keep it a secret or are ashamed to talk about it. i’ve never heard of dysport, i’ll have to ask about that!

  21. Hi Juli-

    Have you or your esthetician/skincare specialist heard of Micro-needling? If so what are your/her thoughts? It it effective?

    Thank you!

    1. the treatments she does is pretty much like microneedling and does the same thing, from what i understand! but from what i know, the lasers she does are more effective than microneedling alone!

  22. Random Accutane question; I just completed 6 months of the stuff,,,, I LOVED my skin while ON it but in my first month OFF it my skin has gone crazy. As in lots of crappy bumpy areas and its red. What happened to my beautiful glow??? So to the question: how was your skin after you were done with the treatment and did it change at all? I mean in texture or appearance after the Accutane was out of your system? I am scared to put anything on it except for my hydrabalm. Appreciate all the openness!!

    1. i didn’t have a huge change right away when i got off it, but after a year i got acne again. the texture wasn’t much different though, not that i remember at least. i would honestly talk to your dermatologist about that, they may have some helpful information to help with the texture!

  23. Hey Juli! I’ve done a little research on dermatologists vs. estheticians, but in your experience, which do you prefer to go to? Are there certain skin issues or procedures that are better for a dermatologist to treat/do rather than an esthetician? Which do you feel helps the most with acne?

    Thank you for sharing! It is very interesting & helpful and your results are amazing!

    1. after i finished my accutane, my dermatologist gave me the information for a medical esthetician to get lasers and treatments done, so i think it just depends on what your dermatologist does! for me, my esthetician knows much more about the treatments than my dermatologist does. i needed a dermatologist for accutane which is why i saw her. i hope that answers your question!

  24. Hi Juli,
    Your skin looks incredible! So happy for you! I remember reading one of your first posts about the treatments and how happy you are that you found your medical esthetician. It stuck out to me that you mentioned you have gone to people in the past that did not do a great job and that we should do our research. You are so lucky to have found someone you trust! My question is, is there a certain kind of training or certification that I should look for in a medical spa in the Seattle/Tacoma area? Would it be possible for you to ask your esthetician if she knows anyone or can recommend someone with similar training/abilities? Ready to start the anti-aging process with dermaplaning, Botox, and Venus viva.
    Thanks so much 🙂

    1. my esthetician has a degree in science with an emphasis in medical skincare then she has up to date certifications with all the lasers and products she uses!

  25. Hi Juli, I was just wondering if you heard of anything for clearing unwanted bump on arms and legs, known as I believe Keratosis Pilaris. I know its quite common and I am researching some more natural methods of helping to clear these up. Thanks so much and love all your help!

  26. Hey there! Love your podcast!
    How was your experience been with spironolactone? I was on it briefly but had to go off because we were trying to get pregnant. All done with kids now and looking to get back on it.
    How much are you on? Any side effects? Would love any feedback or experience you’ve had with it.

  27. Hi – Recently moved to Denver and am looking to do get laser hair removal and eyebrow threading. Have you done either of these treatments? any recommendations in the Denver area? THANK YOU! 🙂

  28. Hi! This post was super helpful!! I do have a question. How do you get your Botox to last so long? I am thinking about getting it done and my Plastic surgeon says it will only last 3-4months. If I could get 6 months out of it, then I would def consider it! I have been going back and forth on whether or not to get Botox done. I have a great daily skincare routine, but I have lines on my forehead that I want removed or diminished. I know nothing will take care of those lines except for Botox. Have you had any adverse affects? Botox has always scared me (I am super natural/holistic when it comes to putting anything in or in my body), but I think I could be okay with it if I only got it twice a year! I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much!

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