I’ve talked A LOT about dealing with acne and the scars that came after over the past few years on this blog. And I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve those imperfections and feel better in my own skin! So today I’m sharing with you all the treatments that I’ve been trying lately and absolutely LOVING!

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Ok, now that you checked all that out, let’s talk about what I’m loving the lately! One of my most recent treatments I’ve done is the Venus Viva laser. The Venus Viva helps with wrinkle reduction, acne scars, texture improvement, skin tightening, and facial rejuvenation. My esthetician Shawn (if you are in the Colorado area, contact her at 720-459-7960) says that it gives your skin a airbrushed look and I definitely think it does after doing it! After your skin is dermanplaned, she numbs your skin for about 30 minutes then your skin is cleansed before the treatment. The treatment takes about 15 minutes. It’s not comfortable. I thought it was rather uncomfortable, honestly, but not near as bad as Profractional (which I will be doing again soon). Afterwards your skin is red and slightly swollen and you have some dryness and flaking for the next few days, but nothing too dramatic. This picture below is probably 4+ years apart, right when I started accutane to now, after I healed from the Venus Viva treatment. The only makeup I have on here is some concealer under my eyes, a little bronzer on my cheeks and forehead, and I put on my mascara and filled in my brows.

PaleOMG Venus Viva Results

I posted this photo a couple days ago and I had many people ask if the change in my skin has to do with eating paleo and it definitely has to do with that, but it’s also many factors. Working out less (the hormones fluctuations messed with my skin), going on accutane, cutting out eggs and nuts (still eat both on occasion but not regularly), going on spironolactone, using Vivant skincare products, and going to see my esthetician months. So it wasn’t JUST paleo, it was many things and lots of hard work to get my skin to where it is now. And I hope it continues to improve over time! Again, it you are in Colorado, you MUST see Shawn (303-956-8887). She truly works miracles. I feel so lucky to have met her!

Ok, let’s talk about my next treatment I tried recently! After getting my eyebrows microbladed and absolutely loving the results, I talked to my wonderful permanent makeup specialist Lea Curry (contact her if you are in the Colorado area – 720-252-3182) about getting permanent makeup for my eyeliner. She numbs your eyelids for a while then uses this pen type instrument to draw on a super thin line. Recovering from it is super easy compared to microblading, you just have to stay away from eye makeup for a bit and steer clear from rubbing that area. I honestly thought this hurt more than microblading. I didn’t find microblading very painful, but this is uncomfortable because it’s SO close to your eye, which makes it rather uncomfortable. Lea makes it very minimal to begin with, which just makes your eyes pop a little more! At first, I thought I may want a thicker line but I’ve liked how it’s healed over time and I like that it’s not an obvious thick line that we think of when we think of permanent eyeliner. In the photo below you can see my first eye that was done before the other!

When I do full makeup, I still put eyeliner over it because I like the thicker look when I’m getting dressed up, but I love it when I have no makeup on! My goal since I had acne was always to feel great without any makeup on, which was why I did even tried permanent makeup, and I’m SO glad I did it!

PaleOMG Permanent Eye Liner

Last but not least, lash lifting! So lash extensions are all the rage right now. Almost all my friends have them and love them. But I’m just not into it. I don’t want to keep up with them, I don’t like how they look when they start falling out, I don’t like how you can’t put mascara on so once you put eyeshadow on, it makes your lashes a lighter color. I’m just not into them. No offense to anyone that is, again, most of my friends have them. So whenever I go out, I just put on fake lashes because I don’t mind that. BUT one day while I was doing the normal instagram explore feed stalking, I came across something about lash lifts. I had never heard of it and quickly did a google search and watched this quick video. So lash lifting is pretty much perming for your lashes. You can see the full how-to video here. They cleanse your eyes of all makeup, tape your lower lashes down so they don’t curl up too, then they put these silicone pads on your eyelids and pull the lashes up onto the pad then use a perming solution to curl them. This is left on for 20 minutes or so before they remove it then she also tinted my lashes. It is totally pain free, no burning occurred. It was simple and painless. In and out the door in probably 40 minutes!

Below is a photo of my lashes before, then right after (with no makeup on), then with mascara on. I seriously have LOVE the results!

PaleOMG Lash Lift

And here is a photo from the side so you can see how the lashes turn up!

PaleOMG Lash Lift

I didn’t know anyone who did lash lifts, so I simply hopped on yelp and looked up lash lift and found Lashology which had awesome reviews and they were great and super professional!

{UPDATE ON LASH LIFTING: I went back in after 5 weeks since my lashes were beginning to drop just slightly. This time I had a different person than the first time and she TOTALLY f*cked up. Instead of “perming” then part of the lash at the lash line, she permed the entire lash so my lashes completely turned in instead of just up. So curly that I couldn’t even put mascara on or fake lashes. So I called the manager and she had me come in to try to fix it. It’s better now but still a tad too curly. So going forward, I won’t go back there or probably get them done again. I LOVED it the first time, but they f*cked up bad the next time around. I honestly wouldn’t recommend going there now, sadly.}

I’ve seriously loved all these treatments lately and would recommend all of them! If you have any sort of questions, feel free to ask them below! And if you are in the Colorado area, check out these amazing people and companies:

  • Shawn at Cherry Hills Facial Aesthetics 720-459-7960
  • Lea Curry at 720-252-3182

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  1. Sam L says:

    Hi – Recently moved to Denver and am looking to do get laser hair removal and eyebrow threading. Have you done either of these treatments? any recommendations in the Denver area? THANK YOU! 🙂

    1. juli says:

      i don’t do either so i’m not the right person to ask. i’m sorry!!

  2. Jessica Riggin says:

    Hi! This post was super helpful!! I do have a question. How do you get your Botox to last so long? I am thinking about getting it done and my Plastic surgeon says it will only last 3-4months. If I could get 6 months out of it, then I would def consider it! I have been going back and forth on whether or not to get Botox done. I have a great daily skincare routine, but I have lines on my forehead that I want removed or diminished. I know nothing will take care of those lines except for Botox. Have you had any adverse affects? Botox has always scared me (I am super natural/holistic when it comes to putting anything in or in my body), but I think I could be okay with it if I only got it twice a year! I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much!

    1. juli says:

      it doesn’t last too long anymore. it’s usually around 3-4 months. and no, no adverse effects for me!